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From Jon Scott Stevens <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-lucene build.xml
Date Thu, 28 Feb 2002 05:29:03 GMT
on 2/27/02 7:05 PM, "Erik Hatcher" <> wrote:

> *whew* what a bunch of trouble I stirred up.

Please don't associate a discussion with trouble. :-) There is no trouble
here...we all have ideas on how to make something work and we are just
expressing them...

>  I apologize folks.  I'm a firm
> believer in getting Ant usage more standardized, its just there is a lot of
> competing ways of such "standardization".  Thank you Jon for enlightening me
> a bit into your reasons - it has been helpful for my own views.  I actually
> like the way you're spelling things out


> - what I don't like is that it takes
> two files to do so

I really don't see the issue with two files. Can you please elaborate on
what the real issue is here? I mean, you download the distribution and the
user/developer shouldn't even really care if there is 2 or 50.

Maybe some of you have never had to deal with autoconf/automake/aclocal. It
requires TONS of little files all over the place. :-)

> and risks a user modifying (because
> users don't read documentation anyway, even if it is right at the top of the
> file they are editing!).

I don't see a problem with the user modifying that file either. It is really
up to them to shoot themselves in their own foot.

>  As an Ant committer

And I'm one of the first users and one of the very first committers. :-)
Looking back in the CVS log, I see commits I made to ant nearly 1.5 years
ago. :-)

>, I'm 'committed' to making our
> build file world a happier place.


Everyone has told me that Scarab has one of the easiest to use build systems
out there. :-)


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