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From "Spencer, Dave" <>
Subject can some access modifiers in be changed/"opened up"
Date Fri, 22 Feb 2002 02:09:45 GMT

I don't have CVS access and prefer the safety of not having it :) so I
hose things up but wanted to suggest that a couple of classes/method be
slightly changed so that the modifiers go from the implicit
to public or protected.

In an earlier release I wanted to add a "SubstringQuery" that matches
terms that are substrings of words in the doc, so "framework" matches
"singletonframeworks", and "framework" itself. My impl changed the boost
on how many extra chars the word in the doc has, so more exact matches
higher scores.

I understand this is expensive but sometimes this is what a user wants.

I also see there's now a WildcardQuery that may do the job now for this
exact example
(via searching for "*framework*" I guess) but that's beside the point
-this refers
to all Query additions.

Problem is that on the pkg, some of the defs
require that any Query I want to write *has* to be in that pkg. Fine for
official additions to the code base, bad for experiments/decoupled

Proposed solution is to change a couple of decls in Scorer and Query:
	make score() public
      make all methods public or protected (normalize,

By doing this other Queries can be added w/o having to be in the above
Nothing can possibly break by doing it :) and I don't think this is a
flaw to expose these.

So if there's no major objections by others or misunderstandings on my
could the powers of be make the above decl changes?


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