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From Manfred Schäfer <>
Subject Re: Proposal for Lucene
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2002 10:41:53 GMT

> > 2: (I've rewritten some of the code from 1 for that, so this is much cleaner) A
> > customer needs a tool for importing local mini-Websites on the file-system via
> > an applet, send it to the Web-Server and import it as described in point 1. I've
> > tried to write it in a way, that it could include the functionality of point 1
> > (retrieving vie http), but that is mostly untested.
> > [com.synformation.script.utilities.fileimport]
> >
> My brain didn't parse that..

com.synformation.script.utilities.fileimport is about crawling html pages on a remote
server (the process is on the remote server), packing all crawled files up and sending
it via http to the server, which is processing it further. Maybe thats also not clear
enough, but that is not necessary: All you have to know is, that it is a kind of
refactored version for com.synformation.script.utilities.httpimport.

> If you're able to donate it (legally) I kinda think there is a lot
> here.  It of course needs to be refactored to meet some of the
> objectives we've outlined, but a darn good starting point IMHO!

Tell me what i've to do, to donate it. Is copying the apache license into every file
enough ? It has little dependencies from some other classes, but that are always very
little util methods, so i can remove it and add a little sample how to use it.
btw: I've seen, that avalon/excalibut/phoenix has also a crawler component (just the
case you want to compare).



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