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From Brian Goetz <>
Subject Re: StrictAnalyzer
Date Wed, 20 Feb 2002 16:57:40 GMT
>      Judging by the lack of response to my message yesterday containing some
> ideas for additions and changes I am assuming that there is no interest.  

Unjustified leap to conclusion.  There are dozens of other reasons why
you might not have gotten a response. 

> As this was my first attempt at open source contribution, could
> someone explain why there is no interest in these types of changes?

Here are some reasons why you might not have gotten a response, even though
your suggestion may have been sensible. 

1.  In open-source projects, people generally respond only to issues
that interest them, either because its their thing, or because it
touches on a problem they are solving.  For example, I try to respond
to anything having to do with the query parser, but generally ignore
stuff dealing with, say, hit scoring.

2.  The level of urgency to fix something that's not "obviously"
broken in open-source projects varies with how much time participants
have at the moment.  Most people on this list have jobs, and
open-source stuff is a fun diversion but doesn't usually grab our full
attention.  So maybe you need to wait longer for a response, or wait
for a similar issue to crop up, or ask again at a later date.

3.  We're sort of in a "release lockdown" mode now. 

4.  Maybe your suggestion didn't grab anyone's interest, not because
its not useful or valuable, just because it didn't.  Every cause needs
a champion; this cause may not yet have one.  It may or may not need

Open-source projects are chaotic, but cool stuff does emerge from the
chaos.  Don't be discouraged!  

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