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From "Erik Hatcher" <>
Subject documentation patch
Date Sun, 10 Feb 2002 02:49:19 GMT
I figure that by offering a documentation patch right off the bat that I'll
earn some brownie points..... :)

I started integrating my <index> task into Lucene's build locally (separate
set of targets and all - no worries I'm not going to break anything! :)

My HTML indexing code uses JTidy to DOM'ify HTML files. JTidy issues a lot
of warnings for bad HTML and it found a few things that were incorrect.
Attached is a documentation-only patch fixing up the bad HTML.

One note though: there is bad HTML in - "<result of
getMessage>".  Any idea how to get that corrected since its a JavaCC
generated comment?

I did this same process on Ant's documentation.... *whew* - this was a piece
of cake to fix (granted there are a ton more classes in Ant than Lucene


p.s. <it> ain't an HTML tag! :)

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