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Subject Please Review: Contributions page and other web site updates
Date Fri, 18 Jan 2002 06:59:47 GMT
Hi All,
I am providing a tar and gzipped instance of the latest versions of the 
Lucene website.
I have moved, and added some new things that I want others to review 
before I post it to the website live.

Changes include

Moved Bugs to resources
Added Lucene bugs to resources
Added Link to JGuru FAQ in resources
Changed name of FAQ to "FAQ Official" in resources
Add Contributions link in Resources
Added Contributions page with currently 4 sections (Overview, Lucene 
Documents, Analyzers, Misc).
	Note: I will add description text to each of these soon.

I have changed, stylesheets/project.xml
I have added contributions.xml

I did have a To Do link, but I didn't know how to search for to do's 
(i.e. new features) in Bugzilla. Any help would be appreciated.

Once I hear back from a few people that they think the changes are good, 
I'll post it.
Now that I have my setup, updates will not take as long.



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