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From "Snyder, David" <>
Subject File Handle usage of Lucene IndexReader.
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2002 23:53:20 GMT
I am trying to understand the file handle usage of an IndexSearcher.  Let me
explain a little about our application:  We generally employ many indexes
that are updated on a nightly basis.  When updating, we both add and delete
documents.  We only optimize on a weekly basis.  Incidentally, we run on
Solaris and the sun JDK 1.3 and our updates are done in a separate process
from our searches.  It is the search file handle usage that is the issue.

Due to the large number of indexes involved in some of our searches, we are
maxing out on the number of file handles available to the process running
lucene.  It seems that with each update, the number of file handles an
IndexSearcher requires balloons.  This effect multiplied by our many indexes
runs us into the OS limit.

 A couple of specific questions I had:

1) Does an IndexSearcher need a file handle to each file in the index
2) Does an IndexSearcher ever close files during it's lifetime?  (before
being closed)
3) Is there any reason why version 1.2 would use significantly more file
handles than version 1.0 (I'm aware of the extra locking files)
4) Would the fact that we are using indexes created with version 1.0 code
base but updating with version 1.2 make any difference?  Are indexes
compatable between the two versions?

Any help explaining how this works would be appreciated...  I struggled
whether to post this to the user group vs. the dev group.  It seemed like
the level question I was asking is more appropriate for this list.  I
apologize if I got it wrong.

David Snyder

P.S. - I am having trouble getting the jakarta mail server to accept my
request to subscribe... if its not too much trouble, responding to me
directly in addition to the list would help me out greatly.  I can still
access the list using web archives, though.

David Snyder
SeƱor Software Engineer

NetGenics, Inc.
1717 E. 9th St., #1700
Cleveland, OH 44114
(216) 861-4007

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