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Subject Re: JTree Selection problem
Date Sun, 13 Jan 2002 02:08:05 GMT
I think you are asking this question to the wrong list.
I think you should be asking a Java Swing list.

(BTW, the only other option I can think of is to get the unique key 
before you refresh, then iterate through until you find it again and 
then select it).

Good luck.


On Saturday, January 12, 2002, at 05:24 PM, Stephen.Day wrote:

> Hi,
> I am a university student in Durham UK?
> I am refreshing the data in a tree and attempting to re-selectt the
> node(path) that the user had selected before refreshing. I only refresh
> node
> which are leafs. My refresh logic will remove all child nodes from a
> particular node and then re-add the children (there may be more or less
> children). The problem is if the user has one of those child nodes
> selected.
> I want to reselect that node after the refresh. I thought I could get
> the
> selected path before the refresh and then reselect the path after the
> refresh.
> I am desperate to obtain a solution to this?
> Thanks,
> Steve
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