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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject RE: File Handle usage of Lucene IndexReader.
Date Sat, 19 Jan 2002 22:08:38 GMT
> From: Snyder, David []
>  A couple of specific questions I had:

This has been discussed previously.  See, e.g.:

> 1) Does an IndexSearcher need a file handle to each file in the index
> directory?

Nearly.  Except for those files which are read entirely into memory.

> 2) Does an IndexSearcher ever close files during it's 
> lifetime?  (before
> being closed)


> 3) Is there any reason why version 1.2 would use 
> significantly more file
> handles than version 1.0 (I'm aware of the extra locking files)

Yes.  In order to be thread/process safe.

> 4) Would the fact that we are using indexes created with 
> version 1.0 code
> base but updating with version 1.2 make any difference?  Are indexes
> compatable between the two versions?

The format is mostly compatible.  There was a change at some point to the
proximity index format that will break phrase searches of old indexes.  No
exceptions will be thrown--the phrases just won't be found!


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