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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-lucene/docs index.html
Date Sat, 26 Jan 2002 16:31:37 GMT
carlson     02/01/26 08:31:37

  Modified:    docs     index.html
  Updated site to include links two new areas.
Getting started (by Andrew Oliver) and Contributions
- a collection of Lucene community contributions.
Also changed toolbar to contain updated
Moved Bugs to resources
Added Lucene bugs to resources
Added Link to JGuru FAQ in resources
name of FAQ to "FAQ Official" in resources
Add Contributions link in Resources
Added Contributions
page with currently 4 sections (Overview, Lucene Documents, Analyzers, Misc).
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.5       +18 -11    jakarta-lucene/docs/index.html
  Index: index.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-lucene/docs/index.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.4
  retrieving revision 1.5
  diff -u -r1.4 -r1.5
  --- index.html	2 Oct 2001 15:54:16 -0000	1.4
  +++ index.html	26 Jan 2002 16:31:37 -0000	1.5
  @@ -51,17 +51,25 @@
                       <li>    <a href="">Mailing
  -                    <li>    <a href="">Bugs</a>
  -            <p><strong>Documentation</strong></p>
  +            <p><strong>Resources</strong></p>
  -                    <li>    <a href="">FAQ</a>
  +                    <li>    <a href="">FAQ
  +                    <li>    <a href="./gettingstarted.html">Getting Started</a>
  +                    <li>    <a href="">JGuru
  +                    <li>    <a href="">Bugs</a>
  +                    <li>    <a href="">Lucene
                       <li>    <a href="./resources.html">Articles</a>
                       <li>    <a href="./api/index.html">Javadoc</a>
  +                    <li>    <a href="./contributions.html">Contributions</a>
  @@ -96,8 +104,7 @@
   Jakarta Lucene is a high-performance, full-featured text search engine
   written entirely in Java.  It is a technology suitable for nearly any
  -application that requires full-text search, especially
  +application that requires full-text search, especially cross-platform. 
   Jakarta Lucene is an open source project available for 
  @@ -118,13 +125,13 @@
  -<b>Lucene v1.02 released</b> - This release repackages Lucene as product 
  +<b>Lucene v1.02 released</b> - This release repackages Lucene as a product

   of the Apache Software Foundation. Download it 
   <a href="">here</a>.
   <b>Lucene Joins Jakarta</b> - The Lucene Team is happy to announce that 
  -Lucene is now part of a member of the Apache Jakarta Project. This move will 
  +Lucene is now a part of the Apache Jakarta Project. This move will 
   help Lucene continue to grow, and enhance its position as the leading 
   server-side searching solution for Java.
  @@ -143,8 +150,8 @@
   The goal of the <a href="">Apache Jakarta Project</a>

  -is to provide commercial-quality server solutions based on the Java Platform that 
  -are developed in an open and cooperative fashion.
  +is to provide commercial-quality server solutions, based on the Java Platform,
  +developed in an open and cooperative fashion.
  @@ -160,7 +167,7 @@
                   <tr><td colspan="2">
                       <div align="center"><font color="#525D76" size="-1"><em>
  -                    Copyright &#169; 1999-2001, Apache Software Foundation
  +                    Copyright &#169; 1999-2002, Apache Software Foundation

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