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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-lucene/xdocs gettingstarted.xml
Date Sat, 26 Jan 2002 15:17:22 GMT
acoliver    02/01/26 07:17:22

  Added:       xdocs    gettingstarted.xml
  forgot a file
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-lucene/xdocs/gettingstarted.xml
  Index: gettingstarted.xml
  <?xml version="1.0"?>
  <author email="">Andrew C. Oliver</author>
  <title>Jakarta Lucene - Getting Started Guide</title>
  <section name="About this Document">
  This document is intended as a "getting started" guide.  It has three basic 
  audiences: novices looking to install Jakarta Lucene on their application or 
  web server, developers looking to modify or base the applications they develop
  on Lucene, and developers looking to become involved in and contribute to the
  development of Lucene.  This document is written in tutorial and walkthrough 
  format.  It intends to help you in "getting started", but does not go into great
  depth into some of the conceptual or inner details of Jakarta Lucene.
  <section name="Format of this Guide">
  Each section listed below builds on one another.  That being said more advanced users may
  wish to skip sections.  
  <section name="The Simple Demo">
  In <a href="demo.html">this</a> section we walk through the basic Lucene demo
and executing it.  
  This section is intended for anyone who wants a basic background on using the provided Lucene
  <section name="Simple Demo Source Walkthrough">
  In <a href="demo2.html">this</a> section we walk through the sources and implementation
  for the basic Lucene demo.  This section is intended for developers.  
  <section name="Template Web Application">
  In <a href="demo3.html">this</a> section we walk through installing 
  and configuring the template web application.  While this walkthough assumes 
  Tomcat 4.0.x as your container of choice, there is no reason you can't (provided you have
  the requisite knowledge) adapt the instructions to your container.  This section is intended
  for those responsible for the development or deployment of Lucene-based web applications.
  <section name="Template Web Application sources">
  In <a href="demo4.html">this</a> section we walk through the sources used to
construct the 
  template web application.  Please note the template application is designed to highlight

  features of Lucene and is <b>not</b> an example of best practices.  (One would
  use MVC architecture such as provided by Jakarta Struts and taglibs, or better yet XML 
  with stylesheets, but showing you how to do that would be WAY beyond the scope of this 
  demonstration.  Additionally once could cache results, and perform other performance 
  optimizations, but those are beyond the scope of this demo).
  This section is intended for developers and those wishing to customize the template web

  application to their needs.  The sections useful to developers only are clearly delineated.

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