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From Brian Goetz <>
Subject Re: Getting Started (first draft comments)
Date Thu, 24 Jan 2002 20:53:52 GMT
> Ah.. this is the age old problem....  If you write stuff for use by
> developers then who are the developers and who are the users....
> When I say "Developer's guide" I mean "Developers of Lucene".  When I
> say "Users" I mean developers/developer-like-people who "use" Lucene but
> do not necessarily directly assist in the Development of Lucene
> regardless of whether they develop with Lucene.  Does that make sense?
> Perhaps "Guide for Developing on the Lucene Project" would be more
> clear...but..a bit long. :-)

"Developer" and "user" are just ambiguous terms here, so lets drop them.
How about "maintainers" for developers _of_ Lucene?  

How about:
 - Lucene Maintainers Guide (or "Internals Guide") for us;
   - internals, building, coding conventions, etc
 - Developing projects with Lucene - for our users.  
   - how to create and maintain indexes, index documents, search
 - A one-page "end-user's guide" documenting the syntax of the query
   parser in plain english.  "End-User Documentation."  

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