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From "Andrew C. Oliver" <>
Subject Patches and samples
Date Sat, 19 Jan 2002 02:02:35 GMT
Hi all,

In working on a POI::HSSF interface for Lucene and some adaptations that
Brian Goetz recommended I'm also going ahead and smoothing over some
edges.  (Mainly in documentation and build processes)

I'm assuming the contribution process works the same way as other
Jakarta projects (although I realize this project has not been on
Jakarta for long).  So, I'm posting [PATCH]es to the dev list.  Please
let me know if this community has a different process so that I can
conform to it accordingly.

One thing I was about to work on was a few slightly more universal web
examples as well as an ant build target for them.  I'm also working on a
short tutorial and walk-through for the demos.  However, I noticed that
there have already been submissions for some of these such as a JSP
version of the demos on the user list.  Is there some reason these were
not included/added?  I'd not like to duplicate someone else's mistake.

The reason I ask is, we've got a short development cycle for this
release of POI and while I'd like to contribute to this effort in part
to make my efforts (POI-Lucene synergies, some side projects I'm working
on) more successful, I want to make sure my efforts are well applied and

Here are the things I have planned for the moment.  This list will
become more concise and yet comprehensive as I complete my analysis of
the sources.  Please give me feedback on any that are unnecessary or 

1. create a build target for the command line demos 
					- already submitted as patch
2. create a "getting started" document in xdocs for how one builds and
installs Lucene and the demos.
3. create a template web app and ant target including war file
deployable in Tomcat.
4. investigate the issue of file handles as mentioned earlier.
5. create a set of interfaces a/o classes for attaching other document

Anyhow, what I have in mind as far as examples is something similar to
what htDig provides.  (Currently, this is currently my search engine of
choice as it can handle office docs.  That will change as soon as
POI::HDF is finished and I can create a Lucene filter for it as well)
Using the htDig examples I was able to teach someone with limited UNIX
shells skills (aside from the joy of fighting a c compiler on Solaris)
to install and maintain it with very minimal effort.

I appreciate your feedback on the patches I've submitted as well as the
planned submissions I've layed out above.


-- - port of Excel format to java 
			- fix java generics!

The avalanche has already started. It is too late for the pebbles to
-Ambassador Kosh

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