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Subject Re: searching words starting with accent characters using UTF-8
Date Tue, 11 Dec 2001 17:54:09 GMT
One of the issues that keeps coming up for me is that some of the 
defaults don't work for everyone.
What do you think about starting a file that contains 
much of this information.
If property file didn't exist, it would of course use internal defaults.

For example, the min number of characters to use in a prefix query. If 
people want to change it, they don't have to programatically do it. This 
could deal with some of the issues with a kitchen-sink approach, and 
hopefully not require lots of help having people create there own 



On Tuesday, December 11, 2001, at 03:44 AM, Brian Goetz wrote:

>> Thanks!  That would be great!
> Be careful what you ask for, I foobared it up the last time... :)
>> Yes, this is a lot of features, and a lot of syntax.  The query parser 
>> is
>> already complicated.  Perhaps we should instead write a number of 
>> example
>> query parsers that do different things, and encourage folks to write 
>> their
>> own, with these as models.  Unfortunately, I'm not sure many folks 
>> would do
>> that: instead they would ask why one parser doesn't have a feature that
>> another does.  So I'm having a hard time seeing a non-kitchen-sink
>> alternative.  Do you?
> I don't really object to a kitchen sink approach, but I prefer to have
> it done all at once rather than added incrementally.
> So far we have:
>  - Prefix (currently *)
>  - Fuzzy ( currently ~)
>  - Boost (currently ^nn)
>  - AND, OR, NOT, &&, ||, !
>  - Phrases ("foo bar")
> We want to add:
>  - NEAR/phrase-with-slop
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