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Subject Re(2): Bug in new Index Lock File code ?
Date Fri, 12 Oct 2001 15:42:00 GMT
Hi Doug

Thanks very much for your quick response.  Your fix has helped solve my

The fix resolved my problems when rebuilding the index for a second time.

As you suspected, it didn't fix the problems i was having with my erroneous
search results, although once I could see that all files were being deleted and
re-built, I could obviously deduce that the seemingly 'out of step' search
results was due to an error within my own code.  This provoked a different line
of investigation & I realized that I our system was caching the content of web
pages and thus ignoring the updates I had been making.  I shall continue with
my testing.

Once again, thanks for updating CVS - I will continue to use the latest version
of FSDirectory.



Doug Cutting  (11/10/2001  17:18):
>It looks like you have spotted a bug in FSDirectory.  However I am not sure
>if it is what is causing the problems you are seeing.  I just checked a fix
>for this into CVS.  Please try this newe version and tell me how things go.
>One thing that might be confusing you is the file names in your index.  A
>few facts: First, there is only ever one version of 'segments' and
>'deleteable'.  These are global files, not per-index.  Second, segment names
>are integers in base 36 prefixed by an underscore, and are created in order.
>So segment _i precedes segment _k.  Third, it is possible on Win32 to have
>incomplete segments remain for old segments.  On Win32 an open file cannot
>be deleted, so Lucene keeps the list of names of files that it would like to
>delete in the 'deleteable' file.


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