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Subject locating source code
Date Fri, 05 Oct 2001 11:34:00 GMT
I have been having the same problems reported by Scott a few weeks
 ago and I was hoping to look at the latest CVS tree for the lucene
 source code to try to download just the relevant files that Doug has
 recently changed for file locking.  I'm not yet sure if this will resolve
 my problem - but I'm hoping it will.  (I am currently using the 2nd
release of lucene from sourceforge rev 1_01b, but I have downloaded
a few extra files from sourceforge to update this revision, to fix Thread
 Safety and OutOfMemory related problems).

Is it possible to access the source code on the jakarta web site via
the CVS tree (similar to sourceforge) ? I have tried looking at
but the source code is not visible to me.

Is there another way to access the source code using just a browser ?

Thanks for your help

>FROM: Doug Cutting
>DATE: 09/27/2001 10:53:20
>SUBJECT: RE: [Lucene-dev] Index integrity check and fix?
> From: Scott Ganyo
>> We're still having occasional problems with indexes getting the
>> error (in Lucene 1.1 release):
>> /index/_1x7f.fnm already exists
>> when updating records.  I'm not positive where this is coming from,
>> but I'm guessing that it is from when we have to forcefully stop the
>> service since all access to the index is synchronized.
>With the file locking code that I just checked in (to Jakarta, not
>Sourceforge) you should not have this problem anymore.  Instead, if Java
>exits unexpectedly, you might now find a .lock file left in the index that
>will prevent restart.  In this case, I recommend removing all .lock files
>before restarting your application, when you are certain that no
>applications are currently accessing the index.  Is that acceptable?

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