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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject RE: boosting
Date Thu, 18 Oct 2001 20:48:18 GMT
I think document boosting would be a great feature to add to Lucene.  This
is the sort of mechanism that, e.g., Google uses to boost documents from
highly referenced sites.

Lucene currently has a factor per document field that is multiplied into
scores: the norm.  This is used to normalize for field length.  The norm is
calculated as
where numTerms is the number of terms in a particular field of a particular
document.  Thus a term that occurs once in a four term field (norm=1/2)
scores twice as highly as a term that occurs once in an 16 term field

A document boost could be pre-multiplied into the norm for each field in the
document, and stored in the index, as usual.  The search algorithm could
stay the same, and would not need to do any additional calculations.  So far
so good.

The problem is that norms are stored in the index as a single byte, by
multiplying their raw value by 255.  Thus it is impossible to boost a field
with only a single term, since they already have the maximum value that can
be stored as a norm, 255.  To get around this, a new representation for
norms is required.

One approach would be to store the norms as 255*sqrt(norm), so that the
maximum unboosted value would be 16.  Then, to when a byte is read use
byte^2/255 to convert it back to the norm value.  This would reduce the
scale of unboosted norms to from one to sixteen, instead of from one to 255,
but probably wouldn't actually make scoring quality much worse.  Then
document boosts could be by up to a factor of 16.

Does that sound like a good way to do this?


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From: []
Sent: Thursday, October 18, 2001 11:49 AM
Subject: boosting

Lucene has term query boosting for fields.  But does anyone know how to do
individual Document boosting?  So basically I want to put a numerical value
into a document and depending on its weight have it be more/less revelant
than other documents...Its basically mixing revelancy search with numerical
sorting.....Anyways I just want to boost docs.  Thanks.


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