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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject RE: [Lucene-users] Field.Text(String, Reader) vs. Field.Text(Stri ng, String)
Date Mon, 01 Oct 2001 18:23:43 GMT
> From: []
> One strange "gotcha" in Lucene:
>   Field.Text(String, String) creates a field that is stored, but
>   Field.Text(String, Reader) creates a field that is *not* stored.
> I'd naively assumed that the two Field.Text() methods were just for
> convenience, I hadn't expected that the semantics would change
> depending on what way I got the data into the Field. That seems like a
> misfeature to me.

You're right, that isn't very intuitive.  The Reader is designed to support
larger documents, which you probably don't want to store.  We could
deprecate Text(String,Reader) and add UnStored(String,Reader), which would
be tokenized and indexed but not stored.  That would be more consistent
naming.  Do folks think it's worth it to do this?

> PS: when does the switch over to take place? I understand
> the CVS at SourceForge is already out of date. When do the mailing
> lists switch over?

This is in-progress.

If we could get a machine-readable version of the sourceforge lists then we
could automatically subscribe everyone to the jakarta lists, but I have not
found such a machine-readable version.  Instead I have just sent out
messages asking folks to add themselves to the jakarta lists.  That should
be good enough.

I have updated things at sourceforge so that folks who post messages are
told to join the jakarta lists.  I've also made the sourceforge lists
non-public, so that new folks won't subscribe.

Finally, I can add the sourceforge lists to the jakarta lists, so that folks
who don't make the move won't start missing messages.  This also takes
advantage of Sourceforge's email archives.  So folks who add themselves to
the jakarta lists should unsubscribe from the sourceforge lists so that they
don't see things twice.  I've only done this for lucene-dev so far.  (To
unsubscribe from the sourceforge list, visit

I'll send a more coherent message to lucene-users when the dust has settled
a bit.  I don't want to spam that list with lots of details.


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