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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-lucene/src/java overview.html
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2001 18:31:22 GMT
cutting     01/10/02 11:31:22

  Modified:    .        build.xml
               src/java overview.html
  Added demo files to distribution.  Fixed calls to demo in overview.html.
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.11      +10 -1     jakarta-lucene/build.xml
  Index: build.xml
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-lucene/build.xml,v
  retrieving revision 1.10
  retrieving revision 1.11
  diff -u -r1.10 -r1.11
  --- build.xml	2001/10/02 15:54:16	1.10
  +++ build.xml	2001/10/02 18:31:22	1.11
  @@ -288,16 +288,25 @@
     <!-- ================================================================== -->
     <!--                                                                    -->
     <!-- ================================================================== -->
  -  <target name="package" depends="jar, javadocs">
  +  <target name="package" depends="jar, javadocs, demo">
       <mkdir dir="${dist.dir}"/>
       <mkdir dir="${dist.dir}/docs"/>
       <mkdir dir="${dist.dir}/docs/api"/>
  +    <mkdir dir="${dist.dir}/demo"/>
  +    <mkdir dir="${dist.dir}/demo/src"/>
  +    <mkdir dir="${dist.dir}/demo/classes"/>
       <copy todir="${dist.dir}/docs">
         <fileset dir="${docs.dir}"/>
       <copy todir="${dist.dir}/docs/api">
         <fileset dir="${build.javadocs}"/>
  +    </copy>
  +    <copy todir="${dist.dir}/demo/classes">
  +      <fileset dir="${build.demo.classes}"/>
  +    </copy>
  +    <copy todir="${dist.dir}/demo/src">
  +      <fileset dir="${build.demo.src}"/>
       <copy file="${build.dir}/${}.jar" todir="${dist.dir}"/>
  1.2       +18 -18    jakarta-lucene/src/java/overview.html
  Index: overview.html
  RCS file: /home/cvs/jakarta-lucene/src/java/overview.html,v
  retrieving revision 1.1
  retrieving revision 1.2
  diff -u -r1.1 -r1.2
  --- overview.html	2001/10/02 15:54:16	1.1
  +++ overview.html	2001/10/02 18:31:22	1.2
  @@ -82,64 +82,64 @@
   Some simple examples of code which does this are:
  -&nbsp;<a href="../demo/"></a> contains
  +&nbsp;<a href="../../demo/src/org/apache/lucene/"></a>
   code to create a Document for a file.</li>
  -&nbsp;<a href="../demo/"></a> creates an
  +&nbsp;<a href="../../demo/src/org/apache/lucene/"></a>
creates an
   index for all the files contained in a directory.</li>
  -&nbsp;<a href="../demo/"></a> deletes some
  +&nbsp;<a href="../../demo/src/org/apache/lucene/"></a>
deletes some
   of these files from the index.</li>
  -&nbsp;<a href="../demo/"></a> prompts for
  +&nbsp;<a href="../../demo/src/org/apache/lucene/"></a>
prompts for
   queries and searches an index.</li>
  -To demonstrate these, try:
  -<blockquote><tt>F:\> <b>java demo.IndexFiles\soups</b></tt>
  +To demonstrate these, try something like:
  +<blockquote><tt>> <b>java -cp lucene.jar:demo/classes org.apache.lucene.IndexFiles</b></tt>
   <br><tt>&nbsp; </tt>[ ... ]
  -<p><tt>F:\> <b>java demo.SearchFiles</b></tt>
  +<p><tt>> <b>java -cp lucene.jar:demo/classes org.apache.lucene.IndexFilesSearchFiles</b></tt>
   <br><tt>Query: <b>chowder</b></tt>
   <br><tt>Searching for: chowder</tt>
   <br><tt>34 total matching documents</tt>
   <br><tt>&nbsp; </tt>[ ... thirty-four documents contain the word
   "spam-chowder" with the greatest density.]
   <p><tt>Query: <b>path:chowder</b></tt>
   <br><tt>Searching for: path:chowder</tt>
   <br><tt>31 total matching documents</tt>
   <br><tt>&nbsp; </tt>[ ... only thrity-one have "chowder" in the "path"
   field. ]
   <p><tt>Query: <b>path:"clam chowder"</b></tt>
   <br><tt>Searching for: path:"clam chowder"</tt>
   <br><tt>10 total matching documents</tt>
   <br><tt>&nbsp; </tt>[ ... only ten have "clam chowder" in the "path"
   <p><tt>Query: <b>path:"clam chowder" AND manhattan</b></tt>
   <br><tt>Searching for: +path:"clam chowder" +manhattan</tt>
   <br><tt>2 total matching documents</tt>
   <br><tt>&nbsp; </tt>[ ... only two also have "manhattan" in the contents.
   <br>&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; [ Note: "+" and "-" are canonical, but "AND",
   and "NOT" may be used. ]</blockquote>
  -The <a href="../demo/">IndexHtml</a> demo is more sophisticated.&nbsp;
  +The <a href="../../demo/src/org/apache/lucene/">IndexHtml</a>
demo is more sophisticated.&nbsp;
   It incrementally maintains an index of HTML files, adding new files as
   they appear, deleting old files as they disappear and re-indexing files
   as they change.
  -<blockquote><tt>F:\><b>java demo.IndexHTML -create java\jdk1.1.6\docs\relnotes</b></tt>
  +<blockquote><tt>> <b>java -cp lucene.jar:demo/classes org.apache.lucene.IndexFilesIndexHTML
-create java/jdk1.1.6/docs/relnotes</b></tt>
   <br><tt>adding java/jdk1.1.6/docs/relnotes/SMICopyright.html</tt>
   <br><tt>&nbsp; </tt>[ ... create an index containing all the relnotes
  -<p><tt>F:\><b>del java\jdk1.1.6\docs\relnotes\smicopyright.html</b></tt>
  -<p><tt>F:\><b>java demo.IndexHTML java\jdk1.1.6\docs\relnotes</b></tt>
  +<p><tt>> <b>rm java/jdk1.1.6/docs/relnotes/smicopyright.html</b></tt>
  +<p><tt>> <b>java -cp lucene.jar:demo/classes org.apache.lucene.IndexFilesIndexHTML
   <br><tt>deleting java/jdk1.1.6/docs/relnotes/SMICopyright.html</tt></blockquote>
   HTML indexes are searched using SUN's <a href="">JavaWebServer</a>
  -(JWS) and <a href="../demo/Search.jhtml">Search.jhtml</a>.&nbsp; To use
  +(JWS) and <a href="../../demo/src/org/apache/lucene/Search.jhtml">Search.jhtml</a>.&nbsp;
To use
  @@ -158,7 +158,7 @@
   is actually needed);</li>
  -visit <a href="../demo/Search.html">Search.html</a>.</li>
  +visit <a href="../../demo/src/org/apache/lucene/Search.html">Search.html</a>.</li>
   Note that indexes can be updated while searches are going on.&nbsp; <tt>Search.jhtml</tt>
   will re-open the index when it is updated so that the latest version is

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