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From "Lee Mallabone" <>
Subject context and hit positions with Lucene
Date Thu, 04 Oct 2001 16:00:08 GMT

I've been lurking around the Lucene source code for about a week now...
There are a couple of things I can't work out how to do properly I'd be
grateful for any help with.

I'm having a bit of trouble using hit positions in a test application, the
results of which look like I may need to contribute some code to Lucene for
things to work as I'd like.

At the moment, I'm doing something along the lines of the following, to
retrieve hit positions:

// Open an index and retrieve the hit positions object
IndexReader reader ="index_file");
TermPositions hitPoints = reader.termPositions(new Term("contents",
TermDocs docs = (TermDocs) hitPoints;

// While a document remains, loop
while (
  out.print("Finding hit values for document <b>"+ docs.doc()+"</b>");
  for (int j=0; j<docs.freq(); j++)
    // Output the hit position
    out.print(", "+hitPoints.nextPosition());

I'm not able to do a great deal with that information at the moment. What
I'd really like to be able to do is get the relevant info in my actual
search results loop. So I'd call something like this:

while (search_results_remain) {
  Document doc = hits.doc(i);
  int[] documentHitPositions = doc.getHitPositions();
  // display fragments with 3 hits in the context text
  String someContextInfo = hits.getContextInfo(i, 3);

My main difficulties with the existing way of doing things is:
1) The call to termPositions() doesn't integrate with QueryParser.parse()
and that appears to be the only correct way to use complex queries such as
wildcards, booleans, etc.
Is there any way, given a query, to get the list of 'Term' objects that were
created for the query? This would help me to an extent as I'd be able to
generate complete hit positions, rather than just for an arbitrary term.
2) Retrieving the hit positions doesn't integrate with the 'Hits' or
Document objects, where it would be the most convenient, imho, (as in my
example, above). Is it feasible to integrate such functionality?

Showing some amount of context for each search result is something that my
company considers to be really important for adopting any search engine.
Could anyone point me in the right direction for what changes, if any need
to be made to facilitate such a thing? If so, I may well be allowed to
contribute to Lucene on company time. From browsing the source and the
documentation, it appears that various things are in place to facilitate
implementing context information, I'm just not sure where exactly to


Lee Mallabone
Granta Design Ltd.

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