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From "Maik Schreiber">
Subject AW: [Lucene-dev] RE: context and hit positions with Lucene
Date Mon, 08 Oct 2001 01:22:25 GMT

>As Maik points out, there is currently no public method that
>returns the set of terms in a query. That should probably be
>added in any case.

Well, I posted the actual feature request on SourceForge about a year
ago :)
The term highlighting code is about that old, too.

It might be worthwhile to think about the fact that when you simply add
for example:

    public BooleanClause[] getClauses()
        return (BooleanClause[])
            clauses.toArray(new BooleanClause[0]);

to the user might be able to alter the returned array
of BooleanClauses. I'm not quite sure if one might be able to do
anything useful with it, but that should be taken into consideration
when adding the methods.

Maik Schreiber
IQ Computing -

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