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From Doug Cutting <>
Subject RE: [Lucene-dev] Index integrity check and fix?
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2001 17:53:20 GMT
> From: Scott Ganyo []
> We're still having occasional problems with indexes getting the
> error (in Lucene 1.1 release):
> /index/_1x7f.fnm already exists 
> when updating records.  I'm not positive where this is coming from,
> but I'm guessing that it is from when we have to forcefully stop the
> service since all access to the index is synchronized.

With the file locking code that I just checked in (to Jakarta, not
Sourceforge) you should not have this problem anymore.  Instead, if Java
exits unexpectedly, you might now find a .lock file left in the index that
will prevent restart.  In this case, I recommend removing all .lock files
before restarting your application, when you are certain that no
applications are currently accessing the index.  Is that acceptable?

BTW, this is the last message I will send to  Henceforth I will use  Please subscribe to that list if you would
like to stay involved with Lucene development.  The Jakarta lucene-user list
and Lucene website are still under construction, but Lucene development has
moved to Jakarta.


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