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From Ted Husted <>
Subject Re: final steps
Date Thu, 27 Sep 2001 21:22:04 GMT
The site was setup using the HOWTO at

The bottom of the page describes how to copy the site out of the CVS. 

Any Committer with "site karma" can do this. Right now, that includes me
;-) I believe Brian would be able to grant the same to you if you want
to try it yourself. 

The one other thing I keep forgetting is an entry in the Bug Database.

We need to get Pier to set that up. We'll need a list of versions, and
components. The Committers should set up accounts there, and let us know
if they want the reports for certain components. A summary is also sent
to the DEV list each week.

Technically, we're suppose to post a formal release-plan specifying a
release-candidate and a release manager, and then have a vote before
making an actual release.

To finish the release, the release manager can update the main site2
pages that list the releases, et cetera, and then we send an email to
ANNOUNCE. Jason or I could be the release manager, or help one of you.

We'd also need to put a copy of release under /dist/, and the nightlies
going too, but I'm a little fuzzy on that myself. Jason?


Doug Cutting wrote:
> I'd like to push forward with finishing the move of Lucene to Jakarta.
> What is the process by which new versions of the website are put into
> production?  I have updated the html documents in CVS, but don't know how to
> put these into production.
> The javadoc is the only broken link on the site now.  How do we get the
> javadoc put up on the site?
> How releases made?
> Finally, who throws the switch to add Lucene into Jakarta's public
> SubProjects, binaries, sources, and mail lists?
> Am I missing other things that need to be done?
> Once we make this public I will change to redirect to
> Jakarta.
> Thanks,
> Doug

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