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Subject [lucene-solr] branch branch_8x updated: Fix changes entry in 8x branch (#2033)
Date Tue, 27 Oct 2020 07:42:58 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

atri pushed a commit to branch branch_8x
in repository

The following commit(s) were added to refs/heads/branch_8x by this push:
     new b071b36  Fix changes entry in 8x branch (#2033)
b071b36 is described below

commit b071b365f1386888c8e0d6aabd43c67e24ab2971
Author: S N Munendra <>
AuthorDate: Tue Oct 27 13:12:40 2020 +0530

    Fix changes entry in 8x branch (#2033)
    * fix changes entry
    * add missing changes entries
 solr/CHANGES.txt | 106 +++----------------------------------------------------
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 101 deletions(-)

diff --git a/solr/CHANGES.txt b/solr/CHANGES.txt
index 4090fc8..81e07da 100644
--- a/solr/CHANGES.txt
+++ b/solr/CHANGES.txt
@@ -35,113 +35,13 @@ Consult the lucene/CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes
in this r
 New Features
 * SOLR-14151 Make schema components load from packages (noble)
 * SOLR-14588: Introduce Circuit Breaker Infrastructure and a JVM heap usage memory tracking
circuit breaker implementation (Atri Sharma)
 * SOLR-14615: CPU Utilization Based Circuit Breaker (Atri Sharma)
-* LUCENE-8984: MoreLikeThis MLT is biased for uncommon fields (Andy Hind via Anshum Gupta)
-* SOLR-14223: PKI Auth can bootstrap from existing key files instead of creating new keys
on startup (Mike Drob)
-* SOLR-11725: Use corrected sample formula for computing stdDev and variance in JSON aggregations
-  (hossman, Munendra S N, yonik)
-* SOLR-14387: SolrClient.getById() will escape comma separater within ids (Markus Schuch
via Mike Drob)
-* SOLR-10814: Add short-name feature to RuleBasedAuthz plugin (Mike Drob, Hrishikesh Gadre)
-Other Changes
-* SOLR-14656: Autoscaling framework removed (Ishan Chattopadhyaya, noble, Ilan Ginzburg)
-* LUCENE-9391: Upgrade HPPC to 0.8.2. (Haoyu Zhai)
-* SOLR-10288: Remove non-minified JavaScript from the webapp. (Erik Hatcher, marcussorealheis)
-* SOLR-13655:Upgrade Collections.unModifiableSet to Set.of and Set.copyOf (Atri Sharma via
Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
-* SOLR-13797: SolrResourceLoader no longer caches bad results when asked for wrong type (Mike
-* LUCENE-9092: Upgrade Carrot2 to 3.16.2 (Dawid Weiss).
-* LUCENE-9080: Upgrade ICU4j to 62.2 and make regenerate work (Erick Erickson)
-* SOLR-14271: Remove duplicate async id check meant for pre Solr 8 versions (Anshum Gupta)
-* SOLR-14272: Remove autoReplicaFailoverBadNodeExpiration and autoReplicaFailoverWorkLoopDelay
for 9.0 as it was
-  deprecated in 7.1 (Anshum Gupta)
-* SOLR-14258: DocList no longer extends DocSet. (David Smiley)
-* SOLR-14256: Remove HashDocSet; add DocSet.getBits() instead.  DocSet is now strictly immutable
and ascending order.
-  It's now locked-down to external extension; only 2 impls exist.  (David Smiley)
-* SOLR-14197: SolrResourceLoader: remove deprecated methods and do other improvements. (David
-* SOLR-14012: Return long value for unique and hll aggregations irrespective of shard count
(Munendra S N, hossman)
-* SOLR-14322: AbstractFullDistribZkTestBase.waitForRecoveriesToFinish now takes a timeout
and time unit instead of
-  assuming that we are passed value in seconds. (Mike Drob)
-* SOLR-13893: Remove support to read BlobRepository's max jar size from deprecated `runtme.lib.size`
system property
-  (Erick Erickson, Kesharee Nandan Vishwakarma, Munendra S N)
-* SOLR-12720: Remove support for `autoReplicaFailoverWaitAfterExpiration`. (marcussorealheis,
-* SOLR-9909: The deprecated SolrjNamedThreadFactory has been removed. Use SolrNamedThreadFactory
-  (Andras Salamon, shalin)
-* SOLR-14420: AuthenticationPlugin.authenticate accepts HttpServletRequest instead of ServletRequest.
(Mike Drob)
-* SOLR-14429: Convert .txt files to properly formatted .md files. (Tomoko Uchida, Uwe Schindler)
-* SOLR-14412: Automatically set urlScheme to https when running secure solr with embedded
zookeeper. (Mike Drob)
-  Do not erroneously set solr.jetty.https.port system property when running in http mode
(Upendra Penegalapati)
-* SOLR-14014: Introducing a system property that allows users to disable the Admin UI, which
is enabled by default.
-  If you have security concerns or other reasons to disable the Admin UI, you can modify
-  ``/`` at start. (marcussorealheis)
-* SOLR-14486: Autoscaling simulation framework no longer creates /clusterstate.json (format
-  instead it creates individual per-collection /state.json files (format 2). (ab)
-* SOLR-12823: Remove /clusterstate.json support, including support for collections created
with stateFormat=1,
-  as well as support for Collection API MIGRATESTATEFORMAT action and support for the legacyCloud
flag (Ilan Ginzburg).
-* LUCENE-9411: Fail complation on warnings, 9x gradle-only (Erick Erickson, Dawid Weiss)
-  Deserves mention here as well as Lucene CHANGES.txt since it affects both.
-* SOLR-12847: Remove support for maxShardsPerNode. (ab)
-* SOLR-14244: Remove ReplicaInfo. (ab)
-* SOLR-14654: Remove plugin loading from .system collection (for 9.0) (noble)
-* SOLR-14702: All references to "master" and "slave" replaced with "leader" and "follower"
-  Erick Erickson, Tomás Fernández Löbbe)
-Bug Fixes
-* SOLR-14546: Fix for a relatively hard to hit issue in OverseerTaskProcessor that could
lead to out of order execution
-  of Collection API tasks competing for a lock (Ilan Ginzburg).
-* SOLR-14948: Autoscaling maxComputeOperations override causes exceptions. (ab)
-==================  8.7.0 ==================
-Consult the lucene/CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
-New Features
-* SOLR-14151 Make schema components load from packages (noble)
-* SOLR-14615: Implement CPU Utilization Based Circuit Breaker (#1737)
 * SOLR-14681: Introduce ability to delete .jar stored in the Package Store. (MarcusSorealheis
, Mike Drob)
 * SOLR-14604: Add the ability to uninstall a package from with the Package CLI. (MarcusSorealheis)
@@ -165,6 +65,8 @@ New Features
+* LUCENE-8984: MoreLikeThis MLT is biased for uncommon fields (Andy Hind via Anshum Gupta)
 * SOLR-14523: Enhance gradle logging calls validation: eliminate getMessage() (Andras Salamon
via Erick Erickson)
 * SOLR-14537: Improve performance of ExportWriter. (ab, Joel Bernstein)
@@ -285,6 +187,8 @@ Bug Fixes
 * SOLR-14549: Fix listing of Files in a Directory on Solr Admin UI (Kevin Risden)
+* SOLR-14948: Autoscaling maxComputeOperations override causes exceptions. (ab)
 Other Changes

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