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Subject [lucene-solr] branch jira/solr-11763 created (now 7fd8779)
Date Sat, 02 Feb 2019 21:27:47 GMT
This is an automated email from the ASF dual-hosted git repository.

krisden pushed a change to branch jira/solr-11763
in repository

      at 7fd8779  SOLR-11763: Upgrade Guava to 25.1-jre (Markus Jelsma, Kevin Risden)

This branch includes the following new commits:

     new a0e7ee9  New repository initialized by cvs2svn.
     new 5a26156  Initial revision
     new 749b4aa  - adding some additional libs that were part of the original lucene   cvs. not sure about the javacc zip file being in our repository, i'm   not sure the license agreement agreed upon with metamata/webgain applies   with the transition to apache. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new bd3948c  Initial revision
     new 903b4b0  - properties for the lucene build PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 7fb01d6  - build file for lucene, incorporates ted's work. i have only tried   building the jar but i will keep testing. figured i would get   everything into the repository. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 412a00a  - adding ignore file - removing velocity.log PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 1a3dd53  - a few stray pieces of documentation. ted you can put them where you like,   i just wanted to make sure they were visible so they are put in the   appropriate place. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 4e68f4b  - getting the "demo" target to work.
     new 864293c  - fixes required to make the demo build. i missed some import statements. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 4fc06ae  - import fixes in the test src tree - the test target appears to depend on classes in the demo src   tree so i added the dep to the test target. test target   still isn't working but getting there. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new f62bf88  - cleaning up some more files for the test target - trying to generate the docs with ant installed and not   the script and am having no luck. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 98becb8  - fixing a typo pointed out by sam. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new ee21057  - fixing the "package" target so that the package-zip and package-tgz   targets will work. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 1e41424  - don't need the basedir def, forgot about the implicit ${basedir}. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new b08e28c  fixed javadoc target
     new 53b8f80  Adding German analysis code contributed by Gerhard Schwarz
     new 4b0fe4c  Fixed broken javadoc links.
     new cf3414a  Incorporated Joanne Sproston's changes to extend lower-level HitCollector-based search API to MultiSearcher.  I have not yet tested this.
     new adbb6ad  added package-level javadoc
     new a2ac9a6  Changed javadoc to not include private classes, to include links to JDK docs, and to have correct copyright.
     new 6c282c6  Removed makefiles.  Ant has replaced 'make' as the primary build system.
     new 7a28132  Added ability to search for documents containing an ordered range of terms.
     new 891209b  Added support for RangeQuery.  The syntax is expressed as follows: inclusive range = field:[lowerTerm-upperTerm] exclusive range = field:{lowerTerm-upperTerm}
     new 9bd3152  Fix compile error: Was referring to old com.lucene.* packages.
     new 58bcd78  Added index lock files.  Indexing and search are now not just thread safe, but also "process safe": multiple processes may may now search an index while it is being updated from another process.
     new c3866b0  minor documentation updates
     new 830d1e0  Updated website with new logo gif
     new 7797f49  Streamlined web site:  - removed ego-boosting 'backgrond' section  - replaced with short bio on 'who we are' page  - removed 'features' and 'applications' pages -- better covered in the FAQ  - added branding suggestion to 'Powered by Lucene' page  - re-arranged links on menu
     new 80509b4  moved api.html into javadoc as overview; fixed links to javadoc
     new c5e43fb  Changed version to 1.2-rc1
     new d3c9282  Added demo files to distribution.  Fixed calls to demo in overview.html.
     new 3b000a0  Removing obsolete file.
     new 97efb88  Removing another obsolete file.
     new 0722fd1  JDK 1.1 compatibility fix: disabled lock files for JDK 1.1, since they rely on a feature added in JDK 1.2.
     new cfc5237  Removed broken build scripts and their libs.  Build requires separate ant installation.
     new 4e72b89  Removed some redundant code.  This is already in BooleanScorer.
     new e9161ac  Fix NullPointerException in clone() method when the Term is null.
     new 4c3e4ce  Fix issue where an inclusive range query would include the nearest term in the index above a non-existant specified upper term.
     new 6369c5a  Fixed so that getDirectory(xxx,true) correctly erases the directory contents, even when the directory has already been accessed in this JVM.  This was broken by the thread-safety fix.
     new 2a5c459  Fixed potential race condition.
     new 1c31f33  Added source code into distribution.
     new b91b113  Fixed a bug where adding an optimized index to an empty index failed.
     new 992d1ad  Fixed a bug where RAMInputStream could not read across more than across a single buffer boundary.
     new 584d2b3  Fix query parser so it accepts queries with unicode characters
     new 49bd416  Fix tests so they compile; fix ant file so it compiles tests properly
     new 4a8ecc0  Changed so that PrefixQuery is used in preference to WildcardQuery when there's only an asterisk at the end of the term.  Previously PrefixQuery would never be used.
     new f6f1683  Turn PriorityQueueTest into a JUnit test
     new e1561b7  Add test case for Analyzers
     new cd948a1  Fixed some typos.
     new 1cd030f  add redirect to docs
     new 8b3d41f  added README, CHANGES and BUILD files
     new 2f468cb  renamed LICENSE to LICENSE.txt
     new 521b017  - Added "jar-src" target to allow creation of a jar file that includes only   the source code. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 459a594  - Fixed typos reported by Chris Pepper. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Chris Pepper Reviewed by:
     new 732dd14  Allow . characters in queries
     new 20c937d  - Added a few targets to allow creation of a source-only distribution. - Excluded *.java files from the binary distribution. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new c05b8e3  - Very minor documentation grammar fix. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 89a554f  Fixed Bug 4555. Possible NullPointerException when a short term with substitutions was being checked for a particle denotion. Length checking corrected, and sequence of resubstitution and removing particle denotion changed to prevent denoted term to pass through remove because of the reduced length. Corrected and improved documentation. Fix in WordlistLoader, files are not read correct, loosing a line. Fix in GermanStemFilter, typo in constructor with custom exclusion ta [...]
     new 1eea3cc  *** empty log message ***
     new d17defd  - Added methods:   public static boolean indexExists(String directory);   public static boolean indexExists(File directory);   public static boolean indexExists(Directory directory);   public static boolean isLocked(Directory directory);   public static void unlock(Directory directory);
     new 0c7b18a  - Applied a patch that silences Jikes' pedantic mode warnings, submitted   by Maik Schreiber. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Maik Schreiber Reviewed by:
     new 62ce310  - Added build.compiler.pedantic=false property, so that we can easily turn on   Jikes' pedantic mode and get any warnings.  I like clean code.
     new 77139e2  - Modified unlock method to have it delete 'commit.lock' with as well. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new f51c8af  unix linefeeds cleaned up formatting removed tabs
     new 8a84cef  zapped some strange gremlens
     new 021e328  - Applied a patch submitted by Paul Spencer.
     new 9f805c7  Enable boosting on range queries, phrpase queries (I think this used to work, but got broken when range queries were added); add tests cases for range queries
     new ae45d39  Migrate setBoost/getBoost into base QUery class; don't wrap queries with BooleanQuery in query parser unless necessary; more test cases for query parser
     new 1fa4fa8  Fix query parser (finally) to be much more lenient about queries that have funny characters; added new test cases to test new rules; added NullTokenizer/NullAnalyzer which just pass through space-separated tokens unmodified (mostly for testing purposes
     new 65ead57  Substantially improved the performance of DateFilter by adding the ability to reuse TermDocs objects.
     new b1ab12b  Removed from CVS, in order to conform to its license, which does not permit redistribution without permission.  Developers must now separately download JavaCC again.
     new 2ae22a3  Renamed NullTokenizer and Analyzer to WhitespaceTokenizer and Analyzer. Also re-structured the implementation of several tokenizers so that they share code, basing them on the new class CharAnalyzer.
     new d0473ac  Renamed NullTokenizer and Analyzer to WhitespaceTokenizer and Analyzer.
     new e120b8b  PR: Obtained from: Reviewed by:	Doug Cutting / Lucene Community new demo build target added getting started guide modified tests moved demo to demo subpackage added war demo
     new e1ec2e2  forgot a file
     new 9d89ff3  New Lucene Contributions Page Reviewed By Doug Cutting This page contains contributions from the Lucene community that are not part of the official release, but are still very useful.
     new d2d31a5  Updated project toolbar. Now contains many links to other resources and adds a new area contributions.html Reviewed by Doug Cutting
     new fe92305  Updated site to include links two new areas. Getting started (by Andrew Oliver) and Contributions - a collection of Lucene community contributions. Also changed toolbar to contain updated links Moved Bugs to resources Added Lucene bugs to resources Added Link to JGuru FAQ in resources Changed name of FAQ to "FAQ Official" in resources Add Contributions link in Resources Added Contributions page with currently 4 sections (Overview, Lucene Documents, Analyzers, Misc).
     new c5730b4  Getting Started tutorial added by Andrew C. Oliver.
     new ad7a17c  Contributions Sections. Add links to useful resources and contributions not part of lucene official release.
     new 74723e3  Added recent changes.  Folks should update this themselves!
     new 26f5fbf  Fixed binary package to only include demo & jsp sources.
     new 6c84ee2  Updated for new demo package name.
     new cf025d0  - Small javadoc change.
     new 7f8618e  - Minor grammar fix in a javadoc.
     new 0d109d7  - Fixed references to variables in javadoc.  Patch submitted by Daniel Rall.
     new 808075c  - Changed javac.home property from './' to '.' in order to change 'JavaCC Zip: .//lib/' message to 'JavaCC Zip: ./lib/'.
     new 495d720  Switched so that dev builds are now RC4.
     new d5f1f17  - Fixed tests to use non-deprecated JUnit assert methods. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new e7bdd3d  - JUnit 3.7 (replacing Junit 3.5). PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 2f2133f  - Removed JUnit 3.5 and replaced it with JUnit 3.7. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 60817cb  Fixed to never delete added indexes.
     new d2e34a5  implement Serializable
     new d29935b  Add XML Document #3 implementation to Document Section Also added Term Highlighting to Misc Section
     new 23f0989  Update Changes to include new updates to contributions
     new 17b7faf  oops... I refer to the luceneweb directory when I mean just tomcat webapps
     new 6494302  obtain write.lock while deleting documents
     new 6796f04  Fixed NullPointerException while performing phrase searches.
     new ed0aeca  Updated for recent changes.
     new 5b47a11  made instructions a bit clearer and more correct
     new 4932518  made instructions clearer and more correct
     new 55ce2ae  Fix a locking bug when deleting from an unoptimized index.
     new a55bb5e  Updated "powered by" links
     new 5fc0c17  added scarab to the powered by page.
     new 76947ae  - Updated JavaCC URL. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 9bd57fb  - Patched Javadocs. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Erik Hatcher Reviewed by:
     new 3e7f460  - Fixed a bug with substCount variable which was not being reset. - Re-formatted the whole class to match the rest of the code more closely   (still differs, but... :)).
     new 80f9f1d  - Replaced references to the old package name com.lucene with org.apache.lucene - Fixed a few Javadocs problems. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 0a737ca  Updated for recent changes.
     new e00dabf  Fixed some javadoc links.
     new 2a801b7  Fixed some javadoc links.
     new fe9a18b  Updating default version prior to new release.
     new 247a7df  Start change list for next release.
     new 33a4c8c  - Changed the URL for example query parser test cases.
     new 64adb57  field must be interned during serialization read process
     new 1ec9086  - Added public static boolean isLocked(String) method. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Colin Britton Reviewed by:	otis
     new 7e7d8c6  Add ~N syntax to phrase queries in query parser to allow for user-settable slop
     new b433d6c  - Improved javadoc to make it more readable.
     new 6f96866  - Improved javadoc to make it more readable and removed some trailing white   spaces.
     new dabd5e4  - Made the code in the javadoc readable. - Removed unnecessary import statement. - Re-indented the whole class.
     new ef902b7  - Changed the link to QueryParser from a HREF to a {@link ...}.
     new 5c75b86  - 'De-finalized' the class per Doug's suggestion to make it easy to use   different lists of stop words. - Added a few more words to the stop word list (MS' contribution via Alan). - Re-indented the whole class.
     new cfd243c  - Removed stop words added to the previous revision, so that they don't break   people's existing indices.
     new e440646  - A query parser that searches multiple fields at once.   Initial checkin. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Kelvin Tan Reviewed by:	Otis Gospodnetic
     new 84bd5a1  - Added exceptions to the Javadoc for parse methods. - Added TokenMgrError to parse methods' throws clauses, since that is thrown when the input is bad. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Daniel Calvo Reviewed by:
     new 04ebb07  added application extensions plan and myself as a comitter
     new 7f1cb56  website updates
     new 0aa1ebe  added plan to cvs
     new 3929335  PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by: implemented suggestions by Marc Tucker
     new a2354b6  PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by: Added items suggested by Dmitry Serebrennikov
     new 8c0b808  - Added Yazd Forums. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Aflatoon Aflatooni Reviewed by:	Otis Gospodnetic
     new 7540cf6  - Moved properties from in here. should be   removed and replaced by   Targets docweb-index and docweb-war I have commented out since it requires   an Ant task that is not a part of Ant distribution yet.  These should be   uncommented when this task makes it into the Ant distribution. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Erik Hatcher Reviewed by:	Otis Gospodnetic
     new fc3f8d4  Regenerated powered.html
     new c9f51bd  - Changed the name of the Yazd forum to its official name. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Aflatoon Aflatooni Reviewed by:
     new 5a36725  implemented what i proposed on the mailing list with regards to having a define the properties and allow people to define their own properties easily by creating a file.
     new b690f8a  no longer needed.
     new d97cbdf  - Added 2 recent changes. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 27017fa  - Fix for bug 7017: PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 02bc68c  - Applied a fix for bug 6914. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Eugene Gluzberg Reviewed by:
     new 1b0289c  Changed to, to work around DNS changes to
     new 55a0477  - Minor javadoc changes.
     new 23389df  - Changed 2 example queries in the javadoc to make them less confusing.
     new b5e628a  - Javadoc fix for bug 7461. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 678386d  Added chainable filter and index multiple fields contributions to the contributions.html page
     new b5e126c  - Applied Mark Hayes' patch to avoid NPE.
     new 95cf4fa  - Javadoc fix. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Kelvin Tan Reviewed by:
     new c4a52ee  - A fix for bug # 7710: PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Lee Mallabone Reviewed by:
     new 2122be3  - Fixed a spelling error and re-formatted the Javadoc.
     new e5f6cb9  - Fixed incorrect HREFs. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new a0c986f  - Wildcard JUnit unit tests.  Initial checkin.
     new 197858c  - Applied a patch that fixes bug #7412. - Added Apache License. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Rodrigo Reyes Reviewed by:
     new 1af480b  - Added Apache license. - Corrected Javadoc wording a bit. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 4207787  - DateFilter JUnit tests.  Initial checkin.
     new 8c70a95  - Added tests for DateFilter.After method.
     new 6fe55d4  Fixed broken ego link.
     new a90504d  - A patch to that Doug Cutting suggested at:   This allows co-existence of indexed and non-indexed fields with the same name. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Guido Casper Reviewed by:	otis
     new be31efa  - Added explicit encoding.   A fix for bug #7019. PR: 7019 Obtained from:	Raymond Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 2621aef  Reviewed cvs commit in  mailling list and added changes to date.
     new 34a2ac1  fixed demo war file variable so that it would resolve correctly.
     new 9250f04  - Added Finish Military. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new fe527de  - Gave Eugene and Rodrigo Reyes credit. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 2a96b32  Add escape character to query parser (backslash); add unit test for escape character; wrap TokenMgrError with ParseException in QueryParser.parse
     new c06d0ce  Add query parser note
     new 83ceba9  - Added PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 8d02b4f  - Minor modifications.
     new 0c5a8aa  - Undo an accidental change in the previous revision. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 7cb408e  - Applied a patch supplied by David Smiley that ensures that searches that   use DateFilter don't throw an exception when no matches are found. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 5b635fa  - Updated with an entry for a change just made in DateFilter. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 7ac655d  Changed TestDateFilter from date field being a Text field to being a Keyword field. Found by Doug.
     new 04292ff  - Fixed a bug in the test itself, caught by Doug.   Duh, correct comment, but contradicting code. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new b70d10d  Fixed the TestQuestionMark by changing the TermQuery to WildcarQuery for the first test.  Now succeeds without failure.
     new 4e0e597  - Added PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 32df944  - Added Lucene Sandbox. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 1326d05  Add changes for unit test fixes
     new 4f1e425  Modified build.xml  source target build to include the instead of the since the is for override features and the wasn't being included.
     new ed3ec53  Started new section of CHANGES.txt for RC6
     new dfc66b9  Updated Lucene news to include information about 1.2-RC5
     new c092af6  Adding Query Parser Syntax to give people a better idea of what Lucene can do and does "out of the box".
     new 5f79544  - Cosmetics. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 4203305  Make Query Parser Syntax documentation live. Added Proximity Searching, Escaping.
     new 0b4bc28  Update website to include Query Parser syntax in resources area.
     new d1877d2  Fixed a typo when converting from the term IBM to the term jakarta in the boosting example.
     new 3f512e9  Changed QueryParser.jj to have "?" be a special character which allowed it to be used as a wildcard term. Updated TestWildcard  unit test also. (Ralf Hettesheimer via carlson)
     new 6f6ce64  PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Otis G. Reviewed by:	Eugene Gluzberg Added lucenesandbox.html, which is auto-generated from the xml
     new b7f9ce0  - Lucene TO-DO items. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new fc1deae  - Added a note about escaping backslashes when specifying a path to an   index directory under Windows. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Eli Tucker Reviewed by:
     new 88ca334  Updated files to reflect new 1.3-dev1 revision.
     new 09aa3e0  - Rearranged the Resources section a bit and added a link to Lucene Sandbox page.
     new cb0b696  - Nuked a bunch of trailing blank lines and characters.
     new 241f323  - Added a link to Lucene Sanbox CVS repository.
     new abefb1b  - Fixed spelling a bit. - Nukes trailing blank spaces.
     new a7bd647  - Fixed clear() method that wasn't setting the very last heap element to null,   as reported at PR: 9454 Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new a6d7df4  - Added testClear() test.  It doesn't really test much, but since I already   typed it in I'm leaving it. - Reformatted/reindented the code and nuked trailing spaces.
     new 8bcc042  - Changed the grammar for EMAIL token in order to match user names and   host names with additional valid user name and host name characters, such   as '.", '-', and '_'.
     new bd8c341  - Fixed class Javadoc (spelling, missing words), reformatted a bit.
     new 2ef3150  - Added recent changes.
     new ce605b9  Updated my bio, since I'm no longer at Grand Central. Added a missing tag in lucenesandbox.xml that broke Anakia. Rebuilt out-of-date docs.
     new 1332664  Fixed so that when built it uses build 1.2 vs. 1.3-dev1
     new 4f2e3c4  - Added Javadoc for the class and two methods explaining issue with dates   prior to 1.1.1970.
     new 03a738d  Chagned to reflect new 1.3-dev1 status for building nightly builds.
     new 4e2f6ae  - Added a link to Lucene Sandbox. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new e33dca7  - Added a note about file.
     new 312ae29  - Cosmetics.
     new 4cad7c5  Adding release of 1.2 information to index page.
     new 7cd7ca0  Update .html files to reflect change in left nav bar. Otis added lucene-sandbox link.
     new 19a3915  Added accessor method to get HitDoc global id from Hits. This id needs to be used in sorting.
     new 4cee88c  - Added the ability to disable creation of locks on the file system, in order   to allow Lucene to be used on read-only media.   To disable lock creation set 'disableLocks' system property to 'true'. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 1aba01f  - Updated with information about changes that allow lock creation to be disabled. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new b1b3d33  Updated Changes to include information about add id method in Hits
     new 8ab0396  Support for new range query syntax.  The delimiter is " TO ", but is optional for backward compatibility with previous syntax.  If the range arguments match the format supported by DateFormat.getDateInstance(DateFormat.SHORT), then they will be converted into the appropriate date strings a la DateField.
     new 43f5e32  - Reduced the number of condition checks for disabling locks. - Documented the use of 'disableLocks' system property in class Javadoc.
     new ad73dd6  - Made a small method javadoc change.
     new 92ade30  - Changed the 'disableLocks' system property name to 'disableLuceneLocks'. - Fixed my own misspelling from the previous commit.
     new ca040d2  - Updated an existing item.
     new 1693768  - Added BioMates.
     new c26fa43  - Removed the erroneous 'i' character.
     new 6f4c269  - Improved HTML parser that allows one to get HTML document's meta tags' values. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Mark Harwood Reviewed by:	otis
     new 333a7a6  - Recorded HTMLParser.jj changes.
     new 6efcaa8  - Recorded Brian's change to QueryParser.jj for range query syntax.
     new 50d6da8  - Fixed a link in toString(String) method's javadoc; added links to class   javadoc; reformatted a bit.
     new 59ce56a  - Added a link to PDF Parser Java library. - Nuked a bunch of trailing spaces.
     new 0426d8a  - Added a link to NLucene; removed incorrect author (I assume that was the result of somebody's initial copy & paste). PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 32e68d3  - Updated (keine Scheisse!). PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 16a7c58  - Updated. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 5964192  - Fixed some minor cosmetic issues. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 87688ee  - Fixed Peter's name.
     new a8df7c8  - s/Peer/Peter/;
     new 680d2c8  - Renamed a link to reflect the page's content better.
     new ea4c151  - Added P�ter Hal�csy's changes that allow setting of default boolean   operator.
     new 4f9dc49  - Renamed a few recently added variables and methods for consistency.
     new 6f3df5f  - Added an explicit call to QueryParser to set the boolean operator to OR.
     new 08c38ff  - Cleaned up the indentation to make it more consistent.
     new 70950b8  - Changed the status of a completed task.
     new 6ace8da  - A place holder for Lucene Sandbox documentation, etc. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 92dc789  - Changed, since xdocs/stylesheets/project.xml was modified. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 7a44002  - Lucene Sandbox documentation place holder. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 47fc87d  - Recorded today's changes.
     new 53f0f3b  Made many methods and classes non-final, per requests.  This includes IndexWriter and IndexSearcher, among others.
     new 28eb958  Added support for remote searching via RMI.
     new 22f0682  Renamed a new class and updated some javadoc.
     new c5c4081  Updated for the changes that I made earlier today.
     new fff216a  - Added PLANTA. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 0221ec4  - Added tests for QueryParser's setOperator functionality.   All tests pass at this point.
     new d06a16f  - Fixed the typo in the setOperator argument name which was causing unit tests to fail.  Peter spotted it, thanks Peter.
     new 15bbd8d  - Classes that provide support for queries such as "microsoft app*". PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Anders Nielsen Reviewed by:	otis
     new be6a5b0  - Updated with today's changes. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 6b58d41  - Minor modification, no functionality changes. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new aedf9e1  The class itself and tokenStream() are not longer final. tokenStream() now works without LowerCaseFilter.
     new 419359a  Changed the stemming algorithm to ignore case while stripping. The algorithm is faster and produces more equal stems from nouns and verbs derived from the same word. That fixes the problem finding substantives when the searchterm is provided in lowercase. Now the stemming results are almost case insensitive. Changed the checking of legal terms to only reject terms that contain non letters, which solves problems with terms that contain irregular cased letters. Removal of  [...]
     new 7d3fbbc  - Ch ch ch GermanStemmer.
     new abf7b95  Clarified a change message.
     new 6e202b2  msg.txt
     new 5fbe9f8  Improved javadoc comments.
     new efb2e12  Added support for Token.setPositionIncrement(int).
     new 91512d5  Improved documentation.
     new 06d3598  Added QueryFilter class.
     new 5dbea95  Added getAnalyzer() accessor method.
     new 689293d  Fixed a bug in IndexReader.lastModified().
     new bbbc192  Fixed a bug serializing BooleanQuery and added test code.
     new 63f7272  - Fixed some funky indentation that I found while testing the contributed   Portuguese stemmer.
     new f65bc68  Fixed bug 12273
     new f011453  - Added a link to Lucene introduction in Chinese.
     new b71f0a6  - Added a link to Lucene introduction in Chinese.
     new e79dfcf  - Updated.
     new e637505  - Russian Analyzer, by Boris Okner.  Initial checkin.
     new fce9b6f  - Russian Analyzer unit tests and unit test data.
     new 0a222c9  - Updated with an entry for the Russian Analyzer.
     new eeb7867  - Updated.
     new 9a3636d  - Indyo docs. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Kelvin Tan Reviewed by:
     new d6a1410  - Updated project.xml, so everything must be updated.
     new ca982c7  - Removed the main method, which was causing compilation errors with JUnit 3.8.1.
     new 9b99650  - Removed properties that are not being used by build.xml.
     new 846da57  - Added FIXME/TODO tags about things to document.
     new 7e8ab54  - Fixed the @author tag.
     new 4ec9f57  - Changed javadocs target to show package/protected/public classes and   members. - Reindented.
     new 65b2aab  - MultiSearcher unit tests.  Initial checkin.   The test is failing, exposing a potential bug.
     new 4840a84  - Added javadoc skeleton, nuked trailing spaces.
     new 0b2bd2c  - Compilation error fix.
     new 618882b  - Minor stuff.
     new e1251ba  - Added Orientation in Objects GmbH.
     new 6618518  - Fixed last night's mistakes.
     new 2ae2c86  - Reverted back to the previous revision (1.29).
     new 474d9de  - Reverted back to the previous revision (1.1).
     new 933bac2  Patched to fix a bug when empty indexes or segments exist.
     new 961638b  - Added encoding to javadocs target.
     new 297a99c  - Added Orientation in Objects GmbH.  I thought I added that weeks ago.
     new c9f544d  - Removed JUnit 3.7 and added JUnit 3.8.1.  All unit tests work with it.
     new ce598dc  - These files have been replaced by nicer looking (x)docs/lucene-sandox* pages.
     new 84ea488  - Added build.manifest property.
     new a01c9c3  - Modified targets ininit and jar, in order to get a custom MANIFEST.MF in a   Jar file.
     new 92667aa  - Added Specification-* entries to the manifest.
     new d635065  - Removed, since nobody was using this manifest file.
     new 9f8e2c5  - Changed javadoc to reflect the purpose of the unit test better.
     new 21782ac  - LARM images. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Clemens Marschner Reviewed by:
     new 5284ee3  - Added a link to Lucene file formats document. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Clemens Marschner Reviewed by:
     new 95b36d4  - LARM Technical Overview.
     new 5a0f8c1  - Added a link to LARM Technical Overview.
     new 533f3e3  - Lucene file formats. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Doug Cutting, Clemens Marschner. Reviewed by:
     new 0f0afe7  - New docs, new sidebar.
     new 9b24cfd  - LARM images.
     new 985f797  - LARM Technical Overview.
     new 729333c  - Lucene file formats.
     new f93b739  - Fixed head area.
     new d43c477  - Reworded, fixed spelling errors.
     new d80a2f3  - Updated.
     new 7cfc852  - Fixed javadoc.
     new 748fdb1  - BitVector unit tests. Submitted by:	Peter Mularien <>
     new d0a577e  - This is not a unit test class, so it should not be here.
     new 98330b5  - Removed compiler warnings (jikes 1.17).  Style stuff only.
     new 6772e75  Added a public, extensible scoring API.
     new 40b4cb0  Removed some stale news.
     new cc38b0e  - Added a TODO document + modified left side nav bar.
     new 050ef78  - TODO list.
     new 00a2918  - TODO list in HTML.
     new a82881e  - Not longer needed, as it has been converted to 'xdocs format'.
     new c769f13  - Corrected the exception message.
     new 0066cc0  Fixed bug where returned a Float instead of an int Bug found by Terry Steichen
     new 17eb323  Updated Changes to include information about id method in Hits
     new 686bdde  - Removed some jikes' warnings.
     new 57cdbe4  Added subDoc() method, renamed searcherIndex() to subSearcher().
     new 0d9b898  Fixed to not create files in home directory.
     new 007d19e  - Updated the reference to PDF Box.
     new b34fa3c  - Added 3 links to Resources section.
     new 35aa414  - User-submitted benchmarks and a template.
     new f8d4367  - Added the link to benchmarks to the side.
     new 3457e87  Minor cleanups: added constructors for TokenStream & TokenFilter, made some methods non-final.
     new bf5028d  - Added author's email address upon his request.
     new 9ff9b75  - Modified docs.
     new 62b78f0  Add link to Snowball page.
     new 0cd42ec  - Removed 3 Analyzer/Stemmer todo items, which should be taken care of by the   Snowball contribution in Lucene Sandbox.
     new 24934f7  removed plan link
     new 7bda30b  - Updated (keine Scheisse).
     new 0b346b0  - Import stmt, @version + CVS Id tag.
     new 2d2a191  - Reverted to revision 1.2 ... this matches the comments in the code anyway :).   Should fix bug
     new 117172e  - Applied patches from   All unit tests still pass. PR:            14900 Obtained from: Submitted by:  Peter Mularien Reviewed by:   Otis
     new 0113b7e  - Updated.
     new ca33bfb  - Fixed a bad link in the lef nav.
     new 474cb42  - Fixed wrong method name.
     new eeff286  - Removed a sub-task that has been completed 4 months ago, actually.
     new ca1240b  - Fix for bug PR: 12723 Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 13bcec3  - Added getFields and getValues methods.   Contributed by Rasik Pandey on 2002-10-09.
     new 956ef38  - Unit tests for org.apache.lucene.document.Document class.
     new d9a164b  - Formatting.
     new c8a221d  - Updated Javadocs.
     new 394da6b  - Updated with the latest changes.
     new 233c5c3  - Removed unused variables.
     new 169fac0  Revised internal search APIs.  Changes include:
     new bdc8da1  Fixed minor problems with previous checkin.
     new a748606  - Removed erroneous semicolon.
     new 5b910b4  Added convenience RAMDirectory constructors taking File and String arguments, for easy FSDirectory to RAMDirectory conversion.
     new bc3aa55  - Added forgotten name.
     new a2042c1  Fixed a bug with explain().
     new a793838  Fixed a bug where boosting was lost.
     new 4d390e5  - Added a link to Lucene::QueryParser.
     new 77eb6fb  - Fix to support pre-1.4 JDKs.
     new 4642f95  Revised explanation format so that it better corresponds to a dot product of tf*idf weights.
     new 7f20a5f  - Added a link to a Lucene article on
     new 637b10d  Fixed a bug when rewritten queries were included in a BooleanQuery.
     new d1fec6e  Optimized last fix so that the BooleanQuery is only cloned when one of its clauses has rewritten.
     new c694d44  - NPE fix. PR: bug #16043 Submitted by: Peter Mularien
     new 51585c6  - Cosmetics.
     new e8a9993  - Added useful info to Overview, added a section about Range Searches and a   section about Field Grouping.  Fixed a few small gramatical errors.
     new 31ec31b  Fixed a bug in floatToByte().
     new b13e048  - Small efficiency improvement.
     new a94f74e  - Updated with JavaCC info, etc.
     new 32f7d24  - Added sections about Ant and SearchBean contributions. Submitted by: Jeff Linwood
     new 201b56a  - Removed unused or duplicate imports.
     new 552bfaf  - Cleaned up unused or duplicate imports.
     new a85ab1f  - Added information about other Lucene Sandbox contributions. Submitted by: Jell Linwood
     new 7248b18  Fixed a bug with prohibited clauses.
     new 241b2d6  - Modified to use localized date strings. Submitted by: Christoph Kiehl Reviewed by: Otis
     new 2226d9f  - Updated some out-dated links. - Wrapped very long lines.
     new 9699a29  - Made byte[] bits array private.
     new b72da81  - Indentation (4 -> 2, to fit the rest).
     new b328dc9  - Refactored and added 2 more tests. Contributed by: Tatu Saloranta
     new 88408e0  - Added a manual renaming of files in case the's renameTo(File)   call fails.  It has been reported that this happens on Windows JVMs. Contributed by: Matt Tucker
     new 0d1dcba  - Updated some URLs.
     new a92eb6d  - Added info about FSDirectory change.
     new 05a2ea9  - Added set/getLowercaseWildcardTerms methods and a few ger*Query methods   that make it easier to extend QueryParser. Contributed by: Tatu Saloranta
     new a3e2205  - Made a few private method protected, gave authors credit, moved all   instance/class variables to the top, corrected grammar, made code style   more uniform.
     new 470b572  - Added tests for the new QueryParser changes. Contributed by: Tatu Saloranta.
     new 2aafe40  - Tatu's QueryParser changes.
     new 24fa693  - Added code to throw RuntimeException when output stream cannot be closed.
     new ef7ff20  - Added a missing RuntimeException throw. - s/\t/  /g
     new 0053643  - Added a link to a new Lucene article. - s/\t/    /g;
     new 4a18d00  - Update after jakarta-site2 update; removed tabs.
     new 7a94c46  - Update after jakarta-site2 refresh.
     new 5809cb1  - Added a link to Spindle.
     new ab87c3c  - Added a link to a Python implementation of Lucene.
     new 395b5c5  - Fix to support JDK 1.2 and 1.3.
     new b1000d9  Preparing for 1.3 RC1.
     new 33c22d2  Fix imports so that javadoc runs without complaint.
     new 0c40e49  Start a new section for 1.3 RC2 changes.
     new 33bd900  Added note about 1.3 RC1.
     new 0f61096  - Enhanced Javadocs:
     new d383547  - Added a section about related books. Submitted by: Jeff Linwood
     new 9e4c0f3  - Updated to reflect new build procedure. Contributed by: Clemens Marschner
     new d40c549  - Cosmetics and Javadocs.
     new 6c4774b  - Removed the link to todo.html.   Items from todo.xml have been moved to Bugzilla, thanks to Eric Isakson.
     new be10543  - Removed the entry on MultiFieldQueryParser because that's already in core API. - Changed link to ChainableFilter to point to Sandbox. Submitted by: Kelvin Tan
     new c3fb072  - Updated location of
     new bad5b34  - Added a link to Phonetix.
     new f209941  - Modified RangeQuery's toString() method to return a String that matches the syntax used in QueryParser.
     new f980ec2  - Fixed a bug that allowed queries to retrieve extra matches. - Fixed indentation that was all messed up, and some spelling mistakes.
     new 49db324  - Added method getFieldNames(boolean). Submitted by:	Julien Nioche Reviewed by:	Otis
     new 7d50426  - Added tests for getFieldNames(boolean) method in IndexReader.
     new 1c8db6c  Put lock files in /tmp instead of with the index.
     new 3b711dd  - Fix that allows people using JDK 1.3 to compile this class.
     new a226bdd  - Removed references to Indyo and Fulcrum. - Added references to Javascript Query Constructor and Javascript Query Validator. Submitted by: Kelvin Tan
     new 8dcc1f6  - Indyo got removed, so Indyo tutorial is no longer needed.
     new d58ac60  - Added SouFun.
     new 3f0d879  - Added EEE Cooks.
     new 4698c92  - Added CLucene.
     new 956b3c9  - Javadoc improvement.
     new 1b36a9d  Fix so that lock files created in /tmp are removed when a directory is re-created.  This way attempts to create a new index after a crashed indexing run no longer have to manually remove lock files from /tmp.
     new b39cecc  Added a limit to the number of clauses which may be added to a BooleanQuery.  The default limit is 1024 clauses.  This should stop most OutOfMemoryExceptions by prefix, wildcard and fuzzy queries which run amok.
     new dd6820b  - Added a link to an IBM developerWorks article about Lucene.
     new c28f370  - Removed bad entries.
     new b2c7697  - Documented HitCollector a bit better.
     new 998d5eb  - Added RFC::Search.
     new 43df3cc  - Updated JavaCC references.
     new 8a9ebad  - Excluded JUnit Jar from .zip and .tgz builds.
     new 47dfbc2  Added method IndexWriter.addDocument(Document, Analyzer).
     new 91533fb  First time Lucene commit
     new a89de10  #22344 - changed enum to enumerator
     new 624995b  clean up test build procedure slightly
     new 7eb95be  Low-level InputStream test w/mock
     new 7e19982  allow isolation of a single unit test
     new b22cd77  added ability to wait on any Lock. changed write.lock wait to 1 sec from none.
     new d543212  - Added a link to Erik's article.
     new 847faf1  - Added a link to lucenedotnet project on SF.
     new 1f9fe4f  - Corrected(?) the documentation about normalization factors.
     new d59ac94  - Minor javadoc improvement, but primarily reindented weird indentation and   replaces tabs with four spaces.
     new 4433f03  - Initial checkin.   Submitted by Christoph Goller.
     new 8c69111  - Fixed a bug in case of non-inclusive RangeQuery.   Submitted by Christoph Goller.
     new 3527232  - Initial checkin.   Converted to JUnit-based unit test from Christoph Goller's test class.
     new ad3cd36  - Initial checkin.   Converted to JUnit-based unit test from Christoph Goller's test class.
     new 577bfab  - A patch that eliminates the confusing and slightly different behaviour of   TermEnum when dealing with an enumeration of all terms versus an enumeration   starting from a specific term.   This patch also fixes incorrect term document frequences when the same term   is present in multiple segments. Submitted by: Christoph Goller Reviewed by: Otis
     new b058f63  - Fixed an incorrect statement about 0.2 boost of Fuzzy queries.
     new 798fc0f  reformat spacing
     new 2af2d85  PR 19468, but not exactly as it was done in the provided patches.  JavaCC is no longer required to build Lucene, but can be run optionally
     new 6ecbab8  - Small distance matrix initialization change. Submitted by: Christoph Goller Reviewed by: Otis
     new 5728c0b  - Added the recent changes.
     new 2e082f2  - Added insert(Object) method to PriorityQueue class. Submitted by: Christoph Goller Reviewed by: Otis
     new 8b2bd68  Reformatted and added inclusive notes to contructors/factories
     new 0b53524  Reformatted.  Do we have any style guides special to Lucene different than Jakarta standards?
     new e676d0f  Elements of Java Style #1: Adhere to the style of the original.  I wholeheartedly agree.  Reverting my previous infraction of this rule
     new 165ee0d  correct spelling mistake, removed unused import, fixed two javadoc @param mismatches
     new 84cab1f  update zoe url
     new 045c15c  - Applied a patch from Christoph Goller. - Unified a mix of 2 and 4-space indentations.
     new 7466b3b  - Added testDeleteReaderWriterConflict() and testDeleteReaderReaderConflict()   methods, provided by Christoph Goller. - Moved the license ahead of imports, to match other sources.
     new e73f0e2  - Fixed docCount() with a patch provided by Christoph Goller.
     new 103a6e1  Added ASL
     new bdcea5f  Test for PhraseQuery to show that order does not matter
     new 355e66e  - Added testQueryFilter test for bug 20290 - Made search(Query) private.
     new 2310d71  - Added @version.
     new 2357f0c  - Fixed bug 20290 - Added @version.
     new fecc0d2  remove unused import
     new 063c173  implements Searchable is redundant, as Searcher implements it
     new a2f5f1c  Implementation of a caching filter wrapper, complete with a test - stil some @todos to consider
     new f4107e8  butter fingers... renaming test case
     new f504aba  oops... IDEA lied to me - adding back import
     new ed585a8  Fix typo
     new 6a5940e  allow @todo tags without warnings
     new 899c3b1  add back javadoc needed import.... darn IDEA!
     new bfafa1b  Added CachingWrapperFilter to change list
     new 0b605a3  Cosmetic - reformatted.  I'm embarking on some refactorings to accomodate a snazzy new demo app and wanted to get indentation cleanup committed in one commit so the later meatier commits won't have whitespace diffs also.
     new 7965b58  fix manifest generation, which was broken by the previous indentation cleanup
     new 404a71b  More build file cleanup - making target names more sensible in an effort to start splitting the coupling between the demo, tests, and core.  Test target is now "test" ("test-unit" alias remains).
     new 9f8e6fc  test failure = build failure.
     new e68cad2  fix url to JavaCC
     new 90534ff  fix typo
     new 9d46cda  fix javadoc warning. exclamation point caused warning - maybe another fix to this, but this will will work for now
     new 8ad878e  detabify for readability
     new aad53f0  major build process cleanup
     new 1e5eccf  test case cleanup - no need to catch unexpected exceptions in test cases, let it fail
     new c31601d  streamlining test case a bit
     new be4dd1b  Add test case for PrefixQuery
     new 8958352  more phrase query tests
     new bbc24bf  clarify comment
     new 2350513  add basic assertion of position increments test
     new f5f97e4  - Added Luke, Limo, ejIndex - Replaced the Term Highlighting with the one from Mark Harwood - Removed JTidy - Reorganized
     new 83efa1b  - Added Dmitry, as he is a Lucene committer.
     new 97e5c5f  - Moved Lucene Tutorial to a more appropriate place.
     new dd29f75  Added per-field analysis capabilities
     new 71bbc13  Added demo to junit's classpath. This is needed by some of the new test cases.
     new 93b5e6c  Submitted by:	Christoph Goller via Dmitry Slightly modified patch from Christoph to prohibit modifications of an index by readers that have a stale view of it.
     new 28ef35e  Submitted by:	Christoph Goller via Otis Test case to go with the IndexReader change.
     new 250f13e  Make RAMDirectory's touchFile method wait long enough for the system clock to register a new timestamp. This makes locking logic more robust.
     new 4e84ddc  Added a method used in test cases to determine if a file descriptor is closed. Added troubleshooting code (commented out) to help diagnose problems around openning and closing files.
     new e2559e4  Implementation of compound files. This reduces the number of files used by Lucene to 1 per index segment (2 when deleted documents exist). Test cases modified and added to go with this code.
     new dc4e35c  added PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper
     new 99ffd3c  #23505 - Hani's patch to fix RussianAnalyzer test
     new 15bcd46  Add throws clause to query factory methods, allowing subclasses to use for rejecting, etc
     new 13b2aa2  Add tests for new ParseException capability for subclasses, demonstrating a way to reject fuzzy and wildcard queries; general spacing cleanup
     new 186a111  #23466 - StandardTokenzier with CJK support(sigram)
     new 679aa50  oops, forgot to check in JavaCC generated files
     new 764283b  minor touchup to QueryParser syntax docs
     new c644322  Add some javadoc
     new 399ec23  unwrap @links
     new c3bae88  Add locale option to QueryParser, allowing date range to be dealt with a bit more flexibly.
     new eeb4099  - Fixed a bug when dealing with large indices - Added Javadoc.
     new 640c763  - Added a note about Dmitry's file handle reducing changes.
     new 22575e8  Change locale handling to be in line with the other tweakable parameters
     new 0c585e6  note QueryParser enhancement
     new 9808a54  geez, try to add docs and screw it up!
     new fcf192b  Fix UInt64 typo
     new 2216c0d  minor javadoc fixup and add question comment
     new 0e60607  minor javadoc fixup
     new ded5fcb  aesthetics cleanup
     new b67b9df  #7782 - an ancient.  this seems like the right thing to do, all relevant tests still pass
     new b118a27  Fix e-mail tokenization - thanks Christoph!
     new b6884a0  - Added Christoph Goller and, updated from jakarta-site2.
     new 17af739  termDocs.close() moved. Before that termDocs was used though it had already been closed!
     new ff43a5a  - Added a link to Jeff Linwood's article about Lucene.
     new 5db329f  - Fixed: there is no index.lock, but there is write.lock. - Fixed spellings - Fixed mentions of .f[0-9]* files - there are no .n[0-9]* files.
     new 34df355  - Added target descriptions, so ant -projecthelp lists them.
     new 59779c7  - Added ASL and removed trailing spaces.
     new 9e968c9  - Added WRITE_LOCK_NAME and COMMIT_LOCK_NAME, so that their names are not   hard-coded in half a dozen places in the code.
     new 485e3c3  - Changed code to use IndexWriter.WRITE_LOCK_NAME. - Cleaned up indentation a bit.
     new b84e202  - Made String COMPOUND_EXTENSIONS[] static and moved the definition higher   in the code. - Cleaned up a bit.
     new 6600da8  - Indentation cleanup.
     new 6fe013a  - Added a comment and cleaned up.
     new e08f35f  - Reverting to revision 1.34 after a bad commit.
     new a1db392  - Removed a copy/paste error in SearchBean section, and fixed a link to   SearchBean in CVS.
     new ec04efc  - Moved LARM further down, and Snowball and SearchBean further up (I believe more people viewing this page will be interested in them more than they will be interested in LARM).  Added a link to LARM.
     new 2d517b1  - Fixed indentation and organized better.
     new 5836af2  - Added Let's compare it.
     new 3fd7ec2  - Fixed a bug with usage of IndexWriter.*_LOCK_NAME constants.
     new 964c1b7  Make idf(docFreq,numDocs) public instead of protected.
     new f08368a  add dataDir VM property for test cases to use
     new eda5837  modify to use VM property for base data directory, so IDEs can run tests without Ant
     new ebd6dc8  unify stop word lists with StopAnalyzer - they were identical, so just reuse and avoid possible mismatch later
     new f0d57d8  Changed IndexReader so that it can be subclassed.
     new ede1638  Add IndexReader.undeleteAll().
     new 4e6bd15  prepare for rc2 release
     new 3c52ab7  Updated for 1.2 RC2 release.
     new 4fd1cea  - Commented out left-over debugging/print statements - Nuked trailing spaces
     new ae5b2cc  cleanup velocity.log; set sys property for test cases to use for test files
     new f538150  change tests to use new sys property
     new 7d03980  remove System.out.printlns from tests
     new 1a3d49c  modify to use VM property for base data directory, so IDEs can run tests without Ant, simply copied Eriks modification from TestRussianAnalyzer
     new 14b64e1  use docCount from merger in mergeSegments
     new af3fc29  docCount was computed incorrectly by merge causing problems during indexing together with my last change in IndexWriter.
     new 9cf06f7  After undeleteAll the reader does not have deletions any longer. So hasDeletions has to become false.
     new 97232bf  - Added
     new e0c4641  harmless qualification of variable
     new 0401cf6  - Fixed indentation.
     new cad41db  - Fixed indentation.
     new 812d332  detabify and removed redundant (char) cast
     new 1a39c55  only throw ParseException from parse methods
     new 1381c24  - Removed tabs.
     new 3a80552  - Patch from case 23754:
     new 80071b3  - Added section 1.3 RC3 and the first change in this version.
     new 054d9a4  - Renamed a variable to reflect its functionality and fixed indentation.
     new 841e65e  avoid double buffering in CSInputStream
     new dfaa46d  seek checks removed; such ckecks are not implemented by the other subclasses of InputStream either. Unit test adapted accordingly.
     new e535a52  file timestamp of segments file substituted by version number in segments file
     new dc4da65  Fix for deadlock between indexing thread and parsing thread that occurs with long titles. Parsing thread waits for indexing thread to read from pipeIn, indexing thread waits for summary. This fixes bug #24301
     new 4e9ed24  Add space for certain html tags. This is a fix for bug 19253. I committed a slightly modified version of Daniel's patch.
     new 41ab0e0  Fix for problem with "<" and ">" within script. Fixes bug #16952
     new 393e5c2  Fixed bug 24786.  Correctly rewrite clauses.
     new c76efdf  Optimize patch of yesterday: only clone when needed.
     new ef2d6ef  Updated for RC3.
     new a0384c4  Update for RC3.
     new 2fd0c02  Catch TooManyClauses and throw ParseException instead
     new fcc15f9  new QueryParser tests
     new e869bd9  noted TooManyClauses catch in QueryParser
     new 40dd950  closing tags added
     new fd5806d  Use position increments to account for removed stop words
     new 32f3d17  two unused variables deleted
     new 5bf1b92  Removed a line of dead code.
     new 7298a4a  - Added The Server Side.
     new d83ae15  revert position increment change due to conflict with PhraseQuery
     new 5373682  remove failing StopAnalyzer tests since the positional change was reverted
     new 859e6ee  noted TooManyClauses catch in QueryParser
     new 321b292  Fixed a NPE in Query.explain().
     new bd2acf0  Add new method IndexReader.setNorm(), to permit altering boosts after an index is created.
     new c03491e  Distinguish between positions and length when indexing a field.  The length is now defined as the total number of tokens, not the final position.  Length is used for score normalization (Similarity.lengthNorm()) and for controlling memory usage (IndexWriter.maxFieldLength).  In both cases the total number of tokens is more reasonable than the final position.  Position is used in phrase searching (see PhraseQuery and Token.setPositionIncrement()).
     new fb13af2  Updated for change to
     new 8016aa3  Fix StandardTokenizer's handling of CJK characters.
     new 561ec37  pre-release commit
     new 11deffd  Fix todo in build file for building WAR demo. Submitted by Jean-Fran��ois Halleux
     new cd29769  removing Lucene's Arrays class - it is unnecessary
     new a545a45  add another article to resources
     new eaf3138  Add Thomas More Studies to Powered by
     new b7155c4  - s/nagoya/issues/
     new ceaece3  - Updating after cvs update of jakarta-site2
     new 07829a3  note new location of LARM more apparently
     new 6f8347c  Optimized TermDocs.skipTo() and changed scorers to take advantage of it.
     new f8d25df  add TrackStudio to powered by
     new b1541ce  Added ParallelMultiSearcher.
     new a5cb916  - Changed Limo URL
     new 0a39c61  add no-arg ctor for RussianAnalyzer - makes it easier for tools to use this analyzer
     new 7845fcc  - Updated with Hamish Carpenter's benchmarks, thanks for integrating this, Kelvin
     new 8c4ba04  Fix javadoc typo - submitted by Jean-Francois Halleux
     new 1756bc6  Add Furl to powered by
     new 5391930  - Updated
     new 0304a92  - Applied patch: with small changes
     new 96141a2  - Cleaned up to avoid compiler warnings
     new ea247bf  - Updated ASL from version 1.1 to 2.0
     new b918871  - Initial commit Submitted by: Tim Jones Reviewed by: Otis, Doug
     new 5b90be8  - Applied a small patch from Mladen Turk
     new 1df2ba0  - Added 2 changes
     new 93ff39d  Added new span-based query API.
     new 7ce4f07  - Added ASL 2.0
     new e8c6a62  - Added a link to Plucene
     new f37a66b  - Applied a small patch from Grant Ingersoll.   The code moved from
     new eb0c285  - Applied a patch from Grant Ingersoll
     new 755529c  Permit queries to override the Similarity implementation.
     new 93c33c3  Give credit to Julien Nioche for previous change.
     new 37196df  Fix a bug in skipTo().
     new a66250c  Fixed a few bugs in span searching.
     new 423c29c  A span search optimization.
     new ba9e5b8  Added two links to Nutch.
     new e15a31e  - Removed a 404 URL
     new 61f5e16  - Added more queries to javadoc
     new 9c3d679  - Cosmetics
     new a3d7da1  - Javadoc example fix
     new a8d459a  - Fixed a typo in {@link}
     new 32d5bcd  Added hit sorting code, from Tim Jones.
     new 84d2f69  Fixed a recently introduced bug in BooleanScorer; added some toString() methods to facilitate debugging.
     new 98dcb20  Fixed to compile w/o deprecation warnings.
     new ab65732  Add "compile" target; turn on deprecation checking by default; remove an unused property.
     new abb62bd  Added MultiReader, an IndexReader that combines multiple other IndexReaders.
     new 12eee6d  Added term vector support.
     new 60f1d19  Latest patches to hit sorting code, including unit tests, two of which currently fail.
     new 0aca529  Removed some dead code and redundant javadoc.  Fixed a few javadoc bugs.
     new 31974f2  Fixed problem with sorting.
     new b8289d7  Fixed javadoc.
     new 257c645  add Dublic City Collective to powered-by
     new 3f3c0aa  Patch to sort code.
     new de9099f  Added a few accessors.
     new d890b39  - Applied a javadoc fix from bug 18927, attachment id 10523
     new 03c4b28  - CRLF -> CR
     new a38030f  adding link to wiki, and note to deprecate the powered by page in CVS
     new 2439150  Changed Document so that field order is observed when indexing.
     new eaee85e  - Changed the order of close and optimize calls on IndexWriter (how did this   work??) - ASL 2.0 and cleanups
     new 9ad67bc  - ASL 2.0 and cleanups
     new 17488d5  - Applied patch for bug 26702, attachment 10637
     new cf06b51  - Applied the patch that fixes query string escaping:   Contributed by Jean-Francois Halleux
     new 9ada967  - Applied a patch that treats \n and \r characters in query strings the same   way that \t and " " are treated.   Contributed by Daniel Naber
     new 2798628  - Added Javadocs to constructors - Removed trailing spaces and added ASL 2.0
     new c436cd8  - Added a reference to Arabic Analyzer for Java - Synced with jakarta-site2
     new c230388  convert Hashtable to Set, to avoid unnecessary synchronization issues
     new 3c93b62  add handy getter for the File
     new 8d7ce21  another refinement to the ongoing StopFilter refactorings
     new 7ceae26  Caved in.... HashSet all the way around it is
     new 87d1685  convert StopFilter to use Set, with supporting changes to avoid calling deprecated methods.  never compromise on your ideals!
     new 1a8688c  format clean-up
     new 5d2812b  remove java 1.4 dependent code in order to maintain java 1.3 level compatibility
     new 2e297fe  - Added Tim Jones
     new 712e742  - Added support for setting various Lucene properties via system properties.
     new 14065e0  - Changed FSDirectory to use a lock dir specified by   org.apache.lucene.lockDir system property or fall-back one
     new e5c0486  - Changed some properties from private to public and added Javadocs
     new 4242912  - Changed a property from private to public and added Javadocs
     new cd0176f  - Lucene system properties documented
     new 5feb2b5  - Added a link to systemproperties.html
     new 88bec06  fix formatting - every line was ended by two carriage returns and a line feed
     new cfef632  fix to properly normalize scores even when hits are sorted also wrote tests to verify scores are the same whether sorted or not
     new 88165f0  - Added "library" key word, as suggest in
     new 1ebfc37  - Changed QueryParser.jj to allow '-' and '+' characters in search terms.   Morus Walter's patch:
     new c79abd3  Changed Term to implement Comparable.
     new 76bd7d9  Fixed a bug in skipTo(), bugzilla #27587.
     new f19a632  Changed the default index format to be compound.
     new 9e24bfa  avoid runtime exception if possible if index is empty added tests for this case
     new 7aa1338  - Fixed my last name
     new 019b6e7  - Added ASL
     new 2e455a0  - Added ASL - s/\t/  /g'
     new c513a55  javadoc cleanups and enhancements
     new 3a2871b  - Changed the code so debug output for each merge is on a single line:
     new 64d7ba6  make current year dynamic
     new 100c877  oops, lost special DSTAMP/TSTAMP overrides in the last commit
     new c47982e  Fix for bug 27799.
     new 00d94b7  - Fixed a typo
     new 338499e  #27987 - add exceptions to WordlistLoader to missing file causes error instead of silently failing
     new 3f54fba  streamlined by removing duplicated code
     new 8dd2e3e  Updated file format documentation to note skip data.
     new 15afb15  Updated license to Apache License 2.0.
     new 31285cb  hopefully fix my i18n screwup
     new 7a6938c  Preparing for 1.4-RC1 release.
     new bf8586b  Removed outdated limitations.
     new 6ce38ba  IDEA, my i18n nemesis... thank you TextPad.  geez, sorry
     new 948a61f  again, my apologies - another attempt to get the encoding right
     new 16146cb  - Applied a patch for bug 28030:   (and made some small changes to it) PR: 28030 Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 25f78d7  - Applied a patch for bug 18410: PR: 18410 Obtained from: Submitted by: Daniel Naber Reviewed by:
     new 9f511ba  - Fixed mixed-up indentation
     new e258441  Fixed a few problems with file format doc.
     new 6c04afe  Preparing for 1.4RC2 release.
     new 8ba5e88  Fix the release url.
     new 2b2d9ff  Fix release url.
     new 67a6cb8  Update for 1.4RC2.
     new 73779b4  A few more 1.4RC2 fixups.  Sigh.
     new 45c5ec4  Improved javadoc for span queries.
     new 7176a6a  Update build doc for Ant 1.6
     new 6e7df0f  handy toString methods for the new Sort classes.  feel free to adjust the aesthetics
     new 4e81c2c  reverse misunderstanding - now just simply denote the reverse flag rather than interpret ascending or descending.
     new 17338f4  fixup javadocs based on changes made to support jdk 1.3
     new 360e7e2  skipTo jumped one document too far
     new 77e8026  add descriptive failure if junit.jar is missing
     new 2810049  file format introduced in order to optimize readCurrentVersion()
     new 9e8542e  add SpanNearQuery test case contributed by Paul Elschot - note, this test currently fails due to a bug.
     new e0ea290  restructuring of IndexReader, SegmentReader, and Multireader in order to improve directory locking
     new 3f151fa  corrected a typo in javadoc (patch from Daniel)
     new 34b8f64  added some javadoc (patch from Daniel)
     new a353997  iterating over fieldInfos instead of document fields seems more natural and more efficient for writeNorms
     new 9f5d7fe  Additional Optimize Condition: Merge a 1-segment index if compound file is used and norms have been changed by IndexReader.setNorm
     new 995cee2  fixing Bug 19189 finally after 1 year :-(
     new bbbd0fb  fixed a potential problem concerning optimized
     new 0adb073  fixed loop exit in skipTo in case of end of skip table
     new 3c99eb6  - Moved Highlighter to Sandbox page
     new 91b461f  - Added Lindex
     new 82dc3d5  test added that demonstrates an already fixed bug in PhraseScorer of 1.4rc2
     new d004875  hopefully corrected or at least improved version of skipTo
     new 420d1d7  fix for bug 27423 slightly modified version of Daniel?s patch
     new 6a9665f  removeField and removeFields added to Document enhancement was proposed in bug 28462
     new 1bbe8a9  improved javadoc
     new 8256d94  temporary directory in isLocked(String) was never closed
     new 236466c  temporary directory in constructor was never closed
     new 0cc255b  Directory in now only closed if implicitly generated from File or String. Behavior is identical to IndexReader.
     new e51e766  Bug in PhraseScorer and ConjunctionScorer skipTo implementation fixed.
     new 771fbd4  test for skipTo added
     new 221cfab  Make SegmentInfos invisible outside the package.
     new 9798fac  minor javadoc changes
     new 96e1b41  Making bahavior of close() more consistent.
     new 30ef998  new Query which applies a Filter to another Query
     new 1646bda  fix the toString(s) - thanks, Erik!
     new 59e61bb  *** empty log message ***
     new c8f455b  new SortField type for using a custom comparator
     new 56b37e0  add apache license
     new b908476  fix javadocs
     new eccdbda  Updated for 1.4RC3.
     new d9cd661  IntelliJ flagged these two lines as being unreachable, and indeed they are
     new 8271ebd  expected, then actual :)  also, uncovered a bug in FilteredQuery, a rewrite is needed somewhere
     new f0017af  enhance toString methods
     new 5bc6296  #28855 - better lock obtain timed out error message (Daniel Naber)
     new 66601f5  note change to Lock error message
     new f5648fc  make ctors public - this broke the sandbox DbLock code
     new 7e5763e  switch Lock to use a String instead of File
     new 30c553a  - Took care of javadoc warnings
     new c735ac4  - Bugzilla case 28856 -
     new 440be55  - Bug 28858 -
     new 8c43a92  - Removed old Hashtable import
     new 9ed56d3  We can just use Lock.toString() to show lock file, no?
     new 6809069  Fix FilteredQuery to support rewritten queries.
     new 1ed81e4  Changed so that 'ant jar' works again.
     new 2a2158c  Renamed protected field back to its 1.3 name, for back-compatibility.
     new fd147a1  Fix for bug 28285, from Paul Elschot.
     new 03b25ce  Removed Java 1.4 dependency.
     new 07013df  Removed dead code, as noted by Paul Elschot.
     new 840d9f1  Fixed to work even when system property is null.
     new 36ec873  Updates for recent changes.
     new 441b8de  Preparing for 1.4RC3 release.
     new 9a391c2  Preparing for 1.4RC3
     new 43d7d69  Remove commented out workaround fix.  Doug fixed FilteredQuery's rewrite.
     new e5d98fe  Remove odd character
     new 59f6433  - Javadoc improvements, bug 28964 -
     new b48c75c  - Replaced /t with two spaces and fixed indentation
     new b72f93d  - Made Javadoc for add method more clear (Leonid Portnoy)
     new a18ce33  Added link to blog.
     new aaf0f4b  Changed explicit casts to SegmentTermEnum and SegmentTermDocs to TermEnum and TermDocs casts. This had obviously been forgotten when switching from SegmentsReader to MultiReader.
     new 4cf55c4  - Removed powered.xml/.html and pointed to Wiki
     new 2a4dd6c  - Patch for 28074:   and minor exception message text changes
     new 1e2715d  - Another patch for bug 28074
     new 4e486c1  expose term cache as a public object
     new c67d8e8  Javadoc correction
     new 0ed86b9  - FilteredTermEnum ctor change note
     new d6a64bf  - Fix for bug 28960 (
     new 71c714e  - FieldCache change note
     new 26e2b49  - Fixed a reference to lockDir
     new ee00e19  enhancement to QueryParser to allow slop factor passed to a new getFieldQuery method
     new 03026b6  hopefully fixing my I18N screwup
     new 8420843  one more try as UTF-8
     new 9c2a2fe  added a SortField which uses a Locale to sort strings. also fixed the discrepancy about what happens when a document has no terms in a sorted field. added test cases for both of the above.
     new 5884c9c  Paul Elschots refactorings of span tests
     new 42cb7c5  doc patch from Daniel Naber
     new cdd9601  - Switched to UTF-8 file encoding
     new 27821a7  Removed synchronization from term lookup.
     new 5ca4cb2  Fixed a bug where obsolete segment files were not deleted on Win32.
     new 72efb4a  adjust .tvf file format to match actual implementation
     new 7bd8188  #29548 rename enum
     new fd370a1  bring segments file documentation back in sync with code changes
     new 5d4bddc  add getter for Query
     new 2ebb5e0  minor correction - FieldCount not Count
     new 5426ab1  package private method added that helps to get unique document numbers and that should not upset anybody
     new de1ea95  Preparing for 1.4 final release.
     new 451a311  - Removed extra imports:
     new 9db6cd2  - static var
     new cec270c  - Fix for NPE:
     new 310d57b  - Fix for   Vector -> ArrayList, Hashtable -> HashMap
     new 4c96baa  Fixed a performance bug in hit sorting code, #30240.
     new b4f4634  simplification of code
     new bb402d4  let's see if committing works for me -- fix errors in the file format description, as discussed on the mailing list CVS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- CVS: PR: CVS:   If this change addresses a PR in the problem report tracking CVS:   database, then enter the PR number(s) here. CVS: Obtained from: CVS:   If this change has been taken from another system, such as NCSA, CVS:   then name the system in this line, otherwise delete it.  [...]
     new 986934c  adding a testcase for FuzzyQuery CVS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- CVS: PR: CVS:   If this change addresses a PR in the problem report tracking CVS:   database, then enter the PR number(s) here. CVS: Obtained from: CVS:   If this change has been taken from another system, such as NCSA, CVS:   then name the system in this line, otherwise delete it. CVS: Submitted by: CVS:   If this code has been contributed to Apache by someone el [...]
     new c5e21fb  the test for getFieldNames(boolean) was not correct CVS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- CVS: PR: CVS:   If this change addresses a PR in the problem report tracking CVS:   database, then enter the PR number(s) here. CVS: Obtained from: CVS:   If this change has been taken from another system, such as NCSA, CVS:   then name the system in this line, otherwise delete it. CVS: Submitted by: CVS:   If this code has been contributed to A [...]
     new 8895c14  adding myself to the "who we are" page, as the committer FAQ suggests and to test if my commit messages get through
     new 2e6f311  Generated new file-formats doc.
     new 8bd9b14  Preparing for 1.4.1 release.
     new 16bca81  Updating for 1.4.1 release.
     new 59c4fd8  fixed import issue caused by previous removal commit
     new 5335af3  remove unneeded imports
     new daf920b  remove "throws IOException" that could never be thrown
     new add0c0a  fixing the usage information, as Indexfiles.class returns "class org.apache.lucene.demo.Indexfiles" (note the "class", which is misleading in this context)
     new 5635cce  Store the path as a Keyword field. Also rename HTMLDocument's "url" to "path" and store it as a Keyword field, too. DeleteFiles now takes such a path as its command line parameter and works on the index directory "index", like the other demos.
     new 5383305  update the documentation to reflect that "path" is now untokenized
     new 5ba3804  documentation: add a link from delete(Term) to delete(int) because the latter one contains information about when the deleting will become effective
     new 4b8434c  make the links in the API documentation work
     new fecb54f  addIndexes(IndexReader[]): Delete segment of non-empty goal index an close its SegmentReader
     new 35d5406  Use the HTMLParser constructor that takes a FileInputStream and make sure it gets closed. This was not the case with the constructor that takes a File. Thus I deprecated that one. I guess the demo isn't part of the "official" API but there are surely people who use it for more than just testing. PR: 28187
     new 9510777  No dot at the end of the @see tag. javadoc doesn't seem to care, but Eclipse prints a warning.
     new 9e2322c  remove "throws IOException" from methods that really never throw this exception
     new c4f8d9b  remove unused variables
     new ab798c9  fix @param in API doc
     new c122d5b  remove "throws IOException" from methods that really never throw this exception
     new 3b6a2e7  don't try to catch exceptions that are not thrown anymore
     new 004407a  the demo was changed so that the "path" field isn't tokenized anymore: adapt the documentation to that change
     new 18a4dc5  remove useless "throws IOException" declarations; fix one @param name
     new 2612827  remove useless "throws IOException" declarations
     new 683ec6f  fixing a typo
     new 1268d0d  Document my "throws IOException" cleanup. It won't affect many people I think.
     new f24f300  test case for the German stemmer which also shows its limitations
     new dc74bab  create compound file in merge after all merged segments have been deleted in order to safe disk space.
     new 043baab  remove an unused variable
     new 41cf170  remove unused variables
     new 5568be0  remove an unused variable and clean up imports
     new 67b295c  remove unused imports
     new b1a8660  Bernhard's fix for '��' not being replaced at the end of a word + plus a small code simplification by me
     new b968175  make the test case also work in Eclipse, not only in the ant task
     new bf85d16  removed "TODO", as the bug is fixed now
     new 453a317  toString() now doesn't return "Keyword" etc anymore but prints "indexed, tokenized" etc. Information about termVectors is now also included.
     new f3edf74  make the test case also work in Eclipse, not only in the ant task
     new a715799  remove a private method that's never used
     new 76e2362  building of compound file taken out of commit lock
     new d42dd74  improve the API doc for getUseCompoundFile()
     new c65cb9a  remove an unused variable
     new cd2ca90  You can now set the required fuzziness of FuzzyQuery. Note that QueryParser does not support this (yet?).
     new e37ecd1  remove two variables that were never used
     new cf7e094  mention the new FuzzyQuery parameter
     new 213904a  fix the documentation for addFile()
     new 4b1c3b7  avoid warnings about ambiguous "@see" tags in Eclipse
     new 3515b30  Remove an unused private method. Comment out unused variables. Add a comment to two places where a variable is never used but the code is correct anyway.
     new fe169b1  improve the comment about the unused variable Submitted by: Boris Okner
     new 80ef6bd  remove unused import statement
     new 473ed10  fix a link in the API doc and avoid an Eclipse warning
     new 0520779  make constants final
     new fe4ccc7  - Javadoc fix
     new b9c9f81  use standard OR operator (||)  instead of binary OR (|) for cleaner code
     new caaad35  Russian and German analyzers have been moved to sandbox
     new 7ec48d1  Russian and German analyzers have been moved to sandbox: delete the test cases here, too
     new 08220cf  move the word list loader from to analysis, as it is not specific to German at all
     new a34be5b  document the analyzer move to sandbox
     new bbf935c  fix for BUG 30668 and name of separate norms file changed from .f to .s
     new 99b1b22  disk usage changes
     new d0333a5  fixed misspellings
     new 814761c  - Small javadoc fix reported by Ernesto De Santis
     new bcaf261  - Applied patch from PR: 30360 Submitted by:	Paul Elschot Reviewed by:	Otis Gospodnetic
     new 83d745a  - Small fixes from Bernhard Messer ( PR: 30522 Obtained from: Submitted by:	Bernhard Messer Reviewed by:	Otis Gospodnetic
     new b6978c9  corrected target name
     new a7a5501  - Indentation and compiler warning
     new 34bab2c  fix the @param tag that got broken with the previous commit
     new 7123444  - Added 2 new parse methods that take arrays of query strings.   Submited by Andraz Skoric ( back in April 2004
     new ac240c8  fix typo in comment
     new 19e8c6d  remove unused imports
     new 25fac52  fix "@param" comment; remove IOException that was never thrown
     new c379561  remove unused import
     new 35dc428  mini optimization in hasVectors: break if result is true
     new c884004  remove the information about Sun's JavaWebServer, as it seems to be outdated
     new 918bd1a  improve API documentation a bit
     new ed7723d  throw NullPointerException instead of IllegalArgumentException if appropriate
     new 4091488  remove these files, they were only needed for Sun's JavaWebServer which doesn't exist anymore
     new 6bc8918  deprecate the add() method that takes two booleans, take an Occur cobject instead. Also deprecate the public fields in BooleanClause and add get/set methods instead.
     new ccfc4ec  whitespace changes only
     new 3e831bf  document that methods have been deprecated
     new bd9dcf7  don't use the deprecated API for BooleanQuery.add()
     new f6c12e1  don't use the deprecated API for BooleanQuery.add()
     new d2705e8  Occur must default to SHOULD (TestWildcard breaks otherwise)
     new eff9c7c  don't use the deprecated API for BooleanQuery.add()
     new 32bb01d  according to Bernhard, the inner class must implement Serializable
     new c8c9d14  deprecate the constructor that uses three resp. four booleans, use two resp. three enumerations instead
     new 4135d1f  throw NullPointerException instead of IllegalArgumentException if appropriate
     new 0acf48a  don't use the deprecated API for Booleanquery.add() anymore
     new a0ad582  stop using the deprecated Field constructor
     new 713c199  stop using the deprecated Field constructor; small doc cleanup to avoid warnings
     new 8f99bfe  add test for runtime exceptions
     new 794ba80  stop using the deprecated Field constructor
     new ac42389  adding a constructor that takes a Reader; some small doc improvements, some whitespace fixes. I will soon deprecate the static methods.
     new f6f7729  tiny documentation improvement
     new 2316ebd  replace tabs by spaces, no functional change
     new 82241b8  deprecate the static methods
     new 0c18866  start using the non-deprecated API
     new 1bd0473  fix for Bug 30844 (supplied patch applied)
     new dcc9f58  start using the non-deprecated API
     new bb8468b  use a FileReader and delete the comment that asks why it doesn't work - because it does now. also mention which encoding is expected.
     new c02126a  Don't just silently delete the "index" directory if it exists but throw an error. Be a bit more verbose.
     new f085bc1  Fix toString() to print the escaped version of a query. Adapt some test cases, also comment in some test cases again, but there's still a TODO which someone should have a look at. PR: 30985
     new 98ce298  replace tabs by spaces
     new c7fbb99  Add a new class that supports converting dates to readable strings, with limited resolution. Other public methods let people limit the resolution of their dates. DateField is not deprecated because it still has the advantage of slightly shorter fields in some cases.
     new bdcaaa7  test cases for the DateTools class
     new d3134cf  use the new DateTools class to limit the date resolution and save the date in a readable format
     new 891a32f  document the addition of the DateTools class
     new a012f7c  start using the new Field API in the test cases
     new ce2cd2f  don't mix spaces and tabs (but use spaces only), no functional change
     new 4288bbe  adding a getSort() method, as suggested by bug 30242, but unlike in the bug report it's called getSort(), not getSortFields(), as the set method is also called setSort(...) PR: 30242
     new 60cee18  Patch (BUG# 31061) submitted by Paul Elschot reviewed by Christoph Goller and applied
     new 16239c6  parse hexadecimal character references PR: 30617 Submitted by: Dave Sparks
     new e49eb20  don't call the deprecated Field API
     new 1d70de8  Undo my fix for bug 30985, as it fixes only part of the problem. Instead add a comment about this "bug" to the API documentation.
     new 9b03151  don't call the deprecated Field API
     new c3918f9  replace two tabs by spaces
     new 3305cee  Remove all "final" declarations from FSDirectory. Doug agreed and nobody objected, so I commit it. Submitted by: Mike Hearn
     new 89d41cd  remove the last calls of the deprecated Field API
     new dfeed02  Fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsExceptions This patch is common to several patches for QueryParser see e.g. Bug 9110 and it cannot have any negative side effects.
     new f4d99f0  Getters for analyzer and field added. Some unnecessary variables deleted.
     new d31c31a  add an assertEquals, as the variable was not used before
     new 54bfbc3  use the same amount of whitespace everywhere, no functional change
     new 515cf21  slightly improve the benchmark template: add Lucene version, query speed
     new 3eeda44  Implement readResolve, needed for serializable "enumerations"
     new ffac3bd  adding Lucene version, as far as people could remember :-)
     new 82fc8e8  adding a link to PDFTextStream, as requested by Chas Emerick
     new 7e01555  QueryParser can now handle minimumSimilarity parameter of FuzzyQuery; FuzzyQuery extended to allow for non-fuzzy prefixes.
     new 862b9ea  QueryParser can now handle minimumSimilarity parameter of FuzzyQuery
     new 61e338a  document Christoph's improvements to FuzzyQuery
     new fd4cd85  PhraseQuery and PhrasePrefixQuery are extended. It's now possible to specify the relative position of a term within a phrase. This allows gaps and multiple terms at the same position.
     new a6fad24  Applied patch #29370 supplied by Drew Farris and Bernhard Messer.
     new 99d5aee  Throw ParseException instead of IllegalArgumentException in case of illegal value for FuzzyQuery minimum similarity parameter.
     new 74cadb2  *** empty log message ***
     new 45ac0c2  add public methods to query the minimum similarity and the prefix length
     new 6c8289a  test if fuzzy query throws ParseException, test getter methods
     new e0c8c5a  avoid warnings with "ant javadocs"
     new faebce6  Add options so that this is also useful for search benchmarking.
     new 99fdf6a  Permit unbuffered index input.
     new 4e3ce75  CVS should ignore build and dist directories.
     new 4c5f926  fix link in doc
     new 6333405  remove unused import statement
     new e6b01e4  fix toString output; make the comments real javadoc comments
     new ba6bb29  use the same amount of whitespace everywhere, no functional change
     new 65ce0a0  order was undefined in case of duplicate sort keys, this could lead to incorrect results (documents appearing twice in the result set, other documents missing) if there were more than 100 matches. PR:31241
     new 49d0e47  document fix for bug #31241
     new ae6229c  Add native GCJ Directory implementation.
     new a5302cb  Add GCJ target.  Also change datestamp of jar to per-day rather than per-second so that other targets can be based on the jar file without having to be rebuilt every second.  And fixed a typo.
     new 0a5fab1  Add this file again, but deprecate it. It had been removed already, but re-adding it has the advantage that people will get deprecation warnings instead of compile errors if they use this class. Just like for all the other API changes we have done.
     new b850065  Do not construct a ScoreDoc for every non-zero hit, but only for those in the current top scoring set.  This makes a substantial performance improvement for queries that match lots of documents.
     new e1e3d71  Optimize TermQuery within BooleanQuery, a common case.
     new 8ca05a3  Inline decodeNorm() in TermQuery to make searches faster in Java implementations, like GCJ, where simple methods are not inlined.
     new 69d4dc5  Add GCJ native code for[],int[]) to accellerate TermScorer.  TermScorer and BooleanScorer are now usually a bit faster under GCJ than under Sun's JVM.
     new a69db22  Add an import so that GCJ can compile this.
     new a71929f  Remvoe dead code that GCJ doesn't like.
     new 5a3cfc5  Compile most of Lucene's core code with a single call to gcj.  This permits more cross-class inlining.  In particular, the final method PriorityQueue.size() can inline, which speeds things 7.5% in my benchmarks.  Note that 'final' declarations *do* sometimes make things faster in GCJ.  So let's not remove them all!
     new 1b8843f  Oops.  Fixed a bug I introduced in my last change.  Thanks to Cristoph for catching this!  I overgeneralized.  Sorted results are not always the highest scoring.
     new 79892c1  Replace OutputStream with IndexOutput and BufferedIndexOutput to permit unbuffered Directory implementations.
     new b32c045  Updated FSDirectory and RAMDirectory to no longer use deprecated methods.
     new 8a24160  Add an nio mmap based Directory implementation.
     new 197e907  Fixed so that file is no longer kept open.
     new 8b1fd56  Wrong cast corrected.
     new 370639d  Patch for Bug# 31240. This patch hopefully removes a memory leak in the sort code.
     new 260dcbe  Note the GCJ bug that this is a workaround for.
     new e2c1b9b  Describe some recent changes.
     new 168a155  Bug# 31240
     new 3edae1d  Allow stored fields to be compressed (see Bug#31149)
     new 75c4b52  *** empty log message ***
     new d187ef2  Use byte instead of short as bit-mask. No functional change.
     new 360d91d  Adding a small comment that says people should use only one IndexSearches for all searches.
     new 7fec8b5  Updated docs for 1.4.2 release.
     new 07c48aa  Disable optimized implementation with compound format.
     new d82e236  Improved version by Paul Elschot that can handle files longer than 2^31.
     new 36fab12  Remove mention of limitation that no longer exists.
     new c6d6a39  Fix so that tests run with alternate Directory implementations.
     new f1667be  Grant's nw termvector patch (Bug #18927) applied with some modifications.
     new bbf79a5  Remove some deprecated warnings from core.
     new 3e955f8  Introduce a serializable Parameter Class.
     new 4953fa5  Remove synchronization from TermVectors (Patch #30736)
     new bcafc0d  readResolve has to be accessible from all subclasses.
     new 435e471  *** empty log message ***
     new a433e2c  FuzzyQuery is now using a default prefix length of 2 in order to become usable for big indices. Furthermore, it no longer throws TooManyClausesException.
     new 01e3ab0  small fixes for javadoc
     new 251d0f5  make toString() output slightly more logical (compressed only refers to stored fields)
     new aca15c3  call static methods via class, not via object (better style, no functional change)
     new c37a40f  don't declare an Exception that can never be thrown
     new 32879ae  import cleanup
     new 5738ff6  small typo fixes
     new 135f24a  don't declare an Exception that can never be thrown
     new 1f11f2e  print usage information if user requests it with -h or -help
     new e56faa3  Optimize term dictionary lookup to allocate fewer terms.
     new 59f20d1  Deprecate PhrasePrefixQuery and copy it to MultiPhraseQuery; also fix toString() in MultiPhraseQuery
     new ef02d9a  copied from TestPhrasePrefixQuery, added a test for toString() and added a test where the first term is expanded
     new a25fdef  call static methods via class, not via object (better style, no functional change)
     new 8bf11bc  cleanup: don't declare exceptions that can never be thrown
     new d644998  use the non-deprecated API, no functional change
     new 1bb4a0a  use the non-deprecated API, no functional change
     new 31fdebb  remove code that was commented out, fix whitespace, no functional change
     new 38fb6ab  fix for a typo in a javadoc comment
     new cc7490d  some javadoc comment improvements
     new 2950ecc  remove useless placeholder comments
     new b6d184b  Restore an import required by GCJ's compiler.
     new 257adde  trying to make the testcase timezone independent
     new e5cd911  deprecate the public fields, add get/set methods instead
     new 5d4c27b  Reinsert old API for getFieldQuery, getRangeQuery, and getFuzzyQuery and deprecate it.
     new 25d8903  default prefix length set to 0 instead of 2 until our test suggest a better value
     new ce7aaab  fix typo in target name
     new 46ceb15  fix HTML (& must be escaped as &amp; in URLs); escape query in the "more results" link; fix typos in comments
     new c429a5f  Reverse a mistaken optimization.  With a larger collection and set of queries I find that a table size of 2k works best.
     new 55e0763  Correctly translate errors from mmap() into exceptions.
     new feaea07  Only mmap .frq files, to conserve address space.
     new b2416b3  Check the type of the IndexInput rather than the Directory to detect native implementation.  This is a simpler and more correct test.  It also permits the Directory to return a mixture of native and non-native IndexInput implementations.
     new 1a78116  Add a command-line option which permits the norms from a single field to be used for all fields.  Norms are read into memory, using a byte of memory per document per searched field.  This can cause search of large collections with a large number of fields to run out of memory. If all of the fields contain only a single token, then the norms are all identical, and a single norm vector may be shared.
     new 5befa0d  make the test case timezone independent
     new a5d04f4  Improved Javadoc: Formula for score computation corrected.
     new d596b8a  update to the file format by Bernhard Messer; adding a link to non-Java versions of Lucene
     new f12555c  typo fixes
     new d983ab6  improving documentation about compression, as suggested by Doug
     new 9daff28  several small documentation fixes --  no functional change except a "Usage" message in the main() method
     new 7618ca9  don't link the deprecated PhrasePrefixQuery in the documentation
     new a819643  avoid accessing deprecated field
     new 3a84008  security: the error message was not escaped, this could enable cross site scripting
     new 8aaf570  improve doc for default constructor, no functional change
     new 1aa4ae4  fix comments, no functional change PR: 31748 Submitted by: Paul Elschot
     new 3b15d36  document the HTML escape fix for the JSP example
     new 8a37ed9  don't use the deprecated API in the documentation example
     new 5869962  improve javadoc PR:30685 Submitted by: Paul Elschot
     new f174110  change the layout of the "getting started" page a bit so that the links are more visible; fixing typos
     new cfc3a81  - Fixed compareTo(Object) javadoc
     new 3c4f929  typo fixes in javadoc
     new fc493d9  mostly spelling fixes, some small clarifications
     new c49da53  use a less misleading download link as long as Lucene is not properly mirrored
     new 898aa6a  speed up Fuzzy queries 20%-50%, I only did some small whitespace and comment fixes compared to the original patch PR: 31882 Submitted by: Jonathan Hager
     new 6f3bf48  document the fuzzy query optimization
     new 2c1dc30  indent the same everywhere, no functional change
     new 8d45546  fix javadoc
     new b708ac3  move from FQCN to import
     new 71f37ea  adding myself to the "who we are" pages to verify if commit's go thru.
     new c23bb57  adding myself to the "who we are" page, as the committer FAQ suggests and to verify if my commit messages get through
     new 49ab2ff  test that IllegalArgumentException is thrown if terms belong to different fields
     new 747a6cc  fixing typo in variable name and incorrect comment
     new ac7576a  small refactoring
     new a637ff5  test slop
     new f8d0d0b  make QueryParser work with analyzers that return more than one token per position PR: 23307 Submitted by: Pierrick Brihaye
     new bcfcf9e  test QueryParser's ability to be used with Analyzers that return more than one token per position
     new ffc746e  throw IllegalArgumentException for nDocs <= 0 to avoid NullPointerException
     new 06f6a59  make the links to bugzilla work again
     new 2902fa2  fixing the links to the mailing list archives
     new 1515574  change from RuntimeException (Exception e) to RuntimeException (String s) to be backward compatible with jdk 1.3
     new fc6694e  change from cal.setTimeInMillis(long l) to cal.setTime(Date d) because cal.setTimeInMillis(...) was protected in JDK's prior to 1.4
     new 34c1062  make the error messages more verbose using the exceptions toString() method.
     new d9f00f1  show a useful error message if the directory to index doesn't exist or isn't readable.
     new 724f27f  use Exception.toString() instead of getMessage() for a slighlty more verbose message
     new eb53442  close the searcher at the end of the page
     new 229e6e0  adding a comment that opening an IndexReader can be slow
     new 5a7c2e8  put the change items into categories, making the file easier to read
     new 0d3df61  include the changes from 1.4.2 (this makes sense from the user's point of view I think) but try not to list an item twice
     new f9f3f74  open the searcher so that the searcher's close() call will close the implicitly opened reader
     new bb6c012  document the fact that IndexSearcher in the JSP demo is now closed (not sure how relevant this is)
     new b77b25d  Fix for bug: 31976, avoid NullPointerException when adding a document with an single, empty field and term vectors enabled.
     new f2b8cfb  add a test for bug 31976
     new debe012  add short description for the new test and remove misleading comment.
     new b01416f  Added RangeFilter and tests contributed by Chris M Hostetter.
     new 6e71206  small Javadoc correction
     new b674ad7  Javadoc correction as suggested by Bug#32353
     new 308811b  adding license; use the non-deprecated Field constructors
     new c4fb0d0  fixing typos in comments
     new c35d916  adding license; typo fix
     new 552c946  remove javadoc for rewrite(), will be copied from superclass automatically
     new 6bf1504  some small javadoc improvements
     new d0623a8  Add first pass for NumberUtils, adapted from code contributed by Matt Quail.
     new 7424171  throw NullPointerException instead of IllegalArgumentException; small typo fixes
     new 197ad76  get/setOperator becomes get/setDefaultOperator and its parameter is now typsafe
     new d040882  adapt to new typesafe API
     new 74f6ac4  Old class name replaced with new class name in Javadoc
     new 31335c6  small javadoc fix
     new 1bc761f  don't append "*" to the term, it doesn't make sense and is confusing
     new 918572b  improve javadoc by mentioning Filter PR: 32365 Submitted by: Paul Elschot
     new 4d1eb29  *** empty log message ***
     new cedcddf  *** empty log message ***
     new 16552ed  avoid ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in method refill() when bufferLength gets a negativ value. It happens when TermVectorsReader.get(int docID) is used with a docID larger than number of documents stored in the index.
     new 1803bd7  catch IOException rather than all Exceptions in testBadParams(). Add another "bad document number" test without a field value. Remove unnecessary cast.
     new 2cc6c7f  clarify that DateField will not be removed soon, despite being deprecated
     new 61f9910  updating info for release 1.4.3
     new 2b6b9f8  Update download links to Apache mirrors
     new adb32ee  avoid NullpointerException if close() method is called twice. See Bugzilla: #32403 Submitted by:	Wolf Siberski Reviewed by:	Bernhard Messer
     new c8ccdf9  small typo fix PR:32432 Reviewed by:	Bernhard Messer
     new 1ba2fb6  update to Apache License 2.0
     new 85849a7  change visibility of class members from public to package private. PR:31746 Submitted by:	Bernhard Messer Reviewed by:	Bernhard Messer
     new e791e88  change lockdir to lockDir so that it follows the existing casing pattern.
     new a77b4ff  change lockdir to lockDir so that it follows the existing casing pattern.
     new 37d3337  reflect change for system property "org.apache.lucene.lockDir"
     new 268f647  document missing system properties.
     new c0b059b  add test-cases from lucene 1.4.3 so that we can test all deprecated and outdated methods and also. There will be no need to change this test cases. They can be deleted step by step when moving from 1.9 to 2.0
     new a48937b  add task "test-deprecated" to run deprecated test cases.
     new 26235ca  list the changes for 1.4.3 here, too
     new 3a76355  whitespace and typo fix
     new ac5e84d  update to Apache License 2.0
     new 84a908d  Test case and fix for bug #32467
     new 68d8f3c  trivial typo fixes
     new c624352  adding a simple indexing and searching example to the API documentation
     new 10927a5  adding a new category for changes that people need to know about when they update
     new 4f3aad2  Deprecate the old constructors and the main parse(...) method. The new one now generates a query that works as expected for both AND and OR mode. Also do better argument checking in the static methods and throw IllegalArgumentException if something is wrong.
     new a7495a6  upgrade hints in the deprecated tag
     new 857624d  print a message to infoStream if the number of maximum tokens per document (maxFieldLength) is reached
     new db9e4e9  document that TooManyClauses is thrown by several methods
     new b74370b  slightly improve the TooManyClauses exception documentation
     new cdd85a7  The terms of fuzzy and range queries are lowercased by default now. setLowercaseWildcardTerms deprecated, introducing setLowercaseExpandedTerms instead.
     new 2a66a44  document that Fuzzy/RangeQuery terms are now lowercased by default
     new 6f8faa8  - Removed LARM references
     new dc1ad4d  - System properties are already on the Wiki
     new 7b008b2  do not longer return an extra blank field in Reader getFieldNames PR:19085 Obtained from: Mark Harwood Submitted by: Bernhard
     new 785e50b  make tests work again with bug fix in Reader getFieldNames
     new 2779fa5  make deprecated test work again with bug fix in Reader getFieldNames
     new 35a6a1c  document the FieldInfos change
     new 11f9a45  fixing typo in javadoc
     new ad114c6  use the new non-deprecated IndexWriter.getMergeFactor() method instead of the static variable IndexWriter.mergeFactor.
     new 8f5e0f6  new method: public abstract Collection getFieldNames(FieldOption fldOption) added to IndexReader. This is a replacement for all existing IndexReader.getFieldName methods. All the other methods are marked deprecated and should be removed with 2.0
     new 1e53679  use the new IndexReader.getFieldNames instead of the deprecated ones.
     new eb7e42e  adjust test cases to make use of the new IndexReader.getFieldNames method
     new cbe5047  use the new DateTools.timeToString instead of the deprecated DateTime class.
     new fd75408  add a public static void main method to list and optional extract the individual files from a compound. The original code was proposed by Garrett Rooney.
     new 475551e  document the new CompoundFileReader.main method
     new a487218  link the new FAQ
     new 707c77e  - s/nagoya/mail-archives/
     new 55bfcc6  reduce date resolution from seconds to minutes, this should be enough for most cases
     new 1129d54  avoid deprecated method call
     new 2c43e92  fixing some deprecated/see tags in the javadoc comments
     new 277a3aa  StandardAnalyzer test contributed by Chris Lamprecht
     new 53d390d  Add pylucene to resources, and refresh generated docs from site2
     new ea3a950  Refresh generated docs from site2
     new 7ff11fc  fix for bug 33161 (UnsupportedOperationException for some combinations of BooleanQuery and MultiPhraseQuery) PR: 33161 Submitted by: Rhett Sutphin
     new b19f794  mention fix for bug #33161
     new aea8b8c  small typo fixes
     new 217ac20  New BooleanScorer implemented by Paul Elschot (Patch 31785) that implements skipTo and delivers documents in correct order. Furthermore a small bug in ConjunctionScorer skipTo (if called without a preceeding next) is eliminated.
     new 3c7247e  *** empty log message ***
     new 679e46a  - Read-in query string as UTF-8
     new 3ad078a  Fixed small typo to enable compilation again.
     new d627ece  test case that makes sure sloppy phrase queries use the term distance to calculate the result ranking
     new d391e6f  New repository initialized by cvs2svn.
     new 88d155d  Files to create the basic structure of the Lucene Sandbox Repository.
     new 61cc2a3  - Fixed a few typos (really just testing commit priviledges). PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new c5891fe  - Cosmetics.
     new 389c64b  - Removed unneeded list of files. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 4be2fdc  - Minor changes.
     new fffd734  - Fixed a typo.
     new 6b7a6eb  - Cosmetics.
     new 61d966b  - A contributed, simple XML Indexing Demo.
     new 95eb872  - Lucene Indexing Demo docs.  Minimalistic at present.
     new cf2fa14  Initial revision
     new f4e2c2b  - A REDME for LARM webcrawler contribution.
     new f7be168  - Updated with today's activities. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 740ff44  - Added contributor's full name.
     new af3d523  Initial revision
     new 5ffcb6a  Importing the classes seem to have warped the whitespaces. Here's my attempt to get things back to normal.
     new 5b5ea95  Not in use. DataSource mechanism altered.
     new a716edd  Importing the classes seem to have warped the whitespaces. Here's my attempt to get things back to normal.
     new 57ad807  Renamed to FileContentHandlerFactory.
     new 01bb49e  Initial commit of a system of retrieving Torque-persisted objects from Document objects.
     new f6c9d22  Initial commit of javascript lucene query validator. This is the version from I'm so glad its finally been rescued from the depths of mailing list archives!
     new 9b57a12  Initial commit of a javascript lib as a web-based GUI for boolean query construction. Based on the file posted at
     new b84ac2f  Merged the various add* methods into a single method. Added constants for AND, NOT and OR prefix modifiers. Added a default modifier.
     new f2d83b1  Updated with entry on javascript contributions.
     new bb68f17  Fix typo.
     new bcfa0cb  Added simple README and GETTING STARTED docs. Hope it will ease the learning curve somewhat,
     new 5ab813a  Fulcrum-based service declaration of a search service. This is actually quite a Lucene-specific interface declaration.
     new 5f191db  Implementation of SearchService.
     new 06e1cc9  An object to encapsulate the results of a search.
     new 5420a95  Refactored to use typed arrays instead of generic lists. (thanks to Otis) However, the array of objects returned are no longer guaranteed to be unique. Clients should construct a Set out of the objectResults if uniqueness is required.
     new 6ba56b4  Fixed typo.
     new e16a9e7  added documentation
     new 46e1e54  First submittal of SearchBean, a bean that wraps many of the Lucene functionality to perform searches.
     new 296a06c  - Syntax fix. PR: Obtained from: Submitted by: Reviewed by:
     new 7a3b5ac  added license info; added anchor text extraction
     new d27d39b  Initial submit of SerachBean and related classes
     new e5dfadd  Method of acquiring and releasing index lock could have resulted in a deadlock (thanks to Otis for pointing it out). Made the acquire and release lock methods synchronized and centralized the point of access of the lock.
     new 6fd283d  added storage pipeline; some fixes on Tokenizer
     new 574ec29  Imported from
     new 14fdfb4  removed bug: doc is saved under new URL if 301/302 error occured
     new 5b90c10  added URLNormalizer. Changed filters to use normalized URLs if possible
     new 8e18fa1  moved HostInfo/HostManager to package; added URLNormalizer
     new 8ed5fa4  added URLNormalizer
     new bdd627d  added experimental version of a LuceneStorage
     new 8790e32  added experimental version of LuceneStorage
     new 42c3309  changed web doc. to field/value pairs
     new be12c93  lucene.jar is now necessary for building lucene storage
     new 91b3058  added LuceneStorage
     new bea3590  see file
     new 138b3d3  not much changed
     new e6aeb1c  - This is not needed any more.
     new a2ec870  - Renamed the assert(boolean) method to affirm(boolean) to avoid warnings   about assert being a reserved word (JDK 1.4).
     new 6af8f0a  - Initial checkin.
     new 5b16894b - Unpacked the .zip file, for easier access to the source code.
     new d53f677  Fixed horrible bug in returning results within a range.
     new 05d752d  - Fixed Usage text. - Added oro.jar property.
     new 1a0a676  - Added oro.jar property.
     new c7e1036  .doc doesn't seem to work. let's try rtf
     new 407fadc  was empty
     new 2bd4df4  added with -kb option
     new 6bf08cc  my long promised index task.  its in need of refactoring, but it does the job it was intended to do.  docs and cleanup will follow.
     new 03cb5af  fixed build file to work with pre Ant 1.5.  Relocated to contributions area.
     new 7ef3d9f  a build file would be nice too.
     new c67ef9d  Initial import of build file and properties.
     new 6cd81f3  First attempt at an introduction to Indyo.
     new 297c09a  Default configuration file.
     new 6a2e127  First attempt at a tutorial for Indyo.
     new 4474e5f  Initial import of source and libs.
     new 0a7e516  Although HitsIterator doesn't implement Iterator, it follows the Iterator idiom so this is just a simple adapter (really more of a wrapper) which does implement Iterator.
     new 18d1f6e  Now if there are no hits, I return a HitsIterator that will return 0 for all appropriate fields instead of returning null
     new a75302f  I added a static field for the default search Field.
     new 3940b6f  I have modified the SortedField to not access deleted documents. This caused an exception when filling the initial arrays.
     new cc71858  I added the Unit Test to include a test on an unoptimized index.
     new d6cc4d7  - Modified to make it usable.  This way we don't have to use Ant to run LARM.
     new 9438e5a  - Moved properties to a properties file. - Commented out checksyntax and run targets, since LARM can be started from now. - Added target clean that just cleans the build files and changed cleanall target to use it.
     new b248127  - Default build properties for LARM.  Initial checkin.
     new bc40fa1  - Modified to clean dirs/files created by
     new 21ec179  - Added a comment about a small bug with the messageQueue's status. - A few minor cosmetic changes.
     new 8ba01b1  - Made attributes private, formatter final. - Added FIXME, added some Javadocs.
     new 3e11600  - Made attributes private. - Added FIXME.
     new 302f694  - Added javadoc skeletons for a few methods.
     new 475a837  - Added APL, made an attrib private.
     new 3252c49  - Added 2 FIXMEs.
     new e8dfbf2  - Added APL. - Moved all attributes up. - Fixed weird class javadoc. - Made a few small mods and added FIXMEs.
     new c3a69fd  - Made this singleton thread-safe.
     new 6939784  - Made constructor private, added a few FIXMEs, etc.
     new d1e9be8  - Split target build into targets compile and dist.  Made compile target the   default one.
     new 04e68db  - Made queue attribute private; cosmetics.
     new 3e4a19f  - Fixed vague class reference that caused compilation errors with Jikes.
     new 0279b5b  - Files to ignore.
     new 9aadfdb  - Moved constructor up, made attributes private, added a FIXME and a TODO.
     new 25926e6  - Added FIXME.
     new 03974c1  Forgot to escape < and > characters.
     new d8caa68  Fixed formatting.
     new 155bd66  Fixed broken link to Jakarta CVS page.
     new 5cf76aa  Removed or otherwise commented out dependency on appex/Indyo.
     new b6243a3  better handling of status codes
     new aaffb3e  changed to hostmanager-aware taskQueue
     new e50d457  more than one start URL; hostResolver
     new df5d692  removed test case from main()
     new c221f17  moved HTTPClient config from Task to Thread
     new e9ebe84  improved logging
     new 09c4896  minor display changes
     new a27b6a6  changed isFrame to linkType; improved error checking when one of the args is null
     new 9f5185b  takes normalized URL string for comparisons; added logging
     new 2d3e395  added logging
     new 922db8c  added host semaphores
     new dc3fa94  changed hostManager stuff to hostResolver
     new cfc8c67  write raw bytes to page files instead of characters
     new 71607a5  minor fix
     new ebbf92c  added getCurrentKey method
     new a01f445  added isEmpty and clear methods
     new 528544d  added copy constructor for URLMessages; added some setter/getter methods
     new babe70d  *** empty log message ***
     new 3f28777  Corrected blatant copy-paste error pointed out by Clemens.
     new a74e7cd  LARM goes here
     new da312de  - A class that creates a Lucene index with synonyms for English words from   a Prolog file (part of WordNet database). - The version that I am checking in is slightly different from the one posted   on lucene-user on 2002-11-12.  This version takes 2 params, contains no defaults,   has more comments, etc.   Original author: David Spencer
     new 5daf23b  - Just a blurb explaining what is in contributions/WordNet.
     new e6a31e7  - Added HighFrequencyTerms class in a new org.apache.lucene.misc package.
     new 16a54a3   - Initial checkin.
     new d75b377  Project descriptions for LARM
     new 1f66680  added detailed diagram in 2.2
     new 1843c58  Added a flag for wildcard case-insensitivity.
     new 0bf9042  Supports radio buttons and text fields as modifiers, instead of boring old select lists.
     new 96c581d  Trims field values to address any validation problems with whitespace.
     new 58e380b  Added mutator for wildcardCaseInsensitive.
     new 388a02f  Whitespace within the query string wasn't getting gobbled up.
     new 88f7c96  New project for generated Snowball stemmers.
     new c2340ad  Improved javadoc for Snowball stemmer code.
     new ccbbda4  Added tarball & release support to build.
     new 2cd31cd  Added anakia documentation.
     new 51c1230  Minor pre-initial-release tweaks.
     new c9f9dc6  fixed build issue
     new 61aa56d  fixed build issues
     new 12418e8  accidentally deleted file
     new 97f7d1b  updated to new build process
     new dc558b8  fixed build process
     new 4fea85e  Renamed from ChainableFilter -> ChainedFilter. Changed package name to make it easier to include into core Lucene at later stage. Relicensed under APL. Default logical operation no longer final, so it can be programatically changed. Added fix by Daniel C. Armbrust for AND operations failing. Added javadocs.
     new 4612ed8  - Moved from jakarta-lucene-sandbox/contributions/filters.   Kelvin Tan's original commit message:     Renamed from ChainableFilter -> ChainedFilter.     Changed package name to make it easier to include into core Lucene at later stage.     Relicensed under APL.     Default logical operation no longer final, so it can be programatically changed.     Added fix by Daniel C. Armbrust for AND operations failing.     Added javadocs.
     new 0f204f3  - Moved to jakarta-lucene-sandbox/contributions/misc
     new 75cb147  Appex is no longer supported or actively developed.
     new b7db816  Indyo is no longer supported or actively developed. Perhaps the code will live on, but in another form.
     new 48ea78f  SearchService is no longer supported or actively developed. Perhaps the code will live on, but as a subsystem instead.
     new f557749  Optional debug param in doMakeQuery method. More efficient element/modifier matching. Supports text, radio, select-one, select-multiple and textarea fields for input (multiple values are separated by space by default).
     new c83d047  - Made the build look in the lib.dir property for *.jar files.
     new 620516c  #19834 - Taglib contribution from Bryan LaPlante
     new f667465  my changes to make it compile, also minor build file cleanup
     new 36893fb  remove lib.dir setting
     new f3858ea  Bugzilla #20081 - added Bryan LaPlante's patch
     new f1ff538  new stuff from Bryan
     new 727f0b9  documentation from Bryan
     new 180d5cb  new files from Bryan LaPlante
     new 0f68e5a  add error more descriptive exception handling
     new 485c793  Added breaks to switch/case statements.
     new ff6a140  contribution from Dror Matalon
     new 4d96f7e  Fixed bug where the field in a wildcard field search was being lowercased.
     new 9509917  - Initial commit (from contributed patches)
     new 1ffe616  - Initial commit (
     new ffc4392  build file is broken, renaming out of the way
     new df82a88  work in progress... creating infrastructure to build the sandbox in one go
     new e2ee045  fix deprecation warning
     new 4b25907  update for Ant 1.6 deprecation
     new f8ab04f  test case cleanup
     new d33a91c  more work on sandbox build process
     new 1cb5108  build distributions, and consolidate from master build
     new 5dc61de  upgrade lucli build to conform with master build
     new f379ad2  unifying snowball build to work alone or with the master sandbox build
     new af0c093  add todo for doc generation
     new 46ecc70  bring the analyzers codebase into the build
     new 0d17580  add build for misc. stuff
     new 8ef9c42  remove unused imports
     new ba6cd9f  unify searchbean build
     new 9bfb720  bring WordNet into master sandbox build, includes some minor cleanup
     new c11fd11  remove indyo leftovers
     new dfaeb89  instructions for building
     new 7991c03  restructure parser tree to add a build process
     new 51773a4  An almost complete rewrite of all RE patterns. Supports a more complete set of possible characters and also special characters referenced mentioned in Supports full query parser syntax except for AND NOT OR, but warns user of possible errors for these queries. Added alertUser option to disable window.alert boxes.
     new 9ab16be  adding back some removed targets to the build file
     new 0686b22  point to SF location
     new da02ffa  build and code cleanup
     new f659f8e  add reminders for future work
     new 259f0f8  taglib cleanup, but still busted functionally
     new eb9bc80  Fixed case where wildcard character at start of string.
     new 899c092  Andi Vajda's Berkeley DB directory contribution
     new c772092  Berkeley DB JAR - license seems Apache friendly so ok to checkin
     new 82cd7f0  upgrade index task to some ancient enhancements i had locally
     new 21f33b5  Duplicate WordlistLoader removal.  It exists in Lucene's core also.  There was one code difference and the core implementation looked correct - please let me know if this is not correct
     new 45ab072  Duplicate WordlistLoader removal.  It exists in Lucene's core also.
     new d2d0581  This shows why test cases are a good thing, oh and an IDE that flags silly assignments
     new 09b18b0  javadoc fixup
     new d4aebf1  removing redundant casts
     new 595559d  #26268 - Add FrenchAnalyzer
     new e7aef51  #26360 from Jean-Fran����ois Halleux - add test case for FrendAnalyzer
     new b3c97c8  add ASL to source code
     new 0d43020  snowball touchups
     new 4879890  another attempt to get tests passing
     new 5320408  code cleanup.  tests pass
     new 8c1b134  enhanced sample, but validator is acting up it seems.  kelvin - am i doing something wrong?
     new dcd5d64  copy non-java files so they get bundled into the JAR
     new 8fa85d5  more ant touchups
     new 5076268  #26396 - HighFreqTerms fixup from Jean-Fran��ois Halleux
     new 895c99e  no need to have lucene JAR in lib directory to build sandbox pieces
     new 4ec1cdc  friendlier exception handling
     new 93fcac0  apparently the license is not ASF compatible, so removing from CVS - but it is needed for building!
     new 2ee9948  lucli code cleanup and a couple of minor enhancements/fixes
     new bd0af19  add building of index and looking up a synonym to the build file
     new bd07d7a  modify to build syn index in compound format
     new 79313c8  add synonym lookup utility
     new ed38b4f  gettin jiggy with ant 1.6
     new 854c344  Initial commit.
     new 3283c40  adding Russian analyzer to index task built-ins now that it has a friendly ctor
     new 48fa83e  add support for compound index format when creating new index
     new 94f1d39  change name of JAR built, add descriptions for other targets
     new 1d81627  upgrading deprecated API call
     new 1052786  making target an optional attribute
     new 22c2c5b  Added recently released stemmers, updated license & build.
     new 0bc1296  Added support for javadoc, releases, etc.
     new 1c51450  example of antlib usage
     new 4a46c8b  - Initial commit.   Contribution from David Spencer.
     new a016dce  - Added documentation
     new def91f5  ASL 2.0
     new 0e30c11  Added doANDTerms method to construct Google-like queries.
     new badeb8c  - Initial commit   Contribution:   (with removed ^Ms, trailing spaces, and with ASL 2.0 instead of ASL 1.1)
     new c4dd210  bringing sandbox analyzers up to date with changes to the core StopFilter and migrating away from using Hashtable
     new f065932  clean-up based on core changes to StopFilter
     new 7865adc  Extracted validation methods so they can be tested via jsunit. Handles query escaping via a workaround. Yay! Checks for empty quotes. Simplified many REs. Allows the '=' sign.
     new 8afe28b  Added 2 asterisk test cases.
     new b89cb9a  Fixed silly typo.
     new 7d7e290  - Applied a patch from bug entry: src/java/org/apache/lucenesandbox/xmlindexingdemo/
     new 268aa9e  Initial addition of hit hilighting code contributed by Mark Harwood
     new 45898ec  renaming - sorry, wasn't paying attention
     new 33345f7  Initial commit of Mark Harwood's Highlighter package
     new 5275039  move test case to test directory
     new d9684c7  javadoc fixups
     new ac0f42f  patch from Mark, while his account creation is pending
     new ea277f9  Javadoc updates
     new adb3ef0  Added backslash to list of allowed characters. Implemented checkANDORNOT, with thanks to Michel Valade (m_valade at for suggested change to the regex.
     new aa7e95d  Implemented tests for checkAllowedCharacters and checkANDORNOT. Imported a whole bunch of tests from Except for the term1 !term2 queries (which are commented out for now), all tests go green!! Woohoo!!
     new bc26b64  Complete revamp of luceneQueryConstructor. Added demo and introduction HTML page. Added jsUnit tests.
     new 0830eae  Didn't actually log what major changes were introduced in previous version: Distinction between term modifiers and group modifiers. Support for non-field specific searching. Fixed bug in trim (word boundaries don't apply to characters like + and -). Added feature of disabling grouping via NO_MODIFIER. Refactorings here and there.
     new 3e595ab  Incorporates Erik's idea of displaying query inline, not as pop-up, and also the query validation feature.
     new 9ca5de0  First filter gets modified if operation is an AND (which is terrible if its a cached filter and not a throw-away one). Patch by Rick Mann (rmann at
     new ed9f594  Ack. Left out the type cast.
     new 39e1b77  Clarification of Javadocs - code was missing Formatter implementation
     new c44c040  rudimentary test case for ChainedFilter, used initially to learn how it works
     new 04c866d  JUnit: expected, actual
     new 281ccaa  applied latest patch from Andi Vajda
     new a2871ae  aesthetic/javadoc fixups
     new cd10939  AND-ed query was being appended to the original one.
     new 14f0da2  Added support for analyzers that produce overlapping tokens PR: Obtained from: Submitted by:	Mark Harwod Reviewed by: CVS: ---------------------------------------------------------------------- CVS: PR: CVS:   If this change addresses a PR in the problem report tracking CVS:   database, then enter the PR number(s) here. CVS: Obtained from: CVS:   If this change has been taken from another system, such as NCSA, CVS:   then name the system in this line, otherwise delete it [...]
     new 4006836  add "throws IOException" so that these analyzers compile again against Lucene 1.4
     new 07b4dfa  add "throws IOException" so that these analyzer compiles against Lucene 1.4 -- please tell me if I broke the encoding of the special characters
     new 7bb7796  sorry, broke the special character with my last commit, trying to fix it
     new 6cf6840  removed unused imports
     new 6dfd88a  set compound format, regardless of create flag
     new f920cff  convert map to set
     new 726ddae  New low-level API exposed (getBestTextFragments) to provide access to fragment scores. ToString() implemented on TextFragment objects to return text
     new 87bcdf6  copy the Russian and German analyzers plus their test cases to the sandbox
     new e02f7eb  move the word list loader from to analysis, as it is not specific to German at all; update the references to it
     new a88d371  trying to switch the encoding to utf-8
     new 22a1928  convert to utf-8
     new 1b5eb6c  convert to utf-8
     new 4816ac5  fixing up test cases that rely on external data and adding build.encoding property
     new 203cbfc  remove unused imports and avoid warnings about unused variables
     new e06e5f7  remove unused variable and comment out unused private methods
     new 4d14829  add encoding switch to javadoc
     new 6ff6a27  quick fixes for javadoc warnings/errors
     new e7ae41c  allow @todo.  also hack fix for package target by creating docs directory if it does not exist
     new 5ae03e4  convert to utf-8
     new 11e234d  remove unused variables
     new 52584cb  Tidied unused import
     new 8fd3b84  improve doc for default constructor; make stop word list public but final
     new a8d9863  improve doc for default constructor; make stop word list public but final
     new 57cd076  prelim checking of spellchecker, v1.1
     new 788f379  add ignores
     new 4b4625d  mention that German and Russian analyzer have been moved here
     new 22c837d  adding comments about file encoding
     new 98faec8  - LARM has left the building... and has been living at for a long time now.
     new 127f15a  - LARM cleanup
     new 3e7d316  - Typo fix
     new c5b61e1  New GradientFormatter, TermVector helper class and IDF-based fragment scoring
     new c6b1989  Fixed display of results in Firefox 1.0.
     new 67bcfc6  Fixed appending of groupModifier even when it is a NO_MODIFIER.
     new 96c0bf9  Escapes the / character for FireFox 1.0.
     new ceb895e  Chaned score to float and added QueryScorer.getMaxTermWeight (useful for callibrating GradientFormatter)
     new 972f292  Updated with new information on using new QueryScorer.getMaxWeight
     new b64bf34  Changed visibility of methods to allow easier extensions - Thx Dave Spencer for suggestion. Subclasses can now override highlightTerm to format text with spans/divs  etc instead of default <font> tag
     new d5fe240  Make highlightForeground and highlightBackground so that this can be extended in another package, esp in the case where only highlightTerm() is changed.
     new 613414d  Use <span> instead of <font> (as in GradientFormatter) to keep Mozilla happy.
     new 9e7e1d4  prelim rework
     new 9eca2a3  make sure code works with WordNet2.0 (no problem) and add Query expansion, and comments
     new 7952217  Prelim checkin of similarity query generators
     new cd284c4  Update of DBDirectory from Andi.
     new 592f618  don't crash ony non-stored fields. small fixes to the help text.
     new 7acf916  remove some unused variables to get rid of warnings
     new 6dd3823  make the jar less broken -- however, it still requires a "lib" dir with lucene.jar and libreadline-java.jar
     new 4f40db9  make it work for me
     new 70e1848  Fix token offsets.  Contributed by boblannoy <at> tiscali <dot> be
     new 59969d7  Fix token offsets.
     new ab72513  note converstion to svn and test commit capabilities
     new ecd4a72  fix for #33395: The deprecated constructor of BooleanClause does not set new state (patch provided by Paul Elschot, slightly modified)
     new a14e0ac  move static main method to list and optionally extract the individual file from a compound index from CompoundFileReader to IndexReader. It is more cleaner to have the method in IndexReader because it is well documented and public available.
     new f19e0f7  document main method move from CompoundFileReader to IndexReader
     new bfffc32  Fix for bug #32847.  Use uncached access to norms when merging to minimize RAM usage.
     new 0955eef  move parts of the sandbox over to contrib area
     new 887f57e  remove unnecessary/outdated/unused files
     new 10904d0  fix most deprecation warnings
     new 767312d  add convenient TODO file to keep track of sandbox -> contrib move
     new e75ffc5  remove deprecation warning
     new 646f0f0  Switch ant project to conventional src/java directory structure
     new 0ee1728  move two more projects over to contrib
     new b1555b0  Test SVN Commit
     new 276ab07  Added Nicko Cadell's Encoder contribution
     new c1623f8  increase version number from 1.5 to 1.9, so that the jar is called lucene-1.9-rc1-dev.jar
     new 826fef7  KeywordAnalyzer contribution - adapted from _Lucene in Action_ code
     new cd0d093  split keyword tokenizer out of KeywordAnalyzer
     new f375d09  add customizable buffer size
     new 6d5d317  Remove SearchBean - it has been deprecated by the sorting feature in Lucene 1.4
     new 5c6742c  taglib has been abandoned by the original author and is of questionable value
     new 2ac412f  move similarity and spellchecker to new contrib area
     new 373e613  remove unnecessary import
     new ea57f0d  change EOL style to LF
     new 28e712b  update docs to account for TLP migration
     new 52537af  throw IllegalArgumentException to avoid endless loop
     new 25f82f4  trivial whitespace fix only
     new 45864d1  clean up imports, remove unused variables and remove the declaration of an Exception that was never thrown
     new 335c156  remove empty "@return" tags so javadoc stops complaining; small whitespace cleanup
     new db2c7c9  Bugzilla #33642 fix javadoc
     new cf41b3d  fix NullPointerException when parsing phrase query with the new MFQP
     new 05d0335  offer additional methods that take analyzer + text instead of tokenstream; fix some unused imports and variables
     new fdf05bd  Fixed missing fieldname in API
     new d046866  fix broken links to source
     new aaba39e  Added accessor methods, as suggested by Kevin Burton.
     new ed1d083  - Paul's Javadoc improvements from bug 33678:
     new 34463f8  fixed some incorrect links to the repository
     new 88a88a9  for some reason regenerating with JavaCC moved a method - perhaps due to a different version of JavaCC - commit using JavaCC 3.2
     new 5f67460  Add new PrecedenceQueryParser so others can try it out and discuss any issues with it.  TestPrecedenceQueryParser is a clone of TestQueryParser with two noted changes - one within testQPA and with the testPrecedence method.  testPrecedence was added to TestQueryParser to show its awkward behavior (and ensure it doesn't change).
     new 8238512  correct target path for jjdoc
     new a606c08  Update generated files.  Maybe <javacc> is more of a pain than its worth!
     new 4d1970e  Patch #33472.  Disable coord() in automatically generated queries.
     new 6285547  Amendment to patch #33472.  Extended to Erik's new query parser, and patched one place missed in the original patch.
     new 4ed95e7  JavaCC generate the changes Doug has made
     new be8ae58  Read term index lazily at first random-access to terms.
     new c33696e  Because we're doing something atypical, storing generated artifacts in the repository, its tricky to ensure up-to-dateness.  Because generation is an infrequent activity, deleting the main .java file for each of the .jj files is good enough to ensure everything gets regenerated.
     new ff6cb58  Make previous change thread-safe.
     new 4f84a76  add JavaCC .jj/.java uptodate check with warning notice
     new 27614d6  Fix broken QueryParser.jj and generated code.  Removed inadvertent debugging <echo> from build.xml. Added (currently failing) test cases for new PrecedenceQueryParser as a target for enhancement.
     new 90ff23f  fix the +/-a queries - easier than I thought - just restored a line of code from QueryParser.jj
     new 4ddfbcf  Patch a bug where the .tii file was not closed.
     new 9824226  Contribution of slick Swing models to enable on-the-fly searching of tables and lists.  Created by Jonathan Simon.
     new 9621a09  added title to documentation
     new 1644a28  Minor tweaks to the new proposed query parser.  There are still some failing tests, as some were added to show expectations not yet met.  The main missing piece is getting NOT precedence accounted for.
     new 270e1dc  Adjusted tests for discussed expectations.
     new 835871e  fixed javadoc typo and added helpful diagnostic toString methods
     new 4a4221e  remove pesky static parse method that stymies flexibility
     new 85cc5c9  Added IndexWriter.setTermIndexInterval().
     new 0d17772  - Fixed the compilation error
     new 416ab4a  - Removed unused import (not referenced from javadoc either)
     new 15e741f  - Added javadoc to setTermIndexInterval (from Doug's email)
     new dd473cd  - Fixed path to Lucene SVN repository
     new b55dba5  - Removed Jakarta section
     new 510e6b2  - Fixed path to Lucene SVN repository
     new 178eb28  - Switched from 'jakarta-site2' to 'site'.  This requires 'site' to be   checked out 3 levels higher.  For example:     /home/otis/dev/repos/lucene/java/trunk     /home/otis/dev/repos/site
     new 0d8a413  - Let callers get the Lucene version number, as specified in the Manifest
     new 1a3ce57  - Removed FIXMEs
     new 0f8b179  - Cosmetics (tabs, indentation)
     new c8d143d  typo fix
     new 1cb674f  regenerated from latest Snowball CVS
     new 09b58de  fixing javadoc links
     new f14428e  Correct BooleanQuery.equals such that every clause is compared
     new b54f22a  Fix max word length issue (though don't know why anyone would limit long words in a more-like-this query).
     new b25ded1  Add mailing list page
     new f654321  Make lessThan() implementation non-final, fixing bug #34028.
     new 9fcd99d  exclude known failing prototype query parser test from default test run
     new 5a59714  use jline instead of java-readline. jline can be added to SVN thanks to its BSD license. plus some small cleanup.
     new 84db65b  adapt to use of jline
     new 69380a1  adapt to use of jline
     new 0bcd9a0  Update mailing list link
     new ccc027f  typo fix in javadoc
     new d44b191  - Added links to other mailing lists and to all list archives
     new babe477  - Added a blurb about LIA
     new 1bf3587  - s/\.eu//g for list archive links
     new f673bff  add .equals support for MultiTermQuery and subclasses.  this facilitates unit testing comparison of Query instances
     new 3be3e8a  Add accent character normalizer filter contributed by Sven Duzont.  Also created simple test case.
     new 4e580e2  Issue deprecation warnings when building test cases.  Fixed deprecation warnings on TestKeywordAnalyzer
     new 0ff227f  switch dotted u character to use unicode value reference
     new 6f5f234  enhanced test contributed by Sven.  Encoding tweaks
     new 04ea892  import cleanup
     new c4f1ee7  use lowercase method names; remove javadoc that's inherited anyway
     new 13f4238  - Unit test contributed by Cheolgoo Kang and cleaned up by Paul Elschot   c.f.
     new bb8a8bd  adjusted how the property is used.  there is now no default for it, as that will likely vary for all of us
     new e88213a  refactor build to use common contrib build system
     new 0c99b57  Fixed issue with ctor parameter being ignored
     new ec522fc  Fixed deprecation issues, adjusted test cases to use assertEquals better, reformatted style
     new 2fe0a80  rename misspelled indexDictionnary method
     new e676822  #34408: Add .equals/.hashCode to RangeQuery to facilitate use within hash maps and in unit test comparisons
     new 14b21aa  revert change to BooleanQuery.equals and add a test case.
     new 07039be  #34528 - Ant macro for javadocs and javadocs-internal
     new db095e4  minor javadoc cleanup
     new 1bda4af  add nested clauses for .equals test
     new bc1a7b0  Grammar correction.
     new e4bd715  - Applied Chuck's and Wolf's patch for bug 31841
     new 4760e42  Fix so that javadoc shows protected methods by default, and internal documentation includes package-private but not private.
     new f8e8507  a test case to make sure the MultiSearcher ranking is really fixed (bug #31841)
     new 1f53ece  mention bug number of Otis' latest bugfix
     new e9dccfd  Specify javac source and target versions.  Default both to 1.3.  Folks can override with 'ant -Djavac.source=XXX'.  Patch from Brion Vibber.  Bug #34544.
     new 0dcd089  Use variables for gcc executables, so that folks may specify alternate versions.  Patch from Brion Vibber.  Bug #34545.
     new e9f22b5  small documentation improvement
     new cde823e  - Removed links to the old lucene-user and lucene-dev mailing lists
     new 93ecead  update homepage url and mailing list address
     new 594ef09  Add info on new mailing lists.
     new 672827d  - Not referenced from anywhere, and not really needed
     new e63716d  - Fixed paths/URLs
     new 346ed71  commonize javac compilation using macrodef - Ant 1.6.2 is required now, if it was not already
     new d650384  add GreekAnalyzer, contributed by Panagiotis Astithas (
     new ab83a46  Add Hits.iterator and corresponding HitIterator and Hit classes.  Contributed by Jeremy Rayner
     new 34efd63  Add some ignores
     new 26aab23  add ignores
     new 6dbb01e  add warning about Hits.iterator
     new 2bb0c8f  Fixed @see tags and added reference to HitIterator from Hits.iterator
     new cfd5d55  Fix issue Otis identified with HitIterator, along with corresponding test case
     new f7023a9  Clear up Hit javadoc
     new 790dfc1  javadoc fixup
     new 335606e  make deprecated tests compile again
     new a5db1c0  Improvements to patch #31841 from Wolf Siberski.  Deprecation is now consistent.  Tests now pass.
     new 49b9a89  mention java user list
     new aae36c1  adding links to the commit notifications archives
     new 76bca80  clean up javadoc groups and omit net.sf packages
     new 6952e96  revamp toString so as to not deal with potential IOException from fetching a document
     new 3b44de8  Correct source of javadoc warnings
     new 5c9ccb2  Add Lucene's test classes to contrib test classpath, some tests rely on the utility methods in the core tests
     new 7b8f43e  move misc over to official contrib area
     new d9042b0  move PrecedenceQueryParser to contrib/misc until the kinks are worked out
     new 50f6b1a  add svn:ignores for build directories
     new 0d5f795  add svn:ignores for build directories
     new 6ec9385  Adjust old reference to sandbox to contrib
     new 656e81b  also link the old list archives
     new 7713072    - replaced db.jar with db-4.3.27.jar   - downloading db-4.3.27.jar from
     new 4798d1e  using our own site.vsl so we can have a new logo without "jakarta"
     new d17271b  using our own site.vsl so we can have a new logo without "jakarta"
     new 82f66e4  removing the outdated "bugs" link from the navigation; removing broken links from the contributions page
     new f848854  fixing property
     new acf2b4c  Remove outdated sandbox code
     new 9c3bd9c  import cleanup
     new db8246f  forgot to commit these files
     new d087df6  move resource page to the wiki to avoid content duplication
     new e8fd6b3  remove non-existing projects and fix a link
     new b8dfd50  whitespace cleanup only (no more tabs/spaces mix)
     new f56d33e  Add ASL header - sorry for the oversight on this.
     new df52ba1  standardizing source layout
     new 2143111  adjust license headers to be ASL 2.0
     new c3847f2  overhaul of build system to facilitate building and packaging of contrib sub-projects.  some work still to be done, but core Lucene build still working fine
     new eb50b47  add contrib pieces to distribution files
     new fe95807  belated checkin - moved deprecated build/test targets to separate easily removable import build file
     new bc49f32  aggregate duplicated distribution patterns into reusable patternsets
     new 8f9e2a1  Enhancement #34585 - high-performance in-memory index contributed by Wolfgang Hoschek
     new 9464b37  remove ignores since artifacts now are built into main directory rather than here
     new b01de31  Add contrib/memory to javadocs, and add imported build files into src distribution
     new cfb14e1  improve text of exception
     new 4b2d7f3  use non-relative URL for image to make it work in sub directories; remove non-existing stuff from sandbox page
     new 4b1834e  sorry, typo in image URL
     new 572633f   - reworked store I/O to use new IndexInput and IndexOutput classes  - reworked store I/O to avoid upstream buffering giving better txn control  - added DbStoreTest unit test adapted from StoreTest
     new 2a37a3e  Apply wolfgangs fix to the tests
     new f94ebdb  applied norm caching path from Wolfgang
     new 8f70c09  Wolfgang is non-stop with the additions.  Easy enough to paste in, so here it is with a Collection-based TokenStream
     new 0e95793  fixing typos; WordNet url update
     new 77f94fb  mention the new Java 1.4 requirement that we already agreed on in January
     new 4b00637  only delete our own files when re-creating an index (#34695)
     new 30fe087  update build instructions and version numbers
     new 0209ce9  don't print to stdout in test cases
     new c97ba92  refactoring so that filename extensions are in one place
     new a20246c  don't declare Exceptions that are never thrown; remove an unused variable
     new 12a91b4  Fixed bug where docs larger than maxDocBytesToAnalyze would cause last fragment to be sized as remainder of doc (which could be huge).
     new ffbdf0b  test using a non-existing field as first sort key
     new 170bdc3  call static methods via class, not via object (avoids warning in Eclipse)
     new a12dac3  adjust project names for consistency
     new dd47237  adjust code to fix compile/javadoc errors on JDK 1.5
     new 5fd5169  temporary move to lowercase WordNet
     new e8c90fb  rename WordNet to wordnet, required intermediate move due to OS case insensitivity
     new 5292143  remove useless parameter
     new c3f90ad  use non-deprecated API
     new 9f78244  convenience constructors that load list of stop words from a file
     new 78dbe41  prefix all JARs with lucene-
     new 129227d  throw a more helpful exception if supposed directory is a file
     new c680751  test checkin of README, just to verify my permissions
     new 7f8bf69  cleanup deprecated warnings so it compiles cleanly w/ the current lucene code, lucene-core-1.9-rc1-dev.jar
     new c696188  don't print out summary unless it's present
     new a79c508  #34816 - adjust for contrib/WordNet renaming
     new 175cf8a  [1] Added comments to retrieveTerms() to document the return value. [2] Added convenience routine retrieveInterestingTerms() which makes it easier to get at the "interesting words" in a document.
     new 81087e8  Touchup javadoc. Make retrieveInterestingTerms only return the top terms, not all terms.
     new 1d68f8c  Logic ignored stop words were in a early version of this code but it was taken out in the belief that there was no point in explicitly looking for them as the scoring algorithm would effictively ignore them.
     new 69b1f49  javadoc: fix typo and use HTML entity so generated HTML is correct
     new 53b16d2  javadoc: fix deprecated links
     new b68ae2e  Add ParallelReader.
     new 0194764  Rename 'enum' to 'termEnum' for Java 1.5 compatibility.
     new f337d12  Fix build to not complain about non-test tests.
     new 812a234  Turn deprecation warnings off until 2.0 release.  In the meantime they're expected and annoying.
     new 11d6c9e  controversial: do not fail the build for contrib components not building successfully.  this is to make Gump happy for now, but in the future a more granular conditional build of each contrib project may be desirable
     new ec9485f  re-adding the features page and a link to it
     new 498cf19  re-adding the features page
     new e8ba60c  trying again to re-adding the features page
     new c560017  optimized buffer handling and runtime optimization. The initial buffer size is set to 10 characters, so it doesn't have to be increased that often. If the buffer has to grow, just copy the identical pattern and not the whole string.
     new 79bc8a4  add .equals/.hashCode to SpanTermQuery to allow comparison and collections to work logically.  The other SpanQuery subclasses should probably have a similar adjustment and I will take care of those as I run into cases where it is necessary
     new 085ba51  even better spam-protect our email addresses
     new c3f5eb0  import cleanup; small javadoc improvement
     new 053ff70  small javadoc improvement
     new b0cf756  I'm no longer soliciting new contracts.
     new d282afe  small javadoc improvement
     new 061a207  test to show that "*" can be used as the first character, too
     new 2762141  implement .equals/.hashCode
     new f9cda45  adjust hashCode based on feedback from Paul Elschot
     new 9d2d4ea  use entity for umlaut
     new 30051ef  adding setMaxFieldLength() to the example; Jakarta -> Apache
     new f4e819c  update URL in javadoc
     new 816f370  small javadoc fixes
     new 952cfd5  small javadoc fixes
     new bd2345d  small javadoc fixes
     new 3dc6861  not public anymore + javadoc fixes (by Paul Elschot)
     new 06bb323  make this non-public, as it's not documented properly and has a confusing name
     new fe52019  javadoc fixes
     new 27597a5  small javadoc fixes
     new a3f99b1  small javadoc improvements
     new d40ff79  javadoc improvements
     new fa97a9b  small javadoc fix
     new 17d02d8  document the compound file format
     new 5edb98e  obtain(long) never really waited for the lock to go away (#33799)
     new 4ade1d4  Add IntParser and FloatParser interfaces to FieldCache.
     new eea1c63  Fix FSDirectory.createOutput() to always create new files.
     new 098a0e9  Optimize IndexWriter.addIndexes(Directory[]).
     new b305174  fixing the inaccurate javadoc
     new 07cee0b  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new e45c04c  #35157 - Fix for SpanTermQuerys in a BooleanQuery.  Patch from Reece Wilton.
     new 50eec44  adjust build file to run new site build for docs target
     new 4a7ddf9  add link to EuroApacheCon to site
     new 2dad1a9  remove ERROR comments as the bug is not fixed
     new c636897  add isCurrent() and initialise the segments version number with System.currentTimeMillis()
     new 4114147  trivial fixes to javadocs, no functional change
     new 3f2a20e  fix the information about the .tii file (but still not 100% accurate, see "TODO")
     new 0532c41  Implement names for "segments" and "deletable" files in Constants. This removes "hardcoded" filenames and makes code cleaner and easier to maintain.
     new e2a79a1  new IndexModifier class that simplifies access to IndexReader and IndexWriter
     new 12f8b24  rename test case class
     new 1041068  "see also" link in javadoc to IndexModifier
     new 4fd3b68  simplify set... methods
     new af42440  un-deprecate lastModified() and getCurrentVersion()
     new 47180b6  adding getVersion()
     new 748b241  if only score or id is accessed, don't load the document (as that causes a disk access)
     new 6455d1a  document the change in semantics for IndexReader.getCurrentVersion()
     new 0c8d5ce  commenting out test cases, I'm pretty sure these were broken and the new result is now correct thanks to the fixed behavior of MultiSearcher
     new 6da2ef1  update to Apache Software License 2.0
     new 088f61f  new index filename filter class. Accepts all lucene related index files.
     new 7f82450  useful constants representing filenames and extensions used by lucene
     new 20acd17  move extension members to new class org.apache.lucene.index.IndexFileNames
     new ba8ed65  use new filename filter in org.apache.lucene.index.IndexFileNameFilter
     new b51159a  use filenames and extensions from org.apache.lucene.index.IndexFileNames
     new f1a81ed  document new index create behavior, that files will not be deleted when a new index is created in the same directory.
     new d0324fb  remove duplicate entry in change log.
     new 416190e  small typo fix in javadoc
     new 94d7f6e  - Applied patch from src/java/org/apache/lucene/analysis/   (reading word list from a Reader)
     new ca5b0a3  small javadoc improvements
     new 00b3e9d  new method to get stop words from reader
     new 52cda0c  Most of Wolf Siberski's patch to fix #35241/#31841: MulitSearcher failed on WildcardQuery etc. -this has not been committed: removal of mergeBooleanQueries(); change to BooleanQuery.equals() -added: a test case that is commented out which shows strange queries like "multi* multi* foo" don't work properly
     new efc2367  small code simplification suggested by John Wang; added deprecated tag to javadoc
     new 04b155a  avoid NullPointerException when an analyzer returns null for some term (bug #33848), patch inspired by John Wang
     new 7d60bb8  don't print to stdout in test cases
     new 096a69a  small cleanup, no functional change
     new 5bf11bf  remove unused code
     new c223db7  small update, adding links
     new 7894a0c  Added (simple) SpanQuery support - matches any terms declared in Spans - proper impl should check for distances
     new fa211e7  added createTerm method to create Terms without incurring fieldName.intern() overhead
     new 0062898  Updated version of MemoryIndex - reliant on new Term.createTerm() method in Trunk
     new 9c52054  new small test case to increase code coverage of the tests
     new e41ced8  clean up exception handling:  there's no need to manually catch exceptions in test cases (unless you expect the exception to be thrown)
     new f2ac110  clean up exception handling:  there's no need to manually catch exceptions in test cases (unless you expect the exception to be thrown)
     new d9c75bf  more test cases to increase code coverage
     new 899c7a2  simplify usage of the main method: directory doesn't need to be specified explicitly anymore
     new 5433a9d  import statement cleanup; fix javadoc comments
     new a8ea081  build adjustments to allow contrib sub-projects to use JavaCC
     new 9d70229  #34331 - Add Paul Elschot's Surround query language parser
     new 6e9c0b6  remove unused file
     new 77290bc  Deprecate static parse method, to be removed in 2.0.  It causes more trouble than it is worth
     new e3cf2c6  toString() implementation
     new 685b655  make QueryParser.Operator public
     new 9ea49db  don't allow setting of defaut values via system properties anymore
     new 2b9e6b6  update for Lucene 1.9
     new 28e1679  adding a constructor that takes stopwords as a Set
     new d51c0de  higher resolution is required here so changes to files are detected even if file dates differ by less than a minute
     new 71067fa  don't close the input stream as HTMLParser spawns a thread internally and closing the stream leads to errors (this reverts one of my previous changes)
     new d6ee6c0  maxClauseCount: deprecate public field, no more setting via system property
     new f242e1b  Fix for NPE (bug #35626). Fix by Hans Hjelm, test case by Scotty Allen.
     new 615f2c4  document fix for #35626
     new f50db81  correct build file to reflect move of PrecedenceQueryParser to contrib/miscellaneous
     new 0250222  adding toString() implementation
     new eaa580b  fix parsing of sloppy phrase queries and wildcard queries
     new c9e5848  stop using the deprecated parse() method
     new 3227a9d  whitespace cleanup only (re-indent) + adding myself as author
     new 7dd3e02  #35823 - Paul Elschots fix for BooleanScorer2 causing ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException
     new 65cbe79  re-indent, no functional change
     new c95a5c5  Fix issue with lock file when org.apache.lucene.lockDir and are not set
     new 2b92948  avoid code duplication, patch by Stephane Bailliez (#36078)
     new 4e51511  catch security exception so this class can be used from an applet; tiny improvement to the exception output (no toString())
     new f770e5f  use setter/getter instead of system property; catch security exception so Lucene can be used inside an applet
     new 1e5c36f  use of Lucene in applets
     new e46b807  -make more methods and the exceptions work, adding test cases for these -adding a warning to the javadoc that the user is responsible for keeping the indexes in sync
     new ff98018  a query parser by Ronnie Kolehmainen that also sends PrefixQuerys etc. through the analyzer
     new dd5c741  a query parser by Ronnie Kolehmainen that also sends PrefixQuerys etc. through the analyzer
     new c294be7  removing link to ApacheCon Europe
     new 3b9f3cf4 adding MatchAllDocsQuery by John Wang, bug #34946
     new 9b3aa1a  remove a class that's not used at all
     new 718380d  Add .equals/.hashCode to allow for comparisons of SpanOrQuerys
     new c7c1a6b  mention that QueryParser is not thread-safe; don't refer to deprecated method in javadoc
     new ae53f09  avoid some deprecation warnings
     new 3960ad8  set source and target from java 1.3 to 1.4, not sure if this has any effect at all
     new fa28524  "modified utf-8"
     new f6b07da  Changed TokenGroup.isDistinct after problems reported with JapaneseAnalyzer (no gaps between tokens)
     new c00b260  Added fix to QueryScorer - if a query has multiple WeightedTerms with different weights for the same term the highest weight is used for scoring that term (previously selected last weight in list)
     new 812ffcb  additional link to archive with search feature
     new b32b4b2  - Moved general@ to the botton, to encourage more specific subscriptions
     new f32d7e7  Added rewrite methods to all SpanQuery subclasses that nest SpanQuerys
     new 2007804  correct copy-paste typo causing TestBasics to loop infinitely
     new 1f5925c  adjust site to point to JIRA
     new 32fb624  LUCENE-437 - Add position increment pass through on SnowballFilter tokens
     new 45a706e  - Cosmetics (indentation)
     new ae706fa  don't let MultiFieldQueryParser create empty clauses for stopwords
     new 0eb4c32  - Added Unicode range to fix tokenization of Korean -
     new 10fb3c6  small javadoc improvements
     new fb0fb26  deprecate methods that use int flags, adding alternative methods that use enumeration type instead
     new 9d28e26  Make "ant -projecthelp" show the javadocs and docs targets as well (LUCENE-447), by Luc Vanlerberghe
     new 2237664  better exception if temp directory is not readable, by Jeff Turner (bug LUCENE-449)
     new a53a123  LUCENE-452 - add .equals/.hashCode
     new c3cf0e5  check for storeOffsetWithTermVector and storePositionWithTermVector. See Bug#LUCENE-455
     new 99dc3b9  extend test to show FieldsReader Bug#LUCENE-455
     new e488faf  document fix for Korean tokenization; document URL for old bugs
     new 8559a28  use non-deprecated constant
     new 0c26106  fix several threading issues
     new d587bd1  adding Yonik Seeley
     new 1d0b4a2  add hashCode and equals to filters LUCENE-439
     new 7fa0cf9  Improve the expression that's suggested in a comment on how to use "*" and "?" as first characters on wildcard queries. Thanks to Peter Norrhall.
     new 2bdda4c  adding Yonik Seeley
     new 1bc04d2  speedup by deferring docMap and postings until needed - LUCENE-454
     new a7ef75f  speedup by deferring docMap and postings until needed
     new c2065b4  document the counter used to generate new segment names in the segments file
     new 52c12ea  add Grant's ApacheCon presentation to the site
     new ae11eb8  make field norms optional : LUCENE-448
     new 9087671  Utility class to remove duplication in Query.toString implementations
     new 4fc1272  Utilize ToStringUtils.boost() to remove duplication across .toString implementations and added boost comparison in .equals methods where it was missing
     new c522c62  toString for FuzzyQuery puts boost at the end, which looks more sensible
     new 9713d6c  additional span tests that have been lingering in my working copy for ages
     new 07d7d07  remove synchronized from fakeNorms (private & always called within sync context)
     new 25d317a  remove synchronized from fakeNorms (private & set omitNorms flag on field
     new 965d85f  omitNorms tests, make some tests more generic
     new 741173a  document lucene version for FieldBits
     new 34e4262  fix to prevent that queries like 'ca??' match a term like 'cat'. Terms with the correct length should be returned only. See Bug#LUCENE-306
     new 3ece4bf  adjust testcase due to bugfix in WildcardQuery
     new 5a76aaa  document bugfixes for LUCENE-455 and LUCENE-306
     new 9698aac  test for presence/absence of physical norms file
     new 104aa29  random boolean query testing
     new bfe4a24  remove  floatToIntBits on slop in hashCode
     new 9cee714  reset useScorer14 in finally in case of test failure
     new fd81a02  add getFilter(), LUCENE-440
     new 2f2f78e  warn about compatibility
     new 2ce046a  Make QueryParser work with analyzers that return tokens with a position increment > 1. Thanks to Ahmed El-dawy for the fix.
     new 495e885  - Applied Yonik's patch from
     new 6aee0c4  - Corrected the description of the most recent change
     new 7208772  test TopDocs score normalization when sorting
     new 6adbae3  use instanceof instead of catching exception: LUCENE-392
     new 3dbba4d  fix comparison of null strings in FieldDocSortedHitQueue: LUCENE-453
     new e9d4568  added random disableCoord  to random boolean query
     new 5bba415  a few more tests, fix javadoc
     new 48b55ab  break sorting ties by index order: LUCENE-456
     new d37e5cc  fixing tiny typo in javadoc
     new 34c98cc  fix FieldSortedHitQueue.maxscore: LUCENE-462
     new 1687a79  Add NullFragmenter
     new f00afee  LUCENE-461 - Fix for "StandardTokenizer splitting all of Korean words into separate characters", contributed by Cheolgoo Kang
     new a176028  cleanup formatting
     new 6befc45  Add RegexQuery and SpanRegexQuery
     new 11866ad  Correct TestRegexQuery to test RegexQuery rather than SpanRegexQuery
     new 7017c1b  throw IllegalArgumentExeception if value doesn't make sense
     new bc428b8  note that (Span)RegexQuery not supported by QueryParser.... yet
     new fd41195  ConstantScoreRangeQuery addition: LUCENE-383
     new 292c9df  added ASF copyright
     new 7e079d2  avoid compiler/Eclipse warnings
     new 4fd74d2  Rename *Test files which are no unit tests to make "ant test" work. See LUCENE-465.
     new 31c271c  import cleanup to avoid Eclipse warnings
     new c40c7cd  BooleanQuery/BooleanScorer minNrShouldMatch implementation: LUCENE-395
     new 3c10854  new DisjunctionMaxQuery/DisjunctionMaxScorer from Chuck Williams: LUCENE-323
     new 0c5febc  comment out  log messages on success path
     new b7f89ac  remove Java5 dependency
     new a5cd1e7  add getTerm to SpanRegexQuery
     new 6798e96  SmallFloat: generalized and faster versions of floatToByte/byteToFloat
     new f0b3f57  fix deprecated referebces: LUCENE-468
     new bfde325  moving the non-language specific analyzers to core, this is where most users will probably expect them
     new dea69e3  tiny whitespace and javadoc fixes
     new c78c2c8  avoid using deprecated QueryParser method
     new e4d079f  test case for LengthFilter
     new e4c82ad  document LengthFilter, ISOLatin1AccentFilter, and KeywordAnalyzer
     new a4c714d  no longer needed
     new c958e10  added getPositionIncrementGap(String fieldName) to Analyzer
     new 4424265  added getPositionIncrementGap(String fieldName) to Analyzer
     new e797a8e  Fix TestSegmentReader, which broke due to previous changes to DocHelper.  getPositionIncrementGap tests no longer use DocHelper, to avoid testing conflicts.
     new 3bcec33  Adding stubversion="1.2" prevents <rmic> from recompiling RemoteSearchable every build because the _Skel class isn't present.  _Skel is a legacy of JDK 1.1, and no longer used.
     new 13ea2b0  remove mention of non-public DocumentWriter class from Analyzer javadocs
     new cf1d106  LUCENE-470 - Added some more regex tests, contributed by Paul Elschot
     new 729175f  Modified RegexTermEnum to have more generic logic, Character.isLetterOrDigit(), to determine the prefix for term enumeration.
     new 2087603  Change Similarity to use SmallFloat for norm encoding
     new 3ba5a1d  Change Similarity to use SmallFloat for norm encoding
     new fa24e67     - changed build to use version 4.3.29 of the C Berkeley DB Java API    - updated copyright notice year ranges to include 2005
     new 5304843  avoid ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when startet without index parameter and print usage instead.
     new 18b9843  LUCENE-288 - Patch from Andi Vajda applied to work around a GCJ issue (
     new 2da431d  Added support for field-specific highlighting which respects the fieldnames found in queries. Pass a field name to the QueryScorer in order to only select those field's query terms for highlighting. Updated JUnit tests too.
     new 29aafdf  Renamed test files to match the conventional pattern used, allowing these tests to run from 'ant test'
     new 3c62597  delete TermInfosTest which is not a JUnit test at all.
     new 72a7817  delete DocTest which is not a JUnit test and not in use.
     new 1710055  remove local variable never used to avoid compiler warnings.
     new abb2132  add JUnit class to test the different RAMDirectory constructors.
     new 6cabdf3  LUCENE-475 - patch from Volodymyr Bychkoviak to reduce memory usage when loading an index into RAMDirectory.
     new ec49618  just a SVN test - please ignore
     new 317f3f7  just a SVN test - please ignore
     new efa4d10  some performance improvements
     new e285413  some performance improvements
     new f42d7a1  indentation fixes
     new 860733f  indentation fixes
     new a155416  tentative add: Various fulltext analysis utilities avoiding redundant code in several  * classes.
     new ebe44ac  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 7a3103f  Applied patched for LUCENE-324, correcting token offsets returned by ChineseTokenizer
     new 4ff370a  javadoc cosmetics
     new 63ce285  javadoc cosmetics
     new 3e1787d  StopFilter ignore case: LUCENE-248
     new 2f98d90  fix link to wordnet in SVN
     new ad9e9bc  remove score normalization from expert level search: LUCENE-469
     new 331748b  LUCENE-289 - added IndexReader.deleteDocument/.deleteDocuments and deprecated .delete(int)/.delete(Term). CHANGES.txt already mentions deprecated methods sufficiently, so nothing further to note for this change.
     new cf4c005  Likewise rename the delete methods for IndexModifier, deprecating the old (though not strictly necessary since IndexModifier was added after 1.4.3)
     new e6400c6  Fix LUCENE-479: After MultiReader.undeleteAll(), numDocs was incorrect.  Contributed by Robert Kirchgessner.
     new f962bd4  made build.xml accept db.version property argument
     new f3dcf06  document that extractTerms() can throw an exception if it's called on a non-rewritten query
     new a08af8e  Change DisjunctionMaxScorer to use heap (Chuck Williams)
     new c862073  fix score to include boost and query normalization: LUCENE-450
     new 1fe7d48  - Handy command line tool for merging Lucene indices
     new 8125927  - Initial commit
     new 9ad4649  print usage if called with wrong number of arguments; be more verbose
     new 9a9da2f  grab commit lock when getting current version: LUCENE-481
     new 99c9289  improve hashcodes: LUCENE-460
     new 75c81da  improve hashcodes: LUCENE-460
     new 27f2d29  improve hashcodes: LUCENE-460
     new 9b4b499  improve hashcodes: LUCENE-460
     new 9513c47  improve hashcodes: LUCENE-460
     new b374f5f  implement, correct, improve hashcodes: LUCENE-460
     new 3852c62  fix equals() typo
     new 10ae54c  add test for hashCode/equals
     new aa07efc  minor HTML encoding issue in javadoc
     new 396229f  Remove (Span)RegexQuery from core.  Add completely refactored version to contrib/regex allowing pluggable regex implementations.  contrib/regex is still a work in progress, and documentation is forthcoming
     new ca6b9ee  add .equals/.hashCode
     new 3a4d249  Add TopDocCollector and TopFieldDocCollector.  These simplify the implementation of hit collectors that collect top-scoring or -sorting documents.
     new 2d85b34  add boost to hashCode: LUCENE-460
     new c312ac9d    - integrated Aaron Donovan's port to Berkeley DB Java Edition    - reorganized directory tree to accomodate multiple implementations
     new ce3d7a3  - ASL 2.0 instead of 1.1
     new bc4581f  set default phraseSlop on MultiPhraseQuery in getFieldQuery: LUCENE-483
     new 5a8e468  document the slightly confusing situation of parsing dates in range queries
     new 3cdb369  Bootstrap solr project.
     new f2d4c33  document thrown exception in javadoc
     new 77e6e73  Testing Commit access
     new 425efb1  Add a nightly target.  Also remove jjdoc from package for now.
     new e37a046  make setMaxBufferedDocs(1) behave correctly
     new abed4e6  LUCENE-490: Fix to allow QueryParser.jj to work with JavaCC 4.0 submitted by Steven Rowe
     new 148b4db  initial version
     new 7457db6  xpp3-
     new 6248320  servlet-api.jar 2.4 from Tomcat 5.5.12
     new a740ff6  added CHANGES to test commit access
     new ccde3ae  mention nightly builds in the news section (plus tiny HTML syntax fixes)
     new 75ee463  cosmetics
     new 5ddb8a2  change names to include version
     new 05ea3d8  lucene 1.9 dev nightlies 20050127
     new 9db7eaa  Don't suggest a word as similar for itself. Thanks to Michael Harhen for the fix.
     new b663f59  Initial version of build.xml -- not working yet, but I need to commit here since there's no JDK 1.5 on minotaur, and I'll continue on my laptop to make it work.
     new 3a6bc17  I think we might need this ;)
     new e818051  It semi-works now, but some cleanup still needed, especially around lucene_extras and the unit tests conversion to JUnit.
     new 0f19da3  fix parsing of dates in range queries that use local date format: include the last day if query is inclusive
     new 5aec260  Updated to include building instructions.
     new aa761f1  Moved the one test class from src/normal stuff to src/test.  Still need to rename the org.apache.lucene package classes to org.apache.solr (or do we want org.apache.lucene.solr?)
     new bc5961c  Don't need the original anymore, it's in the test tree now.
     new 0cf22e2  initial web site
     new d98a6a1  add .htaccess to make UTF-8 default charset
     new 0affd73  turn off default charset via .htaccess
     new 3118a1c  make FIeldSortedHitQueue public: LUCENE-432
     new 1a56b86  move SynonymFilter and SynonymMap to solr package
     new bf82fb1  move FunctionQuery and ConstantScorePrefixQuery to solr package
     new c1460bf  positionIncrementGap schema support
     new 646d964  DateTools needs to use UTC for correct collation (LUCENE-491), patch by John Haxby
     new 1ba72bd  lucene_nightly_20060206
     new 00de122  remove lucene package and lucene_extras dir,  FieldSortedHitQueue is now public in lucene.
     new 773ec83  look for config files in ./conf and the main index in ./data/index by default
     new d978def  make apps/SolarTest runnable via ant test
     new d1e8ad2  move SolarTest to SolrTest
     new 7106557  force read of document stored fields in QuerySenderListener (used in firstSearcher and newSearcher event hooks)
     new 93657ca  - Limit to an optional field; reindented (die tabs, die), ASF License 2.0
     new 6928aa5  remove empy import causing JSP compile err
     new d4ae734  fix getting solrconfig.xml
     new 389c5e6  example config
     new ba5aa8e  remove unused try/finally
     new 8a3cae2  Removed constrait that a sort field must have some terms indexed: LUCENE-374
     new d87b93c  make URLs relative
     new ba78c4f  change some CNET URLs to apache solr URLS, remove some unused links, fix href="" to href="."
     new ca10021  TestMultiAnalyzer - test subclassing and default phrase slop: LUCENE-483
     new 9e67b94  jetty 6.0.0beta9 stripped down
     new 6e454e8  add example and dist-example targets to build.xml
     new 015ae45  updated logo
     new 75070cd  updated logo
     new d0edbc4  new targets javadocs, nightly, changes to other targets
     new f9f3161  Minor javadoc improvements.
     new 3021f42  Sync changes to docs from 1.9 branch.
     new 3bf2bce  docs: nightly build news, download link, javadocs link
     new 2b686b6  Fix release and svn urls.
     new 7c09d17  Fix for LUCENE-435: Optimize BufferedIndexOutput.writeBytes().  Contributed by Lukas Zapletal.
     new 77625ce  Removed use of deprecated APIs ready for 2.0 Lucene release
     new c641a71  updating file names und an URL
     new 02033e2  renaming Jakarta Lucene to Apache Lucene
     new ff90d5f  chaos => slightly less than chaos.  pulled out some common stuff into header.jsp, made healthcheck configurable, changed server start time to SolrCore creation time, removed some more CNET links
     new 0d550d2  added missing import for Date
     new 8837b42  updated logo to match web site - Solr
     new 1aec5a3  changes in the schema, and some sample docs
     new 3bd4668  teeny typo
     new 53ad895  Better exception error message for what may be a common startup problem
     new c73de87  improve exception message
     new 3c4deaa  add statistics for SolrIndexSearcher so we can remove the last reason for having the long outdated solar-status page
     new 2e67b64  remove non-portable threaddump code
     new 5685d5e  remove unneeded solar-status
     new c83c192  add solr example doc
     new d61f5dc  document "ant example"
     new c03c23b  default to latest XML output version, remove legacy getnumfound option
     new 4a52b6a  example of healthcheck file config
     new 87768c5  Added XML-query-parser module for new extensible query parser that handles queries expressed as XML. Is dependent on new "queries" contrib module.
     new 9185558  code requires 1.5, so be explicit in build.xml to cause a meaningful failure
     new c6cbe9e  features doc
     new 3c780a7  features
     new 865611e  newlines are good
     new c4ed693  adding first pass at tutorial, and some more documentation links to the schema.xml
     new b9fdf6d  - Package description from Paul Elschot
     new 01db0ed  remove outdated reference to Jakarta
     new 31a7b19  modified build file to pick up the proper manifest file.  more work is needed to have the manifest pick up the right Lucene JAR name though
     new 7bc0ead  Undo the change that made setMaxBufferedDocs(1) work because it had negative effects on indexing performance. Instead throw an exception if setMaxBufferedDocs(1) is called.
     new 51d7a31  add regexp LICENSE file
     new 297d142  Many javadoc additions, and adding ASL to each file
     new 03009fa  temporary fix for solr.war missing in example
     new 539d5d3  make valid forrest xdocs
     new a35d6bf  little changes & typos
     new f388a10  Fix for LUCENE-499: documentation improvements prior to 1.9 release.  Contributed by Hoss.
     new cb63752  small querying data section
     new bdaee8f  Make it clear in javadoc which modules are in contrib.
     new b1fef86  Add basic javadoc to demo classes.
     new f7313df  typo fix only
     new e06b154  checkpoint save: more query examples, starting analysis section
     new e0df576  analysis tutorial update
     new 44c19f4  example config update
     new 52c392f  fix grep for pid
     new 4785c32  remove resin references from distribution page
     new 508dc68  Merge changes from 1.9 branch.
     new 3bdbe02  analysis debugging examples
     new 8b00921  update to lucene 1.9-final
     new 8966b42  Added DOAP file, contributed by Grant Ingersoll.
     new 75bb405  Qualify project name with Apache.
     new 6a25e47  tutorial docs
     new 556adb3  remove javadoc context
     new 33f1a32  adding a 'max' function which is neccessary if you want to keep function scores positive
     new 16f75d4  updated favicon
     new fc0e43c  updated favicon
     new 3626149  Change Solar to Solr in docs.
     new 0d18080  Update version to 2.0.  Now we can start removing deprecated features!
     new 1e139b3  Update the top-level copyright year to 2006.
     new 4189b32  stop using deprecated methods; make more fields private
     new e5de36e  clean up imports to avoid warnings; fix typo in usage message
     new 85f9706  trivial import cleanup to avoid compiler warnings
     new 738103d  trivial cleanup to avoid compiler warnings
     new 7dab954  Added more helper methods to DOMUtils and cleaned up error handling in builders - thanks Chris. Moved to "builders" package with all other builders
     new b1d2aae  partial solar->solr changes
     new acd34ce  solar->solr changes
     new 4b6426a  Patch for LUCENE-511.
     new 63b402d  make web.xml more standard, comment out resin fixes, SOLR->Solr, remove solar-status
     new 6381a2d  testing keyword expansion on pre-existing CVS keywords
     new 1194714  add config params to description
     new f606d78  expand svn:keywords for text file, change registry to use svn keywords
     new 2a66e02  solar->solr in scripts
     new 2f065b8  remove unused vars
     new 6f90134  remove unused class
     new 6ea6b0e  remove unused vars
     new 80fbf57  solar->solr, remove unused vars, switch to svn keywords
     new b501850  Updating to reflect 1.9.1 release.
     new 286b985  lucene upgrade to 1.9.1
     new dd4ee7d  Added attribution to the fix for LUCENE-511.
     new ec8db2a  forgot to add my name
     new 0e28bac  test for FilteredQuery within BooleanQuery
     new 9ad7f21  Fix misspelling in javadoc comment
     new d07f7ee  Part of LUCENE-330: fixing FilteredQuery when nested within BooleanQuery
     new 04ca37f  Modified lastmodified field to use DateTools instead of the deprecated DateField, and added an antlib.xml file to make Ant integration easier
     new 020ab2d  make ConstantWeight serializable: LUCENE-515
     new 38c6fbe  removed failing/invalid test
     new 3cf1cfb  remove use of deprecated lucene methods
     new 9078b80  Fixed bug which ignored user's choice of QueryParser. Thanks to Terry Steichen for spotting it.
     new 0f9bcba  move default configuration dir from ./conf to ./solrconf
     new 58d982a  - Minor Javadoc fix: LUCENE-513
     new 9d98185  trivial typo fix in javadoc
     new 4630f11  re-add a way to set write and commit lock timeout
     new 3666a16  remove deprecations
     new 2d7dbf8  more deprecation fixes
     new f65db2f  deprecation fixes
     new e4bcd07  initial version
     new 250e281  added command line args for configuration
     new 99fa0d0  added command line args for configuration
     new 926e90c  remove zero length files
     new 13922f4  remove empty directories
     new c954a1c  removed methods deprecated in lucene-1.9
     new 49de97e  remove deprecations
     new 2ae6647  replaced ; with ,
     new c73cc35  corrected wrong url for curl
     new 039f7c8  add debugging info by default so we get linenumbers in stacktraces
     new 8a58679  use Config.newInstance instead of class.newInstance
     new fa0516f  Added support for MatchAllDocs
     new a0c89d8  corrected minor typo in comment
     new 6385f45  made hostname and webapp name configurable
     new 31c5cc5  added default for rsync_port
     new f513261  more comment for rsyncd_port
     new 0fa0e25  Added BooleanFilter with JUnit test, added BooleanFilter support to XMLQueryParser, Changed TermsFilterBuilder to only build a filter for a single choice of field - multiples can be combined using new BooleanFilter clauses. Added missing MatchAllDocsQueryBuilder source.
     new bb923a2  lockDir is still supported as a system property
     new 4696ac4  Deprecated superfluous abstract getTerms method introduced in, added implementations of Query's existing extractTerms method and switched SpanWeight to use extractTerms instead.
     new 286f4f5  Simplified to make use of Query.extractTerms method (especially now that all the SpanQuery classes implement this correctly). Added tests in Junit test to demonstrate new support for other Queries (FilteredQuery) now that we use the standard extractTerms feature of Query objects. Also deprecated highlighter getBestFragments method that hard-coded choice of fieldname and introduced new variation that takes an additional fieldName argument
     new 34dc132  removed legacy solar name support, change default config directory to ./solr/conf, make data directory ./solr/data, make base dir (./solr) configurable from solr.solr.home property, preliminary support for multiple solr wars, enhance exception message when resource isn't found.
     new 38bd428  avoid taking intersection to get intersectionSize for BitDocSet.intersectionSize(HashDocSet)
     new 4202b65  added postOptimize hooks, analogous to postCommit hooks but only called after an optimize command.  Useful for only distributing optimized indicies
     new d97a9e7  ability to specify/override query parameters from command line
     new 66dad9f  getDocListAndSet now collects the list and set from a single lucene query
     new 5547d20  make query parameters on command line be defaults, overridable by specific test
     new 72326cc  fix misspelling in configuration file
     new 47d8727  update change log
     new 040e9c6  Fix SpanScorer next()/skipTo() incompatability: LUCENE-413
     new a2c7eb1  Implemented FilterIndexReader.getVersion() and isCurrent()
     new 431d3b7  lucene nightly 20060405
     new 022a7db  error if path is missing and default is not supplied
     new 903814a  re-enable writeLock and commitLock configuration
     new 0f57b81  little tutorial updates
     new d490983  (LUCENE-539) Fix for deprecations in contrib/surround
     new c095297  let's not forget to document the most obvious change: remove all deprecated methods and fields
     new 825bc9b  fixed IndexWriter.mergeSegments(minSeg,end) when end was not the last segment... only affected addIndexes(Directory[]) LUCENE-540
     new 6c32f48  FieldSortedHitQueue - subsequent String sorts with different locales sort identically: LUCENE-526
     new 901d7ca  added missing extractTerms() to DisjunctionMaxQuery: LUCENE-541
     new fc0d666  added getTermArrays() and extractTerms() to MultiPhraseQuery: LUCENE-514
     new d214dd8  LUCENE-512: Fixed ClassCastException in ParallelReader.getTermFreqVectors
     new 64047e0  refactor /update to separate servlet, allow post of query to /select
     new 174c830  fixed uid/gid in generated rsyncd.conf
     new e76cc52  update changelog
     new 4e0b46d  Add default field capability via df query string parameter
     new 891b25d  slightly improve javadoc of toString(String)
     new b2aca12  SOLR-3 - a general purpose test harness, JUnit base class, and migrated version of SolrTest's newtest.txt to JUnit
     new 0065df6  fix typo in javadoc
     new 159cd5d  fixed usage
     new 861222d  correct typo in comment
     new c511815  fix delete-by-id when indexed id != readable id
     new 597b011  resolved JIRA issue 536
     new 9a451c8  applied fix for issue 536 to bdb code as well
     new b08fd5a  catch NumberFormatException and provide fieldname: SOLR-10
     new 26ead39  add resin version to web.xml comment
     new ed514af  update changelog
     new 99a3a71  explicit XPP3 licensing
     new c2338fc  adding neccessary SolrConfig hooks so TestHarness and unit tests can specify arbitrary solrconfig.xml files, modified unit tests to demonstrate this -- per SOLR-3 and SOLR-8
     new 9c9604b  handle null returned by parameter map val for servlet args
     new ced4e20  SITE: apachecon eu 2006 presentation news
     new 765cd54  add escaping of attribute values
     new 2ef9c7e  trivial javadoc fix
     new 0e71a40  trivial javadoc typo fix
     new 8ac675d  Add getParams to SolrQueryRequest to allow support for multiple same-named parameters in the same way the servlet request allows
     new 1898a8a  remove inadvertent addition of unused imports
     new 0359b97  moved DateField format question so it shows up in javadocs
     new 18f330f  add missing license header
     new 580baa8  adjusted size of Solr logo
     new e16e400  first working version
     new 6945bc6  adjust size of Solr logo;added enable/disable link;add javascript var for hostname
     new 7ae4a26  added query arg optional for getting optional content
     new 89f1018  allowed inclusion of customized content into first table
     new c1e12c5  first working version
     new aa8f257  initial version
     new 3985e51  added admin-extra.html to gettableFiles
     new 930b828  first working version
     new c187d2b  added logging link
     new 983c045  added admin-extra.html to gettableFiles
     new 221a8d9  initial version
     new bf0cf89  initial version
     new 5deeaa3  - Added testQueryStringEscaping() to test QueryParser.escape(String) method
     new e1670d9  remove from svn, copy from src instead
     new 2e492c2  copy scripts into example
     new d8d159d  fix links in javadoc (LUCENE-563); clean up import statements
     new cb15338  small javadoc cleanup
     new 865e9ab  fixed NPE on log level changing when helthcheck isn't in use
     new dd8d4e2  fixed scripts permission in example
     new 64122cd  made log files group readable
     new c0df776  downgrade of jetty from 6 to 5.1.11RC0
     new 67f3d7f  - Made class non-public.
     new cb5f472  improve the exception messages and init the cause
     new 07587e8  improve some exception messages and init the cause of exceptions
     new d03ca8f  fix "throws" declaration in javadoc
     new af791e0  import cleanup to avoid warnings
     new 2531a82  init the cause of exceptions so no information is lost when this exception occurs
     new 55237c8  throw IllegalArgumentException if both field name and value are empty (to avoid a confusing "term out of order" exception later)
     new 7b2989a  fix update URL in
     new 47f1cb7  updated for jetty downgrade
     new a1460c8  fix for LUCENE-352
     new 0c9ec9e  fix for LUCENE-572
     new 1e70053  fix NPE and deletion bugs in ParallelReader: LUCENE-561
     new 2c5bc59  add empty extractTerms(): LUCENE-556
     new 375d553  add empty FunctionQuery.extractTerms() for MultiSearcher use
     new d63338b  new DisMaxRequestHandler as well as some generic SolrPluginUtils
     new 45712c5  fix RAMDirectory(Directory) 2GB size limitation: LUCENE-546
     new 1a66aa3  enable multiple solr webapps with JNDI config
     new f68744c  remove 2GB file limitation from RAMIndexInput and RAMIndexOutput: LUCENE-546
     new 18b39ae  documentation: little date correction
     new 15e77d2  adding CHANGE info i forgot to make a few days ago when adding DisMaxRequestHandler and SolrPluginUtils
     new dd3d979  LUCENE-496 - Command line tool for modifying the field norms of an existing index
     new d96e03e  Grrr... unbelievably bad compilation failure typo
     new d2b63d3  LUCENE-577: initial checkin of SweetSpotSimilarity
     new 2d04fec  Support for customizing the QueryResponseWriter per request - SOLR-16
     new 777ab03  LUCENE-485.  Don't hold commit lock while removing obsolete index files.  Contributed by Luc Vanlerberghe.
     new 38f1e31  Include full Apache license, not just per-file boilerplate notice, as recommended by  Also supply a NOTICE file.
     new 39852b3  Add package documentation for a few contrib modules.
     new 1915582  Preparing for 2.0.0 release.
     new abe6f69  Update for 2.0.0 release.
     new b9ec9b7  Add boilerplate for post 2.0.0 changes.
     new f5874a3  minor cleanup of existing javadocs to reduce warnings
     new 2fbda0c  minor javadoc tweaks to reduce warnings
     new e42880a  first significant push at improving javadocs for interfaces/classes used heavily by request handler plugins
     new 1501cc3  spellling & typos
     new 1ef156d  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 9760a3e  fix javadoc comment (copy+paste error)
     new 4c2bbf5  Added Grant Ingersoll as committer
     new 57f35aa  Added Grant Ingersoll as committer
     new 94cc256  make web application demo work again: don't use a QueryParser method that doesn't exist anymore
     new 2008f5c  simple HTML syntax fixes
     new 4ce2a2d  remove web.external.xml external XML entity
     new 4944720  make MultiTermDocs.skipTo use sub TermDocs.skipTo: LUCENE-586
     new 1d6371d  remove final, implement Cloneable, setTermText(): LUCENE-438
     new 2fd8f54  ISOLatin1AccentFilter fails to preserve positionIncrement: LUCENE-583
     new 847df55  ISOLatin1AccentFilter fails to preserve positionIncrement: LUCENE-583
     new 3afc919  SpellChecker min score is incorrectly changed by suggestSimilar: LUCENE-575
     new 62df936  SpellChecker min score is incorrectly changed by suggestSimilar: LUCENE-575
     new ffd73d8  LUCENE-587 fix Explanation.toHtml to produce valid HTML
     new 3b80b9c  simple commit so Erik can moderate me into the commit list
     new 2123b47  LUCENE-503: New ThaiAnalyzer and ThaiWordFilter
     new 00ff3cb  damn, i forgot to be explicit about the issue number
     new 003e9ea  adding new KeywordTokenizerFactory
     new 4f42191  more improvements to javadocs
     new 8226476  pattern-match copyField source name: SOLR-21
     new 3c7c44f  fix addUnique and corrupt size in BitDocSet
     new 631585b  LUCENE-578.  First version of gdata-server.  Contributed by Simon Willnauer.
     new 8956949  - Added javadoc about when Reader fields are actually read
     new 8fa9ff4  remove private method that was not used at all
     new 2b9effb  deprecate the class because it's not robust (fails silently) and use analysis.WordlistLoader instead
     new d4cc19d  Implementation of Issue 545.  Introduction of new Fieldable interface (extracted from Field) which is now used where Field used to be used.  Field now implements Fieldable. Added new method to IndexReader and derived classes for working with the new FieldSelector interface.  The FieldSelector interface defines a mechanism for doing lazy loading, amongst other things.  Implemented Lazy loading of fields in the FieldsReader class.  Added test case to
     new 545088a  Fixed license issues from Issue 545.
     new e63135a  new OpenBitSet, BitDocSet changes to use it, HashDocSet size params moved to the DocSetHitCollector: SOLR-15
     new 2f9eb80  faster HashDocSet.unionSize
     new 4836c63  move old test class from src to test dir
     new 0c69b09  fix class name after svn mv
     new 3a81079  DocSet.andNot(),andNotSize()
     new 9931b87  simplify unionSize, implement in terms of intersectionSize
     new f0bfc02  - perl -pi -e 's/\t/  /g'
     new e4ffe06  Added optimization to ignore duplicate terms
     new 025936b  remove searcher reference from MatchAllDocsQuery so it's Serializable
     new 20ff553  HACK Fix to javadoc generation so GData Server is only attempted when using java1.5
     new af59470  - LUCENE-601: RAMDirectory and RAMFile made Seriazable.  Thanks Karl.
     new 924914d  - Removed Jakarta reference
     new 944af6f  changed from using ls to find to handle very large number of snapshots
     new c13c954  store termvectors: SOLR-23
     new 1160b4d  public constructor for XMLWriter
     new 7bbc7b1  - Cosmetics
     new a7151c0  - LUCENE-593 partial fix (field name interned) - Made vars and LuceneIterator ctor private - Fixed comments
     new c5cd491  LUCENE-557: Lots of new Explanation test cases (and utilities for writing future test cases) as well as fixes for blatent bugs in the Explanation methods of BooleanQuery and FilteredQuery
     new 2024039  New Span query tests for LUCENE-557
     new 193ca19  changed from using ls to find to handle very large number of snapshots
     new c819835 fails to advance properly to new fields: LUCENE-607
     new 66a23a8  truncate new segment files before use: LUCENE-415
     new 3ff810c  Updated the 1.9 reference at the top of the file and added in some cross references to the API.
     new e2c8931  revert Document.getFields for back compatibility: LUCENE-609
     new 9c011b1  disambiguate inner class call to doc() for ecj compilation: LUCENE-610
     new da7f6e0  upgraded to lucene nightly 20060622, rev 416224
     new a7dda11  revert LUCENE-415, it's not needed for lucene 2.0
     new 79ae648  syntax change for ecj compilation: LUCENE-611
     new 8ebdf9f  LUCENE-608: deprecate Document.fields(), add getFields()
     new daee07e  use the new non-deprecated getFields() method, clean up some imports
     new 6e86efb  BooleanClause javadoc update: LUCENE-615
     new b5919a7  use default field list for single doc
     new 4707eea96 gdata dev update from Simon 2006-06-06
     new 2f24fda  fixed bug LUCENE-451 by adding new functionality in LUCENE-605 -- new ComplexExplanation class can model matching independent of having a positive value
     new d0070be  - Changed version to 2.1-dev
     new 0e23b32  LUCENE-618: commiting GData server patch 27.06.06.diff
     new b2dd60b  Added new TermsQueryBuilder to simply build boolean queries from text without having concern over clashing reserved words/special characters/legal syntax that is demanded by normal query parser syntax. Added new xml attributes to BooleanQueryBuilder to control disableCoord and minimumNumberShouldMatch.
     new d13def5  patch_29_06_06.diff from LUCENE-620
     new ddae8f0  - LUCENE-593, inner Iterator fixed
     new 13bb602  LUCENE-621 - new static methods for modifing default lock timeouts
     new a35e30c  WordDelimiterFilter could loose position info
     new 9561be6  SOLR-11 - BufferedTokenStream and RemoveDuplicatesTokenFilter from SOLR-11-BufferedTokenStream-RemoveDuplicatesTokenFilter.patch plus some additional tests and example config changes
     new 9e4cbff  added debug option
     new b747b5c  LUCENE-623: RAMDirectory.close() now nulls out it's 'file' references
     new 20711a9  improved admin stylesheet for IE - SOLR-6
     new 72af4e8  Exposed underlying support for stop words in the MoreLikeThis class
     new 69299c5  Exposed support for stop words facility through  LikeThisQueryBuilder and updated example LikeThisQuery.xml to illustrate usage
     new bf363aa  get content-type from request writer
     new 1c06c77  highlighting: SOLR-24
     new 82084a7  get content-type from request writer
     new 2224471  highlighting: SOLR-24
     new 89a47d0  order tokens by startOffset when highlighting
     new 9909374  fix reverse sorting when sortMissingFirst=true
     new 74848d9  fix reverse sorting when sortMissingFirst=true
     new 4f7faab  order tokens before feeding to highlighter
     new 5f7214b  Added Yonik's patch to deal with overlapping tokens - see
     new 482ad14  Added Yonik's patch for overlapping token support See
     new 64ae21e  lucene nightly r422302
     new 8e9950d  configurable language for SnowballPorterFilterFactory: SOLR-27
     new 10d32f1  add ISOLatin1AccentFilterFactory: SOLR-28
     new 1451c6c  work around Jetty bug with non-ascii chars in Writer: SOLR-32
     new f2b5656 SOLR-33
     new a17c5ab  Included unique key field name/value (if available) in log message of add: SOLR-18)
     new 336fcb7  add example of international char to sample doc
     new 02aafbc  JSON, Python, Ruby response writers: SOLR-31
     new 9de4ebb  JSON, Python, Ruby response writers: SOLR-31
     new 163f926  exception if both generate and catenate==0: SOLR-34
     new 5f8d606  set svn:eol-style native
     new 929d0d3  accute accent instead of grave
     new 70c8fc4  declare admin-pages to return UTF-8, add space in content-type strings: SOLR-35
     new 2cd520c  declare admin-pages to return UTF-8, add space in content-type strings: SOLR-35
     new e6f9c04  fix conflicting mime-types
     new e24147b  make json response writers available by default
     new 91270b5  highlighting params in CommonParams changed to non-static
     new de09962  - Reformatted
     new 9bc6ba0  - Cosmetics
     new 8723cd5  - Moved IndexSearcher creation to setSpellIndex(Dictionary) method,   so IndexSearcher is not opened/closed for every suggestion - Fixed typo in method name: setAccuraty -> setAccuracy - Cosmetics, comments and other cleanups
     new c0128f9  - Removed a useless tearDown()
     new 895f763  - Renamed some variables and made minScore private
     new f72c1e5  Don't re-create SimpleDateFormat objects, use static ones instead. Gives about a 2x performance increase in a micro benchmark.
     new 5388884  add the original query to the parse exception message for easier debugging
     new 769edb8  Allow the query parser default operator to be configurable via schema.xml
     new ae014f4  add defaultOperator example to example schema.xml
     new c45d042  javadoc from Karl Wettin
     new 0d60aba  UTF-8 example: SOLR-38
     new a0288da  slightly more verbose output for TooManyClauses exception
     new 5e61ac9  gdata update
     new 729ae8f  gdata update
     new ecddbc6  allow flags on getDocListAndSet method: SOLR-39
     new db7731c  don't indent single element maps and arrays
     new 8c0d234  fix LUCENE-638: ignore files unrelated to Lucene in FSDirectory.list(); also make rename more robust by using try/finally
     new 52e9e3d  LUCENE-641: fix off-by-one bug for maximum field length
     new c62a888  highlight,JSON features, tutorial JDKvsJRE
     new 27b737f  escape > to avoid illegal ]]> in content
     new af06aff  escape > to avoid illegal ]]> in content
     new bc40671  - Fixed typos
     new 8cd09aa  trivial whitespace fix only
     new 93ab8fd  fix the code example (still used the old API); fix a few spelling mistakes
     new 10517a3  performance test for TermDoc iteration speed
     new 7577051  HyphenatedWordsFilter: SOLR-41
     new a9a325a  LUCENE-646: fix various small issues with the "getting started" demo pages (patch by Michael McCandless)
     new 1d65537  remove "s" and "t" as stopwords because they make searching less precise, e.g. "t-online" gives the same results as "online" with "t" being a stopword
     new 95639bc  json:escape chars<=0x1f, python:encode tab
     new aa32350  gdata 2006-08-10 checkin
     new ed7ab7b  fix OpenBitSet.equals typecheck
     new 395115d  - Typo fix
     new 1a93366  - LUCENE-629: indexing and optimizing performance improvements when working with compressed fields
     new 5705f8d  - LUCENE-478: Updated Unicode code point ranges for CJK
     new a9691a4  - Modified some CJK Unicode code point ranges in StandardTokenizer.jj,   and added a few more of them to increase CJK character coverage.   Also documented some of the ranges.
     new c5d950d  - LUCENE-388: optimize maybeMergeSegments() to speed up indexing.
     new 0a69bbb  fix OpenBitSet.flip(start,end)
     new f7849f1  - Undid LUCENE-388, as it turned out it caused problems
     new 8b71759  adding upcomping ApacheCon presentation
     new 6ce8194  Updated the link to the 1.4.x archives, as the current jakarta link no longer works.  Added instructions on how to navigate to the archives section where the 1.4.x is archived.
     new a40febc  Updated the link to the 1.4.x archives, as the current jakarta link no longer works.  Added instructions on how to navigate to the archives section where the 1.4.x is archived.
     new 2946a6a  Also updated the link to changes.txt
     new 3308763  Also updated the link to changes.txt
     new 7a90732  don't use deprecated method (thanks to Simon Willnauer)
     new d24ee28  LUCENE-649: tiny typo fixes
     new d3629f2  gdata fixes: LUCENE-653, LUCENE-654
     new d516bf5  Fix for with added Junit tests for this bug and related problem  where last fragment can be huge if highlighting huge documents.
     new 8e36088  keep track of number of buffered documents: LUCENE-388
     new fa29367  fix getPositionIncrement: LUCENE-659
     new abb1bfc  move singleDocSegmentsCount maintinence to mergeSegments
     new 10a5c4c  Added highlight param documentation and removed unused import from StandardRequestHandler (testing checkin).
     new d4cc53d  Initial check in of TestTermScorer.  All test methods should pass.
     new 9763d03  LUCENE-650: Fixed NPE in Locale specific String Sort when Document has no value
     new 8c0d242  GData html render preview: LUCENE-660
     new 8456ba9  Changed explain method to use TermDocs.skipTo instead of looping.
     new a871cfa  Updated site--added Mike Klaas to committers list
     new 4ba69db  Initial check in of scoring.xml documentation.  I have also added lucene.css stylesheet and included it in the Anakia Site VSL, although I am open to other ways of including style information on a per document basis (I just don't know Velocity to make the changes).
     new e2b5047  Initial check in of scoring.xml documentation.  I have also added lucene.css stylesheet and included it in the Anakia Site VSL, although I am open to other ways of including style information on a per document basis (I just don't know Velocity to make the changes).
     new e14f9e3  Initial check in of scoring.xml documentation.  I have also added lucene.css stylesheet and included it in the Anakia Site VSL, although I am open to other ways of including style information on a per document basis (I just don't know Velocity to make the changes).
     new 9f374d9  Applied patch from:
     new 07b2a86  SolrParams: SOLR-43
     new 254945a  Decouple locking from Directory: LUCENE-635
     new f0375e3  remove accidentally added files
     new 82d2306  remove accidentally added files
     new 18c5d5b  scoring documentation updates from Michael McCandless
     new b237052  scoring documentation updates from Michael McCandless
     new d0f5077  remove accidentally added file
     new 22c19c9  modified example of using an existing analyzer to refrence one that supports a default constructor
     new a094b2b  Patch for SOLR-37 (highlighting param changes and new features)
     new 4e01800  Forgot to save CHANGES.txt prior to commit
     new 2a7b13b startFrom) public, add test
     new d34d6aa  Compressable field patch (SOLR-45)
     new 74f787b  more progress on SOLR-43
     new 447ddf0  SOLR-44 - simple facet support for StandardRequestHandler and DisMaxRequestHandler
     new 6c53bc3  Fixed bug where and were mistakenly adding all child (and grandchild) clauses to the top node. A call to Element.getElementsByTagName was the offending code - this descends full depth rather than getting only immediate children which is the desired behaviour. Thanks to Jingkei Ly for spotting this bug.
     new 2a94417  Updated to lucene-nightly 20060907
     new 4e31646  CHANGES.TXT for lucene upgrade
     new 224e098  Correct typo in comment
     new d116280  add client directory
     new 7034514  prop changes to supress modification warnings about artifacts from build and example
     new d0b971a  Updated scoring.xml per suggestions by Doug and Chris on issue 664.  Moved the Query information and Similarity info to the o.a.l.s package.html in the Javadocs and provided links to the javadocs from the scoring file.
     new 885e92a  Updated scoring.xml per suggestions by Doug and Chris on issue 664.  Moved the Query information and Similarity info to the o.a.l.s package.html in the Javadocs and provided links to the javadocs from the scoring file.
     new ec38c40  SOLR-46 - support for appended and invariant SolrParams in solrconfig.xml
     new 6594c7c  small tweak: facet.limit now assumes a sensible default of 100 to prevent extreme amounts of data from being returned to a naive client.  negative values for facet.limit force the limitless behavior
     new af0d115  Add description to javadoc and test-reports targets, and add more output to <junit>
     new cd441b6  Add request q.op=AND|OR to specify default operator for query parsing
     new 0fcfe87  getDocSet optimized for TermQuery
     new 4465baa  new segment merging policy: LUCENE-672
     new 202004d  quick fix of SOLR-47
     new 0e8037a  remove double-add typo from
     new b1322d5  retain zero size segments resulting from a merge: LUCENE-672
     new afe7742  solr-48 - added javascript to catch empty query
     new 8926e17  SOLR-48 - added javascript to catch empty query in admin query froms
     new f65467a  more docs for cache params
     new 8207bd1  - Typo fixes
     new 7456fdc  - Small wording changes to make javadoc a bit easier to understand
     new 6646560  add getContext() to SolrQueryRequest
     new 8c79297  use FilterCache for faceting single-term non-bool fields
     new 98f8010  javadoc additions and cleanup
     new f69188f  clarify that schema version is not app level
     new c91d524  format with lists for better readability; link ruby and c lists on
     new 5c89547  added support for per field boost factor
     new af08199  fixed array length bug
     new 652d91f  make files relative to top level directory
     new 7719af7  javadoc typo
     new 574f3d3  some simple queries for benchmarking
     new 2faaa1b  SOLR-25 - change FunctionQuery to use ComplexExplanation
     new efab233  new PrefixFilter from Solr: LUCENE-676
     new a66dc55  examples of syntax for parseFunction
     new 0d4e1b1  remove LazyField.chars to reduce memory consumption
     new 75f5619  Updated scoring information to only have one copy of the Scoring Formula.  Implemented Doron Cohen's new scoring formula description in the javadoc.
     new 1fad6b0  Added javadocs for
     new 12254ac  changed indexBoost to be norm(t, d), as in Similarity
     new 8afdf8e  indexBoost to norm(t,d)
     new 01fcae4  change ref to TermScorer to TermQuery
     new 0884745  TermScorer to TermQuery
     new 323328c  clarify change entry a bit
     new 32b1946  LUCENE-684: improve javadoc of deleDocuments(Term), thanks to Paul Elschot
     new cb4f27f  data corruption reading lazy loaded fields: LUCENE-683
     new 70472ad  NativeFSLockFactory: LUCENE-678
     new 3c35b82  ConjunctionScorer performance increase: LUCENE-443
     new b75358e  - LUCENE-544 - allow per-field boosts to be specified.
     new 901c8c3  DisjunctionSumScorer performance improvement: LUCENE-365
     new 1a12258  SOLR-49 - new XSLTResponseWriter for server side XSLT processing, and a new QueryResponseWriter.init(NamedList) method
     new d2fbaf8  added json.wrf, wrapper function: SOLR-56
     new 936b7ba  fix sharing of native locks by diff dirs: LUCENE-678
     new 247a4e2  unsafe use of IndexInput.clone(): LUCENE-690
     new c270fa8  test demonstrating problem cloning active IndexInput in LazyField: LUCENE-690
     new d969f3c  help TestThreadSafe fail faster
     new 59d5576  - Removed tabs and extra spaces
     new bc23956  ConjunctionScorer tests: LUCENE-693
     new 71c3f03  ensure Scorer.skipTo() is interchangeable with next(): LUCENE-696
     new 7eca526  factor boost into hashCode and equals to pass generic tests: LUCENE-698
     new e1b804f  added nested conjunction tests: LUCENE-693
     new 1eb10ab  - LUCENE-657: Made FuzzyQuery non-final and the inner ScoreTerm class, protected.
     new 19bf841  Improve BufferedIndexInput.readBytes() performance: LUCENE-695
     new 4dfdd6a  new IndexWriter.addIndexesNoOptimize(): LUCENE-528
     new 38d2797  - Some Emacs meta-Q action
     new 7abe115  - LUCENE-489: Add support for leading wildcard characters to QueryParser.
     new 1a5ac80  LUCENE-569: Fixed bug in ordered SpanNearQueries
     new a0339b4  - Create the index if it doesn't exist; CamelCased spellindex var
     new a20830e  new test: LUCENE-528
     new eea8ea9  new test: LUCENE-695
     new c0d330c  Lazy skipping on proximity file: LUCENE-687
     new 4a5ace9  remove incorrect javadoc
     new 4ffd204  SOLR-63 - blackslash escape * in ssh command used in snappuller for zsh compatibility
     new a0239f9  blackslash escape * in ssh command used for zsh compatibility
     new 2c71186  BugFix: field boosts were being ignored and doc boosts applied to fields rather than the doc (testcase + fix)
     new 6a36e71
     new 456025b  Added a line on how contributions can be made with a link to the Wiki page.
     new 32a0134  initial check in of benchmark directory structure
     new 861a964  initial checkin of build and dependencies
     new 1f94c5b  adding faceted search and list of output types to detailed query features list
     new d7a514f  Trivial changes fixed misspelled class name
     new 0a428ad  check solr return code
     new a840797  new license header
     new daedf1c  Fetching third patry libs via http from -- Refactoring GData-Server -- Apache Hivemind integration
     new fe4025e  Externalized some Ant-Tasks and Macros to fetch third patry libs via http from -- Refactoring GData-Server -- Apache Hivemind integration
     new d2d7d3e  Third party jar will be fetched by the dependecy fetching ant tasks during build process
     new 5cd72ec  checked patch for SOLR-65
     new 7ca20ee  new ASF licenses header
     new b596c43  add missing license header
     new 0546616  ASF license headers
     new 28fc069  ASF license headers, update intro
     new b09de37  Changed Build management to create jar files for core and IoC Container. Added Changes.txt file to document changes in build management, api, history and bug fixes
     new ebf6f78  Class could not be resolved due to wrong spelling (after refactoring)
     new 5627c62  Webarchive packageing prepared for including IoC metadata descriptors 	- including configured IoC descriptors in war distribution 	- improved dependency fetching (on demand) 	- fixed some spelling errors
     new 11d9ba2  SOLR-68 - new ClassLoader that knows about jars in solr/lib/ used for accessing resources specified in Config files, ie: plugins.  Added example/solr/README.txt while i was at it so the various subdirs including 'lib' would be documented.
     new 423c1b4  Commit benchmark code.  Thanks to Doron Cohen for updates
     new d94dfcc  Adding myself to committers list
     new bb00247  QueryParser changed to default to use of ConstantScoreRangeQuery for range queries. Added useOldRangeQuery property to QueryParser to allow selection of old RangeQuery class if required. Updated Junit tests. Updated javadocs for RangeQuery to reflect the new default behaviour in QueryParser
     new 3831455  updated to lucene nightly 2006-11-15
     new ca0804c  Updated docs - Added entry to changes.txt for the new QueryParser use of ConstantScoreRangeQuery, added entry to whoweare docs
     new 9a116a8  better memory estimate
     new 34e917a  better memory estimate
     new 2d5f3b0  better memory estimate
     new fb8fd8b  cosmetics
     new 2b1dd87  better memory estimate
     new 9f08d0c  added my name
     new 7e3c1bf  Optimization: call System.arraycopy instead of manual for loop copying
     new bd7fe4c  add subersion revision numbers for lucene nightlies
     new bd6f012  make sure to release write lock in IndexWriter if we hit IOException during construction
     new d634ccf  Lockless commits
     new 9b7d120  Lockless commits
     new 79bf43b  Lockless commits: LUCENE-701
     new f09b8d3  Lockless commits: LUCENE-701
     new 4b9f177  Lockless commits: LUCENE-701
     new fd42f16  backslash escapes within quotes: LUCENE-573
     new f5661f7  unicode escapes for QueryParser: LUCENE-716
     new bce2a5d  minor doc fix for LUCENE-661
     new 5569c9f  minor change: clean up some tmp test index directories (only on successful completion of test method)
     new a37adee  remove Java5 method call
     new 5995406  added my name (in the right file this time)
     new d68fbb7  who.* files regenerated with Forrest
     new 0568a30  LUCENE-651: Fixed a race condition in initialization of FieldCache.
     new cd39647  expanded description of LUCENE-651
     new c44be0c  LUCENE-543: WildcardQuery without wildcarded term rewrites to a TermQuery
     new 57653c5  SOLR-71: Date Math for DateField
     new e6f5697  LUCENE-701: temporarily disable 2 unit tests until I can fix to pass cross-platform/JRE
     new d98c449  default to "jar" so the correct manifest is used (not the common one)
     new 5cf9575  LUCENE-722: DEFAULT spelled DEFALT in
     new 9ba7a8e  RAMDirectory.sizeInBytes, public flushRamSegments: LUCENE-709
     new ad93748  example shouldn't use deprecated method
     new 248ff4e  cosmetics
     new d9cb737  cosmetics
     new 286c390  added option to measure indexing or query performance
     new 758a772  cosmetics
     new b797db9  cosmetics
     new 91c8324  clarify comments
     new 19f90a3  LUCENE-720: fix two new unit tests (with lockless) to dynamically compute field number since this number can vary depending on JRE
     new a01711b  LUCENE-720: added a few missing close's
     new e7ed920  clarified javadoc
     new 4002514  reverting update to non-deprecated method as it was not backwards compatible with lucene-2.0
     new dab153b  LUCENE-722: DEFAULT spelled DEFALT in
     new a1966d9  import and whitespace cleanup only
     new cdb3440  added getTokenCachingAnalyzer()
     new aeb9723  javadoc
     new e7cde62  cosmetics
     new ae68467  cosmetics
     new d33f53c  javadoc
     new 8ccee0c  hashing on a pair isn't necessary and overly complicates semantics. So taking Pair logic out.
     new b8387ec  javadoc
     new f76157f  javadoc
     new 694dcea  - Added the ASF License header
     new fe47121  - LUCENE-726: removed the use of a deprecated method
     new 61f2c83  - Gave Mark credits for hit LUCENE-703 changes
     new fa2be4c  Updated the website to new Forrest based site, see Issue 707, part one of commits
     new abe5ee5  part 2 of new docs commits
     new 7347e0b  next part of docs commit
     new 10e1320  removing old site building tasks and libraries
     new 282eef0  updated docs target to echo a message on how to update the website
     new 0f6aa13  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new bd76b75  - Fixed Mark's surname, thanks Eric ;)
     new ad49369  added clear() method to TokenCachingAnalyzer, changed anonymous class to public class
     new 8ab762a  Reverting back because of: "Actually, now I'm considering reverting back to the version without a public clear() method. The rationale is that this would be less complex and more consistent with the AnalyzerUtil design (simple methods generating simple anonymous analyzer wrappers). If desired, you can still (re)use a single static "child" analyzer instance. It's cheap and easy to create a new caching analyzer on top of the static analyzer, and to do so before each docume [...]
     new deb74c1  javadoc
     new 06b36cb  For repeatable exceptions, store into cache only if child.tokenStream(fieldName, reader) does not throw an exception
     new 64d4421  cosmetics
     new c982fde  SOLR-52 lazyfields patch implemented.
     new 8dc26ad  javadoc
     new 42e2191  non-recursive,skipTo: LUCENE-729
     new 5b7b831  map *:* to MatchAllDocsQuery: LUCENE-723
     new 3ec7fb8  LUCENE-727: adding unit test for MMapDirectory
     new 338991b  - LUCENE-717: Avoid build failure when (unused) lib directory does not exist
     new 57ce49d  - LUCENE-728: Removed duplicate/old MoreLikeThis and SimilarityQueries classes,   as their new home is under contrib/queries.   This means contrib/similarity is not completely empty.  I am leaving it in SVN   for now, as it seems like it could be a nice warm home for custom Similarity   implementations.
     new 63e97b4  - Javadoc cosmetics
     new 989b1cb  LUCENE-672: added description of the 'under-merging' bug that was also fixed with this change
     new ea57196  prepend apache to name, add tgz when packaging
     new 5e8b63d  add incubation notice, example pointer
     new 06a9b2e  better estimation of memory consumption
     new f620d56  find/replace tab --> space
     new 9b670ca  licensing updates
     new fb35869  licensing
     new 1912875  remove accidentally added file
     new f85eb58  license updates
     new 75164dd  license updates
     new 1900dbe  first pass at a decent manifest file for our JAR and WAR
     new c5dbbf9  SOLR-3 Removed src/apps containing the legacy SolrTest app
     new ae1b4db  Readded the lock-less commits documentation that was accidentally lost.
     new 0a69bdf  Readded the lock-less commits documentation that was accidentally lost.
     new 16d9dc0  fix a typo
     new 48cc7c2  a few minor improvements: multi-val fields as lists, and DHTML reveal of score explanation if available
     new 2b39422  LUCENE-669: don't double-close RandomAccessFile in finalize
     new 63d2e58  added support for Berkeley DB 4.5.20
     new e58c3c3  - Removed empty lib directory
     new 1be86c4  remove now-redundant xpp3 license
     new 5cd8093  use standard incubator disclaimer
     new 94c5c83  little schema cleanups
     new eb897e5  cleaning up the forms on index.jsp and form.jsp ... main motivation was to get rid of hte stylesheet param since it's pretty much worthless, but i also wanted to try and make the only options displayed on form.jsp things that were general enough to apply to any combination of request handler / response writer pair that comes out of the box ... i deliberatley didn't include all of the highlight and facet params however, because I wasworred that would make the page too cluttered.
     new 840875e  escape defaultQuery so it's safe to display in HTML forms
     new b49e659  notice/license updates
     new d7e5cc0  added incubation disclaimer to CHANGES.txt per incubator
     new 1275a2b  put license and notice in solr jar and war
     new e3f84c2  Fixed the trail (thanks Marvin) in skinconf and put in a temporary feather logo for the left image. Added in developer-resources.xml that contains info on contributing, downloading nightly builds and getting code from SVN and added it under the resources section. Fixed the news release item on the main page to be Nov. 26 Added in links to previous versions of site under the Site Versions so that we have links.  These sites have been downloaded and are available on the we [...]
     new 683d604  Fixed the trail (thanks Marvin) in skinconf and put in a temporary feather logo for the left image. Added in developer-resources.xml that contains info on contributing, downloading nightly builds and getting code from SVN and added it under the resources section. Fixed the news release item on the main page to be Nov. 26 Added in links to previous versions of site under the Site Versions so that we have links.  These sites have been downloaded and are available on the we [...]
     new e47e6bd  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 07918af  change ver to 1.1-dev
     new fc9694b  new numeric build property specversion added so we can ensure our manifest files have a purely numeric Specification-Version
     new 462ca75  useColdSearcher: LUCENE-77
     new ef34156  little comment cleanups
     new 65cd9b8  - Reindented
     new 8448546  KEYS.txt added to store our PGP keys
     new 58fc48e  make 'ant example' more visible and self-explaining
     new db54dcf  war now contains the solr jar, instead of the direct class files ... this also allows us to display the MANIFEST.MF version info on registry.jsp (it can't read from the WAR's manifest for some reason)
     new ec9f977  add description to example target
     new 636477d  build.xml cleanup: removed some targets that were not longer useful, clarified the descriptions of some targets, added a macro to build the MD5 checksum files as part of hte package target
     new 2b82b8a  add yonik's public key
     new 6ccabb7  -- Added in Clover code coverage, thanks to Michael Busch.
     new c674445  -- Added in Clover code coverage, thanks to Michael Busch.
     new 0d109d1  read/write .del as d-gaps when the deleted bit vector is sufficiently sparse: LUCENE-738
     new 10460b5  Performance improvement for SegmentMerger.mergeNorms: LUCENE-739
     new f4d9f44  LUCENE-669: I forgot attribution to Michael Busch for this (thanks Michael!)
     new d069484  per suggestion on solr-user, added a mime-mapping for .xsl files to the web.xml so that the mime-type will be set correctly even if the servlet container doesn't have one configured.  used application/xslt+xml instead of application/xml based on W3C XSLT recommendation since 2003/May ... tested in Firefox2 and IE6
     new 0025055  - Cosmetics
     new 81bef12  default useFilterForSortedQuery to off in example
     new 15df97d  LUCENE 744 - Appended property onto the directory that gets created in temp so that there aren't naming clashes.
     new f9cc865  Added in Benchmark javadocs to the contrib section
     new 8644261  SpanOrQuery simplification and test: LUCENE-742
     new 277ac02  Set the source to be the ${}
     new 88b053e  - SOLR-58: make admin pages return XML and transform them to HTML using XSL
     new 90d1f48  - Comment fixes
     new 62989cd  - Comment/docs cleanup
     new 59afa74  LUCENE-738: regenerating web site docs
     new e3e2ed3  Applied new structure of the gdata-server project. All source and test-sources are located under the ./src/ folder. Created GData Object Model (GOM) folder ./src/gom, Core-Folder ./src/core and ./src/hivemind Sources and Tests now splitted into their "sub" projects.
     new 9cc3210  deleted hivemind related test from core test folder. This source has been copied/moved to ./src/hivemind/test
     new 3bd4a16  Initial Revision GData Object Model GOM is a GData object representation for render, parse and manipulate GData Feeds (RSS/ATOM)
     new 4711af4  Removed unneccessary UML metadata
     new d775297  modifications added to changes.txt
     new 5aabf7a  Fixed compile error in GDataIndexWriterTest as IndexWriter has not commitTimeout setter anymore. Fixed misspelled path in gom-build.xml
     new 4374e2e  created internal "subproject"  structure to reuse the common-build.xml ant tasks
     new ad3ccde  fixed some path errors due to the new structure
     new b2fcbed  SOLR-70 - better parsing of pingQuery ... it's still not a very clean syntax, but at least it's now possible to have any pingQuery you want and it will acctaully respect multiple query params
     new c86a81b  when i added the version numbers to the Info page, I created some new temp variables in _info.jsp (assuming the numbers might be useful on other pages as well) that wound up conflicting with a temp variable already in use in distribution.jsp ... this commit cleans up _info.jsp so that only variables we want to bleed into the other JSPs do so.
     new fd37d36  adding intro and release notes type stuff to CHANGES
     new fef1ac1  add .project and .classpath to svn:ignore, for Eclipse
     new 17dee73  SOLR-59, copy request parameters to Solr's response
     new 7fdba93  SOLR-59, make echoParams=explicit the default in the example config
     new 65b3776  docs: version back-compat
     new 0c33839  add licensing info for snowball stemmers
     new fb0c30d  defined default task to use inherit ant tasks in sub folders
     new 550b50f  redefined compile-core and compile-test to exclude db4o dependend classes if db4o jar is not present
     new 5cfad2b  getting started note to README: SOLR-83
     new d201d56  make example schema more friendly to very casual users... omit norms on non-text fields by default, and selected text fields
     new 24a3343 fixed per patch from Simon Willnauer.
     new 66b77c3  new style ASL header
     new e03b4e5  add missing ASL header
     new dc2d648  SOLR-78 - replaced usage of Node.getTextContent with new helper method which allows Solr to work with DOM Level 2 parsers instead of requiring DOM Level 3
     new e23c98a  ignore Eclipse's .settings file as well
     new 5b21cee  - Fixed typo and unused import
     new 9d29a06  added copy of the website to the distribution, and added some verbage to the README.txt file so it would be more usefull to people downloading distributions
     new 94aa557  reverting analysis.jsp changes from SOLR-58
     new 0c24246  typos and case changes
     new 40d4385  minor typos and formatting changes
     new c45fc39  change eol-style on scripts
     new 6c995ed  SOLR-74 - user input wasn't being HTML escaped when echoed back on the page
     new f1ca91f  change docs/api to api
     new 16a578c  Hooked in link to Clover test code coverage reports, which will be generated by the nightly build once it goes live.  Currently the webserver holds a snapshot of the reports as generated on 12-16-06.  See issue 708.
     new a19cb46  make link to Javadocs explicitly point at index.html so local file:/// browsing of docs in distributions will work as well
     new a4e0edd  LUCENE-713.  Updated fileformats.xml to include how position and offset info is stored in the TVF file.
     new 9b2405c  Uses JUnit Task defined tempDir instead of system temp.
     new fe6343a  crlf text files in zip archive
     new b291157  commit release news to site. do not sync site yet.
     new d0f24d8  - Typo and tabs
     new 487fd66  fix confusing indentation
     new f146719  replace Vector with ArrayList, add clauses() to return that List of clauses: LUCENE-745
     new c900566  bump version numbers
     new 0d8f7b7  Mapped to the same value as tempDir.
     new c2946f7  explicitly set executable bit on scripts when packaging tgz release artifact
     new 43fb64b  set exe bits for zip too
     new d6823ef  LUCENE-702: make sure addIndexes(*) does not corrupt index on disk full; change to transactional semantics; fix IndexWriter.mergeSegments and IndexReader.commit to clean up (and leave instance consistent) on exception
     new 7c4b667  LUCENE-748: add javadoc around semantics of Exception during IndexWriter.close() LUCENE-129: fix finalizers to always call super.finalize LUCENE-301: add new constructors IndexWriter({String,File,Directory}, Analyzer) that create index if it's not already there, else append LUCENE-701: found two cases of "open IndexWriter for create while reader is open, on Windows" that I didn't properly fix; added new test cases LUCENE-702: corrected some small javadoc issues
     new 19ba76b  LUCENE-750: fix one case that was not closing an IndexOutput with a try/finally
     new 30c8ce4  remove FSIndexOutput finalizer, move FSIndexInput finalizer to it's Descriptor: LUCENE-750
     new 36e3880  fix escapes in StrUtils.split*: SOLR-87
     new 48b2a71  correct potential null pointer exception in unused DirectUpdateHandler found by fortifysoftware
     new 072c3c5  removing sitemap.xmap -- doesn't seem to affect the generated site at all using forrest-0.7, and Thorsten Scherler says it prevents our site from building with forrest-0.8
     new f0edf7f  Moved creation of reqeust and response out of the try/finally block.  I don't see any way for them to throw an exception, and it is bad form to reference a variable created in the try in the finally block (fortifysoftware issue)
     new dc910bd  LUCENE-701: remove unnecessary and confusing extra line
     new f4b3239  fix FieldCache holding hard ref to readers: LUCENE-754
     new 26fca51  - 'Massive' changes - added a few full-stops. Period.
     new fa71e29  - self.add() to LUCENE-728
     new 42592ae  - LUCENE-436: removed finalize() methods
     new 17315a9  - LUCENE-741: command-line utility for modifying or removing field norms
     new 8e6c9a7  - ThreadLocals' remove() was added in Java 1.5, using set(null) instead
     new c778473  Lucene 654 - Added GData
     new d9ebc50  Lucene 757 - Added init-dist target and had package and package-*-src call it to ensure the dist dir is created.
     new 6b52621  make sure build.dir gets created as well.  Plus make sure we exclude the results of running Forrest (src/site/build) from the source packaging.
     new a4b637a  SOLR-90, typo in comments
     new 62658b3  update release date in news, add link to download dir
     new c19acfe  comments added to explain the role of these schema files
     new ec9cbca  LUCENE-708: Added a news item announcing the new nightly build based structure of the website.
     new 8b7f6e4  - LUCENE-759: New n-gram-capable tokenizers and their unit tests.
     new 2cf113a  - Javadocs
     new e44e51e  SOLR-92: better handling of Attributes in DOMUtils.getText
     new 445eca1  test for JUnit presence, and fail with an informative message if JUnit is not present for the build.  Somewhat surprisingly, we need JUnit for the core compile target, as opposed to just the compileTests target, so do that test in compile as well.  Also a minor language improvement in tutorial.xml for the web site.
     new 7d96f24  Added some more explanation to the README to help people find the other analyzers.
     new c419334  set svn:ignore property on the build directory
     new 67399fd  ingore case in the names of commands (Search == search etc.)
     new 2a5ac64  LF endings for scripts.conf
     new 9814a94  Added some info on what is in a release
     new 411575b  LUCENE-758: fix javadocs to clarify that RAMDirectory(Directory) makes a full copy of the original Directory
     new 0104816  initial commit of Flare beginnings
     new 8570fa2  add a version of Solr under Flare too
     new 4c78c09  add some of Rails generated directories
     new c6166be  add log file ignores
     new 522c1af  remove index, let solr create it individually
     new 1469ed8  add empty data directory
     new e6a093f  remove redundant example code
     new 69d5d40  ignore index dir
     new ed0f589  improve README
     new 42ec4b2  Fix issue with non-Rails environment from    require 'solr'
     new 4d9c450  sooner rather than later, tease the Solr DSL out from the web framework
     new d57c97b  move core ruby-solr API to client/ruby/solrb
     new 93635b2  Move solr installation from flare to solrb
     new c82b170  LUCENE-764: add details to javadocs about temporary disk usage of IndexWriter optimize, addIndexes, addDocument methods
     new 957be9a  News item for LUCENE-493, announcing nightly source build availability.  Also fixed a missing section tag in index.xml.
     new 7641746  SOLR-94: start Solr before tests are run, shut it down afterwards (contributed by Ed Summers).  Original patch modified slightly to set the Jetty port to 8888
     new 8cffe45  replaced string concatenation with chained appends
     new 59b624e  property ignore on benchmark/temp and work
     new d526f56  SOLR-95: refactored how Solr starts for tests.  A few additional changes: added conf directory under test to allow the Solr test server to have its own configuration and data directory and set solr.solr.home when launching Solr.
     new 0e22e6f  remove diagnostic puts and add ASL
     new e534b04  Ignore the solr test data directory
     new 0b3fc2d  first attempt at making a mock Solr::Connection base test case
     new 9da08c7  refactor the solr mock a bit more
     new 5bc0a3b  add mock base class
     new 4202fc3  Changed the query processed by the highlighter for DisMax: instead of using the whole query (which included boost and filter terms), the highlighting will be limited to the user's query terms by default.
     new 9989082  Added new "CachedFilter" feature to XML syntax enabling any queries or filters to be cached for better repeat performance. Added JUnit test and example XML file. Also fixed ClassCastException in DOMUtils which occured when getAttributeWithInheritance reached the root of a document without finding the required attribute.
     new 18ece16  Fix to apply any custom boost setting when the Query is rewritten
     new 21b830b  SOLR-82 - allow default field values to be specified in the schema.xml
     new fc9b7af  refactoring some redundency with the junit check, also stealing the more useful failure message from lucene-java's common-build.xml
     new f0b51f5  Lucene.NET should be Lucene.Net
     new c9795dd  Maintain norms in a single file .nrm: LUCENE-756
     new 3d5823f  ignore data directory
     new fbc98a7  remove data directory
     new 0971e23  norms test: LUCENE-756
     new 092f737  SOLR-97: Rakefile now supports functional and unit tests.  Also added partially functioning test:coverage task
     new bfa8e6f  move test_solr_server to test/functional
     new 25d7271  Fix rcov for unit tests
     new c131174  Add more test coverage, with the currently only uncovered code being the mocked Connection#post method
     new dc20634  LUCENE-140: Add bounds checking to BitVector's get, set, clear methods to prevent index corruption on calling IndexReader.deleteDocument(int docNum) on a "slightly" out of bounds docNum.  Other changes:
     new ceaa0c3  LUCENE-732 - DateTools support for QueryParser, Resolution can be set on a per field basis
     new 6d0d02f  Added TestSolrServer.wrap.  Adjusted Rakefile to use .wrap method in test target, and added functional tests to code coverage run.
     new c10a85f  adjust test not to rely on hash ordering
     new e6467d8  a test of Solrs ruby escaping, mainly as a real example of adding a document and then searching for it
     new ae6c58f  add coverage and ignores
     new 853c03a  LUCENE-768: make sure IndexReader.close releases write lock even after hitting an exception in one of the methods that acquire the write lock
     new fe9c033  remove "tvp" from INDEX_EXTENSIONS which not used at all.
     new ca55eba  document deletion of unused extension "tvp"
     new a2beac1  SOLR-89 new PatternReplaceFilter, TrimFilter, and corrisponding Factories
     new 59b8e30  synced the html with the xml for issue 756
     new b3d61ea  add RubyGem build directory, pkg, to ignores
     new 91204f8  LUCENE-767: derive maxDoc from SegmentInfo.docCount instead of file length of fieldsReader's index file
     new 815f4f2  LUCENE-140:
     new da7c509  - Cosmetics
     new 9b0986a  - Added isOptimized() to IndexReader
     new 7c24124  - Added more javadoc for NO_NORMS
     new 0cad261  SOLR-100: added Exception handling to solrb (submitted by William Groppe)
     new 2d5f7d6  Add tests to cover the exception handling, bringing code coverage back to 100%
     new 856341b  removed a symlink file, it seems
     new 5f57b25  freeze rails edge
     new 6e43239  maxWarmingSearchers: SOLR-91
     new 0e556e3  LUCENE-771:
     new 92c5c69  throw error for missing sort direction, sort on unindexed field: SOLR-99 SOLR-9
     new 2dc1862  SOLR-101: Refactored request classes, adding Document/Field abstractions. (contributed by Ed Summers)
     new b397f4b  Add ASL header
     new ebab2b4  Change gem name from solr to solrb, based on personal preference.  Open to discussion on this.
     new 753ae83  OOify case statements in Request::Base.  Added more tests to increase code coverage
     new 76cd8e7  Add aggregate test suite, enabling one-click runs in an editor
     new db238e7  Lucene 675:  Initial commit of Doron Cohen's byTask benchmarking contribution.  Thanks Doron!
     new 56c1269  use standard request handler for ping request; dismax is not currently defined in our config
     new 01c454c  add tests to bring coverage back to 100%
     new c20a0cc  refactor Document slightly, allowing << to take multiple fields in a Hash
     new dcc781a  Fix Rakefile to fail immediately on unit test failures, rather than bug where things might seem ok if units failed but functionals did not
     new daa6ab8  spellcheck
     new 9ae7389  LUCENE-771:
     new 077fae5  simple python client: SOLR-98
     new ff86319  LUCENE-776: just clarifying comment on the private DIRECTORIES cache in FSDirectory
     new cde074e  Modeled Solr's StandardRequestHandler (qt=standard) as Solr::Request::Standard (includes common, standard, and facet parameters, but not  highlighting parameters).
     new f06086e  Cosmetic change to gem summary
     new e343ccc  Simplify schema, with only 4 fields: id, text, *_facet, and *_text.  The client does not send text, only *_text, which gets copied into the text field.  This is surely overly simplified, and will evolve back as field name munging facilities are added and other data types are supported.
     new 9963f16  Add MARC import example
     new d830174  Remove rails svn:externals
     new dea9c9d  add ignore for rails
     new 3fefa3f  Adjust README with current API
     new 9737c07  SolrConfig says 'system property solr.solr.home not set' in the log, when using default Solr home
     new 74e68c9  - Removed extra ;
     new 162dbee  SOLR-108: Request::Standard cleanup (contributed by William Groppe), with slight addition to fix failing test because rows became zero instead of nil
     new 8cafdd9  - Removed isEmpty() Java 6 method, so Andrzej can compile Luke
     new 5e4dcfa  Allow field hash to take an array for values
     new 7186189  upgrade to newer trunk build of solr
     new c7d72e0  allow facets and text fields to be multi-valued
     new ebfafc6  Add more MARC mappings.  Add a -debug switch to dump documents to stdout instead of sending to Solr
     new b9e804e  facet.mincount,facet.offset,facet.sort params: SOLR-106
     new 4c87471  oops, broke a test, fixed when a field value does not respond to :each
     new 3008314  LUCENE-756: small improvement to not rely on IO operation (fileExists) to check whether a "single norm file" is in use for the segment. Instead, save this information per segment explicitly into the segment infos file.  Also renamed to "singleNormFile".
     new 4f85c39  Exempt nil parameters from the Solr request
     new ce8064d  temporary change, make parsed response publicly available until facets are robustly implemented.  seems odd that facet response is not inside the *response* container though
     new b8ac946  SOLR-111: add new response classes and enhance connection.  one change i made was to make autocommit off by default and use a symbol for :on/:off
     new 8b96399  SOLR-111: add new response classes and enhance connection.  one change i made was to make autocommit off by default and use a symbol for :on/:off
     new db6cbaa  adjust README to have autocommit specified so the rest of the example works as-is
     new 59f0a1b  Update example to use _text field name and have explicit require/include code too, suitable for copy/pasting right into irb to work it, and cleaned up output
     new bd3e81a  add TODO discussion comment to ruby.rb
     new 9373fa3  update to facet parameter changes to Solr via SOLR-106
     new 3250a9b  add ASL to several files
     new 96922ef  crude search / faceted UI, requires faceted fields to be *_facet
     new d8195d0  solr graduation news
     new 0681350  Add an index page to Solrs webapp, based on a new users experience of expecting something here.  IANAWD (i am not a web designer) so just  raw page linking to the admin site for now
     new 4b43d35  Graduate solr from incubator to lucene.
     new b2ec237  remove incubating from CHANGES, test svn move
     new 1c62f43  remove incubating from README/build.xml
     new 81dddad  remove more incubating references
     new c4526dc  remove more incubating references
     new 9992515  site updates, lucene logo, release links
     new a5810b1  try and fix breadcrumb issue again
     new 02d6b05  LUCENE-773: deprecate "create" argument to FSDirectory.getDirectory(*); use IndexWriter's "create" argument instead
     new 2135986  permanent redirect for legacy docs/api links that may be out in mailing lists (prior to graduation, we had a symlink, but that broke when we moved the site, and this is a better long term fix)
     new 33ad0e6  HashDocSet new hash, union, andNot: SOLR-114
     new b631c61  Add ability to see details of test failures by adding -Djunit.details to the command-line.
     new bd5ef85  Add indexinfo request handler, which returns field information (currently type only) and index state information such as number of documents and Lucene index version.  This details about fields and the index returned are still being developed, so the response may change format until this is finalized.
     new 7b6a592  Clean up test language.  Sorry I didn't catch this earlier in Ed's patch.
     new b9f5817  remove temporary test data directory before running functional tests, and convert to rm_rf instead of rm_f in other places, and also set the default task to unit test instead of unit+functional tests
     new 18e95b1  Remove creating new Solr::Document in #add, as already does this.  This change allows a SolrDocument to be passed to #add/#update, instead of just a Hash
     new 189ffc8  Push @response down into Request::Standard, because not all Ruby responses have a response key
     new d5bc3ec  add new indexinfo request capability
     new 80606b5  Bring test coverage back to 100 percent
     new da5722f  Omit functional tests from gem as the overhead of a Solr server and risk someone would run functional tests against an existing Solr instance and remove all documents is not worth it at this point
     new 0e560ec  Upgrade to Rails 1.2, only this JavaScript file changed in the application itself
     new 4dffe93  Add some comments about auto-commit
     new 3b13126  LUCENE-780: add static Directory.copy() method to copy files from one Directory to another
     new befe8bd  negative queries: SOLR-80
     new 85e54f0  Update link to Solrs home page (thanks Ryan)
     new 1c227b2  svn should ignore logs dirs in sample solr home (logs is created if you use scripts)
     new d897920  LUCENE-773: fixed NPE caused by IndexWriter assuming LockFactory was non-null
     new fb60f57  LUCENE-781: fixed NPE in MultiReader.isCurrent() and getVersion()
     new 9a57076  revert LUCENE-781 for now
     new ec0dc7b  Updated Solr link per Solr graduation
     new 2f37fb1  add some additional facet mappings to MARC importer example
     new 39c8be6  Add support for new facet.prefix feature
     new 07a8771  add TODO listing task to Rakefile
     new f294acb  :"word.word" symbols make rdoc unhappy, unfortunately, so changed them to just strings
     new 1bebd85  Add helper method to retrieve and sort facets
     new 7dc0269  Add test for field_facets method
     new 29935fe  add TODO about all docs constant
     new bbf2dde  fix tests due to change in symbols to strings in hash
     new 70d1a4f  tidy up documentation and add license, preparing for an 0.01 release
     new b85c0cb  Remove Solr specific licenses, leaving it with only ASL for solrb
     new 9251a63  Fixed bug when BooleanFilter class is used in conjunction with cached filters - the anding of filters' bitsets was changing the original rather than taking a copy of the contents. Changed to use BitSet.clone before performing any destructive operation
     new f027d99  fix test that fails on zones server by replacing reference to localhost with
     new 8cf4a87  facet.prefix: SOLR-117
     new dcb98c1  generics for NamedList: SOLR-107
     new c02aed3  Added to aid construction of XML queries from form input by using XSL templates. A Junit test provides examples of use. This approach offers a convenient way of externalizing and changing how user input is turned into Lucene queries. Database applications often adopt similar practices by externalizing SQL in template files that can be easily changed/optimized by a DBA.
     new 387d954  Added missing Apache license comments - thanks for the reminder, Otis.
     new 7aef394  SOLR-120: Add persistent HTTP connections. (contributed by Coda Hale).
     new 1c738db  SOLR-121: Add support for multiple document adds. (contributed by Coda Hale)
     new f061d45  Allow Solr startup-time to be configurable, setting the default down to 5 seconds.
     new ee16eaf  add testcase Coda Hale also contributed, missed in previous commit
     new 8ad1ec2  Add TODO note about perhaps replacing our mock with the use of flexmock.  Not worth adding this dependency just yet, only when we feel pain in mocking later
     new 4e79f49  LUCENE-785: make RAMDirectory serializable again
     new 7e877bc  Add more features to the UI: inverting/removing of filters and queries, Ajax suggestion of terms.
     new 3c603b2  SOLR-104 - Support for Update Plugins: giving RequestHandlers access to ContentStreams, new URL structure allowing for more RESTful URLs, common baseclass for RequestHandlers, refactoring existing XML based updates into a RequestHandler
     new bcc539c  Cosmetic cleanup of Rakefile, adding descriptions for all publicly desirable tasks
     new 3051e0a  Simplify Solr::Exception - Exception already allows for a message
     new 8e82ba6  Define Solr::Request first thing, allowing future simplification of the request class definitions
     new a877d34  Cosmetic cleanup, eliminating double nesting of modules which visually reads a bit cleaner, less nesting
     new 05d7b69  straggler, creating empty module so it is defined, so classes later can be created as class Solr::ClassName
     new 54bf86c  doing away with brittle case statement
     new cb9efe4  disable remote streaming by default
     new b6dd625  SimpleOrderedMap, JSON named list changes: SOLR-125
     new 7089733  an example of the accented characters of the example data being displayd from Flare via solrb
     new 7e18144  html escape the field values to be displayed, so we get the nicetag shown
     new 7d58303  LUCENE-565: added NewIndexModifier (IndexWriter subclass) to more efficiently handle updating documents (delete then add)
     new 6d18f02  Commit SOLR-126. Omitted the typed collection change in DUH2 (trunk has been updated), and added autocommits to the stats tracked by DUH2
     new 162cbb9  SOLR-132: Add tests to verify roundtripping of accented characters from solrb API to Solr (contributed by Antonio Eggberg)
     new 08597d0  SOLR-134: Handle Time values using UTC + ISO 8691 representation (contributed by Coda Hale)
     new b0a23e2  fixed typo in test solrconfig.xml
     new e5a6d06  added myself to the committer list on the "Who we are" page
     new 3e0bd94  Organize 'who we are' page to better match current active committers.
     new dcbcfd7  Ruby solrshell
     new a77b94c  Patches autocommit max docs test to be less time-sensitive
     new ff7c754  Add Delicious Library <> importer and small sample set.  This is way more fun than processing MARC records!
     new 36c2419  Fix up requires so tests can run from TextMate, and of course still with rake
     new e86589e  remove unnecessary bin directory
     new 842995a  LUCENE-701: make IndexFileDeleter class package protected and final (was public unnecessarily)
     new c06fe80  SIMILE Exhibit support (prototype) -  Tada!
     new 32d4ad8  Added author and page count to import.  Adjusted schema to not stem or remove stop words.
     new 7dec195  Add SIMILE Exhibit view of the currently filtered set, as proof-of-concept.
     new 24d527b  change dataDir to return dir containing index
     new 0149b5f  Changes to improve server-side speed and thread safety by caching reusable, compiled stylesheets.
     new 6416698  handle null key for
     new 57fef31  Modified AutoCommitTest to add an superfluous document when expecting a commit to occur.  This should block if by chance the commit is taking too long.  Possible caveat: delays might also cause extra commits.
     new 55450e5  LUCENE-795: deprecate Directory.renameFile()
     new 32280db  Add gunzip capability to MARC importer
     new 42db0f2  Upgrade Solr support with modified facet data structure.
     new 844f80c  removing superfluous return statements
     new 60766a8  Make test more lenient, as it seems Solr changed its error reporting format a bit to include the full stack trace.  Eventually I think the exception message and stack trace should be separated in the response so a client could pull out just the message easily.
     new 8b194f6  SOLR-122: Add optional support for libxml2, with fall back to REXML if libxml is not installed. (Contributed by Coda Hale)
     new 0695150  javadoc cosmetics
     new 28cb43d  upgrading note about JSON response format
     new df6894f  Added link to my FOAF page on people.a.o
     new a3775da  fix for SOLR-145, some Exceptions were being ignored by RequestHandlers
     new cb0cb93  handy rake addition to list routes
     new e399143  add SIMILE Exhibit graphic
     new 667aba9  add sparklines pie charts by the facet counts
     new edde3b6  there was no test case for subSearcher() -> adding at least a simple one
     new 38e272f  empty directory for Ryan
     new 33d170b  add highlighting support to Standard request
     new d0b674a  SOLR-147: Add DisMax support
     new cf81861  SOLR-146: fix Solr::Response::Base.make_response raises misleading exception when response class exists but raises an exception on creation
     new 4ac2176  SOLR-150: Add rake task to easily package solrb for use in a Rails app's vendor directory
     new cd44713  SOLR-151: Added <optimize/> command support.  Also, committing a few files missed from previous dismax support commit.
     new e61bc59  add dismax handler to config
     new b5a9abd  Cancel pending autocommits on DUH2.close()
     new 65d27c8  Lucene 762 - Applied original patch as I could not find a nice way to handle lazy fields as part of a readField() method on FieldSelectorResult per the suggestion on 762.
     new b4ed197  SOLR-154: Updated tasks to package Rails vendor/plugins structure
     new da1f585  fix up the generated license
     new 881ab33  Forgot changes.txt updates for 762
     new bb66099  Applied 788 and 790 from Doron Cohen.  Ran both the micro-standard and the task runs and results look reasonable.
     new 2db80e7  SOLR-157: Fixed NPE caused by index fields which do not appear on schema.xml.  (contributed by Ryan McKinley) Also relocated package from request package to handler package, and removed experimental warning.
     new 6b81f79  clean up imports
     new e5c7e68  SOLR-155: Fix field contents escaping (patch provided by Coda Hale)
     new b764a44  SOLR-154: more on Rake task to package solrb gem into Rails vendor/pluginsn subdirectory
     new 13eaccf  Lucene 790
     new cb2e229  Add SIMILE Timeline view, currently specific to the Delicious Library dataset
     new 95bab84  LUCENE-565: merge NewIndexModifier back into IndexWriter
     new 09930c9  LUCENE-799:  Added support for Lazy compressed string fields.  Thanks to Mike Klaas.
     new ee12ced  LUCENE-801: build lucene core and demo first, change classpath to use the build classes instead of the jar
     new 070ed83  add getFilter to ConstantScoreQuery
     new c3d36ff  SOLR-159: Fix DisMax sorting (contributed by Coda Hale)
     new 3a7486b  starting 2.1 release
     new 4cb0175  update version
     new ea7d510  Adjust Lucene version value to be a String rather than an numeric.  I found a case with Ruby where the numeric was too big to laod when serialiized to a YAML file (maybe this is an edge case?).  It is unlikely that a client needs to use this as a numeric anyway, but rather as a comparison against later calls to the IndexInfoRequestHandler.
     new 4a33261  Add year, call number, isbn, and filename to the documents.  note that the filename_facet is not currently generalizable and specific to the data files i load, which are numbered but this should not be a problem
     new 7f130dd  Add full title text, asin and published year, as well as moved publisher to facet
     new cb2f839  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 33c0b65  SOLR-79: Add system property ${<sys.prop>[:<default>]} substitution for     configuration files loaded, including schema.xml and solrconfig.xml.     (Erik Hatcher with inspiration from Andrew Saar)
     new 72ef071  Correct javadocs with the exception behavior
     new 5d96061  upgrade solr, leverage new property substitution feature, adjusted basic tokenization settings
     new 47f7ed8  Add todo note
     new 5f4e9ee  SOLR-160: work on functional tests functioning on Windows.  This commit is a slight tweak to the code contributed by Mel Riffe
     new d565def  Loosen up test_bad_connection to hopefully also work on Windows
     new 2f91112  set svn eol-style
     new b7e7ea6  Put back comment that got deleted in last patch application
     new 3e80baf  try to distinguish between quote as a string delimiter or something else: SOLR-140
     new 304d6f8  upgrade to Lucene 2.1
     new a6f0f03  fix typo  + allow multiple param values - Wade Leftwich
     new 28d75b0  make solr more easily embeddable: SOLR-149
     new efe631c  adding doap
     new 65c9c90  site update for Lucene 2.1
     new 7b76e70  Latest Solr WAR, includes Lucene 2.1 and system property features
     new 6ac1068  Rename solrb to solr-ruby.  Long live solrb
     new 6431949  conf directory not needed
     new fe49f05  Require Rails 1.2.2 for Flare
     new 5dd230d  Add Tang dynastry poetry example importer and data
     new 4c14e8e  Add sample MARC data file
     new 2bc67de  several changes, including warts... almost functional in_place_editor, Solr configuration separation, etc
     new cf8e2f1  rename file to be more sensible
     new 7c68d38  adjust to renamed file
     new ef51762  Fixed the bad link to clover tests in developer-resources.xml.
     new 4ac02f06 SOLR-86: SimplePostTool, contributed by Bertrand Delecretaz
     new a88d95b  Check in binary post.jar to make life easier for curl unfriendly environments
     new 11b35c3  Rename solrb -> solr-ruby
     new 6248e8f  binary of post.jar not needed
     new 3f405ad  Remove Solr binary installation from solr-ruby directory, lightening the load.  Functional tests will require some path adjustments, and developers will be required to point to their own Solr instance
     new f5a83ed  This README is not suitable for solr-ruby at the moment
     new 4d3d23a  Explicit version number added ($Id didn't work in a constant?)
     new 0e5ea39  Functional tests overhaul.  Solr now must be externally installed, and is configurd by default to assume a full trunk Solr checkout directory structure and points to the example Solr installation.
     new 062850f  svn ignore post.jar in exampledocs
     new 5ddfe53  small bug fix from Ryan over email...
     new cacf143  SOLR-166 - JNDI solr.home code refactoring
     new e1c7613  SOLR-166 - JNDI solr.home code refactoring
     new beb009b  add README mentioning
     new 5ea4bd6  SOLR-164, use the SOLR-86 client in examples of the Solr tutorial
     new 45bf72b  tiny typo fix in javadoc
     new ff78638  search package javadoc fix: Content line; Typo; Update WildCardQuery info with QueryParser.setAllowLeadingWildcard
     new 5ff29d2  clean IndexWriter unused code: Unused private constructor; Unused imports
     new 85e27f0  - Cosmetics
     new 4541271  LUCENE-793: added 3 new exceptions (subclasses of IOException) to better call out possible root causes of an IOException
     new a76bf77  SOLR-152 - support for q.alt in dismax handler so requests without query strings can return results based on whatever alternate query is configured
     new 0aa2a95  SOLR-158: new qs (Query Slop) param for DisMaxRequestHandler
     new 95158fd  indenting cleanup
     new 3b968a0  QueryParsing.parseQuery(String,IndexSchema) and QueryParsing.parseQuery(String,String,IndexSchema) now respects the schema.xml <solrQueryParser defaultOperator="..."/> setting.  Before, only QueryParsing.parseQuery(String,String,SolrParams,IndexSchema) respected the schema setting.
     new 2ca3943   - moved highlighting-specific classes to  Highlighting  - brace consistency in  - removed unused final static in SolrPArams (should highlighting param defs be moved here?)
     new 57d6f91  Switch all-docs query to new *:* syntax
     new 57404e1  add timeout option to Solr::Connection.  Net::HTTP has a default of 30 seconds, but a large index requires much longer than that for an optimize, for example
     new 2a45238  Add placeholder for future Solr Rake tasks
     new b58de26  Bump default filterCache up even further to accomodate library facets, sheesh
     new 91a659a  pull conf directory up a level, since we no longer have a copy of Solr here
     new 4702ce2  remove empty dir
     new 185814a  sample MARC file removed to save space.  it is being distributed to the code4lib class separately
     new a8353ff  remove sparklines dependency, replace with staticly generated pie charts, added script/pie.rb to easily regenerate them if necessary
     new 729c510  Remove this sample data due to copyrights.  It will have to be manually downloaded by individuals
     new 72ee2ce  finished removing old HL params
     new 022e5a8  Allow filename to be specified on the command-line
     new 48ca174  Add Beth Nowviskie's beautiful touch!
     new 8680e2a  more of Beths beautification
     new bebe033  tweaks to suggest popup to avoid overlay issue, lowercased flare as that seems a good persona, and added commas on document display
     new 81fef0c  reverting some of Erik's recent changes to the SolrQueryParser constructor and implementing the intent in a new IndexSchema.getSolrQueryParser method
     new 6444984  LUCENE-804: fix build.xml to pack a compilable src_dist
     new 1486b19  LUCENE-811: make SegmentInfos class package-private again
     new 55b6b3d  Change pie color to match CSS look
     new b6541aa  * Added DocumentController to control search results detail rendering.  SOLR_ENV selects one of the   Solr environment configuration mappings defined in environment.rb ('development' by default).  solr.yml   eliminated (Ruby is a fine configuration language!).
     new e136c15  Add ChineseAnalyzer to the mix for *_zh_text fields
     new adafb31  license/comment update
     new c2f5424  Fix off-by-one error with paging, and wetly add going to the first page any time changes to constraints occur.
     new 6ce02c5  Add custom delcious library view which includes Amazon images
     new 3e03520  leverage SOLR_CONFIG for determining the field name for data information
     new e847eac  Add primitive timeline configurability - ability to set field name used for start/stop dates
     new 69b9438  fix issue with empty suggest item - it was the count of all objects that do _not_ have a term (facet.missing) in the text field.  ultimately the request made to Solr should not request for missing values on suggest lookups
     new 919a388  SOLR-173 - fix for 'too many open files' - close requests at end of SolrDispatchFilter, and only get Searcher in response writers if it's actually needed.
     new bb81d5f  component rendering is much slower than partial rendering, and nothing custom was being done in DocumentController (yet) so switch to partial rendering for now
     new c1a5882  previous commit meant to send document_controller, not browse_controller.
     new 330aa30  LUCENE-771: fixing the description of the naming of the write lock in the file format doc
     new 178500b  LUCENE-813: Leading wildcard fixed to work with trailing wildcard
     new 66d4eb3  LUCENE-812: make sure Native/SimpleFSLockFactory can be set via system property
     new 1e1f9bd  clarify null term text
     new 50c59eb  upgrade to commons-fileupload-1.2
     new 52d00cd  fix display of multiple tokens at same position: SOLR-168
     new 53e4c9d  - Wrapped looong liiines
     new 7b570fc  - LUCENE-759: Made the tokenizer capable of creating n-grams of a varying sizes - from min to max characters per n-gram.  Patch from Adam Hiatt.
     new 6fdf11d  fix synonymfilter offsets: SOLR-167
     new 1c3ec1d  clarify Term javadoc: field shouldn't be null either
     new 6636d88  - 2-char indentation
     new e356ea4  - Cosmetics
     new f3bd9eb  - Cosmetics
     new 534be15  - LUCENE-759: Two n-gram producting TokenFilters (using them for the spellchecker in SOLR-81)
     new d7e203c  - LUCENE-786: Javadoc improvements from Karl Wettin and an extra searcher.close() from me
     new cfb9f5f  add Iterable and Iterator support to response writers: SOLR-177
     new e6a9d9b  only open .nrm file once: LUCENE-821
     new 4081e73  LUCENE-820: improve MockRAMDirectory to mimic Windows (can't delete open files); added test case for this bug (this root cause of this bug was already fixed by the fix to LUCENE-821)
     new 83efa50
     new 25227a2  enables multi-param for several dismax params (SOLR-174)
     new 2380a95  Fixing backwards compatibility unit test to make its test dirs under tempDir
     new ccadb54  introduced FlareContext, added saved search feature, and made things more configurable through SOLR_ENV
     new 1d1e446  LUCENE-823: add unit test coverage to assert that when a MockRAMDirectory is closed, there are no open files; fixed 2 minor cases this check uncovered
     new b972b13  convert interfaces to public visibility that already should have had it
     new dc7a398  SOLR-171: Add per-doc and per-field boosts.  (contributed by Coda Hale)
     new 8107008  LUCENE-824: remove redundant try/catch from IndexWriter.addIndexesNoOptimize
     new 622d58b  LUCENE-825: make sure FileNotFoundException is returned if directory.list() returns null
     new 35c0da7  TestBackwardsCompatibility typo - rmDir already computes fullDir
     new 3971874  LUCENE-800: removed backslash from the TERM_CHAR list in the QueryParser to support escaping of backslashes
     new 57cf17d  LUCENE-372: QueryParser.parse() now ensures that the entire input string is consumed.
     new 07a632c  LUCENE-825: detect null returned from Directory.list() and throw IOException not NPE
     new f4490ac  LUCENE 791, INFRA-1173:
     new 237bcb6  Lucene 803: added: .project .classpath .settings *.iml *.iws *.ipr
     new 8306aa5  Lucene 803: added: messed up the 8.iml
     new 45ff9e4  Lucene 803: added: messed up the prj.el
     new 0b706b4  LUCENE-761: The proxStream is now cloned lazily in SegmentTermPositions when nextPosition() is called for the first time.
     new 11fb131  Corrected comments and changed a variable name in SegmentTermPositions to better reflect the meaning of the variable
     new 1a48e21  - Committing forgotten classes for LUCENE-759
     new ab763bb  contrib.benhmark.byTask javadocs corrections
     new 1159f9a  LUCENE-710: add optional autoCommit=true/false mode and customizable IndexDeletionPolicy to IndexWriter
     new d4e406a  LUCENE-814: javacc build targets now fix line-end-style of generated files, and deleting all javacc generated files before calling javacc.
     new 4648912  call rmDir() up front to prevent confusing false-positive failures from backwards compatibility unit test
     new 9da8211  LUCENE-818: throw AlreadyClosedException when accessing IndexWriter, *Reader, RAMDirectory and FieldsReader after close()
     new eb20c06  LUCENE-755: Added the ability to store arbitrary binary metadata (payloads) in the posting list.
     new cb88961  LUCENE-807: Fixed the javadoc for to be consistent with
     new a6d56d5  maintain most recent file format in a single line in the code. (this is less bug prone.)
     new a1b021e  SOLR 188
     new b04a150  LUCENE-710 followup: code cosmetics and added documentation.
     new 4009332  TestWindowsMmap now creates the index $(system.tempDir)/testLuceneMmap.
     new b5a0c0c  LUCENE-710: make IndexWriter.abort() synchronized
     new b9edb28  Make contrib/db and contrib/memory compile with changes from LUCENE-755
     new 977e729  LUCENE-829: close done readers in contrib/benchmark.
     new 78a6922  LUCENE-829: (close readers in contrib/benchmark) - also update CHANGES.txt
     new 939ed11  -LUCENE-828: Term equals(Object) fix
     new deabc30  - Cosmetics
     new 539eaa3  - Cosmetics
     new f1c149f  - SOLR-81: SpellCheckerRequentHandler
     new 5f5bd3b  humanize facet labels, more config work
     new 025282f  - SOLR-81: the correct this time
     new be9caaf  - Filename fix - thanks Mr. hawkeyed Hatcher
     new e8bcef0  - Added a default accuracy of 0.5 for the SpellCheckerRequestHandler
     new eec37f5  - Fixed termSourceField assignment
     new 9a31a88  correct names of dynamically loaded classes (analyzers, doc/query makers)
     new cf7c86a  commit SOLR-172
     new 55106b5  Reverted change r520088 to
     new 22305ab  Add _display field that is stored, but not indexed
     new 7921ba1  Add waitSearcher/waitFlush options to commit request.
     new cbec0d3  - Removed erroneous SolrCore reference and svn propset svn:keywords "URL Revision Id"
     new c537524  add empty_constraints? method
     new e10ac8f  Start work on flare as a plugin
     new b781ee8  Take advantage of flare as a plugin, removing code that is now in the plugin
     new 21a4500  SOLR-194: use fixed UTF-8 encoding to read the files to POST
     new e09189a  LUCENE-837 applied
     new 14d70e9  interned comparison comments
     new 80314c1  add utility methods to deal with Solr ordered hash maps
     new dd7864a  - Moved from o.a.s.request to o.a.s.handler package
     new 8221d93  Fix install_solr_ruby so duplicate subdirectory is not created on subsequent runs
     new 34b5606  LUCENE-840: benchmarking code correctness tests were added.
     new f4fffb3  LUCENE-837: Added optional bytes field to store on the Document.  Enabled ReutersDocMaker w/ the ability to store byte data in a field.  If the param is set (see the javadocs) it will store the contents of the body as a UTF-8 byte array.
     new cfff81d  LUCENE-837: fix copyright
     new 251c2b3  LUCENE-837: Fixed issues related to Doron's comments on Mar. 22, 07.
     new 346b484  Documentation updates following LUCENE-837.
     new aaf20b2  Move the page number out of session scope into the Context.
     new a337647  400 errors for numeric parsing exceptions, RequiredSolrParams: SOLR-183
     new eee9d52  LUCENE-846: don't corrupt IndexWriter instance on hitting exception (eg disk full) during addIndexes(*) when writer is opened with autoCommit=false
     new a9500c3  Add support for q.alt to Dismax query
     new f363315  add TODO
     new 1da74f6  dismax apparently does not even output a _highlighting_ section in the output unless there is a full-text query to highlight
     new 6016746  The beginnings of a general purpose importer / data mapper in order to feed data into Solr
     new cd9862f  Add support for dismax query
     new ff396ca  Add yield to indexer, allowing client to have final control over the Solr document indexed after the mapping has been made
     new 031f50c  LUCENE-849: configurable HTML Parser; external classes; exhaustive doc maker - '*';
     new 876dd28  lazy loading request handlers: SOLR-182
     new d50b65b  SOLR-81: more spellchecker enhancements, cleaned up schema/solrconfig, added support for relative paths as well as RAM based spellchecker directories, fixed NPE when using cmd=rebuild, added cmd=reopen
     new 4e34a79  whitespace reformatting to 2-space convention
     new 2ba4a3a  Undoubtedly, a vain attempt to ward of people sending user help questions to java-dev by putting a do not send message a little bit closer to the subscribe button.
     new 79bb0f1  Add document_by_id method to Flare::Context
     new 9901f0a  Fix SimileController that broke with the plugin change
     new 4f1d658  LUCENE-710 changes to the fileformats docs
     new 798dc16  Correct typo
     new 8b7cdb9  Fix for clearing constraints, which also cleared saved searches.  Added edit saved search action.
     new 205ede4  added link from dismax 'mm' parameter to format document
     new b591bd8  LUCENE-834: Added in payloads search package, with one Query implementation: BoostingTermQuery.
     new 8e21217  RunExecutableListener didn't wait if configured: SOLR-198
     new 18dc9d9  stream.contentType, stream.file: SOLR-197
     new 731416a  CSV updates: SOLR-66
     new f519838  parse skip for CSV
     new 6b58a85  CSV: default commit to false, add tests for skip, skipLines
     new d9b2257  Updated to point to Hudson nightly builds located on lucene.zones.a.o at
     new 87213e0  added missing space
     new 1e7d6d1  added missing space
     new ca5430c  Update links to point to Hudson
     new 55ee8f2  fix queryString parsing to handle UTF8 (percent encoded): SOLR-202
     new 32d95f5  factor out commit param parsing: SOLR-185
     new 665e7d7  factor out commit param parsing: SOLR-185
     new 023ffe2  - Cosmetics
     new ec04931  - Don't use the deprecated FSDirectory.getDirectory(indexDir, boolean)
     new e158736  - Import cleanup
     new af77bc0  - Fixed javadoc typos.
     new 3a1652a  - Added the missing ASL 2.0
     new 5650a7b  - find . -name \*java -type f | xargs perl -pi -e 's/(\r\n|\n|\r)/\n/g' \   && find . -name \*java -type f | xargs svn propset svn:eol-style native
     new 421dc4f  add TODO about new xml update handler
     new 8756ade  Allow passing through of options to Solr::Connection
     new 83066b4  Add better update request handler, CVS handler, etc from latest Solr
     new dcf9e3e  Dynamically load all tests for suite.rb (contribution from Josh Goebel)
     new 7ab87c4  Only use symbols for mapping keys. Strings pass through as static field values
     new a85eefd  Add XPathMapper, useful for mapping XML file data into Solr
     new ace7969  - Removed unused var
     new 80d54c7  - Removed unused BooleanScore param passed to the inner BucketTable class
     new 9d7f991  - LUCENE-796: Don't call super.get*Query(....) to let sub-classes override.
     new e21ffed  improve the example code a bit
     new 2412d83  javadoc: clarify when a reader may be closed
     new 76dffdd  small javadoc improvements about ids and performance
     new 6e21109  Spelling correction
     new 65e0b15  SOLR-184: add echoHandler=true to responseHeader, support echoParams=all (contributed by Ryan McKinley)
     new 48e662c  - LUCENE-853: Filter caching on the remote side of the RMI connection.
     new 2137fae  - Removed a @todo and replaced it with javadoc about RemoteCachingWrapperFilter that was added in LUCENE-853
     new b831821  - LUCENE-857: Removed caching from QueryFilter and added QueryWrapperFilter that can be combined   with CachingWrapperFilter to provide caching.
     new 8abc9bf  LUCENE-710: fix false-positive failure case of 'delete by time' deletion policy test case
     new 834c7c6  allow fieldType as well as fieldtype in schema
     new 78a3a8a
     new d116528  Revert dismax support for the time being - this will be resurrected (with test cases even) in the near future when it works properly
     new 021f4ee  Ignore blank queries instead of adding a bum empty one, and change redirect not be hard-coded
     new 46873c3  Update to require Rails 1.2.3
     new 866b626  minor followup to LUCENE-857, fixing a small mistake in Otis's orriginal commit to ensure that the deprecated QueryFilter still cache's
     new 690dbac  add sorting capability to Flare::Context
     new 934a56e  contrib/benchmark: better error handling and javadocs around "exhaustive" doc making.
     new 2970a6c  typo corrections in comments
     new 18f1bda  finalize() was not correctly overridden, typo in function name
     new 1877f9e  Fixed Junit failure due to recent change in QueryParser default behaviour. Needed to explicitly require old style of RangeQuery implementation rather than new default of RangeFilters
     new 0cf8721  AutoCommit tracker again prints to the logfile its parameters.  There parameters are also available in the DUH2 admin ui statistics
     new db21821  avoid recursive find, test for maxdepth support, filter snapshot names on master: SOLR-207
     new 33694c7  LUCENE-864: set svn:eol-style=native.
     new 2333dd0  Resolved bug LUCENE-862 reported by Antony Bowesman
     new bcf8897  getting a start on some Flare plugin unit tests
     new 3eaeba7  LUCENE-431: RAMInputStream and RAMOutputStream subclass IndexInput and IndexOutput directly now
     new e5f28aa  - LUCENE-730: Let BooleanScorer2 fall back to BooleanScorer when no required clauses are present   and only optional and less than 32 prohibited clauses are in the query.
     new 5b63c00  - LUCENE-863: Deprecated StandardBenchmaker in favour of byTask benchmark tasks.
     new 3d22177  SOLR-184 leftover, sorry
     new dc395c9  - Updated the note for LUCENE-730 to mention that docs can now be delivered out of order during scoring
     new bb6d2cc9 set eol style to native (otherwise too much noise in 'svn diff' for simple changes.)
     new e06188c  LUCENE-736: Sloppy phrase query with repeating terms matches wrong docs. For example query "B C B"~2 matches the doc "A B C D E". Search time cost of this fix is 4%, for sloppy phrase search. This fix also partially brings back the the tests checkSkipTo() in QueryUtils, (which was disabled by LUCENE-730), but this is now invoked only for non Boolean scorers.
     new a181157  LUCENE-834: Added documentation to Similarity class
     new d7ea0e5  LUCENE-869: Changed FSIndexInput and FSIndexOutput to inner classes of FSDirectory to enable extensibility of these classes.
     new b38421c  adding Ryan as a Solr Committer
     new c899349  Removed the unused import:;
     new 3c60a00  LUCENE-789: fix MultiSearcher to not ignore its custom similarity.
     new 1b817c0  Adding a regex pattern TokenizerFactory.
     new 4866d6e  rename tab_delimited to just delimited and added splitter parameter allowing lines to be split on any regular expression
     new d1f038a  Allow a Hash to be an available mapper parameter, instead of the client having to create a Mapper instance itself
     new 5cd57a4  Add option to stringify symbols when looking them up from an original object.  An alternate approach could be to have two different classes, one for objects with symbol keys, and one for string keys
     new 5eea178  Add SolrSource class, which simply iterates over all documents matching query and filter constraints to be returned.  This is suitable for use with a Mapper and the Indexer to pull documents (stored fields only) from one Solr instance to another.
     new d421093  Add requires of new classes for easier including
     new eaed609  Add buffering to allow indexer to add multiple documents at a time, determined by the :buffer_docs parameter.  If not specified, individual documents are added to Solr.
     new 11a8345  Changing feature list to say 'Faceted Browsing' rather then 'Result Grouping'
     new 1efad83  removed deprecated additions since Solr 1.1 -- (moved to util a while ago) and
     new 615e30f  SOLR-179 -- Initalization collects any errors and displays them rather then continuing.  this feature is configurable in solrconfig.xml
     new 26b8cae  editing CHANGES.txt for SOLR-179
     new 593e218  Adding 'Luke' request handler and other admin helpers: SOLR-163
     new ed76c23  changes.txt for SOLR-162
     new 302ac7b  adding svn:keywords
     new e4284d0  SOLR-203 path normalization.  If you register a path '/path' it shoudl work for '/path' and '/path/'
     new 5573fea  - Fixed typos
     new ddc153a  remove obsolete sort comment
     new 1b4417f  - Javadoc typos
     new 44c3d4b  Initialized typo -- thanks otis
     new db98c1d  tweak so 'ant test' output is brief by default in both ant 1.6.5 and 1.7
     new b013759  changing docID to docId
     new c92187b  mapping /update to XmlUpdateRequestHandler in the example solrconfig.xml
     new 01ed55a  moving to o.a.s.util (new class since 1.1)
     new 0d62dbd  throw a standard response code when you can't find a field: SOLR-220
     new fa6d8ba  changing test to expect error code 400 rather then 1 for unknown sort field
     new 0455f820 removing the not quite perfect logic for 'cacheableFaceting' (we should revist this after some upcoming faceting improvements).  Adding a 'histogram' to each field - thanks to Yonik for the suggestion.  Moved the 'key' to the bottom of the request
     new 246ad4d  make writeLockTimeout work: SOLR-222
     new 9ef1c06  Spell checking index needs to be cleared when rebuilt, otherwise older non-existent terms are suggested
     new b3cd55c  changing query parsing error message to include the error.  SEE SOLR-204
     new 398ef58  deprecating unused functions with a better alternative.  see SOLR-183
     new 82dffa7  SOLR-212 - Adding this give you a text interfave to solr without HTTP
     new 3bf5bb6  changes.txt for SOLR-212
     new 80c0f26  LUCENE-580: - Added the public method reset() to TokenStream. - Added a new constructor to Field that takes a TokenStream as argument, useful for pre-analyzed fields.
     new 0775861  trivial change... remove comment that is not accurate since SOLR-182
     new 53dc0b4  removing response information prior to solr1.2 -- in the future, we should offer a more useful response format.  For now, this contains the same level of information as solr1.1 <result status=0></result>
     new 25a185b  SOLR-204:  Make it possible for the request dispatcher to handle /select.  This offers uniform error handling for /update and /select.
     new d273f54  SOLR-220 -- adding a nicer error message when you sort on an undefined field.
     new aa93003  SOLR-170 -- adding a 'sort' parameter that works for both dismax and standard request handlers.  The ';' is still suported (if the 'sort' parameter is not in the query).  This also adds a new test class for StandardRequestHandler.
     new 2787609  SOLR-181 -- add "required" fields to IndexSchema.
     new 01d2954  minor javadoc typo fixes
     new bec6cd3  Fix Solr result detection to adapt to slightly modified output format (though the result detection is still a hack)
     new 6187859  Forgot to change SimplePostTool's version number
     new 974b655  adding a general Properties -> NamedList function
     new 88a33e7  Properties are maps, so they don't need special handling
     new b8aea8b  installed an eclipse spellchecker ;)
     new 3d133d1  minor security fix.  This makes sure you can't call paths that start with "/" from /select
     new 80c14dd  fixing javadoc escaping issue which triggered this bug...
     new 184bb14  misc javadoc cleanup to eliminate warnings
     new 94a68ef  adding message about paths that start with '/'
     new e7c0674  - Added the missing ASL v2.0
     new 9ecad14  SOLR-212  java.util.logging.config.file must be set before getInstanceDir()
     new ac49e15  more pre solr1.2 XmlUpdateHandler response format cleanup.  In the future it would be nice if you get the same response if you do ?commit=true or <commit/>
     new c233b1a  fail on javadoc errors so we won't get any future builds without javadocs
     new bcd57a9  implement isPayloadAvailable (just return false, payloads unimplemented here), b/c it desn't compile without it.
     new 9364935  untabify build.xml.
     new 05bf767  javadoc typos
     new 624e65e  add array mapper, for more data sources that come in pieces to be merged
     new 8ed11da  javadoc warnings and errors solved (except for gdata). build.xml "javadocs" target will now fail if there are javadoc warnings/errors under jdk1.4.
     new 3fb29c4  Adding empty folders for SOLR-225.  TortoiseSVN does not behave well when working in new folders.  I could use 'patch' but i find it harder to maintain patches...
     new d75a031  fixing a request parsing bug.  When posting "application/x-www-form-urlencoded" and including a charset, application/x-www-form-urlencoded; charset=utf-8, the parser would treat the body as raw content.
     new 0b34c97  SOLR-203 -- but that normalizes '/' to '' and then matches the default handler
     new 977ed48  adding copyright notice for easymock
     new 1744490  related to SOLR-203 and rev:535580.  Some servlet containers (including resin) use an empty string as the getServletPath() if you are on the webapp root:   http://localhost:8983/solr
     new a461ab4  SOLR-228 -- adding missing functions to SolrParams  getFieldFloat(String field, String param, float def)  getFieldParam(String field, String param, String def)
     new c3df260  SOLR-214 - use the charset encoded in the contentType to decode the posted text.  Even though they are supposed to, some containers do not obey this specification.
     new d6f65b9  SOLR-214 -- override getReader() explicitly.  subclass called instance variables, not getContentType()
     new 23e5fb0  SOLR-217 - no error if fields are unindexed and unstored, instead let them be quietly ignored
     new 46428da  SOLR-115 - minor optimization, replace uses of BooleanQuery.getClauses() with BooleanQuery.clauses()
     new f8b68a5  cleaning up the javadoc task definition a bit, since some contribs are currently not getting their javadocs generated
     new d761e15  javadoc cleanup: slurp in all jars needed by contribs, without enumerating
     new c9a8deb  SOLR-227 -- rather then quietly overwrite an item in a Map<String,xxx>, this checks if an old value exists and adds a severe error if so.
     new a0437da  clean few javadoc warnings that showed up as javadocs are built for a few more contrib paths. (LUCENE-875 related).
     new 64f5f2a  add explicit UTF8 char encoding to example XML config files
     new b47fc2c  SOLR-227 adding changes.txt note
     new 03cbb8f  LUCENE-877: fix confusing part of file format doc about the write.lock
     new d7568dd  bring compatibility to current trunk of Solr, using admin/luke instead of indexinfo.   Also added HpricotMapper (SOLR-210: from Jamie Orchard-Hays), and correctly imported the ArrayMapper
     new c7823d8  Remove IndexInfoRequestHandler in favor of the Luke request handlers capabilities
     new 5e956f4  SOLR-226 adding support for dynamic fields as copyField destination.
     new e204b3d  removed IndexInfoRequestHandler from test schema.xml  -- needed to pass the tests
     new 85b37b9  LUCENE-875: "javadocs" target: don't fail on error/warning; depend on "build-contrib".
     new d759ee6  LUCENE-875 (javadocs) reopened: the CHANGES.txt part.
     new 4461557  SOLR-233 -- adding UTF-8 encoding to xsl:output
     new f4986af  SOLR-224: Adding a PhoneticFilterFactory that uses commons codec language encoders to build phonetically similar tokens.
     new ca0dedf  SOLR-231 -- use UTF-8 encoding unless something else is specified.
     new 336d3e7  Added hashcode and equals implementations to enable caching
     new 9f596e2  Fix issue where only facet.query was being requested but no fields
     new 4514690  Make data directory controllable with system property
     new 2e0bab17 Adjust mappers with dependencies to conditionally load
     new 0d968a3  bump version number
     new b5e0952  javadoc fix
     new 2ddd392  SOLR-241: Undefined system properties used in configuration files now cause a clear message to be logged rather than an obscure exception thrown.
     new 56547a1  LUCENE-880: Fixed DocumentWriter to close the TokenStreams after it has written the postings.
     new 9f16bb2  - Typo
     new d272f3e  - Typo
     new 849e40a  SOLR-221 compare minimum count currently needed to the term df and avoid unnecessary intersection count, allow minimum term df in order to use the filterCache, otherwise iterate over TermDocs
     new ec60053  SOLR-221 compare minimum count currently needed to the term df and avoid unnecessary intersection count, allow minimum term df in order to use the filterCache, otherwise iterate over TermDocs
     new 0f7d981  LUCENE-884: document that wildcard search doesn't work in phrases
     new 52acd10  LUCENE-882: Spellchecker doesn't need to store ngrams
     new b5c6b78  whitespace cleanup only for better readability (adding line breaks)
     new 3c4dc048 LUCENE-883: consecutive calls to Spellchecker.indexDictionary() won't insert terms twice anymore. Fixes the test case failure.
     new 20c42cc  provide the Solr connection to clients of the indexer
     new ebaf102  Convert delicious library importer to use the mapper/indexer framework.
     new 1722c8a  update to lucene 2007-05-20
     new de2eebc  update to lucene 2007-05-20
     new 756b88e  add ngram factories: SOLR-199
     new b1eb460  clarifing javadocs for BooleanClause.SHOULD - two is not a magic number, the real issue is a lack of MUST clauses
     new 766f825  Improve the save constraints feature to only show the save box when save is clicked
     new b99ad78  Exit with message if no filename is provided
     new b681326  Adjust delicious library view for change in asin field name
     new add862a  Adjust delicious library view for change in asin field name
     new 4bddbd8  add simile_helper to avoid warning in logs
     new 6bd5301  Allow suggest field to be configured with a suggest_field option to the flare method
     new 1e0e887  Adjust test for Luke request handler response
     new f2837a8  sparklines is not used in flare, remove auto-generated test
     new a69eeb2  fix such that running tests works ok without a database, sheesh
     new 502b324  Adjust HpricotMapperTest to not cause an error when the Hpricot library is not installed
     new a74e62d  adjust tests to work without libxml2
     new fbb281c  YAMLify CHANGES
     new 45f760e  LUCENE-881: QueryParser.escape() now also escapes the characters '|' and '&'
     new 66b04d6  - svn propset svn:keywords
     new c93dd85  SOLR-234 TrimFilter can update the Token's startOffset and endOffset if updateOffsets="true".  By default the Token offsets are unchanged.
     new f03a4ef  Hmmm... these are some old changes to the tutorial.xml (sort spec for standard handler), who.xml (Ryan), and features.xml (clarifying faceting) that don't seem to have ever been committed in the HTML/PDF versions
     new 8d1d593  SOLR-230: improvements to SOLR-230 so curl is not needed at all in tutorial
     new 88a7d07  SOLR-128: Upgraded Jetty to the latest stable release 6.1.3
     new e1f54f3  SOLR-246  -- don't compute top terms when numTerms=0
     new 88c8335  SOLR-208: example XSLTs for RSS and Atom
     new 393b452  LUCENE-430: Delay allocation of the buffer after a clone of BufferedIndexInput.
     new 9fbee15  - LUCENE-890 doc patch
     new 304884c  - LUCENE-891 doc patch
     new 6b26f00  upgrade note about new style URLS and update handlers
     new 132c5fd  Added equals/hashcode implementations to enable caching
     new 5ea9310  only search for fields solr knows about (otherwise you could get NPE for range query) -- also searching for non-indexed fields is useless.
     new 8e9dd08  LUCENE-886: cleanup: javadoc improvements; don't print exceptions to stderr but re-throw them; new test case
     new 9f9eedc  give a ping query that works with many different schemas, and is easy to see the source of in the logs
     new 5680b94  fix warning from javadoc
     new 38ae8ea  LUCENE-802: Added LICENSE.TXT and NOTICE.TXT to Lucene jars.
     new a65fa86  Add issue number LUCENE-807 to log entry in CHANGES.txt and remove duplicate caption "New features".
     new 6de7d1d  changed example solrconfig.xml to default to lazy field loading
     new 5877c03  LUCENE-730: Make scoring in docid order the default and add setAllowDocsOutOfOrder() and getAllowDocsOutOfOrder() to BooleanQuery.
     new a92abb2  more hints for people about the format versions of the example rss/atom stylesheets
     new 7403608  Error code cleanup.  Changing:  SolrException( 1, ... ) to SolrException( 500, ... )  SolrException( 2, ... ) to SolrException( 400, ... )
     new 14ba4ad  some small improvements to IndexWriter's top-level javadoc based on recent threads on java-dev/java-user
     new 4ef9504  javadoc improvement: clarify impact of IndexWriter's autoCommit flag on IndexReader's isCurrent method
     new 3e09257  LUCENE-888: increase internal buffer sizes used during indexing to improve overall indexing speed
     new 1e6537c  make spellchecker lazy so spell dir won't be created
     new e864ab6  add usage comments, reformat
     new 48033cc  don't use NIO for jetty... non-persistent connections are slow on windows.  SOLR-128
     new 1e5e40c  SOLR-238: make tutorial explicit about the version it applies to
     new d450422  add ASF license
     new 0d5a475  LUCENE-888: fix possible NPE in assert statement
     new e3dd7fa  SOLR-249 -- depreating new SolrException( int ... ) in favor of new SolrException( enum ...
     new f66d0e6  SOLR-249 -- changes
     new 1213ba0  add easymock license
     new 7495648  update version of easymock license
     new 8caf74c  LUCENE-895: Disable tests "testSimple", "testWildcard" and "testPrecedence" in to make this test case pass.
     new 6b2bf1b  SOLR-249 -- adding error codes not used in solr, but useful for custom plugins.   UNAUTHORIZED( 401 ),   FORBIDDEN( 403 ),
     new 574dc9f  Adding newlines to easymock.jar MIT LICENSE.txt Updating Jetty license to be consistent with 6.1.3
     new 358055c  new jetty needs example/logs dir, so package it
     new 3f4ed6d  Adding jetty NOTICE.txt to solr NOTICE.txt updated copywrite date and header format (added ====) for solr
     new 0f5fea7  include the example/logs/ dir in the package, but exclude it's contents
     new cb38e0c  LUCENE-885: include contribs in 'ant test' ... includes fixes for several contribs to make tests run cleanly regardless of what working directory they are run in
     new b91b25f  add CDDL to LICENSE for binary-only javax.servlet package from Jetty
     new b31cb88  bump trunk version to 1.3
     new 7e7b3f7  SOLR-249 -- oh my, missing the "throw" for SolrException!
     new f5c8026  LUCENE-698: FilteredQuery now takes the query boost into account for scoring.
     new f86b746  Add protected convenience method for LUCENE-887. It neither changes IndexWriter's behavior, nor is this a public API change.
     new a9801dd  small typo
     new 87ba4a1  LUCENE-866: Adds multi-level skip lists to the posting lists.
     new 11dfdad  fixed typo
     new 42c3d11  small cleanup only: imports; no need for try...catch(...) { fail(); } in a test case
     new 6e98fa6  LUCENE-763: LuceneDictionary skips first word in enumeration
     new 1a3de38  LUCENE-885: fixing bug with compilation on java 1.4, introduce by earlier commit for this issue
     new 08e2f96  add content type when using curl in the scripts: SOLR-250
     new 7a261b3  changed from Apache Jakarta to Apache Lucene Java in the manifest creation since this project is no longer a part of Jakarta
     new 1b10884  add downloaded ext-lib to ignore list.
     new 29222b0  turn off the default terms when asking for field information
     new 6aa6ee4  LUCENE-900: enable Java assertions in "ant test".
     new e293950  javadoc improvements from LUCENE-763 by Steven Parkes; small javadoc parameter reordering to avoid warnings
     new 37816d2  work around jetty compilation issue of analysis.jsp
     new 404e9ef  static utility classes in SystemInfoHandler don't need to be private
     new 89f74f8  expanding SolrRequestParsers api to construct a SolrQueryRequest from a Collection, not just a List.  (this is useful for an embedded SOLR-20 client)
     new 5aeba95  comment spelling errors
     new dc61cf9  missing import.  my bad
     new 817c3d5  adding svnversion to Implementation-Version
     new 1285962  Fix issue with String values becoming multi-valued fields.  String#each returns multiple values when a string contains newlines
     new 4ccd436  SOLR-69: Adding MoreLikeThis support
     new 8184945  LUCENE-894: Add custom build file for binary distributions that includes targets to build the demos.
     new 407ca95  SOLR-135 -- adding empty directory to make patch against
     new bcc79d1  LUCENE-903: FilteredQuery explanation inaccuracy with boost.
     new cc05349  SOLR-253 -- adding KeepWordFilter, the inverse of StopFilter.
     new 0fe4946  LUCENE-904: The "package" targets in build.xml now also generate .md5 checksum files
     new 2256650  fix FunctionQuery.toString(): SOLR-254
     new 88bf24b  Add system property setting to allow data directory to be overridden
     new db78c85  LUCENE-843: making a small backwards compatible API change to return the newly added FieldInfo instance
     new 125fed3  LUCENE-446: Added Solr's search.function for scores based on field values, plus CustomScoreQuery for simple score (post) customization.
     new 8c62eb4  LUCENE-907: Include LICENSE.TXT and NOTICE.TXT in the META-INF dirs of demo war, demo jar, and the contrib jars.
     new 1de7b02  LUCENE-909: Demo targets for running the demo.
     new 4355588  LUCENE-740: Added SNOWBALL-LICENSE.txt to the snowball package and a remark about the license to NOTICE.TXT.
     new db99e27  LUCENE-905
     new 35b5ace  LUCENE-910: added or changed warning comments for APIs related to Payloads
     new b3fd440  fix sorting urls
     new b4613cb  minor feature updates
     new 731fb3a  LUCENE-908: - Improves content of MANIFEST file and makes it customizable for the contribs. - Adds SNOWBALL-LICENSE.txt to META-INF of the snowball jar - lucli jar now contains LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt.
     new bf972be  1.2 news
     new 8fa60a3  fix broken apachecon link
     new f266fcd  Oups! I can't count anymore...
     new 3bd9730  add link to CHANGES.txt
     new 8609063  LUCENE-912: DisjunctionMaxScorer first skipTo(target) call ignores the             skip target param and ends up at the first match.
     new 899b858  LUCENE-913: Two consecutive score() calls return different             scores for Boolean Queries.
     new 8454db1  1.2 release news
     new 5655c72  Updated trunk to dev version 2.3
     new 1f1528e  Exposed the MoreLikeThis "minDocFreq" property for use in and in XML queries
     new 2cffd29  LUCENE-919: DefaultSkipListReader was accidentally public
     new 39e0ff3  SOLR-257: add splitOnCaseChange parameter to WordDelimiterFilter
     new 52d8e24  SOLR-257: added explicit parameter to schema.xml
     new 2ae74da  Accidently turned off generateWordParts in example schema during testing
     new 80aa3bc  restore catenateNumbers=1 in example schema
     new 994f083  LUCENE-923: Make SegmentTermPositionVector package-private.
     new 53ef739  LUCENE-917: Javadoc improvements for org.apache.lucene.index.Payload
     new df0a188  LUCENE-931: adding missing license headers to various files
     new 1a35bbe  LUCENE-924: small improvements to IndexWriter's javadocs
     new 669e43d  SOLR-259 -- add log.log(Level.SEVERE, ...  when solr home isn't found.  Thanks Will!
     new 373af70  LUCENE-930: Various contrib building improvements to ensure contrib dependencies are met, and test compilation errors fail the build.
     new 2bc8186  LUCENE 918 and 922 docs for term vectors applied to trunk
     new c6c0e14  SOLR-193: Adding SolrDocument and SolrInputDocument to represent documents outside of the lucene Document infrastructure.
     new 1884a2c  oops 4 > 3
     new f461ea3  SOLR-193 -- adding clear() to the SolrDocuemnt API.  This was used in the parallel SOLR-20 implementaion.
     new b4d1694  SOLR-135: refactoring common classes into a "common" package.  This commit moves the files (and updates the imports).
     new 54bdcdc  SOLR-135: Adding @depricated extended classes for files moved to org.apache.solr.common
     new e03f258  SOLR-135: import/warning cleanup for classes in org.apache.solr.common
     new 2f9104a  SOLR-135 changes...
     new 4906307  SOLR-135 accidental directory...
     new ca726dd  Lucene 925: analysis javadocs
     new 82f24db  LUCENE-926: document package javadocs
     new 1169aab  spelling error
     new 9c8dcba  SOLR-244, adding ModifiableSolrParams required for SOLR-20 (nice for testing)
     new 359f7a3  SOLR-244 - adding SOLR-244, adding ModifiableSolrParams required for SOLR-20 (nice for testing)
     new 8cc3fa4  SOLR-135: Moving to common.util.  Adding empty class for 'UpdateParams'
     new 1143296  SOLR-135: adding empty class for
     new 5e8f134  SOLR-20: moving private static final Highlight params to a common class
     new 8f8b006  SOLR-20: Adding a document list class in 'common'
     new 3503a88  SOLR-20: make private URL parsing function public so it is accessible to an embedded solrj client.
     new 9a9d113  SOLR-20: Adding a java client.  The client includes two implementaions: and
     new da41728  SOLR-20 changes
     new 18d21bd  SOLR-135: previous build.xml didn't partition core/common code properly which ment we didn't notice CommonParams and DisMaxParams were using SolrCore for logging.
     new a172ba4  SOLR-20: solrj needs to compile with java 1.5.  It needs stax in the classpath
     new e3dd761  SOLR-135 ... sigh ... previous version compiled common code in isolation, but but had to always recompile even if there were no changes.
     new ecdbcc6  SOLR-135 -- missed one...
     new 04e7c94  SOLR-262 -- Added toObject( Fieldable ) to FieldType.  This lets the DocumentBuilder convert lucene Document to a SolrDocument.  This patch also lets the DocumentBuilder convert a SolrInputDocument to a lucene Document.
     new 0973e23  SOLR-133: Adding and mapping it to:  http://localhost:8983/solr/admin/update/stax in the example solrconfig.xml
     new 2054a10  SOLR-133: changes...
     new 40fccae  SOLR-135: (and SOLR-225) moving highlight test to highlight directory.  SOLR-225 will apply without an empty test class.
     new 2929bca  use port 8984 for jetty testing (not 8982) to reduce the chance of getting an "Address already in use: JVM_Bin.." exception.
     new f0f8c0f  upgrading commons-io to latest stable build.  The changes do not affect solr (or solrj), but some of the new features are useful for clients.
     new e8ed8ca  LUCENE-925: analysis package javadocs enhanced.
     new 55fb7f9  SOLR-176 -- add average time/request to RequestHandlerBase statistics.
     new d955a97  LUCENE-622: Add ant target and pom.xml files for building maven artifacts of the Lucene core and the contrib modules.
     new b265b57  fix sample code to be compilable (part of LUCENE-925 - Analysis Package Javadocs)
     new 5f81cf3  remove extra calls to currentTimeMillis()
     new e21f3cf  Changing: DocumentBuilder.toDocument(SolrDocument) function so it does not unnecessarily make an extra Map and List and does not call functions for stuff it can easily do internally.
     new 9578df3  LUCENE-910: Change of the Payload javadoc comment in
     new 6ed8e17  Since many fields are single valued, start the ArrayList with capacity 1 -- this should help with GC.
     new 91c3b6d  1. DocumentBuilder only sets the boost for the first value in a multi-valued field 2. XML parser sets the document boost as the product of each boost value. 3. Added XmlUpdateRequestHandlerTest (somehow lost in the final patch of SOLR-133)
     new 045248e  * Changed setKeepDuplicateFieldValues to setRemoveDuplicateFieldValues * made sure the tests deal with duplicate values on one field, but not the other
     new f475f5d  only send one boost value for multi-valued fields
     new 92cb5f0  setting setRemoveDuplicateFieldValues( null, true ) uses a Set by default.
     new 1981c7a  adding utility function clear() to ModifiableSolrParams
     new 59ed1b5  SOLR-264: Added RandomSortField a random order SortComparatorSource.  Thanks yonik for the performance hints
     new c068880  SOLR-264: equivalent logic without branch
     new 482ee40  update website for Lucene 2.2
     new 18bf1cd  adding benchmarktemplate.xml; this file was probably forgotten when the new forrest website was created; since then the link on benchmarks.html was broken
     new 87a0fe2  update website
     new be08e28  SOLR-264 - updating the RandomSortField so it follows the Comparator contract.  This uses the: field name hash, docID, and reader version as a random generator seed.
     new 73ed823  fix typo in 2.2 release announcement
     new dddb4b2  Removed news item occurring before 2007
     new 69095c5  Testing StaxUpdateRequestHandler with tests written for XmlUpdateRequestHandler * Added three test subclasses to test updating with StaxUpdateRequestHandler rather then XmlUpdateRequestHandler * Made the XmlUpdateRequestHandler in TestHarness public so it could be changed after initialization * Fixed new DocumentBuilder toDocument() impl so it passes tests (copy fields were not handled properly)
     new 054a5b4  share the love...
     new 84ebd3f  Improvements to Lucene 2.2 news entry
     new 75c74dd  fix logging of chars < 32
     new a213737  make TextField respect sortMissingFirst,sortMissingLast
     new bd5f3ae  - Added "&&" between the 3 calls that copy, remove, and move index data to add a bit of extra robustness
     new 02cadd8  SOLR-266: Adding show=schema to LukeRequestHandler
     new ced5990  add 2.2 release to doap file
     new aa705c5  implement OpenBitSet.set(from,to) and clear(from,to)
     new 7b4db83  fix OpenBitSet.flip bug when indicies outside current size
     new 9eb7ff4  SOLR-268 - Tweaks to post.jar so it prints the error message from Solr.
     new 7505950  LUCENE-937: CachingTokenFilter now uses an iterator to access the Tokens that are cached in the LinkedList.
     new b722865  Get back jetty.port setting capability
     new 4e0e8f6  javadoc spelling cleanup
     new e740dce  bugfix for SOLR-274
     new f288752  noted bugfix SOLR-274
     new 4006ae5  point query syntax help to Solr wiki instead of lucene-java site so the few extensions can be noticed
     new 1d77b82  LUCENE-933: QueryParser fixed to not produce empty sub             BooleanQueries "()" even if the Analyzer             proudced no tokens for input.
     new 89bf821  more SOLR-264 work: add example to schema.xml; fix equals bug in SolrComparatorSource that Koji found; make ValueSource use IndexReader version in it's computation; refactor getSeed to use both the fieldname and the reader version
     new 349806c  regening all docs using forrest 0.8 ... removing sitemap.xmap per forrest 0.8 upgrade instructures, all other changes are just the effects of skin changes in 0.8
     new 290c339  regening all docs using forrest 0.8 ... removing sitemap.xmap per forrest 0.8 upgrade instructures, all other changes are just the effects of skin changes in 0.8
     new 3e39b0a  LUCENE-936: example doesn't match text
     new e6c6592  LUCENE-940: Multi-threaded issues fixed: SimpleDateFormat;             logging for addDoc/deleteDoc tasks;
     new 951dab2  check for null copyField source, delay some allocations
     new d9b6aa9  LUCENE-945: tests failed to find data dirs. Added sys-prop and cfg-prop work.dir.
     new 79b3ef6  SOLR-276: improve JSON writer speed
     new 63e36e5  remove ant dependency for setting test system properties
     new 71f2c1d  - LUCENE-906: Elision filter for French.
     new 7230a8e  SOLR-278 - modify LukeRequest/Response to handle show=schema
     new ba90fb0  LUCENE-946: replace text from an online collection (used in few test cases) with text that is surely 100% free.
     new 1e65246  remove test properties from ant: SOLR-279
     new 9ff9bf8  fix javadoc unknown tag warning.
     new 579b316  SOLR-269:  Using a factory pattern to generate UpdateRequestProcessor.
     new 631a4a6  SOLR-133 - moving XPP implementation to a Deprecated class.  Next commit will move the Stax version to its place.
     new fb55946  SOLR-133 -- moving stax implementation to XmlUpdateRequestHandler.  Remove the stax derived tests.
     new 0994528  adding a clear() function to the solrj UpdateRequest
     new bc7c586  LUCENE-848.  Add Wikipedia benchmarking support
     new c03f45a  LUCENE-848: make sure we use the right version (2.9.0) of XercesJ
     new 5d7981c  SOLR-133 -- found a bug in the delete XML parsing.  for id's and queries with &, it did not behave correctly.  Adds a fix and test.  Another sideeffect that should be noted is that this parser now accepts multiple delete commands:
     new 3a3829a  changes note for multiple deletes with <delete> command
     new 33c839a  SOLR-269 -- missing changes for somethign commited a while ago
     new 1760d42  SOLR-280 -- changing the SolrDocument/SolrInputDocument implementation so each one as as efficient as it can be.  The API changes mostly affect solrj users.
     new 1f799ad  SOLR-280 -- adding wrapper functions for API compatibility.  thanks Will
     new 69bd5b7  SOLR-280 -- changing SolrInputField to take float rather then Float.  this will avoid autoboxing, if you don't want to define the boost, use one of the wrapper functions that default to 1.0
     new 4fe90e4  hack to prevent ant from recursively stating all files in all directories looking for files to include in the META-INF
     new 95b41b3  SOLR-260 -- adding a standard PluginLoader framework.  NOTE, this commit includes parts of files from (the soon to be commited) highlight plugins SOLR-225
     new 1e037fc  SOLR-225 -- adding pluggable highlighting formatters and fragmenters
     new a517e0f  SOLR-102 - regex fragmenter using SOLR-225 plugin framework
     new 0985f37  SOLR-225 - style changes and HighlightUtils.emptyArray() change
     new 2adc9df  SOLR-283: autoCommit after delete
     new aa948a9  SOLR-260 adding more comments
     new 7e8857f  SOLR-260:  removing the param map from init.  the method signature is now: init(T plugin, Node node) The few places that use the param map can generate it from DOMUtils
     new 07e9fc3  spelling
     new 058aa7e  SOLR-286 - use utf-8 encoding for getBytes()
     new 1dc2aad  stop the jetty server in tearDown. This should help the test failing problem ;)
     new 4406ef8  SOLR-260 adding default comments and examples to solrconfig.xml
     new aa2135f  SOLR-269 -- removing incremental time logging.  This now has a single log statement for all processed commands.
     new 455194d  added hl.maxAnalyzedChars highlighting parameter (SOLR-273)
     new cff5767  LUCENE-843: speed up IndexWriter performance
     new 39ade20  LUCENE-843: woops ... move the CHANGES.txt entries into the right section (trunk)
     new 50787ab  LUCENE-892: don't do extra buffer-to-buffer copies in CompoundFileReader.CSIndexInput
     new 3e1a317  LUCENE-843: SegmentInfo.clone() failed to copy some fields; in certain cases _x.nrm might not be created even when fieldInfos says it has norms
     new 3fd423d  fixing multiple document adding error. setting: addCmd.indexedId = null; before each add
     new 1d3418e  using normal "add" command
     new 1e3534a  removing XPP, jetty, and snowball license info -- they aren't included in solrj
     new 4db9625  LUCENE-843: add missing 'synchronized' to allThreadsIdle() method
     new d7c0af3  replace div with shift since idiv takes ~40 cycles and compiler can't do strength reduction w/o knowing ops are non-negative
     new 96ea45d  LUCENE-952: force synchronized access to writer instance variable to fix infinite spin loop in TestGdataIndexer
     new e651f05  Add more sample data
     new f7804a0  have remove( name ) return the SolrInputField rather then true/false
     new 16ea3fb  SOLR-292 - fix MoreLikeThis facet counting
     new b51e9a4  SOLR-292 -- CHANGES.txt
     new 0d8a368  queryResultMaxDocsCached: SOLR-291
     new 1829a5d  Removing a low-level entry from CHANGES.txt
     new 757aa1f  SOLR-296  -- wrapping reader.terms() in try/catch
     new a53367d  removing all author tags per dev list consensus
     new 1fec553  SOLR-297 - fixed the RequiredSolrParams.getField* methods, they weren't falling back to the non field specific param names before failing with an exception
     new 7a7d05c  workaround for cp not having the -l option on Solaris and OS X: SOLR-282
     new e5f4ab7  workaround for cp not having the -l option on Solaris and OS X: SOLR-282
     new c8f84d6  LUCENE-955: Fixed SegmentTermPositions to work correctly with the first term in the dictionary.
     new 7c612dc  LUCENE-951: Fixed NullPointerException in MultiLevelSkipListReader that was thrown after a call of
     new 5b94401  LUCENE-944: Remove deprecated methods setUseScorer14() and getUseScorer14() from BooleanQuery.
     new 8355ab8  LUCENE-843: fixed the triggerMerger logic from LUCENE-887 that I accidentally lost
     new 0943302  spelling corrections
     new 4bd3451  adding generic <Object> to avoid some warnings
     new f55e405  LUCENE-938: fixed certain cases where an unhandled exception could cause IndexWriter to lose buffered deletes
     new b6ca445  SOLR-269 -- adding UpdateRequestProcessor as a top level plugin managed by SolrCore.  This sets up a default processing chain.
     new ebaeb64  SOLR-240: New lockType config option supports all Lucene builtin LockFactories
     new 777e0c8  SOLR-248 -- Added CapitalizationFilterFactory
     new 7ce991f  including 'dist/solrj-lib/*.jar' in the distribution packages
     new d044bbd  SOLR-269 -- a chain subclass should be able to manipulate the chain
     new 230ecaa  remove synchronization in Document: LUCENE-959
     new 8025c0a  exposing the CommonsHttpSolrServer invariant params.
     new 82afc1a  fixed logging of elapsed time on Solaris
     new b4f9463  fixed logging of elapsed time on Solaris: SOLR-294
     new 1ea6384  date -d and locales don't mix: SOLR-136
     new 4d62f64  date -d and locales don't mix: SOLR-136
     new 52b5113  remove binary (was UTF-8 BOM) from start of CHANGES.txt
     new aae68e0  LUCENE-962: fixed case where unhandled exception in addDocument or updateDocument could fail to delete unreferenced files in the index
     new 4293019  LUCENE-960:  Added SpanFilter mechanism that provides BitSet information and Span information in a filter.  This can be used to get position information on where in a Document that is "on" in the filter matched.
     new 3c641fc  remove severe debugging log
     new 66bacd0  LUCENE-963: add setters to Field to allow re-using Field instances during indexing (for better performance)
     new a3298ce  LUCENE-963: added caveats to javadocs for new Field setValue(...) methods
     new efae9ec  - SOLR-307: Added Factories for NGram Filters.
     new e2d3fe1  LUCENE-957: RAMDirectory fixed for more than Integer.MAX_VALUE bytes.
     new e90cf40  SOLR-311 made quoting of example curl calls work on windows
     new dd31a89  SOLR-312 -- adding javadoc task for solrj.  Including the javadocs in the distribution.
     new 773ec01  SOLR-305: analysis.jsp can be given a fieldtype instead of a field name
     new 9c0d22f  SOLR-102: RegexFragmenter
     new 5ddcd55  fixed getDescription for HtmlFormatter
     new 58027a2  improve setMaxFieldLength documentation; remove unused import statements
     new 8643227  protect object against NPE in finally block, as an NPE here would hide the original exception
     new e97d583  LUCENE-868: New Term Vector access mechanism.  Allows for applications to define how they access term vector information instead of having to pack/unpack the TV info returned by the old way.
     new 08c152f  Sync to lucene 2.2.0.  Tests pass.
     new 273d28f  LUCENE-939: Check explicitly for boundary conditions in FieldInfos.
     new 2d16613  LUCENE-868: Added a Javadoc comment
     new 02dd452  LUCENE-947: add creation of & indexing from 'one document per line' text files to minimize IO overhead of creating documents when running tests
     new 4ac947d  clean up commit scheduler properly (SOLR-320)
     new c149644  LUCENE-781: MultiReader fixed to not throw NPE if isCurrent(), isOptimized() or getVersion() is called.
     new 98fa2d8  LUCENE-836: Add support for search quality benchmarking.
     new 1bc5a68  LUCENE-964: remove DocumentWriter
     new f3b9c94  for LUCENE-836 sort reuters files by name (otherwise TestQualityRun can fail on some OSs).
     new 670b25d  SOLR-258: Date Faceting added to SimpleFacets
     new 30b52fa  make admin submit buttons work w/o javascript: SOLR-322
     new bf18335  change UTF8 to ASCII
     new 4b11c35  LUCENE-970: FilterIndexReader now implements isOptimized().
     new 60c6a84  LUCENE-832: ParallelReader fixed to not throw NPE if isCurrent(), isOptimized() or getVersion() is called.
     new 77f2a49  SOLR-301 -- Move deprecated functions out of o.a.s.common and put it in the deprecated classes from SOLR-135.  This seperates the parameter defination classes from the SolrParams classes
     new 950f85b  SOLR-301 -- moving MoreLikeThisParams from o.a.s.common.util -> o.a.s.common.params
     new 0fd8677  LUCENE-967: add ReadTokensTask to allow for benchmarking just tokenization
     new d486144  adding a 'close' method to DirectSolrConnection. SOLR-212
     new 19ca21a  correcting my inability to count from 2 to 3
     new 32b9810  LUCENE-948: handle stale dir listing caches on NFS (so quickly switching writers between machines works)
     new fdc4ed5  Removing some weirdness in the SolrInputDocument interface that is not really needed for SOLR-139.
     new 0d91247  spelling
     new 022e1d7  SOLR-323: Remove JAR that now ships with Solr itself
     new e853319  whoops ... args were being passed in wrong order
     new 06b5654  DocumentBuilder needs to skip null values.  This adds a test to make sure that happens.
     new 2d95469  LUCENE-966: sizable (~6X faster) speedups to StandardTokenizer by using JFlex instead of JavaCC
     new 3064ab7  Make autocommit tests slightly more tolerant of system load
     new 7cb55d9  typo
     new d1422eb  LUCENE-971: extract wikipedia documents as a doc maker directly from XML file without using intermediate one-file-per-document
     new 82eb074  LUCENE-974: Removed Author tags from all existing code
     new 1d70c0e  SOLR-331: fix WordDelimiterFilter offsets for synonyms
     new e238a4f  SOLR-331: fix WordDelimiterFilter offsets for synonyms
     new d42de32  LUCENE-969: deprecate Token.termText() & optimize core tokenizers by re-using tokens & TokenStreams
     new c25c128  LUCENE-976: add missing openInput(String, int) to MMapDirectory
     new bd4e7a8  SOLR-196: php response writers
     new 29c83e3  SOLR-196: php response writers
     new e7e530b  SOLR-326 remove unused imports
     new a94db21  LUCENE-977: internal hashing improvements
     new f38b1cf  LUCENE-975: New PositionBasedTermVectorMapper for getting term vector information on a position by position basis.
     new 7482909  better RunExecutableListener example
     new 6a3597c  Add entity test, to show text goes through literally
     new dfc60d6  Rubyism tidying
     new 71eb9a40 moved bug fixes for 282, 294, and 136 into the correct release
     new c56381b  SOLR-333: Changed distributiondump.jsp to use Solr HOME instead of CWD to get path
     new 477c4e0  Deprecated all the old benchmarking stuff
     new 9192b16  Deprecated all the old benchmarking stuff
     new d1f90c7  Deprecated all the old benchmarking stuff
     new dfa0b8a  Preparing for an 0.0.4 rubyforge gem push
     new 06d4849  LUCENE-871: speedups for ISOLatin1AccentFilter
     new c1a76d9  LUCENE-978: ensure all streams are closed when we hit exception in constructor
     new c67fd79  LUCENE-981 and LUCENE-980: Added new AnalyzerTask and fixed issue with long strings in
     new 27c4c6a  LUCENE-985: throw clearer exception when term is too long (> 16383 chars)
     new 7068f03  Add highlighter fragment size and more like this support to Standard request
     new d72ae65  Fix typos
     new 8c0599d  Add preliminary support for SOLR-139, allowing updateable documents.  Added utility method to backslash escape strings suitable for QueryParser.  Bumped version number for another upcoming gem push.
     new e801fec  add language values to Tang example
     new 0a2aab7  Fix modify document implementation to support multivalued fields
     new 9c9d272  remove boolToFilterOptimizer since no standard handlers go through a code path that would use it, and we can specify filters directly now
     new 9c2a036  - LUCENE-908: Improvements and simplifications for how the MANIFEST file and the META-INF dir are created. - LUCENE-935: Various improvements for the maven artifacts. Now the artifacts also include the sources as .jar files.
     new 8f752e0  fix mlt.fl
     new a30a6e4  Added apply-patch target
     new 7f9bfa9  SOLR-308: UUIDField class, can generate random UUIDs when special value of 'NEW' is used
     new 2b4e5a8  ApacheCon US news
     new 5bf7de1  Make filter_queries unrequired
     new b016188  Add support for _delete_ option of modifying a document.  This requires patches from SOLR-139 that are not committed to Solr
     new bcb5b6f  LUCENE-987: deprecate IndexModifier
     new 3954767  plagerizing apachecon blurb from TLP site
     new b9da3b2  SOLR-310: bound pending deletes
     new 50adbdb  SOLR-317 - a stylesheet to display luke info.  To view it, check: http://localhost:8983/solr/admin/luke?wt=xslt&tr=luke.xsl
     new d38a98d  SOLR-299: python client will be replaced, but fix a buglet in the interim
     new 6c761bd  updated mailing list info
     new 843b9fe  Fix YAML parsing issue
     new 112796d  Add test to check the proper parsability of CHANGES.yml
     new 373f0d7  fixed typo
     new 1ce8c6f  SOLR-348: short-circuit faceting if less than mincount docs match
     new e595f5e  fix javadoc issues
     new bce939d  LUCENE-991:  Fixed explain() method reporting issues when no payloads present.
     new 5f00355  SOLR-215 - remove static singleton for SolrCore.  This commit enables multiple solr cores, but does not yet provide an interface to manage them.  This is a rather substantial change.
     new ec60f7a  Force the server to stop at shutdown.  Hopefully this will help our tests pass regularly while running on hudson.
     new 2e1941b  SOLR-215 -- removing static references to "instanceDir" -- this will let each core have its own instanceDir and ClassLoader
     new fb9d1c3  SOLR-215 -- start webapp w/o crashing!
     new e3dacf0  SOLR-215 -- removing the core name and 'cores' registry stuff.  this should be part of SOLR-350, not SolrCore
     new f736f3f  SOLR-215 -- create a new SolrCore if one does not exist
     new e355097  SOLR-215 -- remove static reference to getInstanceDir()
     new bd493d6  minor formatting change to #13
     new e7179ea  LUCENE-992: move buffered deletes into DocumentsWriter so IndexWriter.updateDocument is atomic
     new 3148019  solrj upgrade to commons-httpclient-3.1.jar  (API is compatible)
     new 2b25ec8  SOLR-335: work-around in lieu of PingRequestHandler
     new 7f54a7c  SOLR-335: work-around in lieu of PingRequestHandler
     new 14e8c34  SOLR-352: remove duplicated commit and optimize
     new 3932826  use a combination of default values that is supported by Solr
     new 1bccc85  ClientUtils also needs to escape the slop: ~
     new 4d8f34f  ClientUtils escapes !
     new deafb32  escape all non-alpha/numeric characters with \
     new efe1da6  SOLR-349: new functions
     new ec0c99a  MultiSegmentReader doesn't have svn:eol-style=native, and was commited with DOS line endings ... hopefully just setting the property will fix it
     new 9e51c30  LUCENE-941: benchmark: infinite loop for alg: {[AddDoc(4000)]: 4} : *
     new 40f0adb  LUCENE-941: (leftover - add info in benchmark/CHANGES.txt entry)
     new 299d635  LUCENE-845, LUCENE-847, LUCENE-870: factor MergePolicy & MergeScheduler out of IndexWriter, improve overall concurrency of IndexWriter, and add ConcurrentMergeScheduler
     new ddb17c6  LUCENE-984: reduce TermVectorsWriter to just the merging use case
     new c5b328d  typo.  thanks Thorsten
     new 9636354  LUCENE-845: fixed a case that was allowing same segment name to be used twice when a concurrent merge was aborted in between
     new 640e781  LUCENE-1002: Exclude contrib/benchmark/temp and work from the distribution classpath
     new c364ddd  make work with current server
     new 533f5cb  SOLR-361 : refactor solrj tests so they are more extendable
     new e3adf0e  SOLR-215 -- synchronizing getSolrCore()
     new 2ecd6ef  SOLR-360 -- create a new XMLInputFactory for each request
     new 61c2d20  SOLR-354: optimize delete by query of all docs... changes were accidentally committed previously in r576683
     new 46f8c77  SOLR-360 -- reverting #577405,  set factory.setProperty("reuse-instance", Boolean.FALSE); works for 1.6.  The BEA parser works for 1.5
     new aec2619  SOLR-260 -- adding solrj tests for fast concurrent updates.  With the commited low number for threads and docs, these would not always fail.  But increasing the number takes a long time to run.
     new 11ec236  clarify stax comments, change logging level
     new da32f1d  SOLR-360 -- removing static JUnit references
     new 68aa146  LUCENE-986: Refactored SegmentInfos from IndexReader into the new subclass DirectoryIndexReader.
     new c028a06  removing empty file -- was confusing clover
     new fada31f  adding temporary print to figure out why this gdata-server test is failing on build machine
     new 3f517bf  don't just write date to stdout, include date string in failure message
     new b91bd4f  fix typo in value source
     new 511406e  remove temporary print for GData unit test
     new 1e4355a  updated note for SOLR-282
     new b8bdf5a  SOLR-362: add JUnit to Solr libraries
     new 4674b5f  SOLR-215 -- fixing SolrEventListener initalization and adding test that instantiates an SolrEventListener on startup.
     new d78f61d  don't factor in +-Inf,NaN in scale function
     new 6d8ae54  SOLR-215 -- extracting multicore config stuff from SOLR-350.  This does three key things (that will make SOLR-350 easier to maintain) 1. extract SolrCore from SolrRequestParser -- this lets it be shared across cores 2. go back to the 1.2 interface for XmlUpdateRequestHandler   public void doLegacyUpdate(Reader input, Writer output) 3. add a constructor to Config that lets you set the instanceDir explicitly (otherwise it forced static and needs to be specified as a property)
     new bb036b1  SOLR-362 followup: cleaning up some build.xml cruft from when i thought we needed to jump through a lot of hoops
     new 1ccfec0  javadoc warning cleanup
     new d7bd3f9  Add Rails Engines, MIT licensed.  And move the heart of Flare's UI into the plugin where it belongs
     new 0658c38  remove views now within the Flare plugin
     new a28eb4d  LUCENE-994: change defaults in IndexWriter to maximize 'out of the box' indexing speed
     new c947254  fix BoostedQuery.rewrite
     new 2faac48  getters for QueryValueSource
     new 56ceddd  Add Spellcheck support
     new fdfcbf0  Move layout and routes to flare plugin
     new bcfad28  LUCENE-1005, apply GMT timeZone to the data formatter so it outputs properly formatted dates
     new dce47c6  LUCENE-1005, apply GMT timeZone to the data formatter so it outputs properly formatted dates
     new d2ba024  Remove SIMILE link from default view - it will come back as a configuration option somehow
     new 8b242f7  Add templates to the plugin
     new aa1e9e1  Minor formatting changes, and exposed Solr::Connection from Context
     new ebf602d  SOLR-359: LukeResponse.FieldInfo should expose the selected flags info and the indexInfo
     new b1a09b7  Move flare helper method into plugin too
     new 95803ec  Remove old TODO
     new 7496e88  typo in javadocs
     new 014f230  LUCENE-1008: fix corruption case when document has no term vector fields after other docs with term vector fields were added
     new 16342be  qp accept empty string: LUCENE-1006
     new 8315089  LUCENE-1010: fix corruption case, hit during merge, case when docs with and without term-vectors are mixed
     new 8df6312  LUCENE-1009: Fix merge slowdown with LogByteSizeMergePolicy when autoCommit=false and documents are using stored fields and/or term vectors
     new 39e99c9  1. remove @deprecated servlets: /select and /update from JettySolrRunner (added in 1.3) 2. added a main() function to JettySolrRunner so you can easily debug the example setup from within eclipse
     new 7d3906e  SOLR-359 -- adding getters for fields removed in #580089
     new 54e45e6  Remove helper method that was pushed down to the plugin
     new 6fe636c  SOLR-369 -- EmbeddedSolrServer needs to call req.close() after query.  Thanks Renato
     new 1fcddcc  moving generally useful DirectXmlRequest from the test package to solrj/request
     new c42ea06  Fix field name typo in dismax configuration
     new 9eb8ab9  Add &show=schema to solr-ruby IndexInfo Luke request
     new d385b74  fix typo in example config comments
     new b89d70d  Add OSSummit Asia news
     new 8d41030  Add OSSummit Asia talks to Solr news
     new 0d4fec0  refactor solrj ClientUtils to avoid autoboxing float <> Float.  also, don't send float value=1.0
     new 54729a5  LUCENE-1007: allow flushing by ram, doc count, or both (whichever comes first) in IndexWriter
     new f311961  LUCENE-1007: woops ... Integer.SIZE is Java 1.5 only
     new 62fa7b4  Added new DuplicateFilter functionality to filter documents sharing a field value (e.g. primary key/url)
     new a415d80  updated site to have con icons float right, and intro section named 'What is Solr'
     new 7c34959  clean up con icons so they float right; also using forrest 0.8 images
     new f192665  LUCENE-1011: 'get multiple writers over NFS' to work even when NFS client dir listing cache can be stale
     new 4efd666  Enable Solr::Request::Select to work as a general pass through to any registered request handler using /select?..., and a few other minor changes
     new 5a1fdc2  more explicit javadocs about Scorer contract for iterating in doc id order
     new af6b980  LUCENE-1009: missed one file in the 'merge slowdown' fix causing it to still be slow when compound doc stores are used; also fixed default for comopund doc store = compound doc file format
     new 04b3349  Fix build to bundle in proper CHANGES file
     new 88e0370  Add future example of what a solr-ruby Solr writer type could do with dates
     new 872e407  Like SOLR-360, the solrj XMLInputFactory needs to be thread safe...
     new ef03ded  javadoc typos
     new 2438617  cleaning up a ton of javadoc warnings from gdata.  most of these fixes related to either: clarifying packages for @link tags; changing @link or @see tags that pointed at classes/methods that didn't exist (by picking classes with very similar names that do exist); or removing incomplete stub javadocs (that added no information beyond the signature
     new 2ac108d  javadoc typo
     new 065553b  LUCENE-1013: fix IndexWriter.setMaxMergeDocs(N) to work out-of-the-box again
     new 3de84b4  Deprecating HighlightingUtils
     new 9de7367  fix typos in javadoc
     new ceebb95  LUCENE-1018: fix intermittent exception in TestConcurrentMergeScheduler
     new 3872d3b  Updated hashcode/equals to test all fields
     new 21a07ee  Provided DTDs for core and contrib XML query syntax. The "docs" directory contains detailed documentation generated by DTDdoc from the DTDs. The ant script used to generate these docs is also included but not hooked up to the main build process due to license issues with DTDdoc.
     new e9c5d47  Adding the document id to error message when you send multiple values for a single valued field.
     new 0ef4854  comments: it took me a few minutes to figure out why this was correct
     new 5f49752  add NOTE that the input Directory[] to addIndexes* must not be opened by a writer while the method is running
     new 3b6b765  LUCENE-1021: make all unit tests subclass from a new LuceneTestCase, so that we can assert no unhandled exceptions occurred in ConcurrentMergeScheduler's threads
     new 9c9ebe5  LUCENE-1027:  Added support for doubles to Config, also added copies of standard and micro-standard algorithms that flush by RAM
     new b7253a0  LUCENE-1027:  Added better formatting of doubles, added wikipedia-flush-by-RAM for comparison
     new ed5ff37  SOLR-376: hl.alternateField
     new d36587f  example highlighter config in solrconfig.xml
     new f1c3211  SOLR-215 -- make sure that BaseTokenFilterFactory/BaseTokenizerFactory call the @Deprecated init() method
     new 1f78c1b  SOLR-215 -- adding CHANGES.txt and moving the deprecation warning from BaseXXXFactory to
     new cc005c8  SOLR-378 -- increase timeout to hopefully avoid nightly failures...
     new df97bd9  speed up response writers: SOLR-377
     new 07b145e  adding credit for Henri
     new 4c92cae  increasing timeout for LargeVolumeJettyTest
     new 112f227  LUCENE-1012: correct the javadocs for maxMergeDocs / maxMergeMB to state that the limit applies to each segment being merged, not to the resulting merged segment
     new a614f0d  Added some more algorithms for testing things out, implemented basic TREC query driver based on the sample in the javadocs.
     new 883aab2  honour onlyMorePopular flag SOLR-382
     new 87e233d  don't buffer string escaping for php response writer either: SOLR-377
     new a4dcb12  LUCENE-1031: fix a bunch of mis-spellings in CHANGES.txt
     new 37345a6  Adding tests to make sure you get FieldTypeInfo when you ask for the schema
     new a899f9e  SOLR-377: make sure FastWriter buffer is flushed after writing response
     new 2f5507b  fix returning unbalanced quotes in describeParams()
     new 1df7007  LUCENE-1028: Fixed Weight serialization for few queries.
     new fc96a32  SOLR-334: pluggable query parsers
     new 2d07595  SOLR-351: external file value source
     new 38bbbb5  LUCENE-1022: share writer's infoStream with LogMergePolicy & ConcurrentMergeScheduler
     new e7debdf  LUCENE-1020: created basic tool to check an index, print details of each segment, and fix the index by removing broken segments
     new e94db66  comments
     new d89039b  add @Override
     new 3cb7652  Remove unused JSP file
     new 54de92e  SOLR-390: notation for future devs
     new 548618f  set class to abstract, making it possible to run tests by package from an IDE without this one causing a warning
     new 92b4f46  fix old pre-multicore comments that refer to singletons that are no longer singletons
     new de12906  SOLR-389 -- adding better javadocs for RequestHandlerBase -- thanks Grant!
     new 526d976  LUCENE-1036: make sure the priority argument to Thread.setPriority(...) in ConcurrentMergeScheduler is in-bounds
     new 7012f67  LUCENE-1015: Added support for caching longs and doubles in a new interface, ExtendedFieldCache and *Impl.  Added support into the various sorting fields.  Put in some testing for it.
     new 61a6b8d  lucene qparser should pay attention to default operator in schema
     new 8508386  LUCENE-935: Defined property "m2.repository.url" to allow setting the url to a maven remote repository to deploy to.
     new e1ad6e3  SOLR-367: specific return types from create in Token*Factories
     new 009a33c  one trivial typo, one significant
     new 413c92f  LUCENE-1038: Sets the document number of the term vector being mapped.
     new 4b3ae81  SOLR-395: spell checker upgrade
     new 1bcf820  SOLR-393 removed duplicated contentType from raw-schema.jsp
     new dc79f47  fix typos in CHANGES.txt
     new 570e22e  SOLR-334?  The new query parser does not handle 'null' when sort is "score desc"
     new d9ee7b2  adding a simple test to make sure parsing 'sore desc' does not barf
     new 5227c5c  LUCENE-843: change public -> package protected for two advanced static methods on SegmentReader used only during merging
     new d1989f4  LUCENE-1047: change MergePolicy & MergeScheduler from interface to abstract base class to have future freedom to add default methods without breaking backwards compatibility
     new 658aebd  LUCENE-847: woops, I forgot to add an entry to CHANGES.txt for this rather large change!
     new a98a308  LUCENE-1043: speed up merging of stored fields by bulk-copying bytes for contiguous range of non-deleted docs
     new 12a1302  javadoc tweaklet
     new 99dc6e2  SOLR-396: new build system support for generating stub tokenizer/tokenfilter factories when lucene jars are updated.  includes newly generated factories for all lucene-analyzers-2.2.0.jar langauges
     new ef18068  add pkg ignore
     new c4f99ab  SOLR-408 adding and deprecating <pingQuery> syntax
     new f69f98c  LUCENE-1048: fix Lock.obtain(...) to work properly on very large timeouts, eg Long.MAX_VALUE
     new 439ba58  LUCENE-1044: add doSync option to FSDirectory.getDirectory, defaulting to true, to sync() each file descriptor before close()
     new 8b45020  LUCENE-1020: close each SegmentReader after we've finished testing that segment
     new 881d811  ossummit rescheduled, new dates unknown - use new gif and remove explicit date refrences
     new 2d3ddfe  ossummit rescheduled, new dates unknown - use new gif and remove explicit date refrences
     new 8e33946  check and remove leading zeros when writing IntField: SOLR-394
     new 2b53d13  SOLR-281 -- adding a search component framework
     new 68d95ed  Remove redundant else-clause from SegmentTermPositions#readDeltaPosition(). This might be a small performance gain.
     new 8de85b8  A bit of delicious library specific configuration in the sample solrconfig
     new ec560e3  LUCENE-1044: default doSync to false for now because performance cost of the simple 'sync() before every close()' approach is too severe in many cases
     new c130be2  SOLR-411: Rename JARs produced to defacto standard names (contributed by Grant Ingersoll)
     new bb37d2b  LUCENE-1051: Generate separate javadocs for core, demo and contrib classes, as well as an unified view.
     new dd538e6  rename HiFrequencyDictionary to HighFrequencyDictionary, and add numDocs to spellcheck handler response so that docfreqs can be converted from counts to frequencies, should the client be so inclined.
     new 5992c5a  LUCENE-1020: update CHANGES.txt for this issue
     new c5c1913  LUCENE-1050: detect errors on releasing the lock (if delete of the lock file fails)s
     new e35a66d  LUCENE-1052: add set/getTermInfosIndexDivisor to IndexReader to reduce memory usage of the TermInfos index
     new 5e9219e  Removing some code I accidently introduced a while ago (namely, sorting docs by doc id before retrieval for more sequential disk access)
     new 04ae927  Added toString implementation on, provided by Jason Calabrese
     new 1abb045  Disable verbose standard output in MemoryIndexTest by default.
     new 01719c5  Set eol-style property to native for
     new 0805999  LUCENE-743: Add IndexReader.reopen() method that re-opens an existing IndexReader.
     new 31f50ad  minor change in the wording
     new 91c7b66  SOLR-413: cap lastDocRequested at maxDoc()
     new e9a5866  LUCENE-1057: call clear when reusing token, change clear to only resent essential fields, re-add Token.clone()
     new f818ff0  LUCENE-1057: copy payload in
     new 88a01d6  remove java5 code
     new 49e85ee  documents with a score <= 0 can in fact be collected as matches
     new 5401d6e  Minor refactoring to SpellCheckerRequestHandler to enable somewhat-useful subclassing (sublclasses may override Dictionary implementation)
     new de35ba9  trivial: removed some @author tags, spelling, whitespace
     new e395be3  LUCENE-1040: new CharArraySet, make StopFilter directly use it
     new b04703f  LUCENE-1055: Remove gdata from trunk.
     new 6b6464e  LUCENE-1040: CharArraySet rehash fixes from Mike
     new 6be2c07  LUCENE-1044: also re-default doSync back to false in contrib/benchmark
     new 87cbdd0  fixed typo
     new aa7c63e  LUCENE-1044: put back original ctor for FSIndexOutput
     new 02d9b51  LUCENE-887: setDaemon(true) on merge threads so JVM will exit if only they remain
     new f7ee9f6  LUCENE-693: Speed up nested conjunctions
     new 54e5550  LUCENE-1062: Add setData(byte[] data), setData(byte[] data, int offset, int length), getData(), getOffset() and clone() methods to o.a.l.index.Payload. Also add the field name as arg to Similarity.scorePayload().
     new e76c594  SOLR-414 -- Plugin initialization now supports SolrCore and ResourceLoader "Aware" plugins.  Plugins that implement SolrCoreAware or ResourceLoaderAware are informed about the SolrCore/ResourceLoader.
     new c70ec4a  spelling correction
     new f668a48  LUCENE-1066: better explain output for idf
     new 1a7f578  fix typo in javadoc
     new e729f9d  LUCENE-1059: various small fixes based on code inspection from Tzvika Barenholz
     new 498d582  remove unused variables; typo fixes in javadoc
     new 5882ec0  LUCENE-1045: make SortField.AUTO work with long
     new 52320d2  format fixes only (inserting line breaks)
     new 47c8416  LUCENE-921: add some javadoc / turn comments into javadoc comments
     new 6ebd306  LUCENE-1067: make access to RAMFile's buffers thread safe
     new db52f4e  LUCENE-1069: fix CheckIndex to properly take deletions into account
     new 46b26e7  SOLR-417 -- moving SortSpec to a top level class.
     new 8e79f64  remove some dead/unnecessary code
     new 67e0d82  LUCENE-1071: Fixed SegmentMerger to correctly set payload bit in the merged segment.
     new 12d0cc1  remove obsolete todo comment
     new 5122ece  Set the searcherHolder to null on close.  See:
     new 261382f  LUCENE-1058: Added new buffering tokenizer/token filter for reducing redundant analysis
     new 9d7995d  removing the setFacetMinCount() from addFacetField().  see:
     new 97fbfb5  LUCENE-982: add new method optimize(int maxNumSegments) to IndexWriter
     new cad3d26  Added some more javadocs
     new a0b63a9  commented out OSSummit info until we know when it is scheduled
     new c3f80c5  AbstractPluginLoader needs to return 'null' unless there was something registred to the same location
     new 3372ce6  altered info about mailing list archives
     new 1e31d42  altered info about mailing list archives
     new b627573  The CSV loader incorrectly threw an exception when given header=true
     new 11a7bf8  LUCENE-935: Allow to deploy maven artifacts to a remote m2 repository via scp and ssh authentication.
     new ddf136d  LUCENE-1072: make sure on hitting a too-long term that IndexWriter is still usable
     new cbfc1f0  SOLR-421 -- make SolrParams and Solr*Documents serializable
     new 7dad850  SOLR-421 -- adding SolrDocument
     new f02be7b  LUCENE-935: Don't generate checksums for maven artifacts; <artifact:deploy> does this automatically for us
     new db6b495  constructor should have been public
     new c25f9ea  deprecated getSolrCore() was hiding exceptions
     new 1476b13  Rearranged javadocs location per Apache policy.  Added in some Wiki links to help promote the wiki
     new a8c399c  Rearranged javadocs location per Apache policy.  Added in some Wiki links to help promote the wiki
     new 3370f73  typo fixes
     new 72bb91f  Added some convenience constructors
     new 91d9ce1  SOLR-414 -- convert SpellCheckerRequestHandler to a SolrCoreAware handler rather then using SolrCore.getSolrCore()
     new 5f73506  LUCENE-1073: create SnapshotDeletionPolicy to facilitate taking a live backup of an index
     new e706c72  do put+get in one operation
     new c23cb45  LUCENE-1075: fix possible thread hazard with IndexWriter.close(false)
     new 0d2d647  LUCENE-1072: make sure an exception raised in leaves DocumentsWriter in OK state
     new a0c9992  make LuceneTestrCase abstract for junit to run smoother from Eclipse.
     new 8a8944d  LUCENE-1078: remove dead code
     new 7b49ea1a directing people to wiki for non-apache hosted mailing list archives
     new b8af29f  default HashDocSet/@maxSize to 3000 rather then throwing an error if not specified
     new 47d31b6  LUCENE-1080
     new 2e678a3  LUCENE-1064: Changed TopDocs constructor to be public.
     new 1e85382  remove unused imports
     new 1189527  LUCENE-1058: override the close method so it doesn't try to close the null Reader input
     new 69f9e93  Adding a utility function to convert SolrDocument -> SolrInputDocument
     new f14885c  SOLR-350, SOLR-409 -- adding configurable support for running multiple cores in one sole instance
     new 161280a  SOLR-350 CHANGES.txt
     new 23ea243  SOLR-350 - change "STOP" to "UNLOAD"
     new c0d2db9  SOLR-350 -- allow configuration of dataDir via multicore.xml
     new ce9b805  LUCENE-1082: fix NPE in IndexReader.lastModified(*) methods
     new f9b2e97  LUCENE-1077 new sinks and payloads analysis packages
     new 9d35e30  - Javadoc fix
     new b0d2b1c  LUCENE-1044: revert the doSync option to FSDirectory
     new 072e526  SOLR-281 -- building a SearchComponent registry with components initialized via the standard plugin utils method.
     new 9b79f1a  SOLR-350, removing old option to set core from query params (Responding to Hoss' comments on SOLR-428 let me see this)
     new bd0e682  SOLR-427: Allow IndexSchema to be loadable from an InputStream.
     new 86ca6f8  fix intermittent thread-safety failure in contrib/benchmark unit test
     new 07e7b55  javadocs update
     new 8c18fd8  remove commented out code
     new c213098  LUCENE-1042:  Committed.
     new 2181f52  SOLR-350, for non-handler reqeusts, select core with 'String corename = request.getParameter("core");'
     new c607f48  Revert Lucene-944
     new adb9a5c  LUCENE-1079: DocValues cleanup: constructor & getInnerArray().
     new b67cbd7  for LUCENE-1079, document the change under "API Changes".
     new 66b05d1  Add support for alternate field highlighting, based on patch by Koji Sekiguchi on SOLR-376
     new c3f210d  LUCENE-1019: CustomScoreQuery enhanced to support multiple ValueSource queries.
     new 73f9e7e  fix potential thread-safety issue in contrib/benchmark's TrecDocMaker. (follow-up to
     new b7e167a  LUCENE-1086: DocMakers setup for the "docs.dir" property fails when passing an absolute path.
     new 55d0c3a  LUCENE-1077:  refactored to have a common PayloadHelper classes.  Also added TokenOffsetPayloadTokenFilter, which encodes the Token offset into the payloads
     new 10c1ec3  LUCENE-1089: add new PriorityQueue.insertWithOverflow method to allow for re-use
     new e3ce5f2  SOLR-439 -- SolrInputDocument should preserve Field addition order
     new 9056748  LUCENE-1092: fix KeywordAnalyzer.reusableTokenStream so it can successfully be reused
     new 516143d  LUCENE-1045: Applied original LUCENE-1045.patch that refactors original 1045 patch to use ExtendedFieldCache and DOES NOT make FieldCache a class
     new ef5c818  see
     new be794a3  LUCENE-25 added test for stopwords in query parser
     new 52d3076  LUCENE-1094: don't corrupt fdt file on hitting an exception partway through indexing a document
     new 7a3a61e  Checking in simple performance test
     new 36b1206  Restoring ExtractWikipedia, as it is still a handy class to have around.  Splitting the documents is useful for debugging purposes when you know you want to look at a specific document instead of grepping through a really large file.
     new ca82152  removed bad chars at end of file
     new 873bf03  SOLR-442 -- change indexDir to dataDir for FileFloatSource
     new 7dfe984  Checkin of WikpediaTokenizer that extends StandardTokenizer using JFlex.  examples/wikipedia/README contains info on running.
     new 0c6efd3  make sure to close the IndexInput used to read index version
     new 6e20e41  should not have been committed
     new 0841e7e  SOLR-350 -- dropping 'default' core usage and requiring the core name in the URL.  Also fixes broken admin links (SOLR-441)
     new 89fe185  LUCENE-1097: change IndexWriter.close(false) to ask merge threads to abort, and, wait for them to finally finish
     new 23da033  LUCENE-1096: Fixed Hits behavior when hits' docs are deleted along with iterating the hits.
     new 3084aec  Added news item to website about nightly maven snapshots
     new c0040ad  LUCENE-1098: Make inner class StandardAnalyzer.SavedStreams static and final.
     new 9a9d138  remove 'implements Cloneable' from MergePolicy.MergeSpecification
     new 93b9adc  LUCENE-1099: Make Tokenizer.reset(Reader) public.
     new e4d5958  adding getQuery() for bean access
     new 83b7501  SOLR-437 remove XPP -- not used since SOLR-133
     new 6ff0731  SOLR-350 -- use a default core name "[core]" rather then "[null]"
     new aa3db29  SOLR-350 -- removing name from log if it is null
     new da2a912  LUCENE-1068: updated StandardTokenizer, Analyzer to allow for the replaceInvalidAcronym
     new ac27fb0  Changed from overriding next(Token) to next()
     new 40d85a7  Switch to using the EnwikiDocMaker
     new cb94c6a  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 5c81934  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new bd340a8  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new efbd126  Rename section "Javadocs" to "Javadocs for Official Releases", Following discussion
     new 54fa88b  SOLR-447 -- automatically register standard Admin request handlers
     new b4fa332  Let ModifiableSolrParams add existing SolrParms -- this is used in SOLR-142 and SOLR-303
     new b367e86  LUCENE-1101: reuse 'policy': calling Token.clear() should be responsibility of token producer.
     new f4639c0  LUCENE-1095: option added to StopFilter and QueryParser to consider position increments.
     new ece8361  LUCENE-749: ChainedFilter behavior fixed when logic of first filter is ANDNOT.
     new 641e7f3  Adding getters for start/rows.  Also setter for sort
     new f39f15e  trivial: fix typo.
     new 90a7354  LUCENE-1102: EnwikiDocMaker now adds a docid field
     new 75473ed  LUCENE-746: Fix error message in AnalyzingQueryParser.getPrefixQuery.
     new 0ae1e1a  LUCENE-1113: fix for Document.getBoost() documentation
     new ed893f7  LUCENE-1114: Updated example
     new 3a726d0  SOLR-142: Added RawResponseWriter and ShowFileRequestHandler.  This returns config files directly.  If the AdminHandlers is configured, this will be added automatically.
     new 1517b93  SOLR-359 -- changing formatting (2 spaces, each enum value on a single line)
     new 2632443  LUCENE-1115: some small fixes to contrib/benchmark
     new 40eb1cd  LUCENE-766: test added for adding two fields with same             name but different term vector setting.
     new 9e65cd5  LUCENE-1116: contrib/benchmark quality package improvements (MRR, Trec1MQ)
     new f128624  fix typo
     new 2d633f9  LUCENE-1112: skip immense terms and mark a doc for deletion if it hits a non-aborting exception
     new edddef5  make Serializable
     new d94f1b6  SOLR-142 -- removing unused jsp file.  See:
     new dc484ad  SOLR-142 -- adding deprecation warnings to get-file.jsp and raw-schema.jsp
     new a761012  SolrJ xml parsing: allow different types in an array and allow null in array
     new 8729434  use ClientUtils to escape filterQuery
     new ea0136f  SOLR-449 : fix NaN/Infinity display for python&ruby response writers
     new dbf2a96  SOLR-142 -- don't need gettableFiles in default solrconfig.xml
     new f715fc6  LUCENE-1103
     new d86944d  fix javadoc warnings
     new b18f6ae  LUCENE-1103: The link is now incremented 1, but then the next token in the link is not incremented.  This way, the link is not associated with the previous term.  Instead it associated with the next term in the link, which would be the display tokens.  If there are no display tokens, then it will take it's proper place in the token chain.
     new 71dc04f  Adding Iterable interface to SolrDocument -- returns an iterator over the entry set
     new 79e09db  LUCENE-1103: Internal links should increment as all tokens do, since the first token is valid too
     new f0d5002  LUCENE-1117: fix intermittent thread safety issue w/ EnwikiDocMaker
     new db84ea5  SOLR-42: HTMLStripReader replaces removed content with spaces to preserve offsets
     new 8dfa326  avoid StringBuilder + String creations if no tag escape set
     new 26bc874  LUCENE-1118: skip terms > 255 (by default) characters in length in StandardAnalyzer
     new 8e069c9  new CSV lib, escape option for loader
     new 784586d  SOLR-42: test missed from previous commit
     new 393a1d0  LUCENE-1119: small optimization to TermInfosWriter.add to take a char[] instead of Term/String
     new eaba22c  Fixed a few issues uncovered by YourKit profiling:   * We were allocating 2X the size of each char block, but only     actually using the first half!   * Improved accuracy of numBytesAlloc tracking in DW   * Small optimization to not use token.setTermText from DW
     new 9ecfd1a  SOLR-281 -- only initialize search components that are not registered.
     new b80c55e  no functional changes -- adding faceting test for solrj
     new 2677871  LUCENE-508: make sure SegmentTermEnum.prev() is accurate (= last term) after next() returns false
     new fab92e9  Update trunk to version 2.4-dev
     new 2a074e6  let SolrQuery take null start/rows to remove them  (rather then throw NPE)
     new d029ba5  make SolrResponse Serializable
     new 0290967  don't swallow exception
     new 7c660c8  don't default an encapsulator for split CSV fields
     new 7d2ffdb  LUCENE-1123: Allow overriding the specification version for MANIFEST.MF
     new a405fea  SOLR-446: TextResponseWriter can write SolrDocuments and SolrDocumentLists the same way it writes Document and DocList.
     new 06b3f0e  SOLR-452 commit: hl.mergeContiguous
     new be28a24  SOLR-434 - change interfaces should support >2B docs
     new fffa391  SOLR-303 -- moving SearchHandler into org.apache.solr.handler.component
     new 981d977  SOLR-42: additional tweaks to get highlighting to work properly (contributed by Grant Ingersoll)
     new ea95178  LUCENE-1117: fix EnwikiDocMaker to not hang when the producer thread hits exception
     new 5aaf587  LUCENE-1125: fix over-zero-filling that was drastically slowing down small docs w/ term vectors
     new 869d6f6  Specify tentative 2.3 release date in CHANGES.txt
     new 0661938  Include README* files in binary releases
     new 49dd305  Rename README files to uppercase letters
     new e5da9db  Rename README files to uppercase letters
     new 6eabca9  Add separate core, demo, and contrib javadocs to binary releases
     new da6c43f5 Separate project's web site from version-specific documentation.
     new 8068979  fix off-by-one error
     new 1bbb783  Generate nightly documentation files.
     new a43f312  - Add missing Wikipedia link to the javadocs menu - Disable "Lucene 2.3 Documentation" tab; it's not released yet - Remove javadocs.html and javadocs.pdf
     new 5bfe7bf  SOLR-350 -- change the multicore initialization path in the DispatchFilter to use an existing MultiCore configuration if it is already configured.
     new f7740af  LUCENE-1130: fix thread safety issues when hitting IOExceptions in DocumentsWriter
     new 78ec5a3  SOLR-444: do not highlight default search field if none present
     new 63dfdc0  SOLR-446 -- make sure TextResponseWriter limits fields to returnFields if specified
     new 0a54ca1  LUCENE-1135.  Added Javadoc marking the WikipediaTokenizer as experimental
     new ed9fdba  LUCENE-1050 and LUCENE-1138 fixes for lock problem
     new 7c4867c  SOLR-20 -- add a warning to SolrUpdateServlet if it is sent parameters
     new 107eebe  change test to make sure everything is cleared first
     new ef545d1  SOLR-418: Adding a query elevation component.  This is an optional component to elevate some documents to the top positions (or exclude them) for a given query.
     new 82980ed  LUCENE-1140 patch to fix StandardAnalyzer stop set NPE and test
     new aa6928d  Change inceptionYear in lucene-parent-pom.xml to 2000.
     new 24006c1  SOLR-462: Changes to
     new 7486226  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new ef34209  re-add removed libs... whoops!
     new 7f4bdd5  Fix core jar name in gcj Makefile.
     new 354a317  LUCENE-1139: various additions/fixes to contrib/benchmark
     new 17fede3  LUCENE-1143: clear docStoreOffset when DocumentsWriter aborts
     new 9b2c39f  LUCENE-1144: fix NPE during DW.abort after OOM error
     new b8fc4ed  Update tentative 2.3.0 release date.
     new 37573a1  Remove leading bytes from CHANGES.txt
     new dd02654  LUCENE-1139: fix IndexWriter settings (compound, merge.factor, etc.) to work again
     new e71870c  removed unused imports
     new 17c461e  SOLR-436: To make future changes easier, SolrServer changed from an interface to an abstract super class.
     new dd6be180 Add 2.3.0 release to doap file.
     new fdf340d  lucene 2.3 update
     new 8348498  SOLR-466: add CharArrayMap, update SynonymMap to use char[] rather than String Tokens
     new f75f490  LUCENE-1127: added couple of convenience methods to TokenSources
     new 1183763  LUCENE-1128 and 1129:  Add highlighting support to benchmarking, plus fix minor traversalSize bug in ReadTask, also added a few new algorithms to try out
     new 09e2766  LUCENE-1137: Added Token.get/setFlags()  Release the hounds
     new bc1d778  LUCENE-1137
     new 1f0e88f  fixed javadoc
     new 305c47f  LUCENE-1133: Adds ability to keep certain strings as single tokens
     new 7f09c9f  Added javadocs about UNTOKENIZED_TOKEN_FLAG conundrum
     new 8ace410  LUCENE-1136: add ability to not count sub-task doLogic increment to contri/benchmark
     new 4c9faf1  SOLR-457: SolrJ updates - allow client to pass HttpClient, change interfaces to classes, use InputStream for XML parser, make XML factory static
     new f99e4e7  LUCENE-1147: add -segment option to CheckIndex tool, to check only a specific segment or segments
     new 674eae3  LUCENE-705: pre-set the CFS file length before building it
     new ee835cc  LUCENE-1084: change all IW ctors to require up-front specification of max field length; deprecated existing ones
     new 76dfb92  LUCENE-1120: speed up merging of term vectors by bulk-copying the raw bytes
     new eb415f5  LUCENE-1120: also add 2.3 index tests to the backwards compatibility test
     new b396846  deleting duplicate file
     new ea27734  adding @Override to subclasses
     new 7dd34ef  LUCENE-1153: added lib/junit and build support
     new 66b5df6  small typo fix in javadoc
     new 38f8d4e  LUCENE-1150: make StandardAnalyzer tokenizer constants public again (public access was accidentally removed with LUCENE-966)
     new b95e9a5  LUCENE-1132: Updated documentation and deprecated bytes references in favor of character references
     new e793bd5  LUCENE-1158: DateTools UTC/GMT mismatch -> fixing the javadoc
     new f0a617d  LUCENE-1157: Formatable changes log.
     new 559f461  Undoing change committed in r616534 (LUCENE-1157: Formatable changes log). Need to make the updates of Changes.html smoother.
     new 40a9f64  AutoCommitTest: faster and less likely to fail due to slow hardware
     new 2860504  trivial, javadoc typo.
     new fdd5a20  remove the byte-order mark characters (BOM)
     new 4fc8654  Made some member variables protected so they can accessed by extending classes
     new 61f2aa3  allow TrecDocMaker to be more easily extended by making values protected
     new 3db9002  LUCENE-1156: see CHANGES.txt
     new 7d03a8b  LUCENE-1084: fixing a few more IndexWriter instantiations to not use deprecated ctors
     new 3a24900  Set svn:eol-style=native for some classes
     new 115faf7  LUCENE-1160: see which index Directory a MergeException came from; make CMS more easily subclassed
     new 65ec800  catching up fileformats docs to recent changes
     new 1caf5cb  LUCENE-1045: Added short, byte support
     new 18b6128  LUCENE-584: Changed Filter API to return a DocIdSet instead of a java.util.BitSet. This allows using more efficient data structures for Filters and makes them more flexible.
     new 7735a84  SOLR-467 -- remove "core" options from solrj
     new 3e6a40e  LUCENE-1134: Fixed BooleanQuery.rewrite to only optimze a single clause query if minNumShouldMatch<=0.
     new afb58ca  when reinit() is called, reset the start time (used only when printing # docs indexed)
     new 0ec1870  LUCENE-1151: don't mis-identify HOST as ACRONYM, but, provide static method/property to revert to backwards-compatible but buggy behavior
     new cc67781  Update CHANGES.txt for LUCENE-584
     new 140a867  Correct javadoc
     new 8609f34  add test for custom query parser from solrconfig.xml
     new 59c76d2  LUCENE-1084: fix some more deprecated IndexWriter instantiations in unit tests
     new d941d12  LUCENE-1157: Formatable changes log.
     new 53d3a0c  LUCENE-1163: get CharArraySet.contains(char[], int offset, int length) to actually pay attention to offset
     new 18adf78  only show the first 10 million warnings and errors when compiling
     new 7ea8bd3  LUCENE-1084: fix the remaining deprecated calls to IndexWriter ctors
     new a5fc9fc  SOLR-472 - add comments to ResourceLoader and make sure it only calls "normalize" once
     new 0dc6c59  LUCENE-494: Added QueryAutoStopWordAnalyzer in a new query subpackage
     new 0094105  benchmark autocommit
     new 9a186ed  LUCENE-1084: allow user-specified max field length when instantiating IndexWriter
     new fc4bc1f  LUCENE-1084: fix more test cases to use user-defined MaxFieldLength ctor for IndexWriter
     new 9716742  LUCENE-1168: fix corruption cases with mixed term vectors and autoCommit=false
     new 9adff20  LUCENE-1169: Fixed bug in searching with a filter might miss some hits because scorer.skipTo() is called without checking if the scorer is already at the right position.
     new 0d2df7b  Rename local variable docIdSetIterator to filterDocIdIterator in
     new 7965c59  LUCENE-1164: when too many merge threads are running, pause until one or more finishes, instead of doing the merge with the foreground thread
     new 4e99dda  LUCENE-1171: better robustness in DocumentsWriter on hitting OOM at various times
     new 862c442  LUCENE-1044: sync index files in IndexWriter to ensure index is intact if machine or OS crashes
     new 1d4ab68  LUCENE-325: add expungeDeletes methods to IndexWriter
     new 19fa2fb  LUCENE-1173: fix corruption in bulk merging of stored fields when autoCommit=false
     new fd5629c  change seed for each test
     new 40f9324  LUCENE-1175: add missing synchronization
     new 527957b  LUCENE-997: Add search timeout (partial) support.
     new ec18d3a  LUCENE-1176: fix corruption case when adding docs with no term vectors followed by docs with term vectors
     new 4b8b5ce  fix multi-thread test for LUCENE-997 (search timeout).
     new 8c9f2ce  LUCENE-1044: fix CheckIndex tool to properly identify 2.4 index format
     new afd4e0e  SOLR-473: RDoc patch contributed Chris Kline
     new ac32a54  LUCENE-997: add missing synchronization in unit test
     new 9f2e3cf  LUCENE-1172: some small additional speedups for DocumentsWriter
     new cc64e6f  LUCENE-1179: allow Fields with empty string field names
     new b9dbd3b  LUCENE-1179: provide more details when terms are out of order
     new c61a33d  - Fixed javadoc typos for expungeDeletes()
     new 95e2e57  - Typo fix
     new caed55e  Added thread-safety around use of core's QueryParser. Old XML parser constructors use a mode which will synchronize on use of the user-supplied QueryParser. New constructors offer alternative option of passing "defaultField" String which is used to create a new single-use QueryParser for each parse operation.
     new 49c896d  fix "optimizied" typo
     new 37a060c  Additional thread safety around filter creation - old code could create duplicate CachingWrapperFilter if thread1 gets cache miss and thread 2 has a cache miss before thread1 populates cache with new CachingWrapperFilter. Synchronization cost around whole method is OK here because Filter object construction should be a lightweight call. Note: CachingWrapperFilter currently has a similar bug in bits() method but adding "synchronized" around that whole method would not be  [...]
     new 9f25cd2  SOLR-481: Handle UnknownHostException
     new 191e72e  added Grant to committer list
     new 427cbbf  SOLR-324: fixed support for longs/doubles, still need to add short and byte, per next Lucene update from trunk.
     new e1f97af  SOLR-479: Added clover test code coverage
     new d5ef760  SOLR-477: Added in AnalysisRequestHandler and tests/sample documents
     new ff37f3c  SOLR-478: Added ability to get back unique key info from LukeReqHandler
     new d5271e5  LUCENE-1182: Added delegation to scorePayload
     new fe9dcf8  fixed typo on FIRST
     new 8cf3175  SOLR-127: HTTP Caching awareness
     new 850ffde  Add section for the 2.3.1 release to CHANGES.txt in trunk.
     new b86e8e9  LUCENE-1185: Avoid checking if the TermBuffer 'scratch' in SegmentTermEnum is null for every call of scanTo().
     new ac58a1a  SOLR-468: Changed semantics of CapitalizationFilterFactory to keep the original token, not the value in the map
     new d075a69  SOLR-451: minor change to make analysis use POST instead of GET.  Also made the input area a little bigger to make it more readable.
     new 6302172  fix for reordering scorers from highest to lowest original skip (possible slight performance gain only... no correctness implications)
     new 3813608  detailed deprecation comments for the major request handlers
     new d9607c5  lengthen connect timeout in test added for SOLR-127
     new 9c95415  upgrade to lucene 2.3.1
     new 0c2e3eb  SOLR-489 - ading some @deprecation javadoc details
     new d7d1d68  LUCENE-1184: allow SnapshotDeletionPolicy to be re-used across close/open of IndexWriter
     new cc61bb6  SOLR-303 Distributed Search over HTTP
     new a73850e  SOLR-356: pluggable functions
     new b4d3eeb  SOLR-356: pluggable functions
     new 8f9781b  LUCENE-1196: don't throw EOF when seeking to the end of RAMFile when file is multiple of 1024 in length
     new 7af43e4  LUCENE-1191: if we hit OOM then don't commit any changes to the index
     new dd622ea  SOLR-476: CommonsHttpSolrServer can set the ResponseParser on a per request basis.
     new b18dde8  LUCENE-1197: fix DocumentsWriter to not overcount RAM usage when term vectors are on
     new 0148a9c  close request in DirectSolrConnection
     new 7f9cddc  SOLR-492: Add facet.offset support to standard/dismax requests
     new 00fe257  LUCENE-1174: remove outdated information from javadoc
     new 3efa1c4  LUCENE-1198: don't increment numDocsInRAM unless DocumentsWriter.ThreadState.init succeeds
     new 33bee3c  LUCENE-1199: do defensive check of indexReader != null before trying to close it
     new 56f85a8  cleaned up the javadocs a bit to make more readable
     new a5acf41  SOLR-350 -- manage multiple cores.  This implements persist, load and unload.
     new 5b4ed51  create QueryValueSource from boost, not from main query
     new 4f11226  recurseCount for parent was never decremented
     new f242666  SOLR-334 fix: use defType if no type was specified in the local params for the query
     new a739470  SOLR-334: nested query type added
     new fb295f3  StringBuffer -> StringBuilder
     new 1eaa439  add missing ASL headers
     new 9c3841c  fix JSONWriter writing of SolrDocument
     new 51f1319  SOLR-342: Added support for Lucene's new index writer options
     new 9e78173  SOLR-496 - use Long for Cache-Control max-age
     new 5b113c8  LUCENE-1194: add IndexWriter.deleteDocuments(Query)
     new 69f3594  LUCENE-1200: prevent rare deadlock in IndexWriter.addIndexes
     new c113c64  LUCENE-1201: add IndexReader.getIndexCommit to see which index commit a reader is reading
     new f3effe3  LUCENE-1204: improve TestStressIndexing2 test by interleaving deletes by term & query
     new f19e8c1  normalize the solr data directory regardless of source
     new e7fe4cf  RawResponse should use the Reader rather then a Stream
     new e6df3c5  fix handling of null token type in analysis.jsp
     new 5322a86  add work directory for jetty to use for exploding wars
     new 705cade  revert enableRemoteStreaming back to false
     new 10f2695  LUCENE-1208: if exception is hit after marking flushPending but before flushing, clear flushPending to prevent deadlock
     new fa4d10b  LUCENE-1210: fix deadlock case on hitting exception in mergeInit
     new 6420539  LUCENE-1211: small speedup to DocumentsWriter by optimizing the common case of sorting only 2 values
     new 8b2f128  make the name of multi-value property long enough for the values.
     new ce0309e  Javadoc clarrification for getRecall().
     new 25f80c7  LUCENE-1209: Fixed DocMaker settings by round. Prior to this fix, DocMaker settings of first round were used in all rounds.  (E.g. term vectors.)
     new 0d633bd  SOLR-350 -- make MultiCore subclassable so to allow custom persistance methods (for example, SQL)
     new 29560fc  LUCENE-1213: MultiFieldQueryParser ignored slop for single field phrases.
     new d562050  SOLR-350: fix JSPs broken by previous patch
     new d2617b4  lower logging noise level in SolrDispatchFilter
     new 9dc489e  LUCENE-1222: make sure IW.doAfterFlush is called regardless of whether adds or deletes are flushed
     new a6258c7  LUCENE-1217: use Field.isBinary instead of 'instanceof'
     new 45d3ab7  start and rows are not field parameters
     new e5f9b4e  LUCENE-1212: factor DocumentsWriter into separate source files
     new 4b3709b  LUCENE-1214: preseve original exception in SegmentInfos write & commit
     new 2768bac  LUCENE-1223: fix lazy field loading to not allow string field to be loaded as binary, nor vice/versa
     new b36d9f9  download bdb zip from Oracle's servers
     new f4cc6e2  LUCENE-550:  Added RAMDirectory alternative as a contrib. Similar to MemoryIndex, but can hold more than one document
     new 860f6bb  LUCENE-550: put the comment in the wrong spot
     new b3e82f8  LUCENE-1226: Fixed IndexWriter.addIndexes(IndexReader[]) to commit successfully created compound files.
     new 966ae03  LUCENE-1228: IndexWriter.commit() was not updating the index version.
     new b309970  LUCENE-1233: return empty array instead of null for certain get*s methods in Document
     new c5dd46f  LUCENE-1230: Include *pom.xml* in source release files.
     new 47da76d  LUCENE-1234: Make BoostingSpanScorer protected
     new 19c4865  spelling correction
     new 32f1054  LUCENE-1202 - tweaks to build system to make clover work better with contribs
     new 9ac9639  LUCENE-1236: Added some more javadocs.  Also removed @author tags
     new 2f39d9f  SOLR-494: Added Ajaxed schema explorer (contributed Greg Ludington)
     new 0e857b7  Added license information about the SOLR-494 added JQuery library
     new c975851  more for LUCENE-1202 ... Hudson's clover plugin wants the XML format of the report, it's cheap so generate it everytime
     new a7e55a2  LUCENE-1233: correct javadocs
     new ea688c9  fix formatting in CHANGES.txt to prevent perl errors in creating changes.html.
     new 1c1627b  Fix issue caused by SOLR-494 with SolrJ unit tests.
     new 588fec2  Wire in the schema browser to the main admin menu
     new b331ca0  SOLR-497: Added date faceting to QueryResponse
     new 160f664  fix distributed facet counts when field may not exist in shard
     new 95b1fe8  SOLR-127 - special note for people upgrading about new HTTP Caching headers
     new d0a0cac  ignore contents of Jetty's work directory
     new bd79f33  additional distributed faceting tests
     new 3191337  additional distributed faceting tests
     new 4bd9dba  LUCENE-1238: Fixed intermittent failures of TestTimeLimitedCollector.testTimeoutMultiThreaded.
     new c172010  Applied trejkaz's patch from to optimise and included new JUnit test
     new 958b7a0  more details about SOLR-127 in upgrading section  .... (i could have swore i commited this a few days ago)
     new 10230ef  just adding some further asserts on the size of the term vector & stored fields index files
     new 8eb3cda  Correct speling
     new 08a254c  Fix LukeRequestHandler and schema browser to work properly with multicore (patch supplied by Greg Ludington)
     new 52e60f0  SOLR-386: configurable SolrHighlighter
     new 608c90b  Correct spelling
     new 2799a78  SOLR-508: CSV handler to use update request processors
     new df7cf49  fix possible false failure in testCloseWithThreads case
     new 93ccbb5  uncommenting firstSearcher and newSearcher queries, they don't hurt anything and they would have made SOLR-509 easier to spot early
     new 7a32b53  SOLR-503 -- restructure src/webapp to keep jsps and WEB-INF in same directory.  Added test to hit jsp files.  (currently only checks if they compile ok)
     new f291654  Fix javadoc issue
     new bae6cd1  Typo fix
     new 5e04a26  Incorporate the prefixPath, if configured, on the forwards
     new 8b0b533  LUCENE-1242: small speedups to bulk merging
     new 01b7029  Clarify path-prefix in web.xml comments and javadocs
     new f0f2b88  Enlighted by Hoss' question, clarify a bit more about nesting Solr within a larger web application
     new 0bd6f8e  LUCENE-1244: don't use hard-coded path in AnalysisTest
     new 5e3d3a2  SOLR-350 -- removed static access for SolrMultiCore.  Also adding a new constructor to MultiCore
     new 68aaec0  make SolrServer serializable
     new bd9aeb7  SOLR-350 -- fixing more jsp references...  added tests to check "/solr/" and "/solr/admin/threaddump.jsp"
     new d273c9a  Fix a couple of multicore related issues in both index.jsp pages
     new 4936083  Fix JSPs that refered to removed SolrMultiCore
     new 8af3598  LUCENE-510: change index format to store strings as true UTF8 not modified UTF8
     new a04d84f  SOLR-512: set parameters on UpdateRequest
     new 758e123  - Cosmetics
     new 85819cd  adding an upgrade note about the lucene format changes
     new fe6debb  adding master/slave upgrade notice
     new a8e6df6  SOLR-511: add getInitArgs to RequestHandlerBase
     new 828333a  LUCENE-1247: remove always-true assert
     new 05e70ee  fix most thread safety issues in MultiCore
     new 09b3a56  LUCENE-1251: be sure to close the descriptor even if super.close() hits an exception, in FSIndexOutput.close
     new cc955c9  LUCENE-400: Added ShingleFilter (token based ngram)
     new c124044  SOLR-519: Fix path to jQuery script
     new 21b22f8  some javadoc building cleanup for contrib/instantiated -- notably moving docs to doc-files
     new 3784428  LUCENE-1254: don't reject segments > maxMergeDocs/Size in IW.addIndexesNoOptimize
     new e2c2a8d  SOLR-330: Converted Solr tokenstreams to use Lucene's char[] capabilities
     new 8e701e2  remove copied javadoc
     new a42a266  use ContentStreamBase.FileStream for ShowFileRequestHandler
     new 004aff9  Remove unnecessary part of AutoCommitTest that was often failing
     new 5cfd9c8  LUCENE-1255: if position is negative, silently change it to 0
     new 62cf2ec  fix typo
     new 7667caa  SOLR-531
     new 500358c  SOLR-535
     new 7adcd21  temporarily disabling testMaxDocs from AutoCommitTest
     new 6042bdb  SOLR-529 - Better error messages from SolrQueryParser when field isn't specified and there is no defaultSearchField in schema.xml
     new fd4981f  SOLR-530: Better error messages/warnings when parsing schema.xml: field using bogus fieldtype and multiple copyFields to a non-multiValue field
     new b6fe0f5  SOLR-528: Better error message when defaultSearchField is bogus or not indexed
     new 2f9879d  make solrj tests individually runable using -Dtestcase=FooTest
     new dc9bb60  ignore case when comparing tag names
     new e1aa232  SOLR-516: add hl.maxAlternateFieldLength
     new aca45bc  SOLR-533: Fixed tests so they don't use hardcoded port numbers
     new 1e5bd13  remove redundant new
     new 360051e  clarify slightly confusing comment
     new e1c82f6  SOLR-330: reuse first token in WDF
     new a6ff3c9  LUCENE-1262: fix issue that causes BufferedIndexInput to return incorrect bytes after exception was hit during refill
     new 44daeba  LUCENE-1150: put back public tokenImage/TOKEN_TYPES in StandardTokenizer and WikipediaTokenizer
     new edfcaa6  SOLR-486: Binary response format
     new 7bcf998  SOLR-521: StopFilterFactory support for enablePositionIncrements
     new a2d155e  fixing comment about SOLR-330 (it's a new optimization, it was not magically added to Solr 1.1)
     new 6b7518d  SOLR-400: Handle OpenDNS failure
     new 9f789c6  added a clean target for use when running Clover on Hudson.  Only cleans dest, not dist
     new d2f0b62  keep the docs around for Hudson
     new 27f33df  hudson needs the clover XML report format
     new 3292c2f  spelling correction
     new 783bd8c  SOLR-541: Legacy XML update support wasn't logging errors.
     new e2583ca  SOLR-509: Fix NPE when starting up SolrCore due to FirstSearcher event not being initialized
     new f0a4b30  SOLR-267: Logging updates, now logs how many hits, plus some other logging changes to reduce double logging
     new d6839a0  SOLR-267: Reopen.  Remove adding info to the HTTP Header.  Remove double responseHeader in the namedList response
     new 6a4ae85  minor javadocs change First paragraph is used as description in javadocs index so I added the sentance from build/pom. And it gave me an excuse to test my karma.
     new df843f3  allow chained update processor in the middle of the stack to return null
     new d97804d  allow chained update processor in the middle of the stack to return null
     new 074df18  LUCENE-1266: actually use the doWait param in IndexWriter.optimize(boolean doWait)
     new 59c8f9c  add warnings to javadoc for IndexModifier.docCount
     new abc0d25  LUCENE-1157 and LUCENE-1256: HTML changes log, created automatically from CHANGES.txt.
     new 24ef016  default is no longer a multicore concept
     new e35d9f6  LUCENE-1255: in CheckIndex, accept pos=-1 if index is < 2.4; added NOTE to remind user to turn on assertions for more thorough checking
     new 963ec9e  LUCENE-1270: fix intermittant case where IW.close() can hang after IW.addIndexesNoOptimize is called
     new abeb46d  - Typo
     new 82de9f0  SOLR-547: add getFactories() to ChainedUpdateProcessorFactory
     new 4a8ca8f  SOLR-550: updated docs
     new aecd167  LUCENE-1267: record per-segment deletion count in segments file; add maxDoc() & numDocs() in IW; deprecate docCount() in favor of maxDoc()
     new 8f1feaa  LUCENE-1255: revert this change (allow pos=-1 again) since it's not backwards compatible
     new dd8974c  SOLR-334: change local params syntax from angle brackets to curly braces
     new 35c7eb3  Commit of LUCENE-794 patch - adding phrase/span query support to highlighter
     new afa040e  LUCENE-1276: Fixed contrib highlighter build
     new 68b8d7c  use shards.qt as the qt for subqueries
     new 38d1caf  LUCENE-1277: Remove println in highlighter
     new 72869fb  SOLR-557: added getSearchComponents()
     new f3ed5f8  SOLR-509: roll back prev changes that caused firstSearcher to never be closed, use latch to prevent events from executing before inform() is called
     new d0ed896  SOLR-562: Namedlistcodec throws NPE for null names
     new 0b9020f  update to lucene 2.3.2
     new 291d184  added Koji Sekiguchi to who page.
     new 8540820  LUCENE-1274: add preparCommit() to IW to do phase 1 of 2-phase commit
     new 5a4f257  fix incorrect javadoc
     new 39651e0  LUCENE-510: fix backwards compatibility bug when bulk-merging stored fields from pre-UTF8 segments that contain non-ascii stored fields
     new 0a58cee  add get/set for luke 'count' field
     new b591e8c  LUCENE-1282: upgrade an assert to a real check, to work around Sun JRE hotspot bug to prevent index corruption
     new 14d8404  SOLR-559: use Lucene updateDocument, deleteDocuments
     new 6a8bef8  - Made ant compile-core and build-contrib run again
     new b182881  - Made ant compile-core and build-contrib run again
     new aa0074f  LUCENE-1003: Don't let RussianAnalyzer drop numbers.
     new 12bde0c  remove last vestiges of maxPendingDeletes from DUH2
     new 7a27cdc  LUCENE-1166: Added token filter for decomposing compound words
     new b434a76  - Javadoc fixes
     new bc905bb  - Javadoc correction
     new a323755  LUCENE-1060 Javadoc fix
     new d5c708a  - Renamed vars a bit, so test is easier to understand
     new 1d5ba34  - Javadocs fixes
     new f5df303  - Fixed messed up indentation/tabs
     new f4e41c8  SOLR-537: Use of hl.maxAlternateFieldLength parameter from solr-ruby
     new 73ab487  fix intermittant failure when random byte sequence creates invalid UTF16 string
     new 6bafbdf  LUCENE-1283: factor out ByteSliceWriter from DocumentsWriter
     new b2035b1  Add Lucene 2.3.2 section to CHANGES.txt in trunk
     new 90be0da  - Made PlainTextDictionary(Reader) public from protected
     new 455e7a4  SOLR-319: Changed SynonymFilterFactory to "tokenize" synonyms file.
     new f60122e  SOLR-470, SOLR-552, and SOLR-544: Multiple fixes to DateField regarding lenient parsing of optional milliseconds, and correct formating using the canonical representation.  LegacyDateField has been added for people who have come to depend on the existing broken behavior.
     new 4eb86925 Set eol-style to native for all files in src/java and src/test that did not have this property set before.
     new 7f03f16  set svn:eol-style property native to
     new 2175d84  LUCENE-1282: added workaround for nasty JRE bug that strikes when merging very large segments; also added safety to abort the merge (preventing index corruption) if we detect the bug has struck
     new 15fb1cd  SOLR-539: Fix for non-atomic long counters and a cast fix to avoid divide by zero
     new a379a67  LUCENE-1152 Fix for calling indexDictionary after clearIndex call
     new f68c954  LUCENE-1183: Optimized TRStringDistance class (in contrib/spell) that uses less memory than the previous version
     new b4f7c37  LUCENE-1046: Removed dead code in SpellChecker
     new ce557ee  LUCENE-852: Let the SpellChecker caller specify IndexWriter mergeFactor and RAM buffer size.
     new 7e62064  SOLR-510: Nightly release includes client sources.
     new 858b411  SOLR-514: Added explicit media-type with UTF* charset to *.xsl files that don't already have one
     new 3b9df5f  Added javadocs
     new cd3b0f0  SOLR-518: Changed luke.xsl to use divs w/css for generating histograms instead of SVG ... also made some other small cleanup changes to luke.xsl
     new 7e4db05  whoops, hadn't finished saving
     new a0de6f7  SOLR-581 - typo in (private) method name
     new a7f1cbc  Fixed to fail when a thread hits an error in testThreadSafety().
     new eb0596c  LUCENE-1195: Improve term lookup performance by adding a LRU cache to the TermInfosReader.
     new 08a2eb4  LUCENE-1290: Deprecate, Hit and HitIterator.
     new 0ebfcc6  LUCENE-1187: ChainedFilter and BooleanFilter now work with new Filter API and DocIdSetIterator-based filters.
     new 5ba95af  SOLR-505 Give RequestHandlers the possiblity to suppress the generation of HTTP caching headers
     new cacf6ae  SOLR-553 Use SpanScorer when highlighting phrase terms and hl.usePhraseHighlighter=true
     new 4b81a68  - Removed a TODO that does not apply any more due to SOLR-539 commit
     new 14f3663  Set eol-style to native for
     new 1d6d186  LUCENE-1187: Fix and to not reference class from test/org/apache/lucene/search/, which is not in the contrib classpath.
     new 3e7a15e  LUCENE-1187: Fix and to not reference class from test/org/apache/lucene/search/, which is not in the contrib classpath.
     new 33aea48  Add missing javadoc to Cache.synchronizedCache().
     new f32b5a5  LUCENE-1285: WeightedSpanTermExtractor incorrectly treats the same terms occurring in different query types
     new f6f0c59  SOLR-553: Finish off by adding right Lucene jars and fix the spell checker test
     new 0446563  - Added back a TODO per Yonik's request
     new da6341f  Add additional UpdateRequest constructor to allow custom update URLs to be used
     new 81731ea  javadoc fix
     new 4e12eb0  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new df7fb0f  LUCENE-1189: Fixed the QueryParser to handle escaped characters within quoted terms correctly.
     new d8c8c0e  LUCENE-1288: add getVersion, getGeneration to IndexCommit
     new 77a62dd  rollback stupid commit
     new fb8ea90  add ability to pass in an analyser to SolrQueryParser
     new 4c5700c  SOLR-515: SimilarityFactory capability, allowing parameters from schema.xml to be used in Similarity construction
     new e33f551  LUCENE-1294: remove from JAR manifest
     new 1de21ed  SOLR-587: use Lucene's deleteByQuery
     new 914a646  include example of seting JNDI solr/home in the web.xml
     new ef8a49d  marking myself inactive - haven't contributed to Solr for almost a year now
     new 1979d75  LUCENE-1295: Made method public and added retrieveInterestingTerms variation
     new 455afb3  Thread.getId() is a java 1.5 feature. Change to Thread.getName().
     new f89cda6  LUCENE-1298: Allow MLT to use custom similarity
     new 17c90ce  SOLR-590
     new f2ce567  SOLR-536: Add a DocumentObjectBinder to solrj that converts Objects to and from SolrDocuments.
     new bb26caf  adding an error message if you create a CommonsHttpSolrServer with parameters in the baseURL
     new 8c97e9b  LUCENE-1299: Properly handle when IndexReader is not null and Field is in the spell checker
     new edf6ed2  doc deprecation alternative
     new eaaf623  SOLR-536: use ConcurrentHashMap
     new 0bbb318  Adding simple tests to increase code coverage for all SolrInfoMBeans -- this scans the classpath and calls all the functions (not expecting much)
     new 993226e  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 44ce0b1  SOLR-193 -- increaseing code coverage on SolrDocument.  Fixing some missing logic on adding vs. setting an Iterable field
     new 8fe4244  I think I checked in an unclean version of trunk last time.  This is based off of rev 663718 and is the latest trunk
     new cd03773  increasing test coverage for NamedList and SimpleOrderedMap
     new 552501c  adding coverage for misc utils
     new 16c6d85  moving old test utility functions to a junit test
     new d75e941  adding tests for ntz
     new 2ce5049  test all ntz bit positions
     new 6bbb079  fix IndexCommit.equals to compare version of the commit instead of segments filename, in addition to the Directory
     new 4d9e280  LUCENE-1090: remove relative paths from benchmark's build.xml.
     new 5503aba  fix javadoc typo.
     new ee9a938  - Typo fix
     new a00f94c  SOLR-536 - adding the binder to SolrServer.
     new 4d11b2c  create new params object for each shard request to prevent concurrent modification exception when SolrJ modifies the params
     new 423731e  use cloned params passed to submit to avoid concurrent modification exception
     new d69885c  LUCENE-1303: BoostingTermQuery's explanation marked as a Match              depending only upon the non-payload part of the score.
     new 7f0cc46  SOLR-596: handle facet.limit=0
     new f690d9f  SOLR-597: SolrServlet no longer "caches" SolrCore.  This was causing problems in Resin, and could potentially cause problems for customized usages of SolrServlet.
     new 97da4ba  2 and a half years seems like a long enough time to be using the wrong favicon.ico.  Let's use the same one we have on the website.
     new 4adc3f7  Fixed bug parsing boolean attributes. Boolean.getBoolean(s) was being used by mistake which reads a system property with name of s - instead need to parse s as string value of "true" or "false".
     new 96d6835  SOLR-592: Added ShardParams interface and changed several string literals to references to constants in CommonParams.
     new a1b02cc  SOLR-595: Added support for Field level boosting in MoreLikeThis
     new e108b53  SOLR-601: make QParser.parse public
     new 0b20b5e  SOLR-486: make javabin the default for SolrJ
     new f2fb573  change QParser.parse to public
     new 6190ce0  SOLR-486: make javabin the default for solrj
     new 3050d83  SOLR-303: if facet.limit <=0 then don't increase limit sent to shards, and don't test for refinement
     new e8376f4  give Lars credit in CHANGES.txt for SOLR-303
     new 200f1dd  tmp files for tests should be temporary ... and not created in the current working directory
     new ce19aa2  LUCENE-1297 - Allow other string distance measures for the SpellChecker
     new 8b11f3b  - Renamed TRStringDistance to LevensteinDistance (related to LUCENE-1297)
     new d6dcae4  make public
     new 44dcbe1  add a getter for the StringDistance
     new 1cd74a0  SOLR-572: Added SpellCheckComponent functionality.
     new be70d4d  added a comment
     new 319fd2b  SOLR-424: when writing response, gracefully handle invalid zero length int/long field values in the index
     new 0150aea  fix XSS vulnerability in analysis page
     new 8557aa1  in facet refinement, skip over facet queries that don't look like refinements.  add test that exercizes refinements.
     new 5b7185e  SOLR-585: Set the QParser on the ResponseBuilder
     new dceb71e  utf8 server config test script
     new a10b243  add test to see if default is UTF-8 in post body... will be useful for debugging other apps querying solr
     new e598716  SOLR-604: Make relative spellchecking dir be relative to the Solr data dir.  Also added sample file based sc to the example
     new e8f25fa  SOLR-563 - Build for contrib/ projects
     new 0953aa3  SOLR-536 -- remove recently added "getBeans()" function from QueryResponse.  Adding the variable SolrServer makes the response unserializable.
     new 0737e74  SOLR-602 -- add method chaining to SolrQuery
     new 81d4040  SOLR-536 -- putting back the getBeans function, and keeping SolrServer as a transient variable
     new 13c08a9  LUCENE-1311: add IndexReader.listCommits & methods to open a specific commit
     new 3c80f97  MemoryIndex implements Serializable
     new a0983fe  SOLR-423: Add CloseHook notification
     new 77a4e2f  SOLR-603: Add partial optimize capabilities and deprecate DirectUpdateHandler
     new f2c5515  SOLR-609: SpellCheckComps now honors defaults
     new 5890f58  improve javadocs for numRamDocs
     new 3a57d15  remove numDocsDeleted, which is no longer tracked since lucene handles it
     new b8fc54e  LUCENE-1312: Added full support for InstantiatedIndexReader#getFieldNames() and extended the test case to assert deleted documents behaves as they should (they did).
     new 4f7ead8  LUCENE-1318: InstantiatedIndexReader.norms(String, b[], int) didn't treat the array offset right.
     new e31c9de  fix DirectUpdateHandlerOptimizeTest to pass on windows
     new bc21016  add getters to StopFilterFactory
     new 1fb3859  Rollback SOLR-609 in favor of getting the defaults from ReqHandler.  Change around the config to demonstrate, also updated on the Wiki.
     new ceebb01  SOLR-584: make stats.jsp and stats.xsl more robust to new info as they are added - spurred by core name not being displayed properly, fix also includes section for highlighting plugins and some general major refactoring of stats.xsl
     new 5d79d6b  small tweak to example multicore schemas -- make the schema names a little more distinct from core names so it's clear which is which when looking at admin screens
     new ebf4625  LUCENE-1323: fix MultiReader to make a private copy of the subReaders array
     new bd9fa2f  stop trying to point at favicon.ico with absolute path
     new 943bf37  LUCENE-1321: Highlight fragment does not extend to maxDocCharsToAnalyze
     new 6b251c9  SOLR-482: add byte/short sorting support
     new b60829f  LUCENE-1322: remove unnecessary synchronization in CSIndexInput
     new 7919e2e  SOLR-350:  fix libDir => sharedLib xml writing error
     new 363d51d  add getter for synonym map
     new de0dc7e  SOLR-443: declare charset for POST body
     new bca43ea  LUCENE-1320 ShingleMatrixFilter, a multidimensional shingle token filter.
     new 7db8913  SOLR-14: Add preserveOriginal flag to WordDelimiterFilter
     new 4099732  LUCENE-1326: be sure to call Inflator/Deflator.end when working with zlib for compressed fields, to avoid memory leaks
     new 22f76f1  LUCENE-1325: add IndexCommit.isOptimized() method
     new dc65b35  LUCENE-1324: add TokenFilter.reset()
     new 5f5bd53  SOLR-502: Add search timeout support
     new 7990b23  return this to allow method chaining for setTimeAllowed
     new ddc7c29  LUCENE-1320 ShingleMatrixFilter, a multidimensional shingle token filter.
     new e7b1fff  fix distributed search null pointer exception when no docs are matched and debugQuery=true
     new 13abbc4  NamedList->SimpleOrderedMap
     new c6ee82b  SOLR-605 -- register event listeners and QueryResponseWriter programaticaly
     new 0b306ec  SOLR-605 -- changes.txt
     new 317196a  fix classpath for solrj javadoc
     new 3d1ce65  SOLR-605 -- adding thread safety comment
     new 229229a  SOLR-556 , SOLR-610
     new d26e563  SOLR-621: add getAll(name) to NamedList
     new 74c551f  Added option to allow UserQuery tag to define a different default fieldName. Standard use case for this is where users are presented with a GUI form with multiple input boxes, each targetting a different field and allowing "lucene syntax". The XML query template behind such a form would have a <UserQuery> tag for each form field, each defined with the appropriate choice of default field name.
     new a9ce6fd  LUCENE-1331: catch if FSDirectory is used after being closed
     new 43c2038  fix javadoc warnings
     new 17dc70a  Fix parseQueryStrings to use extensible parsing syntax, not just SolrQueryParser.  This function is currently only used by the MoreLikeThis handler.
     new a62779f  javadoc fix Long->Integer
     new 5642b95  SOLR-625: addField throws exception in SolrDocument
     new 7d2d6e5  SOLR-522: Make analysis.jsp show payloads
     new a11f1fc  SOLR-501: Fix admin/analysis.jsp UTF-8 input for some other servlet containers such as Tomcat
     new dc6d97d  move to non-deprecated methods to unlock Directory, use SolrIndexWriter to get Directory to unlock since it needs to set the lock factory
     new 6bc6f5a  check for null maxScore in JSONResponseWriter
     new 6c4e116  comment out failing test pending fix
     new 7de8ac0  make script more robust: classes w/o a constructor arg we're looking for, anonymous classes, better regex for restricting to java files
     new 7ad6fc5  add factories for 'new' Lucene analysis classes where it makes sense
     new 15f8c56  SOLR-627: Add shards support to Standard request
     new 8efac90  SOLR-520: Deprecated unused LengthFilter since already core in Lucene-Java
     new e31e14d  Readying for an 0.0.6 gem push
     new 46c5c16  Release today
     new 466513c  SOLR-626: DistributedSearch - fix so scores are returned if requested in field list
     new d7a76cb  SOLR-594 - upgrade documentation about calling inform for anyone who might be using StopFilterFactory, SynonymFilterFactory, or EnglishProterFilterFactory directly from java code.
     new 946c74f  SOLR-615: minor cleanup of some XML imports
     new fc04ff8  SOLR-605 -- moving spellcheck parameters to o.a.s.common.params
     new 76d6fdb  SOLR-572 -- expose the configured spellcheckers.  This will give other custom components access to the same spelling dictionaries
     new 429ab8a  SOLR-632: Upgrade Jetty to 6.1.11
     new 12e4e67  add missing synchronized to PerfRunData.getQueryMaker()
     new 59374d6  no need for 'createMultiCore' to be public.  This is only useful for a subclass to extend
     new 14d8ee7  javadoc fix, update to new localparams syntax
     new bb64899  Fix docs to match current qparser syntax
     new a00dec8  SOLR-632: Revert to Jetty 6.1.3 due to cache header issue with 6.1.11
     new d86a9b8  fix a lot of trivial javadoc warnings
     new 7198ead  LUCENE-1301: refactor DocumentsWriter into a package-private indexing chain, as a first step towards flexible indexing
     new d0664e7  SOLR-638 -- add a reference to CoreDescriptor within SolrCore and give that access to MultiCore.  This will inable inter-core communiction from anywhere that has access to a core.
     new ae123e5  SOLR-638 -- removing reloadCore() from CoreDescriptor
     new bed156e  SOLR-619 -- refactored IndexSchema so it allows registering copy fields within SolrCoreAware.inform()
     new 3c33837  SOLR-619 -- switch to System.arraycopy() for array copy
     new c9b7eb1  make the luke response vars Serializable
     new fc7e78c  SOLR-536 -- fixing array of size 1 error.
     new d4532fd  fix white space in NamedList
     new dca260e  replacing non-existing "count" argument with useful "numTerms" argument
     new a60aa83  Adding my name to the "Who We Are" page. Also, changing the position of Koji so that list is in alphabetical order.
     new ebb0e0d  Finally able to understand what alphabetical order means :(
     new 91170a2  SOLR-616 -- FileBasedSpellChecker does not apply accuracy configuration.
     new cb8eb42  SOLR-593: getNewestSearcher() to fix inform deadlocks from getSearcher(), fix elevation component not decrementing it's reference
     new 5dd7e5b  SOLR-640: spellcheck reference leaks
     new 9bcace7  fix spelling error
     new 4f03b00  SOLR-612: allow POST for queries
     new d8779e1  SOLR-642: make ShardResponse public
     new 3b76211  SOLR-623: fix snapcleaner for OSX
     new 8854b2b  SOLR-641 -- use the binary parser for embeded solr server
     new f9f787d  SOLR-644: increase jetty POST size
     new 7c842e3  LUCENE-1339: make IndexReader incRef and decRef expert public methods
     new 48f098b  SOLR-649: Facet param constant DRYing (Lars Kotthoff)
     new c0f037c  change Collection<Object> to Collection<?> in solrj object binder
     new c16ddbb  SOLR-652 -- fixing highlighting error when q.alt="*:* and no q is sent
     new 3d140bc  SOLR-645: Refactory faceting tests into SimpleFacetsTest
     new 90146c2  removing only @author tag
     new ba12732  SOLR-653 -- remove the 'overwrite' options from solrj.  Since we plan to remove these in the future, we should keep them out of the API before its first official release.
     new d5a66e7  SOLR-655 -- Adds the compilation of solrj as a prerequisite for generating core-javadoc and the compiled classes and libraries to the classpath. Adds a missing import to IndexSchema. Fixes 2 javadoc comments with improper @param usage in ClientUtils.
     new 0f5af69  SOLR-654 -- add setResponse(  NamedList<Object> rsp ) to SolrResponse base class and remove the constructor initalization from the implementaions
     new 68c59cc  Remove duplicate license header in class
     new feb5d94  Corrected misspelled word in comment text
     new 22cd8ef  SOLR-648: SpellCheckComponent throws NullPointerException on using spellcheck.q request parameter after restarting Solr, if reload is called but build is not called.
     new 645fd55  SOLR-661 -- fix NPE when there is no query
     new da634f4  SOLR-660 -- simplify the UpdateRequestProcessorFactory framework and use standard initialization techniques
     new 0cda9c8  SOLR-611 -- Expose sort_values returned by QueryComponent in SolrJ's QueryResponse
     new d916665  LUCENE-1346: replace Vector with ArrayList in Queries
     new c2917b4  return lowest level stats as well as computed stats
     new ed366c7  Removed call to SolrCore.log with config parameter and SolrCore import to avoid dependency to SolrCore
     new 2d13d9e  SOLR-256 -- Support exposing Solr statistics through JMX
     new b9fcb32  SOLR-486: add efficient Iterator support for binary protocol
     new eb3858a  Added searcherName to the statistics.
     new 4d12601  use compound file for DirectUpdateHandlerOptimizeTest to avoid out-of-fd errs
     new 5bb3552  Propset svn:keywords for files
     new 909aab1  scale back DirectUpdateHandlerOptimizeTest by a factor of 10
     new a18aea6  SOLR-666 -- Expose warmup time in statistics for SolrIndexSearcher and LRUCache
     new 4ac6ce3  SOLR-663 -- Allow multiple files for stopwords, keepwords, protwords and synonyms
     new 842680f  Removed call to SolrCore.log and SolrCore import. Replaced reference to with File
     new e217b2b  LUCENE-1347: fix hang in rollback() after previous rollback() call hit exception
     new 79e7750  SOLR-469 -- Added DataImportHandler as a contrib project.
     new ccb0ce8  Removing files generated by DataImportHandler tests.
     new a00e917  SOLR-662: solr-ruby now supports all highlighter parameters.
     new a7cda85  LRUCache impl synchronizes on the map, not the cache
     new 258cb3e  pass current searcher to newSearcher hook
     new 68083b3  SOLR-622: SpellCheckComponent supports auto-loading indices on startup and optionally, (re)builds indices on newSearcher event, if configured in solrconfig.xml
     new dd946e7  Fixed directory name for DataImportHandler's javadoc target
     new b7bdc34  Fail main build on error in contrib builds
     new e25d09c  Try all MBeanServers before giving up
     new 670174c  Clear infoRegistry before closing searcher
     new 1d92c29b Added debug output and changed the failing test to use SolrIndexSearcher's ObjectName directly.
     new 18331a2  Change suggestion list to be rendered as a hash / associative array instead of a simple array in JSON (and subclasses) output.
     new 60fff07  SOLR-598: Make DebugComp last
     new 686e3fc  deprecating a constructor that used deprecated method
     new 0eb1be2  LUCENE-1310: Phrase query with term repeated 3 times needed more slop than expected.
     new b8c2b71  SOLR-673 -- Modify build file to create javadocs for core, solrj, contrib and "all inclusive"
     new d222a0d  SOLR-554 -- Hierarchical JDK log level selector for SOLR Admin replaces logging.jsp
     new 40f8ad0  Fixing all reported javadoc warnings
     new cdc38d0  Renamed mis-spelled method
     new 3f20de6  SOLR-469 -- Support for streaming xpath parsing and solr add xml (the lost code between DIH patches)
     new 925cefc  test chars outside the BMP
     new 25a88db  SOLR-591 -- Changed Solrj default value for facet.sort to true
     new 82c1724  LUCENE-1348: relax TestTimeLimitedCollector.
     new 4f01191  More debugging statements
     new e14ed12  Renaming targets of contrib builds for consistency with main build targets
     new 7ac2802  SOLR-672 -- Nightly release includes contrib sources
     new 316cfd1  LUCENE-1349: Mark Fieldable as changeable
     new f2838b4  LUCENE-1349.  Mark Fieldable as modifiable
     new dd066ed  LUCENE-1351: clean additional ligatures
     new 60b4396  LUCENE-1340: add Fieldable.omitTf to not index term freq, positions, payloads for the field
     new 5ad10cd  ignore the target dir
     new 99a9cee  ignore test created properties
     new 8d7282d  fix AutoCommitTest to wait some time for a new searcher
     new 98ff4a0  SOLR-506 -- Emitting HTTP Cache headers can be enabled or disabled through configuration on a per-handler basis
     new 8d8e835  LUCENE-1301: fix cause of rare NPE in TestIndexWriterExceptions
     new 12745d9  SOLR-675: javadoc typo
     new 81ae219  SOLR-485: deprecated
     new ac0377b  SOLR-474: Updated the javadocs for SpellcheckerReqHandler.  Removed refs to "multiWords", which doesn't exist, clarified a bit on use of extendedResults and multiword queries.
     new d816b97  SOLR-614 -- Allow components to be configured with NamedListInitializedPlugin using arbitary XML in solrconfig without using XPath
     new 0e1915b  Rolling back commit on SOLR-614 pending discussion and consensus.
     new dae5587  Explicitly noting Lucene upgrade to 2.4-dev (r669476) ... documenting this was overlooked when SOLR-572 was committed
     new f7291f6  SOLR-636 - simplify example configs and make index.jsp links more resilient to configs loaded via an InputStream.
     new 02bce80  1. Create test reports for contrib tests in build/test-results. 2. Remove created by tests in src/test/resources
     new d86b336  Adding SolrJ sources and DataImportHandler sources to clover
     new 085ad9b  1. Removing duplicate src/web/src packageset for javadoc-all target 2. Renaming core-test to test-core
     new 78ffc28  javadoc fix.
     new 495e372  don't trust Jetty to do the right thing when the example war is updated, purge the work directory explicitly (SOLR-677 is an example of the confusion this can cause otherwise)
     new 662980f  Return Level.OFF is log level is null
     new 7292ce8  SOLR-624: Only take snapshots if there are changes to the index
     new 6c39f09  SOLR-679: Added accessors to spell checkers
     new 954abed  SOLR-682: Add free bsd support to scripts
     new a557dff  Changed mention of interface in javadocs to abstract classes
     new aa525ba  SOLR-653 -- adding note about removing "overwrite"
     new 9354c58  SOLR-493 -- fix /admin/file links for old config formats
     new 8f8c6f3  hidden local variable in tests -- close was refering to the wrong thing.
     new 261ebe8  SOLR-493, SOLR-142 changes note
     new d502225  wait until searcher has been registered
     new d6fba67  wait until searcher has been registered
     new a29a3ae  SOLR-676 -- DataImportHandler should use UpdateRequestProcessor API instead of directly using UpdateHandler
     new 2ff01c1  Adding java classpath to DataImportHandler tests. This should hopefully take care of the error in executing clover target in the nightly builds.
     new 0084c7e  SOLR-687: only unlockOnStartup the first time for each dir
     new 8e0503b  SOLR-686: single lock factory overwrites previous (multicore reload corruption possibility)_
     new ccf20df  fix comment (simple is the default, not single) and remove redundent verbage
     new 4d33a23  - Javadoc typos fix
     new 5407863  add multi-threaded request clients to the distrib search test
     new 72da2b2  add omitTf to StringFieldable for newer lucene versions (back compatible with current lucene and makes testing with lucene trunk possibe)
     new bf41a13  SOLR-545 -- this aspect of SOLR-545 just fixes the behavior when a multicore environment falls through to /admin/ or /select via the SolrServlet
     new 2e863f2  adding /target to the svn:ignore list -- this will help folks using maven to build solr.
     new 475fb4a  SOLR-545 -- sending error code rather then throwing an exception in jsp
     new af1cfa9  Catch Exception instead of ClassNotFoundException because SolrResourceLoader throws SolrException on class not found
     new e545d6c  Build contrib together with the example target so that DIH is in the war created for examples
     new cc9e4dd  SOLR-489: Add in deprecation comments
     new 6ce91c9  SOLR-683: up max thread count to prevent distributed deadlock when distrib search is used
     new 0273078  LUCENE-1353: Javacc target to generate precedence query parser.
     new b25d5b3  1. Moving solr-jar to common-build.xml so it can be used by contribs 2. Adding correct manifest information to DataImportHandler jar
     new cabf61c  SOLR-689 - rename multicore.xml to solr.xml slong with some syntax changes to improve the terminology and leave ourselves open to additional options in that file
     new a26632b  SOLR-692 -- Migrated to stable released builds of StAX API 1.0.1 and StAX 1.2.0
     new 4406bbc  SOLR-586 -- Added ant target and POM files for building maven artifacts of the Solr core, common, client and contrib. The target can publish artifacts with source and javadocs.
     new dc21ca8  SOLR-694 -- Use SpellingQueryConverter as the default if no queryConverters are defined in configuration.
     new 1d5f454  Fixing dist-jar, dist-src and dist-javadocs to use solr-core instead of solr-server
     new 1c9bcc4  fix slight bug introduced by renaming jar
     new 425d8ac  SOLR-695 -- refactoring MultiCore to CoreContainer
     new 76c0e0a  typo
     new 5a59dd7  remove gram fieldtype from example schema
     new 4ede48a  SOLR-696: fixed Iterable marshalling problem
     new 53ac275  SOLR-545 -- send an error if you hit the deprecated /update servlet within a MultiCore system...
     new 489d042  SOLR-545 -- fixing javadoc reference to multicore.xml
     new 5ddfe45  SOLR-695 -- modifying MultiCore implementaion to treat "singlecore" as a CoreCollection with only one Core
     new 12039e1  SOLR-586 -- Changed inception year to 2006 and removed embedded from core description in the POMs
     new 1b69ba9  1. Adding handler.component to package list in SolrResourceLoader 2. Changing solrconfig.xml to use short names for SearchHandler and all components
     new c80333e  SOLR-698 -- SpellCheckComponent should use the queryString set in the ResponseBuilder before trying to use CommonParams.Q
     new facb2db  SOLR-669 snappuler fix for FreeBSD/Darwin
     new 3c034ff  SOLR-606: fixed spell checker collation issue
     new 9e11b2c  SOLR-695 -- renaming MultiCore* to CoreAdmin*
     new 3371a86  updating the CHANGES.txt for multicore changes
     new 67dc258  adding generate-maven-artifacts to ant usage
     new 8d48154  fixing javadoc warnings
     new a2fa5bf  Delete tar and zip file if they exist before attempting to build them again.
     new 514c453  I had forgotten to add Otis's name during the SOLR-663 commit. He had initiated the original issue and contributed the first patch. Sorry about that Otis and thanks :)
     new 0aa8af1  SOLR-474 - Spellchecker javadoc improvements
     new cd0f1a0  SOLR-683 acceptQueueSize=0 jetty.xml setting
     new a7ba71f  SOLR-586 -- Adding dependency to commons-fileupload
     new 4f13f01  SOLR-589 - Improved handling of badly formated query strings
     new c81ab40  SOLR-695 -- fix pathPrefix error
     new dd81e80  add some sample multicore docs for testing
     new e584e3a  SOLR-701: be explicit about Locale when parsing/formating milliseconds.  Also: refactor usages of TimeZone and Locale so it's clear when UTC and Locale.US are used for various purposes in case someone considers modifying them.
     new 0291a24  SOLR-700 -- Allow configurable locales through a locale attribute in fields for NumberFormatTransformer.
     new d00a997  SOLR-704 --  NumberFormatTransformer can silently ignore part of the string while parsing. Now it tries to use the complete string for parsing. Failure to do so will result in an exception.
     new 67170d7  Changing SolrException to the non-deprecated one
     new f00c5cb  roll back SOLR-683 acceptQueueSize recommendation
     new 6737f59  quick'n'dirty sleep/block test
     new 4c06d30  create CHANGES.txt file for solr-ruby and flare and move a change record (SOLR-537) from ./CHANGES.txt to client/ruby/CHANGES.txt.
     new ef4a80c  Moving the POMs in the root to src/maven folder per Hoss's wish on solr-dev
     new 0cbe7af  1) remove ruby/CHANGES.txt. 2) add solr-ruby/doc to svn:ignore list.
     new 57d0afc  Do not try to create connections at core startup
     new a26f373  LUCENE-1219: add Fieldable.getBinaryValue/Offset/Length reuse API
     new d0bf6ee  javadoc typo fix
     new 0ab15a3  Fixed typo in error message
     new de8c642  SOLR-647: refcount cores
     new bc47023  fix javadoc warnings in
     new e31a9da  LUCENE-1334: add Term(String fieldName) constructor that sets term text to empty string
     new a486bff  fix javadoc
     new 0541628  LUCENE-1249: fix small issues with TermVectorsReader.clone
     new 7675606  LUCENE-1355: highlighter can incorrectly produce negative idf when index has deletes
     new 35a8df1  SOLR-708: CoreAdminHandler unload, reload, alias impl
     new 3617c17  SOLR-708: CoreAdminHandler unload, reload, alias impl
     new 2754d4d  SOLR-430 -- Added support for reading SpellCheckComponent's response
     new e61df53  Upgrade to Lucene 2.4-dev (r686801)
     new 267603b  typo fix
     new eb5a4ab  bypass isDeleted if there are no deletions
     new 5e74022  Updated POM templates to use o.a.solr instead of o.a.lucene.solr per Maven recommendations
     new 485730a  forgot some groupIds
     new b73afa5  refactor package target slightly to include generation of maven artifacts
     new 5eb8861  Fix admin path for single cores (the core name is not null, it is an empty string)
     new bb6b711  LUCENE-1333: improvements to Token reuse API and full cutover to reuse API for all core and contrib analyzers
     new 09467ad  LUCENE-1001: Make payloads accessible from SpanQuery's
     new ff30eb2  Add remove method to NamedList
     new 003a853  LUCENE-1333: don't use LuceneTestCase in contrib until we can fix the build dependency
     new 072e181  SOLR-517: highlighter now returns fragments with hl.requireFieldMatch=true on un-optimized index. updated lucene-*.jar (r687052).
     new 088bdde  Fix key to index directory
     new c9d64b5  remove private subclasses created for accessing static methods ... they were put in originally to be short aliases for the real classnames, but some people found them more confusing.
     new f24252c  SOLR-718 -- Support persisting solr.xml through SolrJ
     new 41443d5  add performance note about SOLR-587 to CHANGES.txt
     new 59b8dca  LUCENE-1365: deprecate addIndexes(Directory[]) in favor of addIndexesNoOptimize
     new f0d2a15  LUCENE-1329: enable read-only IndexReaders; the default is to get a read-write IndexReader on open, but in 3.0 this will change to read-only
     new b355f57  SOLR-714 -- CoreContainer.Load uses incorrect loop variable 'i' instead of 'a'
     new cc32fc4  SOLR-716 -- Added support for properties in configuration files.
     new 9fe7a35  Contrib level CHANGES.txt. I forgot to add this some time ago.
     new 8d1ae0a  Changed values assignment from keys.clone() to values.clone()
     new 2f9694f  SOLR-720 -- Write container properties before <cores> element rather than after it.
     new 3034575  LUCENE-1142 : Updated Snowball package, org.tartarus distribution revision 500.
     new 0dd6372  SOLR-719 -- Persisting solr.xml through SolrJ does not handle relative pathes correctly. Now it is saved relative to the location of the original config file.
     new 0ae8a88  Small changes to website in anticipation of 1.3 -- Added notes on newer features, solrj javadocs etc.
     new 74ed2cb  Re-generating website with forrest with the changes in previous commit
     new 9f80d2c  Shallow copy of properties does not maintain defaults. Hence returning the original object as is.
     new 85102bd  LUCENE-1280: prevent NPE in PhraseQuery.toString() when the PhraseQuery is empty
     new f207fca  Removing incorrectly placed site and placing it in the right folder this time.
     new 668fc13  Small fix -- a null or empty name is not allowed in JMX. Don't put a name to info mbean if it is not supplied.
     new 82c70c0  LUCENE-1016 : TermVectorAccessor, transparent vector space access via stored vectors or by resolving the inverted index.
     new 4b98cf8  SOLR-724 -- Making the get/set coreProperties method package private to insulate the public API from future changes.
     new 74a54a4  SOLR-707: throw exception from DocIterator remove()
     new 6c81041  SOLR-722: CoreContainer.reload should make core aliases point to reloaded core
     new 6e84739  mark a core having multiple names as experimental
     new c22010a  lucene 2.4-dev r688745
     new 82c3334  SOLR-730: use read-only IndexReaders
     new 5ab566e  add compat note about snowball changes
     new d8822fe  Fixed spelling mistake -- rumCmd to runCmd
     new 4661a1b  LUCENE-1367: add IndexCommit.isDeleted()
     new 9a89d44  SOLR-729 --  Context.getDataSource(String) gives current entity's DataSource instance regardless of argument.
     new 3612ce1  prevent nightly from failing
     new 78cffc4  add gsingers to keys
     new 00ab418  Update CHANGES for (expected) new release
     new 451b795  tick the version
     new 415dff5  SOLR-737: use a constant score query for wildcards
     new adf3dff  remove experimental warnings
     new aa9ff47  SOLR-726 -- Jdbc Drivers and DataSources fail to load if placed in multicore sharedLib or core's lib directory.
     new c5d5dcf  Adding Walter's name since he reported the bug.
     new e3512d2  tick the maven version
     new 0b9512a  fix OpenBitSet.hashCode rotate
     new 0911418  javadoc fix
     new 142ed52  SOLR-737: fix filters equals/hashcode so they can be cached if used directly in a non-rewritten query
     new 95bdcc1  fix usage info to reflect reality
     new ece75c9  fix malformed javadoc, and add an @see for close() to getAdminCore since caller needs to be aware of it
     new b36efdb  SOLR-684: new ant prop to allow Hudson to explicitly specify where to find svnversion (instead of assuming it's in the default path)
     new 1c4db97  SOLR-740: bugfix for legacy gettableFiles support added in SOLR-493
     new 1bbfaa5  LUCENE-1061: make it simpler to override concrete Query implementations created by QueryParser by factoring out protected newXXXQuery() methods
     new 4b9a300  LUCENE-1135: fix concurrency issues in IndexWriter when calling commit, rollback, close, optimize, addIndexes*
     new bfff632  LUCENE-753: Add new NIOFSDirectory implementation to use java.nio.* for access the same file concurrently with no locking
     new bf238a5  Javadocs fix
     new 120d01b  remove DOCTYPE declaration in testEncoding (it's causing intermittant false failures in nightly build when xerces has trouble loading the DTD from
     new f5422ee  SchemaField performance test code
     new e636a45  Example DataImportHandler configuration with sample hsqldb database. Instructions inside example-DIH/README.txt
     new 70821f0  excluded src/docs jars from distribution
     new 4b1db23  SOLR-745: check that cached admin core isn't closed
     new 4ae5fcb  LUCENE-1371: add convenience method TopDocs query, int n)
     new 01fada8  LUCENE-1371: added entry in CHANGES for API change
     new 3f65c64  LUCENE-1374: fixed NPE case when merging compressed fields with heterogeneous segments
     new 626fa76  LUCENE-1374: fix test case to close reader/writer in try/finally; add assert b!=null in RAMOutputStream.writeBytes (matches FSIndexOutput which hits NPE)
     new 366d692  SOLR-749: Allow QParser and ValueSourceParser to be overridden
     new 96eaf18  SOLR-747: update example solrconfig.xml
     new d45d3b1  lucene update 2.4-dev r691741
     new 80aed8d  LUCENE-1356: Allow easy extensions of TopDocCollector.
     new e6dcf14  LUCENE-1375: added IndexCommit.getTimestamp method
     new e398f4e  LUCENE-1376: catch BG merge exceptions even if all merges finish before FG thread (running optimize) advances to while loop
     new f262830  fix minor typo in javadocs
     new 9e88734  LUCENE-1126: modify JFlex grammar to fallback to the JRE's Character.isDigit() (using :digit:) and Character.isLetter() (using :letter:) to define inclusion of unicode characters
     new 4a73efa  change network based test to use a URL that is less likely to change at any arbitrary moment
     new daa3271  SOLR-755: facet.limit=-1 does not work in distributed search
     new 6242cb3  LUCENE-1151: fix misleading javadoc comment and testcase for StandardAnalyzer
     new 84f9a2a  SOLR-753: CoreDescriptor holds wrong instance dir for single core
     new b4271a2  Solr logo on registry, threaddump and ping pages should always link back to main admin page
     new d5a4027  LUCENE-1369: switch from Hashtable to HashMap and from Vector to List, when possible
     new 9dc1014  get rid of unnecessary ElementType
     new b33cb01  prototype release helper for committers
     new 5147f05  LUCENE-1357: SpanScorer does not respect ConstantScoreRangeQuery setting
     new dadaebc  LUCENE-1243: Added new benchmark tasks
     new f560293  replace stax with geronimo API jar and woodstox impl
     new 2bb9ab2  LUCENE-1354: Provide programmatic access to CheckIndex
     new 65e4121  update NOTICE for Woodstox
     new 86ad9f7  Omit flare from 1.3 distribution.  Needs updating/polishing to be useful.
     new 897f0c2  SOLR-762: Provide RAT support
     new fe391ed  stax-utils license/notice
     new 377d9fc  Fix missing headers
     new a458581  more RAT checks
     new 2b90e12  more missing headers
     new 587686d  add junit license/notice
     new 73d8ccd  set svn:keywords properties
     new ccf96e6  we have less and less vector refrences, let's switch the example to something more common
     new 4218996  LUCENE-1366: rename Field.Index.* options
     new d31fb45  fix wordnet's Syns2Index to not fiddle with mergeFactor & maxBuffereDocs (the latter was hitting an exception)
     new 1bc5df1  SOLR-770: Update maven links for Woodstox on trunk
     new f6e7f2e  use Lucene's notice verbatim, add commons, geronimo
     new b2337f3  SOLR-766 remove python client
     new 71f2d81  LUCENE-1320 ShingleMatrixFilter JDK downgrade 1.5 -> 1.4 Grant Ingersoll via Karl Wettin
     new c6e5618  Added a bunch of <p> in the Javadocs to make the rendered html view look better.
     new b8b73c9  SOLR-767: change logged hits from num returned to num matched
     new 88448fa  exclude python directory from distribution
     new b045b2b  Quick reminder for the future about updating things in the lib dir.  Wording could probably be improved.
     new 5790a86  move comment to the right place
     new c0be696  minor updates to prepare-release stuff
     new f82e52e  print stack trace when thread test fails
     new ac6ee32  LUCENE-1383: workaround the 'leak' in Java's ThreadLocal to prevent Lucene from causing OutOfMemoryError in certain situations, eg J2EE applications
     new d2aeaee  add missing copyright headers
     new 8d02d78  LUCENE-1131 - Added numDeletedDocs() to IndexReader
     new 0195fcd  LUCENE-1378 - Removed the remaining 199 @author references
     new df63453  set release date
     new 1ec2ab7  fix IndexWriter's javadocs for commit
     new 9d23731  more javadocs fixes
     new 6c600f1  I guess it's supposed to be called KEYS
     new b88b6a7  LUCENE-1388: add initialValue() method to CloseableThreadLocal
     new 088a42b  LUCENE-1135: fix rare deadlock case in testAddIndexOnDiskFull
     new 436fb3e  1.3.0 news
     new 31811e9  LUCENE-1379: fix corner case when Similarity.sloppyFreq() returns 0.0 the last matching doc is skipped
     new a8c0a8a  LUCENE-1279: Add support for Collator to RangeFilter, etc.
     new 19f94bf  SOLR-774 - fixed logging level display
     new 7e65ade  - Spelling fix
     new 3b5a225  - Indentation
     new ef69f06  updated DOAP file with 1.3 (and 1.2) releases
     new eef0183  SOLR-374: use IndexReader.reopen
     new 3c9db8e  SOLR-560: Use SLF4J logging API rather then JDK logging.  The packaged .war file is     shipped with a JDK logging implementation, so logging configuration for the .war should     be identical to solr 1.3.  However, if you are using the .jar file, you can select     which logging implementation to use by dropping a different binding.     See:
     new 458f07b  SOLR-560 -- adding maven dependency for slfj4
     new 11074a2  switch to 2.9-dev on trunk
     new 28bc234  fix 2.4 -> 2.4.0
     new 9fef1d8  SOLR-778 -- SolrQuery#getFacetMinCount() returns value of facet limit
     new 7987b38  LUCENE-1395: javadoc fix for SegmentMerger
     new 98cc66e  LUCENE-1394: include all CHANGES.txt in release artifacts
     new 5433872  LUCENE-1392: small javadocs/extra imports fixes
     new 020b3dc  SOLR-776: artifact signing
     new b866828  add graph to package.html for contrib/instantiated showing queries per sec vs number of docs indexed
     new 77041bf  SOLR-779: SolrQuery#setHighlightRequireFieldMatch() should be renamed to SolrQuery#getHighlightRequireFieldMatch().
     new c206a37  LUCENE-1335: adding missing entry to CHANGES.txt
     new a61088f  Fixing typo in jmx documentation -- serviceurl should be serviceUrl
     new 3f62c69  SOLR-768 -- Set last_index_time variable in full-import command.
     new 2f227fa  Removing redundant import as it is already included in _info.jsp
     new db7ca44  SOLR-771 -- CoreAdminHandler STATUS should display 'normalized' paths
     new 6927ee4  LUCENE-1396: improve PhraseQuery.toString: gaps are shown with a ? and multiple terms at the same position are joined with |
     new 89ea7df  improve javadocs for IndexWriter
     new 2befbd4  LUCENE-1397: fix thread hazard whereby optimize can throw 'BG merge hit exception' IOException without setting the root cause
     new 4001544  adding missing copyright headers found by RAT
     new 4ca262c  LUCENE-1393: new svnversion.exe ant property thta can be used when svnversion isn't in your working PATH (ie: Hudson)
     new 0fa7182  LUCENE-1404: fixed NPE in NearSpansUnordered.isPayloadAvailable
     new 798f467  LUCENE-1400: add rat-sources target to build.xml
     new 0507ce4  Adding a test case for reading multi valued fields from xml
     new e3c5988  - Fix XML in Javadoc so it's displayed correctly in HTML
     new d8a6023  LUCENE-1402: make CheckIndex back-compatible again; improve programmatic access
     new a40530e  LUCENE-1401: remove new deprecated IndexWriter ctors; default autoCommit=false for new ctors
     new 0606e8b  remove unused imports
     new 0e708a2  LUCENE-1401: fix accidentally lost 'create=true' in CreateIndexTask
     new 609ef22  SOLR-560 -- add licese info
     new 2af426f  SOLR-787 -- Changed SolrJ POM to refer to woodstox implementation instead of stax as a dependency.
     new 69fd3c4  typo fix
     new 26ffb58  Fixing typo
     new fb643a5  fix typo
     new ac881d9  fix typo
     new ba6344a  Fixed bug in Queries that contain a term with no fuzzy variants caused the query construction logic to exit loop early, producing no fuzzy variants for all subsequent terms in the query string. Junit test added which recreates the problem conditions and added fix to FuzzyLikeThisQuery that solves the issue.
     new 774153b  SOLR-789: The javadoc of RandomSortField is not readable
     new ef87edc  Log completion message after all queries are executed. Moving it out of the for loop.
     new 96809b1  upgraded db lib to version 4.7.25
     new 88283a7     - upgraded to bdb-je 3.3.69    - re-enabled testBytes() and testArrays() (per Aaron, Michael's instructions)
     new b34bc9c  SOLR-617 -- Allow configurable index deletion policy and provide a default implementation.
     new 34cb65c  fix typo
     new 575b3ce  move the NOTE about the change to back compat policy wrt Fieldable under a new 'Changes in backward compatibility policy', so that changes-to-html isn't confused by it
     new 60bb2c1  new estimate for 2.4 release
     new 20a0ff0  remove ()'s that confuse changes-to-html
     new 98e1129  break off contrib/CHANGES.txt's 2.4.0 release section
     new 92d6a0a  Fix for a potential null-pointer-introducing bug which came about as part of the DocIdSet changes. TermsFilter no longer implemented bits(IndexReader) and the Filter base class' version of this was changed to return null. When dropping 2.4 Lucene in as a direct replacement for 2.3.2 my client code was getting NullPointer errors - returning null was never part of the Filter.bits contract and so this could be a problem for others using this class.
     new ad10500  don't include recursive subdirs under contrib/benchmark/{temp,work} when building src package
     new 2c27d57  SOLR-796 -- remove unused SolrIndexSearcher from DUH2.  (no CHANGES.txt since not relevant for users)
     new 8566f15  print what the bad baseDir value is
     new a9380dd  Add convenience overloaded register method
     new 608eed8  update doap.rdf for 2.4.0
     new a106cf2  change trunk docs to 2.9-dev
     new 18d98f4  fix SegmentInfos format doc in fileformats doc
     new b5081cd  announce logo contest
     new dbf9fc8  SOLR-657: Replace deprecated calls with the non-deprecated equivalents
     new bd776e9  adding some solr query tests. deprecating setMissing( String ) and replacing it with setFacetMissing( Boolean )
     new 3f27b17  fix non-1.4-compatible throws clause
     new d02bbe2  LUCENE-1412: clarify Directory.copy javadocs: the source dir cannot change while copy is running
     new 9b4a62d  SOLR-802 -- fixing & => && bug
     new 41ea2b3  SOLR-794: added escape() method to ClientUtils.
     new 32fb80d  adding 1.3.1 section to CHANGES.txt
     new dd04d0f  SOLR-794: revert ClientUtils with Character.isWhitespace(c)
     new 9465b6b  make sure the directory exists before listing files  (this could only happen if instanceDir is invalid)
     new b0e6bac  LUCENE-1414: increase max heap size when running unit tests to 512M
     new ad091ee  upgrade to lucene 2.4.0
     new 28ef532  upgrade to lucene 2.4.0
     new 130a202  SOLR-721 -- DirectSolrConnection now uses CoreContainers
     new 01c466c  SOLR-736 -- make sure CoreContainer is used to initialize core (even in deprecated case)
     new 00f98b1  LUCENE-1415: MultiPhraseQuery has incorrect hashCode() and equals()
     new da0d24d  add instantiated index under Javadocs -> contrib
     new 20ddb46  minor javadoc fix
     new 7ecd326  update to non-deprecated API (affects commented-out code only)
     new c027596  update example so no deprecated code is used
     new 2581377  SOLR-658 -- Allow Solr to load index from arbitrary directory in dataDir
     new f8e6c62  LUCENE-1419: Add expert API to set custom indexing chain.
     new 97e369a  SOLR-793: Add 'commitWithin' argument to the update add command.  This behaves similar to the global autoCommit maxTime argument except that it is set for each request.
     new d27f96d  SOLR-793 -- removing stuff accidentally added with previous commit
     new d6188fa  error checking for mandatory param
     new bdb1d60  SOLR-800 --  Deep copy collections to avoid ConcurrentModificationException in XPathEntityprocessor while streaming
     new fc15f6f  removing *another* accidentally commited file... sorry about that
     new d2ff5ee  move docs/doap.rdf to the unversioned website
     new eb6e94c  SOLR-670 -- Add support for rollbacks in UpdateHandler.
     new 13eaf6d  SOLR-808 -- Write string keys in Maps as extern strings in the javabin format
     new b82469d  just upcasing Solr in javadoc
     new 456b10f  LUCENE-1423 InstantiatedTermEnum#skipTo(Term) throws ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on an empty index.
     new 180ff53  SOLR-813: Adding DoubleMetaphone Filter and Factory
     new f0adcb6  javadoc typo
     new d3d3251  SOLR-680: Adding StatsComponent
     new fa5f2fd  SOLR-680 -- missing CHANGES.txt
     new da78e20  LUCENE-1416: don't fail contrib/ant's unit test when file path contains non-URL safe characters like space
     new 0250ccc  LUCENE-1411: add expert API to IndexWriter to open an index for writing on an arbitrary commit
     new 0b90b5e  LUCENE-1382: add opaque userData String passed to IndexWriter.commit, recorded into the segments file
     new 8dfe073  LUCENE-1406.  Added Arabic stemming and normalization.  Also added new method to WordListLoader to allow for comments in word lists.
     new be8a3a5  SOLR-782 -- Refactored SolrWriter to make it a concrete class and removed wrappers over SolrInputDocument
     new fa8ca41  SOLR-561 -- Added Replication implemented in Java as a request handler. Supports index replication as well as configuration replication and exposes detailed statistics and progress information on the Admin page. Works on all platforms.
     new 9c0c4a1  SOLR-746 -- Added "omitHeader" request parameter to omit the header from the response
     new 3803c42  SOLR-811 --  Allow a "deltaImportQuery" attribute in SqlEntityProcessor which is used for delta imports instead of DataImportHandler manipulating the SQL itself
     new cd41354  added small doc. comment
     new d76776e  SOLR-532: WordDelimFilter respects payloads and other Token attributes
     new 0d8d200  Use IndexCommit#getTimestamp added in Lucene 2.4
     new 62fc681  SOLR-561 update: reserve index commit points for very short durations
     new 3255947  SOLR-561 update -- Increment packetsWritten variable after writing out the packet
     new ca6e3f1  SOLR-823 -- Request parameter variables ${} are not resolved
     new 1e5562a  SOLR-728 -- Add synchronization to avoid race condition of multiple imports working concurrently
     new 153a599  SOLR-651: Added in TermVectorComponent
     new e424c87  added some more comments
     new e537112  SOLR-805: DisMax queries are not being cached in QueryResultCache
     new 87b0576  SOLR-561: thread safe fixes, commit point reservation fixes
     new 4f520d9  SOLR-805: Added that Lucene was upgraded to 2.9-dev
     new 0b94b4a  change lucene version to 2.9-dev in common-build.xml
     new 29124f6  minor javadoc fixes
     new f2c988a  don't include contrib/memory class files in highlighter's jar
     new fa79b04  LUCENE-1426: next steps towards flexible indexing: use the same API when writing a new segment
     new 079c1d1  fieldName does not make sense as the key, use sourceInfo instead
     new 70ab45c  SOLR-813:  Deprecate access to SolrConfig from IndexSchema.  Rather then access SolrConfig from the schema, plugins should get the config from the core.  IndexSchema still has access to the ResourceLoader.
     new f05d6ca  SOLR-816 -- fixing issue number.  Previous commit referred to the wrong issue
     new a1d7881  SOLR-803: fix CoreAdminRequest.createCore error
     new 75ce21b  moving deprecation CHANGES to the 'other' section -- they don't make sense as a 'new feature'
     new dec0603  Use tryLock instead of isLocked
     new bbde265  Forgot to remove lock after changing isLocked to tryLock
     new f12ed3d  Return iif lock could not be obtained.
     new 58966ab  LUCENE-1429: don't throw IllegalStateEx during close() after hitting OOME when autoCommit=true
     new eb5ae4d  SOLR-561: add more comments
     new 1dfb5f4  SOLR-827 -- fix solrj admin create core
     new 9c3ab6d  SOLR-651: fix - get the searcher and schema from the request instead of the core
     new 5a7f0c6  SOLR-795 -- SpellCheckComponent supports building indices on optimize if configured in solrconfig.xml
     new 6125bd1  SOLR-667 -- A LRU cache implementation based upon ConcurrentHashMap and other techniques to reduce contention and synchronization overhead, to utilize multiple CPU cores more effectively.
     new a612868  Moving abort outside of importLock. Abort does not need to acquire a lock.
     new 2cc8be7  Add null check to avoid NPE during JMX registration
     new bca3f50  More comments, fixed typos.
     new 411a2fe  Finishing a half-sentence in the Javadocs
     new 19c70e9  SOLR-742 -- Add ability to create dynamic fields with custom DataImportHandler transformers
     new cdeff84  add missing index version number to CheckIndex
     new fbf5c2f  javadoc core.getSearcher()
     new 68add68  SOLR-742 -- More code cleanup
     new 39e750d  SOLR-667 -- Making markAndSweep method public
     new e26e274  We are using BinaryResponseParser as the default now
     new 451f519  SOLR-667 -- Thread safety fixes
     new 9071230  SOLR-667: fix incorrect put() fix
     new d6f39b2  update javadocs to clarify how IndexWriter handles hitting an OOME
     new 96b0ebc  SOLR-832 -- Rows parameter is not honored in non-debug mode and can abort a running import in debug mode.
     new 0ee1707  LUCENE-1430: don't throw false AlreadyClosedException when hits IOException on first try opening index
     new 4990152  LUCENE-1427: speed up QueryWrapperFilter by not computing scores nor an intermediate OpenBitSet
     new 4c5bf18  SOLR-620: First draft
     new 028e364  SOLR-620: change html script header... now works in FF
     new d9407ba  Wire in a SolrResourceLoader bridge for Velocity templates, allowing a JAR of templates to live in conf/lib.  Refactored the footer.vm template to use this mechanism as an example.
     new e66202b  Add ignores
     new 965f609  test placeholder - tests will be forthcoming, promise
     new d509631  SOLR-667: change markAndSweep algorithm, make FastLRUCache the default for filterCache in example and test
     new 24d7615  LUCENE-1420: let Similarity.computeNorm compute the norm; add option to discount overlap tokens when computing lengthNorm
     new a01c44d  SOLR-818: fix null pointer exception in SolrQuery.setFields
     new f133519  SOLR-751: WordDelimiterFilter didn't adjust the start offset of single tokens
     new 12273bb  remove the now redundant setResponseParser
     new beb67ad  SOLR-667: acceptableSize was always set to maxSize
     new 3c8e56e  SOLR-837: Fix inject parameter on PhoneticFilterFactory and DoubleMetaphoneFilterFactory
     new ae29d6a  SOLR-560: replacing commons-logging with jcl-over-slf4j, this will transparently use SLF4J anywhere that HttpClient uses commons logging
     new e5c7179  SOLR-560 -- upgrading slf4j to version 1.5.5 (since I just added jcl-over-slf4j-1.5.5.jar)
     new ee38ca0  SOLR-465: Add configurable DirectoryProvider so that alternate Directory implementations can be specified via solrconfig.xml
     new fce5a25  SOLR-465: Add configurable DirectoryProvider so that alternate Directory implementations can be specified via solrconfig.xml
     new 1d013a1  replacing deprecated StringBufferInputStream with ByteArrayInputStream -- removing unused imports
     new 809545b  (no content changes) fix some spacing issues througout CHANGES.txt -- split long lines, add spaces etc
     new 49d7932  SOLR-838 -- The VariableResolver obtained from a DataSource's context does not have current data
     new 391119f  LUCENE-1441: fix KeywordTokenizer to set start/end offset on its token
     new 9136b7a  LUCENE-1442: fix double-counting of offsets of multiple instances of NOT_ANALYZED field under the same field name
     new de7ab5b  Added new web application demo for contrib's XmlQueryParser. This change involves: * Adding Tomcat's Servlet jar into the lib directory and appropriate entry in NOTICE.txt following the lead from Solr's packaging * Adding new "demo" directory to XmlQueryParser src directory * Changing XMLQueryParser's build file to create a demo War file * Changing the main build to include the demo War file (and any other future contrib/*/war files) in the binary distributions
     new 66c16c1  LUCENE-1440: Add new targets to build.xml that allow downloading and executing the junit testcases from an older release for backwards-compatibility testing.
     new eb90bb0  SOLR-843: SynonymFilterFactory cannot handle multiple synonym files correctly
     new 9cb45e3  SOLR-782 -- DIH code cleanup -- load evaluators lazily.
     new eb61617  Do not show "Processing Document # " in exception messages if exceptions comes before the import process.
     new abe6ea0  LUCENE-1424: enable MultiTermQuery to do constant scoring; refactor Range, Wildcard, Prefix to expose this
     new b179b03  LUCENE-1443: Performance improvement for OpenBitSetDISI.inPlaceAnd()
     new b69ab2b  LUCENE-1446: Add compatibility tag to common-build.xml and run backwards-compatibility tests in the nightly build.
     new 8e8e8dd  set svn:eol-style to native on java files
     new 13645a2  - Javadoc fix
     new 4596360  LUCENE-1449: if deletion policy deletes head commit point and then IW is closed w/ no further changes, write a new segments_N
     new 9d8c882  LUCENE-1424: Changed QueryParser#newRangeQuery() to return a ConstantScoreRangeQuery to make backwards-compatibility tests pass again; this does not change any behavior since ConstantScoreRangeQuery subclasses RangeQuery
     new 4646692  LUCENE-1450: make sure RangeQuery/Filter check all terms in the index when using a Collator
     new d501b33  SOLR-842 -- Better error handling in DataImportHandler with options to abort, skip and continue imports
     new dff17dc  SOLR-833 -- A DataSource to read data from a field as a reader. This can be used, for example, to read XMLs residing as CLOBs or BLOBs in databases.
     new 0e55b43  SOLR-651: minor fixes to input/output paramters/keys
     new c2f7d55  LUCENE-1389: SimpleSpanFragmenter can create very short fragments
     new f9fbb70  upgrade to official latest beta release of Velocity, and add in Velocity Tools too
     new 57c7067  Add EscapeTool into context, allowing url, html, and other escaping capabilties
     new 076fb9b  LUCENE-711 - initialize List with correct size
     new 854cae6  LUCENE-1424: correctly handle null lower or upper term in RangeQuery.getEnum
     new 8f0d81c  LUCENE-38: make sure empty term, if present in index, is included on open ended lower range query
     new 4d7731f  SOLR-852: Refactor common code in some update request handlers that deal with ContentStreams
     new 72ce255  LUCENE-1446: Allow Overriding svn executable to specify path.
     new eb0ec4a  SOLR-822: Add CharFilter so that characters can be filtered before Tokenizer/TokenFilters.
     new e213a4e  LUCENE-1452: fixes cases during merge and lazy field access where binary field is truncated to 0
     new 1ff2b34  SOLR-854: Add run-example build target
     new 0979fdc  LUCENE-1451: Add public constructors to FSDirectory and subclasses
     new dfa652f  put in the lib dir, as we're going to have some libs to put in there for SOLR-282
     new bac3536  rollback addition of lib
     new 51444a5  hide implementation detail of pcmList
     new a18441f  LUCENE-1447: improve SegmentTermPositions.getPayload() IOException message
     new f9b1fb4  SOLR-840 -- BinaryResponseWriter does not handle incompatible data in fields
     new a788efe  SOLR-864 -- DataImportHandler does not catch and log Errors
     new 5c9e275  fix typo
     new 4c52f82  SOLR-867 move getParsedResponse utility
     new fb340c0  SOLR-868: Adding solrjs as a contrib package: contrib/javascript.     (Matthias Epheser via ryan)
     new cc76752  SOLR-868 -- adding some missing files.  add "dist" to ignore list
     new a7f7bf6  SOLR-803, not sure how this got removed from CHANGES.txt
     new dbb6b92  add empty 'build' target so ant generate-maven-artifacts works
     new be934a4  Add empty test target for main build to be happy
     new 0beb6bd  LUCENE-1456: remove buggy but unused dead code in FieldInfo
     new 72e94ad  LUCENE-1453: make sure reopen of IndexReaders that own the directory don't close the directory too soon
     new 8d2d6b2  Fix bug with getResourceStream method - was returning template name, not template contents.  Added v. prefix to template override parameters
     new a1374ef  Quote filter queries, add TODO for adding escaping or field qparser usage
     new eca2d15  Partial acceptance of SolrJS related patch - prefix all parameters with v., added in JSON wrapping, but did not include the rawResponse bit yet as it isn't needed by any current example and is planned to be reworked to use SolrJs API more natively
     new 24b25d5  Fix errant refactoring - v.json is not a boolean parameter, doh
     new 993c2db  adding empty javadoc target for maven build
     new 898cfe8  LUCENE-1422: New TokenStream API that uses a new class called AttributeSource instead of the now deprecated Token class. All attributes that the Token class had have been moved into separate classes: TermAttribute, OffsetAttribute, PositionIncrementAttribute, PayloadAttribute, TypeAttribute and FlagsAttribute.
     new 8f14ef8  SOLR-869 -- Fix file descriptor leak in SolrResourceLoader#getLines
     new dee0496  SOLR-872 -- Better error message for incorrect copyField destination
     new 2ea4609  SOLR-871: Removed dependancy on stax-utils.jar.  If you using solr.jar and running     java 6, you can also remove woodstox and geronimo.  (ryan)
     new e3ba95b  SOLR-873 -- Fix case-sensitive field names and columns
     new 3962cb9  SOLR-346: Use perl regex to improve accuracy of finding latest snapshot in snapinstaller
     new 177f900  SOLR-830: Use perl regex to improve accuracy of finding latest snapshot in snappuller
     new 075cdc5  SOLR-793: fix possible deadlock
     new d5b7fed  SOLR-465 -- Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev (r719351)
     new 129a630  LUCENE-1459: fix CachingWrapperFilter to do the right thing if the wrong type of bitset is in its cache
     new e4e0157  SOLR-657: fix a bug which was accidentally introduced when r701485 was committed.
     new db76a97  Morph client-side demo to use built-in Solr example fields
     new 741fe7a  fix null pointer exception after lucene upgrade
     new 0fc7b87  SOLR:667 generics, add cleanupThread, evictionListener to ConcurrentLRUCache
     new d22d850  SOLR-667: add finalizer to ConcurrentLRUCache in case destroy() is forgotten
     new 14c9ca7  remove java Utils logging
     new 2391d81  SOLR-878: add an ant task to download and run luke
     new b3a2445  SOLR-878: ignore luke directory for svn
     new 1564918  SOLR-475:multi-valued faceting via un-inverted field
     new 5e6e0e3  SOLR-829 -- Allow slaves to request compressed files from master during replication
     new eb88fc8  LUCENE-1467: Add nextDoc() and next(int) methods to OpenBitSetIterator.
     new ea3824b  LUCENE-1465: NearSpansOrdered returns payloads from first possible match    rather than the correct, shortest match; Payloads could be returned even    if the max slop was exceeded; The wrong payload could be returned in    certain situations.
     new 755e7ae  LUCENE-1453: add entry to CHANGES.txt
     new b55c2b6  SOLR-877: Add access to TermEnum capabilities via TermsComponent
     new b78bb22  SOLR-877: output ints instead of strings
     new f562594  LUCENE-1461: added FieldCacheRangeFilter, which speeds up creation of RangeFilter by using the FieldCache
     new 93f7ed2  switch default back-compat tests to use branches/lucene_2_4_back_compat_tests
     new 371a33e  LUCENE-1464: in FSDir, don't mkdir until first createOutput is called
     new 222f486  SOLR-877: Added support for multiple fields, plus some more tests
     new f1a3951  SOLR-877: add in term prefix, change some param names, added more tests
     new 497a61a  make TermsParams an interface rather then a class (like all the other params classes)
     new b76a2a7  SOLR-879: enable position increments in QP, fix example schemas
     new 2ded3e2  SOLR-836: Add missing a to the example stopwords.txt
     new cea5444  SOLR-538: added maxChars attribute for copyField
     new ffb547e  adding ant-example to the explain list...
     new 9430364  SOLR-465: use public constructors to get Directory instances
     new 278dc0f  LUCENE-1296: add protected method CachingWrapperFilter.docIdSetToCache
     new e3d5b53  LUCENE-1461: more careful checking of lower/upper bound to the FieldCacheRangeFilter
     new eb881d5  LUCENE-1433: improvements to changes.html generation
     new 58bd056  SOLR-892:Fix serialization of booleans for PHPSerializedResponseWriter
     new cfef10b  LUCENE-1474: clear pendingDelCount after flushing deletes
     new 139f715  LUCENE-1246: check for null sub queries so that BooleanQuery.toString does not throw NullPointerException.
     new 481f808  LUCENE-1470: add TrieRangeQuery, a much more efficient implementation of RangeQuery at the expense of added space consumed in the index
     new 44fae80  SOLR-889: Upgraded to commons-io-1.4.jar and commons-fileupload-1.2.1.jar
     new 1fb2d4f  LUCENE-1457: fix possible overflow bugs during binary search
     new 05bff18  LUCENE-1470: add proper dependency to contrib/build.xml so contrib tests can subclass LuceneTestCase; fixed small bug TestTrieUtils test case
     new 2408979  LUCENE-1470: switch TestTrieRangeQuery to LuceneTestCase as well
     new a660f21  LUCENE-1461: fix single term per document -> single term for a given field
     new 90b387a  SOLR-887 -- A Transformer to strip HTML tags.
     new 5db15f7  fixing pom for commons-io
     new 5e3cd67  LUCENE-1470: describe TrieRangeFilter/Query in README
     new 4a0a566  LUCENE-1468: switch Directory.list() to Directory.listAll(), which does no filtering of returned array
     new 78bc41b  SOLR-898: Fix null pointer exception for the JSON response writer based formats when nl.json=arrarr with null keys.
     new 7fe3fa9  SOLR-893 -- Unable to delete documents via SQL and deletedPkQuery with deltaimport
     new 474ab9a  increase time to commit to avoid test failure
     new cedd07b  SOLR-284: Solr Cell: Add support for Tika content extraction
     new 527bce2  SOLR-877: added mincount and maxcount options
     new 246a83f  SOLR-875: Upgraded Lucene and consolidated the OpenBitSet implementation
     new 36a03da  A couple changes with the new token api went into but not in QueryParser.jj. A fresh javacc would lead to compilation errors.
     new 19c82a2  don't construct verbose message Strings unless infoStream is non-null
     new 8660ccb  LUCENE-1390: Added ASCIIFoldingFilter, a Filter that converts alphabetic, numeric, and symbolic Unicode characters which are not in the first 127 ASCII characters (the "Basic Latin" Unicode block) into their ASCII equivalents, if one exists. ISOLatin1AccentFilter, which handles a subset of this filter, has been deprecated.
     new 702ea32  make constructors public
     new 4111e3b  SOLR-819: Added in factories for Arabic tokenizer/stemmer
     new 8f184ca  SOLR-781: facet.sort=false for distrib search + change facet.sort to count/lex
     new 62c7438  Exclude ASCIIFoldingFilter from clover (class too large).
     new ccc4189  don't over-request for facet.sort=lex
     new 3b82093  normalize facet sort param
     new a3fff54  SOLR-900: Moving solrj into /src/solrj.
     new 1c7e157  SOLR-900 -- fixing war file
     new 0f9c154  SOLR-284: remove duplicated Tika libs
     new 77390c6  build.xml formatting
     new 607a198  SOLR-475: close termenums, use fieldValueCache
     new 1e95b28  SOLR-284: add it back
     new c37b2a0  SOLR-900 -- fixing 'ant dist'
     new d3f89a2  SOLR-901 -- FastOutputStream ignores write(byte[]) call
     new e0efcd5  LUCENE-1481: implement equals() and hashCode() for Sort & SortField
     new efc985c  LUCENE-1478: allow SortField to use a custom numeric FieldCache parser
     new ffa2ee2  LUCENE-1462: Make TermVectorOffsetInfo serializable
     new d53b678  LUCENE-1461: add Matt Ericson as coauthor
     new f92d3cc  LUCENE-1478: small cosmetic cleanups
     new 4d0a1f7  improved messages and bug fixes to stub generation
     new 592d5b7  change recently added factories to declare specific return types for improved documentation and to aid stub generation
     new 2430817  ASCIIFoldingFilterFactory generated by
     new 1ffed88  Adding a convenience method which passes attributes in a Map
     new f1422bd  expose the sub timer list
     new eb695fa  avoid null pointer while when you add a null value
     new 0ecca35  fix javadoc typo
     new 4cd9fcf  make sure solrj-dist is called before the war example
     new f85a03f  Add a comment on the use of the example SpellCheckComponent Request Handler
     new a4910be  SOLR-904 expose UpdateRequest documents
     new b6fbd20  SOLR-900 -- remove solr-common dependency in core pom
     new 71c18d5  SOLR-886 -- DataImportHandler should rollback when an import fails or it is aborted
     new 2b931ae  Moving DataImportHandler fix to correct CHANGES.txt
     new 7549d04  SOLR-888 -- DateFormatTransformer cannot convert non-string type
     new cf0a31f  SOLR-846 -- Reduce memory consumption during delta import by removing keys when used
     new 714d1c7  SOLR-841 -- DataImportHandler should throw exception if a field does not have column attribute
     new c1d1c27  SOLR-884 -- CachedSqlEntityProcessor should check if the cache key is present in the query results
     new 2225462  LUCENE-1380: Add PositionFilter
     new 219a20a  LUCENE-1462 InstantiatedIndexWriter did not reset pre analyzed TokenStreams the same way IndexWriter does. Parts of InstantiatedIndex was not Serializable.
     new 843ce95  SOLR-891 -- A Transformer to read strings from Clob type
     new 812abd2  LUCENE-1462 InstantiatedIndexWriter did not reset pre analyzed TokenStreams the same way IndexWriter does. Parts of InstantiatedIndex was not Serializable.
     new 7ddfd04  SOLR-284: Updated to Tika 0.2.  Added in build, pom support
     new 1f33d7c  fix off-by-one bug in getting field sort type
     new 7d8a67d  SOLR-909 -- Removing redundant NamedList member in DataImportHandler
     new 133f1f4  SOLR-812 -- Configurable JDBC settings in JdbcDataSource including optimized defaults for read only mode
     new 25c1d17  SOLR-284: handle multivalued literals
     new de702ae  SOLR-807 -- BinaryResponseWriter writes fieldType.toExternal if it is not a supported type, otherwise it writes fieldType.toObject. This fixes the bug with encoding/decoding UUIDField.
     new 44758ae  SOLR-913 -- Expensive Pattern object made static in SnapPuller
     new b2f340e  Reverting changes for SOLR-913 -- Expensive Pattern object made static in SnapPuller per discussion on solr-dev
     new f42b62c  SOLR-888 -- Fixing null pointer bug introduced by last commit for this issue
     new 80dea56  SOLR-910 -- Add a few utility commands to the DIH admin page such as full import, delta import, status, reload config
     new ebba8ad  Add additional Velocity tools and layout capability
     new 24cc3d9  Convert templates to using new QueryResponse response object
     new fb262a1  SOLR-868 -- updating javascript example
     new 7560860  SOLR-868 removing libs
     new 8899e7d  ignoring *.jar in lib
     new 7590aa1  todo, done
     new 2ec7850  add example target that will hopefully fix nightly build
     new 09f661c  LUCENE-1492: add optional readOnly param to OpenReader task
     new 74e097f  LUCENE-1493: allow setting top number of hits to collect with search.num.hits
     new 201e796  SOLR-915 - adding docs to CloseHook and making the list a Collection
     new 89557b2  SOLR-923: some SolrIndexWriter.getDirectory cleanup
     new aa3a9b6  SOLR-821 -- Add support for replication to copy conf file to slave with a different name. This allows replication of solrconfig.xml
     new d3987d9  LUCENE-1484: remove synchronization on SegmentReader.document by using ThreadLocal to maintain thread-private clones of FieldsReader
     new eb849f8  SOLR-913 -- Pattern and CommonsHttpClient made static
     new e113e46  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new aeb6b99  SOLR-886 -- Removing the change for requestParameters.optimize which is not needed
     new 151d8c4  SOLR-918 -- Store SolrInfoMBean in a ConcurrentHashMap instead of a LinkedHashMap
     new c11997b  SOLR-917 -- Change RequestHandlers#handlers from a synchronizedMap to a ConcurrentHashMap
     new 4561cb3  add comments from Doug describing how BooleanScorers work
     new aa9b575  SOLR-911: add filter tags, facet local params, with excludes, output keys, and more efficient facet refinement requests
     new 663f27b  SOLR-927: remove synchronization from lazy loaded handler lookup
     new 39c1b9b  SOLR-876: WordDelimiterFilter splitOnNumerics and protwords
     new c2c7875  SOLR-863 -- SolrCore.initIndex should close the directory it gets for clearing the lock and use the DirectoryFactory
     new 1514e1f  SOLR-897: Fixed Argument list too long error when there are lots of snapshots/backups
     new 82279f7  SOLR-858 -- BitDocSet.andNot calls instanceof on the wrong type
     new 328cace  SOLR-863 -- Fixing NPE. DirectoryFactory should be created before calling SolrIndexWriter.getDirectory.
     new d52572f  SOLR-680 -- StatsComponent -- removing broken median calculation
     new bbe3c67  SOLR-930 -- log error close is already closed
     new d495237  SOLR-917 followup.  improve handling of null handler name to make semantics closer to what they were before ConcurrentHashMap, and cleanup some now superfulous null checks
     new 3ea8440  SOLR-918 follow up -- Remove synchronization when iterating over infoRegistry and update Javadocs
     new 56ce812  SOLR-885 -- Changing NamedListCodec to return Object
     new df6ee4b  SOLR-930 -- reverting
     new 6853173  fixing number in changes.txt
     new f822432  SOLR-928: SolrDocument and SolrInputDocument now implement the Map<String,?>
     new d4591be  now i got the number wrong
     new 2262a03  removing Release 1.3.1 from the CHANGES.txt
     new 7483c80  add logo to Solr site
     new a970df5  adding source (vector) eps for new logo so we have permannt copy for edint.  Also svn adding new logo into site/ directory so it's actually visible (i think klaas just overlooked this)
     new 2c7981c  remove java6 feature @Override of interface method
     new 2e434b4  remove old logo
     new 1b46cc7  Add convenience target to run example Solr with remote debugging enabled
     new bdc42e5  LUCENE-1495: allow TaskSequence to run for certain time
     new 7abe031  LUCENE-1444: fix broken site links in javadocs
     new fc3eed4  refactor some lazy ant copy/paste into more ant idiotmatic
     new c7b3ca5  SOLR-924: Code cleanup: make all existing finalize() methods call super.finalize() in a finally block
     new 0405583  Add comment to footer about why it is where it is for now
     new 73c930b  Fix issue with AnalysisRequestHandlers response choking up QueryResponse
     new b7a87e9  freshen up the dependencies with the latest greatest versions
     new 51f9b75  LUCENE-1495: fix time-based test to reduce change of false failure
     new 92165b3  javadoc content and format improvements (inspired by SOLR-932)
     new 617aafb  javadoc content and format improvements (inspired by SOLR-932)
     new 69cb871  whoops ... last commit was a fat finger.  changing deprecation method to not refer to a package protected class
     new 1fd7abe  clean up javadoc warning
     new 3244302  SOLR-885 -- NamedListCodec is renamed to JavaBinCodec and returns Object instead of NamedList.
     new 5c8ea7a  LUCENE-1499: enforce IndexFileNameFilter as singleton
     new eb64661  LUCENE-1495: fix TaskSequence.toString to show time-limited configuration
     new c3de2ce  SOLR-84: use new Solr logo in admin GUI
     new 65a65ee  remove transient JAR from svn
     new e2a0d64  Simplifying the logic
     new 0f95d25  SOLR-885 follow up: Overriding constructors for backward compatibility
     new 06afa5d  adding javadoc for getLimitingFacets()
     new b35c6a2  include note about benchmarking with example schema
     new e59ebad  SOLR-847 -- Enhance the snappull command in ReplicationHandler to accept masterUrl
     new 8563645  SOLR-847 follow up -- remove pollInterval parameter if it exists in the request because we want to pull only once.
     new 3b57a5a  SOLR-925: Fixed highlighting on fields with multiValued="true" and termOffsets="true"
     new fd89aab  SOLR-902 -- FastInputStream#read(byte b[], int off, int len) gives incorrect results when amount left to read is less than buffer size
     new 8c1db20  SOLR-540: globbing in hl.fl
     new fd6b300  Use a HashSet to workaround suspected Lucene bug which returns same file name multiple times
     new 9f6e8ea  SOLR-782 followup -- Removed multiple document nodes in the configuration xml. Removed support for 'default' variables, they are automatically available as request parameters.
     new f342cd1  SOLR-942 -- Different Fields with same column and different names do not work
     new 581c82c  LUCENE-1387 -- adding locallucene as new spatial contrib package.
     new 0afd451  LUCENE-1503 -- refactor spatial Query/Filter classes
     new 72725a0  - Small documentation mods.
     new d9e76a7  add deprecation links
     new 1d43a36  SOLR-947: QueryParsing.toString() should check firstly ConstantScoreRangeQuery then RangeQuery.
     new c9e7642  Fix pom.xml.template of spatial search contrib
     new 4708509  SOLR-84: adding editable SVG file for generating any other formats/sizes needed in the future
     new 1f585f0  LUCENE-1387 -- expose getLat/getLng from DistanceQueryBuilder
     new 0958d83  LUCENE-1508 -- make the field prefix configurable
     new 4978391  LUCENE-1508 -- using the tierPrefix constructors by default
     new c40a7d8  minor javadoc edits
     new cfff37d  Make sure data source is set to null after closing it to avoid re-use
     new 0b3705a  remove 2 invalid tests of modified utf8 null byte
     new 873fbbc  LUCENE-1509: don't return dup file names from IndexCommit.getFileNames
     new 8e25602  SOLR-948 -- add helper functions to
     new 43609e8  LUCENE-1504 -- SerialChainFilter should use DocSet API
     new cad8084  SOLR-906 -- adding streaming update SolrServer
     new d666ae5  LUCENE-1502: a few small cleanups to CharArraySet
     new 69d4976  Fixing typo
     new 977c9ac  LUCENE-1512 -- adding GeoHash implementaion
     new 3f72bc8  remove unused imports and @author tag
     new 2192dbc  not great, but at least don't hide the real exception
     new 8d0b47c  SOLR-906 -- chaning log levels
     new d92209b  revert stick with Java 1.5
     new f991524  LUCENE-1510 InstantiatedIndexReader#norms methods throws NullPointerException on empty index.
     new 0bae610  SOLR-938 -- Add event listener API for import start and end
     new 8180700  LUCENE-1497: minor code cleanups to SimpleHTMLFormatter
     new 80a36aa  SOLR-950 -- Exception in distributed search with facet requests during facet refinement
     new d737660  LUCENE-1514 ShingleMatrixFilter#next(Token) easily throws a StackOverflowException due to recursive invocation. (Karl Wettin)
     new 23b5cc2  SOLR-906 -- don't recursivly call run() -- if the server is getting lots of errors, this could be called often and result in a stack overflow error
     new 38790dd  SOLR-950 update -- Removing from changelog because the bug was in code introduced after 1.3 release
     new de5a72a  SOLR-947 update -- Removing from changelog because the bug was in lucene.jar introduced after 1.3 release
     new 5be6d5b  remove CHANGES fix to non-released code
     new c2b5e91  As suggested by Otis: Convert TABs to spaces, remove @author javadoc tags
     new 4905d44  Small optimization because an Object is not needed here
     new ea3fc08  SOLR-450 -- Validate start param to be non-negative and show friendly error message
     new f0300a6  LUCENE-1517: Change superclass of TrieRangeQuery
     new fd7db7e  SOLR-951 -- Fixed bug in FacetComponent's refinement query generation for local params
     new 03d6b2a  LUCENE-1479: if date is missing, don't skip the doc; just don't add 'docdate' field to the doc
     new b97dd17  SOLR-958 - Javadoc improvements
     new ac1a1a8  SOLR-957 - Javadoc fix
     new bc2202a  SOLR-956 - Javadoc fix
     new 2df30465 SOLR-954 - Javadoc improvement
     new 4d5b06d  SOLR-953 - Small code simplification
     new 88e19ab  Trie encoded fields do not need norms (as they are only used for filtering with TrieRangeFilter or for sorting)
     new 888af03  LUCENE-1519: upcast to long to prevent overflow
     new e2c19ac  SOLR-960 - Javadoc, one deprecation and one warning
     new 91303ff  SOLR-961 System.arrayCopy rather then manually
     new 6eb1b68  SOLR-865 -- Adding support for document updates in binary format and corresponding support in Solrj client
     new 38b37b1  SOLR-955 -- Removed hardcoded value for Types.VARCHAR in JdbcDataSource
     new 088ad18  revert Koji's revert of ryan's exception chaining -- but this time using java 1.5
     new 5c948da  LUCENE-1520: prevent OOM in CheckIndex with large segment that has many fields w/ norms
     new e91fb48  LUCENE-1520: re-use single byte[] for all fields when testing norms
     new 8c58de6  LUCENE-1521: fix 2 more cases of int overflow
     new afe3714  SOLR-628 -- enable runtime 'forceElevation' changes
     new 8bf2fda  LUCENE-1224: Short circuit FuzzyQuery.rewrite when input token length is small compared to minSimilarity.
     new 3382933  remove unused import
     new ccb41af  Adding null check for multi valued fields
     new 8a5dce7  LUCENE-1523: make Directory.isOpen protected
     new d545a46  LUCENE-1525: add missing maven dependencies for contrib/{benchmark,highlighter}; fix svn eolstyle to native
     new 55fd384  note about SolrDocument and SolrDocumentList that should have been added prior to 1.3 release
     new c704058  SOLR-930 - better javadocs explaining SolrCore.close()
     new fa5b4e8  SOLR-964 -- XPathEntityProcessor now ignores DTD validations
     new 25736d3  Log the file names which could not be deleted
     new 7ef048e  Optimize the test index as preparation for LUCENE-1483, because the statistics on visited terms in TrieRangeQuery/-Filter only work correctly for optimized indexes (as the count is reset on each query execution. So the new multisegment-search must have a one-segment index to only execute the query one time)
     new 4764105  LUCENE-1527: open reader non-readOnly for doing deletes
     new c10a419  setting tag so back-compat tests run against fixed sources
     new 68b72fc  SOLR-970: Use an ArrayList since we know exactly how long the List will be in advance
     new 645cb09  SOLR-962: Note about null handling in ModifiableSolrParams.add javadoc
     new c6f6f01  LUCENE-1316: don't call synchronized IndexReader.isDeleted when scoring MatchAllDocsQuery
     new b822a6d  SOLR-978 -- Old files are not removed from slaves after replication
     new 4ee8274  SOLR-801 -- Add support for configurable pre-import and post-import delete query per root-entity
     new 398f814  SOLR-981 -- groupId for Woodstox dependency in maven solrj changed to org.codehaus.woodstox
     new 9b1cd91  SOLR-801 followup -- Fix for failing test
     new e36809b  SOLR-985 -- Fix thread-safety issue with TemplateString for concurrent imports with multiple cores
     new 0d6494c  SOLR-988 -- Add a new scope for session data stored in Context to store objects across imports
     new 100d85d  SOLR-974 -- DataImportHandler skips commit if no data has been updated
     new 153acfd  LUCENE-1530: Support inclusive/exclusive for TrieRangeQuery/-Filter, remove default trie variant setters/getters
     new f1ab1ae  Implement a shortcut, when range has min>max. In this case a static empty SortedVIntList is returned.
     new 96e0aaf  LUCENE-1483: switch to newly added MultiReaderHitCollector for all core collectors, that is aware of segment transitions during searching, to improve performance of searching and warming
     new 1bc276f  go back to http:// for checking out back compat tests
     new 61f9aab  SOLR-883 -- Implicit properties are not set for Cores created through CoreAdmin
     new 8220d43  SOLR-980 -- A PlainTextEntityProcessor which can read from any DataSource<Reader> and output a String
     new 13d5245  LUCENE-1528: Add support for Ideographic Space to the queryparser.
     new fd7e53a  Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev r738345
     new 994ae0e  LUCENE-1487: add FieldCacheTermsFilter, to filter by multiple terms on single-valued fields
     new 48c3220  LUCENE-1487: improve javadoc for FieldCacheTermsFilter
     new 20753f2  LUCENE-1507: add DocIdSet.EMPTY_DOCIDSET
     new caf1fc2  SOLR-991 -- Better error message when parsing solrconfig.xml fails due to malformed XML. Error message notes the name of the file being parsed.
     new ccd038d  SOLR-991 followup -- Revert change made to schema.xml for testing
     new 0481f09  Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev 20090129 r738622
     new c6dbc25  allow passing in of args to the jvm running unit tests
     new 8da6192  allow passing in of args to the jvm running unit tests
     new 4d7f92b  LUCENE-1314: add IndexReader.clone(boolean readOnly) and reopen(boolean readOnly)
     new ffb4b37  SOLR-763 -- Add support for Lucene's PositionFilter
     new 164c248  revert to r738218 of lucene, before per-segment search
     new cb55b16  Add some extra check for validity of c'tor parameters in TrieRangeFilter
     new e7edb24  fix javadocs
     new 33f9318  SOLR-999 -- XPathRecordReader fails on XMLs with nodes mixed with CDATA content
     new 62d56d9  LUCENE-1483: add expert IndexSearcher ctor to search sub-readers in natural order (vs default sort-by-numDocs order)
     new 67987bf  SOLR-1002: Change SolrIndexSearcher to use insertWithOverflow as Lucene does
     new 35d2b76  LUCENE-1506: add FilteredDocIdSet
     new d707212  SOLR-1000 -- FileListEntityProcessor should not apply fileName filter to directory names. Wow, we reached 1000 issues!
     new b2c0409  Fix jUnit test problem with exclusive range if upper==lower (thanks to Michael McCandless): [junit] junit.framework.AssertionFailedError: Returned count of range query must be equal to exclusive range length expected:<0> but was:<-1> at
     new 80b471b  one Math.max too much, sorry
     new 522a5be  SOLR-966 -- Enhance the map function query to take in an optional default value
     new 17ccf4e  SOLR-820 -- Support replication on startup of master with new index
     new 8846fd3  replace 'if' with 'assert' to eek performance in BitVector.get
     new 396cfd9  fix javadoc
     new 742dccd  SOLR-435 -- NullPointerException with no query or empty query
     new 4d4c5e0  Reverting SOLR-435 (always run tests before committing)
     new 23ab5e1  SOLR-986 -- Return invalid error codes in case of an exception or an error while waiting for external process
     new 6f00fa6  SOLR-971 -- Replace StringBuffer with StringBuilder for instances that do not require thread-safety
     new 34b0ed7  SOLR-1003 -- XPathEntityprocessor must allow slurping all text from a given xml node and its children
     new 8347bf2  SOLR-1008: Fix stats.jsp stat item entry name escaping
     new dbe0898  LUCENE-1535: use random seed for randomness, but print the seed on failure for reproducibility
     new a91912c  SOLR-1001 -- Allow variables in various attributes of RegexTransformer, HTMLStripTransformer and NumberFormatTransformer.
     new aa6bc4b  SOLR-820 followup -- Test for replicate after startup for java based replication
     new 604267e  SOLR-1001 followup -- Fix NPE due to bug in test base class
     new d17cf48  SOLR-943 -- Make it possible to specify dataDir in solr.xml and accept the dataDir as a request parameter for the CoreAdmin create command.
     new 06d1dd5  SOLR-959 -- Refactored TestReplicationHandler to remove hardcoded port numbers
     new 8391810  SOLR-989 -- Expose running statistics from the Context API.
     new 2309932  SOLR-850 -- Addition of timeouts for distributed searching. Configurable through 'shard-socket-timeout' and 'shard-connection-timeout' parameters in SearchHandler.
     new 572d84c  SOLR-1005 - DoubleMetaphone Filter Produces NullpointerException on zero-length token
     new 7940114  - Javadoc fixes
     new 5388a5c  LUCENE-1314: fix reopen bug wrt fields that don't have norms
     new a1b7dca  SOLR-284: remove auto key generation and update tests
     new 60347b2  SOLR-1011 -- Links to Replication page and other cores are 404s
     new c7d0222  SOLR-976: deleteByQuery is ignored when deleteById is placed prior to deleteByQuery in a <delete>
     new c45b701  LUCENE-1538: don't bottlneck threads on IndexReader.isDeleted in ValueSourceQuery
     new 6e692d3  LUCENE-1531 Added support for BoostingTermQuery to XML query parser.
     new 7e618a3  add ACEU news
     new cf26ee4  comment typo fixes
     new 6d50a50  SOLR-769: Make QueryComponent optional, but default to true.  Not all requests need the QueryComponent
     new a1566dd  be more accurate with comment about core handler
     new 6555bb7  SOLR-799: Add support for hash based exact/near duplicate document handling
     new 3e75ec8  SOLR-998: current lucene libs, SolrIndexReader introduction for FileFloatSource fix
     new 22c110c  SOLR-1016: HTTP 503 error changes 500 in SolrCore
     new c4a96dc  SOLR-1009 -- Repeated column names result in duplicate values
     new 7906791  SOLR-1006 -- ConcurrentLRUCache API improvements
     new 801ea7c  SOLR-1017 -- Fix thread-safety issue with last_index_time for concurrent imports in multiple cores due to unsafe usage of SimpleDateFormat by multiple threads.
     new 18b819a  correct java code fragment in javadocs for reopen
     new 71e622d  SOLR-670 followup -- No need to do commit after calling rollback, also avoids AlreadyClosedException if commit is not called after rollback
     new 1371f5b  SOLR-1015 -- Incomplete information in replication admin page and http command response when server is both master and slave i.e. when server is a repeater
     new 5cfb336  SOLR-1018 -- Slave is unable to replicate when server acts as repeater (as both master and slave)
     new 8b79fa5  LUCENE-1470: New implementation using encoding of TrieUtils and TrieRangeFilter that now also supports 32bit and 64bit fields
     new cd89bc9  LUCENE-1314: allow clone of subreaders; add note to getSequentialSubReaders javadoc to not use sub-readers to make changes
     new bbda741  SOLR-977 -- version=2.2 is not necessary for wt=javabin
     new f6185b7  SOLR-921 -- SolrResourceLoader must cache short class name vs fully qualified classname
     new 03db7c8  LUCENE-1470: Remove the recursion from splitRange and implement with loop
     new 22da311  SOLR-1022 ... fixing bad example of ignored field (should be multiValued=true)
     new a2b4aa5  SOLR-996 -- Expose Context to Evaluators
     new fa19dfc  SOLR-1004 -- Check for abort more frequently during delta-imports
     new 7477c06  SOLR-996 followup -- missing set context
     new e963451  SOLR-1024 -- Calling abort on DataImportHandler import commits data instead of calling rollback
     new 107da37  update javadoc for allowDocsOutOfOrder
     new b3b94be  remove unused import
     new f11377a  SOLR-967: New type-safe constructor for NamedList
     new 51d709d  SOLR-1026: Add protected words support to SnowballPorterFilterFactory.  Deprecated EnglishPorterFilterFactory and switched example to use English SnowballPorterFilterFactory instead
     new 5414333  Fix typo
     new 831a302  SOLR-783 -- Enhance delta-imports by maintaining separate last_index_time for each entity
     new 36438c1  remove minor typo
     new ed887ca  Removing main method added for testing
     new f8dc3bb  LUCENE-1314: add asserts during *Reader.clone() that the incoming SegmentInfo/s matches the current reader
     new 16b846d1b Use FQCN for handler.  Broken otherwise when uncommented.
     new 160765b  SOLR-1031: Fix XSS vulnerability in schema.jsp
     new e3a99f1  technical SOLR-1026 is a feature addition, not a bug fix
     new 657a887  LUCENE-1544: fix deadlock in IW.addIndexes(IndexReader[])
     new c314ad0  LUCENE-1470: API change in RangeBuilder
     new 174e823  Javadoc fix
     new 6ae1c86  SOLR-739: Add support for OmitTf
     new e9ec6b2  Use File.isAbsolute for checking absolute path
     new fa48227  LUCENE-1483: add missing deprecations
     new 85b2bae  schema/omitTf upgrade note
     new 90d9804  clarify IndexWriter.rollback javadoc
     new 6fc659a  LUCENE-1547: fix rare thread hazard in IndexWriter.commit()
     new 72a9df1  SOLR-1034 -- ClientUtils.escapeQuery should escape ;
     new 8beaf49  Fixing typo in javadoc
     new ee6ad3d  SOLR-1035 -- Catch RuntimeException instead of NumberFormatException
     new 3a5fa68  SOLR-1029 -- Standardize Evaluator parameter parsing and added helper functions for parsing all evaluator parameters in a standard way.
     new 19d7b26  SOLR-801 follow-up -- Fix NullPointerException in case of multiple root entities when deleteQuery is not specified
     new b97ee3a  some javadoc cleanup, and deprecation note for older version of norm modification tool
     new c8e94be  SOLR-1033 -- Current entity's namespace is made available to all Transformers. This allows one to use an output field of TemplateTransformer in other transformers, among other things.
     new aea2aff  SOLR-1037 -- DIH should not add null values in a row returned by EntityProcessor to documents.
     new 5e56337  make TopFieldDocs ctor public
     new 336a226  Add Velocity engine and list tool objects, and default template based on path if not explicitly specified
     new 3afcd7a  Add dependency for some Velocity tools
     new 4748796  SOLR-973 -- CommonsHttpSolrServer writes the xml directly to the server
     new c1e663e  SOLR-783 followup -- Set last_index_time to current date even if commit=false to avoid NPE.
     new 6c176eb  LUCENE-1398: Add ReverseStringFilter to contrib/analyzers
     new 59cbcf5  SOLR-1040 -- XPathEntityProcessor fails with an xpath like containing forward slash in a attribute selector's value
     new f6fe5a1  make abstract FieldComparatorSource.newComparator public
     new 5cbdc2b  fix make newComparator public in TestSort
     new 1afef18  LUCENE-1546: add IndexReader.flush(String commitUserData)
     new 6248e14  LUCENE-1548: fix distance normalization in LevenshteinDistance to not produce negative distances
     new 32c63ce  SOLR-1036: Change default QParser from "lucenePlusSort" to "lucene"
     new 166b922  LUCENE-1549: add some more checks to CheckIndex
     new 2484c0e  SOLR-1042 -- Fix memory leak in DIH by making TemplateString non-static member in VariableResolverImpl
     new e40fc9f  SOLR-1041 -- dataDir is not set relative to solr home
     new bfadf96  SOLR-963 -- SolrQuery#addFacetField - Optimize addition of fields
     new 45edef4  remove extra tags subdir from back-compat tests
     new ae19121  LUCENE-1314: change reference counting to properly track deleted docs & shared core readers inside SegmentReader
     new 439a390  SOLR-764: fix lex sorting for distributed search, change sort string from lex to index
     new 4d72e18  - Output cleanup
     new dcd63a3  LUCENE-1186: add Analyzer.close() to close the internal ThreadLocal
     new 8062dc0  add dates to
     new e256f67  typo in javadoc
     new 90f52a6  replace java 5 only constructs w/ java 1.4 equivalents
     new 480c2af  LUCENE-689: NullPointerException thrown by equals method in SpanOrQuery
     new a3cd72c  SOLR-346: second attempt as first one didn't work
     new cf28799  LUCENE-1552: reset success to false in addIndexes(IndexReader[])
     new ebb8c8e  LUCENE-1553: fix test-only method addMyself to keep track of more than 1 ConcurrentMergeScheduler created during tests
     new 9d469e9  SOLR-1046: Nested query support for function query parser
     new 525c7a0  SOLR-1047 - added support for facet.method
     new ba00427  Fix issue with multi-line parameters
     new 8c60d23  Bump version, note recent changes
     new 11079ef  LUCENE-1554: remove false-positive assert that may (rarely) trip when it's not supposed to
     new 48fbdad  fix javadoc for addIndexes(IndexReader[]) to remove incorrect warning that a writer cannot be changing the underlying index
     new 3569314  SOLR-1049 -- Do not log a stacktrace if a poll fails due to the master being down
     new ab7106f  SOLR-783 followup - Make sure indexStartTime is never null. Set index start time even if commit=false for full imports too.
     new 7f32bbf  remove javadoc sentence about synchronizing on FSDirectory instance
     new 2e2eafd  make IndexReader.getRefCount() expert and public
     new 7f6c38f  remove references to getDirectory methods from FSDirectory javadocs since we've deprecated them
     new 1182376  SOLR-1050 -- NPE thrown in replication admin page due to unhandled casting of null values
     new 8fddbed  SOLR-1054 -- Fix dist-src target for DataImportHandler
     new 15a9d6b  SOLR-1053 -- IndexOutOfBoundsException in SolrWriter.getResourceAsString when size of data-config.xml is a multiple of 1024 bytes
     new 0ff777a  - Added LIA2 cover+link
     new cdbb521  SOLR-1056 -- Fix ending condition for ClobTransformer
     new c68ddb9  Upgrading to Lucene 2.9-dev r752164
     new cce1e98  small javadoc fixes to IndexWriter
     new 75d6fab  LUCENE-1551: add expert IndexReader.reopen(IndexCommit)
     new 1826b73  SOLR-1064:  registry.jsp incorrectly displaying info for last core initialized regardless of what the current core is
     new 266be45  SOLR-940 -- Add support for Lucene's Trie Range Queries
     new c02eee3  SOLR-1066 -- New methods in Context to expose Script details. ScriptTransformer changed to read scripts through the new API methods
     new 60060d8  SOLR-940 followup -- Adding FieldType.getRangeQuery method
     new e53a1f2  SOLR-940 followup -- Changing API, implementation and javadocs per Hoss's suggestions
     new 6c1bc2e  SOLR-940 follow up -- Changing test to index and search for NOW/DAY TO NOW/DAY+5DAYS otherwise the millisecond precision fails the test intermittently
     new 93587d8  pass qparser in getRangeQuery
     new 3632962  republish versioned site
     new 255f32e  fix tz issues in TestTrie
     new f1a4aba  fix tz issues in TestTrie
     new 904b796  LUCENE-1564: don't let Field.setValue switch between binary & non-binary fields
     new 48098e2  SOLR-1072: absolute paths used in sharedLib now work.  new FileUtils method added for dealing with this kind of path resolution
     new 2d4d167  SOLR-1062 -- A LogTransformer which can log data in a given template format
     new 7de4dee  SOLR-1065 -- A ContentStreamDataSource which can accept HTTP POST data in a content stream. This can be used to push data to Solr instead of just pulling it from DB/Files/URLs
     new f921654  SOLR-1061 -- Improve RegexTransformer to create multiple columns from regex groups
     new cd5028b  improve IndexWriter.rollback javadoc src/java/org/apache/lucene/index/
     new 7004e8c  LUCENE-1145: small improvements to DisjunctionSumScorer
     new 68f4d8b  revert accidental changes
     new 9686319  LUCENE-1490: fix latin1 conversion of HALFWIDTH_AND_FULLWIDTH_FORMS characters to only apply to the correct subset
     new f84e477  SOLR-943 followup -- Persist dataDir if present in solr.xml
     new ad91db6  Fixing a typo
     new bf48ece  SOLR-1041 -- Make dataDir relative to solr home and instanceDir
     new 5d05762  LUCENE-1434: add IndexableBinaryStringTools
     new e44e6b0  LUCENE-1490: forgot CHANGES.txt update
     new 787e518  term vectors use 3 (not 4) files in the index
     new 5481916  SOLR-1038 -- Enhance CommonsHttpSolrServer to add docs in batch using an iterator API
     new 766c0e6  SOLR-1059 -- New methods in Context and special flags introduced for deleting documents, skipping rows and stopping transforms
     new 87b5b47  Add handler.dataimport to list of known packages
     new 6bf0e6e  LUCENE-1435: add contrib/collation (CollationKeyFilter), to convert tokens into indexable CollationKeys
     new b46fca3  SOLR-822: rename correctPosition() to correct() in CharFilter because it is for correcting token offset, not for token position
     new c26c959  Default number of rows to 10 if not specified.  Fixes issue with calculation of number of pages
     new 7d18c49  LUCENE-1543: allow MatchAllDocsQuery to specify a field whose norms are used to set document scores
     new 52676e3  LUCENE-1445: include junit jar in source dist, and servlet-api jar in source & binary dist
     new 09100e8  SOLR-1059 followup -- Adding a test for delete doc functionality using the special flag variables
     new b53c349  SOLR-1076 -- JdbcDataSource should resolve variables in all its configuration parameters
     new dc14470  LUCENE-1529: Properly test drop-in replacement of jar
     new 319f339  SOLR-844 -- A SolrServer implementation to front-end multiple solr servers and provides load balancing and failover support
     new 9e94327  SOLR-1055 -- Make DIH JdbcDataSource easily extensible by making the createConnectionFactory method protected and return a Callable<Connection> object
     new 39c8421  LUCENE-652: add org.apache.lucene.document.CompressionTools; deprecate Field.Store.COMPRESS
     new c443dcc  LUCENE-1561: rename omitTf -> omitTermFreqAndPositions in Field*
     new a7697e8  LUCENE-1327: Fix TermSpans#skipTo() to behave as specified in javadocs
     new 6bbc03a  SOLR-844 followup -- Use the correct SolrException import from o.a.s.common
     new 6d5163d  SOLR-1077 -- IndexOutOfBoundsException with useSolrAddSchema in XPathEntityProcessor
     new 413d330  SOLR-973 followup - Create OutputStreamWriter with utf-8 encoding
     new a00257a  LUCENE-652: add compress/decompressString, too
     new cc963a1  SOLR-1072: fix FileUtilsTest for windows
     new 4f7ef62  Fixed NPE for minimal bounding box search LUCENE-1568
     new 08fb323  SOLR-973 followup -- Lookup the charset only once
     new 04c0d1f  LUCENE-652: deprecate FieldSelectorResult.LOAD_FOR_MERGE, since it's really an internal option and is used only for dealing with compressed fields, which are now externalized
     new f3c1736  SOLR-940: use AbstractTrieRangeFilter.asQuery() in Lucene rather than creating ConstantScoreQuery in Solr
     new 0bfd4b4  SOLR-1075: Upgrade to Tika 0.3
     new 30efee5  SOLR-1080 -- RegexTransformer should not replace if regex is not matched
     new ed94692  SOLR-1058 -- JdbcDataSource can lookup javax.sql.DataSource using JNDI
     new c6f7aa4  fix clone() case that could incorrectly leave stored fields files open
     new d057309  SOLR-1068 -- Use fsync on replicated index and configuration files
     new 42756bb  SOLR-1081 -- Change EventListener to be an interface so that components such as an EntityProcessor or a Transformer can act as an event listener
     new a3e7952  SOLR-1081 followup -- Remove abstract keyword
     new 6bd4909  SOLR-939: ValueSourceRangeFilter/Query, frange parser
     new dfdc5a8  SOLR-1083 -- An Evaluator for escaping query characters
     new 5b885e1  SOLR-1027 -- Alias the 'dataimporter' namespace to a shorter name 'dih'.
     new 96a3f02  SOLR-1084 -- Better error reporting when entity name is a reserved word and when data-config.xml is missing the root node
     new 126f4b1  LUCENE-1563:Add example test case for surround query language
     new 82965b7  SOLR-822: avoid ClassCastException when CharStreamAware*TokenizerFactory is used without CharFilter
     new 456937a  SOLR-822: added a useful idiom to get ChatStream and make private CharReader constructor
     new 73a02ec  Fix for Lucene-1500 - new exception added to Highlighter API to handle TokenStreams with Tokens that exceed given text length
     new 198aa70  LUCENE-1500: fix compilation errors in contrib/benchmark by allowing doHighlight method to throw InvalidTokenOfsetsException
     new 3588581  SOLR-952: Cleanup duplicated code in deprecated HighlightingUtils
     new 0f17904  remove slow download host; only download zip file once for all tests
     new 2d221f7  add javadoc NOTE about package-private APIs for MergePolicy & MergeScheduler
     new c73712d  LUCENE-1576: fix BrazilianAnalyzer to downcase before filtering stop words
     new a8db365  SOLR-1090 -- DataImportHandler should load the data-config.xml using UTF-8 encoding
     new 7aa012c  LUCENE-1573: don't ignore, or enter spinloop, when Thread.interrupt() is called
     new 8d05c79  SOLR-658 -- Compare the index directories using their canonical paths
     new c2b6731  Add StopFilter makeStopSet methods that take a list, since we just call Arrays.asList() again anyway and we might already have a list
     new 8c1725b  SOLR-1038 -- Remove the automatic commit from the API
     new 7be6fa5  fix javadocs for optimize, on transient disk usage
     new 12e212c  LUCENE-1579: make sure cloned SegmentReaders share the same entry in FieldCache
     new ef613da  carry over 2.4.1's CHANGES entry to trunk's CHANGES.txt
     new fe475f0  small optimization: re-use a single TermDocs instance when deleting-by-Term
     new c7c9ef6  SOLR-1095: fix stopword and keep filter performance issue
     new 8ebc550  change 'ant test' to run core, contrib & back-compat
     new 47ee1d3  make it clear that IW.commit() commits all changes, not just added/deleted docs
     new 6639925  SOLR-1068 --  Use a single threaded executor to fsync replicated index and configuration files before moving them
     new d1e4980  SOLR-1068 followup --  Shutdown the executor in a finally block if it is alive
     new 2737057  SOLR-886 -- No need to call commit after calling rollback
     new 1055385  fix broken link for query parser syntax ... as long as we're changing it point at wiki where there is info about enhancements to syntax
     new 3fc80aa  clarify limitations of implementation vs file format itself
     new 3ee3b59  SOLR-891 -- Adding a test case for ClobTransformer
     new 55592e8  SOLR-1038 -- Adding addBeans(Iterator) method
     new e7c2a9d  SOLR-1098 -- DateFormatTransformer can cache the format objects
     new 4d5f12e  SOLR-1087 -- Deprecate 'where' attribute in CachedSqlEntityProcessor in favor of cacheKey and cacheLookup
     new d653d93  SOLR-1058 followup -- Fix check for driver attribute
     new bddac65  share single IndexSearcher instance in ReadTask
     new c7fe3c5  LUCENE-1586: add IndexReader.getUniqueTermCount
     new b86ded6  LUCENE-1582: enable FieldCache.Parser to stop early
     new 13ae26b  LUCENE-1582: Make TrieRange completely independent from Document/Field with TokenStream of prefix encoded values
     new 42783c5  Commit LUCENE-1588 DistanceFieldComparatorSource deprecate BoundaryBoxFilter
     new c7ac1fd  LUCENE-1582: Fix missing public accessor in ShiftAttribute
     new 9fc1c18  LUCENE-1546: also declare all subclasses' doCommit() to be deprecated
     new c9ed885  SOLR-1104: Fix some rounding errors in LukeRequestHandler's histogram
     new cb95e45  LUCENE-1561: don't change Fieldable interface for the rename; add deprecated to AbstractField's omitTf methods
     new 6b4831f  LUCENE-1591: workaround bug in xerces so we can process Wikipedia's XML
     new bb8b2e1  LUCENE-1590: don't allow stored-only fields to mess up the index-only attrs like omitNorms and omitTermFreqAndPositions
     new 3c91517  LUCENE-1516: add near real-time search to IndexWriter
     new b5c4f8e  Add field name to term statistics
     new a162755  fix potential NPE with FieldStatsInfo
     new ca64519  Add extra check to TokenStream tests, only get attribute not create it
     new d74d56d  LUCENE-1587: RangeQuery#equals() could consider a RangeQuery without a collator equal to one with a collator.
     new a1b3fd7  Add ConstantScore highlighting support to SpanScorer
     new 413cabe  Contrib queries package Query implementations do not override equals()
     new 9188603  SOLR-1109: PhoneticFilterFactory doesn't handle maxCodeLength param
     new ad42cc8  SOLR-940 and SOLR-1079 -- Updating Lucene jars, updating Trie field types per Lucene's changes, adding ReverseStringFilterFactory, updates related to LUCENE-1500.
     new 9367d31  SOLR-620: added a feature of applying by parameter
     new c389d5d  SOLR-1096 -- Introduced httpConnTimeout and httpReadTimeout in replication slave configuration to avoid stalled replication
     new 7c009e7  SOLR-940 followup -- Fix for the trie date test case
     new 40a1e6d  SOLR-1059 -- Fixing bug where skipping a row containing nested entities did not skip the nested entities. Handling special flag variables is in one method now.
     new ad79d91  LUCENE-1575: switch to new Collector API
     new 6cab095  fix SnapshotDeletionPolicy to remove the test dir if present to prevent false failures
     new 5a6d6cb  SOLR-804: added lucene misc jar rev 764281
     new f6f1d00  LUCENE-1600: don't over-intern String field names
     new 12024eb  SOLR-934 -- A MailEntityProcessor to enable indexing mails from POP/IMAP sources into a solr index
     new 3ef76ae  Small documentation updates, test fixed according to attributes documentation
     new b157e9c  SOLR-934 followup -- Make CustomFilter static, remove extra logging code, check log level before logging
     new be6911e  SOLR-934 fix -- Copy libs from contrib/extraction/lib for setting up mail example
     new 26be4aa  don't swallow unexpected IOException in TestLockFactory
     new a5a9be2  Adding Apache license header to the extraction contrib project
     new 87e10db  Add a missing check for inverse ranges in splitRange() and corresponding tests for inverse ranges and 0-length-ranges.
     new 1699ee9  LUCENE-1603: some improvements to MultiTermQuery/FilteredTermEnum
     new be84c48  LUCENE-1529: do not include trunk's classes when running back compat tests (to properly test jar drop-in-ability)
     new a31c7a6  moved close() of InputStream to finally block
     new fb8bb98  moving back compat tag forward
     new 6610c04  SOLR-1115:  <bool>on</bool> and <bool>yes</bool> in solrconfig.xml work as expected.
     new 67fa0ec  SOLR-1076 followup -- Fix bug with resolving batchSize
     new 7769e35  SOLR-1096 followup -- Change default connection timeout to 5 seconds and read timeout to 20 seconds
     new 49a83c5  SOLR-969 -- Changed the FULL_DUMP, DELTA_DUMP, FIND_DELTA constants in Context to String. Changed Context.currentProcess() to return a string instead of an integer.
     new 8c4fff6  LUCENE-1591: add bzip2 compression/decompress to contrib/benchmark
     new c6b077e  SOLR-1117 -- QueryElevationComponent should call core.getNewestSearcher(false) instead of core.getNewestSearcher(true)
     new 3c2e9ab  SOLR-1080 followup -- Additional test cases for RegexTransformer
     new 022d104  LUCENE-1591: add commons-compress JAR
     new 55c0cc3  LUCENE-1603: improve MultiTermQuery for better sharing, and so Trie(Numeric)RangeQuery can use it
     new 45986b2  feed junit found and expected in assertMatchesPattern
     new 92c6484  LUCENE-1602: Rewrite TrieRange to use MultiTermQuery
     new 4560d9d  update to TermEnum#skipTo javadoc
     new f5831d8  LUCENE-1605: add BitVector.subset
     new 33f6b48  message (to infoStream) when a merge exception is handled
     new 05116b7  SOLR-1079 followup -- Replace omitTf by omitTermFreqAndPositions in upgrade note
     new 3f7f21c  SOLR-844 followup -- Fix bug with incorrect alive count which makes LBHttpSolrServer assume that all servers are down even when one is running
     new e0c2792  Java 1.4 build of Xerces JAR
     new 8911cc1  now we have six implicit SearchComponent
     new 0a828c2  LUCENE-1573: add missing synchronized in test case
     new a336753f SOLR-1120 -- Simplify EntityProcessor API
     new e2a020b  SOLR-1060 -- A LineEntityProcessor which can stream lines of text from a given file to be indexed directly or for processing with transformers and child entities.
     new 6a57acf  update to search/function javadocs.
     new 1ea1e3c  SOLR-1099 -- A FieldAnalysisRequestHandler which provides the analysis functionality of the web admin page as a service. The AnalysisRequestHandler is renamed to DocumentAnalysisRequestHandler which is enhanced with query analysis and showMatch support. AnalysisRequestHandler is now deprecated. Support for both FieldAnalysisRequestHandler and DocumentAnalysisRequestHandler is also provided in the Solrj client.
     new 7427317  SOLR-1108 -- Remove un-needed synchronization in SolrCore constructor
     new e0fb06b  SOLR-1125: Use query analyzer rather than index analyzer for queryFieldType in QueryElevationComponent
     new 5807d11  LUCENE-1602: Fix incomplete toString(), hashcode() and equals() because boost was not involved there (copy'n'paste error from the Filter, which had no boost)
     new 33bcabc  SOLR-1106 -- Made CoreAdminHandler Actions pluggable so that additional actions may be plugged in or the existing ones can be overridden if needed.
     new 354f780  SOLR-1126 -- Replicated files have incorrect timestamp
     new 31b15cb  Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev r768228 Fixes for changes in trie introduced with LUCENE-1602 Implemented SolrIndexSearcher#search(Weight, Filter, Collector) to fix compile error
     new 2bed56d  put back auto resolution that LUCENE-1483 moved out - needed for those using fshq without indexsearcher
     new a7a8b34  SOLR-1128: added metadata output to extract only option
     new 09c6c1a  - Fixed javadoc and some crazy indentation
     new 0c2d903  Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev r768336
     new b8bb58c  put in warning about fvhq not doing auto resolution on the SortFields passed to it
     new 91dcc5c  LUCENE-1516: add missing getter
     new b839a65  move detectType to SortField
     new ce01137  fix a few small things Steven Rowe found
     new 6bf3c5e  fix CHANGES numbers
     new accb58e  fix CHANGES numbers
     new f1be0a4  SOLR-1124: add top() function, fix ord/rord
     new 65fd24f  LUCENE-1610: fix changes-to-html to properly format <code>...</code>
     new 1533642  remove redundant CHANGES entries from trunk if they are already covered in 2.4.1
     new 6fd8d22  LUCENE-1615: remove some more deprecated uses of Fieldable.omitTf
     new 4f2697e  SOLR-1110 -- Support sorting on trie fields with Distributed Search
     new 46b27f1  Adding "Other Changes" section heading back to change log
     new 6ea022f  SOLR-997 -- Wait for a longer time for slave to complete replication in TestReplicationHandler
     new d7f7ca1  SOLR-1120 followup -- Introduced a DocWrapper which takes care of maintaining document level session variables
     new 984ac64  add defensive asserts for the indexInterval / skipInterval in tis/tii files
     new 3b71cc9  LUCENE-1619: remove unnecessary initTermBuffer()
     new 809a559  SOLR-1094 -- Incorrect value of correctlySpelled attribute in some cases
     new cf2cbe4  SOLR-1094 followup -- Fix for single correctly spelled word
     new ea90d11  add missing interrupt restore on InterruptedException
     new 8c8500d  make default exception handler in ConcurrentMergeHandler pause for 250 msec after each exception, to prevent saturating CPU
     new 9242c2b  Fix class cast exception in SerialChainFilter
     new 97db615  SOLR-465: fix SolrIndexWriter constructors to take DirectoryFactory
     new f3189d8  LUCENE-1617: add -Dtestpackage=XXX and -Dtestpackageroot=lucene to run a package's tests
     new 72d1873  LUCENE-1604: allow IndexReader.norms to return null if the field has no norms; this is off by default but will be hardwired to on in 3.0
     new e4d9711  remove dead code (exceptions list) from ConcurrentMergeScheduler; add comment to the 250 msec sleep
     new 888a897  LUCENE-1616: switch to single setOffset API
     new 88249e3  SOLR-965: Better error message when <pingQuery> is not configured.
     new 46619cf  Fixed bug caused by multiSegmentIndexReader
     new aaf2be3  fix broken javadoc
     new 3dc6f5e  fix spelling in Exceptions
     new 9f5b8ad  SOLR-1127 -- Add support for field name to be templatized
     new 9e07dfc  SOLR-465: use non-deprecated SolrIndexWriter constructor
     new ec6e90d  SOLR-1135 -- Java replication creates Snapshot in the directory where Solr was launched
     new 9ba5970  try to prevent false failure of testTimedSearchTask
     new b58e470  LUCENE-1611: fix case where OutOfMemoryException in IndexWriter could cause infinite merging to happen
     new 735c395  SOLR-748 -- FacetComponent helper classes are made public as an experimental API
     new 9620458  another bit of sanity checking for queries: rewriting should be equal to cloning and rewriting
     new c514dd5  SOLR-1136 -- Remove unnecessary while in SqlEntityProcessor.nextRow()
     new 673b90e  Correct JavaDocs in TrieUtils. This also adds a missing test for equals() and hashcode() of the TrieRangeQueries.
     new baa4034  LUCENE-1624: don't write a new empty commit when create=true and autoCommit=false on creating IndexWriter, unless dir has no index yet
     new 311640c  LUCENE-1623: properly handle back-compatibility of field names with non-ascii characters
     new a574869  LUCENE-1623: add CHANGES entry on trunk
     new ab1254b  fix Bollean -> Boolean typo
     new 582356d  LUCENE-1494: Added FieldMaskingSpanQuery which can be used to cross-correlate Spans from different fields
     new a068b83  LUCENE-1623: fix case that was swallowing IOException; use .clear() instead of creating new ArrayList/HashMap
     new 3a32236  LUCENE-1618: added FileSwitchDirectory, which will be used for NRT readers in IndexWriter
     new c1b5873  docs: omitTermFreqAndPositions false for text fields
     new 99a48e5  SOLR-1092 -- Added a new command named 'import' which does not automatically clean the index
     new 6bcd89a  fix for LUCENE-1425
     new 46cee7f  SOLR-1099 follow up -- Fix NPE in FieldAnalysisRequestHandler
     new 5383ab1  Fix PageTool to work with distributed query response also
     new 703f1d7  add getters to FSD; change listAll to directly create String[]
     new 44302da  SOLR-1138: gracefully handle empty and null queries
     new 01b26e5  SOLR-929: LukeRequestHandler should return "dynamicBase" only if the field is dynamic.
     new 4ea488c  SOLR-1141 -- NullPointerException during snapshoot command in java based replication
     new 6ef6e52  SOLR-1146 -- ConcurrentModificationException in DataImporter.getStatusMessages
     new aa870e3  fix CHANGES.txt number
     new d88af9c  SOLR-1076 followup -- Resolve JNDI name before using it
     new f6db6c9  add mark miller to committers
     new d7ef4b0  SOLR-911: use String constant for "tag"
     new 3c434af  LUCENE-1621: deprecate MultiTermQuery:getTerm
     new 3dbed70  update changes.txt for LUCENE-1621
     new acb3879  bytes written incorrect (but no users of this AFAIK), also don't call write if there is nothing to be written
     new 79414d2  SOLR-1078: WDF - treat non-spacing marks,etc like letters
     new dbf0a31  SOLR-844: avoid NPE
     new ab458b7  SOLR-844: fix javadoc
     new 4a41b8c  LUCENE-1625: properly set openReaderPassed in CheckIndex
     new d4f9809  LUCENE-1593: optimize core Collectors for in-docID-order scorer case
     new 63c55c7  SOLR-877: TermsComponent internal/external fixes plus rows to limit change
     new 1a56a8f  SOLR-877: fix null pointer exceptions, use intern'd comparisons
     new dc0ba58  LUCENE-1633: fix toString typo
     new 9ed20c8  SOLR-42: use safeReadAheadLimit and lower it a little to prevent reading beyond the last mark
     new 00cc645  SOLR-1012: Change SolrIndexSearcher to use inheritance rather than delegation
     new a41d447  Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev 773862
     new 5cf5761  SOLR-1159: JmxMonitoredMap uses & when && is needed
     new 549996e  fix javadoc typo
     new cc24044  pendingOutput is a bit generic for a field in a large class - changed to pendingSegnOutput
     new e01aad8  LUCENE-1629: adding new contrib analyzer SmartChineseAnalyzer
     new be0a47b  LUCENE-1629: move CHANGES entry to contrib; add TestArabicAnalyzer
     new 2cbb1e2  set eol to native
     new fe34935  Fix javadoc typo
     new e14e521  Fix URL in javadoc
     new 95e4219  SOLR-1160: possible null pointer exception path
     new 37d6d71  bug that guarantees a null pointer exception - a handler is not supported by ResourceLoaderAware anyway
     new 61dc82c  LUCENE-1629: set javadocs encoding to UTF-8
     new ea16a11  added Noble Paul
     new f4415a3  LUCENE-1596: MultiTermDocs speedup when set with
     new 9979ddd  SOLR-1111: make distributed search use leaf readers to access sort field values
     new 764b798  SOLR-1166: Speed up docset/filter generation by avoiding top-level score() call and iterating over leaf readers with TermDocs.
     new 202a331  SOLR-825: Enables highlighting for range/wildcard/fuzzy/prefix queries if using hl.usePhraseHighlighter=true and hl.highlightMultiTerm=true.
     new ca5a743  LUCENE-1596: check that enum and termdocs came from same reader before invoking optimization
     new 130c568  LUCENE-1638: fix thread hazard when autoCommit=true and multiple threads are committing
     new f47d6ee  typo in ValueSourceScorer for checking deleted docs
     new f81f679  LUCENE-1629: correct ASF source headers
     new af55028  LUCENE-1629: remove unnecessary source files
     new 571a058  LUCENE-1634: add calibrateSizeByDeletes to LogMergePolicy
     new 0dc72dc  Solr should not write to std out
     new d53231d  added Noble Paul
     new af71c18  LUCENE-1640: fix MockRAMDir's internal synchronization (used only by unit tests)
     new 6156cc1  LUCENE-1641: Correct spatial and trie documentation links in JavaDocs and website
     new 570fd6e  Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev r776177
     new 2dd7d33  LUCENE-1643: use reusable RawCollationKey for better performance
     new 8e5044b  SOLR-1121: CoreAdminhandler should not need a core  . This makes it possible to start a Solr server w/o a core .
     new 1516f18  clean up missing license headers in Java code thanks to ant rat-sources target in build.xml
     new 89ec39c  a regression of SOLR-883 because of SOLR-943
     new ea3399a  add performance test for range queries
     new 1fc5ecc  SOLR-769: Add clustering contrib capabilities to Solr
     new d161e54  SOLR-769: forgot the CHANGES entry
     new 27fc5cd  LUCENE-1550: Added new ngram spell checking distance
     new 06f159e  SOLR-1169: SortedIntDocSet
     new 2f675d1  clarify constantScoreRewrite for MultiTermQuery/RangeQuery
     new a4c96b1  LUCENE-1645: clone child SegmentReaders on reopening/cloning MultiSegmentReader so changes remain private
     new 0769f81  don't let new merges start after finishMerges when closing
     new b54b936  fix funny README.txt
     new 6fe805f  SOLR-1153 deltaImportQuery should be honored on child entities as well
     new 6ad33c1  SOLR-977 version must be set as 1
     new 4c6d63f  SOLR-935 log a warning if it fails to acquire a lock
     new b17d5bc  SOLR-1175 disable/enable replication from master
     new 6183d72  forgot to mention author name
     new 9f3fe68  SOLR-1174 -- Fix Logging admin form submit url for multicore
     new b30c3e6  SOLR-769: Get the SimpleXML library for compile time
     new 7c071d5  LUCENE-1648: carry over hasChanges/deletionsDirty/normsDirty/pendingDeleteCount when a SegmentReader w/ pending changes is cloned
     new 87e52df  SOLR-1088: newSearcher(String name, boolean readOnly) is broken
     new 83e440b  LUCENE-1636: make TokenFilter.input final
     new 3c16e08  SOLR-1179: add DocSet.getTopFilter()
     new 7b7f818  SOLR-1179: add DocSet.getTopFilter()
     new eba450d  LUCENE-1591: Update commons-compress to the released version 1.0
     new 52fa207  remove unused code
     new 6442606  SOLR-1180
     new 3b52dd2  if you override equals you should override hashcode - beefed up impls as well
     new 4c24a4f  shouldnt implement clonable without a clone method
     new d8e49bb  using the entryset rather than keyset is faster
     new 80ef83c  create the variable after its static final fields have been assigned
     new caeedf1  LUCENE-1636: catch null input passed to AttributeSource ctor
     new b784636  avoiding potential NPE
     new f25771a  SOLR-1182: Fix bug in OrdFieldSource#equals which could cause a bug with OrdFieldSource caching on OrdFieldSource#hashcode collisions.
     new 7d80857  SOLR-1181: Inner classes that don't access the ref to the object that created them should be static
     new b1447ef  SOLR-1149 -- Made QParserPlugin and related classes extendible as an experimental API
     new 28fe252  LUCENE-1647: fix case where IndexReader.undeleteAll would make the segment's deletion count incorrect
     new 5a39044  added testcase for attributes in root
     new ea43e4c  SOLR-1165: Use Lucene Filters in conjunction with methods
     new d2ff05e  stop performance test from running by default
     new 78659bb  LUCENE-1655: get unit tests back to 1.4 only
     new 44918ec  SOLR-1183 -- Analysis example script has incorrect path to handler after SOLR-1099 commit
     new 9939adb  comment no longer applies
     new 4b6474f  LUCENE-1654: IndexWriter now records basic diagnostics into each segment it writes; commit metadata upgraded from String to Map<String,String>
     new 20e22db  roll back SOLR-1012: Change SolrIndexSearcher to use inheritence rather than delegation
     new 03a7c58  SOLR-1116
     new 62ab47f  LUCENE-1654: fix version match test to not fail when nightly build overrides version
     new d79ea7c  SOLR-920
     new 7da222d  removed an unused parameter in collectdelta
     new 788e94f  SOLR-1185
     new 370a3f4  use setTimeinMillis - we require 1.4 so we don't need to worry that it was protected on 1.3 anymore
     new d47c46f  LUCENE-1575: clarify that certain float values are invalid scores
     new cb5d9c5  fix CheckIndex -fix to immediately abort if no segments file is present
     new b369db9  LUCENE-1661: make SortField.getComparator public
     new 33da123  LUCENE-1654: switch back-compat tag
     new d12461a  LUCENE-1436: switch classes used by BooleanScorer2 from public to package-private; relax ReqExclScorer.exclScorer to be DISI from Scorer
     new a66ef33  SOLR-1111: use new Lucene Collector classes to sort per segment
     new e1d1e08  SOLR-1187
     new 23d1d0b  added a getter for refcount
     new eb51d48  SOLR-1188: Minor efficiency improvement in TermVectorComponent
     new 5befa38  fix CHANGES error
     new f5f6122  fix optimized TermQuery set generation
     new e01ac9c  fix forrest error in fileformats.xml
     new 8f9e8ab  LUCENE-1663: make the query parser syntax description version agnostic
     new 76e01c1  LUCENE-1662: consolidate FieldCache and ExtendedFieldCache default instances
     new c25f12a  SOLR-1111: use right FieldCache instances
     new 8401e60  LUCENE-1657: make readOnly a required param when opening IndexReader/Searcher
     new 6411bb0  upgrade to Lucene 2.9-dev r779312
     new d54f4e7  remove setFieldCache.. no longer used or needed
     new 6bccd58  SOLR-1111: also use lucene filters for generating docsets
     new 00a33b5  SOLR-1111: also use lucene filters for generating docsets
     new 3e7361e  revert previous accidental commit
     new 8499550  SOLR-1051 -- Support the merge of multiple indexes as a CoreAdmin and an update command
     new d5d1761  SOLR-1106 missed the persistence part
     new 08d712f  SOLR-920 missed persistence part
     new df9b290  SOLR-786 -- Refactor DisMaxQParser to allow overriding certain features of DisMaxQParser
     new a6cd849  SOLR-458 -- Add equals and hashCode methods to NamedList
     new 3dead49  SOLR-1152 -- Snapshoot on ReplicationHandler should acccept location as a request parameter
     new f953c88  use 2 digits precision when reporting rec/s
     new 3c3b283  LUCENE-1653: Avoid creating a Calendar in every call to DateTools#dateToString, DateTools#timeToString and DateTools#round.
     new 6dcd962  LUCENE-1666: if JAR has null impl version, fallback to Lucene's main version; also add main version in, if the JAR's impl version doesn't contain it
     new 54fa7be  LUCENE-1666: use LucenePackage to get version from JAR's manifest, if available
     new 5f6d0c7  LUCENE-1654: Fix UOE with old-style user-data indexes.
     new 80a79f5  LUCENE-1542: properly index first token(s) with 0 position increment
     new c514022  LUCENE-1658: split FSDir into base class vs SimpleFSDir; strenghten javadocs on which FSDir subclass is best; add that picks a good default
     new c2aafb2  spelling fixes
     new 6d89eea  rename TeeSinkTokenTest so that ant test actually runs it
     new 586340d  LUCENE-1617: also remove old tests from back-compat branch
     new 98e2f78  LUCENE-1658: Fix ClassCastException during cloneing SimpleFSIndexInput
     new 9275233  - Removed an ancient deprecated method and fixed misspellings
     new 3c82bda  fix SSS unit test
     new 558a991  LUCENE-1670: improve javadocs
     new 509e239  LUCENE-1658: Fix MMapDirectory, add hack for JVM bug that keeps mmapped files open, fix tests, that cannot use other dir impls than SimpleFSDirectory, some API fine tuning.
     new bdc99eb  LUCENE-1658: new tag for tests #2
     new 92cf862  don't use Java 5 code
     new 0939711  LUCENE-1665: deprecate SortField.AUTO
     new 9f2fdb2  LUCENE-1665: deprecate SortField.AUTO
     new cb9090d  Fix incorrect example: setValue() is not a method of TokenStream, need more specific type. Thanks Mike
     new ea155ae  - Removed empty dir
     new 8945ac1  LUCENE-1378: Removed remaining authors from javadocs/HTML/java source code
     new 475b5dc  LUCENE-898 - removed contrib/javascript (unpackaged, unmaintained, most likely not working due to QueryParser changes since 2005)
     new d119b63  SOLR-990 - Add pid file to snapinstaller to skip script overruns, and recover from failure
     new 73fd231  LUCENE-1656: don't compute scores by default when sorting by field
     new 8a4a3ee  LUCENE-1387: fix numDocs -> maxDoc
     new c0bee7d  Also remove the removed similarity extension from JavaDocs (as Hudson build #847 failed)
     new 40ef4b2  SOLR-1120
     new 42693ff  LUCENE-1451: deprecate methods that use FSDirectory.getDirectory under-the-hood
     new c91e76d  LUCENE-1660: make enablePositionIncrement required up-front arg
     new 04ceffc  SOLR-1200
     new fa807c0  SOLR-1198  unlockOnStartup, useColdSearcher, maxWarmingSearchers are moved to SolrConfig
     new b007152  SOLR-1051 -- Fix NPE and change comma separated indexDirs parameter to multiple indexDir parameters
     new 0334f5e  SOLR-1184: Add option to not reopen readers
     new 7dab619  SOLR-1202: fix facet.mincount distributed facet when sorted=index
     new 9f43817  SOLR-1186 parentdeltaQuery invoked on wrong entity .This has been a bug from Solr1.3 itself
     new 9890523  SOLR-1204 -- Enhance SpellingQueryConverter to handle UTF-8 instead of ASCII only
     new da44adc  SOLR-1189 -- Support providing username and password for basic HTTP authentication in Java replication
     new b5b552a  SOLR-1051: fix the comment of indexDir parameter
     new e1a0a5b  SOLR-1198. Moving requesthandler parsing to SolrConfig
     new d8e7b96  remove redundant ensureOpen
     new c14a2bf  fix SortField.equals+hashCode by using comparatorSource
     new a55612b  SOLR-1111: convert RandomSortField to use new FieldComparatorSource
     new 24485d6  SOLR-1111: fix hashCode/equals for Sort in QueryElevationComponent by using singletons
     new 9eccbc5  remove invalid test (already removed from trunk): it causes false failures on at least opensolaris, java 1.6
     new 57adcb5  fix test cases using RemoteSearchable to pick a random port instead of hardwiring to 1099, so such tests running at the same time don't conflict
     new 9dbff26  LUCENE-1651: always return DirectoryReader (renamed from MultiSegmentReader) from
     new a93e2c4  LUCENE-1614: switch next -> nextDoc, skipTo -> advance, doc -> docID in DISI
     new 406454d  LUCENE-1672: Deprecate all String/File ctors/opens in IndexReader/IndexWriter/IndexSearcher
     new 2eef2df  SOLR-1207: equals method should compare this and other of DocList in DocSetBase
     new ebc1d1e  SOLR-1198 moved valueSourceParser, listeners, deletionPolicy,directoryFactory,queryParser,responseWriter to solconfig
     new 4f1dfdc  javadoc typo
     new 734ee07  cleanup - searcher is set to null and closed if not null, but never set to not null
     new 9382159  comments
     new 2e5960f  optimize NaN and -Inf check
     new 5f02ccf  add extra pause and retry for test that fails on slower comp
     new 0502d82  SOLR-243: Add configurable IndexReaderFactory so that alternate IndexReader implementations can be specified via solrconfig.xml.
     new c1efe96  roll back - unrelated schema example change committed with SOLR-243
     new 74c1014  add a wait and retry for test that can fail on slower/busy machines
     new 8f38d87  fix test comment
     new 3331d74  These 2 tests should use the refcounting dir impls, because the test checks, that exectly this refcounting works with reopen()
     new cbc9fae  SOLR-1198 moved updateHandler, updateprocessor to solrconfig
     new 42c9350  SOLR-1198 moved searchComponent, indexreaderFactory
     new 2ba1c30  SOLR-1198 cleanup
     new 386552d  make HitCollectorWrapper public
     new 144100f  removing an SOP
     new f699e49  removed SOP
     new b888149  SOLR-1198 moved highlighter
     new d9d2157  an extra single quote which was committed as part of SOLR-1106
     new b14338e  error committed as part of SOLR-1106
     new cd7436e  LUCENE-1453: Remove the complicated closeDir handling from DirectoryReader which no longer "owns" the FSDirectory. A FilterIndexReader, that is wrapped around the DirectoryReader by, will handle the closing of the dir. This wrapper and all File/String's will be removed in 3.0.
     new 9f0616b  SOLR-1213 SolrResourceLoader.normalizeDir() should add OS specific file separator
     new e3c3d44  LUCENE-1453: Fix to close directory, when open() of the underlying DirectoryReader failed.
     new 2c351e8  LUCENE-1680: make prefix Term accessible
     new 89e1dcf  LUCENE-1679: make difference non-final
     new f2de08e  add missing copyright
     new 5ddf496  javadoc typo
     new eb6fbfa  LUCENE-1682: fix some unit tests to use private filesystem dir when testing
     new 5509306  Fixed doc id's to bitset id for sorting with a multi segmented index FieldSourceComparator still uses bitset id's
     new 5b65409  LUCENE-1584: add hook that's called on successful merge
     new 85f5a9c  LUCENE-1455: close FileInputStream after parsing
     new 2099947  LUCENE-1598: FieldComparatorSource should be Serializable for back compat with SortComparatorSource
     new 4457bf3  - Typo fix
     new 56d398c  SOLR-920 logging that re-use is done and the path is made right
     new 802a9c7  SOLR-1215 use double quotes to enclose attributes in solr.xml
     new c679d40  SOLR-1209: change default search to be Solr powered instead of Google powered
     new 9e81632  SOLR-1209: forgot the skin change
     new fd63593  LUCENE-1592: deprecate TermsEnum.skipTo()
     new 9dc231f  LUCNEE-1642: respect destination IW's CFS when copying tail segments in addIndexesNoOptimize
     new 9306b48  SOLR-1120 follow up -- Adding a postTransform hook in EntityProcessor which can be used to add, remove and modify variables added by Transformers
     new a1df702  javadoc
     new 159573f  LUCENE-979: remove deprecated non-Task benchmark classes
     new 708c46b  LUCENE-1686: Remove unnecessary NULL check in FindSegmentsFile - cleanup
     new b01e4a9  LUCENE-1592: Add missing CHANGES.txt entry.
     new 2b60bb3  fix tests to pass on Java 1.4, again
     new ad94a3d  fix javadoc warnings
     new 1511ec5  LUCENE-1676: in-stream payload support
     new 196428e  LUCENE-1578: Support for loading unoptimized readers to the constructor of InstantiatedIndex. (Karl Wettin)
     new 9e5cb08  LUCENE-1578: Support for loading unoptimized readers to the constructor of InstantiatedIndex. (Karl Wettin)
     new 392424e  LUCENE-1407: move RemoteSearchable out of core into contrib/remote
     new 419b065  LUCENE-1677: deprecate gcj specializations, and the system properties that let you specify which SegmentReader impl class to use
     new e3c4ff8  revert accidental commit
     new 6671c43  LUCENE-979: remove a few more old benchmark things
     new 26b9dea  LUCENE-1571: fix LatLongDistanceFilter to respect deleted docs
     new 5b472b2  LUCENE-1539: add DeleteByPercent, FlushReader tasks, and ability to open reader on a labelled commit point
     new f2a5f39  Fix pom.xml.template of remote contrib to have the correct artifactId
     new a718f03  LUCENE-1407: move RemoteSearchable out of core into contrib/remote (add javadocs to developer resources)
     new b56c5ba  Fix javadoc warning (symbol not accessible)
     new 588d8fa  fix path normalization test to match current behavior
     new 3a176d7  Fix the haywire bold tag in javadocs.
     new 6ed703e  Move wrong-placed test around and remove empty "de" directory in analysis.
     new 757795b  LUCENE-1684: add matchVersion to StandardAnalyzer, and improve defaults if version is 2.9+
     new e2ba252  SOLR-1219: added proxy.setup target
     new c0f6146  SOLR-1150: Load Documents for Highlighting one at a time rather than all at once to avoid OOM with many large Documents.
     new ea9fcfe  LUCENE-1694: fix Query.mergeBooleanQueries to take BooleanQuery[] param
     new baaa029  LUCENE-1681: Fix infinite loop caused by a call to DocValues methods getMinValue, getMaxValue, getAverageValue.
     new 2f7b9df  add delta param to TestDocValues assertEqueals(string,float,float) calls
     new 409f39e  SOLR-1220: use doubling strategy for keeping track of the number of each term in UnInvertedField
     new 835c405  LUCENE-973: add test case for CJKAnalyzer; fix trailing empty string bug
     new c04d80f  SOLR-1225 - improve LukeRequestHandler docCount calculation
     new 680a001  SOLR-1228
     new 6f40753  SOLR-1151: add dynamic copy field and maxChars example to example schema.xml.
     new b655f5c  spelling fixes
     new 11f801e  SOLR-1100 - Typo fixes for solrjs docs
     new d7d4552  LUCENE-1595: Separate DocMaker into DocMaker and ContentSource.
     new b85ec98  don't copy shell scripts into example bin
     new dce2b6d  SOLR-1121 missed to add php and phps response writers
     new fdbc44d  SOLR-1214
     new 7e5cd7b  SOLR-1222 add convenience methods for deleteById to take a list of strings
     new 7b34ab8  LUCENE-1673: Move TrieRange to core (part 1: addition to core)
     new 0b5cbca  LUCENE-1673: Move TrieRange to core (part 2: removing from contrib/queries)
     new 5e3152f  SOLR-1222 should handle multiple calls
     new d48c9f3  SOLR-1233: remove /select?qt=/whatever restriction on /-prefixed request handlers.
     new 59a8774  SOLR-1230: Enhance data import developer console to work with all DataImportHandler request handlers
     new ec65df2  LUCENE-1639: fix case where doc stores are incorrectly double opened, thus leaving open file handles after IndexWriter is closed
     new fc243f1  LUCENE-1700: make sure expungeDeletes does its job even when a near real-time reader it in use
     new 2f2cd20  LUCENE-1692: add tests for Thai & SmartChinese analyzers; fix wrong endOffset bug in ThaiWordFilter; use stop words by default with SmartChineseAnalyzer
     new 19234f1  LUCENE-1692: add new contrib analyzer tests
     new 65131ca  LUCENE-1405: Added support for Ant resource collections in contrib/ant <index> task.
     new 9e4e91f  Added ${web.xml} parameter allowing a custom web.xml to be packaged in
     new 579a070  use floatToRawIntBits and doubleToRawLongBits for encoding float values as normalization is not needed and much faster
     new 6981083  added a sttaic method to get the enum from an int code
     new a41fa5c  Fixing incorrect usage of connection and read timeout variables
     new 60c1997  no need to wrap a SolrServerException in a SolrServerException
     new e1a8f5e  SOLR-1235 disallow period (.) in entity names
     new f2971ef  lazily get searcher and schema. for coreadmin requests it does not need these
     new ef46688  resourceloader gives the correct instancedir
     new b33d055  36.SOLR-1234: Multiple DIH does not work because all of them write to Use the handler name as the properties file name
     new f2343ea  SOLR-1216
     new d556b9b  set eol-style to native for
     new ec80886  bulk fix svn:eol-style to native for text files
     new 8171a06  LUCENE-1699: make Field.tokenStream usable with other stored field mechanisms
     new 73b462a  add javadocs NOTE stating that the core collectors pre-allocate the full array[numHits] up front
     new edfce67  LUCENE-1701, LUCENE-1687: Add NumericField , make plain text numeric parsers public in FieldCache, move trie parsers to FieldCache, merge ExtendedFieldCache and FieldCache
     new 24d827f  LUCENE-1715: remove finalize from IndexWriter, DirectoryReader
     new 5f72065  LUCENE-1714: fix WriteLineDocTask to also replace \r, \n (in addition to \t) with space so those chars don't create mal-formed lines
     new 8748385  Fix LockFactory test to respect temp directory
     new f03d77b  LUCENE-1630: switch from Weight (interface) to QueryWeight (abstract class); mate in/out-of docID order scoring between Collector & Scorer
     new 75a11ef  LUCENE-1701: Add some missing javadocs
     new 87de0c9  LUCENE-1466: added chainable CharFilter stage before Tokenizer to allow mapping of characters before tokenization
     new 434da77  LUCENE-1646: when throwing ParseException from QueryParser, include root cause
     new 2d93f7e  LUCENE-1708: optimize deletes X matching reader when merging stored fields & vectors
     new 629c7ed  LUCENE-1703: add IndexWriter.waitForMerges
     new 7792aeb  LUCENE-1466: add test case for MappingCharFilter
     new d9f11b9  LUCENE-1466: add unit test for CharFilter
     new e340bce  SOLR-1214 followup -- Fix root cause of test failures by setting solrHome correctly for different scenarios
     new 42dcc00  Build an index.html on the top-level Javadocs folder (e.g. hudson will use it as entry point)
     new db26143  LUCENE-1706: Lucene powered search for the site
     new 8173b9f  It is better to fail early here. If you incorrectly override e.g. getDocIDSet instead of getDocIdSet(), you will never find the error, only get NPEs at unrelated positions. Throwing the UOE shows exactly where to look for the error. For a similar case see the new DocIdSetIterator.
     new 5f61172  Javadoc update: The example impl in Collector missed the new method acceptsDocsOutOfOrder, added and reformatted
     new 57a2a11  SOLR-1245 DIH eats up SQL exception
     new c0543d2  SOLR-1244 JdbcDataSource uses wrong overload of getConnection on JNDI DataSource
     new a678924  SOLR-996 had an incorrect fix.
     new e7c9767  hudson failed becaus of this unnecessary @Override annotation
     new 1e61831  Enforce at least one bound != null for NumericRangeQuery to be consistent with other range query types
     new 9e49053  LUCENE-1715: null out a few things on closing SegmentReader; remove finalizers from Lucene's core
     new ec88b15  LUCENE-1630: make Query.createQueryWeight optional, with default impl to wrap existing createWeight
     new 613685a  SOLR-1242: Human readable JVM info from system handler does integer cutoff rounding, even when dealing with GB. Fixed to round to one decimal place.
     new 70040e1  LUCENE-1707: refCount doesn't need to be volatile
     new 2e72674  LUCENE-1630: call the right createWeight method
     new 4221983  SOLR-1246
     new 9860cfa  SOLR-1234 handling '/' in handler names
     new c51a5a2  SOLR-1198
     new 49ff8d7  SOLR-1229 deletedPkQuery feature does not work when pk and uniqueKey field do not have the same value
     new d820e34  Fix the special corner case, that an exclusive range starting/ending with MAX_VALUE/MIN_VALUE overflows the bounds. Return a empty TermEnum in this case (which causes an EMPTY_DOCIDSET returned from getDocIdSet) (see LUCENE-1461 discussions)
     new c7f865a  LCUENE-1716: allow control over storage of norms (body norms), info stream and whether docs properties should be indexed as fields
     new 64a55ed  LUCENE-1705: add deleteAll to IndexWriter
     new 2735779  LUCENE-1677: remove src/gcj
     new 890d53a  LUCENE-1625: return more status details in CheckIndex, broken out by component into separate status classes
     new 8a641eb  LUCENE-1630: fix NPEs
     new 0abe46a  SOLR-1248: fix IndexReader ref counting
     new ef59ce9  LUCENE-1630: additional test case
     new 23d7c01  revert accidental commit
     new cefa4d0  LUCENE-1705: clear flushed doc count in deleteAll
     new 8304b88  LUCENE-1724: replace java 1.5 only code
     new f3896a5  LUCENE-1461: Add support for numeric types to FieldCacheRangeFilter
     new 9995a84  Sorry, used TABS instead spaces in CHANGES.txt update. Fixed.
     new 5fd0be7  Revert revision 788295 (reenable support for null as both ends in NumericRangeQuery) and add support for this in FieldCacheRangeFilter, too. See discussion in SOLR-940. The strange handling of null terms (which lead me to the change) in RangeQuery will be fixed together with LUCENE-1713.
     new 5a468f5  Fix incorrect comment
     new 235718d  changed javadoc for register()
     new 98150f3  changed the variable name according to SOLR-916
     new 5265dc1  LUCENE-1722: SmartChineseAnalyzer JavaDoc improvements - Replacing Chinese JavaDoc with English version. Robert Muir via Simon Willnauer
     new 410afb9  LUCENE-1719: Add javadoc notes about ICUCollationKeyFilter's advantages over CollationKeyFilter (Steven Row via Simon Willnauer)
     new 32b891d  SOLR-1253 -- SolrInfoMBeanTest fails when the project root path contains a plus sign
     new eb8e622  SOLR-1216 snapshoot renamed to backup
     new be491bb  SOLR-1243: Admin RequestHandlers should not be cached over HTTP.
     new 86c3b35  missing Apache license header
     new 9b2e0fd  missing Apache license header
     new dabddad  SOLR-769: make response JSON friendly, use SolrQueryRequest instead of core
     new 43eb481  reformat to remove tabs
     new 0cad24a  add missing ASL headers
     new 14f2a82  fix header formatting for changes-to-html
     new 35384b4  prevent clustering from being added to solr.war
     new 250e619  Reverted Mike's prop changes in r787424 (see mail on java-dev/java-commit)
     new 3442865  Set this file to the same eol-style like the other (no tests fail, but this file is of same type/encoding, see mail on java-dev/java-commit)
     new eae2e9a  logging messages changed to remove the word snap
     new cdb2cbf  SOLR-1260: support all DocSet operations in DocSlice
     new 3dfc05b  SOLR-1260: support all DocSet operations in DocSlice
     new 156b50f  move clustering server out of example, use clustering libs w/o making a copy
     new 33ba738  remove clustering from example
     new fed4bba  LUCENE-1713: Rename RangeQuery -> TermRangeQuery (part 1)
     new b0873e4  LUCENE-1713: Rename RangeQuery -> TermRangeQuery (part 2)
     new 9789089  reader should be closed after use
     new fc44f0d  LUCENE-1713, LUCENE-1673: For completeness, add some getter methods to TermRangeFilter, to be similar like TermRangeQuery and NumericRangeFilter. This also unifies the hashCode and equals methods in this family of queries. It also fixes a bug in hashCode and equals of NumericRangeQuery, missing the constantScoreRewrite property. TermRangeTermEnum was changed to have a consistent ctor with TermRangeQuery.
     new 21fba4e  Fix equals() and hashCode() of FuzzyQuery (boost etc. missing, so use super methods)
     new e04abc5  LUCENE-1599: Add clone support for SpanQuerys. SpanRegexQuery counts on this functionality and does not work correctly without it.
     new 405b71f  Add proper credit for LUCENE-1599 to changes
     new 9689ddf  LUCENE-1599: missed SpanFirstQuery#clone and setting boost on clones
     new 7acabfe  LUCENE-1713: Some minor fixes and additions to JavaDocs. ConstantScoreRangeQuery is fixed to this mode now.
     new 6a3752f  LUCENE-1734: CharReader should delegate reset/mark/markSupported
     new 705f099  Convert and cleanup the test files to UTF-8. What is still broken is the incorrect usage of KOI8 and CP1251 encodings. Added svn:eol-style=native to all files again.
     new f780f77  LUCENE-1730: Fix TrecContentSource to use ISO-8859-1 when reading the TREC files, unless a different encoding is specified. Additionally, ContentSource now supports a content.source.encoding parameter in the configuration file.
     new 10fbc98  Fix some JavaDoc errors in Numeric*
     new 28d65ce  remove java 1.5 dependency
     new 7c5825c  SOLR-1145: Add capability to specify an infoStream log file for the underlying Lucene IndexWriter in solrconfig.xml
     new f7fa579  Initial commit of LUCENE-1486 - a subclass of the default QueryParser that overrides the parsing of PhraseQueries to allow more complex syntax e.g. wildcards in phrase queries
     new 333e77a  LUCENE-1704: allow specifying the Tidy configuration file when parsing HTML docs with contrib/ant
     new 4bd75f0  SOLR-1263. SOLR-1234 did not fix it completely
     new 343f292  add missing images to forrest's source dirs
     new 1ed4c39  SOLR-1256: Show the output of CharFilters in analysis.jsp
     new 511ea76  SOLR-1264 if master slave is out of sync w/ master replication is not successful
     new 1f1fa05  LUCENE-1717: properly account for RAM used by buffered deletes
     new e49af57  LUCENE-1727: make sure fields are stored in the exact order they were added to the document
     new 9cbe5f4  LUCENE-1522: adding new Fast Vector Highlighter contrib
     new 237bfa3  SOLR-1265: Add variable resolving for URLDataSource properties like baseUrl
     new d31c09c  SOLR-1257: removed logging.jsp and refrences to it in admin.jsp
     new 6240c76  1) removing some additional lib copying yonik seems to have    missed in r791147 2) setting some props on the lib dir so download jars are    ignored 3) tweaking clean-downloads so it's less brittle to rev'ing    downloads in the future (multiple versions might have    been left in lib accidently)
     new bc59a19e there are rumblings about new code to make it possible to use libs without copying them into the lib dirs; but until that happens let's at least use svn:ignore to keep them from cluttering up 'svn status'
     new da8dd62  Fix LukeRequestHandler so it doesn't rely on SolrQueryParser and report incorrect stats when field names contain special characters
     new 6457b52  SOLR-1255 An attempt to visit the replication admin page when its not a defined handler should display an approp message
     new ce1231b  LUCENE-1739: when computing FieldInfos.hasProx(), disregard un-indexed fields
     new a7c25f8  SOLR-1229: fixes for deletedPkQuery
     new ed9dc85  javadoc grammar fix
     new dafd6d4  debug log when xpath entities are skipped, to aid in troubleshooting
     new 4a63ea0  LUCENE-1726: move unchanged readers to private CoreReaders class that's shared across cloned SegmentReaders
     new 6fcc6ed  fix javadoc-all and make it less brittle to future changes in contrib libs
     new 2d1dae0  followup to SOLR-1255 ... previous commit caused compilation errors in test cases, this commit alters the methods added to SolrCore/RequestHandlers both to fix the compilation error and be more generally useful beyond just SOLR-1255
     new 8bb8d65  SOLR-1266: add WordDelimiterFilter.stemEnglishPossessive option
     new a284608  LUCENE-1609: remove synchronization from terms dict by loading index up front
     new 91aedd6  LUCENE-1740: add 'analyzer' command to Lucli, to change analyzer from the default StandardAnalyzer
     new b2a4bc6  LUCENE-1712: Set default precisionStep for NumericField and NumericRange*
     new 70b7e0b  LUCENE-1741: Make MMapDirectory.MAX_BBUF user configureable to support chunking the index files in smaller parts
     new 98b4dd2  SOLR-284: random cleanups, tests, interface changes
     new 23e2a39  LUCENE-1678: if a subclass of a core Analyzer overrides tokenStream but not reusableTokenStream, then the core analyzer's reusableTokenStream will now fallback to tokenStream to fix the previous back-compat break
     new 65494af  LUCENE-1272: add MoreLikeThis.set/getBoost
     new b393e4d  LUCENE-1491 - EdgeNGramTokenFilter no longer stops on tokens shorter than minimum n-gram size. - line, and those below, will be ignored--
     new 6bf4d35  LUCENE-1583: SpanOrQuery skipTo() doesn't always move forwards as Spans documentation indicates it should.
     new ea7e4ad  LUCENE-1688: Deprecate static final String stop word array in and StopAnalzyer and replace it with an immutable implementation of CharArraySet.
     new cf2aac0  remove unnecessary overrides
     new add56f5  LUCENE-1725: Fix the example Sort algorithm - auto is now deprecated and no longer works with Benchmark. Benchmark will now throw an exception if you specify sort fields without a type. The example sort algorithm is now typed.
     new 303b6c3  SOLR-1129 Support binding dynamic fields to beans in SolrJ
     new 80760df  SOLR-920 changes did not go into CHANGES.txt
     new 73cde8e  status message for each command
     new 516f633  all the variable names which use 'snap' has been renamed
     new c9eb4ea  the snapshoot config param is renamed to backupAfter
     new 6361faa  fix javadoc warning
     new 229a0a8  LUCENE-1744: fix BooleanScorer2.doc() to be correct when it's the top scorer
     new 03cf5cd  Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev r794238.
     new d7579b7  LUCENE-1614: if a DISI doesn't implement advance, emulate it using skipTo
     new f7953e9  SOLR-1284: use/implement DISI.advance and friends
     new b5620d8  SOLR-1285: Add DelimitedPayloadTokenFilterFactory, tests and short example
     new 3c02e97  SOLR-1284: implement new DISI.advance
     new d3bd109  SOLR-1284: fix initial docID
     new c79f549  LUCENE-1505: switch local lucene to use trie's NumericUtils for mapping doubles to strings
     new eae3eea  LUCENE-1566: do very large reads in chunks, to prevent hitting Sun JVM bug that throws invalid OOME
     new f89c2d9  change test due to lucene open() changes - always multireader
     new 4df62ab  fix distrib search assumption about single-segment multireaders
     new 4edbce9  test trie types with frange
     new e4a7f98  LUCENE-1665: also deprecate short-hand ctors/setters in Sort that imply SortField.AUTO
     new 7184a6b  make ignored multivalued by default
     new 849d072  LUCENE-1742: make SegmentReader, SegmentInfo, SegmentInfos public as 'expert' and 'subject-to-change-suddenly' APIs
     new 63402f4  Javadoc updates
     new 4c2e902  SOLR-1295: More sensibly locate SolrJS as the starting point of Solr's blessed javascript API
     new 3adc61c  LUCENE-1755: Fix WriteLineDocTask to output a document if it contains either a title or body (or both).
     new 4e07d39  SOLR-1286: Fix the commit parameter always defaulting to "true" even if "false" is explicitly passed in.
     new 869aabf  Small fix for TestPayloads testcase.
     new 3748228  remove print
     new 91e37bf  LUCENE-1609: un-deprecate IndexReader.getTermInfosIndexDivisor
     new 999f615  LUCENE-1728: Splitted contrib/analyzers into common and smartcn. Smartcn depends on a large dictionary that causes the analyzers jar to grow up to 3MB compressed size.
     new 843f196  add smartcn to website docs
     new 7b0b457  LUCENE-1728: The javadocs-all target still used the old subdirs in contrib/analyzers
     new f758b4d  - Typo
     new c3b5b4e  javadoc
     new 31a5f0e  LUCENE-1693: Various improvements to the new TokenStream API.
     new be66120  LUCENE-1644: enable different rewrite methods for MultiTermQuery
     new e4b3446  LUCENE-1760: TokenStream API javadoc improvements
     new c311d57  LUCENE-1448: Add TokenStream.end() to perform end-of-stream operations. Fixes offset problems when multiple fields with the same name are added to a document.
     new 187ac2b  LUCENE-1693: Add AttributeSource ctors to Tokenizer
     new 228888a  LUCENE-1644: fix highlighter to rewrite MTQ whenever it's not already a SCORING_BOOLEAN_QUERY
     new 0f9d2ec  Some additional changes to LUCENE-1644 / MTQ: - Deprecate one ctor of MultiTermQuery(Term), as Term field is deprecated - Add readResolve also for the default auto rewrite method (not really needed because equals/hashcode impl, but singleton status is preserved) - Some changes in NumericRangeQueryTests (now they use always constant score boolean/filter rewrite in basic tests, the default in all other tests) - Add some explanations for the rewriteMethod used in NumericRan [...]
     new 05351a6  Remove left-over javadoc <font> tag.
     new 26a2c42  LUCENE-1754: BooleanQuery detects up front if it won't match any docs and returns null from its scorer() instead of NonMatchingScorer
     new 3894101  LUCENE-1754: update back-compat test
     new 3124008  LUCENE-1754: add EmptyDocIdSetIterator
     new 094c674  LUCENE-1595: don't use SortField.AUTO; deprecate LineDocMaker & EnwikiDocMaker
     new dbff1fc  LUCENE-1754: just use EMPTY_DOCIDSET.iterator() instead of new EmptyDocIdSetIterator
     new 45cf5eb  LUCENE-1754: EMPTY_DOCIDSET subclasses DocIdSet directly
     new 72a17d8  LUCENE-1754: JavaDoc updates
     new 04c1169  SOLR-769: Refactor build slightly to get example working, fix classloading issue for Carrot Clustering engine
     new 4a4fc9a  SOLR-769: subcluster flattening
     new 1c2c5ed  SOLR-1310: Upgrade to Tika 0.4
     new d99b617  SOLR-862: Add notice about export control to README
     new 25135dd  SOLR-761: Fix Flare ASL license headers.  Removed a couple of files that were unnecessary and awkward to add license text to anyway.  A few spots of tabs->spaces
     new 86e8f54  Rails engines generated this directory, added its README with ASL patched in
     new 00c0f8c  Add ignore for tmp directory
     new 489a87a  Adjust awkward logging message
     new 67ad122  SOLR-1041 -- Fix issue with absolute instanceDir
     new 5a21421  LUCENE-1764 minor tweaks to SampleComparable so that it causes more sane FieldCache usage in contrib/remote tests
     new e4585c5  removing empty file that was left in by mistake in r798086 (part of LUCENE-1754)
     new 8d5b662  LUCENE-1766: spell out IndexWriter's thread safety in the javadocs
     new 57b50db  LUCENE-1705: adding missing CHANGES entry
     new 1286589  fix typo
     new afb517e  LUCENE-1752: Missing highlights when terms were repeated in separate, nested, boolean or disjunction queries.
     new 9f12a2b  LUCENE-1766: document IndexReader/Searcher's thread safety as well
     new 1073d29  LUCENE-1762: Slightly more readable code in Token/TermAttributeImpl, additional tests, deep cloning bug with Token.copyTo fixed
     new be85ca6  Add extra test for new TokenStream API backwards layer
     new e505413  wikipedia.alg should use content.source
     new 7ecaa8c  wikipedia-flush-by-RAM.alg should use content.source
     new f73a4f4  LUCENE-1695: Update the Highlighter to use the new TokenStream API. This issue breaks backwards compatibility with some public classes. If you have implemented custom Fregmenters or Scorers,  you will need to adjust them to work with the new TokenStream API. Rather than getting passed a Token at a time, you will be given a TokenStream to init your impl with - store the Attributes you are interested in locally and access them on each call to the method that used to pass a [...]
     new f8b2f01  Use the empty docidset provided by DocIdSet.EMPTY_DOCIDSET
     new 18078af  SOLR-1317: Fix CapitalizationFilterFactory to work when keep parameter is not specified
     new 0b0d13d  LUCENE-1745: allow passing matching flags to the underlying regexp engine
     new bbcab11  LUCENE-1683: fixed JavaUtilRegexCapabilities (used by RegexQuery) to match entire string not just prefix
     new 855ac03  SOLR-1318: explain may use top-level searcher for field cache
     new b29680e  comment out failing test
     new 175e8b5  LUCENE-1763: require IndexWriter be passed up front to the MergePolicy
     new 3e869d9  remove system.out and unnecessary next() in tokenstream
     new 700f210  fix copy-n-paste typos from Double and Long field sources
     new 1743081  LUCENE-1460: Changed TokenStreams/TokenFilters in contrib to use the new TokenStream API.
     new 537aeb2  LUCENE-1759: Set final offset correctly in contrib TokenStreams.
     new b91f993  LUCENE-1460: Additional cleanup in two contrib junit tests.
     new 3c586d3  LUCENE-1764: beef up javadoc with warning
     new 487278c  LUCENE-1522 turn on unit tests that had relied on LUCENE-1448 and LUCENE-1759
     new ca38f0a  add LUCENE-1448 to bug fixes and fix double bullet number in bug fix list
     new fc335d2  fix xpath of ramBufferSizeMB
     new 343992f  LUCENE-1567: New flexible QueryParser framework.
     new e8ef5a0  LUCENE-1567: Adding new javadocs section for the query parser to the Lucene website.
     new 5aaf5b0  LUCENE-1486: Move ComplexPhraseQueryParser to contrib
     new 457c29d  LUCENE-1775: Change remaining contrib TokenFilters (shingle, prefix-suffix) to use the new TokenStream API.
     new 6738cfb  removing unused code
     new b0094a2  log warning if deltaImportQuery is not specified . Eventually when the feature is deprecated it should throw an exception
     new 0d3d010  SOLR-1323: Reset XPathEntityProcessor's / when fetching next URL
     new 6a47cbb  LUCENE-1776: Add an option to not collect payloads for an ordered SpanNearQuery. Payloads were not lazily loaded in this case as the javadocs implied. If you have payloads and want to use an ordered SpanNearQuery that does not need to use the payloads, you can disable loading them with a new constructor switch.
     new d8027f2  SOLR-1291 SOLR-1322 SOLR-1325 SOLR-1328 : more trie integration
     new 076cd26  SOLR-1291 SOLR-1322 SOLR-1325 SOLR-1328 : more trie integration
     new c91651e  LUCENE-1775: Change contrib tee/sink filters to use new TokenStream API.
     new 1257990  speeling
     new 4054b4e  move the web based xml demo from core changes to contrib changes - also fixes skipping # 34 in features
     new b7afc29  2 seconds refresh is too soon
     new b155258  LUCENE-1778: Add support for log.step setting per task type. Perviously, if you included a log.step line in the .alg file, it had been applied to all tasks. Now, you can include a log.step.AddDoc, or log.step.DeleteDoc (for example) to control logging for just these tasks. If you want to ommit logging for any other task, include log.step=-1. The syntax is "log.step." together with the Task's 'short' name (i.e., without the 'Task' part).
     new 10b41d2  LUCENE-1685: The position aware SpanScorer has become the default scorer for Highlighting. The SpanScorer implementation has replaced QueryScorer and the old term highlighting QueryScorer has been renamed to QueryTermScorer. Multi-term queries are also now expanded by default. If you were previously rewritting the query for multi-term query highlighting, you should no longer do that (unless you switch to using QueryTermScorer). The SpanScorer API (now QueryScorer) has al [...]
     new b44ed58  LUCENE-1685 should be in API changes, not new features
     new f0e54e3  LUCENE-1406 belongs in contrib CHANGES
     new a4c2eae  update javadoc for init(TokenStream) return
     new ba2baa2  SOLR-1299: use FieldComparator to derive sort field values in distributed search, fix a bug in the SortMissingLast comparator
     new d79a369  LUCENE-1504: switch to DocIdSet API and FilteredDocIdSet for contrib/spatial
     new d8680c9  SOLR-1322: Add a test, that NumericRangeQuery works correctly with multi-valued fields. Also fix deprecation warning.
     new f939400  SOLR-1322: multiValued trie fields do work with NumericRangeQuery
     new 5af6946  LUCENE-1748: LUCENE-1001 introduced PayloadSpans, but this was a back compat break and caused custom SpanQuery implementations to fail at runtime in a variety of ways. This issue attempts to remedy things by causing a compile time break on custom SpanQuery implementations and removing the PayloadSpans class, with its functionality now moved to Spans.
     new d3fcafc  LUCENE-1773: add FastVectorHighlighter tasks to contrib/benchmark
     new 66d930d  LUCENE-1780: deprecate Scorer.explain
     new e918778  SOLR-1270: make sure that plain numeric types produce correct transfer syntax for JSON, Python, Ruby, and other TextWriter fields
     new 34ab274  LUCENE-1770: Add EnwikiQueryMaker
     new e4cd860  some standardization of tests: All tests now inherit from LuceneTestCase, and all setUp/tearDown methods call super.setUp/tearDown.  This doesn't have any noticable effects on any test, but it does give us a better safety net with the existing (and future) assertions in LuceneTestCase
     new fe43cd7  new tag
     new c471e8e  LUCENE-1773: fix highlighter test case; add contrib/memory as dependency to contrib/benchmark
     new e82cc00  remove extra print
     new e2faa07  remove unused code from date faceting
     new 1ab8d5e  LUCENE-1779: improve javadocs & remove unused args from unreleased sorting APIs
     new c0d86a4  Javadoc updates
     new ab276a5  Javadoc updates
     new 7f1319f  LUCENE-1607: String.intern() cache StringHelper.intern()
     new 820620f  LUCENE-1758: Update ArabicAnalyzer to light10 stemming, stopwords improvements, lowercase non-arabic text
     new 167a03b  don't use a numeric field for testing highlighting
     new ece497f  SOLR-1237: firstSearcher and newSearcher now identify themselves as such when querying
     new f3855a7  switch elevation component test to a schema with a string id - which it assumed anyway, and change xpaths from int to str
     new fc369cd  add getDistanceFilter() since you need that in order to sort by the exact distances (previously distanceFilter attr was public)
     new aa063a9  fix SignatureUpdateProcessor test that assumed string id
     new 9a7eb23  TestCSV assumed id was a string
     new f01f919  TestArbitraryIndexDir didn't work w/o a string-like id
     new 424c27a  DirectUpdateHandlerTest used strings as int ids
     new cf9f928  DirectUpdateHandlerOptimizeTest used strings as int ids
     new 118c253  analysis.jsp accidentally created tokenstream again with an exhausted reader
     new d4eeeff  LUCENE-1341: Added BoostingNearQuery
     new 1558db5  SOLR-1340: DocumentAnalysisRequestHandler assumed text analysis for int field, couldn't handle exceptions in analysis
     new b33318f  SOLR-1344: MoreLikeThis handler can't handle numeric id
     new ce84cfc  SOLR-1339: fix dismax to handle parse exceptions, change types in tests to use new numeric types
     new 1b2549e  SOLR-1342: CapitalizationFilterFactory uses incorrect term length calculations.
     new 835efd0  LUCENE-1788: cleanup Highlighter test class
     new b51b515  Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev r801856
     new 0b6769a  LUCENE-1782: rename original -> standard in the new QueryParser
     new d02a4cf  SOLR-1338: use StringHelper.intern()
     new 3955b27  TestDistributedSearch - add random values for all numeric field types, sort asc and desc on all numeric field types
     new ab0de24  fix smartcn to be JDK 1.4 only
     new 911df49  LUCENE-1607: Change some more String.intern() in contrib
     new e079d1c  LUCENE-1790: small refactor of Payload queries, plus add in some new payload query functionality
     new 6b9be8f  schema comments
     new 05f000d  docs: spelling
     new 86dd3a6  SOLR-1343: Added HTMLStripCharFilter
     new 1fbf723  LUCENE-1790: flip around for back compatibility
     new d880e90  SOLR-1349: toString() for SolrDocument Map views
     new af828c5  SOLR-1274: added extract only output options
     new b4acfc3  SOLR-1067: further progress on the problem with null qparser
     new 8a3969f  SOLR-1142: faster example schema
     new d0ec8b1  doc performance tip
     new 7b70b51  SOLR-1259: fix scale function
     new f586a2e  indexing performance test
     new 2a195d3  move under src/resources
     new 35ea5c1  LUCENE-1786: make the patternsFileContent static, so we only load it once, not 4 times, when running this test
     new 08c69ca  LUCENE-1795: disable leading wildcard by default in new QueryParser, matching 2.4
     new 7b9856b  LUCENE-1784: make Weight impls for BooleanQuery & DisjunctionMaxQuery protected to permit expert subclassing
     new 3aed0fd  LUCENE-1797: don't over-increment positions when creating MultiPhraseQuery
     new 3c5de6b  LUCENE-1796: Speed up repeated TokenStream init by caching isMethodOverridden results. Also speed up AttributeSource.clearAttributes().
     new 43a5bd6  LUCENE-1628: Add Persian Analyzer
     new cbfee9d  fix javadoc that says Token is deprecated
     new 7ac73cb  LUCENE-1792: properly default rewrite method to CONSTANT_SCORE_AUTO for wildcard & prefix queries
     new 644a4b3  LUCENE-1790: Deprecated BoostingTermQuery
     new 7fff5a7  LUCENE-1771: QueryWight back to Weight, but as abstract class rather than interface - explain now takes a Searcher and passes the sub reader that contains the doc if a top level reader is a multi reader.
     new 48ec5e5  whoops - wrong order - this should have been with the LUCENE-1771 commit
     new 717a6e1  fix typo
     new ec7beb2  Add another of Mikes suggestions for 1771 that I missed.
     new 2c0ef65  doh - its the 11th not the 10th - sorry
     new bd6bb85  LUCENE-1803: Fix javadocs for LowerCaseTokenizer
     new bf3968d  SOLR-1281: SigUpdateProcFactory now uses SolrResourceLoader
     new 70039d6  SOLR-1276: Stats Component test
     new f79712c  LUCENE-1800: reusable token streams for query parser
     new ab2afad  LUCENE-1804: allow Tokenizer to specify it's AttributeSource
     new e944e75  License fixes
     new 11a03bf  License fixes
     new f6f5112  License fixes
     new 2558c06  LUCENE-1749: Addition of FieldCacheSanityChecker utility, and hooks to use it in all existing Lucene Tests.
     new f3bf13f  LUCENE-1748: makes Spans abstract class
     new 4256d66  revert ASL in a CSV file.  that makes it unparsable and broke solr-rubys tests.  do we really need a license *in* _every_ file?
     new 56e0a65  Update standard request to modern sort parameter style
     new e654763  SOLR-1235
     new 3cab215  LUCENE-1805: allow CloseableThreadLocal.set(null)
     new 551e52f  SOLR-1359: DoubleMetaphone filter could skip or reorder tokens, fix and update to new API
     new 6b0f99d  SOLR-1360: Prevent PhoneticFilter from producing duplicate tokens, update to new attribute API
     new 1eb8149  LUCENE-1789: add MultiValueSource wrapper to protect an existing ValueSource from using 2X RAM in FieldCache if composite reader is passed to getValues
     new e166d54  LUCENE-1802: undeprecate current QueryParser
     new 175f819  SOLR-1361 -- Incorrect javadoc on SolrInputDocument addField
     new 52d7960  LUCENE-1807: allow passing the Map of field name -> analyzer to PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper
     new 5724eb4  LUCENE-1806: add args to test macro (Jason Rutherglen via ehatcher)
     new e3db2b9  LUCENE-1790: pass in position information for scoring
     new be7ce27  fix typo in stats test
     new 6ff16ab  fix double metaphone test to match current behavior
     new 9125046  fix previous commit of wrong version of TestPhoneticFilter
     new b16e0aa  LUCENE-1801: All Tokenizers/TokenStreams that are source of tokens call AttributeSource.clearAttributes() first. Made Token.clear() consistent to AttributeImpl (clear everything)
     new 316ce42  LUCENE-1809: make highlihter vs vector highlighter comparison more fair
     new 90c8ef2  LUCENE-1811: fix thread safety bug in testcase
     new f424f8f  add back timestamps to more example docs
     new 395c65a  change PositionCheckingMap to use an entry iterator in putAll rather than keyset - faster
     new 3dbcc8f  fixing obvious javadoc mistakes in core (the kind that cause the javadoc command to generate warning messages)
     new d2af6ef  LUCENE-1794: Implement TokenStream reuse for contrib Analyzers
     new b45440d  upgrade to lucene 2.9-dev r804692
     new bb76127  SOLR-1353: Implement and use reusable token streams for analysis
     new 7128604  try to fix autocommit test failure on slow host
     new 20505fd  LUCENE-1522 fix + test
     new 465fac2  LUCENE-1790 hashCode/equals update
     new 1b609c3  try to stop nightly build failures
     new b979db0  add unique key to indexing perf test
     new 4184f36  javadoc spell fix
     new 1169caa  javadocs
     new a77168d  LUCENE-1818: QueryWrapperFilter using createWeight rather than weight
     new 7ae9cdd  LUCENE-1808: Query.createWeight has been changed from protected to public
     new c573d6e  fix char filter instantiation broken by reusable tokenstream upgrade
     new 524c9ce  update javadocs to match Lucene's def of primitive Query types
     new 3887cf9  LUCENE-1692: Additional tests and javadocs for contrib/analyzers
     new f720852  LUCENE-1791: Enhance QueryUtils and CheckHits to wrap everything they check in MultiReader/MultiSearcher
     new f93b220  SOLR-1367: simple callback for modifying the Document when using the SolrPluginUtils
     new 3330f98  apachecon news
     new 7700fa3  LUCENE-1819: MatchAllDocsQuery.toString(field) should produce output that is parsable by the QueryParser.
     new 565a6d2  LUCENE-1792: Fix new query parser to set rewrite method for multi-term queries.
     new 5864c57  LUCENE-1792: remove obsolete files.
     new e488bb0  LUCENE-1792: remove obsolete files.
     new 124af95  Fix duplicate code and one version of getWeightedSpanTerms - should accept a TokenStream now rather than a CachingTokenStream. Also fixes getWeightedSpanTermsWithScores to intern the fieldname.
     new 39ada16  fix some javadoc @returns
     new 4625712  SOLR-1315 backup command should work when there was no commit/optimize since startup
     new 58cd4a0  LUCENE-1794: Ensure analyzer options are applied immediately when using reusable token streams
     new 1d9a96c  LUCENE-1813: Add option to ReverseStringFilter to mark reversed tokens
     new 27b491a  SOLR-1275: Add expungeDeletes to DirectUpdateHandler2
     new c764188  add a runtime changes entry for 1483
     new 1b289c4  SOLR-1372: Enhance FieldAnalysisRequestHandler to accept text from content stream
     new f43dd8e  license + javadoc spell fix
     new 6c4a1ce  couple minor tweaks to backward compat section entry 1. LUCENE-1575
     new 5ffe47f  couple minor tweaks to backward compat section entry 2. LUCENE-1687
     new a08b3bf  couple minor tweaks to backward compat section entry 4. LUCENE-1422,LUCENE-1693 and runtime changes section entry 12. LUCENE-1801
     new a86d0c2  SOLR-1367: Reverted, but kept the simple docList test, with modifications
     new 6136508  to/do typo and minor formatting fix
     new 00e1299  SOLR-1370: Show the output of CharFilters in FieldAnalysisRequestHandler
     new bc280a3  SOLR-1275 the last commit was failing the test.
     new 5be6d7b  SOLR-1275 the last commit was failing the test.
     new 99b3406  nice to put deprecation replacement after annotation - that gets in the javadoc summary
     new 66c2217  improve Highlighter javadocs
     new e1f8e33  fix minor comment typo
     new 26afe47  The first sentence of a deprecation should indicate what to use instead so that shows up in the summary - having "this will be removed in 3.0" show up in the summary is much less useful.
     new a27db54  update/fix search package javadoc
     new b4c0d64  update/fix search.payloads package.html
     new 96c2f03  put in a stub class javadoc comment so that the javadoc summary is not "Expert: Only public for subclassing.  Most implementations should not need this class"
     new ff30761  add a link to Tokenizer and remove the periods in eg - javadoc will use up to the first period for summary
     new 57a8bb3  Replace stub with an actual class javadoc header.
     new 20f47b4  remove periods from eg and ie - if its in the first sentence, it screws up the javadoc
     new 6c0b8fc  Add a javadoc class header to ReaderUtils
     new c7aaef6  remove unused import
     new 48109b3  SOLR-1371: LukeRequestHandler/schema.jsp errored if schema had no uniqueKey field. The new test for this also (hopefully) adds some future proofing against similar bugs in the future.  As a side effect QueryElevationComponentTest was refactored, and a bug in that test was found.
     new a9101ae  SOLR-1373: Add Filter query to admin/form.jsp
     new c49c475  update/fix javadoc
     new 12cc86b  remove executable bit from csv file
     new 9099b12  cleanup of comments relating to 'default' field values; cleanup of 'timestamp' usage examples -- switched to using 'manufacturedate_dt' as a generic date field example since yonik doens't want schema to have fields with default values uncommented
     new de38872  remove a few unnecessary dead stores from tests
     new c49369b  SOLR-1368: add ms() and sub() functions
     new 2407024  javadoc spell fix
     new d3cb8b3  LUCENE-1831: TokenWrapperAttributeFactory, CachingWrapperFilterHelper implements equals and so should also implement hashCode
     new 5a40767  LUCENE-1828: Fix MemoryIndex to call TokenStream.reset() and TokenStream.end().
     new 82c8a2f  Fix if clause in MultiTermRewriteMethodProcessor
     new b0dcd91  LUCENE-1835: Signature changes in AttributeSource for better Generics support of AddAttribute/getAttribute
     new cf8689b  javadoc spell fix
     new 59d358e  use the type String and do not clone explicitely (Strings are final and unmodifable)
     new 61a68fe  Added the changes in LUCENE-1728 to the "Build" section of contrib/CHANGES.TXT
     new c13a6f0  change example test to match example schema
     new ac89d0a  fix javadoc - this should not be deprecated - mistake in reversion of QueryWieght
     new 9dad6f3  LUCENE-1830: hashCode + equals for BoostNearQuery and PayloadFunction
     new 9e18f59  check BoostingNearQuery with QueryUtils
     new a83d337  LUCENE-1832: Remove unnecessary null check in TermInfosReader.
     new 6fb76f6  pull QueryUtil check back out
     new f409117  LUCENE-1829: Fix contrib query parser to properly create javacc files.
     new 23d976a  LUCENE-1825: Incorrect usage of AttributeSource.addAttribute/getAttribute leads to failures when onlyUseNewAPI=true
     new 426ffd8  LUCENE-1843: Convert some tests to new TokenStream API, better support of cross-impl AttributeImpl.copyTo()
     new 136f054  LUCENE-1838: BoostingNearQuery must implement clone/toString
     new 1ebbe2a  LUCENE-1793: Deprecate custom encoding support in Greek and Russian analyzers
     new 8e4e7e1  LUCENE-1834: Remove unused code in SmartChineseAnalyzer hmm pkg
     new bd565a3  LUCENE-1839: change explain from abstract to throw UnsupportedOperationException
     new fd424ef  more work on Scorer javadoc in package.html
     new 9712dbe  LUCENE-1827: Make the payload span queries consistent
     new 1f334bb  regex has been moved from core - package should have been removed from test src
     new 0d663ab  LUCENE-1841: file format summary info
     new fd86176  using entry set is faster than looping on key set when you use map.get(key) in loop
     new 64ed5f3  LUCENE-1826: Add constructors that take AttributeSource and AttributeFactory to all Tokenizer implementations.
     new 47ddf17  Change also the default LuceneTestCase to override runBare() instead of runTest(). This enables tests, to also monitor failures in random during setUp() and tearDown().
     new 2231145  Cleanup on tearDown to really reset the TokenStream API to the default
     new 6847c0e  LUCENE-1826: the new tokenizer constructors should not allow deprecated charsets
     new c2f95d4  LUCENE-1825: Additional incorrect getAttribute usage
     new 4745c8d  LUCENE-1825: Another one :(
     new ec49cc2  Fix small initialization bug in Token.copyTo()
     new 481245d  Fix small initialization bug in TermAttributeImpl.copyTo()
     new 8b9071e  empty collectioons should use Collections.emptyXXX()
     new 5dd1810  LUCENE-1846: Fix more Locale problems
     new 7b708bb  SOLR-1198 moved PluginInfo out of solrconfig
     new e7f856a  javadoc changes
     new 32abcdc  LUCENE-1837: Remove Searcher from Weight#explain - partial revert of LUCENE-1771
     new 367b35f  LUCENE-1843: Update contrib tests to conform to onlyUseNewAPI; refactored assertAnalyzesTo and others into the new BaseTokenStreamTestCase class; Rewrote TestMappingCharFilter to use the new assert functions, too; performance improvements of Token.copyTo(); new impl of SingleTokenTokenStream
     new ae88817  javadoc fix
     new 52eea16  this whole bit is somewhat rough - some quick improvements here, but needs more
     new 90ba449  javadoc addition directing users where to start with this class
     new 5cd31d4  Prevent a NPE, when OffsetAttribute is not available.
     new eeb9623  Sorry for the last commit, this is the better solution. As the offset attribute was normally already added before in the indexing process, the addAttribute is at no cost. And the additional if-clause is prevented (I missed a second one in the previous commit). Now only payloads are conditional to attribute existence.
     new 5d1bb05  SOLR-1156: Sort TermsComponent results by frequency
     new f3b3a29  SOLR-1377:  The TokenizerFactory API has changed to explicitly return a Tokenizer rather then a TokenStream (that may be or may not be a Tokenizer).  This change is required to take advantage of the Token reuse improvements in lucene 2.9.
     new 4b6e016  LUCENE-1836: Fix localization bug in the new query parser and add new LocalizedTestCase as base class for localization junit tests.
     new e8caefd  LUCENE-1852: Fix localization test failures.
     new d09b053  SOLR-1229 deletedPkQuery feature does not work when pk and uniqueKey field do not have the same value
     new 53dab68  LUCENE-1798: add infoStream to FieldCache to print any increase in insanity when it happens
     new 4b441c2  improvements to CharStream/Reader/Filter & related classes' javadocs
     new ca3f86d  remove java 1.5 code - String.contains
     new c1c2ce7  LUCENE-1847: PhraseQuery/TermQuery/SpanQuery use IndexReader specific stats in their Weight#explain methods - these stats should be corpus wide.
     new 986260a  LUCENE-1843, LUCENE-1836: Add missing note in CHANGES.txt "Test Cases" section.
     new 1a23145  LUCENE-1843: missed names :(
     new 3519f54  LUCENE-1760: javadoc improvements for TokenStream
     new 7dd9b44  LUCENE-1848: remove old version references where it makes sense
     new c339c58  onlyUseNewAPI is a static, so non-instance variable. It is used only to initialize TokenStreams and can be changed after. Because of that the tests in incrementToken()/next()/next(Token) should not use it. It is enough to test for tokenWrapper==null to detect a onlyNewAPI TokenStream instance.
     new a651ca7  fix javadoc typo
     new e9ebe4a  improve/fix/update overview javadoc
     new c14f802  put useful info in deprecations as first sentence - then it shows up as summary for javadoc
     new 52bffef  update demo to non deprecated usage
     new caa67be  update TestDemo code (match overview.html, they were out of whack, plus use non deprecated code)
     new ebbae9e  LUCENE-1845: set nightly property when nightly target is run
     new e0b5100  improve/correct runtime entry for LUCENE-1483
     new a6eecd5  LUCENE-1845: Skip compile, test and jar if the dbd.jar download fails in a nightly build.
     new 405b30d  SOLR-1378: add site news and feature spot for new Solr book
     new 1e4c3cd  {@link AttributeFactory} should be {@link AttributeSource.AttributeFactory}
     new 1a96b72  a few more improvements to the package level javadoc
     new d0b93aa  LUCENE-1849: fix FilteredQuery to pass 'true' for scoreDocsInOrder to its sub-scorer
     new cd1fd97  remove unused AttribSource import
     new 6c82a21  for reasosn that make no sense to me, forrest/cocoon seem to have been freaking out with an error of 'images/solr_FC.jpg    BROKEN: null' ever since r730648 when i added solr_FC.svg.  aparently they don't like jpg files and svg files haven't the same root name.  renaming this file (so something more seo friendly) seems to fix that problem.  NOTE: there are still other broken link problems, but those seem to be unrelated due to a bug in the theme we are using
     new 40b90c9  More AttributeSource usage tips. addAttribute/getAttribute leads often to a misunderstanding (even the core developers) :-)
     new ef6b8d1  instruction_arrow.png is (evidently) part of the theme we are using, but forrest couldn't find it becuase it was only in site/images and not in the images directory for our theme
     new 1f15246  LUCENE-1851: Change 'javacc' and 'clean-javacc' targets to build and clean contrib/surround files.
     new 2357910  LUCENE-1854: tar task should use longfile="gnu" to avoid false file name length warnings.
     new a1bd927  fix last attempted AttributeFactory link fix and update some other simple javadoc
     new fe66658  more fun with forrest: these two images were in site/skin/images but not anywhere in src/site .. copying them into the images directory for our theme solved the broken links errors about them
     new d9ed24e  fun with forrest: all images previously only in site/skin/images have now been copied to src/site/src/documentation/skins/lucene/images ... this fixes all the remaining broken link errors
     new 4a9ef84  LUCENE-1826: NumericTokenStream is not a Tokenizer subclass but source of tokens and should therefore also have AttributeSource/AttributeFactory ctors.
     new ef0fc55  change ref from Hits (deprecated) to TopDocs in overview.html
     new 9a9d9df  add images so forrest works on versioned site
     new 97269bd  SOLR-914: General finalize() improvements
     new e1b2253  SOLR-1335 load core properties from a properties file
     new 2ad09e9  Fixing formatting
     new f703a1d  SOLR-1369 -- Add HSQLDB Jar to example-DIH, unzip database and update instructions
     new 1ece238  SOLR-1386 -- In build.xml, use longfile="gnu" in tar task to avoid warnings about long file names
     new 6e11bd3  LUCENE-1845: rollback changes to build.xml's
     new b4dd3f7  SOLR-1362: fix WDF position increment bugs
     new 95ef548  fix javadoc links to core classes in remote contrib
     new 1024fc3  fix javadoc link to core class
     new 08cca9d  add @return values to avoid javadoc warnings
     new 7d27ecc  add a couple javadoc links
     new 38509a1  fix javadoc link
     new 75df7fc  fix javadoc link
     new bd14e0c  add a scalability warning to FuzzyQuery
     new e639f45  put useful javadoc deprecation comments first - so they show up in summary
     new 491a92a  remove old benchmarks page from site
     new 571150f  versioned site updates/fixes for 2.9
     new 6cf4891  should have been taken out with benchmark page removal
     new 533831e  further demo site updates - mostly making the Demo links work again
     new d9bae18  missed these when deleting benchmark page from site
     new 4c686a3  fix links on fileformats page to work
     new 67eea72  LUCENE-1817: Marked analyzers/smartcn as experimental in order to warn users that this API might change in the future due to major refactorings.
     new 3310bb0  improve to 1. show stacktrace on error, 2. alert user when they don't pass the path to index rather than cryptic nullpointerexception
     new 974b686  update webapp demo to non deprecated usage
     new 7234bcd  @todo is an invalid tag - changed to TODO:
     new c593328  convert the remaining @todo's to TODO:
     new 471ab5e  fix javadoc/javadoc links in benchmark
     new 4b60a91  whoops - this one actually need the DocData param, but not the @link - you can't @link in @see
     new f39dadf  MemoryIndex javadoc fixes
     new 8cc4588  fix javadoc links in ngram contrib
     new c7117f4  add @return javadoc to appease warning
     new d30ed14  LUCENE-1851: Commit accidentially omitted fix to surround/parser/QueryParser.jj.
     new c2d66b5a It appears the contrib javadoc settings were incorrect - thats why there was a bunch of errors about reading the package-list and why some contrib-to-core links wouldn't work
     new 8cf7fdb  move package.html to correct spot
     new 1b4efee  fix javadoc
     new 56985e3  add overview.html stubs for contrib to avoid error messages when building javadoc
     new d6431b3  second part of moving benchmark package.html to right spot (I assumed subeclipse would do a move as it had in the past, but apparently I must commit this remove)
     new 4e34506  with LUCENE-1860 there is no real need for this comment - reducing to core info
     new 56b27da  javadoc spell fixes
     new c6a7e78  keep the frequently used commands first
     new 947daeb  Fix wrong path to BSD licensed stopwords file
     new 4fcf0e4  SOLR-1355 add an enable value in master/slave configuration
     new 7b8caeb  AutoCommitTest: no more guessing about when a commit has finished
     new 9eb6986  LUCENE-1861: this is a shotgun style classpath, but for the specific usage of javadoc generation there isn't a lot of value in being surgical
     new 6b2eae0  javadoc is historicly very finicky about relative names in @link tags when the name doesn't resolve in the class hierarchy at the current accesse level (ie: even if a class is in the same package, an @link to it's short namewon't resolve if it's not actaully part of a signature for a method/field being documented)
     new 2e87fb1  incorrect javadoc syntax
     new 6c3d17a  fix numerous javadoc errors, many of which only show up at the private level
     new 4d36053  LUCENE-1863: fix doc link and remove unused folder
     new f7f7c7b  remove the rest of unused package
     new 7c7745f  change from 2.9-dev to 2.9
     new 657d48a  Add a get started section to the front page
     new 1537fe7  LUCENE-1860: default all multi-term queries to constant score auto
     new 710572d  fix TestCheckIndex to accept either 2.9 or 2.9-dev as valid, from common-build.xml
     new d2e4a19  LUCENE-1864: fix javadocs for FieldValueHitQueue.fillFields
     new 26c5af3  LUCENE-1865 Add a ton of missing license headers throughout test/demo/contrib
     new 5d05bbf  LUCENE-1817: Warn that file formats for smartcn might change in the future, and do not encourage custom dictionary use in the meantime
     new dc83a6d  forgot to roll contrib changes to 2.9 from 2.9-dev
     new e71e224  add ICU4J to notice.txt
     new 89b87c3  SOLR-1391 The XPath field in the XPathEntityResolver should use the resolver to replace possible tokens
     new f80fdcc  LUCENE-1869: include 'file exists?' when we throw RuntimeException from fdx or tvx size mismatches during flush or merge
     new 2af893a  LUCENE-1870: fix contrib dist - ana,db,misc
     new 92ed9b2  missed committing a couple miscellaneous to misc in build core build files
     new 9b0d2ab  LUCENE-1868: add arabic stemmer to notice.txt
     new 92191ad  LUCENE-1867: replace collation/lib/icu4j.jar with a smaller icu jar
     new 886e887  LUCENE-1871: Highlighter wraps caching token filters that are not CachingTokenFilter in CachingTokenFilter
     new b995d3d  SOLR-1091: support CESU-8 for jetty in serialized PHP writer
     new 3c9558c  upgrade to lucene-2.9-rc2
     new fcc76e8  two declarations of /replication is misleading
     new 7864776  removed unused variables
     new a8e148a  automatic refresh is very annoying. The user can do a refresh on his browser if required
     new 8107d18  LUCENE-1872: improve javadocs
     new 6a1e2c9  Added license headers and removed unused imports
     new c7961ba  LUCENE-1872: Some formatting changes and addons.
     new 3ac4b56  switch analysis.jsp to use reusable tokenstreams to match indexing and querying usage
     new 3e5d464  more license updates from LUCENE-1865
     new 46bcaf3  LUCENE-1875: Fix confusing Javadoc of TokenStream.end()
     new 3472e6a  change to state that benchmark works with multiple standard collections rather than one
     new 4f492a5  Added license headers and removed unused imports
     new a7a3a14  Close bracket
     new d827172  must use the SolrCore#createRequestHandler to get the proper error message
     new 4114447  SOLR-1385 Add an 'enable' attribute to all plugins
     new 325f20f  autoprops setup
     new aad563a  autoprops setup
     new d443d29  autoprops setup
     new 12c5269  Change lucene_version to 2.9.0-rc2 to fix hudson failures
     new 39a305a  Added hsqldb jar to the notice header
     new 771a0b4  Print the class name correctly.
     new 0e6405e  LUCENE-1880: make contrib/collation/(ICU)CollationKeyAnalyzer constructors public
     new 3c96d00  svn autoprops
     new 566aaf2  fix eol inconsistencies in some package.html files
     new e5cb7f6  LUCENE-1882: move SmartChineseAnalyzer to the 'correct' package ... this commit is based on a sequence of svn commands and a patch provided by Robert Muir in LUCENE-1862
     new 29e6be9  LUCENE-1882: improved package level docs for smartcn
     new 6e5b0f0  LUCENE-1862: resolve duplicate queryParser package.html problem by moving contrib specific docs to contrib's overview.html ... also make a few other tweaks to improve the formatting of the queryParser contrib docs and how they are listed in the sections in overview-summary.html
     new 28e3e20  SOLR-1103: LukeRequestHandler (and schema.jsp) have been fixed to include the '1' (ie: 2**0) bucket in the term histogram data.
     new dff5952  spell fixes for changes
     new b3a00de  LUCENE-1878: remove deprecated classes from spatial
     new fe9d473  update a few license issues in package.htmls
     new edf84b6  LUCENE-1878: cutover TestCartesian to DistanceFieldComparatorSource
     new f34f5ef  SOLR-1399.  Lock settings are ignored
     new a02eb9e  LUCENE-1876: add missing package.html to some contribs
     new ca16a35  LUCENE-1878: make it clear that contrib/spatial is still experimental
     new 8f88bf0  LUCENE-1886: small javadoc formatting improvements to some analysis classes
     new c56f4c2  LUCENE-1884: massive javadoc and comment cleanup -- primarily dealing with typos
     new 88f4d23  Added @since tag on methods introduced in Solr 1.4
     new fe6c88c  adding CHANGES.txt entries that i/others forgot to add when making some recent documentation improvement commits.  Jira issues: LUCENE-1876, LUCENE-1884, LUCENE-1886, LUCENE-1862, LUCENE-1875, LUCENE-1872
     new 894dae9  LUCENE-1877, LUCENE-1885: Use NativeFSLockFactory as default for new API (direct ctors & Fix isLocked() bug in NativeFSLock.
     new b8654c1  Fix incorrect case in method name getDirectoryFactoryInfo
     new 0f62586  SOLR-1198. QueryConverter was missed
     new c829e36  SOLR-1198. remove duplicate code
     new 5324b75  SOLR-1398: Add offset corrections in PatternTokenizerFactory
     new 9fe0028  SOLR-1414 implicit core properties are not set for single core
     new 17e40ee  SOLR-1198 refactored to make class name also optional
     new 93f02d3  LUCENE-1873: Update documentation to reflect current Contrib area status
     new 2570f92  LUCENE-1874: remove empty/outdated sections from scoring page
     new 675af03  LUCENE-1891: Spatial uses java util logging that causes needless minor work (multiple string concat, a method call) due to not checking log level
     new 53dcf2c  cleanup unused reusableToken instances that were left behind
     new 4d99064  SOLR-1198 moved all fields and getter methods to one map and a getter by classname
     new abf5aa6  SOLR-1198 moved postCommit,postOptimize
     new c8d2431  SOLR-1348 -- Support binary field type in convertType logic in JdbcDataSource
     new c7696af  Remove pk from all entities in example DIH configuration
     new 7deb769  SOLR-1406 -- Make FileDataSource and FileListEntityProcessor to be more extensible, fix variable resolving bug in FileListEntityProcessor and add tests
     new 500bf0c  SOLR-1269 -- Better error messages from JdbcDataSource when JDBC Driver name or SQL is incorrect
     new 576e73c  SpellingQueryConverterTest does not need to extend AbstractSolrTestCase
     new 3c96f84  SOLR-659: add shards.start shards.rows
     new 78e767b  LUCENE-1893: clean up equals/hashCode issues in spatial
     new f10221e  LUCENE-1892: Demo HTMLParser compares StringBuffer to an empty String with .equals
     new 18a105e  Reflect the proper Tika version in the POM
     new 26b9f64  LUCENE-1898: Switch changes to use bullets rather than numbers and update changes-to-html script to handle the new format.
     new fe06ba8  SOLR-1400: handle zero length term buffer in TrimFilter
     new 19e0a7a  SOLR-1400 wasn't a bug in a released version
     new c3063ec  LUCENE-1901: TermAttributeImpl.equals() must also check termLength
     new 8f67ba4  LUCENE-1901: Add a test (also to
     new b3ffddf  SOLR-1071: spellcheck.extendedResults format change
     new 3507752  LUCENE-1902: html version of changes.txt should be included in packaged releases, and linked to from left nav of docs
     new cfb1d4e  SOLR-1300: clean up packaging targets a bit for clustering, still needs more review
     new 6ebb3d5  SolrJ instead of solr-common dependency
     new a4d69ca  Get the deps right!
     new ab5c988  removed system.out.printlin
     new a9ac376  SOLR-1410: warn if deprecated charset option is used in greek and russian analysis factories
     new 042f7c0  ant stub-factories: PersianNormalizationFilterFactory, signature cleanup of TrieTokenizerFactory, exclusion rule for SnowballFilter
     new 7ec596b  SOLR-1273: quick and ugly attempt at reducing confusion by adding links to the wiki for hte distribution and replication pages
     new a8eb5c4  LUCENE-1903: Fix incorrect ShingleFilter behavior when outputUnigrams == false
     new 0f5a2d1  LUCENE-1903: Forgot me & issue reporter
     new c5c363e  LUCENE-1899: fix slow realloc performance if you set bits in order in a new OpenBitSet
     new 444d6a0  SOLR-1330 the details command shows current replication status when no replication is going on . enhanced details command to show history
     new 8f96a29  LUCENE-1900: Improve Searchable Javadoc
     new 8f70c99  LUCENE-1901: Add changes entry
     new 08415d1  merge LUCENE-1483: Added new MultiReaderHitCollector... into LUCENE-1575
     new b26483f  last commit accidently removed a Changes entry Uwe entered - readding the entry
     new 073efff  add note to LUCENE-1901 - it never appeared in a release
     new 11d65e5  update credits for LUCENE-1901 to better format as suggested by Uwe
     new 5bb97b2  LUCENE-1905: fix bug when instantiating SimpleFSLockFacory with a String and add test
     new 151fd05  LUCENE-1887: moves messages from queryParser contrib to core and applies Robert Muir's patch to convert to 1.4
     new 8acc35d  LUCENE-1894: fix using the wrong cache
     new 23ae664  LUCENE-1896: improve Similarity#queryNorm javadoc
     new 02fe254  new testcase for same forEach and xpath
     new c6cb9a3  LUCENE-1877: make FSLockFactory.setLockDir() final to prevent users from doing bad things. This method was package private before, so no bw-problem, but as it is protected now (because an user's customized FSLockFactory must be able to call it from ctor), it must be final (contract: all methods called from ctors should be private or final).
     new 4d87fcd  LUCENE-1887: Remove o.a.l.messages from the javadocs-all association to query parser contrib
     new b4f464e  SOLR-1420 FieldreaderDataSource should throw an Exception if field has no data
     new 05fa98b  Javadocs should present tokenattributes pkg inside core
     new 1e9ed07  SOLR-1411: Add support for uploading ContentStreams via SolrJ
     new cd344b8  SOLR-868: removed sample.sgm
     new 1df5978  SOLR-1381: Handle when term vecs are present, but not offsets
     new 4666489  LUCENE-1906: Fix backwards problems with CharStream and Tokenizers with custom reset(Reader) method.
     new e723f7f  SOLR-1421 FieldreaderDataSource uses a stale Variableresolver
     new 70fe600  SOLR-1321: Added better support for efficient leading wildcards
     new 59c59cf  SOLR-1203: add an example of setting the update.processor for a given RequestHandler to update chain example
     new f536fe5  SOLR-1411: fix build issue
     new c562248  SOLR-1380: Added support for multi-valued fields to StatsComponent
     new 100f0f3  remove override annotation
     new 4f5c0bd  SOLR-1380: Added better distributed, null handling, plus test to TestDistributedSearch
     new 26efaad  SOLR-1424 -- fixing ant generate-maven-artifacts on windows
     new fc18922  DF is defined in CommonParams instead of SolrParams
     new 9b936ce  SOLR-1296: Add support for termInfosIndexDivisor and termIndexInterval
     new df5e470  SOLR-1296: Add hossman to the credits
     new 82d525c  javadocs
     new 4060aac  upgrade to lucene 2.9-rc4
     new 6acf11c  SOLR-284: improve example server for extracting request handler
     new 3c870de  fix QueryValueSource.equals()
     new fac2bd6  added binary to example schema
     new 9f24548  Fix hudson failure
     new 38688ed  javadocs
     new 77126a3  Add nl2ul macro for convenient rendering of a NamedList.  Added q parameter to url_for_start macro
     new 95d3f4b  LUCENE-1872: Javadocs updates of Numeric*
     new 91e071d  SOLR-1430 -- AbstractSolrTestCase ignores arguments for commit and optimize commands
     new d8bf83f  SOLR-284: Add defaultField capability
     new 566f02f  SOLR-1091: additional CESU8 system property to control how serialized PHP writer calculates bytes
     new 203925a  LUCENE-1908: Scoring documentation imrovements in Similarity javadocs.
     new 5d23433  updates to phps CESU-8 support, per hoss
     new 2ecb677  if we're going to wildcard copy files into example/solr/lib, we have to clean them all up
     new 98eec6b  SOLR-1427: fixed registry MBean issue
     new 804160c  SOLR-1170 Java replication replicates lucene lock file
     new f9575d4  SOLR-1407 -- SpellingQueryConverter disallows underscores and digits in field names
     new f964312  SOLR-284 - map. -> fmap
     new 8f852b8  map was changed to fmap
     new d0ea0d1  SOLR-1440 LineEntityprocessor does not reinitialize the reader after init
     new 7bfec22  javadocs
     new 3b90c5e  refactoring
     new 8817e58  SOLR-1441 -- Make it possible to run all tests in a package
     new faf7b87  SOLR-1407 followup -- Fix value regex, add tests for boost
     new 380e391  no need to handle two exceptions
     new c736d09  renamed a variable
     new 8129079  SOLR-1442 how failed doc count if any
     new a726c23  SOLR-1435 ensure that all slaves with same pollInteval fetches index at same time
     new dac29b3  LUCENE-1912: fix issue when 2 or more terms are concatenated
     new 8934cbd  LUCENE-1911: Add a new DocIdSet.isCacheable() method that defaults to false, but is true for some DocIdSet impls, that are effective and use no disk I/O during iteration (OpenBitSet, SortedVIntList, DocIdBitSet, EMPTY_DOCIDSET, some FieldCache filter impls). CachingWrapperFilter now copies all DocIdSets, which are not cacheable, into an OpenBitSetDISI for caching.
     new 9d7babc  LUCENE-1913: FastVectorHighlighter: AIOOBE occurs if one PhraseQuery is contained by another PhraseQuery
     new 1eb4697  SOLR-1432: weight nested queries in function queries
     new c968a41  fix hangs/fails in test for certain name service configs
     new cd78fd9  SOLR-1432: deprecate existing getValues(), remove accidentally committed changes
     new 7c757a0  update release date info
     new 79f61b7  solrj: defensive check for facet_queries null
     new bd3aa39  Removing debug print statements
     new 7b914a8  remove exampleAnalysis
     new aa02a6a  SOLR-1423: Use Tokenizer.correctOffset() instead of CharStream.correctOffset()
     new 0db6aef  SOLR-1437 . javadocs added. skipTag inlined and use loop instead of  recursion
     new 0cb96ad  LUCENE-1918: fix corner cases (resulting in exceptions) when passing ParallelReader to IndexWriter.addIndexes
     new ec0c376  LUCENE-1919: Fix analysis back compat break. Thanks to Robert Muir for the testcases, and Yonik and Mark Miller for testing!
     new 12d36a1  javadoc spell fix
     new 5bdcb0a  SOLR-1446: implement reset() for BufferedTokenStream
     new 745fad6  SOLR-1446: implement reset() for BufferedTokenStream
     new 6e2dd9a  lucene 2.9 rc5 update
     new ee6970a  change lucene ver number in common-build
     new e5cb88d  revert most of SOLR-1427
     new 60f17a9  we have the same nightly build failures over and over whenever anybody upgrades lucene -- from now on, let's fail fast if lucene_version doesn't match the lucene jars in lib so whoever does the jar upgrade gets an error before they even waste time compiling Solr
     new da92657  SOLR-1326 New interface PluginInfoInitialized
     new 5c11bc6  set svn props
     new b8cae28  attrs must always be non-null
     new 1379854  use DOMUtil
     new 511c434  merge LUCENE-1658 and LUCENE-1451 changes
     new 83e5003  fix changes entry for LUCENE-1422, LUCENE-1693 - Token is no longer deprecated
     new d198026  SOLR-1326 HighLighter also has a similar syntax
     new 16e0182  estimate release in a couple days
     new edbbdd8  add comment about logging and -server mode for benchmarking
     new dd9f954  update to lucene 2.9.0 final release candidate
     new 06a9b8d  LUCENE-1781: fix various issues with lat/lng bounding box computation for contrib/spatial
     new 3ccd7bb  added helper method getChildren(String)
     new ab13635  SOLR-1427: redo of Grant's previous commit that yonik rolled back - but this time with the registration postponed until the latch is released
     new 2652eab  refactored and added javadocs
     new 2d7502e  SOLR-1450 -- Jdbc connection properties such as batchSize are not applied if the driver jar is placed in solr_home/lib
     new b669f69  Added test for multi word synonyms
     new 352c854  SOLR-1447
     new 130670f  SOLR-1452: deletes in segment cause different fieldcache instances
     new e8f899d  SOLR-1366 -- Clear documentation/warning in example solrconfig.xml and changelist about using a custom IndexReaderFactory with ReplicationHandler
     new 9b97e37  SOLR-1451 -- SolrPluginUtils#parseFieldBoosts has inconsistent javadoc
     new 3743037  SOLR-908: add CommonGramsFilterFactory CommonGramsQueryFilterFactory
     new e10adee  improve javadocs for IW.getReader
     new 7e82069  SOLR-908: remove unnecessary property
     new ea3dfb4  SOLR-1447 testcases for legacy syntax support
     new b2d254b  SOLR-844: fix check interval to be milliseconds
     new 0bd2bf6  javadoc typo
     new 8b97c37  fix spelling
     new 6a87a6c  Setting processAttachement as false has no affect
     new 162ace4  Disable indexing attachements in DIH mail example and do not copy tika and dependencies anymore into DIH mail example
     new e0eee44  SOLR-1459: BoostedQuery needs to handle when its wrapped query weight returns null for the scorer
     new 43b546f  SOLR-1459: add null scorer check to too
     new 6cf3fb0  Starting Lucene 2.9 branch.
     new 4153556  SOLR-1292: Add FieldCache introspection to stats.jsp and JMX Monitoring via a new SolrFieldCacheMBean
     new da19413  LUCENE-1781: move CHANGES entry into unreleased section
     new ac1c6a6  Fixing a typo
     new b8ec998  Remove unused import and redundant casts
     new 70fa2e4  Fixed typos and added a little whitespace in the key name
     new 6ab7c91  LUCENE-1926: Javadoc updates for TokenStream to prevent other people from doing the same error like Robert :-)
     new b0706ed  LUCENE-1926: Add an extra clearAttributes in assertTokenStreamContents
     new c390d49  LUCENE-1926: a more improved version of the test to also fill the attributes with bogus values. This should e.g. detect bugs with position increment not correctly set in all cases
     new a5e5dc8  LUCENE-1925: open up IndexSearcher a bit for expert usage
     new dc5f441  SOLR-1092 followup -- Import never happened at all
     new 89f5b9a  SOLR-1275: testExpungeDeletes simplification + prevent spurious failures
     new db85ac4  sortType was removed from FieldComparator
     new 15709bd  remove unused SimpleOrderedMap
     new 375010b  fix bug in equals method
     new 99e6ece  remove useless pull of the first Commit
     new 2c58fdf  Reverting whitespace change
     new 2449e47  Set the class attribute correctly
     new 94df351  SOLR-1466: Fix File descriptor leak in SnapPuller
     new d65d055  SOLR-1221: Change Solr Highlighting to use the SpanScorer with MultiTerm expansion by default
     new 1a3b38a  SOLR-1458: save optimized index points, fix deletion policy wrt number of optimized points to save, change policy to have a separate count for optimized
     new ddce087  Fix typo and whitespace
     new 9c04080  SOLR-1447 followup -- MergePolicy and MergeScheduler specified in indexDefaults section was being ignored
     new 250924d  SOLR-1468: allow null names in NamedList
     new 9989774  use junit plain formatter by default, log start + end of tests
     new bf60014  tests: use logging instead of stdout so output interleaves properly
     new 90cb025  tests: make TestBinaryField use generic tmp dir so it's cleaned up at the end
     new 194f0ec  SOLR-1433 -- Remove clustering/build, extraction/build, src and javadoc jars from release
     new 917d67e  SOLR-1469: fix race in TestReplicationHandler
     new 720656a  SOLR-1314: cleans up Carrot2 implementation and upgrades it to latest release
     new 1cc25af  SOLR-1433 followup -- Moving apache-solr-velocity-1.4-dev.jar to dist directory
     new d01c302  SOLR-1409: Added powered by logos
     new f7a381d  renamed to remove dash and replace with underbar in powered by logos
     new 36a99b8  Get the deps right!
     new fae44c8  Use HTMLStripCharFilter instead of deprecated HTMLStripReader
     new 18e669e  added some verbiage about Lucene for people who might have customizations based on Lucene in their Solr app.
     new 8eaba03  SOLR-1433 followup -- Prevent extraction/lib and clustering/lib from being copied into the lib directory
     new fe2a788  simple-xml is also not distributed and needs to be downloaded
     new 3f64cb5  tests: try and prevent some spurious test failures that may be happening because jetty/solr isn't ready
     new 029a6d4  SOLR-1472 -- upgrade maven poms to reference lucene 2.9 artifacts rather than solr-lucene artifacts
     new 33066b9  SOLR-1472 -- adding missing reference to 'lucene-misc'
     new 6c77956  add to ignore list
     new ea6dfe4  Fixing hudson build issues
     new 1872d31  Reverting 819538 and followups
     new 309347e  SOLR-1470 -- useCompoundFile was not taking effect
     new 57811b0  SOLR-1465 -- Replaced string concatenations with StringBuilder append calls in XPathRecordReader
     new 9e6eb8e  make the replication test harder by ensuring that the slave generation is higher than the master
     new 5b6bc6c  don't print out every failure to connect while waiting for jetty to come up
     new 7b1026a  Pass the same parameters by default as the other runFullImport method
     new b98ef23  increase jetty wait time more... still getting failure on my fast box
     new daa39fa  move to 1.5!
     new 1577ea6  also move to 1.5
     new e282b76  SOLR-1474 -- Delta-import should run even if last_index_time is not set
     new ac25895  SOLR-1473 -- Tests for using arbitrary variables and last_index_time in FileListEntityProcessor date filters
     new df2edf1  Fix test by using a fixed date instead of NOW for comparisons
     new 96b9fee  tests: let jetty pick it's port
     new aed1f31  Create a new branch for 2.9 backwards tests. This branch (with deprecated tests removed soonly) should be compiled with java 1.4 by trunk and tests should pass with Java-1.5-generics-enabled trunk Lucene
     new ce7761c  disable the checkindex version test in backwards
     new 5b71d96  Move to 2.9 branch for backwards tests and enable compilation with source/target=1.4
     new ba5e444  update version here, too
     new 9b0f993  fix silly bug in CheckIndex's checking of increasing positions
     new 7733f8a  Remove unneeded Java 1.5 properties from contrib build.xmls
     new dc51406  SOLR-1479 Disable Polling only appears in replication control page when replication is going on
     new ec90bc2  LUCENE-1855: Change AttributeSource API to use generics
     new 14504d1  testcase for putNull()
     new e1362d4  fix TestAtomicUpdate to use random dir in filesystem to avoid conflict if two are running at once
     new fa3e8b8  LUCENE-1924: add BalancedSegmentMergePolicy
     new 009c1d4  LUCENE-1928: fix javadoc for PayloadTermQuery to not refer to deprecated scorePayload API
     new 8997d47  SOLR-1167: Add XInclude support
     new c1f5e75  LUCENE-1933: Provide a convenience AttributeFactory that creates a Token instance for all basic attributes
     new dd9c1b0  LUCENE-1936: Remove deprecated charset support from Greek and Russian analyzers
     new 7ce333d  LUCENE-1857: Convert NumericRangeQuery API to Generics (and some changes in MTQ, @Override, autoboxing in tests)
     new 5e11402  LUCENE-1857: Missed one valueOf conversion
     new 014c0a3  SOLR-1478: Enable sort by Lucene's docid
     new 9b7cf78  SOLR-1471: fix single value case for missing fields
     new 67b09bd  SOLR-1481
     new 698b73e  LUCENE-1935: Generify PriorityQueue
     new 27b05ac  Java 1.4 -> 1.5
     new af0e97f  LUCENE-1257: Replace StringBuffer by StringBuilder where possible
     new 835de0b  LUCENE-1833: Change all new Number() ctors to Number.valueOf()
     new 4b2a71b  LUCENE-1257: Generify Document's getters to return List<Fieldable>
     new 4f878bd  LUCENE-1257: Generified ShingleMatrixFilter
     new 8915704  LUCENE-1257: Fix for InstantiatedIndex compile error caused by code committed in revision 821277 List<Fieldable> rather than List<Field>
     new 1f9088b  LUCENE-1943: Improve performance of ChineseFilter
     new 8da43c4  LUCENE-1916: smartcn hhmm doc translation
     new 435a29d  fix deprecated tests #1
     new 834a116  fix deprecated tests #1 (trunk)
     new 30efdc5  small fix
     new 2e1d224  one patch merged too much in trunk
     new 4898da2  Further test updates
     new 71e146d  revert the removeal of DateField from QueryParser (the class is deprecated, but will stay for long because of index compatibility)
     new 4a210f1  don't point to deprecated method
     new b75e96f  LUCENE-1257: Change some occurrences of StringBuffer in public/protected APIs of contrib/surround to StringBuilder
     new 236baf9  LUCENE-1944: Cleanup contrib to not use deprecated APIs
     new c70555f  LUCENE-1944: Remove deprecated Directory stuff and IR/IW open/ctor hell
     new 8dcc6d6  LUCENE-1257: Move messages package to Java 1.5, thanks Robert Muir!
     new 9aa93c2  Add changes for Java 1.5 Port
     new 2a6f6f1  SOLR-1319: Upgrade Solr Highlighter classes to new Lucene Highlighter API
     new e33f0f9  SOLR-1221: Change Solr Highlighting to use the SpanScorer with MultiTerm expansion by default
     new ca1276c  site dir doesn't exist in releases, we can't fail if it doesn't exist and they want to rebuild the artifacts (no need to recopy to docs)
     new f090dd8  clarify precisionStep==0
     new b3f73db  LUCENE-1939: IndexOutOfBoundsException at ShingleMatrixFilter's Iterator#hasNext method on exhausted streams.
     new 8fc2799  stats tests: avoid grabbing core, use short form for creating requests, generify tests to take other fields
     new b9bf270  LUCENE-486: Remove test->demo dependencies.
     new 748a519  LUCENE-486: Update compatibility.tag
     new 6634bec  SOLR-1437 DIH: Enhance XPathRecordReader to deal with //tagname and other improvments.
     new 4e082e1  this should be a new feature not an optimization
     new 72a154a  formatting
     new f80ca19  restore TestBackwardsCompatibility
     new a81933f  delete again
     new ad7441b  restore TestBackwardsCompatibility
     new ca1f4e0  fix TestBackwardsCompability to not use deprecated APIs
     new a1614ae  SOLR-1492: add missing support for multivalued stats.facet, add facet and stats support for multi-part trie fields
     new 3a65005  add datadir param
     new ee48875  fix clustering so it works even though new fields are getting added to docs in the main example
     new d7d9241  LUCENE-1856: Remove Hits.
     new 742aca6  new back-compat tag, to fix TestBackwardsCompatibility
     new c11776d  remove  tags
     new f702e95  LUCENE-1856: Remove classes Hit, HitIterator, Hits and some javadoc references
     new 9a94993  Use NOW/DAY instead of NOW to avoid false failures
     new 127bccd  SOLR-1496 -- Last index time uses wrong date format
     new f1bf7c0  switch to new back-compat tag for LUCENE-1957
     new 39b4a0e  LUCENE-1957: Remove Filter.bits(IndexReader).
     new 6be57e3  LUCENE-1960: Remove deprecated Field.Store.COMPRESS.
     new 454d214  SOLR-1483 -- Added notes on sortMissingFirst, sortMissingLast and removed note on StatsComponent and faceting not working for trie fields
     new 2fc8e01  LUCENE-1959: add IndexSplitter tool to pull segment files out of an index into another
     new 886ae61  LUCENE-1959: reuse the copy buffer
     new 90fc7e1  LUCENE-1953: FastVectorHighlighter: small fragCharSize can cause StringIndexOutOfBoundsException
     new 286cb1f  LUCENE-1962: Cleaned up Persian & Arabic Analyzer. Prevent default stopword list from being loaded more than once. - replace if blocks with a single switch - marking private members final where needed - changed protected visibility to final in final class.
     new aaa638d  SOLR-1478: use _docid_ to sort by the lucene docid
     new 11c0f72  SOLR-1448: add weblogic.xml to webapp
     new 3f418a0  LUCENE-1961: switch to latest back-compat tag.
     new 84b2c6e  LUCENE-1961: Remove remaining deprecations from document package.
     new d87d335  SOLR-1145: handle parentless infoStream file, move example to mainIndex, uncomment and set to false by default.
     new 05b7822  LUCENE-1965: Lazy Atomic Loading Stopwords in SmartCN
     new 8b7d257  LUCENE-1965, LUCENE-1962: Added possible performance improvments for Persian-, Arabic- and SmartChineseAnalyzer to changes.txt
     new b5b0ebb  fixed spelling
     new f20e419  LUCENE-1950: remove autoCommit=true from IndexWriter
     new b98e097  LUCENE-1951: fix WildcardQuery to correctly rewrite single term query and prefix query
     new 24d9c6b  revert accidental commit; switch to new back-compat tag
     new 94d7eee  LUCENE-1950: fix intermittent exception in testcase
     new a52b711  LUCENE-1950: remove autoCommit entirely
     new dc7f2df  SOLR-1500 Jdbc datasource fails with Oracle driver
     new 37b4b5f  SOLR-1500 testcases have to reflect the change
     new 1d62f1a  LUCENE-1947: Snowball package contains BSD licensed code with ASL header. Also updated use of StringBuffer to StringBuilder, and added a bit of documentation about this.
     new 971de36  SOLR-1501
     new c026e44  testcase for flatten=true
     new 990fa50  new back compat tag
     new 956c8cd  LUCENE-1963: Lowercase before stopfilter in ArabicAnalyzer
     new 877c9ff  For fa analyzer, add a test for custom stopwords
     new 325e33d  fix all javadoc-core warnings
     new 678d377  fix all warnings from javadoc-solrj
     new b2c0be1  SOLR-1458: use saved commit points when replciating optimized indexes
     new d528c57  doc - call out change in default multivalued faceting alg
     new 362ad79  doc - format upgrading section for 80 cols
     new 478f419  doc - address tokenstream reusability and fold in previous TokenFilterFactory comment
     new 23ea65d  doc - per-segment fieldcache issues
     new a247352  SOLR-1475: Java-based replication doesn't properly reserve its commit point during backups
     new 57d6174  SOLR-1498 RegexTransformer: sourceColName version not handling multiValued fields correctly
     new 53e701c  SOLR-1503: use 400 instead of 500 for bad XML
     new 83fa285  tests - fix LargeVolumeJettyTest failure
     new 3619c38  LUCENE-1968: Remove deprecated PriorityQueue methods.
     new 2a7ce3f  Remove deprecated metthods in DocIdBitSet.
     new 7f86a2e  switch to new back-compat tag
     new 4f1bbb5  SOLR-1504: empty char mapping can cause ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in analysis.jsp and co.
     new 2e3fb61  fix javadocs
     new 75b8d24  More javadoc fixes, sorry for duplicate commit, didn't see this before
     new b183d17  fix usage of deprecated method in BooleanFilterTest, as OpenBitSet's next() was already removed.
     new ad692ba  reenable tests (class will not be removed in 3.0).
     new 11e29af  SOLR-1275: missing expungeDeletes counts in stats
     new 35f0f92  LUCENE-1970: Remove deprecated DocIdSetIterator methods.
     new 4cded80  LUCENE-1946, LUCENE-1753: Remove deprecated TokenStream API. What a pity, my wonderful backwards layer is gone! :-( Enforce decorator pattern by making the rest of TokenStreams final.
     new 046f90e  cleanup CHANGES.txt
     new e2023d0  Add a small optimization to enable users that use NumericRangeQuery with upper and lower point identical to be faster by using constant score boolean rewrite by default. By this NumericRangeQuery can be used like TermQuery to hit exactly one term.
     new ef1af60  LUCENE-1971: Remove RangeQuery & Co.
     new 2d8e0ea  Allow _ant run_ jetty.port to be configurable.  -Djetty.port=8888, for example
     new b6e1c80  Fix Javadoc typo
     new 6ad7737  Fix javadoc typo
     new 608d61f  Fix incorrect parameter name in javadoc
     new 9b9ace4  added eol-style property
     new fa623ae  Minor javadoc touchups
     new afcfa3c  SOLR-1449: solrconfig.xml syntax to add classpath elements from outside of instanceDir
     new 1f9e0eb  SOLR-670: Rollback should reset not only adds/deletesById/deletesByQuery counts but also cumulative counts of them.
     new 2e4b142  SOLR-1497 - remove solrjs
     new 9aa8c9a  SOLR-1497 -- removing solrjs from CHANGES.txt -- then renumbering (uggg)
     new faa9766  prepare for 0.0.8 gem release
     new b9e6831  improve NRT javadocs
     new 9b9d85d  LUCENE-1975: Remove deprecated SpanQuery.getTerms() and generify Query.extractTerms(Set<Term>)
     new 511222a  New back-compat tag with LUCENE-1975 changes.
     new c9cc79d  new back-compat tag
     new 9f907be  new tag
     new 594c9a3  LUCENE-1972: Remove deprecated ExtendedFieldCache, custom and auto caches, SortField.AUTO, deprecated custom sort, deprecated sorting HitCollectors, deprecated TopDocs HitCollectors, legacy search
     new 587c951  LUCENE-1972: better CHANGES.txt with also varargs Sort API
     new bdef31e  undeprecate the Version constants for older releases
     new 74fcd76  ASL
     new e8cf50a  LUCENE-1977: Remove deprecated Term field and accessors in MultiTermQuery
     new 922fe88  add in Velocity POM
     new c5af8f8  LUCENE-1978: Remove the rest of deprecated HitCollectors
     new 0264ada  LUCENE-1972: Some additional FieldCache deprecations removed
     new 701d8d0  remove a deprecated/unused field
     new 7d0d4ec  LUCENE-1959 Add MultiPassIndexSplitter.
     new dd8ebf6  fix nightly: be more flexible about solr-cell regex matching jar
     new b2852a6  LUCENE-944: Remove deprecated methods in boolean query.
     new 6b22b22  new back-compat tag
     new d157af5  make all examples of refrencing solr jars consistent across the various solrconfig.xml files - new regex will match official version numbers, dev version numbers, and 'nightly' version numbers, but will prevent the JVM from loading the 'src' and 'doc' jars
     new 259f9c4  update the version numbers for the code freeze, also some doc refs
     new c140f39  Added root flag to TestContext, otherwise it always is false.
     new c4aca4b  LUCENE-1974: fix nasty scoring bug causing BooleanScorer to miss docs
     new 5760c77  LUCENE-1974: test case that shows the bug & fix
     new f89460b  LUCENE-1974: add CHANGES entry
     new 7e51ee7  upgrade to lucene 2.9.1-dev r824987
     new 21ea806  LUCENE-1979: Remove remaining deprecations from index package.
     new 0ef799a  switch to new back-compat tag
     new 80ecb13  LUCENE-1979: remove deprecated IndexCommitPoint.
     new e053d80  LUCENE-1966: ArabicAnalyzer stopwords cleanup
     new effd119  LUCENE-1756: Improve PatternAnalyzerTest
     new 83c5198  put back expert: for IndexWriter.getReader
     new f7ab67b  LUCENE-1974: strenghten TestBoolean2 to show this bug
     new 83ab254  remove unused private fields
     new 81997c4  doc: fix url
     new 0eedf81  New 4096 bit key for Grant per
     new 663adad  LUCENE-1979: remove more deprecations in the index package.
     new da48773  new back-compat tag
     new b815ab8  SOLR-1512 -- point luke launcher to 0.9.9
     new b714198  javadocs fixes
     new 5953430  LUCENE-1984: Generify Disjunction* - add tons of @Override
     new 1c67208  put more out-commented @Overrides back in. Add more.
     new 2de9c69  unneeded method (forgotten to deprecate)
     new 1a5a3c9  one more...
     new 8ad2fed  don't cause serious errors in the example server
     new 2f08d0b  fix typo
     new 324f601  LUCENE-1985: More Java5 fixes
     new 74b190f  Fix comparator in contrib/instantiated.
     new ad6bbdd  LUCENE-1124: make sure FuzzyQuery matches the exact term
     new a0776e5  Generify more Comparable interface declarations
     new 052e1f5  LUCENE-1976: make IndexReader.isCurrent work correctly for NRT readers
     new 58878dd  Further unneeded casts, thanks Kay Kay
     new ff3fd6f  replicat on startup in the example config (commented out)
     new 461757e  Made DataImporter#loadDataConfig private and tests changed to use DataImporter#loadAndInt instead
     new 09e187a  SOLR-1394: HTMLStripCharFilter split tokens that contained entities
     new a4bf548  related to SOLR-201 - when I saw Shalin resolve that issue, i remembered noticing a while back that not declaring a defaultQuery caused all of the admin pages to fail with an NPE. the fix is pretty trivial
     new 975ce67  LUCENE-1257: More generified APIs and implementations. Also makes BooleanQuery implement Iterable for easy extended for loop on clauses. Thanks Kay Kay!
     new b38eff8  adjust test for html strip changes
     new ab73e27  revert version to 1.4-dev in prep for nightlies to use it
     new 4a55c86  try to catch what's causing failures in TestLBHttpSolrServer - fail immediately if we can't grab the requested port
     new 7aec4a8  test - try to up check interval... it may not have been completing fast enough
     new 16df0cf  simplify classpath regex
     new b22932b  LUCENE-1257: More generified APIs and implementations. Thanks Kay Kay!
     new 1194844  SOLR-1394: calculate offsets correctly for entities
     new 7499c6a  SOLR-1515: typo
     new 9ac3cf9  LUCENE-1986: fix NPE when scoring PayloadNearQuery
     new 290762a  LUCENE-1257: More generified APIs and implementations in index package. Thanks Kay Kay!
     new 173d95a  LUCENE-1989: Generify CharArraySet
     new 376873e  LUCENE-1987: Remove lots of deprecations from analysis package. Undeprecate some Token ctors.
     new a659c98  avoid ord() rord() in our examples
     new 504cd94  LUCENE-1257: More generified APIs and implementations (when will we be finished?). Thanks Kay Kay!
     new de1f9c7  javadoc - new ms() based example for date boosting
     new 811df47  javadoc - add ord/rord warnings
     new 501d8c5  LUCENE-1257: Generify CloseableThreadLocal
     new 1c0678d  LUCENE-1257: CommitPoint -> IndexCommit in generics
     new 11c7039  LUCENE-1945: Add Closeable interface to all public interfaces/super-classes that define close(). Package-private classes inside oal.index are not changed (as they often only define package-private close())
     new aa15266  LUCENE-1945: add changes.txt entry
     new c4169ad  javadoc - add date boosting example to boost parser
     new 3645281  Update JavaCC parser task to Java 1.5 and regenerate files.
     new 2b274fd  LUCENE-1992: fix thread hazard if a merge is committing just as a sync hits an exception
     new 2d50d8e  upgrade to lucene 2.9.1-dev r826563
     new 3e086c6  LUCENE-1257: More generified APIs and implementations. Thanks Kay Kay & Robert Muir!
     new 0afb986  docs - note about SolrCell jars being referenced outside of example
     new 1b574bb  Instance check for java.util.Date instead of java.sql.Date
     new ed436c5  example schema - make StopFilter.enablePositionIncrements use consistent
     new b1e21e7  SOLR-1292: followup tweak based on mailing list discussion: for indexes with lots of segments, estimating the size of all the field caches can take a lot of time (particularly with lots of String based caches) so for now we only estimate the size for items which are part of instanity instances
     new 0428efa  LUCENE-1257:LUCENE-1257: More generified APIs and implementations.
     new 5428780  LUCENE-1257: Missed one generification :-(
     new 9b1746a  LUCENE-1257: FieldCacheRangeFilter generified
     new cb86ea9  Fix javadocs
     new 9b1b5e9  SOLR-1517: only do reverse DNS lookup of localhost once in a static block
     new faa1b98  LUCENE-1995: don't let IndexWriter's ram buffer size exceed 2048 MB
     new 7d9e22d  SOLR-1099: Use NamedList rather than SimpleOrderedMap
     new 5ceb818  LUCENE-1993: add maxDocFreq to MoreLikeThis
     new f289911  change multi-term (wildcard/prefix) queries to auto mode
     new 175538c  quick attempt at improving maxBoolClause doc
     new 649a0e8  Remove deprecations from QueryParser and generify (LUCENE-1257) QueryParser
     new 33f36e6  move methods to the top
     new 04f4725  formatting only
     new 7fd5373  LUCENE-1183: optimize Levenshtein distance computation in FuzzyQuery
     new b85aca4  LUCENE-1257: Cleanup unneeded casts
     new a5f723c  use example schema for clustering example
     new 1ae5f89  LUCENE-1987: Remove rest of analysis deprecations (StandardAnalyzer, StopAnalyzer)
     new 33be317  LUCENE-1257: Remove the rest of unchecked warnings and some unneeded casts. I added a TODO, where I do not understand the code and not for sure know, whats inside the collections. This could be fixed some time later. But the core code now compiles without any unchecked warning.
     new ede4df7  do not directly instantiate junit test cases
     new bede45a  Fix test failure because of wrong cast. Hard stuff :( Could be implemented better, the hq is used for 2 different types
     new 56f8386  Add varargs to MultiSearcher
     new afc66e4  LUCENE-2001: Fix parsing bug in wordnet contrib
     new 04da5e7  LUCENE-1998: Parameter -> Java 5 enum transition
     new 1d7866a  remove unneeded import
     new d1fc6be  LUCENE-1359: FrenchAnalyzer tokenstream does not honor the contract of Analyzer
     new 150a475  tweek the update log format to show a more reasonable message
     new abf2f86  LUCENE-2004: Constants.LUCENE_MAIN_VERSION may not be inlined in code compiled against Lucene JAR
     new a08a64d  Fix version constant, if the manifest version does not start with LUCENE_MAIN_VERSION
     new 04d0064  LUCENE-1973: Remove Similarity deprecations
     new a5df94c  LUCENE-1257: More Java5 updates
     new 1b59256  LUCENE-1973: Remove deprecated BoostingTermQuery
     new 6a06b0f  We can only remove this in 3.x at earliest (depending on our policy change).
     new 0a36a22  Remove my warning and also prevent creation of additional variable. Moved @SuppressWarnings up to the method. Also do some tab->spaces cleanup
     new 633e2d6  Make the constructor public
     new 0f76b31  Move Lucene-1708 blurb to back compat. section.
     new 9609a2c  LUCENE-2003: Highlighter doesn't respect position increments other than 1 with PhraseQuerys
     new 0557d2c  LUCENE-2003 Changes entry
     new aaddac8  LUCENE-2002: add Version to QueryParser & contrib analyzers
     new 831f665  LUCENE-2002: Fix HighlighterTest to consistently use the same version compat
     new 35fb2e4  Fix javadoc problem (there are a lot more, see separate issue). We need some cleanup after removing all deprecated APIs!
     new 1686dac  Generics got lost during merge. Seen by the only unchecked warning (core now compiles without any unchecked warning!)
     new 3b50c11  remove TestStressSort
     new 7902c4b  Remove the remaining deprecated ctors from TokenStream API test base class (BaseTokenStreamTestCase). They were used to test old and new TokenStream API.
     new 1d97df6  update to Lucene 2.9.1 r829210
     new 6f6afbe  LUCENE-2006: Optimization for FieldDocSortedHitQueue
     new ce4dd93  This changes entry was somehow at the wrong position, I think the merge broke it
     new 519095d  Remove generics for Comparable in FieldDoc again, because we have no type and <?> makes more problems than it helps
     new 13964dd  SOLR-1521: eliminate ./contrib/clustering/example and move the clustring example configs to ./example ... use system properties to enable the component/handler used in the example so that they don't confuse people who haven't downloaded the neccessary libs
     new 8086aad  LUCENE-1257: Add generics to highlighter and more for benchmark
     new 1ccd81c  Some more cleanups and removal of deprecated SegmentReader GCJ settings
     new fbe28af9 add changes.txt
     new ea2883c  LUCENE-2008: javadoc improvements
     new 5b84fb4  docs - solr tutorial updates
     new 56a021b  replication future safety - only decrement search holder if not null
     new 2e4dc5b  LUCENE-2002: move CHANGES entry under 'Changes in back compat policy' section, since it deprecates APIs
     new 3abb7be  fix tutorial spelling mistake
     new c2bc750  LUCENE-2002: move changes entry back to 'API changes'
     new 74f8721  fix some javadoc warnings
     new 743b7e7  add warning about indexDefaults, let mainIndex.maxFieldLength inherit
     new 3f18384  tutorial - prepend display URLs with ... when significant parameters have been left out
     new 6a1f2d5  LUCENE-1973: un-deprecate IndexSearcher.setDefaultFieldSortScoring
     new e9c27c1  upgrade to Lucene 2.9.1 final RC2 (r829889 on 2.9 branch)
     new a527eb3  projected release date.
     new e1a2602  Update/remove 1.4-dev references.
     new c61fa48  LUCENE-1960: Add support for reading Field.Store.COMPRESS fields again and decompress on merge/optimize. Also convert to a new stored file version number.
     new 54041df  LUCENE-1929: Merge NumericRangeQuery tests for highlighter from 2.9 branch. The bug was already fixed by a different impl in trunk, but the test was missing.
     new e4fdf48  LUCENE-1929: Merge missing changes entry
     new b14fd4b  credit where credits due ;)
     new c06b4d0  2.9.1 references
     new 3537dad  remove beta5 jar
     new 00f4efd  LUCENE-2011: Remove deprecated Scorer.explain(int) and replace by Weight.explain(IR,int) calls in tests and PhraseQuery/SpanQuery explanations methods
     new 4f4ffb9  More Java 5 cleanup (Arrays.hashCode, Arrays.deepEquals, Arrays.deepHashCode) Also added the commented out "assert !Thread.holdsLock(writer);" in CMS
     new 1be4db5  One more Thread.holdsLock(writer) assert...
     new c0f3e62  No need to use Arrays.deep* methods (there are no nested arrays, the array itsself is strongly typed to a non-array).
     new 578761c  The variable was not used but initialized. This was caused by merge from 2.9, fixed to use the final boolean.
     new 66d8e77  LUCENE-1994: fix thread safety of EnwikContentSource and DocMaker
     new 964bab4  LUCENE-2012: Add @Override annotations to the rest of core
     new f2d0d94  No need to extend TokenStream here, a simple AttributeSource is enough for single-token-fields. This prevents us from implementing the incrementToken() throwing UOE.
     new 36b6563  LUCENE-1904: Move wordnet synonym code from contrib/memory to contrib/wordnet
     new 786457c  LUCENE-1257: Generics in contrib/memory, contrib/wordnet (previously memory), contrib/misc, contrib/benchmark
     new 8d1e2dd  move default similarity declaration back to top
     new 5c40eb4  no branching needed, return value of version compare is already boolean
     new 1b38f9c  LUCENE-2014: SmartChineseAnalyzer position increment bug
     new 8295563  SOLR-1529: many deleteByQyery in same request can cause NPE
     new 31ce47e  SOLR-1527 -- shareSchema does not work with absolute paths
     new 88d3d41  LUCENE-2013: SpanRegexQuery does not work with QueryScorer.
     new 03640e5  fixed failing junit test in package caused by missing test/data file
     new de0aaad  LCUENE-2016: remap invalid U+FFFF char during indexing, to prevent silent corruption
     new 19e55ea  LUCENE-1257: port smartchineseanalyzer to java 5
     new e64479e  upgrade to lucene 2.9.1 respin 3 r831145
     new 8861ba2  LUCENE-2014: add a thai test to prevent any similar regression
     new 4902849  LUCENE-2017: improve javadocs of CloseableThreadLocal; forcefully remove calling threads entry on close
     new 0733caa  LUCENE-2021: use chararrayset in french elision filter
     new 13593aa  LUCENE-2002: restore RussianLowerCaseFilter
     new cc374d7  set RussianLowerCaseFilter deprecation to 4.0
     new 066eac4  LUCENE-2022: remove deprecated api from contrib/analysis and wikipedia
     new a51d0ac  LUCENE-2005: add LuSql project to contributions page
     new 2e37f69  doc: website features update
     new 15bda7e  allow Lock.isLocked to throw IOException
     new 8be6749  add CHANGES entry for oal.Lock.isLocked now throwing ioe
     new 5642b10  docs: update front page description + release announcement
     new ad5c692  doc: front page grammar fixes
     new 9b0c42a  fix confusing smartcn javadoc bug
     new e84f86d  Trivial fix - changed new Character('_') into Character.valueOf('_')
     new a5da31e  Trivial fix of ignored return value of Done during hackathon - review by uschindler
     new 340efc1  Removed Dead code and legacy finalize method from MemoryIndexReader. The finalize method has been removed from IndexReader so subclasses do not need to override it. - Hackathon, reviewed by uschindler
     new e69b4d4  Fix some strange things on ApacheCon
     new 80e8bfb  LUCENE-2031: Move patternanalyzer from memory contrib into analyzers
     new 942044a  upgrade to lucene 2.9.1 respin 4, r832363
     new b082951  LUCENE-2012: Add @Override in core tests
     new 072f9e3  LUCENE-2032: Spatial Filter is now correctly Serializable
     new 8375c97  Fix de-serialization of interned field names
     new 48d6f21  LUCENE-2032: fixed serialization issue in CartesianShapeFilter and removed referenced to java 5 logging API
     new bade20e  SOLR-1543: fix thread hangs
     new fbca69b  Fix the heavy committing error :(
     new 4c2adde  fold in 2.9.1 CHANGES entry to trunk's
     new 53b8077  fold in 2.9.1 contrib/CHANGES entry to trunk's
     new 15743fc  LUCENE-504: Change FuzzyQuery to use java.utilPriorityQueue which grows dynamically to support BooleanQuery.maxClauseCount(Integer.MAX_VALUE) without exhausting all memory.
     new 7394429  LUCENE-2029: allow separate control over body stored/tokenized in DocMaker
     new 0e2839b  LUCENE-2042: add print.hits.field config
     new a797338  LUCENE-2042: also print how many terms were searched, when the query is a MTQ
     new 10e6cea  LUCENE-2043: CommitIndexTask also commits pending changes in the open IndexReader
     new e817cfc  LUCENE-2043: CommitIndexTask also commits pending changes in the open IndexReader
     new 47a52d9  LUCENE-2043: CommitIndexTask also commits pending changes in the open IndexReader
     new 9bec958  LUCENE-2044: add delete.percent.rand.seed to control random seed for DeleteByPercentTask
     new 786eb6c  LUCENE-2012: add remaining @overrides (contrib,demo)
     new 6ae6229  LUCENE-2045: fix false FNFE
     new 2ffc3ba  LUCENE-2030: Fix locks in CachingWrapperFilter and CachingSpanFilter (make members private, also synchronize on WeakHashMap build, use new Java5 ReentrantLock)
     new 2c6abd1  Fix misspelling in javadoc
     new 9db9f77  fix bug that causes false positive failure in the test
     new 7ce48ce  LUCENE-2046: IndexReader.isCurrent should still return true after writer calls prepareCommit
     new 2e6d2da  1.5 section
     new 5730fe2  new doap
     new 1304a6e  bump build version number
     new a7f15d1  remove unneeded cast
     new b756112  LUCENE-1257: Generics: demo,contrib/swing,contrib/wikipedia,contrib/wordnet,contrib/xml-query-parser
     new 21e8389  add missing method (but defined by interface) to abstract class to make @Override work
     new 48f4f2e  add @Override (see last commit)
     new 9fca17c  one more affected by @Override
     new 387e291  Sign the pom file
     new c6b7fee  SOLR-1522: automated release signing process
     new 540a62c  Solr 1.4 announcement
     new bb19fb0  solr 1.4 site
     new ea93403  LUCENE-2041: Complete parallelizaton of ParallelMultiSearcher and refactoring of MultiSearcher, Java 5 concurrent API support
     new e1eb5df  LUCENE-1980: Fix javadocs after deprecation removal
     new c4f2d05  LUCENE-2022: remove contrib deprecations
     new 1951724  LUCENE-1257: Generics: contrib/lucli
     new 69ac694  SOLR-1551 Provide DocumentObjectBinder.getBean() method
     new 552ba37  LUCENE-1973: Remove deprec MultiValueSource
     new a4b490f  Remove one more deprecation.
     new 060c501  LUCENE-2054: Update documentation
     new 5b83cc5  LUCENE-1257: Generics: *heavy* Robert Muir & mine patch
     new b50794e  LUCENE-2057: TopDocsCollector should have bounded generic <T extends ScoreDoc>
     new 444dae0  Remove dead code from old fake norms. FieldNormModifier now creates the fake itsself.
     new c4122ad  update IndexReader javadoc concerning readonly
     new 149a0c9  LUCENE-2058: specify trec_eval output file from commandline
     new 731f418  LUCENE-2059: allow TrecContentSource not to change the docname
     new f4a79fa  add missing license header
     new a2cfc4b  more verbosity on test failure
     new 9226a81  improve test verbosity
     new 8411a96  LUCENE-2024: Fix: "ant dist" no longer generates md5's for the top-level artifacts
     new 128c7bf  SOLR-1561: check in spatial 2.9.1
     new c35c0ec  Fix wrong cast in MemoryIndexTest
     new 443d009  LUCENE-2050: enhance contrib/benchmark for running NRT tests
     new 0a82d99  LUCENE-2060: change CMS's default maxThreadCount from 3 to 1
     new 4422d07  LUCENE-2053: throw ThreadInterruptedException when the thread is interrupt()d
     new b017a2a  LUCENE-2064: Highlighter support all MultiTermQuery subclasses without explicit casts
     new b3e90b9  LUCENE-2066: Add Highlighter test for RegexQuery
     new c2cc1ea  LUCENE-2050: add eg basicNRT.alg
     new 5e5e5aa  LUCENE-2064: Highlighter support all MultiTermQuery subclasses without explicit casts - previous commit did not contain final patch due to JIRA AM / PM issue
     new cdbcf8a  SOLR-1302: Implemented Haversine, plus Euclidean, Manhattan distances (p-norms) plus deg, rad functions
     new 945e7ed  LUCENE-2052: add varargs where possible
     new f7e9ad7  LUCENE-2053: temporarily remove buggy test assertion
     new 4ad30bb  spelling corrections to CHANGES for 3.0
     new cacb350  LUCENE-2053: fix intermittent bug in unit test
     new ce423d5  LUCENE-1558: default readOnly=true for and new IndexSearcher(Dir)
     new 8170e54  LUCENE-1154: Move System Requirements to release-specific page
     new 2797370  Cleanup changes for release.
     new 7370094  Fix some javadocs errors in contrib
     new 00f07ee  LUCENE-2051: Contrib Analyzer Setters should be deprecated and replace with ctor arguments, thanks to Simon Willnauer
     new b66b6bb  forgot name :(
     new ba4769d  Fixed JavaDoc - spelling issues in @param
     new e60abfd  javadoc fix
     new 18bdc35  Better changes.txt list.
     new 470c99d  change version in trunk to 3.1-dev
     new 3204316  update version numbers in docs
     new db8e03e  small error in date
     new fa5fb12  javadoc: added example of frange as a filter query
     new ac3a479  SOLR-1302: slight refactoring for common code.
     new 3e19331  SOLR-1302: javadocs
     new aed363f  SOLR-1302: append instead of concat
     new 9606a8e  LUCENE-2077: changes-to-html: better handling of bulleted lists in CHANGES.txt
     new addbda8  SOLR-1302: clean up hashcode.
     new 73e2f9c  LUCENE-2074: First step until we resolve this issue. This just adds the warning, also added to 3.0. We will update the Flex version to 1.5 resolve this in 3.1.
     new 54d763c  SOLR-1569: allow literal strings in functions
     new 90d0452  cleanup unused imports
     new 29109d4  add way to get literal string w/o DocValues, add missing override, remove unused name()
     new 2650c93  SOLR-1302: more distance functions and helpers
     new 603d6d8  add override annotations, fix geohash hashcode, simplify other hashcodes
     new 4d27b2e  move from numbers to bullets in CHANGES
     new c099104  RAT complains about missing license header
     new 2886626  minor optimization, replace /2 with *.5 - multiplication is an order of magnitude faster than division
     new 169ccf4  LUCENE-2073: add info about upgrading JVM,unicode
     new 1cfb5a2  SOLR-1553: extended dismax parser
     new 95f0843  SOLR-1553: extended dismax parser
     new ac2a7f5  fix changes file in contrib
     new c30cf86  simplify/shorten builtin functions
     new 752faad  SOLR-1432: default impl of new ValueSource.getValues() should use old
     new 47bff03  SOLR-1525 allow DIH to refer to core properties
     new 6e85215  SOLR-1525
     new cb500c0  SOLR-1547 TemplateTransformer should copy array/list more intelligently
     new 03f6d7a  LUCENE-2080: Improve Version javadocs
     new 05b4be6  SOLR-1572: ConcurrentLRUCache Integer.MAX_INT to Long
     new c62fb27  remove unneeded TermGenerator in MTQWF (no longer Filter.bits()). This is a small speed improvement. I will apply this to 3.0, too, if a new RC comes.
     new 52283c8  SOLR-1302: clean up some docs, handle null geohash such that if one of the entries is null, treat it as infinite distance
     new 14ea535  add a bit of javadocs to the constructor
     new 451034b  add a bit of javadocs to the constructor
     new 613aca9  dont call doExplain twice
     new 961a411  update CHANGES entries for 3.0 (cleanup, add missing JIRA issues,...)
     new 0a1cce0  LUCENE-2076: Rename FSDir.getFile -> getDirectory
     new 1ac71a2  SOLR-1574: simplify specification of builtin functions, add many from java Math
     new 4244f6c  Remove QueryWrapper
     new 85fbedd  LUCENE-2079: more improvements to contrib/benchmark for testing NRT
     new f935335  fix typo
     new f3b9bea  LUCENE-2086: resolve deletes-by-term in term sorted order for better performance
     new 7a9c758  SOLR-1582: fix binary field copyField handling
     new 52d8057  this is never called, but should be the other way round
     new 7aeed67  update URL version of Lucene API
     new ff1ceb4  SOLR-1522
     new 4d65be5  SOLR-1539
     new 254e3e9  Improvement in NumericRangeTermEnum to reuse the term and not intern the field name everytime. It also throws UnsupportedOperationException in endEnum() method, which is not used, and should not be used by client code/subclasses (undefined behaviour). Also adds a test for the TermEnum.
     new d838d7b  LUCENE-2087: Remove recursion in NumericRangeTermEnum
     new 5e307da  LUCENE-2088: AttributeSource.addAttribute should only accept interfaces, the missing test leads to problems with Token.TOKEN_ATTRIBUTE_FACTORY This also fixes the package.html error Shai mentioned.
     new a78e306  merge this one also to 3.0
     new 2e244ca  LUCENE-2088: add extra test
     new 4da546c  SOLR-1567: Upgrade to Tika 0.5
     new 0808b44  Added testcase for prefix getter on JakartaRegexpCapabilities. During LUCENE-2072 dev the prefix method did always return null due to a bug in jakarta-regexp-1.5. This testcase mainly prevents other from simply upgrading as long as this bug has not been fixed.
     new e69141c  LUCENE-2068: Fixed ReverseStringFilter for Unicode 4.0. Reverse Supplementary Characters correctly.
     new f23b570  SOLR-1563: fix luke for binary fields
     new a2ef4a0  clarify CHANGES entry for binary copyField
     new ace3e15  SOLR-1577: fix data dir default to stay under solr home
     new 8e00a81  javadoc: null val means no attr
     new e5843b4  add some additional non-text fields to MTL handler test
     new 0d639da  SOLR-1584: fix SolrQuery.setIncludeScore()
     new dc18c42  SOLR-1593: fix reverse wildcard filter for surrogate pairs
     new e745742  SOLR-1580: Solr Configuration ignores 'mergeFactor' parameter, always uses Lucene default.
     new 6fcb72a  clean up no longer used reserveTime cruft
     new 548f973  SOLR-1302: Why should numbers get to have all the fun, add String distance functions, too
     new 22ce12d  SOLR-1595: make rollback set isClosed
     new c812e9f  constants - only do more expensive conversions once... adds up over an entire index
     new fb9087f  LUCENE-2092: fix BooleanQuery.equals/hashCode to pay attention to disableCoord
     new 73fe358  SOLR-1595: use utf8 in streaming solrj client
     new f1dda28  SOLR-1587: fl=score same as fl=*,score for distrib search
     new d0ba790  fix typo, set in JettyWebappTest
     new 030d11c  help keep tests out of example/solr/data
     new 58b11ac  clarify that the NRT reader must be closed by the caller
     new 1a84e60  LUCENE-2045: fix CHANGES entry (this was fixed in 2.9.2/3.0, not 2.9.1)
     new c5a7989  LUCENE-2046: wrong place in changes.txt
     new 55046c8  LUCENE-2086: add assert to verify we flush deleted terms in term sort order
     new 7e3700e  LUCENE-1260: allow Similarity instance to customize how norms are encoded/decoded
     new 4a819ed  doc:CHANGES typo
     new ecf52f6  improve IW.optimize() docs
     new 5a103ad  SOLR-1600 A single value in amultivalued field means the value will not be a collection for javabin
     new de487ed  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 44fbad4  SOLR-1600 there is already a schema.xml w/ version 1.2
     new 93a4a7c  SOLR-1516 Helper classes to implement QueryResponseWriter
     new 2ed76cf  set $Id$
     new a33ffaa  set $Id$
     new d21f73b  set $Id$
     new 9dfa664  git-svn-id: 13f79535-47bb-0310-9956-ffa450edef68
     new 600404c  slight reformatting and fixed a typo
     new d5d0ec3  SOLR-1516
     new 6c332be  javadocs change
     new e87d483  activate new tag
     new 4afe02e  SOLR-1601: Schema browser does not indicate presence of charFilter
     new e077c4d  Updated JakartaRegexpCapabilities JavaDoc which gave users the impression the JakartaRegexp implementation provides a rock solid "prefix" implementation. Patch contains another testcase which shows the shaky behavior. See LUCENE-2072 for reference.
     new 4b5e8cc  SOLR-1570 -- Log warnings if uniqueKey is multi-valued or not stored
     new bdfcfa4  SOLR-1558: QueryElevationComponent will error at init time (with clear message) if the uniqueKey field is not backed by StrField
     new b59388e  SOLR-1600
     new 768b174  SOLR-1592
     new efcc981  SOLR-1516
     new 3dd6974  SOLR-1516
     new 2f45df8  SOLR-1516
     new 48fe184  improve javadocs for Collector.acceptsDocsOutOfOrder
     new 1aab3f6  LUCENE-2075: share the terms dict cache across threads
     new f0e064e  LUCENE-2069: supplementary char support for lowercasefilter
     new c0c5b9c  LUCENE-2075: fix false trip in assert, when comparing two TermInfos
     new 0f75eea  add missing closing paren to docs
     new aaff6ef  correct jira issue number transposition
     new 7d6afb9  LUCENE-1844: speed up the unit tests
     new 2ef402e  LUCENE-2067: Add a stemmer for Czech
     new 56abbf2  SOLR-1611 -- Added Lucene 2.9.1 collation contrib jar to lib
     new 8c45a01  SOLR-1611 followup -- forgot changelog entry
     new 5027b16  SOLR-1571 -- Added unicode collation support though Lucene's CollationKeyFilter
     new 76587d4  fix javadocs
     new 09fd7ab  fix javadoc
     new c155a0c  LUCENE-1844: Fix problem in windows, because the path separator \ is also an escape for properties files. Simple fix is to replace all backslashs by forward slashes in the getReuters20File.
     new 9edfb3b  LUCENE-2094: Prepare CharArraySet for Unicode 4.0
     new 17fc7af  remove expert & low-level characterization for TopDocs/TopFieldDocs
     new bdf44dc  LUCENE-2094: Fix hudson build failure.
     new 883aff7  SOLR-1516 SolrInputDocument cannot process dynamic fields
     new d71fd08  SOLR-1615: fix StrParser quoted string backslash escaping, add java-style unicode escaping
     new 892bc7f  LUCENE-2062: Bulgarian Analyzer
     new cb325fd  LUCENE-2095: fix thread safety issue with IW.commit
     new 62798f6  LUCENE-2095: add missing minus sign
     new 9d576a7  Change the wildcard test in trunk, too
     new 801f30a  SOLR-1612 use isAssignablefrom() and catch noSuchmethodException
     new eb04ff8  added resolve()/replcaeTokens to Context directly
     new 5b13258  use Context#replaceTokens directly
     new 43e6963  LUCENE-1483: remove now unused SorterTemplate utility class
     new fbfd147  LUCENE-2108: add SpellChecker.close()
     new a0bf23d  fixed javadoc warnings due to missing closing braces
     new d1d9781  LUCENE-2065: use generics throughout unit tests
     new 1f314fb  LUCENE-2107: Added a pom.xml.template to contrib/fast-vector-highlighter
     new fa7b8f0  LUCENE-2114: TestFilteredSearch tests on multi-segment index; fix Filter javadocs to call out that reader is per-segment
     new fa65d42  LUCENE-2115: cutover contrib tests to use generics
     new ab447b6  LUCENE-2108: Enable safe concurrent spell-index modifications in Spellchecker
     new 5556599  LUCENE-2039: Added extensible query parser which enables arbitrary parser extensions based on field naming scheme
     new 9ee4ce0  LUCENE-2102: Add Turkish LowerCaseFilter which handles Turkish and Azeri unique casing behavior correctly.
     new f159d70  LUCENE-2037: switch to junit 4.7
     new a92e6e8  fix enwiki (and a few others) task, DocMaker was removed in 3.0
     new f011f59  Use better format for md5sum/sha1 sum on package build (binary files should have * before file name). The format attribute does that automatically.
     new ae72952  LUCENE-2119: behave better if you pass Integer.MAX_VALUE as nDcos to search methods
     new 470c89a  LUCENE-2119: use numDocs() not maxDoc() as max nDocs we pass to PQ
     new d2bf223  LUCENE-2119: add some more comments in PQ around the +1
     new 146b735  SOLR-1627
     new 7f26fd8  SOLR-1627
     new 0834cd4  LUCENE-2106: ReadTask does not close its Reader when OpenReader/CloseReader are not used.
     new ac47aa0  SOLR-1628: log contains incorrect number of adds and deletes
     new 1948e73  LUCENE-2103: NoLockFactory should have a private constructor
     new 4d12bb2  LUCENE-1844: speed up back-compat unit tests too
     new 037fdbc  SOLR-1624: Highlighter bug w/ term positons stored and multi valued field
     new 1d4a595  SOLR-1608 -- Extract base class from TestDistributedSearch to make it easy to write test cases for other distributed components
     new e797cf3  SOLR-343: Date faceting now respects facet.mincount limiting
     new 066c566  improve explanation of implicit response writers
     new 91bf5be  LUCENE-2132: Fix the demo result.jsp
     new 2c6073f  SOLR-1583 . BinContentStreamDataSource
     new 414532a  use getDocBuilder()
     new c0f60bc  use getDocBuilder()
     new 46f8ca7  SOLR-1583 added BinFileDataSource
     new 8c92578  SOLR-1583 added BinURLDataSource
     new 2ed0831  SOLR-1583 CHANGES.txt
     new 49f7d90  SOLR-1629 -- "Return to admin page" link on registry.jsp goes to wrong page
     new 89aa50f  SOLR-1620 -- Fixed misleading log message "created null"
     new c24c2f5  fix typo in javadocs
     new 92d1c5b  LUCENE-2134: give 512M to JVM generating our javadocs
     new cec9fcb  making Logger static
     new 9565d7d  LUCENE-2136: optimization: if Multi/DirectoryReader only has a single reader, delegate enums to it
     new 6702e09  LUCENE-2136: This can be reverted.
     new 4e88c6c  LUCENE-2128: Further parallelization of ParallelMultiSearcher
     new 3df3ab8  LUCENE-2137: switch to AtomicInteger for some ref counts
     new 8bbf948  SOLR-1635: Fixed error message when numeric values can't be parsed by DOMUtils
     new 550a4ef  LUCENE-2124: move jdk collation to core, icu collation to icu contrib
     new cc61990  LUCENE-2124: mv package.html docs to overview, like we did for queryparser, to avoid javadocs warnings
     new 43c475d  LUCENE-2117: SnowballAnalyzer uses TurkishLowerCaseFilter instead of LowercaseFilter to correctly handle the unique Turkish casing behavior if used with Version > 3.0 and the TurkishStemmer.
     new b91fb7f  Upgraded to Lucene 2.9-dev r888785
     new 9b9ac66  SOLR-785 -- Distributed Search support for SpellCheckComponent
     new 6c0c318  LUCENE-2100: Marked all contrib Analyzer subclasses as final. Analyzers should be only act as a composition of TokenStreams, users should compose their own analyzers instead of subclassing existing ones.
     new 6e6d9ed  LUCENE-2124: update site docs to reflect contrib rename
     new 8e5d7bb  add spatial dependency to POM.
     new 6b71440  SOLR-1638 -- Fixed NullPointerException during import if uniqueKey is not specified in schema
     new e6f4e7d  SOLR-1639 -- Fixed misleading error message when is not writable
     new 41e48be  LUCENE-2123: Move FuzzyQuery rewrite as separate RewriteMode into MTQ. This also fixes a slowdown / memory issue added by LUCENE-504 -- *WARNING* Do not merge this patch to flex, it's already there in a different variant!
     new 74bb579  small javadoc fixes
     new 121dbb5  LUCENE-2144: fix InstantiatedIndex to handle termDocs(null)
     new 00eadcb  LUCENE-2144: fix InstantiatedIndex to handle termDocs(null)
     new 3501d92  LUCENE-2144: add javadoc warning to AbstractAllTermDocs
     new f975b84  LUCENE-2144 Warning about descripancy during invalid use of the TermDocs API.
     new c8ad3e8  SOLR-1643 -- Moved dataimporthandler extras into dataimporthandler core
     new 93e3d75  SOLR-1625 Add regexp support for TermsComponent
     new b51f7c5  Adding back changes removed inadvertently in r889537
     new 77847c6  SOLR-1598 Reader used in PlainTextEntityProcessor.nextRow() is not explicitly closed
     new 65cca85  SOLR-1357 SolrInputDocument cannot process dynamic fields
     new 6ebcc95  LUCENE-2142: don't check if term count exceeds doc count in getStringIndex
     new 8cbde0c  SOLR-1358 Integration of Tika and DataImportHandler
     new eacade7  fix unchecked warning
     new 294b3d0  LUCENE-2123: Remove the deprec ScoreTerm in FuzzyQuery, javadocs, better test for the PQ overflow
     new 2c67501  LUCENE-2144 No testing of features outside of the documented API
     new 3acf3bc  optimize degree/radian conversion - just use constants. Silly Math.toRadians() uses division
     new bfedaea  SOLR-1297: establish some standalone, baseline tests for parsing the sort strings
     new 3867797  SOLR-1297: some code comments
     new 53ce286  LUCENE-2135: forcefully evict IndexReader from FieldCache when it's closed
     new e98e9dd  fix false positive test failure
     new 0589889  SOLR-1297: Added Sort By Function capability
     new 6e9af5f  SOLR-1139 -- Add TermsComponent Query and Response Support in SolrJ
     new dcc66df  LUCENE-2118: add verbosity to this test so when it fails again we see more detail
     new df3fe93  SOLR-1177 -- Distributed Search support for TermsComponent
     new 433fd5a  TermsComponent supports distributed setups now
     new 68ed49e  SOLR-1651 -- Fixed Incorrect dataimport handler package name in SolrResourceLoader
     new 8e2e344  SOLR-1610 -- Generify SolrCache
     new 2f7b745  LUCENE-2155: clear/initialize calendar fields in localized date tests
     new c67b43e  LUCENE-2155: add assertion to check if something changes default locale behind our back when using LocalizedTestCase
     new 86039cd  LUCENE-2135: don't flush field cache if we hit exception during init (it leads to NPE)
     new 0b1f7d5  SOLR-1621 :Allow current single core deployments to be specified by solr.xml SOLR-1637 : Remove ALIAS command
     new f5c04ae1 Reverting SOLR-1643 and moving TikaEntityProcessor and test to extras
     new 326e520  SOLR-1654 Add TikaEntityProcessor example to the DIHExample
     new 0e8eb2a  SOLR-1532 -- Allow StreamingUpdateSolrServer to use a provided HttpClient
     new 79b97f9  SOLR-1655 . testcases are modified so thatthey explicitly mention MockDataSource
     new dad7e60  LUCENE-2157: DelimitedPayloadTokenFilter no longer copies the buffer over itsself, instead it sets the length to the offset of the delimiter. Also optimizes logic and IdentityEncoder to use NIO.
     new 8b45073  SOLR-1653: add PatternReplaceCharFilter
     new d4a70b1  LUCENE-1609: restoring getTermInfosIndexDivisor (it's not deprecated in 2.9, but was removed by accident)
     new a802888  add missing overrides
     new 56b036e  remove unused imports
     new c84752a  LUCENE-2166: don't keep warning about the same immense term
     new dc3f92e  LUCENE-2156: switch to AtomicInteger for IR's ref count; remove sync from IW's ensureOpen (it's only 'best effort')
     new 383fc2d  LUCENE-2104: Fix NativeFSLock.release() to throw exception if lock is held by another thread/process.
     new f616a47  LUCENE-2165: SnowballAnalyzer was missing Set-based ctor
     new 31585bf  LUCENE-2158: don't lose deletions during NRT reopen at high indexing rates
     new 0b00047  LUCENE-2161: improve concurrency of IndexReader
     new f18f490  LUCENE-1769: Upgrade clover to 2.x (requirement is 2.6.x now, because older versions have bugs)
     new 3d3d390  SOLR-1660 -- CapitalizationFilter crashes if you use the maxWordCountOption
     new 1b2c9c6c add verbosity to intermittently failing test
     new 0de0bc8  LUCENE-2168: allow negative relative priority for BG tasks
     new 13d3259  SOLR-1662 -- Added Javadocs in BufferedTokenStream and fixed incorrect cloning in TestBufferedTokenStream
     new 1658315  LUCENE-1769: Improve clover analysis and separate core / bw tests. Also verify that assertions are enabled.
     new 375845f  LUCENE-1769: Add also the opposite assert statement
     new bba8314  LUCENE-1769: disable clover reports on assert statements
     new c9ddd1b  LUCENE-2170: Fix thread starvation problems
     new d7d59922 SOLR-1667 -- PatternTokenizer does not reset attributes such as positionIncrementGap
     new a1e956a  LUCENE-1923: add toString to core IndexReaders
     new 94c23a0  exclude non-apache files from clover
     new aff4f4a  reduce memory usage by switching off multi html generation threads. This is recommended by Atlassian
     new 16eaa61  LUCENE-1786: improve performance of TestCompoundWordTokenFilter
     new 9892d10  LUCENE-1923: further improvements to IndexReader.toString
     new 6e6acef  LUCENE-2124: fix javadocs from the move, thanks Steven
     new 5be5c31  SOLR-1678 Move onError handling to DIH framework
     new b105bee  SOLR-1674: Improve analysis tests and cut over to new TokenStream API
     new 7d35aaf  LUCENE-2164: make CMS smarter about prioritizing its threads
     new e6253de  LUCENE-1972: Restore SortField.getComparatorSource (it was accidentally removed in 3.0.0).
     new e1680c8  add correct credits
     new 48b275a  LUCENE-2177: don't accept Store for binary fields -- it must always be YES
     new 39fbbd5  SOLR-1608: fix number of servers used to test with
     new 0df3c5e  LUCENE-2178: allow multiple locations on -Dbenchmark.ext.classpath
     new d845266  SOLR-1661 : Remove adminCore from CoreContainer . removed deprecated methods setAdminCore(), getAdminCore()
     new 9881179  Skip the response section since we are testing only spellcheck results
     new d4b35b5  st
     new 2185962  LUCENE-2169, LUCENE-2179: Improvements to CharArraySet.copy() and clear() is now working
     new 10a625d  SOLR-1621 related
     new d4cd0f9  Remove irrelevant comments and link to SpellCheckComponent wiki
     new 9a5e562  SOLR-1685 -- Extracted field sort value and prefetch processing into two new methods out of QueryComponent.process
     new 1c2de4a  SOLR-1686 -- Support fixing the number of shards in BaseDistributedTestCase
     new 9a5a4ed  Minor typo corrections
     new 05237cf  SOLR-1132: Added support for poly fields
     new 78c7dc3  SOLR-1131: formatting - indent inner class
     new ae65414  SOLR-1131: add a point dynamic field to the example schema
     new b426c68  add doc to point type in example schema
     new 74d642d  add doc to point type in example schema
     new 62b1873  SOLR-1131: first pass at fixing support for subFieldSuffix (index + search)
     new 7fda4a5  SOLR-1131: FieldType javadoc improvements
     new 5dd85dd  SOLR-1131: remove concept of polyField from IndexSchema
     new 709c7f8  SOLR-1131: fix equals,hashcode of PointTypeValueSource and test that fails w/o the fix
     new 88b6768  SOLR-1131: no need for point value source to recreate sub-value sources for each new reader.  Make ToMultiValueSource slightly more generic, specialize for dimention=2, and make point value source inherit from that
     new a973bfa  SOLR-1131: createFields doesn't return null
     new 270550c  LUCENE-2180: change to FSDir.getDirectory
     new ef2a3e1  fix broken test
     new a0d5801  fix javadocs warning
     new 7c3ed58  LUCENE-2162: Allow ExtendableQueryParser extensions accessing the toplevel parser and its properties
     new 2593733  SOLR-1131: change toMultiVS to vector
     new 2685859  add missing @override annotations
     new a9b50cb  SOLR-1131: put the vector/multi VS into the function package
     new bcc1117  fixed trivial spelling issues in javadoc
     new 45ffab1  Revert all of wrong s/iff/if changes in committed revision 894224.
     new ed5949c  SOLR-1586: added GeoHashField and SpatialTileField.  Refactored CoordinateFieldType a bit for sharing with SpatialTileField
     new 4fbcdb8  SOLR-1586 - typo
     new 5e77ec9  LUCENE-2182: DEFAULT_ATTRIBUTE_FACTORY was failing to load implementation class when interface was loaded by a different class loader
     new 911f5c5  small cleanups
     new e9e86f2  SOLR-1586: add solr-internal tag
     new a949836  LUCENE-2034: Refactor analyzer reuse and stopword handling
     new cdac1f7  LUCENE-2084: remove Byte/CharBuffer wrapping for collation key generation
     new d22b7a9  LUCENE-2185: add @Deprecated annotations
     new 957c449  disable test that's cuasing build to hang, until we fix it
     new f6ac4ff  SOLR-1692: fix produceSummary issue with Carrot2 clustering
     new 5838738  javadoc
     new 23216e7  javadoc
     new 33df44a  SOLR-1302: some slight refactoring for more reusable distance calculations
     new 3f0577a  small fixes to IW's infoStream output
     new fc9a0a7  some useful constants
     new 03a361c  LUCENE-2079: fix BG thread priority to actually take effect
     new ca76f3b  SOLR-1697 PluginInfo should load plugins w/o class attribute also
     new fd8ff08  fix javadoc
     new 6331869  removed unused imports
     new 36ba045  fix javadoc header
     new c19d78d  LUCENE-2147: Improve Spatial Utility like classes
     new 6292fe5  added an extra getChild() method
     new 38e6737  Support long.
     new 27f6747  TokenSources.getTokenStream() does not assign  positionIncrement.
     new ab02bbf  fix javadoc
     new 5433951  SOLR-1704 . move google collections from clustering to core
     new be9e1bf  LUCENE-2196, LUCENE-2108: add to Spellchecker
     new 4fb13e4  LUCENE-2190: add CustomScoreQuery.setNextReader so subclass knows when we advance to a new sub-reader
     new f325bcd  SOLR-1653: PatternReplaceCharFilter should receive a Pattern object instead of pattern String
     new bfbcc89  fix svn properties in core package
     new f6d7daf  SOLR-1268: Incorporate FastVectorHighlighter
     new 5e8e5a0  LUCENE-2194: Improve the efficiency of Snowball
     new 2df8e5d  SOLR-1268: ignore undefined field
     new cfb822b  adding missing eol-style
     new d4b18fa  tabs begone
     new 673e368  LUCENE-2199: ShingleFilter skipped over tri-gram shingles if outputUnigram was set to false
     new 7d58447  LUCENE-2200: final classes had non-overriding protected members
     new 0ad2f18  remaining eol-style and inconsistent newlines fixes
     new 36beb9e  Add support for LongToEnglish doc/query maker
     new 10ce957  try removing  to get patch to work
     new 42e8d5c  SOLR-1538: Reordering of object allocations in ConcurrentLRUCache to eliminate (an extremeely small) potential for deadlock.
     new 36249c7  SOLR-1588: Removed some very old dead code.
     new fd6a62e  SOLR-1590: Javadoc for XMLWriter#startTag
     new 6f278e5  SOLR-1602 -- step 1.  Adding new 'response' package and refactoring all response things to this package.  NOTE, this will break back-compatibility depricated versions of the moved 1.4 files are added back.
     new c9fbd0e  SOLR-1602 - move XMLWriter to response
     new c66a285  SOLR-1602 -- adding deprecated classes
     new 9f74e43  SOLR-1352 . Multithreaded implementation
     new 6956eaa  SOLR-1352 . Multithreaded implementation (documentation fix)
     new 8ca932e  removed unused variables
     new fe8a6bf  spelling correction in docs
     new 6b024f5  SOLR-1602 . The period was missing from package name
     new 260d294  LUCENE-2204: FastVectorHighlighter: some classes and members should be publicly accessible
     new dcccf06  Make comment class-level publically visible
     new 306ca9f  SOLR-1602 -- replacing FQN with solr.XXWriter in solrconfig.xml
     new aba4c8b  throw CorruptIndexException when deleted docs bit vector size does not match segment info size
     new aadfd47  typo
     new eaed8e6  LUCENE-2181: add a benchmark for collation
     new a33e867  LUCENE-2188: Add a utility class for tracking deprecated overridden methods in non-final subclasses
     new 5e97d63  add missing svn props as preparation for LUCENE-2193
     new 476d155  javadoc spelling correction
     new 7bdac8e  LUCENE-2197: don't copy CharArraySet in StopFilter
     new 9da810e  LUCENE-2203: use the snowball vocabulary tests for improved testing
     new fc4cf94  LUCENE-2201: use char[] for snowball, don't create intermediate strings
     new f8bd981  LUCENE-2193: Replace the backwards tags by revision numbers. Please consult wiki for a howto about updating the backwards-branch now!
     new 43c1132  LUCENE-2210: fix TrecTopicsReader for descriptions and narratives
     new cf3b8e5  tweak javadocs
     new da7bbb7  move test class being referenced by non-test code
     new 3014c8f  make test quieter
     new 2f81c73  SOLR-1696 : Deprecate old <highlighting> syntax and move configuration to HighlightComponent
     new 4ed8414  SOLR-1721 Add explicit option to run DataImportHandler in synchronous mode
     new 309476a  SOLR-1721 Add explicit option to run DataImportHandler in synchronous mode
     new 3f722b6  LUCENE-2211: Fix various missing clearAttributes() and improve BaseTokenStreamTestCase to check for this trap
     new 2bbd00b  move changes.txt entry into contrib
     new 9caaad0  remove $ tags
     new c966dfa  remove $ tags
     new 6ac5ebd  LUCENE-2206: add snowball stopword lists
     new 9ad659d  doc: note about native locks not working for multiple webapps in same JVM
     new 750f384  LUCENE-2217: use ArrayUtil.getNextSize when growing
     new 6b49c1b  LUCENE-2217: revert
     new 83b144f  LUCENE-2216: disregard trailing zeros in OpenBitSet.hashCode
     new 7c0cb27  LUCENE-2212: add test for PorterStemFilter
     new 98175aa  LUCENE-2220: Fix stack overflow when calling deprecated CharArraySet.copy()
     new b58ccc0  LUCENE-1845: upgrade to bdb-je version 3.3.93; download the JAR from maven (still from instead; download JAR directly, not full zip
     new 2c86ce4  Fix test failure on a checkout with spaces in file path caused by recent LUCENE-2212 commit
     new edf6694  LUCENE-1845: add CHANGES entry
     new 66dd0ae  LUCENE-2206: make svn checkout consistent with trunk and make the test pass if the whole checkout was not done
     new 5e9c071  Use https for backwards checkout and disable server-cert checking and interactive mode
     new 78e45c9  LUCENE-2207: CJKTokenizer generates tokens with incorrect offsets LUCENE-2219: Chinese, SmartChinese, Wikipedia tokenizers generate incorrect offsets, test end() in BaseTokenStreamTestCase
     new 9a931dd  LUCENE-2225: fix thread hazard that can cause testBGSearchTaskThreads to run forever
     new 076a559  Upgrade Lucene 2.9.1-dev to r900226
     new f287643  SOLR-1717 SolrHighlighter#fragmenter, formatter etc do not need synchronization
     new 79df1c1  SOLR-1553: edismax improvements -- pf param is now backcompat with dismax; pf and pf3 logic was refactored to reduce code; added pf2 which does what pf did in the first itertion of edismax
     new ba2b085  LUCENE-2226: move contrib/snowball to contrib/analyzers
     new 94826b3  LUCENE-2226: repair javadocs generation after hudson failure
     new 9b3b890  LUCENE-2213: rename ArrayUtil.getNextSize -> oversize; tweak how it picks the next size
     new 2ec53bc  LUCENE-2226: remove contrib/snowball again
     new 63339a1  spelling nit
     new ad6785f  LUCENE-2213: consolidate ArrayUtil's 2 tests
     new e6a3610  LUCENE-2213: fix back compat tests
     new 492f0d8  "Forrest Entity updates"
     new da447b5  Add Lucid reference guide to site
     new fcc5fed  add lucid ref. guide image to site
     new ed34079  LUCENE-2195: speedup chararrayset if set is empty
     new 05a802b  SOLR-1711: StreamingUpdateSolrServer race
     new ac5116a  LUCENE-2235: Implement PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper.getOffsetGap
     new 6b96f85  missing CHANGES.txt entries for SOLR-1516 and SOLR-1592
     new b574589  clarify caveat about using native locks and point to wiki
     new e9a979f  LUCENE-2198: Support protected words in stemming TokenFilters using a new KeywordAttribute
     new da5cfe8  don't throw NPE if an exception is hit while init'ing the core readers in SegmentReader
     new 1564036  fix spelling
     new c745b82  fixed spelling, again
     new 10a1942  SOLR-1737 FieldStreamDataSource: A dataSource which can give out an InputStream from Field data
     new ff24afc  LUCENE-2217: cutover more places where arrays grow to ArrayUtil.oversize/grow
     new 1e9cdab  update comments for NativeFSLockFactory
     new d7dada3  LUCENE-2223: add a ShingleFilter benchmark
     new 59fbe9a  set eol-style for benchmark .alg files
     new 49b3a12  LUCENE-2183: Added Unicode 4 support to CharTokenizer and its subclasses
     new 537bb74  LUCENE-2238: deprecated ChineseAnalyzer / ChineseTokenizer in favor of StandardAnalyzer / Tokenizer which does the same thing
     new 65e1223  LUCENE-2243: Add DisjunctionMaxQuery support for FastVectorHighlighter
     new e1df47d  fix javadoc
     new fdf4ea2  LUCENE-2218: Improvements to ShingleFilter (performance, configurable sep. char and min shingle size)
     new 869c789  LUCENE-2240, LUCENE-2241: SimpleAnalyzer and WhitespaceAnalyzer now have Version ctors. This commit also fixes all core tests to no longer use the deprecated ctors.
     new 39b9f97  LUCENE-2209: add @lucene.internal/@lucene.experimental javadoc tags
     new 2b6fb2d  deprecate useless ctor (should be private)
     new 5ad7974  LUCENE-2242: Contrib CharTokenizer classes should be instantiated using their new Version based ctors
     new 58bbab2  fix native lock doc wordage
     new 924d7fa  LUCENE-2247: Add a CharArrayMap<V> for performance improvements in some stemmers and synonym filters
     new 1444299  straighten out some whacky code
     new e18d916  LUCENE-2247: Add missing test for stringIterator() after clover report studies...
     new 1f8951f  updated test after clover instrumentation run failure. Thread termination timeout set to 60 seconds and made booleans in workers volatile.
     new 23d403b  LUCENE-2234: Hindi Analyzer
     new db62a20  SOLR-1748, SOLR-1747, SOLR-1746, SOLR-1745, SOLR-1744: Streams and Readers retrieved from ContentStreams are not closed in various places, resulting in file descriptor leaks.
     new 9dc5d7e  put changes entry in wrong place last commit - move it
     new 8d22659  SOLR-1756: The date.format setting causes ClassCastException when enabled and the config code that parses this setting does not properly use the same iterator instance.
     new 7f76eea  LUCENE-2249: ParallelMultiSearcher should shut down thread pool on close
     new 000500e  SOLR-1753: StatsComponent throws NPE when getting statistics for facets in distributed search
     new c96611b  SOLR-1736 In the slave , If 'mov'ing file does not succeed , copy the file
     new 72638ac  SOLR-1759: $skipDoc was not working correctly
     new 351e182  SOLR-1727 SolrEventListener should extend NamedListInitializedPlugin
     new 63754a9  typo
     new 57d1387  LUCENE-2245: Remaining contrib testcases should use Version based ctors instead of deprecated ones
     new a6b7c55  LUCENE-2055: better snowball integration, deprecate buggy handcoded snowball impls, restructure lang support
     new b4ac502  remove some dead code
     new ce39a0b  SOLR-1762: DateFormatTransformer does not work correctly with non-default locale dates
     new 1dd48e2  SOLR-1268: 1. eliminate hl.useHighlighter parameter. 2. introduce hl.useFastVectorHighlighter parameter. The default is false.
     new 0a07c2a  add assert to catch mismatched delete count on write; add detail to exception messages on corruption
     new 3eb663e   SOLR-1757: DIH multithreading sometimes throws NPE.
     new 9bb4420  SOLR-1722: Allowing changing the "special" default core name, and as a default default core name, switch to using collection1 rather than DEFAULT_CORE
     new 90135ac  * SOLR-1766: DIH with threads enabled doesn't respond to the abort command
     new 249be10  SOLR-1767: dataimporter.functions.escapeSql() does not escape backslash character
     new 91ffd60  LUCENE-2258: Remove unneeded synchronization in FuzzyTermEnum
     new 8dbd6e2  LUCENE-2248: Change core tests to use a global Version constant
     new c0a1615  LUCENE-2080: deprecate LUCENE_CURRENT
     new 5995714  LUCENE-2257: improve max per-segment term count limit from ~2.1B to ~274B
     new 7efc005  LUCENE-2209: add expert IndexWriter.removeUnusedFiles to force IW to retry deletion of files no longer used (only useful on windows)
     new 11f6b91  LUCENE-2260: Fix AttributeSource to not hold a strong reference to the Attribute/AttributeImpl classes which prevents unloading of custom attributes loaded by other classloaders. The same fix applies to VirtualMethod (3.1 only).
     new 0dcbffd  LUCENE-2259: fix new method (it's deleteUnusedFiles)
     new f2d37b2  LUCENE-2080: add CHANGES entry
     new 5bfe850  SOLR-1579: fixes to xml escaping in stats.jsp (the fix commited as part of SOLR-1008 was incorrect)
     new 87b0e27  SOLR-1771: Improved error message when StringIndex cannot be initialized for a function query
     new f43e472  Bring changes in line for release of 2.9.2 and 3.0.1
     new ed6594e  More additions about 3.0.1-only fixes, fix Header line to be compliant with changes-perl script
     new edbff4f  Cleanup changes in trunk
     new 08ecae8  building a PayloadNearQuery with a PayloadTermQuery that takes its own function thats not used is kind of odd and confusing - switch to SpanTermQuery
     new 545c764  small comment fix
     new 23aacd1  LUCENE-1941: Fix Min/MaxPayloadFunction returns 0 when only one payload is present
     new 5abaff6  LUCENE-2266: Fixed offset calculations in NGramTokenFilter and EdgeNGramTokenFilter
     new a9c09f8  upgrade to lucene 2.9.2 rc1
     new 5a93f98  SOLR-1738: Upgrade to Tika 0.6
     new 78a4c3d  update tika version in main CHANGES
     new f037de1  revert removal of xercesImpl
     new d85bb64  SOLR-1302 -- Fixing infinite norm calculation
     new adadefd  SOLR-1679: make SolrCore.execute pay attention to log level before building up big log message strings
     new fb0ccdf  SOLR-1695: Improved error message when adding a document that does not contain a value for the uniqueKey field
     new 9548057  SOLR-1695: Added an earlier check for multiple values being used in the uniqueKey field - prior to this the only check was done in the UpdateHandler (IndexSchema logs an erro if the field is declared multiValued=true, but it's not considered fatal since it will still work as long as clients only send one value)
     new 4cd6455  SOLR-1777: fix sortMissingLast, sortMissingFirst
     new 06e20d9  SOLR-1779: fix parsing for more than 2 dims
     new 7bb906f  SOLR-1779: how about a proper fix this time, as last fix didn't account for spaces
     new 44a38e9  LUCENE-2270: fix query normalization when boosts of all clauses==0
     new c05170c  move LUCENE-2270 description down to branch section
     new 74f73a3  SOLR-1779: handle all spaces between a comma properly
     new d5f6ae6  SOLR-1779: handle all spaces between a comma properly
     new 85d5802  SOLR-1695: revert DocumentBuilder changes from r9112332 and r911228 and improve the existing error messages in UpdateHandler.getIndexedId instead
     new 8012813  LUCENE-2270: Fix issue number
     new e4d016c  use SortField hashCode/equals rather than implenenting it ourselves
     new a0464f4  doc: warn about sorting by function
     new 0f42e34  LUCENE-2267: Add support for gpg signing to build.xml
     new 34cc526  docs: we don't want CHANGES entries for everything, including fixes to new features not yet released
     new 3abdb99  add checksum message also in trunk
     new 349ca09  LUCENE-2254: add support to quality pkg for any combination of (title,description,narrative)
     new 7b06e1c  LUCENE-2261: make TopTermsScoringBooleanRewrite's PQ size configurable
     new fb789b0  don't fork for every junit test
     new de634b3  Save/Restore BQ.maxCluseCount in LuceneTestCase
     new 5e3019a  also change LuceneTestCaseJ4
     new 0f99c02  LUCENE-1844: speed up TestNorms
     new fbe34a8  LUCENE-2273: Fixed bug in FieldCacheImpl.getCacheEntries() that used WeakHashMap incorrectly and lead to ConcurrentModificationException
     new f0c1d1c  LUCENE-2273: add additional null check
     new 2fcaf1a  Convert NumericRangeQuery tests to JUnit4 to make use of @BeforeClass and @AfterClass to enable cleanup of the static RamDir index
     new cc19884  LUCENE-2269: don't download/extract 20,000 files for the quality test
     new 2f1e68a  don't hardcode the static default, restore in a try/finally instead
     new 406eb80  new backwards rev
     new dd39605  LUCENE-2254: fix javadoc warning
     new 9c8b13a  LUCENE-2274: Add support for uncaught exceptions in threads
     new 8b165b4  new bw rev
     new 30b45bf  LUCENE-2190: Added a new class CustomScoreProvider to function package that can be subclassed to provide custom scoring to CustomScoreQuery
     new 75c4305f new backwards rev
     new 7b9c0f7  LUCENE-2271: Fix javadocs of TopScoreDocCollector
     new ee36dda  update release date
     new a79929b  LUCENE-2190: Add testcase for rewrite. Also add missing annotation for other test added by Mike. CustomScore uses JUnit4, so @Test is needed. We should somehow customize LuceneTestCaseJ4 to emulate old behaviour, else we get lots of tests without annotation never ran.
     new 5a320d2  LUCENE-2275: don't get TermDocs/IndexSearcher when applying deletes unless we actually have terms & queries to delete
     new d951d9d  upgrade to lucene 2.9.2 rc2
     new 6619abe  SOLR -> Solr
     new 4eef6ad  LUCENE-2281: add doBeforeFlush; make both do{Before,After}Flush protected
     new 83fc525  SOLR-1792: Documented peculiar behavior of TestHarness.LocalRequestFactory
     new d16fe2e  fix testOldStyleDefaults so that it actually tests the old style defaults -- i broke it with a typo way back in r441175
     new bbd02d1  SOLR-1776: DismaxQParser and ExtendedDismaxQParser now use the schema.xml defaultSearchField as the default value for the qf param
     new c831eb9  LUCENE-2278: FastVectorHighlighter: highlighted term is out of alignment in multi-valued NOT_ANALYZED field
     new 2bac855  LUCENE-2284: fix MatchAllDocsQueryNode toString() to close its XML tag
     new 172d852  LUCENE-2037: Remove TestWatchMan from LucenbeTestCaseJ4 extends clause
     new 04558da  LUCENE-2037: Add support for LuceneTestCase.getName() for backwards compatibility when reporting failed tests. Also removed The InterceptTestCaseEvents class and added as anonymous class (simplified, no reflection)
     new 21044e1  LUCENE-2282: allow public but internal access to oal.index.IndexFileNames API
     new e358c3f  add some infoStream verbosity on details of the returned NRT reader for future debugging
     new 4aa3cad  docs: lucene 2.9.2 rc2 became official
     new efb7438  LUCENE-2285: Code cleanups to remove compiler warnings in eclipse.
     new f447adb  LUCENE-2286: enable DefaultSimilarity.setDiscountOverlaps by default
     new d333d94  Improve performance of attribute cloning and clearing by removing synthetic access$nnn()-methods needed for access to private inner class field. Made the State members package private.
     new 0a14723  LUCENE-2288: remove more unnecessary snowball object creation
     new e4702ca  LUCENE-2290: remove unnecessary string concat
     new 1793470  LUCENE-2289: check infoStream != null before calling message
     new 6efeb61  SOLR-1297: fix for more deep function
     new 6c10ee2  SOLR-1750: SystemInfoRequestHandler added for simpler programmatic access to info currently available from registry.jsp and stats.jsp
     new 67ed6e1  LUCENE-2283: use shared byte[] pool to buffer pending stored fields & term vectors during indexing; fixes excessive memory usage for mixed tiny & big docs with many threads
     new da0de2c  add missing space in DirectoryReader.toString
     new ab9a5ca  SOLR-1722: small bug - defaultCoreName is looked for at /solr, but should be /solr/cores - also, defaultCoreName should really not default to DEFAULT_DEFAULT_CORENAME
     new 6efaaaa  Fix javadocs of NRQ/NRF
     new 3763e7a  Add tests for open ranges and infinite values to NRQ
     new 050c090  LUCENE-2277: QueryNodeImpl throws ConcurrentModificationException on add(List)
     new 4f5166f  SOLR-1798: fix FastLRUCache stats memory leak
     new d7b77b3  LUCENE-2303: Remove code duplication in Token class by subclassing TermAttributeImpl, move DEFAULT_TYPE constant to TypeInterface, improve null-handling for TypeAttribute
     new d3478d3  LUCENE-2300: don't pool readers on external directories when IW
     new d9ff09b  LUCENE-2300: add CHANGES
     new 8c0dcbb  LUCENE-124: Add a topterms rewrite method that scores terms only by boost value
     new ca50eef  SOLR-1318: Added ICU4J to extraction and test for Arabic
     new ebc4ce0  SOLR-1674: speed up analysis tests (thanks Robert Muir!)
     new 7641c23  LUCENE-2294: cutover to IndexWriterConfig object for settings to IW
     new 099ba4e  LUCENE-2294: cutover to IndexWriterConfig object for settings to IW (add missing files)
     new f8fa54f  Fix type name mismatch in example
     new b51587f  LUCENE-2294: revert while discussions are going on about default analyzer...
     new f44f230  add missing details about file format changes by version
     new 24d4565  LUCENE-2015: add a static foldToASCII method to ASCIIFoldingFilter
     new 9f7a187  LUCENE-2313: Add VERBOSE flag to LuceneTestCase(J4)
     new da284a7  As a first use of previous commit remove verbosity from NRQ tests. To show the term statistics use -Dtests.verbose=true.
     new 53c19d6  LUCENE-2294: cutover to IndexWriterConfig object for settings to IW
     new e5aada0  fix the missing tempDir in trunk
     new 40aa439  LUCENE-2294: fix javadoc link
     new 3c8644b  SOLR-1815: solrj preserve order of facet queries
     new e145b4e  LUCENE-2314: Add AttributeSource.copyTo(AttributeSource)
     new a29e93c  LUCENE-2314: forgot .getName() in IAE message, else output is not looking good
     new da4849f  LUCENE-2319: fix stale javadoc for IndexReader.doCommit
     new b13167e  LUCENE-2318: Remove inconsistent system property code for retrieving temp and data directories inside test cases
     new db06755  LUCENE-2037: Added a check for now, that tests in LuceneTestCaseJ4, that all JUnit4 tests have @Test added to all methods with name.startsWith("test"). This helps us during converting tests to JUnit4, as i found lots of tests that simply forgot to add @Test and were never ran.
     new d3b5dd4  initial move of solr to lucene svn - first as a dev branch to get solr on lucene trunk
     new 0d378ed  initial move of solr to lucene svn - first as a dev branch to get solr on lucene trunk
     new 5b0c691  move branch
     new 84de57f  move branch
     new 65a2145  a hackey commit of stuff needed to get on lucene 3.0.1
     new f2a3f30  give the error message we promised in Solr 1.4 if you use these charsets
     new 28453dc  properly set stopwords case-sensitivity
     new 1af8a5b  useless dead code, sorry
     new 7fab7e2  make test logging more verbose, but disable java logging totally (for now). Can be changed in
     new 7177d83  remove double test lines
     new cc4ba44  fix a couple tests
     new f29488d  SOLR-1821: Fix TimeZone-dependent test failure, triggered by US Daylight Savings Time
     new 4392449  merge up to trunk rev 922991
     new 15828c6  remove lucene 2.9.2 jars
     new ea6663f  fix setInfosIndexDivisor is now setTermIndexInterval
     new 21f422d  fix setInfosIndexDivisor is now setTermIndexInterval (missed a piece)
     new 09ccd41  fix bad tests: you cannot test a posInc that does not exist (e.g. some stopfilter etc must set it first)
     new 7d14598  convert uber-secret tokenstreams inside of jsp
     new 4a60277  Solr, meet Lucene 3.0.1
     new 2e35d9a  upgrade to 3.1-dev jars
     new 5cc1956  SOLR-1677: Add support for luceneMatchVersion in Analyzers, Tokenizers and TokenFilters.
     new 8529cab  as of trunk, the geohash encoding is fixed (thanks chris male), so fix this test
     new 21a1b9f  fix test to use a valid thread count
     new ae8d108  add nocommit for clustering test: perhaps somewhere Version.LUCENE_CURRENT is used?
     new 9ad4aae  SOLR-1677: Code cleanup (heavy duplication removal) and more checks.
     new 06b51a3  LUCENE-2313: Add VERBOSE flag usage to lots of tests
     new 1f28168  SOLR-1677: Add more lenient support for version numbers (also 'V.V') format and add a system property for tests (set by build.xml), that specifies the current lucene version. TODO: Update all solrconfig.xml files to add the '3.1' luceneMatchVersion.
     new 61e3e15  match lucene's junit version (4.7)
     new b8951e1  remove debugging prints from tests
     new fa1d73a  LUCENE-2293: make previously hardwired 5 max thread states settable, through IWC
     new 3d45063  add nocommit
     new 189859c  use matchVersion here
     new 2d64394  add cast fix intermittent compilation error from junit upgrade
     new 6be973b  the result difference is now explained, due to LUCENE-2286
     new b0f2536  drop old style Lucene compression support - but allow older configs to still work
     new 3cb43de  sync release numbers
     new 78b5767  remove deprecated HtmlStrip*Tokenizer, which only overrides reset() with the charfilter for a tokenizer
     new 0c13e8c  add note to CHANGES about HtmlStrip*Tokenizers
     new 3730a0b  remove nocommits
     new 742a8cd  remove unneeded nocommit
     new 5f79081  add version support for qp from solrconfig
     new b2a6e0e  initial stab at compression removal note
     new 9775379  break index format change warning out from compression removal notice
     new b7286e6  docs: remove 1.5 reference
     new d142dda  doc: add master/slave upgrade note
     new 0aa2bb7  doc: typo
     new cd4be66  SOLR-1677: top of the Lucene Version issue
     new cf770db  I think this was an error. We are still 1.5 compatible? When merging lucene + solr this is a bad idea.
     new 1902d98  SOLR-1677: More factories converted to use matchVersion
     new 3dabccd  Please don't hurt me, this is just a test!
     new 92e2e20  SOLR-1743: Restore the error reporting behavior of 'single core' solr instances.  (This was a bug introduced when the default core feature was added after 1.4 was released)
     new 5d9b7b2  merge up to 923909
     new b44d8b0  don't create strings, not needed with lucene trunk
     new 5023a08  fix wrong ctor visibility
     new e55919d  generate analysis factories for trunk's new lang support
     new 6755971  LUCENE-2326: Removed SVN checkouts for backwards tests. The backwards branch is now included in the svn repository using "svn copy" after release.
     new 8200c81  LUCENE-2326: It is better to use peg revisions, if maybe the data folder is removed in a later revision on tartarus.
     new 2e5c6cd  LUCENE-2326: In clover reports exclude then backwards tests correctly.
     new a45422f  Adding overdue unit test and adjusting build file accordingly
     new a5dc94a  move VwR classes to response package
     new dd8b03b  Syncing up config files with main example
     new 20db452  Add layout example template
     new cfa432b  merge up to 924414
     new 42bc0c4  SVN-GIT conversion, path copy emulation.
     new 778d967  SVN-GIT conversion, path copy emulation.
     new 7e70872  Merging after path copy emulation.
     new 1199f9a  remove this test
     new b87c6bc  a rough start to a top level build script that can run sub tests - still doesn't work quite right - perhaps not getting the right basedir in sub build files?
     new 8d78ef8  name test target 'test'
     new 087701b  little fix to make tests work when called from a build.xml in a higher dir
     new e01f81d  add a clean target and copy lucene jars to solr after lucene tests are done as a temp work-off-trunk hack
     new e70adc1  improve lucene-jars-to-solr target
     new 47f03c1  remove overwrite on copy
     new 96c5dfd  add svn:ignores to trunk
     new 2a282e2  SOLR-1379: Add RAMDirectoryFactory
     new cd490f9  switch Solr to really run off lucene trunk rather than just copy jars - still needs some love (too many duplicate lucene refs for one) but its a start
     new 7a6834b  remove obsolete ant call
     new 1084919  fix extras classpath
     new 097709a  SOLR-1830: fix test case not closing writer
     new 0d10770  merge up to lucene trunk rev 924781
     new 676a9ca  clean up ant a bit - take dupe refs to Lucene classes out of solr contribs
     new d56233a  SOLR-1835: add SolrTestCaseJ4
     new 7ff48d1  keep lucene from compiling 5 times when running test and reorganize all the lucene refs in one spot
     new 2a36f33  no need to call compile for lucene-core - the contribs will do it
     new 0036200  add directoryFactory to example, w/ default to FS
     new eb47921  switch BasicFuntionalityTest to use SolrTestCaseJ4
     new 874110e  change BaseDistributedSearchTestCase to just extend TestCase
     new 48d4155  convert WordDelimiterFilterTest to SolrTestCaseJ4
     new 919ac59  tests: kill prints, or change to logging
     new 7f0db45  tests: lower autowarm count
     new 08718bf  tests: fix comments
     new 0ab629f  convert TermsComponentTest to SolrTestCaseJ4
     new 8587348  make TestReplicationHandler just extend TestCase instead
     new ba9a78a  convert SpellCheckComponentTest to SolrTestCaseJ4
     new 4a75462  support for using RAMDirectory
     new 3d295fb  Convert TestCSVLoader to SolrTestCaseJ4
     new 5c8e81a  Convert TestTrie to SolrTestCaseJ4
     new 7576bfeb Convert HighlighterTest to SolrTestCaseJ4
     new 55f589a  Change to RefCntRamDirectory rather than RamDirectory
     new dcf9dde  remove a close that doesn't belong
     new a75151e  call the right close
     new aa9b85c  tweaks
     new 25d2c54  fix test
     new d21d258  convert DisMaxRequestHandlerTest to SolrTestCaseJ4
     new 958fd4b  merge up to lucene rev 925176
     new c3d33bc  merge up to solr trunk rev 925091
     new 733aabd  speed up a few more tests with SolrTestCaseJ4
     new db59c17  strengthen analysis tests: extend Lucene's base testcase
     new 9a13563  speed up a few more tests with SolrTestCaseJ4
     new fbcf1b1  fix file name case
     new b12f372  sync up to lucene trunk rev 925561
     new 2b950eb  fix casing of filename
     new 4abb609  tests: kill prints
     new f011f95  SOLR-1797: fix ResourceLoader thread safety
     new 5f3e28a  docs: clarify that ramdir doesn't work w/ replication
     new 8af45aa  LUCENE-2297: allow reader pooling to be enabled (through IndexWriterConfig) even if you're not pulling NRT readers
     new c5a9ede  use ramdir for local tests and fsdir for nightly tests
     new 386d3ea  fix restoring prop in test
     new 64b50a8  tests: revert property to prev state
     new 7ff2d5d  tests: maxMergeCount must be set before maxThreadCount
     new cb49850  prevent useless gc in tests, using the value from lucene
     new 08b0a68  add the RAM parameter for contrib tests, too
     new c8c5dfa  LUCENE-2331: add NoMergePolicy, NoMergeScheduler
     new ab336b8  move index exists check into DirectoryFactory so that it can more properly work with RamDir
     new 8ae0689  change logging to severe for now
     new 03345e1  SOLR-1835: run the core tests in parallel... not perfect but a start
     new e5e0634  Create new Lu-Solr development folder
     new 1467ee2  upgrade jetty to 6.1.22
     new 94eb33a  update jetty.xml for new jetty
     new b93a922  SOLR-1835: only create the output dir once when doing parallel tests
     new 5692166  SOLR-1835: add a sysprop -Dsequential-tests=something that allows you to force tests to run sequentially
     new b2337af  SOLR-1835: minor cleanups, remove redundant ant libs, add missing newlines to formatted errors
     new 9213bca  update build.xml for new clover version
     new c285667  document that ant 1.7.0, needed for junit 4 support is required, just like lucene
     new 0b6a6bc  LUCENE-2328: move tracking of which files are sync'd from IW/IR down to Directory; fixes slow memory leak
     new ace867f  SOLR-1835: add ability to not log exceptions matching a certain pattern
     new 64b524a  tests: ignore expected exceptions
     new 4f753f4  tests: ignore expected exceptions
     new 46668d8  tests: ignore expected exceptions
     new 7ee2e53  tests: ignore expected exceptions
     new 43d6b2e  tests: ignore expected exceptions
     new 2445887  tests: ignore expected exceptions
     new 234c460  tests: ignore expected exceptions
     new 32a370e  use random tmp data dir for more tests
     new f6126f8  LUCENE-2329: Use parallel arrays instead of PostingList objects in TermsHash*
     new 273c083  tests: ignore expected exceptions
     new 6d36da2  tests: ignore expected exceptions
     new 73d4a3e  tests: ignore expected exceptions
     new 6ebd260  tests: ignore expected exceptions
     new f6dd096  allow RAMDir for multi-core tests - add test that docs stay after core reload - change RAMDirFactory to work over core reloads
     new ac530bd  LUCENE-2328: add jdoc details for deprecation of Directory.sync(String)
     new ba6bfab  fix javadoc links
     new 954add8  tests: close update handlers created outside of solr
     new 3d50b42  test: close files so win can remove later
     new 16cb338  test: don't spin up embedded core if not needed, and close jetty when done
     new 03216a1  tests: partial conversion + fixups of TermsComponentTest
     new eb6e13f  LUCENE-2343: add support for benchmarking collectors
     new f5bb9a6  tests: conversion + fixups of TermsComponentTest
     new e6e5b00  add FVH capability to solr-ruby
     new a6e90e8  forgot to add history to CHANGES.yml
     new 214bfc6  SOLR-1379: fix term component so fields are map elements
     new babb058  SOLR-1835: convert some of the jetty/example tests to Junit4
     new b42b2d9  tests: set ramdir for junit4 based tests too
     new cec08f1  fix setting of solr.solr.home
     new 604c7c2  tests: convert more jetty/example tests to junit4
     new eb1537e  tests: convert jetty/examples to junit4
     new 88534cd  tests: factor out common client creation code
     new 8d32610  tests: convert jetty/examples to junit4
     new cf05c92  tests: convert jetty/examples to junit4
     new aedd12f  tests: convert jetty/examples to junit4
     new 45ea59d  LUCENE-2323: reorganize contrib modules (phase 1)
     new 4319c22  LUCENE-2323: reorganize contrib modules (phase 1)
     new 29963c7  LUCENE-2339: deprecate static Directory.copy in favor non-static Directory.copyTo; if it's FSDir -> FSDir, use nio's FileChannel.transferTo
     new 3343dcd  LUCENE-2333: Fix failures during contrib builds, when classes in core were changed without ant clean. This fix also optimizes the dependency management between contribs by a new ANT macro
     new f8c0344  tests: include classname in tmp dir names
     new 256789a  tests: prevent expected commit exceptions from failing test
     new ad7faf9  made this test smarter
     new 04560af  SOLR-1836: merge lucene/solr committer pages
     new 9ab93f2  SOLR-1848: add in static sample queries for the example
     new 6e4c79b  Use preferably sysprop "temptDir" also in backwards tests.
     new 923c4cd  revert SOLR-1848
     new 2450876  be quiet velocity test!
     new 6512773  LUCENE-1709: Parallelize Tests
     new b83700b  Lucene-2306: - Add NumericRangeQuery and NumericRangeFilter support to XMLQueryParser. Jingkei Ly via Mark Harwood
     new fc98d80  SOLR-1850: don't copy word set for each KeepWordFilter instance
     new c3d2d45  LUCENE-2306: Fix wrong package names in tests and missing super.tearDown()
     new 5738583  Use getDataDir also for index backwards compatibility tests
     new bcc84a5  remove ignore
     new eac4071  termAttttttribute -> termAttribute
     new d581f63  add CHANGES for SOLR-1706, as it fixed some bugs
     new 874e7b9  Fix the Luke target to work with the new layout, classpaths, etc.
     new 1602a0c  remove unused file
     new 61b781d  LUCENE-2148: Fix best fit bug
     new 97dfb8c  LUCENE-2148: fix the Solr test
     new 04dc8c1  SOLR-1853 Solr 1.4 Replication - Repeater throwing NullPointerException
     new 76dd311  JIRA-2353: Config incorrectly handles Windows absolute pathnames
     new 721ce98  LUCENE-2353: forgot to remove "via ?" from CHANGES :)
     new 7cc8b1b  added some comments, removed an extra, useless if check
     new 61d2ad1  added some comments
     new f3ba962  add a minor comment
     new a528a70  LUCENE-2360: don't use .toArray to recycle byte[] blocks used by doc stores
     new 3860c16  SOLR-1857: cleanup and sync analysis with Lucene trunk
     new eaca8cc  LUCENE-2359: fixed edge case around 180th meridian
     new 868b997  SOLR-1859: speed up indexing for example schema
     new 88fc2e2  add missing eol-style
     new 47416b3  SOLR-1740: ShingleFilterFactory improvements
     new 211d77a  SOLR-1852: add a test for this to trunk
     new 55aa604  SOLR-1819: Upgraded to Tika 0.7 RC
     new 07424bf  Fix broken MBean test: new File(URL.getPath()) is the wrong way to create filenames from "file:" URLs coming from Classloader. The problem: some characters are escaped, e.g. the whitespace in my user's home directory. The correct way is to cast to URI using toURI() and invoking the URI-ctor in File (this is the "official" way to go).
     new 0efaf5f  Luke version tick
     new 91e8bdc  Wire VelocityResponseWriter into the example configuration
     new 4bc7641  Make UTF-8 the default charset
     new aa94937  remove logging API usage, mainly because it isn't used, but also caused a test failure
     new 1b3d0eb  LUCENE-2365: IndexWriter.newestSegment returns null if there are no segments
     new 3e50978  fix URLs in
     new b679816  LUCENE-2370: Reintegrate flex_1458 branch into trunk (revision 931101)
     new d40dacc  LUCENE-2329: fix deadlock case after flush; fixed ram balancing between deleting & indexing
     new 29ff915  LUCENE-1976: fix again for 3.1 (fix was temporarily lost in flex merge)
     new ba9876c  LUCENE-1990: fix Mutable case where out-of-order writes could incorrectly overwrite adjacent values
     new ec8bcf4  add missing exclusion
     new a37ac8b  LUCENE-2377: Enable the use of NoMergePolicy and NoMergeScheduler by Benchmark
     new 7ba2a17  absorb flex branch section of CHANGES into main CHANGES
     new 1c058e2  LUCENE-1458,LUCENE-2111: add some CHANGES entries describing changes in flex
     new 0a5e680  LUCENE-2383: some small cleanups after landing flex
     new 5792f0d  LUCENE-2385: Move NoDeletionPolicy from benchmark to core
     new 81c21e1  LUCENE-2385: TestNoDeletionPolicy was not added to version control. sorry !
     new be7da17  LUCENE-2074: Refactor StandardTokenizer to have separate JFlex files per matchVersion. Also reset zzBuffer to initial size on reset(Reader) and clean up reset methods.
     new f2dfa0b  LUCENE-2302: Remove unneeded null checks
     new 48b9345  LUCENE-2302: Fix toString() issues with Token, add javadocs explaining break, and add missing CHANGES.txt
     new cf55de9  Fix deprecation warnings by incorrect javadocs in code commented out :-)
     new 1afb76a  LUCENE-2387: don't hang onto Fieldable of last doc indexed in IW, nor to Reader in Tokenizer after close is called
     new 7a2fa04  LUCENE-2388: update solr svn references to refer to the new merged trunk
     new cda9119  LUCENE-2323: move WikipediaTokenizer to contrib/analyzers
     new 9d677af  javadoc html fix
     new c8d0754  fix 1.5 specific javadoc warning
     new 50b3d2f  remove unused directories
     new b299b83  remove duplicate changes entry
     new f0a6238  Fix javacc and jflex builds, speed up contrib build by removing un related checks. Also updated wikipedia tokenizer to jeflex 1.5 and hardcoded unicode 3.0 (which is java 1.4 for backwards compatibility). Also rebuilt all javacc and jflex parsers.
     new 877a6f0  fix line ending again
     new 1976521  cut back number of test iterations
     new 524b447  LUCENE-2323: move surround queryparser to queryparser contrib
     new a4b8c40  some minor cleanups and faster jflex classpath :-)
     new 06283e9  LUCENE-2323: move ChainedFilter from misc to contrib/queries
     new d02cbfe  LUCENE-2372: Convert core analyzers to CharTermAttribute. Also made rest of core analyzers final.
     new 8804fc5  SOLR-1874: Optimize PatternReplaceFilter
     new 2e2ec5c  fix failing test, StdAnalyzer now stores this in its superclass
     new b5b5f24  fix jdocs
     new b20f103  LUCENE-2390: fix random remote test failures and refactor tests
     new f80c40a  remove troublesome $id
     new ac05e3a  use entity reference in solrconfig.xml
     new d4b3141  LUCENE-2358: rename KeywordMarkerTokenFilter to KeywordMarkerFilter
     new 3ae65e7  LUCENE-1709: use the build temp dir for junit temp files, prevents obnoxious junit temp files from littering the source tree
     new 9a43d0e  SOLR-1876: convert all Solr tokenstreams to CharTermAttribute, make all non-final TokenStreams/Analyzers final
     new 5aa974d  LUCENE-2389: Removed the now obsolete and deprecated Analyzer.setOverridesTokenStreamMethod(). Analyzer and TokenStream base classes now have an assertion in their ctor, that check subclasses to be final or at least have final implementations of incrementToken(), tokenStream(), and reusableTokenStream()
     new 2ff8550  LUCENE-2386: IndexWriter commits unnecessarily on fresh Directory
     new 287d4a6  add missing license header
     new 9992282  LUCENE-1709: force benchmark tests to run sequentially and enable threadsPerProcessor as arg to ant (default to 1)
     new e525dbd  LUCENE-2386: reverting previous commit due to failing Solr tests
     new f9ca627  SOLR-1840, SOLR-1839: DistributedSpellCheckComponentTest fails under stress test
     new 2090fb4  SOLR-1851: luceneAutoCommit no longer has any effect - remove it from config
     new e9e7b1e  SOLR-1851: luceneAutoCommit no longer has any effect - remove it from config
     new 29334f6  LUCENE-1709: respect this variable for solr, too. for now keep the default at 2
     new af9ee16  LUCENE-1709: specify output dir as temp dir, prevents junit temp files from littering the src tree
     new 4f86064  LUCENE-1709: add ant jars for the convenience of IDE users
     new 6d356c8  add a compile target to the top
     new 7a65a18  LUCENE-2386: IndexWriter commits unnecessarily on fresh Directory (take #2)
     new a0de834  remove more references to the old trunks
     new 994189c  LUCENE-2366, LUCENE-2367, LUCENE-2359: Fix a bunch of issues related to spatial
     new 8703572  LUCENE-2316: Define clear semantics for Directory.fileLength
     new ddae6f0  LUCENE-2184: previous commit broke this
     new 4238a84  LUCENE-2184: clean up API a bit more, test still fails
     new 2e204d1  LUCENE-2111: fix HighFreqTerms to work on flex
     new 3130cd1  Reverting earlier spatial changes
     new ea9cc21  speed up TestStressIndexing2
     new 5a10e41  sick of the horribly ugly formatting in this file.  My eyes just can't take it anymore!
     new 4c18268  add an additional assert to try to catch possible 'fdx size mismatch' bug
     new 605656e  LUCENE-2398: Improve tests to work better from IDEs such as Eclipse
     new 90a0eda  LUCENE-2398: allow this test to work from eclipse too, simplify build some more
     new e18484f  further simplify build: benchmark tests act like normal tests and don't need this anymore
     new 12a7360  LUCENE-2399: Add support for ICU's Normalizer2
     new 5141614  LUCENE-2399: speed this filter up 20% (icu optimizes for dest = stringbuilder)
     new baa94a8  LUCENE-2401: Improve CharTermAttribute performance
     new 24260eb  LUCENE-2397: SnapshotDeletionPolicy.snapshot() throws NPE if no commits happened
     new 7a99cc2  mailing list updates
     new 59bdca0  set eol-style for .sh to LF (sorry)
     new a95a785  LUCENE-2404: Improve performance of ThaiWordFilter by using a char[]-backed CharacterIterator (currently from javax.swing).
     new 8f13135  LUCENE-2404: Add Solr part (luceneMatchVersion init param)
     new 9b88f3c  LUCENE-2404: Add missing LowerCaseFilter to javadocs
     new 535fd96  fix Luke classpath
     new 156a84a  Fix build to include lucene libs into tgz/zip
     new 4fdba44  fix the lucene/solr version numbering problem during combined build and war/zipping
     new bd8aeba  LUCENE-2402: Add an explicit method to invoke IndexDeletionPolicy
     new 3599d0c  LUCENE-1343: Add ICUFoldingFilter, normalizes unicode text for search
     new 9d1de14  enhance contrib/icu documentation
     new bc32989  add an example showing how to control back compat
     new e48349b  modify example to be more performant
     new e5e05ae  improve flex javadocs
     new f1b9797  LUCENE-2409: Add ICUTransformFilter to support ICU transforms
     new c32bb32  LUCENE-2415: Use reflection instead of a shim class to access Jakarta Regex prefix
     new 01def23  simple null check: SolrCore isn't garunteed to havea CoreDescriptor, and CoreDescriptor doesn't have to have a CoreContainer
     new af96066  SOLR-1887: add warning log when hl.useFastVectoryHighlighter=true specified on the field that termPositions or termOffsets are not stored.
     new 8dccdd7  LUCENE-2416: Some improvements to Benchmark
     new c3a253a  LUCENE-2416: changed NORMALIZER (Pattern) to ThreadLocal, since it was left un-synced
     new 1e7165f  SOLR-571: autowarmCount on SolrCaches now supports relative percentages
     new c6e0e86  LUCENE-2417: Fix IndexCommit hashCode() and equals() to be consistent
     new c6e8519  LUCENE-2419: improve parallel tests
     new 90526f0  SOLR-1875: Per-segment field faceting
     new bb69d0f  LUCENE-2424: fix silly bug in FieldDoc.toString
     new 9f2cd93  LUCENE-2417: changed IndexCommit methods to abstract
     new a7659e5  jdoc improvement
     new 3a29adf  restructure test so that field cache sanity checking can still be used (some methods use the field cache in differnet ways, but each logical piece of functioanlity tested by a test method should be using it consistently)
     new 220f9ee  revert the static boolean checkFieldCacheSanity that yonik added for SOLR-1875.  since it's in the base class it's dangerous if some test class sets it to false and never sets it back to true.  added additional comments to where assertSaneFieldCaches is called so that if people run into the same situation yonik did in hte future they'll see how to deal with it (either by refactoring, or by using purgeFieldCache)
     new 98c47c5  LUCENE-2298: Add stempel, an algorithmic stemmer with included Polish support
     new 5abbf34  LUCENE-2414: Add ICUTokenizer, tailorable impl of Unicode Text Segmentation
     new 7cd9a8d  LUCENE-2400: ShingleFilter: don't output all-filler shingles/unigrams; also, convert from TermAttribute to CharTermAttribute
     new 722e52d  LUCENE-2400: Missed name in changes
     new 1d14f8f  LUCENE-2413: consolidate PorterStemmer to contrib/analyzers
     new 1c79ee4  LUCENE-2438: BytesRef improvements, bytes!=null, kill many cases of oversizing, implement comparable as index order, fix some javadocs
     new 9b9a365  LUCENE-2438: don't pre-allocate before UTF16TOUTF8
     new 4258ebc  javadoc: define UTF16toUTF8 result.offset=0, doc that BytesRef references byte[] instead of copying
     new d5c0eac  LUCENE-2438: Fix encoding in NumericUtils to also set offset to 0 (and javadocs)
     new d5e5a2f  SOLR-397: creation of a param for controlling what range endpoints are inclusive when date faceting
     new 59a62bc  spelling mistakes
     new 89c24fb  LUCENE-2413: consolidate ASCIIFolding and ISOLatin1Accent to contrib/analyzers
     new 1a9fab6  SOLR-1900: override new methods in SolrIndexReader, convert facet.method=enum to flex API
     new 5f68c89  LUCENE-2413: Move PerFieldAnalyzerWrapper and LengthFilter
     new edcc066  LUCENE-2413: consolidate TeeSinkTokenFilter to contrib/analyzers
     new 031e726  forgot to use offset in BulkReadResult
     new 7949e3e  fix faceting's use of flex: term() is undefined after next() returns null
     new a3da442  SOLR-1891: Make lucene-jars-to-solr fail if copying any of the jars fails, and update clean to remove the jars in that directory
     new 5b74a4e  LUCENE-2265: cutover Fuzzy, Wildcard, Regexp queries to operate on Unicode UTF32 code point not UTF16 code units
     new f9249e3  LUCENE-2413: move high-level charfilters to contrib/analyzers
     new 50031b7  make cold dist target work
     new 8a4b9df  LUCENE-2421: Hardening of NativeFSLock
     new ae2a285  LUCENE-2265: Fix Java 5 compilation -- Generics-Police and Java-5-Police is angry! :-)
     new 435cc41  add missing package.html
     new 1d1331f  LUCENE-2413: consolidate commongrams into contrib/analyzers
     new a9ef636  LUCENE-2413: consolidate HTMLStripCharFilter into contrib/analyzers
     new 9238c5f  LUCENE-2413: consolidate WDF into contrib/analyzers
     new 6fa480a  LUCENE-2413: consolidate RemoveDuplicatesTokenFilter to contrib/analyzers
     new cd320b5  LUCENE-2413: consolidate pattern analysis into contrib/analyzers, deprecate the old PatternAnalyzer
     new 20a0dc2  split changes for 3.x and trunk
     new 265a642  update contrib changes
     new 136ad0a  reflect merges in trunk changes
     new d9771d1  Update trunk's version to 4.0. TODO: Solr docs and version updates
     new e00e3c7  disable backwards in trunk
     new a96f5e9  fix the if statements that broke with parallel testing
     new 1fdaf68  sorry last fix was wrong
     new 27502aa  LUCENE-2413: Consolidate KeepWords,HyphenatedWords,Trim filters to contrib/analyzers
     new 4963109  LUCENE-2422: don't reuse byte[]/char[] for String IO in IndexInput/Output
     new 26f4756  SOLR-1904: use HashDocSet.exists in facet.enum
     new 0a66653  LUCENE-2283: mark RAMOutputStream as internal
     new c1a666b  fix jdocs; fix unsupported overridden ops in DocsAndPositionsEnum
     new 115c58c  Clean up generated JARs in clean
     new f6e9cc9  LUCENE-2444: move contrib/analyzers to modules/analysis
     new 6772a01  LUCENE-2444: remove obselete contrib/analyzers directory
     new fcf67e1  fix compile-lucene target
     new 3cd39b5  revert last change and fix prop name - issue still exists though
     new ced530a  LUCENE-2387: add missing CHANGES
     new bef21b3  LUCENE-2444: boilerplate stuff for the analyzers module
     new 3c331fe  LUCENE-2444: remove refs to contrib/analyzers
     new 1e1296e  sync all changes to reflect reality
     new 4a1c8c3  use the new _TestUtil.randomUnicodeString here
     new 2540400  LUCENE-2451: remove dead code in oal.util.cache; keep only DBLRUCache
     new 37a0811  adding news blurb about Apache Lucene Eurocon 2010
     new 1b020be  LUCENE-2437: Indonesian Analyzer
     new 399d373  fix the compile target... this never worked for contrib/analyzers before either
     new f3c25f0  SOLR-1865: ignore BOMs in SolrResourceLoader.getLines
     new 003cc24  SOLR-1843: new rootName attribute for <jmx /> configuration ... allows users to override the top level name for MBeans when exposed via JMX.
     new 06f7a37  fix package oddities
     new 79839b1  fix some eclipse warnings (thanks Shai!)
     new 02d218a  forgot to include event date in title
     new 972da58  LUCENE-2449: add 'knob' (-Drandom.multiplier=N, defaults to 1) to tune up how much random testing is done; fix sneaky bugs (workaround java's bug in new String(int[], int, int); nasty key reuse bug in DBLRUCache) that this deeper testing uncovered
     new 57a8756  support cranking up the memory index test randomness
     new e85c277  SOLR-1902: fix Tika extraction issue
     new 26b9fad  LUCENE-2413: consolidate SynonymFilter into analyzers module
     new 351474f  LUCENE-2329: fix bug in mem tracking caused in merging back from trunk; clean up some dead code
     new d1ecb22  LUCENE-2413: add MockAnalyzer and switch a lot of tests to use it
     new 317d311  LUCENE-2410: add a PhraseQuery->TermQuery rewrite when there is only one term
     new 712ce48  LUCENE-2449: fix DBLRU cache to clone key when it promotes an entry during lookup
     new 48cca13  LUCENE-2459: fix FilterIndexReader to (by default) emulate flex API on top of pre-flex API
     new ee5ec3e  LUCENE-2393: add total TF tracking to HighFreqTerms tool
     new 5707410  SOLR-1900: make getDocSet honor deleted docs
     new f753fb2  add a temporary workaround for the sort order problem
     new cb13ac0  LUCENE-1585: Allow to control how payloads are merged (trunk)
     new 4e93b11  LUCENE-2462: remove DocsAndPositionsEnum.getPayloadLength
     new 6fd7b91  SOLR-1908: Fixed SignatureUpdateProcessor to fail to initialize on invalid config. Specificly: a signatureField that does not exist, or overwriteDupes=true with a signatureField that is not indexed.
     new 0fb9feb  SOLR-945: JSON update handler
     new e9fcffb  example: add json example to exampledocs
     new dea8d48  upgrade noggit json parser to r944541
     new f4232f1  exampledocs: use the author field that's in the example schema now
     new 76fe0f3c fix Solr since version
     new d23eb64  LUCENE-2413: switch over more tests to use MockAnalyzer
     new e292af7  LUCENE-2413: clean up/doc MockAnalyzer, add a MockTokenFilter, which can simulate stopword/lengthfilter/keepfilter,etc
     new 4092c03  LUCENE-2413: convert over more tests
     new 023746d  SOLR comments: add node about passing deleted docs to termsEnum
     new 73f2435  LUCENE-2413: convert more tests
     new 97a95c3  fix typo in comment
     new acbf053  LUCENE-2463: Improve Greek analysis
     new cd45643  LUCENE-2384: Remove hack, as JFlex trunk now has the zzBuffer bug fixed
     new 824939d  LUCENE-2466: fix locale bugs for tr_TR locale: casing problems in lucene/solr code
     new 62307cb  LUCENE-2466: fix these lucene tests to work under all locales
     new 82bc123  LUCENE-2466: fix some usages of the default locale that cause test failures under th_TH_TH
     new 3e53e65  LUCENE-2467: fix memory leaks in IW when indexing very large docs
     new d25dcf4  update version number in trunk
     new 0ddd505  SOLR-1846: Eliminate support for the abortOnConfigurationError ... this also fixes SOLR-1824
     new 8ae84e0  trunk has been labeled 'version 4.0-dev' for a while now, so making CHANGES.txt reflect that.  also updating various old refrences to Java 1.5 since recent changes actually require Java 1.6
     new 7ff39e8  clean up some configs thta had multiValued uniqueKey fields for no reason -- was causing spurrious errors to be logged
     new c5ae13f3 change some 'performance' tests so that they use a Logger instead of System.out -- removes some spurrious output from the automated tests (people looking ofr hte perf ouptut can set their logger properties accordingly)
     new fe5f1aa  LUCENE-1287: Allow usage of HyphenationCompoundWordTokenFilter without a dictionary
     new 9f973b6  add comment
     new 28a153b  LUCENE-2440: add custom ExecutorService to ParallelMultiSearcher
     new 5ccb3ae  LUCENE-2413: fold contrib/icu into analyzers module
     new 56e4df5  LUCENE-2473: Clicking on the more results link in luceneweb.war demo results in AIOOBE
     new 5259d7d  LUCENE-2413: move KeywordMarkerFilter to analyzers module
     new 43098fa  remove dead code
     new f237405  fix dead link to queryparserssyntax.html
     new 7baa7b1  SOLR-1923: add caverphone to phoneticfilter
     new 04c8590  LUCENE-2476: release write lock on any exception during IndexWriter ctor
     new 71b59ca  LUCENE-2413: consolidate remaining concrete core analyzers to modules/analysis
     new 865002b  SOLR-1900: change terms component to use flex APIs
     new ec204d8  SOLR-1900: add missing
     new 537e024  fix solr dependency handling
     new a0c72af  LUCENE-2413: move more core analysis to analyzers module
     new 9e61dd5  Generics Policeman ticket
     new 9d4bd2a  SOLR-1928: fix terms component index order tiebreak
     new 2e8a9b9  LUCENE-2458: queryparser turns all CJK queries into phrase queries
     new 6149b63  revert 2458
     new c8108ec  LUCENE-2478: Fix CachingWrapperFilter to not throw NPE when Filter.getDocIdSet() returns null
     new 41c2ac3  SOLR-1900: use new indexedToReadable that takes BytesRef
     new 6ae79d9  LUCENE-2467: more mem reduction during indexing
     new 1c6a43c  javadoc: clarify exception that can be thrown from ut8 conversion
     new d6dd2e2  LUCENE-2455: Some house cleaning in addIndexes* (trunk)
     new b8a12e8  remove useless demo cruft (not necessary as it builds as a normal contrib)
     new 38aa464  include the demo war file in 'ant dist' and change the README to refer to the new location
     new 181bcbc  fix contrib/demo's javacc target
     new 7e5a4cd  remove unnecessary final modifiers
     new 85a977b  LUCENE-2468: make CachingWrapperFilter treatment of new deletes customizable
     new dc26c26  LUCENE-2468: strengthen javadocs
     new 9276737  SOLR-1915: DebugComponent now uses a NamedList to model Explanation objects in it's responses instead of Explanation.toString
     new b457760  giving contrib/demo an empty test directory in the hopes that it fixes the problem that Hudson seems to have using clover on that contrib (can't reproduce locally)
     new 98b252e  LUCENE-2295: Added a LimitTokenCountAnalyzer / LimitTokenCountFilter to wrap any other Analyzer and provide the same functionality as MaxFieldLength provided on IndexWriter.  This patch also fixes a bug in the offset calculation in CharTokenizer
     new 8ea260a  LUCENE-2480: Remove support for pre-3.0 indexes
     new 646d2f5  fix typo
     new 972ed36  revert VirtualMethod exception name, it was correct
     new d43627a  LUCENE-2481: Enhance SnapshotDeletionPolicy to allow taking multiple snapshots (merge from 3x)
     new 5179757  LUCENE-2299: don't miss segments in NRT reader if addIndexes is running
     new 6616053  LUCENE-2299, LUCENE-2360: add missing CHANGES entries
     new 7661fe8  fix typo
     new ad0e495  LUCENE-2372: switch over remaining uses of TermAttribute
     new 6e51a53  LUCENE-2372: remove unused import
     new a9eb9c5  LUCENE-2424: add missing CHANGES
     new 8d8c162  escape U+2028 in JSON responses
     new 699cbe6  SOLR-1933: 2 space indenting for responses
     new 9447b3e  fix typo in comment
     new b956dfe  LUCENE-2356: allow setting termsIndexDivisor for all readers opened by IW
     new 5e5c553  LUCENE-2356: fix spelling in CHANGES entry
     new 37be97b  LUCENE-2356: improve jdocs
     new 00cdc31  LUCENE-2311: pass fully loaded reader to mergedSegmentWarmer
     new 9d56e2d  SOLR-1915 followup - based on feedback in the issue i've renamed the param for controlling wether the score explanations sre structured, undeprecated the existing toString() format, and changed it back to being the default
     new 425ffb2  LUCENE-2424: make CHANGES entry wording consistent across versions
     new 7000b05  SOLR-1889: The default logic for the 'mm' param of DismaxQParser and ExtendedDismaxQParser has been changed to be determined based on the effective value of the 'q.op' param
     new d9f5941  SOLR-1914: write NaN/+-Inf as strings by default
     new 2cf56fc  SOLR-1930: remove unused prefix and wildcard filters, which have been moved to lucene
     new 0c2228e  SOLR-1935 BaseResponseWriter neglects to add SolrDocument in DocList when isStreamingDocs=false ... no CHANGES.txt entry because this is a bug fix for unreleased code
     new 510e9b1  SOLR-1602 wrappup - adding deprecations and warning log messages to response writers in the o.a.s.request package
     new 428d4b1  yonik removed ConstantScoreprefixQuery in r950784, but forgot to remove this usage of it (it was never migrated to lucene because it's trivial to build with a PrefixFilter)
     new 729a4dc  use HTMLStripCharFilterFactory instead of HTMLStripStandardTokenizerFactory in example-DIH schema
     new 46acc0c  LUCENE-2380: cutover to shared byte[] (BytesRef) instead of String, in FieldCache
     new ff01172  SimpleFacets was always using threaded executor
     new f7673b5  SOLR-1938: make ElisionFilterFactory user-friendly
     new a11fa9f  SOLR-1900: remove last use of TermDocs in SolrIndexSearcher
     new efaaed4  LUCENE-2380: work on faceting speedups after fieldcache conversion - store BytesRef per seg instead of looking it up each comparison
     new 5189558  don't suppress CMS exception details
     new 89cda54  remove useless property
     new 6ffc159  SOLR-1900: fix MultiFields/DocsEnum usage
     new 39edb86  LUCENE-2380: align for both doc->ord and ord->value, when fasterButMoreRAM is true
     new 27b2e10  LUCENE-2486: incRef the doc store files so we can load them when opening the reader for warming
     new 26ea856  fix silly thread hazard w/ MultiBits; add unit test; small cleanups
     new a6a9e5f  LUCENE-2380: fix bug where each term was written twice
     new 9c034e2  LUCENE-2487: IndexReader subclasses must implement flex API
     new 07fc03e  LUCENE-2489: move PerFieldCodecWrapper to core
     new e3707c2  JDK1.5 does not let you @Override interface methods
     new dec4309  SOLR-1943: Disable clustering contrib for now inn trunk, until problem with circular dependency is solved
     new 608f816  LUCENE-2484: Remove deprecated TermAttribute. Use CharTermAttribute and TermToBytesRefAttribute instead
     new db1cb0b  LUCENE-2494: use CompletionService in ParallelMultiSearcher instead of simple polling
     new e1e44d0  Starting a new branch for LUCENE-2324 and more realtime-search related patches.
     new 390fbf2  LUCENE-2496: don't throw NPE on trying to CREATE over a corrupt index
     new 7fe6c0f  remove accidental System.out.println
     new 857abc1  SOLR-1943: Disable clustering contrib, part #2 (until build system fixed to do contrib-crawl)
     new d0e4a7e  fix typo and move to right place (until release)
     new a0d0ae4  SOLR-1750 cleanup, renamed/moved class, and eliminated overlapping functionality with SystemInfoHandler
     new 51f649e  SOLR-1948: PatternTokenizerFactory should use parent's args
     new 1cf9b74  LUCENE-2497: fix a bug that was introduced in LUCENE-2480
     new 5d7197b  testNoSegmentFile failed on Windows
     new 36ca325  SOLR-1870: the javabin format no longer throws a ClassCastException when SolrInputDocuments contain field values that implement Iterable
     new 9427cad  tests: convert to junit4 and fix bugs
     new 3915a39  SOLR-1932: New relevancy function queries: termfreq, tf, docfreq, idf, norm, maxdoc, numdocs
     new 98b1313  LUCENE-2380: add getTermsEnum for FieldCache entry and use it for fieldcache merging in Solr faceting
     new aa6afe1  correct eol-style
     new 5a66150  LUCENE-2413: directory and package fixes
     new c91bddb  LUCENE-2380: hard cutover of all preflex APIs to flex
     new 6b212ad  LUCENE-2490 -- ant generate-maven-artifacts will build lucuen and solr
     new ed1f977  SOLR-1885 and SOLR-1711: release connections to prevent hang
     new 10a2406  LUCENE-2502: remove dead code
     new 3ffe87d  fix false failure in random test
     new 8c10e9b  fix false failure: test was converting invalid UTF8 to UTF16 through 2 different APIs (java & Lucene) and then asserting result is equal
     new d228769  LUCENE-2501: strengthen this testcase a bit, but I still can't get it to fail
     new 371556a  LUCENE-2490: fix for renamed Ant property in previous commit that was not completely done
     new 09de7f3  Update changes after release of 2.9.3/3.0.2
     new 7d20816  restore one entry
     new 9fed2f7  LUCENE-2378: fix silly perf regression
     new 04765f6  LUCENE-2378: add ability to populate BytesRef instances while filling PagedBytes, and make UnInvertedField's TermIndex use this to share a byte[]
     new e2b625a  SOLR-1957: Move VelocityResponseWriter from contrib to core
     new 44355bd  Remove contrib/velocity directory as it has been moved to core
     new b6015f4  Update link to Luke
     new 3bc8093  Add link to XML format to footer, why not, even taking debug mode into account
     new 5d96448  Add autosuggest using terms component.  Fixed a couple of Velocity warnings too
     new 363527d  Use generic url_for_solr prefix, allowing one global config change for a core path or different Solr mapping
     new 60e15b6  SOLR-1894: Fix for Solritas and multicore
     new 44d4da5  Add Solr logo to Solritas /browse view, hyperlinks to clear all constraints
     new 81f3e57  enable spell checking buildOnCommit in example configuration, and default it into the /browse view
     new a87bcb1  Revert spellcheck buildOnCommit, per Yonik
     new 6f6dd97  Add description to run-example target, to show with ant -p
     new cda18f0  SOLR-1965: use fastGet in BitDocSet to speed up intersection counts
     new 82ce4b8  SOLR-1946: Misc improvements to the SystemInfoHandler: /admin/system
     new 1a85112  remove velocity maven stuff from the build, no longer needed
     new 8459f9a  SOLR-1965: collect docs per-segment for enum faceting when not using filterCache
     new b910ea2  Greatly beautify the /browse view, thanks to a code4lib pal
     new 0f5172a  LUCENE-2380: expose method of getting native arrays
     new 2b8e4c4  SOLR-1965: use native array access for single valued field cache faceting
     new b58675a  SOLR-1965: use native array access for facet.method=fcs
     new 85cbe4e  Fix issue with form action URL and fq parameters, and removed some superfluous copy/paste JavaScript that leaked in
     new c6bd141  spell fix
     new eb44420  move random accepted string test utility code to src/test
     new f1be531  fix incorrect class name in javadoc
     new 7686d2f  LUCENE-2509: small code cleanups
     new 653c7c1  SOLR-1968: reuse termsenum,docsenum when generating cached sets
     new 8f71031  LUCENE-2413: consolidate remaining solr tokenstreams into modules/analysis
     new a545c8c  Fix silly bug in the regex used to normalize the MXBean name (used a..z instead of a-z - which removed too many characters)
     new e92a91e  LUCENE-2410: ~2.5X speed up for exact (slop=0) PhraseQuery
     new a9947ae  fix QueryUtils (for tests) to track lastReader correctly
     new f81a5d9  LUCENE-2512: fix DeleteByPercentTask to work again post flex
     new 18d21f9  LUCENE-2142: merge 3.x test only, as trunk uses different StringIndex variant
     new 50ab75b  LUCENE-2142: if FieldsCache.getStrings/Index is mis-used (more than 1 term per doc), stop loading once number of terms > number of docs
     new f289f22  LUCENE-2500: add DirectIOLinuxDirectory, a Linux-only (requires compiling .cpp JNI code per platform) which bypasses the buffer cache so segment merging does not evict cached files
     new 705dfee  LUCENE-2426: change index term sort order to unicode code point order (used to be UTF16 order)
     new 81aa382  remove dead code
     new 5242afe  Some style improvements, from Ken Krugler
     new e1db705  LUCENE-2513: don't overwrite future commits when IndexReader is opened on a past commit and then commits new changes
     new f60e005  update doap
     new 3ec2e75  LUCENE-2513: don't overwrite future commits when opening past commit in writeable IndexReader
     new a9f7966  LUCENE-2438: We decided that bytes should never be null, so i changed the recently added external serialization methods to conform to this.
     new b36b0e1  Solr 1.4.1 release news
     new ffc358d  fix wrong version number
     new 52085fa  LUCENE-2480: Remove more dead code
     new b2f3f2e  SOLR-1974: add LimitTokenCountFilterFactory
     new d69d138  SOLR-1966: QueryElevationComponent can now optionally return only the elevated results
     new c938fb5  SOLR-1966: check two results instead of one
     new 86ce79d  LUCENE-1810: added LATENT field selector option
     new 83aca3b  fix typo in javadoc
     new 3dbdb50  formatting: make consistent with other clauses
     new f8056de  Test some edge conditions
     new 5ba4331  SOLR-1556: added per field capabilities to TermVectorComponent, also error msgs
     new 350ae95  LUCENE-2524: FastVectorHighlighter: use mod for getting colored tag
     new 14e13ed  cutover TestSurrogates to use LuceneTestCase.VERBOSE instead of its own DEBUG; cutover to J4
     new a2d3151  LUCENE-2526: don't throw NPE from MultiPhraseQuery.toString if it has no terms
     new e6e18a8  Generics Police: Fix unchecked warning
     new 0e631b8  LUCENE-2517: improve changes-to-html
     new 36b3888  Move changes up to correct place
     new 0c333c6  LUCENE-2514: Term is no longer character based
     new b4e9894  LUCENE-2516: Cary over changes to trunk (but they are inactive, as we have currently no backwards)
     new c86c444  LUCENE-2464: FastVectorHighlighter: add SingleFragListBuilder
     new 0d31aa0  LUCENE-2410: correct CHANGES entry -- only 20% speedup
     new 662059f  LUCENE-2421: merge 3x to trunk
     new 7ad6c0b  SOLR-1985: FastVectorHighlighter: add wrapper class for Lucene's SingleFragListBuilder
     new 3adc878  SOLR-1991: The example target should work from a fresh checkout without running other targets first
     new 70d7eb1  SOLR-1992: Remove abortOnConfigurationError from example solrconfig.xml as it no longer has any affect
     new c5bc95a  SOLR-1984: add HyphenationCompoundWordTokenFilterFactory
     new b2eb102  LUCENE-2373 Create a Codec to work with streaming and append-only filesystems.
     new 561e520  SOLR-1981: Solr will now fail correctly if solr.xml attempts to specify multiple cores that have the same name
     new d4cc047  SOLR-1568: Spatial filtering support
     new 3867233  SOLR-1960: fix URL for Solr Wiki top page. This is a temporary treatment until INFRA-2251 is solved.
     new 9cfb3be  some corrections for flex migration, thanks to Andi Vajda
     new 7dc1919  LUCENE-2533: don't return dup Strings from FileSwitchDir.listAll
     new fa7d244  LUCENE-2534: fix over-sharing bug in MultiTerms/Docs/AndPositionsEnum
     new e0a831d  LUCENE-2531: fix string sort to only compare-by-value when necessary
     new 02f7690  LUCENE-2532: randomize IndexWriter settings in search tests
     new ed6406b  LUCENE-2130: fix performance issue with when you seek just a bit ahead on each call (which AutomatonFuzzyTermsEnum does)
     new 2ec25eb  LUCENE-2536: fix IW.rollback to not apply buffered deletes against flushed segments
     new 0aacad6  SOLR-2002: make AbstractSolrTestCase extend LuceneTestCase
     new 76de953  speed up test
     new dace72b  speed up test
     new e6cc82f  fix this assertion, so the test isnt sensitive to the speed of your computer
     new d49603b  quiet this loud test
     new 3241eb9  LUCENE-2503: add light stemmers for european languages
     new fcc9a4a  LUCENE-2503: add forgotten javadoc/citation (sorry)
     new d592103  SOLR-2000 ... it's not 2008 anymore
     new 2fbf7ec  SOLR-1791: Fix messed up core names on admin gui
     new 278448b  SOLR-1995: Use proper format for SimpleDateFormat
     new 67d2e87  SOLR-2003: report (throw exception) rather than replace charset errors in SolrResourceLoader.getLines
     new c8de69b  SOLR-2002: assert inconsistencies in setup/teardown rather than giving an awkward IAE for maxclausecount=0
     new ce249ee  add TODO about not testing the empty string in this test
     new 379bc33  use CheckHits to more thoroughly confirm results are identical (rmuir: add some more hair to the monster...)
     new dba59cd  LUCENE-2348: force single segment for DuplicateFilterTest, for now
     new a803300  remove dependency of test-core on build-contrib (only needed by redundant test code)
     new 4c23e64  SOLR-2003: improve exception message for encoding errors (print filename, etc)
     new 90ac856  print a warning in this test if it cant clean up (rather than silently leaving trash)
     new 7902749  LUCENE-2541: Fix NumericRangeQuery that returned incorrect results with endpoints near Long.MIN_VALUE and Long.MAX_VALUE
     new 42aa9a2  LUCENE-2541: Improve readability of TestNumericUtils by using autoboxing and varargs
     new 19a14cb  A small improvement in FuzzyTermsEnum, as the ArrayList was initially allocated with one element less so internal array reallocated every time. This removes the use of ArrayList at all.
     new 658c5f0  Generics und Classloader Policeman fixes
     new bd1a237  print exactly which files cant be removed (e.g. spellchecker/xyz.cfs) when cleaning up test temp data
     new 898430b  SOLR-2002: add timeouts for this test in case the site is having problems
     new 828d00a  LUCENE-2549: Fix TimeLimitingCollector#TimeExceededException to record the absolute docid
     new 1f10f8b  SOLR-2002: improve TestReplicationHandler
     new 7912d72  convert some more tests to junit4
     new cc5882a  LUCENE-2458: queryparser turns all CJK queries into phrase queries
     new 72d4191  LUCENE-2523: Add IndexFormatTooOldException and IndexFormatTooNewException
     new f608d4e  LUCENE-2523: Modify the test to check only for failure on, add TODO to make IW.ctor() fail early, too
     new f521e84  SOLR-2008: avoid possible RejectedExecutionException w/autoCommit by making SolreCore close the UpdateHandler before closing the SearchExecutor
     new f18502e  SOLR-1568: moved DistanceUtils up one package, as it isn't tier specific
     new 42b9f0c  LUCENE-2324: Committing second version of the patch to the real-time branch.  It's not done yet, but easier to track progress using the branch.
     new fc970ef  LUCENE-2324: Committing second version of the patch to the real-time branch.  It's not done yet, but easier to track progress using the branch.
     new bdba1ff  Remove unused file
     new 0b475af  revert accidental commit by buschmi
     new d114260  LUCENE-2324: Adding and to (hopefully) right branch this time.
     new 824f5bb  LUCENE-2514: consume tokenstreams in QP like the indexer: dont create intermediate string
     new 40028d3  LUCENE-2542: remove final from some TopDocsCollector methods
     new 907cd33  fix some bytesref abuse in these tests
     new 06a753f  add random prefixquerytest (hopefully easy to debug preflex issues with)
     new 55b373f  As BytesRef has now native order use them in numeric tests. The contents are raw byte[] and no strings, it should compare native
     new 0ccbc1c  Merging trunk into realtime branch (revision 966818)
     new c6432e9  add randomRealisticUnicodeString, all chars in the same unicode block
     new cec16f3  SOLR-2009: Contrib ant test targets do not respect sys props testcase,testpackage,and testpackageroot
     new 2fe80c4  warn if you fix a random seed (so we dont leave the test de-randomized)
     new 7216e5b  LUCENE-2554: making branch for faster iterations
     new af4a9de  commit my current state
     new c3627f9  LUCENE-2554: add some verbosity to TRR2
     new 3582913  remove nocommits, this isnt really evil
     new 68fe4bf  fix the core tests to pass (with any -Dtests.codec). pull codec randomization from RIW... we should support -Dtests.codec=random instead!
     new 9098d7e  add support for -Dtests.codec=random... all core tests pass with this
     new 69597e5  add support for -Dtests.codec to solr tests
     new c8fd7fc  factor random defaults out of RandomIW into newIndexWriterConfig
     new b797b02  remove some dead code; make RIW/RIWC more hairy
     new df6c1ad  LUCENE-2555: Remove shared doc stores
     new 4128a36  Merging trunk into realtime branch (r966817 through r978809)
     new 483266f  LUCENE-2554: fix PreFlexRW's reader to dynamically decide whether terms should be UTF16 or codepoint
     new 94dbf44  LUCENE-2554: make PreFlexRW codec use finer-grained impersonation, so we can test dancing NRT/deletions too
     new a964231  LUCENE-2554: pick a random codec for each unit test
     new 15cc2d6  clean up
     new b62cff9  LUCENE-2458: keep Solr's default QP behavior wrt compound words and phrases
     new 9be3345  random codec tests by default
     new 249c678  LUCENE-2458: revert r978879
     new 68ce463  LUCENE-2458: implement Uwe's suggestion for restoring Solr's default behavior
     new a5430ed  LUCENE-2458: revert r978898
     new da7655c  SOLR-2015: add boolean attribute autoGeneratePhraseQueries to TextField
     new 6487d5c  remove empty file
     new 42634c5  LUCENE-2537: merging from 3x
     new 071fdc3  SOLR-1984: typo in javadoc
     new dbbf048  remove dead code
     new a604160  remove remaining nocommits
     new aac4e16  LUCENE-2554: add comment explaining why we can't assert valid UTF8 when dancing
     new 2b988ea  don't generate invalid random regexps: the toString method of RegExp doesnt escape
     new 2ba78a2  LUCENE-2565: don't enter infinite random loop
     new f8fba74  LUCENE-2554: preflex codec doesnt order terms correctly
     new c76e15a  LUCENE-2569: in Sep codec, make sure reused Docs/AndPositionsEnum can in fact be reused
     new 96a6898  LUCENE-2568: fix AutomatonTestUtil.RandomAcceptedString to not return invalid (containing code points in the UTF16 surrogates range) UTF32
     new bed729c  LUCENE-2570: Some improvements to _TestUtil and its usage
     new 6e30869  SOLR-1925: CSVResponseWriter and commons-csv update
     new 9cf2331  don't generate invalid random unicode strings
     new 8024f7f  LUCENE-2561: Fix most of the thread-safety and exception handling problems in the realtime search branch
     new f1a8710  Setting svn:eol-style to native for new files in realtime branch
     new 4a645ab  Merging trunk into realtime branch (r978810 through r979858)
     new 30bec40  Make benchmarker contrib compile in realtime branch.  Now all contribs compile and their tests pass.
     new 41bb029  retry to prevent false failures
     new 683568d  More realtime branch cleanup.
     new f64f56f5 extend time a bit to prevent false test failure
     new b3bb09b  add another couple loops for this test to keep false failure from occurring
     new 04cdd6c  fix TestIW.testThreadInterruptDeadlock to properly close (abort) its writer
     new 747a1c2  print codec when IW.infoStream is enabled
     new b0e7f1c  fix (again) TestIW.testThreadInterruptDeadlock to properly close (abort) its writer
     new 1a15324  add some missing synchronization to CodecProvider
     new 317b939  LUCENE-2559: add SegmentReader.reopen
     new 67c66e1  raise the retry count
     new d5ded69  add randomized test case to test stored fields
     new adaeb65  SOLR-1240: Added support for generalized Numerical Range faceting on any numeric (or date) field.  Note: this required modifying ConvertedLegacyTest to deal with an expectation about how many fields a specific document has (there are more now because of a copyField i added to the schema)
     new 6666030  SOLR-1240: fixed typo in CHANGES.txt
     new f4919e1  LUCENE-2574: Optimize copies between IndexInput and Output
     new 4b4ecb7  Some contrib build.xml didn't import contrib-build.xml
     new d57ef1c  this is still somewhat brittle - try waiting for up to 3 seconds
     new 53f7428  remove dead code for reading old indices
     new bea5529  LUCENE-2580: fix AIOOBE in MultiPhraseQuery
     new 1904003  LUCENE-2580: fix AIOOBE in MultiPhraseQuery
     new 4b729f5  LUCENE-2579: fix package.html description of abstract methods
     new 8bfc318  TestReplicationHandler - fix testReplicateAfterWrite2Slave by retrying commit also
     new 99bcf03  tests: remove retry loop
     new 83a3650  SOLR-2019: force Jetty to use insecure randomness source when running tests
     new 640672c  add @link in javadoc
     new af4d6f1  add @link in javadoc
     new 756fc04  SOLR-2016: use tighter stemming for textTight
     new 3885ed4  SOLR-1469: fix TestReplicationHandler failures
     new cf46248  SOLR-2011: Solr tests now use a tempdir in build/ which is removed by 'ant clean', like lucene
     new b905aba  SOLR-2011: change all uses of -> TEMP_DIR
     new 7f4a23a  remove dead code
     new b76b8e5  LUCENE-2574: add missing seek
     new 97e4781  LUCENE-2582: allow setting the default codec for newly written segments, in the alg file
     new 07bd9c3  revert 981659: apparently the code was not quite dead yet
     new daeafba  SOLR-1469: fix TestReplicationHandler failures
     new 022d7d2  remove dead code, take 2
     new 0c0fb8b  LUCENE-2574: disable this opto for now
     new ac95528  SOLR-2021: Add SolrEncoder plugin to Highlighter
     new 4d03fda  SOLR-2021: add missing files
     new 9c5498e  LUCENE-2574: maybe 3rd time's a charm
     new 2de913a  remove commented out nocommits
     new aa28d25  LUCENE-2547: merging from 3x
     new 94040be  LUCENE-2578: cutover function query tests to RandomIndexWriter
     new f36a069  LUCENE-2586: move the mock intblock/sep codecs out of core, into test
     new 25e406f  remove extra print
     new b8dc30b  don't call Thread.interrupt after telling sub-thread to finish; it can cause false failure
     new 6da5460  SOLR-2028: fix AutoCommitTest
     new 677e0aa  cleanup unused build
     new 0e9270d  remove empty directory
     new ebc4f0d  vary IWC.maxThreadStates randomly in tests
     new 9f645f1  LUCENE-2581: FastVectorHighlighter: Make FragmentsBuilder use Encoder
     new 11fa1cb  add back testing the empty string as term here (fangs)
     new 935ec57  updated JavaDoc: former methods next() and skipTo() where still referenced in JavaDoc instead of nextDoc() and advance()
     new a0232fe  LUCENE-2588: trim unnecessary suffixes from terms in the terms dict index
     new 98c139d  After adding RANDOM_MULTIPLIER, the statistics in verbose mode were wrong
     new c2ad126  LUCENE-2588: make sure minPrefix never exceeds current term's length
     new 6fbdff1  SOLR-2030: FVH uses SolrEncoder
     new 7b3d0d6  SOLR-2030: forgot to update test for FVH
     new b4c599c  SOLR-2030: fix test code
     new a647813  LUCENE-1183: add back fuzzy improvements that were inadvertently lost in flex merge
     new 2985250  LUCENE-2118: trigger new merges when we flush due to merging currently open doc stores
     new ee9cd51  print more details on test failure
     new 63f30c6  LUCENE-2589: add support for variable sized int block codecs
     new 796fd9a  SOLR-2002: run tests under different timezones and locales
     new 21263ec  LUCENE-2591: TestNLS fails with ja locale
     new 61954ca  SOLR-2002: change tests from TestCase to LuceneTestCase for better coverage
     new c62c9cf  LUCENE-2589: allow ant command line property tests.codec to include param fr the codec
     new 9d71710  extend LuceneTestCase here instead
     new 40a3eb4  SOLR-2002: add support for -Dtestmethod=xxx when running tests
     new 0fac11b  properly reflect the Tika version
     new b626671  extend LuceneTestCase instead of Object here too
     new 73f5d52  revert shai's commit, it break hudson build and is unneeded
     new 5c000e9  Upgrade Velocity to 1.6.4, and Velocity Tools to final 2.0 release
     new 91b5291  LUCENE-2593: fix certain rare cases where disk full could cause index corruption
     new 006bd17  LUCENE-2594: cutover oal.index.* tests to use a random IWC
     new ca4c8f3  SOLR-1900: optimize FileFloatSource for flex
     new d2165cf  LUCENE-2595: switch tests to use MockRAMDirectory instead of RAMDirectory
     new 1ab1788  replace TODO w/ justifying comment
     new 75e34cd  LUCENE-2576: simplify IndexWriter's private startCommit method now that it's single thread'd (may fix this intermittent test failure); also add one missing checkpoint() in addIndexes
     new 92f4310  doc: typo
     new 80659af  SOLR-2036: don't automatically use ram estimator from stats page
     new f8ab6b4  fix typo - curly bracket is not closed
     new a43f67d  LUCENE-2597: add SlowMultiReaderWrapper to make a composite reader act like an atomic one
     new efaea50  SOLR-2041: fix commons-csv name in build.xml for maven
     new faed4b4  LUCENE-2598: add newDirectory and track that resources are closed correctly by tests
     new 48b89eb  SOLR-2042: fix woodstox
     new 779bc55  fix false test failure
     new 3f2f77c  LUCENE-2602: enable calibrateSizeByDeletes in default merge policy
     new 54504cc  SOLR-2047: ReplicationHandler should accept bool type for enable flag
     new 8464fad  fix typo
     new c2df8e8  SOLR-2051: analysis.jsp lost attributes, giving incorrect results for protected words etc
     new db4b2af  LUCENE-2603: FastVectorHighlighter: add a method to set an arbitrary char that is used when concatenating multiValued data
     new f39ad7f  LUCENE-2479: Add support for alternate comparators for spelling
     new 423ba96  SOLR-2042: removing stax dependencies from pom.xml (java 1.6 includes stax)
     new 1473b59  SOLR-1860: expose these analyzers stoplists as .txt like the others
     new 0a61e87  LUCENE-2479: should have been public
     new e8344dd  SOLR-2053: hook in support for specifying comparators
     new b573c16  SOLR-2049: add hl.multiValuedSeparatorChar for FVH
     new 8668ae7  SOLR-1881: add url-scheme for SearchHandler config
     new 01fa6f4  SOLR-2056 adding velocity to pom.xml
     new 28445d6  use shorter expression
     new cbc4a3a  use shorter expression
     new 64bdf38  Make compileAutomaton synchronized, as it can break for queries that are shared constants (like a drop down list in a web interface that provides predefined query constraints. These types of queries are in most places somewhere predefined in your code and then used by different threads/servlets/whatever). As the three transient vars cannot be set atomically, a parallel running thread may see half of the fields assigned and will get NPE).
     new f50e111  remove @override on interface (java6-only)
     new 4ec2893  LUCENE-2606: optimize contrib/regex for flex
     new 1620366  LUCENE-2608: Add per-method and request accuracy to spell checker
     new 3be9fed  getting 'generate-maven-artifacts' to work with analysis module
     new 431c958  get solr pom in shape
     new c31c4b6  even more pom fixes
     new 85549f7  SOLR-1630: fix minor collation issue
     new c453987  SOLR-2048: response testing with JSON
     new f566a7a  use subant to build the upper pieces
     new 4796682  SOLR-1658: revert accidental changes to text field
     new effe89c  javadoc
     new 0269c89  SOLR-1682: field collapsing / grouping
     new bc6ec5d  LUCENE-2592: merge from 3x
     new 0a506c5  SOLR-2062: Include noggit in set of deployed artifacts
     new 2681ca2  tests: create multiple segments when testing grouping
     new 1601382  SOLR-2062: Include noggit in set of deployed artifacts
     new 6a4bfc7  LUCENE-2600: remove IR.isDeleted in favor of getDeletedDocs(); don't cache MultiBits in IR
     new d526694  LUCENE-2610: addIndexes(Directory...) should not trigger merge on flush()
     new b689306  LUCENE-2613: workaround bugs in this test for now
     new ad8bfb3  SOLR-1316 Create autosuggest component.
     new 9b62d49  SOLR-1804: Re-integrated Carrot2
     new 07df8d5  LUCENE-2598: factor the behavior of MockRAMDirectory into MockDirectoryWrapper, add experimental to allow running the tests under different directory impls [but the default is still RAMDirectory]
     new 4e737ef  LUCENE-2615: don't create files w/ bogus permissions; don't hardwire buffer size to 1MB
     new 707617e  LUCENE-2598: use the specified when tests copy from an existing one too
     new c0f1509  ant task was deploying wrong version of noggit
     new 4c36988  SOLR-1694 -- use FieldCache value from one field to get the DocFreq for another field.
     new 05655d8  LUCENE-2598: fix tests to pass w/
     new 323afbc  SOLR-1804: clean up readme
     new 728ad83  LUCENE-2615: forgot to remove the hardwired 1MB buffer
     new 8a0d364  LUCENE-2596: merging from 3x
     new 66d7bb2  LUCENE-2619: improve test system (consistency of var names, args, sysprops passed to solr contribs, etc)
     new 5468b98  LUCENE-2598: more fixing tests to run with
     new 49167fd  LUCENE-2617: null scorers from optional clauses should still count in maxCoord
     new 142f792  LUCENE-2598: enable simulating a crash on windows+fsdirectory
     new 912563e  LUCENE-2598: wire this test to ramdirectory
     new ba6d2d3  wire this test for ramdir too for now
     new 5fc6fb3  sync CMS to address intermittent failure
     new 4ea8728  move checkpoint inside sync block that sets CFS
     new 481043e  cut test over to SMS and also try to prevent GC from clearing CachingWrapperFilter's cache entry
     new 264ad4f  fix msg in exc
     new 5a62c7c  increase iters to prevent false failure
     new fcfa3ef  LUCENE-2598: fixes for tests with NIOFS/MMap, add random option (but RAMDirectory is still the default)
     new 1238382  LUCENE-2616: FastVectorHighlighter: out of alignment when the first value is empty in multiValued field
     new 6621fd2  LUCENE-2598: make this test not use so many file descriptors
     new 6e05f99  SOLR-2002: add -Dtests.iter
     new 4378ffc  LUCENE-2598: run tests varying Directory impl by default
     new 375afd1  SOLR-2089: Faceting: order term ords before converting to values
     new 0b2ed22  javadoc
     new b9ab49e  SOLR-2089: correct test class name
     new 9104e8b  changed Grant Ingersoll to gsingers for consistency with other commits
     new de49549  LUCENE-2239: Documented NIOFSDirectory and MMapDirectory limitations due to Java NIO behavior when a Thread is interrupted while blocking on IO.
     new 5935adb  use latest luceneMatchVersion in example schema
     new e830a41  tests: update some test solrconfigs to latest luceneMatchVersion
     new 2936c03  tests: move test for legacy facet sort into SimpleFacetsTest and remove solrconfig for it
     new 44468e0  SOLR-2089: fixed tests + exception when facet.offset is beyond queue size
     new 2c8219c  SOLR-2046: add common functions to scripts-util
     new 48dde83  LUCENE-2098: speed up BaseCharFilter
     new 5204bd9  SOLR-1316: update SuggesterTest
     new 949e1d7  tests: make sure we don't over-match
     new bbfbc42  SOLR-2034: switch JavaBin over to standard UTF-8
     new e30c130  add missing javadoc to base test classes
     new 75e4514  LUCENE-2617: add tests for non-matching clauses and coord
     new a3e8c0b  LUCENE-2627: MMapDirectory bug when file size is exact multiple of chunk size
     new beb35ff  LUCENE-2626: FastVectorHighlighter: enable FragListBuilder and FragmentsBuilder to be set per-field override
     new eb899ea  SOLR-1694: avoid printStackTrace()
     new 33cc5a0  SOLR-2059: Add types attribute to WordDelimiterFilterFactory
     new 13fd705  LUCENE-2624: add armenian, basque, catalan analyzers from snowball
     new 0bb2e73  SOLR-1665: Add more control to debug via options for timings, etc.
     new 2da92a1  LUCENE-2627: tone down test for slowlaris
     new c5256c2  add basic tests for some untested TFC classes
     new 46f0f8c  remove dead code
     new e7f1717  remove javadocs warnings
     new c5d2165  javadoc fixes
     new 838e19b  LUCENE-2604: Added RegexpQuery support to QueryParser. Regular expressions are now directly supported by the standard QueryParser.
     new 2f64944  fix false random test failure
     new 86fbce2  LUCENE-2272: fix payload near scoring/explain problem
     new 912a615  LUCENE-2629: fix analysis/icu's gennorm2 task
     new d97f1f2  SOLR-2013: Add mapping-FoldToASCII.txt to example conf directory
     new 5fe8094  LUCENE-2590: Enable access to the freq information in a Query's sub-scorers
     new 72cb709  allow leading wildcard in contrib/benchmark's FileBasedQueryMaker
     new cf162c2  optimize surrogate case
     new 34f0a6a  SOLR-1665: add distributed support
     new 4e74f34  docs: expand description of SOLR-2046
     new ccc9168  SOLR-2092: use native long PQ to order facet results
     new 495e614  SOLR-2092: fix off-by-one in assert
     new 4794d1e  LUCENE-2611: fix tests to run in IntelliJ, dont fork solr tests
     new d735ea6  test class depended on the order of method execution
     new 6c9af51  LUCENE-2598: more cutover to newDirectory(Random)
     new 6ee1ac4  LUCENE-2631: fix small perf issues with String/TermOrdValComparator
     new 175f026  add super.setup/teardown
     new e7d5b82  fix broken javadoc link to lucene
     new d9226b0  SOLR-2099: Add ability to throttle rsync based replication using rsync option --bwlimit
     new 0a6fbd8  SOLR-2100: fix saveCommitPoint, remove unneeded calls to saveCommitPoint
     new 97719e8  LUCENE-2611: add a temporary workaround for now
     new 999ad98  LUCENE-2611: make test abstract, and name it *TestCase so ant won't execute it
     new aef725a  LUCENE-2611: ensure temp directories exist when running tests from an IDE
     new 89c6fea  typo 'shoudl' => 'should'
     new 77830a0  prevent false test failure in testThreadInterruptDeadlock: force ThreadInterruptedException to be loaded up-front
     new a9429d0  remove silly u from copyright header
     new a579dd7  fix bug in benchmark build: change a file in lucene, it doesnt know
     new 50663b8  SOLR-1665: fix MTL break
     new 63f331d  SOLR-2107: MoreLikeThisHandler doesn't work with alternate qparsers
     new 5bb82c1  SOLR-1665: remove DistributedDebugComponentTest, move debug tests to TestDistributedSearch
     new 5d74641  add test verbosity
     new f4d567e  LUCENE-2635: fix BQ to not provide matching explanation if a required sub-clause has null scorer
     new d0ae4d8  LUCENE-2634: NRT reader's isCurrent should return false if changes were just committed in the writer
     new 936c7b9  fix typo in exception msg
     new 4fb8c1b  turn off IFD's verbose ref counts
     new 44f3a3b  add new test for IndexOutput.copyBytes
     new 8b396e9  SOLR-2111: improve facet exception handling, change exception return type
     new 9dd3beb  SOLR-2110: remove restrictions on local param substitution
     new 77f39eb  SOLR-2114: fix parsing error in hsin function
     new d105271  these should have been deleted before
     new f60c6da  SOLR-2110: properly escape/encode local params in distrib faceting
     new 1fc5c8e  LUCENE-2636: Create ChainingCollector (trunk)
     new 5fd2316  LUCENE-2637: FSDirectory.copyBytes isn't safe for SimpleFSDirectory
     new 5bc9592  LUCENE-2633: fix int/long overflow issue in packed ints impl
     new 8f8132b  fix terms component for empty index
     new c6acdba  SOLR-2110: make sure to quote keys that start with $
     new aa3e159  SOLR-2113: add TermQParserPlugin
     new d38ec19  LUCENE-2639: remove random juggling in tests, add -Dtests.seed
     new f6c0423  SOLR-2083: fix issue with misrreporting suggestions in distributed spell checking
     new 992f002  LUCENE-2504: speed up sort-by-field by internal code specialization to the native array cases for packed ints
     new d7179da  LUCENE-2504: fix FC.setNextReader ignores
     new 27387ff  proper tika version
     new 628b4ed  LUCENE-2636: rename to MultiCollector (trunk)
     new 37c802a  SOLR-2001: prevent exception on missing q
     new 98293ea  fix javadoc
     new c33d37d  LUCENE-2640: add LuceneTestCase[J4].newField
     new c783479  fix silly indentation
     new 0ed3b6b  LUCENE-2504: fix missing ord fill
     new 070c79c  tests: expand TestSort to cover more cases
     new ab1af14  LUCENE-2641: fix perf bugs in PreFlex codec; speed up tests
     new 70b8445  SOLR-2118: fix setTermIndexDivisor param to have its correct name
     new 5192d94  add exception ignore for extraction test
     new feabade  LUCENE-2642: merge LuceneTestCase and LuceneTestCaseJ4
     new d51f194  LUCENE-2642: Fix some reflection issues
     new a505f18  LUCENE-2504: specialize solr's MissingStringLastComparatorSource
     new 9a3133c  LUCENE-2642: Fix small problem with one incorrectly written contrib test and add a extra exception, if somebody uses a static declared test method
     new 7a7e0e7  LUCENE-2642: more -- sorry for heavy committing, too many checkouts
     new dae51e3  change bigString to bigTerm and use 0xff bytes
     new 629e038  SOLR-2112 -- add a streaming interface to solrj api.  Implemented with BinaryResponseParser callbacks
     new c838bbf  SOLR-2112: fixing test spacing
     new e88daca  SOLR-792: Adding PivotFacetComponent for Hierarchical faceting
     new 038bf7e  quiet this test
     new 350963d  simplify encode for surrogates
     new f4d106b  LUCENE-2630: allow lucene to be built with non-sun jvms
     new 92039eeb javadoc fix
     new c18ae60  LUCENE-2630: look for the correct exception according to javadoc contract
     new 0e9e44f  LUCENE-2504: always access the latest generation of field comparators
     new 2d9eb62  SOLR-1900: use bytes instead of strings for bigTerm to find end prefixes
     new 774eaea  LUCENE-2630: fix intl test bugs that rely on cldr version
     new 76a9dc0  don't close reader prematurely
     new ff5a294  LUCENE-2504: small optimization to sort missing last comparators - use static inner classes
     new 2d02e21  SOLR-2098 SOLR-236: make faceting work with field collapsing
     new c0ca131  SOLR-2064 SOLR-2065 SOLR-236: support highlighting and debugging with search grouping
     new 193d4fa  example schema: category should be a string
     new 34cc899  fix incorrect ramUSED message to IW infoStream
     new bdb729a  SOLR-236: simplify by using groupSort in base class
     new 634cf21  SOLR-236: setFlags already does the OR
     new 17376b0  SOLR-236: refactoring - use Lucene's new MultiCollector, remove ours, move GroupCommand out of SolrIndexSearcher
     new 480ee75  LUCENE-2648: Allow PackedInts.ReaderIterator to advance by more than one value
     new fb9e5a1  fix this test for JRockit
     new 93f8a01  LUCENE-2652: QuickFix for Clover OOM
     new 7fe5f4b  LUCENE-2647: refactor reusable components out of standard codec
     new 68776ee  LUCENE-2588: Exposed indexed term prefix length to enable none-unicode sort order term indexes
     new c84bd2f  LUCENE-2653: ThaiAnalyzer assumes things about your jre
     new 3944f43  SOLR-2123: group by query
     new 6c6a675  running 'mvn generate-maven-artifacts' will put all the files in the same directory (dist/maven)
     new 30f8325  LUCENE-2656: if tests fail, don't report about unclosed resources
     new 69d5a75  exampledocs: remove payload.xml, move sample payload fields to other docs
     new 8a5368e  solr example: simplify spatial - use latlon by default for the location fieldtype
     new 0d416bc  solr example: use trie on latlon for faster range queries
     new b612b7f  solr example: _latlon name was misleading - it's not a latlon, it's a single coordinate in a latlon
     new 3e3d6d6  solr spatial: use the radius passed (including units) instead of hard-coding to miles
     new d204e73  LUCENE-2650: Added extra safety to MMapIndexInput clones
     new 2595c91  remove todo
     new c89d2d3  LUCENE-2650: Improve Windows defaults in FSDirectory
     new 68ff68c  SOLR-2108: Avoid false positive results when ReversedWildcardFilter is enabled
     new bad321b  solr example: doc that latlon type can't be multivalued
     new 59d4f2c  prevent false failure from running out of file descriptors
     new ae61750  LUCENE-2658: fix case where exception on docs w/ more than field w/ tvs could mess up the ByteBlockPool
     new aade8aa  fix typo in build.xml
     new 9cc44375 SOLR-2128: full param substitution for function queries
     new 56ff0c1  FileBasedQueryMaker could add a null Query if the query failed to parse
     new f68b4b4  LUCENE-2659: LuceneTestCase ease of use improvements
     new 3f547a8  SOLR-2125: change interpretation of bounding box to better fit user expectations on accuracy.  fix issues with radians. add more tests
     new 4761317  LUCENE-2658: add changes entry
     new f6d18fc  SOLR-1568: spatial - make sfilt fall back to request params
     new cce20cd  LUCENE-2070: document how LengthFilter counts characters
     new 791d140  remove obsolete scorer methods
     new d46262e  remove obsolete scorer methods, add @Override
     new 5bdde9b  remove obsolete scorer methods, add @Override
     new 31b427d  trunk is spec version 4
     new 852419b  LUCENE-2493 -- rename dev jar files to -SNAPSHOT.jar
     new b20a4b7  LUCENE-2493 -- fix test case
     new f8c0293  LUCENE-1840: QueryUtils should check that equals() properly handles null
     new 21ca796  SOLR-2125: add a fine grained distance test
     new c1e2880  SOLR-1568: add bbox, implement sfilt to restrict to dist
     new ffe3bb6  SOLR-1682: remove unused counter
     new aeab95d  LUCENE-2649: Objects in the FieldCache can optionally store valid Bits
     new 90ca407  removed Suppress(unused) which caused the build to fail when running with IBM Java 5
     new 745b3cb  SOLR-2133: check garbage after func(s), allow parsing comma delimited list of functions
     new 5d01ed3  revert accidental commit
     new 671a63f  remove dead code
     new cddf318  LUCENE-2666: add assert
     new b849d51  LUCENE-2649, add svn:eol-style, some missing headers and expose the Parser and SortType
     new e071186  LUCENE-2649 -- Adding a test to check for changing the parser.
     new 877e827  LUCENE-2669: Fix NumericRangeQuery.NumericRangeTermsEnum sometimes seeks backwards. This also adds an assert to FilteredTermsEnum that seeking only goes forward.
     new c5153a2  LUCENE-2670: allow AutomatonTermsEnum to work on full bytes range
     new 6e8fe15  LUCENE-2664: add SimpleText codec; fix -Dtests.seed to XX:YY format
     new fa40558  LUCENE-2638 Make HighFreqTerms.TermStats class public.
     new 35c9c34  removed unused CHANNEL_CHUNK_SIZE after FileChannel code was removed
     new 87496c7  LUCENE-2672: speed up automaton seeking in nextString
     new 13ea7a8  LUCENE-2529, LUCENE-2668: always apply position increment gap and offset gap between values
     new 6484cf7  LUCENE-2529, LUCENE-2668: always apply position increment gap and offset gap between values
     new c562b10  fix parsing of empty value source list
     new 3c26a91  LUCENE-2167: Implement StandardTokenizer with the UAX#29 Standard
     new dfed16f  LUCENE-2667: Improve defaults for FuzzyQuery so it has good performance
     new f5031a6  LUCENE-2167: cut over these analyzers also
     new a15dd4b  LUCENE-2674: improve interaction of MTQ & terms cache
     new 407c33a  LUCENE-2671: Add SortField.setMissingValue( v ) to enable sorting behavior for documents that don't have the field
     new 18db10d  LUCENE-2671 -- reorder FieldComparators so they make more sense (not included in the last patch so svn diff was more legible)
     new ccb141c  SOLR-2134: Trie* fields now support sortMissingFirst/Last
     new f7c4994  LUCENE-2677: Tests failing when run with tests.iter > 1
     new d029a5f  SOLR-1568: friendly geodist function
     new 708cea8  SOLR-1297: fix sort by function parsing
     new fa67095  make TestRegexpRandom2 harder
     new 7f4c82c  SOLR-1568: add field queries and range queries to LatLonType
     new 86af0d2  fix typo
     new 3e33080  LUCENE-2676: disable reader pooling for this test case since that causes added disk usage
     new 8003c5c  LUCENE-2678: prevent false failure due to fast GC
     new 5190ea5  LUCENE-2507: Add automaton spellchecker
     new 12987dd  Enable unchecked warnings: we have now only some violations in contrib and the recently introduced ones by Ryan. As we want to get rid of them (the contrib ones seem to be easy), I switch it globally on.
     new 0e5d709  make tests deterministic
     new de8177a  fix test failure in TestUTF32ToUTF8 (the random regex-generator generates invalid ranges)
     new 1cdc4e6  SOLR-2135: Fix behavior of ConcurrentLRUCache when asking for getLatestAccessedItems(0) or getOldestAccessedItems(0)
     new c040dcb  LUCENE-2507: Fix Java 1.5 violation thanks to hudson with 1.5 :-)
     new 487b062  LUCENE-2677: Tests failing when run with tests.iter > 1
     new d2d6a45  LUCENE-2662: Refactored TermsHashPerField to utilize ByteRefHash
     new 9c716e7  enable more violations from compile
     new 68bcf1f  clear up some easy warnings
     new 9a7eb4e  enable violations from compile here too
     new cdc93f3  remove useless casts
     new fd11477  clean up some fallthru/deprecation warnings
     new 2579edf  add missing eol-style
     new c8b7a21  clear up more compiler warnings
     new b83a464  LUCENE-2663: don't try to clear prior lock in IndexWriter when create=true
     new 0b5bc08  LUCENE-2663: move trunk CHANGES entry under 3.x
     new 9de7083  add dependency to prevent javadocs warnings/errors
     new e051178  clear up javadocs warnings/errors
     new 85a27b8  clear up javadocs warnings/errors (forgot to svn add these overview.htmls)
     new 0789e5f  LUCENE-2681: fix generics violations in contrib/modules
     new afad812  clear up more warnings in modules/contrib
     new 2e3329b  clear up javadocs warnings
     new 8051dfc  clear up some compiler warnings (non-generics)
     new a4d0cf0  LUCENE-2682: add test that confirm we can index more than 2B terms in one segment, @Ignored since it takes > 4 hrs to run on a fast machine
     new 616c911  document this fallthrough
     new 9862138  clear up 1.5-only javadocs warnings
     new 2a337f5  LUCENE-2685: add an assume for this test on broken sun jres
     new 7c020e3  LUCENE-2683: upgrade icu libraries to 4.4.2
     new 358cbb2  some CHANGES entries were in the wrong place
     new 1816eee  avoid sort if there is 1 transition
     new 42d5b58  Ignore this test under IntelliJ, which can't use Ant's test file patterns (Test*.java,* to ignore this test, and thinks it's a failure since no test methods can be found.
     new 51d4dcd  LUCENE-2687: Remove pq trap in MultiTermQuery.TopTermsBooleanQueryRewrite
     new 1c340dd  LUCENE-2682: improve Test2BTerms to not generate pathological (sequential) terms for the BytesRefHash; they are generated fully randomly now
     new 6eaed1a  LUCENE-2689: don't attemp to acquire a test lock in NativeFSLockFactory
     new 0f1f892  add compile-test
     new 6c361ac  add javadocs target
     new 287d27b  add package mapping to migrate.txt
     new c7d804a  don't double-parse query text in this test
     new 2e6787a  add a minimal test for boost attribute that fuzzyquery uses
     new f9e4f55  LUCENE-1370: Added ShingleFilter option to output unigrams if no shingles can be generated.
     new cd93876  SOLR-744: Added option to ShingleFilterFactory to output unigrams if no shingles can be generated.
     new 85efafd  SOLR-2148: Highlighter doesn't support q.alt
     new 82614b3  LUCENE-2691: move NRT calls to IR, make package local on IW
     new df401f8  SOLR-2002: minor changes to lucene build so solr can re-use it
     new 4098f42  SOLR-2002: avoid using deprecated/simplify test dependency
     new 1513405  Upgraded xerces-2.9.1-patched-XERCESJ-1257.jar (committed as part of LUCENE-1591) to xercesImpl-2.10.0.jar (which contains the fix for XERCESJ-1257) and also upgraded xml-apis-2.9.0.jar to xml-apis-2.10.0.jar.
     new 76c371d  LUCENE-2695: don't create 2 arrays per .score() call
     new 8887a04  LUCENE-2692: add some new SpanQuery classes
     new 98b20d6  add search method that allows Sort, but doesn't require a Filter
     new 52b19fa  SOLR-2010: added richer support for spell checking collations
     new fad66ad  LUCENE-2529: add this test from the discussion
     new 668ef95  LUCENE-2304: FuzzyLikeThisQuery should set MaxNonCompetitiveBoost for faster speed
     new 3fc915a  LUCENE-2696: fix sep bug when some fields have payloads and others don't and you reuse the d&p enum
     new fba2d42  Created docvalues branch - see LUCENE-2186 for reference
     new 1c66cf5  LUCENE-2186: First cut at column-stride fields (index values storage)
     new 60c3278  LUCENE-2696: MockAnalyzer injects payloads for better test coverage
     new ccf5860  LUCENE-2649: fix backwards params to checkMatchAllBits
     new bba56f8  SOLR-2002: try setting SO_REUSEADDR during jetty tests to prevent failures for disconnect/reconnect tests
     new 0056057  SOLR-2002: explicitly set connection-timeout for this test, otherwise the os could have a verrrrry long default
     new 82414f1  LUCENE-2691: add MIGRATE.txt entry
     new b8215fd  solrj: allow facet parsing to proceed even if no main doclist
     new 54ef52a  SOLR-2002: minor cleanups to dih tests
     new b55f338  SOLR-1873: SolrCloud - added shared/central config and core/shard managment via zookeeper, built-in load balancing, and infrastructure for future SolrCloud work.
     new f04c448  use unique temp directories
     new e7ae91a  CheckIndex was over-checking seek terms
     new 7ce145d  fix LB tests for those with ISPs that never fail DNS lookups
     new 52c2ea4  SOLR-2139: Wrong cast from string to float
     new 8ee25b0  minor cleanups from the demo move
     new b1e5eed  LUCENE-2707: BytesRefHash#get() should expect a BytesRef instances for consistency
     new 505ab4a  LUCENE-2671 -- add suppress warnings for unchecked casts
     new 5086f40  fix solr logging in tests
     new a9e8bdd  tests: remove test that doesn't do much, and has a resource leak
     new 314974b  tests: add instance id to CoreContainer
     new c7720b3  adding SVN keywords (Date Author Id Revision HeadURL)
     new 62ef53c  tests: fix leak of test harness
     new 9355b6d  tests: fix resource leaks + simplify
     new 8874d75  LUCENE-2671: remove last to warnings by a hack
     new 9b8431b  fix 2 typos
     new 77c543b  tests: fix resource leaks and simplify
     new 9ba13b6  tests: fix resource leaks and simplify
     new 1afdd8d  LUCENE-2703: MultiTermQuery scoring differences between 3x and trunk
     new ce13c84  tests: fix resource leaks and simplify
     new 3683fd3  tests: fix resource leaks and simplify
     new dcb71db  tests: fix resource leaks and simplify
     new b8de139  tests: fix resource leaks and simplify
     new 25e2a6b  tests: fix resource leaks
     new 90d0cfa  tests: fix resource leak
     new 97a8680  tests: fix resource leak
     new 048e07e  tests: close request in a finally block
     new 9c04165  tests: fix resource leak
     new 4c27441  tests: fix resource leaks
     new 3f1296c  this class doesn't need to init a test core
     new dba60ee  tests: fix resource leaks
     new a07cd4e  tests: fix resource leaks
     new ad355b66 tests: axe long, uneccessary, extra distrib test
     new 7f6dd50  LUCENE-2699: Update StandardTokenizer and UAX29Tokenizer to Unicode 6.0.0
     new e8a0629  Cleanup imports and remove @Override related to interfaces.
     new 2a8c9df  tests: fix resource leaks and simplify
     new dd1c7a8  LUCENE-2690: MultiTermQuery boolean rewrites per segment
     new 20794e4  SOLR-2163: SolrRequestParserTest.testStreamURL test failure
     new 03089d1  Add Simon also to changes! (LUCENE-2690: MultiTermQuery boolean rewrites per segment)
     new 3dbd981  tests: fix resource leaks and simplify
     new 3422c9e  tests: simplify test, use minimal config
     new 612a6ce  tests: log failure to better correlate where it happened
     new c776a87  LUCENE-2705: drop number of simultaneous threads from 100 to 10
     new 2d7ac92  LUCENE-2708: when a test Assume fails, display information
     new 3ee37a7  LUCENE-2709: if a test has methods with @ignore, we should print out a notice
     new 5d6cc6a  tests: consolidate tests
     new 6196f05  fix compile-test for rename
     new aa33fe1  SOLR-2142: fix PagedBytes for copying zero-len BytesRef
     new 5fb1cb4  tests: lazy handler test didn't acutally test lazy handler, convert to junit4
     new a98641e  hack the hack, for hudson since it has no ipv6: protocol not supported immediate failure
     new f5335a1  add assume for known turkish bug
     new 5870f2f  add @Ignore to broken tests for now
     new fb57fd1  LUCENE-2710: reproduce-with on test failure isnt right if you manually override things
     new 08b226f  revert accidental commit
     new 72494f7  add reasons why the tests are @Ignored so you see them from the console
     new c4c3f35  add reason why this test is @Ignore
     new 777cf3a  remove @Ignores for these tests because trunk is on java 6
     new f0e36d8  revert r1023266: maybe openjdk doesnt have scripts this needs... perhaps use Assume later in case you have the support
     new d99c26f  formatting/indenting changes only
     new 987f328  LUCENE-2708: when a test Assume fails, display information, improved one
     new e579ca5  SOLR-2010: fix resource leak in spellcheck collator
     new 9530a06  tests: use solr's log to skip logging expected exceptions
     new fc26e4a  Reenable scripting test, only hudson uses OpenJDK which has no Rhino engine, so add assume.
     new 36529dc  tests: fix resource leak
     new 8a61a8f  tests: fix resource leak
     new 6d269ad  LUCENE-2671 -- bind DocTermsCreator and DocTermsIndexCreator to the raw class
     new c92cf92  fix compile failure in Ryan's commit (LUCENE-2671)
     new 39e1e21  add another for now, since it appears to have TZ problems :(
     new 613f758  tests: jsontest - allow asserting that a path does not exist
     new d2f3072  tests: track number of searcher open and closes
     new 221dd19  for now, when a test fails list all the tests that ran in that jvm
     new 05d9364  tests: fix resource leaks
     new d656ba9  close the request we created
     new 7bf9a06  for now, disable this test with simpletext. takes a few minutes on my computer, 15 minutes on hudson
     new 73a0a1d  tests: fix resource leak
     new 87489d7  tests: fix resource leak
     new 80f95a1  test-related: move constructors together, log core container creation for all
     new 0334672  test-related: log core container shutdown
     new 3190a86  close the searcher in this test
     new 7f9f0bd  close requests.  this instance did not cause a real problem
     new a61e395  close up searchers in spellchecker tests
     new a4ea95b  clean up searchers
     new 503024b  more unclosed resources in this spellcheck test
     new 04dc476  disable this test
     new e9b6561  clean up resources in this test
     new 9ec8bc6  tests: close requests (doesn't cause an error)
     new 3944a8f  tests: close requests (doesn't cause an error)
     new eee3b95  close request even if exception
     new 1bb9ec7  tests: close requests
     new 26305b1  tests: close requests
     new d56d528  tests: close requests
     new 342d75e  tests: close requests
     new 1e90237  tests: close requests
     new 91a60c3  only spellchecker tests need create spellcheck indexes
     new 37fda0b  remove suppressed generics violations
     new c711709  LUCENE-2712: Fix FieldBoostMapAttribute to not use CharSequence as a map key
     new 7c80b7e  tests: temp hack to close unused core container
     new 0b31a11  LUCENE-2711: also use bulk sub-scorer API in BooleanScorer.nextDoc
     new abbd3f0  SOLR-2157 Suggester should return alpha-sorted results when onlyMorePopular=false.
     new fa603c9  Reenable the test: The bug was that all classes (even test classes) were handled as SolrInfoMBeans, so the test loaded all classes. Some tests initialized statics at the wrong time. This patch adds a check, that only build/solr classes are loaded by classloader. If there are still problems, we may have solr core classes, that initialize statics in a wrong way. In this case we have to fix those, these are real bugs!
     new f5c9e51  fix last commit
     new 330be7e  SOLR-2172: ZkController should update it's live node set after registering itself
     new de733c1  set svn proprties keyword = Date Author Id Revision HeadURL
     new 0a19c37  SOLR-2170:  BasicZkTest instantiates extra CoreContainer
     new 9c5d3be  source should be URL, not Revision
     new 77c71aa  setting svn properties: Date Author Id Revision HeadURL
     new d42c5e3  SOLR-2159: CloudStateUpdateTest.testCoreRegistration test failure
     new 63c4970  change timeout from 1000 to 10000 to try and remedy random hudson failure
     new 7fbdede  LUCENE-2643: StringHelper#stringDifference is wrong about supplementary chars
     new 8a126cb  add some missing super.setParams so alg.toString shows the params
     new 41fe1b6  LUCENE-2652: remove obselete runners, they are inconsistent with @beforeClass and obselete in the build today
     new 3543241  tests: fix resource leak - shutdown jetty before overwriting
     new a40d8d6  tests: fix leaks
     new ade778b  SOLR-1794: Dataimport of CLOB fields fails when getCharacterStream() is defined in a superclass
     new 983ead3  tests: convert to junit4
     new ed308e6  tests: convert to junit4
     new 72e081d  tests: convert to junit4
     new 933ebe5  tests: convert to junit4
     new 054df43  SOLR-792 -- write the value as an Object, not always a string
     new 3f79aec  tests: src/test/org/apache/solr/util/SolrPluginUtilsTest.javafix resource leak
     new 230ac9f  tests: fix test typo that lead to resource leak
     new 536823b  revert accidental test related commits
     new 99b7ec6  SOLR-792 -- adding pivot to the FacetComponent
     new fb93148  tests: decref, not close
     new 6f66858  LUCENE-1937: add methods to manipulate QueryNodeProcessorPipeline elements
     new 9221bfb  LUCENE-2556: Improve memory usage after cloning CharTermAttribute
     new a817987  SOLR-2177: Show more examples of faceting in the browse capability
     new a5595ed  SOLR-2197: wait for search executor to close before closing main server
     new d501658  SOLR-2177: pivot is gone
     new 45b9c24  tests: convert to junit4
     new e596bad  LUCENE-2667: apply fuzzyquery's new defaults to queryparsers in contrib, too
     new 686e944  LUCENE-2715: Use an internal attribute to cache DFAs in FuzzyTermsEnum during per-segment search
     new d56d7e4  Merged in trunk from revision 1021643
     new 707085a  SOLR-2177: turn on echoParams
     new 201c644  SOLR-2127: When using the defaultCoreName attribute, after performing a swap, solr.xml no longer contains the defaultCoreName attribute, and the core which was dafult is now renamed to ""
     new 8fe2254  SOLR-2178: some more additions to demonstrate things like function queries in an easy way
     new f515772  LUCENE-2701: merge 3x to trunk
     new 1d3ba9d  SOLR-2178: make price work for paging, facets
     new 01390fc  merge some props changes
     new 405cb19  LUCENE-1938: Precedence query parser using the contrib/queryparser framework
     new 1924490  SOLR-2181: Add HTTP Caching status to admin ui
     new 9c76a04  catch up with trunk
     new 9a1ffd4  SOLR-2173 Suggester should always rebuild Lookup data if Lookup.load fails.
     new 6bd7b93  Threshold parameter is a float, not a string representation of a float.
     new c99ac47  Suggester: allow float or string as param
     new 0415344  SOLR-2139: revert 1022357. threshold should be float in solrconfig.xml
     new f6558c7  SOLR-2185: QueryElevationComponentTest depends on execution order
     new 26833e9  Merged from trunk due to SOLR-2185: QueryElevationComponentTest depends on execution order - failed on Hudson only on this branch
     new b0f24be  fix MTQ.CutOffTermCollector to check limits after adding term, not before
     new 2f2c4fe  fix caching on Mike's last commit. Also remove counting at all.
     new c723559  SOLR-2180: make sure core is closed even if closing request causes an exception
     new 408e18b  SOLR-2178: more movement towards tutorial status: added tool tip annotations, called out the facet types more distinctly, added a link to the Solr Admin
     new a98050e  enable disabled assertion in this test
     new c15e002  LUCENE-2717: BasicOperations.concatenate creates invariant if the RHS is the empty language
     new c684042  use intersections in this test, too
     new 2629d2c  SOLR-2178: Added in spatial support, including maps, More Like This, etc.
     new aa6adb6  SOLR-2178: fixed minor issue on landing /browse
     new 29678a0  remove warning
     new d8208f5  LUCENE-2716: Improve automaton's MinimizeOperations.minimizeHopcroft() to not create so many objects
     new b627037  LUCENE-2716: increase test coverage for minimizeSchindler() and determinizeMcCandless()
     new 321e8b6  LUCENE-2716: 2nd part of minimize improvements. Will there come version 3? Hopcroft policeman is working on it...
     new 6528add  Taking SolrInfoMBeanTest out of the loop see SOLR-2160
     new 900f163  fix a little null pointer bug
     new ef14851  debugging: solrHome isn't set yet when this is logged
     new e999b25  LUCENE-2717: add an explicit test for this
     new 8b4c80f  LUCENE-2718: pull java code out of the QP .jj
     new 2582836  LUCENE-2618: make sure optimize merge complete even if a close is pending
     new ceb8db5  LUCENE-2618: revert
     new 19186b0  SOLR-2187: Add support for directly instantiating MMapDirectory, SimpleFSDirectory
     new 3a4d4aa  fixed copy method in ValuesAttribute
     new 16c09f4  SOLR-2187: Add support for directly instantiating MMapDirectory, SimpleFSDirectory
     new abbfc10  tests: fail if closes != opens
     new c8c9ee2  LUCENE-996: QP: mixed inclusive/exclusive endpoints for ranges
     new d42f977  tests: convert to Junit4, cut down config
     new 82126d5  LUCENE-2618: allow optimize to complete during IW.close, take 2
     new c74daf6  LUCENE-995: QP treats * as open end in range
     new ac71187  tests: close writer
     new fe1d16e  tests: close writer
     new 2ff0b11  LUCENE-2721: port from 3x
     new a813e53  fix indent in DIH sample
     new f2b2481  I am the nocommit policeman
     new f14690e  remove another nocommit
     new f89acfb  remove invalid nocommit
     new 026dc77  don't say logged = true if you havn't logged the solrexception
     new 3fc24d3  fix previous - added false to wrong SolrException (had no affect)
     new 5150971  example: update to reflect new sortMissingLast
     new f3a9836  SOLR-2190: slashdot sample: xpath not match
     new af9e49c  SOLR-2160: tests - use classloader from core's resource loader
     new 9c7336c  SOLR-2162: tests should use multi-threaded connection manager
     new 40214cf  SOLR-2192: sync runners in StreamingUpdateSolrServer.blockUntilFinished
     new e69d35f  SimpleText codec doesn't have to be added by LuceneTestCase
     new d226301  SOLR-2194 -- calculate correct value for JoinDocFreqValueSource when using a SubReader
     new b06f0b0  SOLR-1962: SolrCore#initIndex should not use a mix of indexPath and newIndexPath
     new 8b7abe6  in tests, remove RegExp.toString abuse causing hudson fail, for example negated character classes are parsed as intersections but we have RegExp.INTERSECTION disabled in the test
     new f8fb6ce  catch up with trunk
     new 99fd795  First step towards LUCENE-2700: Expose DocValues via Fields
     new 211ab61  LUCENE-2700: added missing files
     new beb1bb7  fixed remaining imports - sorry for the noise
     new a209a21  SOLR-2195: search grouping - fix MutableValue for sortable numeric types
     new df19081  LUCENE-2566: QP unary operators +,-,! should not be followed by whitespace
     new 0f52c2d  SOLR-2178: Hook in Carrot2 clustering to /browse
     new c62a019  SOLR-2178: Hook in result grouping, separate out into examples to declutter the screen a bit
     new 07a5f01  add a note why we use this strange comparator for this test (and not the standard one)
     new 2bf814d  fix intermittant failure
     new 717c67a  LUCENE-2719: Readded utility class org.apche.lucene.util.SorterTemplate with support for faster quickSort using pivot values and also merge sort and insertion sort. This removes code duplication and slow Collections/Arrays.sort usage.
     new d1935be  add missing changes entry
     new e5aa5c8  LUCENE-2380: remove int cast that limited DocTerms to 2B
     new dd42b92  LUCENE-2728: fix id handling in EnwikiContentSource
     new d4f2f62  SOLR-2205: Search Grouping - test for doc competitiveness before looking up group
     new 7b53bdf  SOLR-2205: remove redundant grouping comparison
     new 584d68f  docs: expand short-circuit explanation
     new 1fced2a  LUCENE-2700: Added support for MultiFields, MultiFieldsEnum and moved actual merge code to DocValuesCodec
     new 096538e  LUCENE-2616: move change comment to contrib
     new 977bb06  removed unused function
     new ed39d96  MERGE - catching up with trunk
     new 7a59018  LUCENE-2722: fix sep codec to store less in the terms dict
     new aff234e  LUCENE-2700: Enabled MultiField tests & introduced SourceCache
     new 8aaab49  fix typo
     new 0dd4539  SOLR-2200: improve DIH perf for large delta-import updates
     new abffef8  LUCENE-2730: remove sync from TermsHash.abort (causes deadlock on earlier releases)
     new 819344a  LUCENE-2732: Fix charset problems in XML loading in HyphenationCompoundWordTokenFilter
     new 6f230c5  revert changes (will come in 3.x)
     new 7e85ff6  SOLR-2207: add paging to result grouping
     new f4a5640  This class is no longer used and was deprecated in 3.0 (replaced by java.lang.Enum)
     new 5c6b4f4  SOLR-2210: add factories for icu analyzers
     new aede417  SOLR-2210: fix project/jar file name
     new fcbcce7  SOLR-1336: Add support for Lucene's SmartChineseAnalyzer
     new 56583c7  SOLR-2210: add svn:ignore for build/ and lucene-libs/ dirs
     new 5b27b08  SOLR-2057: DataImportHandler never calls UpdateRequestProcessor.finish()
     new cb1bc14  SOLR-236: refactor field collapsing, pull out of SolrIndexSearcher
     new 57eee59  SOLR-236: fix typo - instantiated wrong collector
     new 73e0464  SOLR-2205: add ord to string field
     new f6f1961  LUCENE-2733: Removed public constructors of utility classes with only static methods to prevent instantiation
     new 759086e  LUCENE-2733: forgot to remove class
     new b271820  ...also remove useless and even wrong ctor'ed OpenBitSet from Solr
     new 1541056  LUCENE-2737: Codec is not consistently passed to internal API
     new ac4674a  LUCENE-2739: refactor TestIndexWriter, pull out _OnDiskFull and _WithThreads
     new 91e2d47  LUCENE-2734: Use IndexWriterConfig in benchmark
     new 863dfcc  LUCENE-2739: Refactor TestIndexWriter: exceptions tests into TestIndexWriterExceptions, addIndexes tests into TestAddIndexes
     new 048cdb5  LUCENE-589, LUCENE-2246: fix intl bugs in contrib/demo
     new c54ea4d  LUCENE-590: Demo HTML parser gives incorrect summaries when title is repeated as a heading
     new fe82745  LUCENE-591: index meta keywords in contrib/demo
     new d29a64d  add comment explaining why flush isn't sync'd
     new a8fd606  LUCENE-2739: Refactor TestIndexWriter, move out term vectors writing tests
     new e83d2c6  LUCENE-2744: only print number of fields w/ norms on 'test: norms....' CheckIndex output
     new f8f7cb4  LUCENE-2744: only print number of fields w/ norms on 'test: norms....' CheckIndex output
     new 2bbfc85  SOLR-2213: Upgrade to jQuery 1.4.3
     new a25dc8b  LUCENE-588: Escaped wildcard character in wildcard term not handled correctly
     new 53a6230  LUCENE-588: revert accidentally committed test speedup, sorry
     new 740d556  LUCENE-2743: speed up SimpleText codec
     new 414751f  SOLR-792: fix pivot facet native type representation via FieldType.toObject(indexedTerm)
     new cb77786  SOLR-792: fix pivot facet native type representation via FieldType.toObject(indexedTerm)
     new d992f81  fix filter queries w/ grouping search
     new c49d474  fix tests-only ob1 in AutomatonTestUtil.getRandomCodePoint
     new acacf16  removed super.setParam call since superclass does not understand the param syntax for SearchTravRetVectorHighlightTask
     new 6f0292d  tests: test that filter query applies to result grouping
     new 4d0d625  use URLDataSource instead of deprecated class
     new 7e1e45b  SOLR-1973: Empty fields in update messages confuse DataImportHandler
     new 44b77b4  SOLR-2221: DIH: use StrUtils.parseBool() to get values of boolean options
     new 1a8e2ac  LUCENE-2743: remove assumption, test is fast now
     new ccc4b55  improve test coverage for the single segment case
     new 2e73046  SOLR-2211: add UAX29TokenizerFactory
     new 81f8363  simpletext: dont create string for every d/p
     new cc87ac0  simpletext: don't make string for every p here
     new f2fa253  LUCENE-2746: add TM to some of the logos, don't have an editor for the others
     new 48cfdf0  trunk only works w/ 1.6
     new e3232c3  this 'Priv' wrapper trick isn't portable (seems to work on sun-only
     new c715623  LUCENE-2576: fix one case of intermittent failure (unclosed files when using PreFlex codec)
     new b8d51b6  LUCENE-2742: Enable native per-field codec support
     new 3701a49  LUCENE-2118: fix intermittent failure in TestIndexWriterMergePolicy.testMaxBufferedDocsChange
     new c23af90  LUCENE-2118: fix separate failure in TestIndexWriter.testOptimizeMaxNumSegments2; cutover to IndexWriter.waitForMerges
     new 2103675  minor improvements to IW's infoStream output, .toString for various classes, etc.
     new e713637  LUCENE-2753: port 3x to trunk
     new d225b64  merged with trunk and integrated doc values with codec per field support
     new 15d4b3d  LUCENE-2576: change segments_N retry logic to re-list the directory before falling back to segments_(N-1)
     new 69313c1  allow static resources to be gced
     new ee763f3  splitted DocValues TestCase into two and converted some nocommits to TODOs
     new e95fbfd  Renamed getCodecInfo to getSegmentCodecs for consistency
     new 95d93d5  make test more robust to slowness
     new 20c7f906 raise another timeout for this test
     new 0485fd6  raise another timeout for this test
     new 5f48721  don't mark merged reader with 'hasChanges' if delCount == 0
     new 6e28ea8  LUCENE-2758: fix intermittent fail
     new ef0b5cd  SOLR-236: default group.sort to sort
     new 3a994f3  LUCENE-2759: fix MockDirWrapper to catch opening file for input that's still open for output; fix 2 cases where we could do that
     new dbd5f8d  catch up with trunks latest bug fixes and testcase improvements
     new da01024  fix intermittent fail: prevent unexpected merging
     new 8c1ecb0  fix intermittent fail: prevent unexpected merging
     new d699bec  raise another timeout for this test
     new 19697da  SOLR-2236: random testing support
     new a73f5e2  SOLR-2236: random testing for grouping
     new 18c317a  SOLR-236: grouping - fix NPE if rows=0, add prototype string grouping speedup
     new ac71ebc  LUCENE-2754, LUCENE-2757: Added a wrapper around MultiTermQueries to add span support: SpanMultiTermQueryWrapper<Q extends MultiTermQuery>. Using this wrapper its easy to add fuzzy/wildcard to e.g. a SpanNearQuery. This patch also refactors all RewriteMethods and Attributes in MTQ (class was unmaintainable).
     new 65c09c5  LUCENE-2754, LUCENE-2757: Missed to clean up imports
     new fffce11  SOLR-236: grouping - fix collectors when sort != group.sort
     new 7b33f0d  SOLR-236: grouping - remove redundant setBottom
     new 63555ce  SOLR-236: grouping - set bottom on the pq if changed
     new 1d05151  LUCENE-2757: Fix hackish max clause count handling in trunk
     new 6c4f3a1  LUCENE-2757: Remove unneeded casts
     new ebad544  LUCENE-2757, LUCENE-2690: Add test for BQ.maxClauseCount checking. Also the original test was missing duplicate terms in the MultiReader case, added this. This also fixes a "bug" in the TooManyClauses exception which can be seen in failing tests: The message may not contain the value of maxClauses at the time the exception was thrown. Tests have exactly this problem, because they print the message when the default is already restored.
     new 0630ca3  LUCENE-2618: if normal merges run at same time as optimize, upgrade them to optimize merges if they involve segments marked for optimize; add random thread yield to MockDirWrapper
     new e9e615f  raise another timeout for this test
     new 467a25a  harden test against slowness (again...)
     new 62f9291  LUCENE-2741: Added support for codecs using the same file extension within the same segment
     new c36161a  LUCENE-2741: Added support for codecs using the same file extension within the same segment
     new fd8ab58  LUCENE-2631: convert ord[bototmSlot] as well as bottomOrd
     new 0123357  LUCENE-2760: Optimize SpanFirstQuery,SpanPositionRangeQuery
     new 401ae6a  LUCENE-2631: avoid redundant checks/sets of readerGen
     new a876825  LUCENE-2761: specialize payload processing in DandPEnum, speed up scanning through positions
     new 3d3e103  keep trying on this test...
     new fdff934  LUCENE-2631: only change ord if we are changing the reader gen
     new 608e646  LUCENE-2631: only change ord if we are changing the reader gen
     new 204abfb  LUCENE-2767: add 2 missing sync's in IW when it invokes IFD
     new eabf286  Use pagedBytes in DocValues Byte variants instead of direct byte arrays
     new de3d057  SOLR-2237: Added StempelPolishStemFilterFactory to contrib/analysis-extras
     new 0aa416f  fixed length prefix for use with PagedBytes
     new 09a526f  tests: enable grouping tests
     new 45e10d5  catch up with trunk
     new e607642  LUCENE-2768: add support to LuceneTestCase for @Nightly annotated tests
     new a5d73e7  LUCENE-2764: Allow tests to use random codec per field
     new 30c2ff1  remove code duplication by making getSortedTransitions public
     new 6a2955f  improve readability: no bug since getStartPoints numbered the states anyway
     new 90323cc  LUCENE-2764: back out temporarily for now
     new 58f7005  LUCENE-2764: switch existing tests to per-field API
     new 24178a6  LUCENE-2770: Make SegmentMerger always work on atomic subreaders, even when IndexWriter.addIndexes(IndexReader...) is used with DirectoryReaders or other MultiReaders. This saves lots of memory during merge of norms
     new 7a86d09  LUCENE-2769: FilterIndexReader in trunk does not implement getSequentialSubReaders() correctly
     new 23f3a7c  fix jdoc typo
     new 4194ef0  SOLR-2243: support group.limit=0
     new 3430ee0  LUCENE-2770: Optimize memory allocation on norms merging
     new bd4a69f  LUCENE-2762: fix IW to not hold open but deleted files when CFS is true
     new fc9c09e  factor out test method to configure IW to reduce open file count
     new 88e48eb  LUCENE-2764: tests use random codec per field
     new 0b1a679  LUCENE-2772: SlowMultiReaderWrapper should be closeable. The wrap() method was removed, so even for 1-segment indexes its better to wrap which is no real overhead at all.
     new 7853af4  fix intermittant false test fail
     new 3f73a2e  fix intermittent false test fail
     new fb4bb95  fix intermittent test bug
     new 32bb867  SOLR-236: change definition of how groups are sorted to fix algorithmic error when sort!=group.sort
     new af6ce50  SOLR-2068: fix bugs, but leave disabled due to missing support for null values
     new c43b0bf  docs: clarify changes.txt
     new 7b3e358  SOLR-2081: fix BaseResponseWriter so SingleResponseWriter.end is only called once
     new 59c9b46  docs: changes to non-released features don't need entries
     new bcf1dcc  SOLR-2198: handle null values in collapse field
     new 2867ab8  SOLR-2068: optimize group by string
     new 8dbe034  - Fixed IndexOutOfBoundException due to PagedBytes Boundary - Added Source based ValuesEnums for all types - Cut over to PagedBytes - Share binary search impl with all sorted implementations - DocValuesCodec is now directly compute the file names belonging to it due to per codec metadata - splitted up testcases in more and smaller tests - removed several nocommit
     new d936615  added missing ASL headers
     new a1678b7  LUCENE-2773: don't build compound files for large merged segments (by default); default maxMergeMB to 2GB
     new 897ec3a  SOLR-2063: simple flattened grouped response as main result list
     new 86922c4  LUCENE-2773: don't de-optimize an optimize index that's already in CFS format
     new a4ecf7b  SOLR-2063: support group.format=simple
     new 7b01eba  SOLR-2063: fix incorrect assert
     new 2d3849f  removed unnecessary import
     new 3c47af1  fixed toString method for SegmentCodecs to print the actual codecs used
     new 66c8234  prevent too many open files in test
     new b57c846  LUCENE-2778: port from 3x
     new 57a7862  LUCENE-2776: don't create term vectors files if no doc uses term vectors
     new 4067f5a  LUCENE-2777: Revise PagedBytes#fillUsingLengthPrefix* methods names
     new 6ca2755  remove dead code
     new cdab6ed  LUCENE-2782: fix rare thread hazard with IW.commit; also make tests slightly more evil
     new d7fe260  fix false intermittent test failure
     new 668fcb7  Fix javadoc warning
     new 4e90ddd  add file so directory is not empty
     new feb3a59  make sure tests.verbose works in solr, print test params when verbose is set
     new 031237d  make RandomCodecProvider insensitive to the order of fields being indexed... its a defined mapping now computed up front in ctor
     new 84721aa  remove unnecessary individual mergeprops
     new 46d2aa6  fix false test failure
     new 522a98f  LUCENE-2393: fix package name in usage message
     new 115ef9b  LUCENE-2393: use class.getName()
     new 4c724b9  SOLR-2257: fix contrib/spellchecker to be deterministic by adding a tertiary comparison (term text)
     new 7f443f6  LUCENE-2779: Use ConcurrentHashMap in RAMDirectory
     new ef914b3  fix false random test failure; make private random instance for RandomIndexWriter and MockDirWrapper so tests are reproducible from seeds when using eg CMS
     new 937a998  don't use the slowwrapper for all of these tests... just the ones that require it
     new 04a44b5  LUCENE-2784: Change all FilteredTermsEnum impls into TermsEnums decorators
     new ff47493  fix bug where StandardFilter isn't respected
     new 14305d9  fix false random test failure (take 2)
     new a58c269  LUCENE-2781: drop deprecations from trunk
     new 88a97b2  LUCENE-2781: remove nocommits, this is a TODO if we want more test coverage
     new 399c938  LUCENE-2186: added tracking of used bytes during indexing
     new 0511306  SOLR-2252: when child entity is the root in nested entities, delta-import doesn't work
     new ef762e6  SOLR-2241: upgrade to Tika 0.8
     new 297b3b7  remove dead code
     new f1ce9ab  LUCENE-2785: add new TotalHitCountCollector (only counts hits); don't allow numHits=0 to TSDC or TFC
     new e7214a0  LUCENE-1737: make field name -> number congruent so we always use bulk merge for merging doc stores
     new 836873d  SOLR-2259: use $tests.luceneMatchVersion in all test files, make this parameter mandatory in trunk
     new 86d8937  Clean up changes my merging in 2.9/3.0 fixes
     new 49508c2  LUCENE-2779: fix listAll()
     new 8352332  LUCENE-2791: add WindowsDirectory
     new aecb670  LUCENE-2791: cleanup for no-copy case, remove VERBOSE prints in tests
     new 8ec36c3  LUCENE-2787: disable atime for DirectIOLinuxDirectory
     new 6d4867e  SOLR-2264: CSVRequestHandler can throw NPE when no escape parameter is specified for splitting
     new 7249ebe  use less RAM/reclaim for the formatter console buffer (e.g. VERBOSE/logging)
     new 30af48b  LUCENE-2790: IndexWriter should call MP.useCompoundFile and not LogMP.getUseCompoundFile
     new f87ca31  LUCENE-2797: Upgrade icu to 4.6
     new 2c64a87  SOLR-2265: update jetty to 6.1.26
     new 7439439  LUCENE-2790: added CHANGES entry
     new 9597e66  LUCENE-2790: replace Version.LUCENE_40 with TEST_VERSION_CURRENT
     new 995abeb  javadoc in DIH
     new 4e44804  the string can be null, for example failed assertions getMessage(), dont throw NPE
     new 0308402  LUCENE-2791: set the optimal buffersize by default
     new fc29610  - Catch up with trunk - Removed usage of ValuesAttribute entirely and exposed Float, Bytes & LongRef directly via ValuesEnum - Made ValueField lean and prevent unnecessary object creation during indexing
     new 964eccc  fixed naming inconsistency
     new 29ebc9f  fix mutable int comparator
     new 7aa9193  fix typo
     new 5b2e0f7  LUCENE-2803: ignore deleted docs when populating field cache
     new 2b9726a  LUCENE-2763: Swap URL+Email recognizing StandardTokenizer and UAX29Tokenizer
     new 620b2a0  LUCENE-2747: Deprecate/remove language-specific tokenizers in favor of StandardTokenizer
     new 6c9052d  LUCENE-2805: SegmentInfos shouldn't blindly increment version on commit
     new 064e8dc  LUCENE-2802: NRT DirectoryReader returned incorrect values from getVersion, isOptimized, getCommitUserData, getIndexCommit and isCurrent due to a mutable reference to the IndexWriters SegmentInfos
     new 7da3212  Added DocValuesIndexing#addIndexes() and merged LUCENE-2802 & LUCENE-2805
     new 452684f  catch up with trunk
     new 1a72bf0  catch up with trunk
     new f0f1d62  when running sequential (e.g. -Dtestcase) use a plain formattter
     new dbd157c  use non-nio jetty connector in tests
     new f6d9b70  LUCENE-2671: optimizations for numeric sort-missing-last
     new c669127  LUCENE-2804: port to trunk
     new c2305ff  missing copyright
     new 621cd99  print seed/debug info on uncaught exceptions
     new 013cc3e  print the reproduce line too, for uncaught exceptions
     new fc13ac3  use codec ID to create postings file in SimpleTextCodec
     new 5082d68  add missing IW.close(false) to test
     new b24f2e3  LUCENE-2768: add line docs file so tests can easily run for longer on real data; add threaded NRT stress test
     new cdf6350  Harden TestSearchWithThreads to not fail if machine was slow (trunk)
     new 14f4e04  fix false test failure
     new 790a492  fix bug where @Test A::test(), B extends A, B::test() without @Test would be run twice
     new ab3b6ce  add test for IW on jre crash
     new cf12c2d  LUCENE-2809: use del count from reader if it's pooled, in IW.numDocs
     new 3474026  javadoc for DIH
     new bbf683c  LUCENE-2680: buffer pending deletes by segment
     new c45253d  fix sequential test output
     new 994aaec  LUCENE-2792: add FST impl
     new da38e95  Switch IndexWriter c-tor to use IndexWriterConfig (otherwise it won't compile)
     new 3da3f2f  Clean up duplicate constants in trunk (3.x variant and a new one from trunk, unified to 3.x version). Also found one more ArrayUtil.grow-use-case
     new bc72163  prepare Hudson's large line doc file
     new 0db6282  drop run time to [hopefully] avoid OOME
     new a586a6d  fix silly typo in comment
     new 8c3300e  SOLR-1729: get NOW from SolrRequestInfo thread local + propagate to shards
     new b6a05b1  LUCENE-2792: revert slowdowns on -client vms that are unrelated to this issue
     new 5106f91  avoid synthetic method call access for things like 'bottom' in these comparators
     new d2665fd  use more efficient quadratic hash impl; remove dead code
     new 8535534  LUCENE-2674: avoid Object.clone in Standard codec's term state
     new 625f603  LUCENE-2812: fix IndexReader.indexExists to return false when segments_N file cannot be read
     new 26dd4f3  SOLR-1297: improvements to sort param parsing code so more fields with exentric names (that were supported for sorting in older versions of solr) will be checked for after attemptint to parse as a function
     new 4aa908e  add verbosity to test
     new 34a6968  SOLR-2219: stop calling SolrRequestHandler.init twice per instance
     new 64e1910  LUCENE-2813: only throw the mock failure into the main thread
     new 1cfb936  make test more evil
     new fbab97a  LUCENE-2792: Revert generic ArrayUtil.grow(T[]) for now and add unchecked code back into FST package
     new 1ca0597  LUCENE-2811: SegmentInfo now tracks whether a segment wrote term vectors
     new 73f2e63  add Apple to this test
     new 5d03095  update the reproduce-with logic to the new defaults (randomPerField)
     new d251820  SOLR-2285: duplicate SolrEventListeners no longer created (hossman)
     new 167e0b8  on exception close any opened per-field fieldsProducers
     new b193915  add bin/ to svn:ignore (eclipse default output folder)
     new d51dd50  Use stderr (not stdout) consistently for all messages
     new d0b175a  MTQ - null can be a valid comparator for newTermComp too
     new 3afc5c1  use LuceneTestCase's random in SimpleFacetsTest
     new 2d7f826  tests: use Lucene's static random
     new 1d1c5ec  initialize random statically with a fixed seed, just in case someone uses it before @beforeClass runs, e.g. static int i = random.nextInt();
     new 94848af  improve the random handling in these tests
     new 7065133  LUCENE-2811: use boolean for SI.hasVectors
     new c541f29  LUCENE-2804: fix newFSDirectory so the tests work with
     new 60f0a9b  LUCENE-2811: simplify tracking of hasVectors during merge
     new 33c9d97  SOLR-2188: provide maxTokenLength arg for Classic, Standard, and UAX29URLEmail tokenizer factories
     new 35e7a41  LUCENE-2680: print to infoStream upper bound on how many docIDs we deleted; useful for seeing false deletes
     new ef8e745  LUCENE-2680: also print if deletes touched 0 terms
     new c9a903a  improve verbosity of TestNRTThreads
     new b7a25ae  javadoc: clarify that getDeletedDocs is published safely
     new 2280dde  LUCENE-2815: fix MultiFields thread safety, don't cache null terms(field)
     new 66b2c01  LUCENE-2811: switch version numbers on trunk due to 3.x index format change; fix hasVectors check to work correctly when doc stores are compound file
     new b9777a3  LUCENE-2811: fix bug in IndexWriter.addIndexes(Directory[]) caused by SI.hasVector
     new 8584e10  LUCENE-2814: stop writing shared doc stores
     new 623fd7b  LUCENE-2819: prevent 'collateral damage' from threads in tests, warn about thread resource leaks
     new 50fe69c  LUCENE-2819: give rogue-threads left running after the test 1000ms to die naturally before we clear their exception handler and interrupt() them... perhaps they will fail nasty
     new fb7f94b  LUCENE-2819: set this before interuppting also, to prevent false fails
     new 190a480  LUCENE-2819: print the reproduce-with information when a test leaves threads running (but don't fail yet)
     new 5a53f2b  LUCENE-1737: set up FieldInfos correctly the when we open a pre-4.0 index; pass FieldInfos to SegmentMerger
     new aae5cff  speed up test: convert to junit4
     new b5726a42 LUCENE-2816: MMapDirectory speedups
     new 89d6a37  LUCENE-1737: set up FieldInfos correctly the when we open a pre-4.0 index
     new c0f1b16  LUCENE-2811: set merged segment's hasVectors according to FieldInfos not merged SegmentInfos
     new ba6126c  more verbosity
     new 5f9bb3f  LUCENE-2820: fix CMS to stop all threads during close
     new 65b27c2  LUCENE-2820: revert until I find the cause of the deadlock
     new 765eab4  LUCENE-2820: fix CMS to stop its threads without deadlocking!
     new 534e34d  typo in jdoc
     new fc50a5d  catch up with trunk
     new 5b3250d  fix IW infoStream to not include doc store files size when reporting flushed postings size of new segment vs RAM size
     new fda2483  fix infoStream formatting to always report double precision MB usage
     new 5c2158a  added JavaDoc to DocValues
     new e18dcbf  LUCENE-2826: LineDocSource assigns stable docids; add 2 NumericFields derived from date in the line doc file
     new 502e971  merge trunk into realtime branch
     new a3c39d6  SOLR-1993: fix String cast assumption in JavaBinCodec
     new fed06a5  SOLR-2232: Improved README info on solr.solr.home in examples
     new c2f8051  SOLR-2289: Tweak spatial coords for example docs so they are a bit more spread out
     new 1d9135f  SOLR-2275: fix DisMax 'mm' parsing to be tolerant of whitespace
     new 98d3461  Remove files that should have been deleted as part of the merge with trunk
     new 2c859ba  SOLR-2282: add distributed support to search results clustering
     new 0df0e9f  SOLR-2282: disable failing test
     new 5c2b882  add a hack (sorry) to print out if entire test classes are @Ignored
     new f985413  LUCENE-2830: Use StringBuilder instead of StringBuffer in benchmark (trunk)
     new 9c61ecd  SOLR-2275: mm param parsing optimization
     new 4c363bb  SOLR-2275: mm param parsing optimization - fix pattern
     new 8ad3dec  SOLR-2296: Upgrade Carrot2 binaries to version 3.4.2
     new d2e8071  Merge latest trunk into realtime branch
     new 9b4e4a6  SOLR-2296: still failing on hudson - reverted
     new ab0e9ea  SOLR-2297: move XML response writing to TextResponseWriter framework
     new 62cedc1  tests: remove dependency on DisMaxRequestHandler, minimize solrconfig
     new eb01fe2  tests: remove dependency on DisMaxRequestHandler, minimize solrconfig
     new df2211f  tests: remove dependency on DisMaxRequestHandler, minimize solrconfig
     new c5ce646  tests: remove dependency on DisMaxRequestHandler, minimize solrconfig
     new e344b95  tests: remove dependency on DisMaxRequestHandler, minimize solrconfig
     new 4669b22  tests: remove dependency on DisMaxRequestHandler, minimize solrconfig
     new 2a877e2  tests: remove dependency on DisMaxRequestHandler, minimize solrconfig
     new eb38590  tests: remove dependency on DisMaxRequestHandler, minimize solrconfig
     new 6ff4b9e  tests: remove dependency on DisMaxRequestHandler, minimize solrconfig
     new 2945c40  tests: remove dependency on DisMaxRequestHandler, minimize solrconfig
     new 5d7f145  tests: make optimize test use standard config
     new a8a6ae5  tests: remove dependency on DisMaxRequestHandler, minimize solrconfig
     new 9dfc495  tests: remove deprecated SpellCheckerRequestHandler
     new 6e9e84c  SOLR-1930: remove deprecations
     new 5d1ede1  SOLR-1930: remove deprecations
     new b8026f5  tests: remove deprecations
     new 70a3334  SOLR-1930: remove solr deprecations
     new 91e9459  SOLR-1930: remove solr deprecations
     new 315370d  SOLR-1930: remove solr deprecations - fieldType.getValueSource migration
     new 5ee58ef  LUCENE-2819: don't report problems about threads that were spawned before our tests (such as eclipse test-runner threads)
     new 42f25e6  SOLR-1930: remove solr deprecations - delete.fromCommitted/fromPending
     new 21db53c  resolve todo, use Term(String field, BytesRef bytes) ctor
     new 7ae1f297 remove dead code
     new 36aab2d  SOLR-1930: remove solr deprecations - add.overwritePending/overwriteCommitted/allowDups
     new 8696f54  LUCENE-2020: Remove unused imports
     new 75a5bde  LUCENE-2833: upgrade contrib/ant's tidy jar
     new 25b3f63  LUCENE-2825: Change to return MMap on 64-bit Solaris
     new 79133e4  when compiling, don't include whatever happens to be in ant's runtime in the classpath
     new f16706f  LUCENE-2822: don't mask the bug (or encourage similar bugs+masking), instead @Ignore so we get a loud warning
     new 88fd3cc  SOLR-1930: remove solr deprecations
     new 061eba1  remove trickiness, hopefully unbreak clover build
     new 1b671cf  fix nasty bug (doesnt affect any codecs today): respect bytesref offset
     new 3ae880e  SOLR-2299: improve test-running from eclipse
     new 7fd744a  SOLR-2299: fix more tests to work with resources, add hack for tests that use the example config
     new 54f984c  add zookeeper to pom
     new a3e1ede  SOLR-2302 -- only show an error if neither a field name nor a field type are sent
     new 390b5ff  SOLR-2299: fix JettyWebappTest to work without a cwd of test-files
     new 582fc07  SOLR-1930: add SolrQueryRequest to UpdateCommand
     new 4ce982a  LUCENE-2611: Added IntelliJ IDEA configuration files in dev-tools/idea/, installable via 'ant idea'
     new 609a5f2  SOLR-1930: remove query parsing w/o qparser ref
     new f04e831  SOLR-1930: remove usage of getCore in admin
     new d55a467  enforce resource handling, prevent test interference by running in a jvm-unique CWD (under build/, same as tempDir)
     new e855000  SOLR-1930: remove solr servlet
     new c918763  SOLR-1930: remove IndexSchema deprecations
     new 2d796fa  SOLR-1930: remove doLegacyUpdate, use DirectSolrConnection for tests
     new f027007  LUCENE-2611: CHANGES.txt entry
     new deb1e81  Fix typos in not-yet-released sections
     new 9f72957  SOLR-1930: remove SolrCore deprecations
     new bb65710  Fix typos in not-yet-released sections
     new 2bf47f6  SOLR-1930: remove some SolrConfig deprecations
     new ffef43d  SOLR-1930: remove some CoreContainer deprecations
     new cf43718  SOLR-2299: enforce resource handling, prevent test interference by running in a jvm-unique CWD (under build/, same as tempDir)
     new 8fb5053  SOLR-1930: remove Config and ResourceLoader deprecations
     new 691e982  tests: supress exception
     new f627181  LUCENE-2611: add eclipse setup (ant eclipse)
     new c1c09c7  LUCENE-2611: Re-sync IntelliJ config in dev-tools/idea/; Move both solr/src/test/test-files/ and solr/contrib/analysis-extras/src/test/test-files/ up one level; Set the IntelliJ Java language level on all Solr modules to 6.0
     new 039d75f  LUCENE-2611: removing solr/contrib/analysis-extras/src/test/test-files/ after copying it up one level
     new 05a4d05  SOLR-2303: remove unnecessary (and problematic) log4j jars in contribs
     new adfabc3  LUCENE-2838: ConstantScoreQuery now directly supports wrapping a Query instance for stripping off scores
     new 5561286  added javadoc & cleaned up some API
     new 317d3ab  LUCENE-2611: When the CWD is solr/build/tests/, the hack in SolrTestCaseJ4.determineSourceHome() fails while running the Solr module tests because of classpath ordering: the CWD is checked first to locate the solr/conf/ dir; this succeeds, but the relative path used for the CWD excludes its ancestry, so the source home can't be navigated to without converting to absolute, which determinSourceHome() does not do.
     new eaf2af8  pulsing codec was failing to forward finishDoc to the wrapped codec
     new c8183de  Merge r1052424 through r1054503 into realtime branch
     new 64e6e19  update comment about queries silently failing
     new 3fa3cf5  SOLR-1930: fully move from Field to Fieldable in interfaces
     new fad6912  SOLR-1930: fully move from Field to Fieldable in interfaces
     new f012c2d  LUCENE-2845: move contrib/benchmark to modules/benchmark
     new 2c9eb33  update eclipse classpath for modules/benchmark
     new f90b2d5  add svn:ignore for benchmark's build directory
     new 1e1780b  update intellij idea configuration for modules/benchmark
     new 0bfee2f  LUCENE-2836: add FieldCacheRewriteMethod
     new 6efd29b  LUCENE-2771: remove norms() from non-atomic IndexReaders
     new a0b91ae  LUCENE-2771: add MultiNorms (forgot to svn add)
     new bf82781  Move description from the 'copy-idea-files' target to the 'idea' target, so that it gets mentioned when the user runs 'ant -projecthelp'
     new 3bc38af  add the start to a top-level README.txt (feel free to improve!)
     new 4061877  LUCENE-2845: fix javadocs task
     new c26fd75  LUCENE-2391: improve Spellchecker indexing speed
     new 1cab313  LUCENE-2843: add variable gap terms index writer/reader, using FST to hold the index
     new d53692d  fix Test2BTerms so optimize in the end always makes one segment
     new 570e19e  LUCENE-2751: fix thread safety issue with FieldCacheImpl.get
     new 87274d0  LUCENE-2837: collapse Searcher/Searchable into IndexSearcher; remove contrib/remote, MultiSearcher; absorb ParallelMultiSearcher into IndexSearcher as optional ExecutorService to ctor
     new 568785d  cleanup: don't track flushedFiles when we can just compute that from the SegmentInfo
     new 6dda3535 LUCENE-2837 fix also dot.classpath for eclipse.
     new cc23ccf  add note about java 6 requirement
     new 650443c  update intellij idea configuration to remove lucene/contrib/remote
     new 24e41ab  remove some unnecessary MultiFields usage
     new ace9fca  merged TestIndexSplitter
     new c29b449  LUCENE-2837: fixup jdocs
     new acd9519  LUCENE-2837: small code cleanup
     new 156f77b  catch up with trunk
     new 36b17aa  LUCENE-2831: Revise Weight#scorer & Filter#getDocIdSet API to pass Readers context
     new 9557559  LUCENE-2831: use int[] instead of AtomicInteger
     new 84b4473  LUCENE-2756: add de morgan test (against IS w/ ES)
     new 5e009c8  tests: start w/ absolute path to find solr root
     new 4140f73  LUCENE-2831: fix isTopLevel
     new ac06810  spelling
     new f717f54  Fix javadocs build
     new 1b22e86  LUCENE-2847: Support all of unicode, including supplementary code points above the basic multilingual plane, in StandardTokenizer and UAX29URLEmailTokenizer.
     new 61872be  LUCENE-2842: add Galician analyzer, Portuguese RSLP
     new 66d3f38  LUCENE-2842: missing eol-style
     new fbfb07d  LUCENE-2842: avoid java6-only String.isEmpty in rule parser
     new 8d7d57a  LUCENE-2847: Added ASL2 license to supplementary macros generator, and to the generated file, and set svn:eol-style to native for both of them.
     new 8dfb827  LUCENE-2837: only populate subSearchers if they will be used
     new 4dca514  Fix source directories in the IntelliJ IDEA configuration
     new f70b957  LUCENE-2831: pre-migrate to atomic context
     new 602a4e9  don't use package private API to assert no unreferenced files
     new cabea43  LUCENE-2852: fix false EOF corner case in RAMInputStream
     new a83e989  LUCENE-2660 - Added alternative search provider option for Solr
     new 3ba7eaf  SOLR-2288: Small tweaks to eliminate compiler warnings
     new 44b5ae0  revert an inadvertant javac change yonik made in r1052540
     new cd90c9a  SOLR-2288: more small tweaks to eliminate compiler warnings
     new 1aa40cd  LUCENE-2831: attempt to use the correct reader context rather than doing getTopReaderContext on a leaf
     new 071104c  LUCENE-2831: attempt to use the correct reader context rather than doing getTopReaderContext on a leaf
     new abfa458  LUCENE-2831: remove another erroneous use of a non-atomic context
     new 98b448a  SOLR-2288: more small tweaks to eliminate compiler warnings .. inlcudes a small code de-dup refactoring in FieldAnalysisResponse
     new 6813c2e  SOLR-2288: i horrificly didn't notice that i broke some tests (compilation failure no less)
     new bdd7fea  SOLR-2288: more small tweaks to eliminate compiler warnings
     new ba13db6  fix LineFileDocs to seek to random start on open
     new 8b241d9  LUCENE-2831: remove/fix more uses of non top-level readers in prep for AtomicReaderContext
     new a518f57  LUCENE-2831: delete TopValueSource - will be illegal in the future
     new 4f7eba8  LUCENE-2854: remove SimilarityDelegator; force cutover of Similarity.lengthNorm -> Similarity.computeNorm
     new eacd3d2  LUCENE-1260: use the provided sim to encode norms
     new 821e526  whitespace
     new a04ade4  LUCENE-2839: Scorer#score(Collector,int,int) is now public because it is called from other classes and part of public API
     new b36ad7b  LUCENE-2611: Added autolinkification for JIRA issues in log comments (thanks to David Smiley)
     new 2e03681  SOLR-2296: Upgrade Carrot2 binaries to version 3.4.2
     new db175cc  SOLR-2310: getTimeElapsedSince() returns incorrect hour value when the elapse is over 60 hours
     new 1df9242  try (again) to stop false failures in this test
     new 52124d8  LUCENE-2831: cut over to AtomicReaderContext in Weight#scorer, Weight#explain & Filter#getDocIdSet
     new 36d8c00  removed redundant cast
     new 6c9656b  update eclipse configuration for carrot2 upgrade
     new e46f6df  LUCENE-2857: fix various problems w/ PulsingCodec
     new e79fcae  LUCENE-2831: Cut over Collector#setNextReader & FieldComparator#setNextReader to AtomicReaderContext
     new 76c3de6  fixed wrong self assignments for 'docBase' in Collector subclasses introduced in rev. 1058019
     new 121b79e  fixed testcase which failed with -Dtests.multiplier > 1
     new 84af9e5  fixed testcase which failed with -Dtests.multiplier > 1
     new 466530a  LUCENE-2860: port to trunk
     new ed6c358  SOLR-2282: rename solr-clustering to solr
     new a0249fe  SOLR-2282: revert the previous commit
     new a04fe4c  fixed testcase which failed with -Dtests.multiplier > 1
     new 6076f10  report the basics of the environment when a test fails
     new e3a854a  take 2: only report environment info once, even if multiple methods fail
     new 72a78bb  add verbosity for tests
     new 3df2f89  add verbosity to pulsing codec
     new eacfb5d  LUCENE-2694: Make MTQ rewrite + weight/scorer single pass
     new cfcaa9e  LUCENE-2846: remove fake norms and invalid uses of Similarity.getDefault
     new 3478bb9  SOLR-2282: use solr home properly in the test
     new f19e8c5  LUCENE-2831:  Cut over ValueSource#docValues to AtomicReaderContext & removed SolrIndexReader
     new 2bd8e50  LUCENE-2324: More progress with concurrency and per-thread pool
     new 9b83aa6  LUCENE-2324: make newThreadState synchronized
     new 23ad1c0  fixed testcases which failed with -Dtests.multiplier > 1
     new 05565c3  fixed testcases which failed with -Dtests.multiplier > 1
     new 7913804  LUCENE-2865: Pass a context struct to Weight#scorer instead of naked booleans
     new 2860bd2  Merge r1054504 through r1058716 into realtime branch
     new e15dd99  LUCENE-2324: remove memory recycling from DWPT; some other minor cleanup
     new 5a37511  removed unnecessary imports
     new 9ea3019  LUCENE-2864: add FieldInvertState.getMaxTermFrequency
     new 1bb7cd9  LUCENE-2611: Added Copyright Plugin configuration for Apache Software License
     new f5d5dda  LUCENE-2843: fix silly perf bug in FixedGapTermsIndexReader
     new a0c82b0  LUCENE-2862: add TermsEnum.totalTermFreq() and Terms.getSumTotalTermFreq()
     new bcbf1d4  LUCENE-2862: fix false failure
     new d08d464  LUCENE-2862: use the stats instead of an extra byte in pulsing
     new 12a3543  SOLR-2282: fix concurrency for distributed search test
     new 6047304  LUCENE-2324: several bug fixes
     new 11e9007  Merging r1058717 through r1059431 into realtime branch
     new 88b6317  LUCENE-2846: remove dead code
     new 3c905b5  LUCENE-2324: fix most of the delete problems in the RT branch
     new 15a72e7  OneComparatorFieldValueHitQueue redundantly checks array size - it is alredy guaranteed to be of the right one by FVHQ.create()
     new 4249ef9  LUCENE-2847: remove obselete warning
     new 39fad97  LUCENE-2701: port to trunk
     new fcb8216  LUCENE-2324: fix more junits in rt branch
     new 029f74e  Merging r1059432 through r1059822 into realtime branch
     new 3f4c921  LUCENE-2324: cleanup segment files when aborting in segment flush)
     new 6e66286  SOLR-2259: warn if you are using a deprecated matchVersion constant
     new 56026e3  SOLR-1930: remove analysis API deprecations
     new 9906198  LUCENE-2755: documentation updates, formatting and tiny mods to CMS (trunk)
     new 140101d  synchronize CHANGES.txt
     new 9aefaf7  synchronized contrib/CHANGES.txt
     new 9e3180b  synchronize CHANGES.txt
     new 6a53e4b  SOLR-2261: merge CHANGES.txt entry
     new aed4a39  SOLR-2259: warn if you are using a deprecated analysis factory
     new 5fac196  SOLR-2269: contrib entries in solr/CHANGES.txt should go solr/contrib/*/CHANGES.txt
     new fcd36f5  clear javadocs warnings
     new a798ef3  LUCENE-2186: more javadocs and code cleanups
     new e43fdc9  say how many msec flush took, in infoStream
     new 2a0484b  LUCENE-2295: remove maxFieldLength (trunk)
     new 78e3067  Fix incorrect Interface override
     new 43fe487  LUCENE-2755: fix accidental commit that caused CMS to deadlock
     new d7491ea  typo in comment
     new 5c1f81c  SOLR-2307: fix bug in PHPSerializedResponseWriter (wt=phps) when dealing with SolrDocumentList objects -- ie: sharded queries
     new fc57be7  fix javadoc
     new 8860046  SOLR-2307: followup to ensure consistent ordering of fields
     new da841d5  SOLR-2314: fix test ordering
     new 713f2ab  SOLR-2318: fix jsp compile error
     new dfa449c  LUCENE-2874: Highlighting overlapping tokens outputs doubled words
     new 07af30a  can't reliably crash recent IBM J9 jvms this way
     new 9ea1d01  SOLR-2319: Re-compiled solr/lib/apache-solr-noggit-r944541.jar from the same source rev. 944541 using Java 5, so that trunk and branch_3x can use the same version (on trunk Solr requires Java 6, while on branch_3x Solr requires Java 5) - the existing version on trunk was compiled with Java 6
     new b2cad88  SOLR-2316: fail early if synonym file not provided
     new bc23b9f  add asserts
     new 0e731a4  LUCENE-2875: Support cloning of NumericTermAttribute by refactoring NumericTokenStream
     new 6a9f686  Fix some minor issues in TrieTokenizer and also add support for offsets (same way like KeywordTokenizer)
     new 460fa90  LUCENE-2374: Added Attribute reflection API: It's now possible to inspect the contents of AttributeImpl and AttributeSource using a well-defined API
     new ede75ff  LUCENE-2869: remove Query.getSimilarity
     new 1099f84  LUCENE-2875: Rework token metadata for NumericTermAttribute
     new 0a30dcd  SOLR-1297: fix weighting when sorting by function
     new ca0598b  LUCENE-2374: Fix bug in position-sorting - too stupid :(
     new fb20497  LUCENE-2843: fix silly ob1 in the index term selectors
     new 00a3df8  example: make it harder to hit test synonyms accidentally
     new f320ade  SOLR-2325: allow tagging and exclusion of many query for faceting
     new 1a0f787  LUCENE-2872: block-encode terms in between indexed terms
     new 4f2a9e7  LUCENE-2876: Remove Scorer.getSimilarity
     new 74360c8  LUCENE-2657: Replace Maven POM templates with full POMs
     new e2675f5  LUCENE-2872: remove warning
     new 81dba8b  LUCENE-2824: Optimize BufferedIndexInput to do less bounds checks
     new 60adb90  Merging r1059823 through r1061974 into realtime branch
     new 1b0bd50  add codestyle for eclipse (it's no longer downloadable with wiki). Somebody more familar with eclipse should integrate it here :-)
     new 82640ec  LUCENE-2657: switched POMs under dev-tools/maven/ to be POM templates, to allow for specification of the version as a system property on the command line.
     new a1baa30  separate maven and conventional packages
     new c76ffea  use correct formatter in sequential
     new 11146b8  changed generate-maven-artifacts target to place all maven artifacts in one place: modules/dist/maven/; added modules/dist/ to list of dirs to remove with the 'clean' target; added modules/dist/ to svn:ignore list on modules/
     new 741882b  SOLR-2330, SOLR-1992: due to solrconfig.xml files in example-DIH are broken, DIH sample cannot be launched. add luceneMatchVersion, remove abortOnConfigurationError, DisMaxRequestHandler etc.
     new 22f0fe9  SOLR-2127: Fixed serialization of default core and indentation of solr.xml when serializing.
     new 133e70c  LUCENE-2720: IndexWriter should throw IndexFormatTooOldExc on open, not later during optimize/getReader/close (trunk)
     new a2218c3  remove nocommit in SegmentReader and simplify code which gets the DocStoreSegment
     new 4addc16  Fix incorrect Interface override
     new a58d576  sync CHANGES from 3.x Bug Fixes
     new 29fd9b8  fix typo in CHANGES
     new 4af1d0e  SOLR-2190: revert the last commit. problem is gone.
     new 68dc071  make sure bulk merging is working
     new 6c05d94  SOLR-2129: Provide a Solr module for dynamic metadata extraction/indexing with Apache UIMA
     new 32e156f  LUCENE-2879: MultiPhraseQuery summed its own idf instead of Similarity.
     new ce53019  LUCENE-2882: Cut over SpanQuery#getSpans to AtomicReaderContext
     new 924e745  add assertion to check that skip pointer isn't past EOF
     new 2ea5e65  Added IntelliJ support for the new Solr UIMA contrib
     new 047d76b  LUCENE-2693: Add delete term and query need to more precisely record the bytes used (trunk)
     new ff27795  add verbosity
     new 3e8f55c  LUCENE-2885: add WaitForMerges tasks to benchmark
     new 8d1994b  LUCENE-2382: check for aborted merge when merging postings
     new 25f5488  LUCENE-2884: fix StandardPostingsReader's enums to not try to load skip data when there wasn't any
     new 3f255f6  LUCENE-2236: per-field similarity
     new a7875a8  add missing files to RT branch
     new 1b44e0b  added support for maven artifact generation of the new Solr UIMA contrib; the top-level get-maven-poms target now forces copying of all of the source pom.xml files, even if the source is not newer than the target files, so that version changes will always take effect when specified through the -Dversion ant cmdline option
     new 1588c32  Merging r1061975 through r1062931 into realtime branch
     new 4a63988  SOLR-1240: followup: use NL instead of SOM for counts list
     new a20e2cd  applying patches from LUCENE-2855 and LUCENE-2867 to trunk
     new 913a9e4  LUCENE-1250: fix equals() to check for null and not fail on NPE (trunk)
     new 5642eb0  LUCENE-2010: drop segments that are 100% deleted docs in IW/IR commit
     new 68f67a4  LUCENE-2888: Several DocsEnum / DocsAndPositionsEnum return wrong docID when next() / advance(int) return NO_MORE_DOCS
     new 27fe1ca  SOLR-482: add some improved exception information for CSV files that fail
     new dfb9a0f  SOLR-2320: Fixed ReplicationHandler detail reporting for masters
     new a4a913d  LUCENE-792: add test for PrecedenceQueryParser NOT bug
     new fcf6e30  LUCENE-1472: Removed synchronization from static DateTools methods by using a ThreadLocal. Also converted DateTools.Resolution to a Java 5 enum.
     new 323ea41  LUCENE-2474: add expert ReaderFinishedListener API, for external caches to evict entries for readers
     new bb391fd  LUCENE-1846: DateTools now uses the US locale everywhere, so DateTools.round() is safe also in strange locales
     new c403d3e  LUCENE-2887: sharpen jdocs for IndexReader.undeleteAll
     new e76ad09  LUCENE-929: contrib/benchmark build doesn't handle checking if content is properly extracted (trunk)
     new 20621a4  SOLR-1826: Add tests for highlighting with termOffsets=true and overlapping tokens
     new 9e51a87  LUCENE-2889: Remove @lucene.experimental from Numeric*
     new c40a12d  jdocs: note that calling close(false) can hit MergeAbortedExc's in optimize, addIndexes(IndexReader[]), expungeDeletes
     new 3da5bd8  remove dead code
     new d494562  LUCENE-2609: distribute the core tests, as they can be useful downstream to people
     new 326ab7d  SOLR-1711: fix hang when queue is full but there are no runners
     new 471c0ce  SOLR-2327: error handling - force queryResultWindowSize to a min of 1
     new e545995  LUCENE-2010: don't assert no unref'd files in TIR.testDiskFull; fix rollback on exc during commit to put back any pruned segs
     new 63097d1  LUCENE-2474: cutover to MapBackedSet(ConcurrentHashMap) instead of Collections.syncSet(HashSet)
     new add8aec  LUCENE-2474: make MBS final
     new 51dc415  SOLR-1283: fix numRead counter that caused mark invalid exceptions
     new 5a9c5aa  LUCENE-2680: deletes were being double-applied
     new ecea5e6  LUCENE-914: Scorer.skipTo(current) remains on current for some scorers - javadoc fix.
     new b24a26b  LUCENE-2609: Generate jar containing test classes (trunk)
     new ad24f6a  LUCENE-1469: make isValid protected and not static
     new 4aa8a1f  remove FilterManager
     new 4c62240  LUCENE-2891: merge to trunk
     new 946dc5c  SOLR-2263: Add ability for RawResponseWriter to stream binary files
     new 261a161  SOLR-2263: correct the ticket number. SOLR-1283 -> SOLR-2263
     new e70311f  SOLR-2085: Improve SolrJ behavior when FacetComponent comes before QueryComponent
     new f13449c  SOLR-1940: Fix SolrDispatchFilter behavior when Content-Type is unknown
     new 4f1fe2b  LUCENE-2895: MockRandomCodec loads termsIndex even if termsIndexDivisor is set to -1
     new a7a9be9  Only create a Filter list if there is a non-empty fq parameter
     new 92874dd  SOLR-860: Add debug output for MoreLikeThis
     new da24882  docs: move changes entry to 3.1
     new 99a60c3  SOLR-2265: update jetty to 6.1.26 (missed start.jar)
     new 0d9559e  LUCENE-1866: enable rat-sources for all lucene/contrib/modules/solr src and tests
     new 06c4c20  LUCENE-2895: MockRandomCodec loads termsIndex even if termsIndexDivisor is set to -1
     new f12b4ab  fix typo
     new 5d8790e  SOLR-1983 SOLR-2156: set replication flags and cleanup
     new cbf8d87  SOLR-792: fix comparison for mincount
     new 5342d86  LUCENE-2898: fix CMS throttling to be independent of number of incoming producer threads; some defensive concurrency fixes for SegmentInfo
     new d4c9a81  SOLR-792: fix test to match fix to mincount
     new 5dcacaf  - add comments to pivot test - change capitalization so that testing looks the same as the input
     new 5f7f970  LUCENE-2671 -- deprecate FieldTypes that will be removed in 5.x
     new 295c8f8  LUCENE-1076: allow non-contiguous merges; improve handling of buffered deletes
     new 76b0a38  LUCENE-1076: add CHANGES
     new 185ad0c  Java 1.5 can't @Override an interface
     new de55bd4  LUCENE-2896: in advance(), don't skip when target doc delta is very small
     new 5629a2b  add missing license headers where there are none, but the JIRA box was checked
     new 7c24712  LUCENE-1866: add missing dirs to rat report
     new 24cfce7  add missing license headers where there are none, but the JIRA box was checked (solr)
     new 6569aa5  add ASL
     new d1a5ca1  add missing @Override and @Deprecated annotations
     new 9af1a72  add missing svn:eol-style
     new 277dfa0  LUCENE-2900: allow explicit control over whether deletes must be applied when pulling NRT reader
     new e708827  LUCENE-1253: LengthFilter (and Solr's KeepWordTokenFilter) now require up front specification of enablePositionIncrement. Together with StopFilter they have a common base class (FilteringTokenFilter) that handles the position increments automatically. Implementors only need to override an accept() method that filters tokens
     new 146c270  SOLR-236: fix bug where numFound was always zero if group.offset and group.limit were both zero.
     new 3a76e3a  typo police
     new 48ca114  fix javadocs warnings
     new 1377b91  print out version infos in JavaBinCodec when throwing exception
     new 107c063  fix more javadocs warnings
     new feba526  LUCENE-1076: fix false test failure
     new 72ab9ca  add missing package.htmls
     new cd8929f  SOLR-2340: add the entry to CHANGES.txt
     new 5ccf063  LUCENE-2901: fix consistency of KeywordMarkerFilter, it should only set, not unset the attribute
     new c0b98f0  LUCENE-1591: rollback to old patched xercesImpl.jar to workaround XERCESJ-1257, which we hit on current Wikipedia XML export (enwiki-20110115-pages-articles.xml)
     new 7088a4d  LUCENE-1591: Eclipse config update for xercesImpl.jar revert
     new 80d45a4  LUCENE-1591: update maven poms for xercesImpl.jar revert
     new 25f1687  LUCENE-2902: tests should run checkIndex on indexes they create
     new 62b692e  LUCENE-2897: apply delete-by-term on flushed segment while we flush (still buffer delete-by-terms for past segments)
     new d087701  SOLR-1916: add locale/timezone warning
     new d09e29d  make MockRandomMergePolicy slightly less evil; fixes 2 recent test failures
     new eee4790  LUCENE-2831: remove unnecessary casts
     new 2635ac0  LUCENE-2831: Use leaf reader slices for parallel execution instead of SubSearcher instances.
     new dde8fc7  LUCENE-2751: add LuceneTestCase.newSearcher. use this to get an indexsearcher that randomly uses threads, etc
     new 159c733  fix false fail, test relies upon docid order
     new 7161062  prevent emtpy TopDocs from contributing to maxScore if searches are concurrent
     new b2e9fa1  SOLR-96: Fix XML parsing in XMLUpdateRequestHandler and DocumentAnalysisRequestHandler to respect charset from XML file and only use HTTP header's "Content-Type" as a "hint"
     new 30ed34d  tests: fix doclist offset in grouping model
     new 7b32753  tests: get model order from index, fix some json numeric comparisons
     new 69ad01c  Fix issue in CommonsHttpSolrServer where a Reader is copied to an OutputStream using default encoding
     new dc16b7e  SOLR-2339: Fix sorting to explicitly generate an error if you attempt to sort on a multiValued field.
     new e2970ad  clean up my nocommit mess
     new 1f9a474  SOLR-96: Add test case
     new 6f31407  SOLR-1057: Add PathHierarchyTokenizer
     new 0188da6  Fix lots of default charset violations in Solr caused by String.getBytes() and IOUtils.toString() [and others]
     new 783c8fd  More charset violations
     new 7c69aee  More charset violations
     new cdb47ea  SOLR-1057: fix wrong classname in example schema
     new 2de3b26  LUCENE-2904: LogMP pays attention to which segments are already being merged
     new 8c487e5  LUCENE-1540: Improvements to contrib.benchmark for TREC collections - port/merge from 3x.
     new 822eb32  force in-order merging for this test
     new a3dbc97  LUCENE-2894: Use google-code-prettify for syntax highlighting in javadocs
     new 5c1983b  Make the lucene module's run configuration appear on the list, and make it selected by default
     new 70cbc8a  LUCENE-1540: Improvements to contrib.benchmark for TREC collections - fix test failures in some locales due to toUpperCase() - port/merged from 3x.
     new 32b9145  LUCENE-2907: fix automaton thread hazard: change query to compute immutable compiled form in ctor
     new ece1524  LUCENE-2609: Generate jar containing test classes (trunk)
     new 5ab6a5e  LUCENE-1540: Improvements to contrib.benchmark for TREC collections - bring back case insensitivity to path names using Locale.ENGLISH - port/merged from 3x r1067705.
     new 47b102f  LUCENE-2894: make prettify findable from everywhere
     new 6f2aeb4  ignore pom.xml
     new 8d7afc0  LUCENE-2609: phonetic module can depend only on lucene-test-framework rather than the full lucene-core tests
     new 52c2eb7  LUCENE-2609: queries contrib needs lucene test classes outside of test-framework
     new 05552c7  code simplification in automatontermsenum
     new 6d41320  SOLR-2350: SimplePostTool (aka: post.jar) has been improved to work with files of any mime-type or charset
     new 684281a  SOLR-2350: forgot attribution in CHANGES.txt
     new ebfa92f  SOLR-96: followup fix to
     new c9c5694  add test case for deletes
     new 70a9910  LUCENE-2908: clean up serialization in the codebase
     new cf8ac78  LUCENE-2186: made class and var naming consistent, added javadoc and specialized codec provider
     new c70f8cc  merged with trunk
     new 762272e  resolve TODO: run the dfas backwards
     new 6386f77  LUCENE-2911: synchronize grammar/token types across StandardTokenizer, UAX29EmailURLTokenizer, ICUTokenizer; add CJK types
     new 68380e4  fix silly repro issue with MockRandomCodec
     new ecb292e  LUCENE-1076: fix AIOOBE when infoStream is on
     new f4e977b  LUCENE-2913: Add missing getters to Numeric* classes
     new 990ba39  clean up some urls
     new fbc4d10  clean up some urls
     new 224d7b4  LUCENE-2915: add CoreCodecProvider
     new 7972ac8  SOLR-1449: output error log in addToClassLoader(String,FileFilter), same as addToClassLoader(String) does, when baseDir is not correct
     new 896e9c7  don't use MockRandomMergePolicy for this test
     new e14219e  fix broken test-framework artifact deployment from generate-maven-artifacts
     new faf8d13  LUCENE-2905: make skip variables private to codec, separate skipMinimum from skipInterval, don't skip when close in preflex and sep
     new 866f01e  LUCENE-2915: make CoreCodecProvider public
     new d733c07  LUCENE-2915: ... and its ctor too
     new 00ad699  remove dead code
     new f7a130e  LUCENE-2905: write pointers and skip data more efficiently for fixed and variable intblock
     new 4953202  LUCENE-2892: Add QueryParser.newFieldQuery
     new a01e9cb  LUCENE-2912: remove field param from computeNorm, scorePayload ; remove UOE'd lengthNorm, switch SweetSpot to per-field
     new 449f739  make MockRandomCodec more evil: now it randomly swaps different int codecs per-file
     new fa38446  missed the example config when merging in cloud to trunk
     new cccf7ab  add in missing shard declaration from the cloud example
     new 7caa47e  SOLR-2129: add note for AlchemyAPI and Calais to uima README.txt
     new 4eb6319  SOLR-2129: fix the name of uima update processor
     new ec9c231  SOLR-1989: recompilation of source needs to be possible in release artifacts
     new 64b1c3e  add test case to stress advance/next
     new 23e9af6  SOLR-2353: SpellCheckCollator uses org.mortbay.log.Log for logging - via Sami Siren
     new 18944a28 javac should always use UTF-8 encoding
     new 8c6f284  fix false fail
     new 573ecf2  SOLR-2342: don't let hot add/updates starve commit
     new d385200  LUCENE-2894: fix the prettify path
     new 5691bea  LUCENE-2920: Removed ShingleMatrixFilter as it is unmaintained and does not work with custom Attributes or custom payload encoders
     new 39de6aa  SOLR-1553: mark experimental
     new a82fa91  removed (non-existent) solrj dep
     new 57956f0  removed dependency on (no-longer-present) remote module
     new 8bff9e1  SOLR-1711: fix SUSS deadlock
     new 59b0e98  SOLR-1449, SOLR-2364: revert r1069656 change
     new 0da6f25  SOLR-1992: Remove abortOnConfigurationError from example solrconfig.xml as it no longer has any affect
     new 88d04cd  LUCENE-2905: when no payloads exist, avoid writing wasted pyl pointer deltas in the skipdata
     new 2517783  SOLR-2367: DataImportHandler unit tests are very noisy
     new 4dd86bf  SOLR-1191: fix DIH deltaQyery when pk has prefix, change NPE to better error reporting
     new 0d57f3b  SOLR-2348: Fix field types to explicitly generate an error if you attempt to get a ValueSource for a multiValued field.
     new 3f8c9b5  LUCENE-2922: optimize the scan-within-block step of
     new 07aca88  LUCENE-2918: prune 100% del segments the moment they are created (in applyDeletes) instead of on commit, so that NRT usage doens't waste time on fully deleted segs
     new 28cf54a  LUCENE-2905: don't write abs skip pointer until we have to, the block might be all low-freq terms
     new d964ada  SOLR-2367: use ignoreException for DIH tests that expect exceptions
     new 68f9ccf  SOLR-2371: adds min function, makes max take two value sources
     new ff77def  SOLR-2371: adds min function, makes max take two value sources
     new 545ea40  SOLR-2371: adds min function, makes max take two value sources
     new e4d29a1  remove javadoc warning about functions not being weighted.
     new 8396617  include RSLP stemmer grammar files in the build classpath, for the Galician and Portuguese stemmers in modules/analysis/common/
     new 2493780  SOLR-2373: update to slf4j 1.6.1
     new 742f955  SOLR-2369: turn off zookeeper log4j mbean registration due to slf4j incompat
     new 55af869  SOLR-1240: deprecating date faceting methods now that we have generalized range faceting
     new 377c16a  LUCENE-2926: contrib 'init' target now ensures that lucene-core jar is built and up-to-date
     new ca24eb3  LUCENE-2926: reverting all changes - it slows down the build.  LUCENE-2923 will include these changes for the demo contrib only
     new e22ebc0  docs: move entry to 3.1 from 4.0
     new 77258e5  SOLR-2365: Move DIH jars out of solr.war
     new 8ced919  docs: move CHANGES entries from 4.0 to 3.1
     new d279ff8  this test was missing @Test, and wasn't actually checking any fields were added
     new 3b94824  SOLR-2116: Fix TikaConfig classloader bug in TikaEntityProcessor
     new f7b037d  LUCENE-2923: Cleanup contrib/demo
     new 88caf3a  LUCENE-2923: Restore benchmark jar production for generate-maven-artifacts target
     new 972e53c  SOLR-2377: fix test/example configs that use a bad meme in dataDir
     new f1e792a  LUCENE-2931: Improved javadocs for PriorityQueue#lessThan
     new 81f2f88  LUCENE-2928: Improve LuceneTestCase javadocs
     new 874355b  LUCENE-2923: simplify demo by removing custom collector/paging=false option
     new c80542f  LUCENE-2923: fixed docs; interactive SearchFiles now directly asks for another query when there are zero results
     new 9a735f6  LUCENE-2923: fixed (generated) docs
     new 3f1e769  SOLR-2365: remove DIH jar dependency from the Solr war POM
     new ec20e8a  catch up with trunk
     new 7097021  Alternative depth-based DOT layout ordering in FST's Utils.
     new 11bc341  LUCENE-2933: Correcting test case calling toDot().
     new 26f104d  LUCENE-2881: Track FieldInfos per segment
     new 43113fe  fixed wrong @Override on method inherited from Interface
     new 6b9c787  Merging r1062944 through r1073113 into realtime branch
     new e5309e6  LUCENE-2894: add schema.xml samples for solr analysis factories (A to H)
     new 541a726  fix small problems with term vectors
     new 05bfc58  fix silly bug that crept in during last trunk merge
     new 62f728d  LUCENE-2933: Two-stage state expansion criterion for the FST (distance from root and child count).
     new d0a8a1f  LUCENE-2894: add more contribution
     new 0045e0f  LUCENE-2937: fix floatToByte underflow detection
     new 7fc46ff  LUCENE-2881: fix intermittent failing test by clearing term vectors bits in FieldInfos for segments that had only docs with non-aborting exceptions
     new d43ca1d  tests: add a few more floatToByte constant tests
     new 521fb53  LUCENE-2894: add more contribution
     new 768f61a  Merging r1073114 through r1074014 into realtime branch
     new 6f614bd  LUCENE-2894: add more contribution
     new 12c4c4e  LUCENE-2611: switched the code style file from a manually configured global style to an already-setup per-project code style; adjusted code style continuation indents; added groovy code style support.
     new e315a4a  LUCENE-2894: additional minor improvements to factory examples
     new b43011a  SOLR-2380 fix facet.limit for distrib faceting and facet.sort=index
     new 6d1353b  LUCENE-2936: PhraseQuery score explanations were not correctly identifying matches vs non-matches
     new eeeb300  correct writeVLong typo
     new c66172c  fix javadocs warnings
     new da65d16  LUCENE-2324: new doc deletes approach; various bug fixes
     new a11da24  Merging r1074015 through r1074414 into realtime branch
     new aaa57bc  typo -- exceeds with eee
     new da63e59  examples: add char outside BMP, but commented out for now
     new 0a2c31b  tests: include UTF8 output test
     new aa67187  tests: change UTF8 test to easy char, directly grep since 'od' options vary
     new 7b7d144  SOLR-2381: use patched version of jetty with correct UTF-8 handling
     new ee1228a  SOLR-2381: remove jetty==CESU8 assumption
     new 3985b90  SOLR-2381: adjust maven POMs to use^Che new Jetty jars
     new 700804b  cutover Pulsing to var gap terms index
     new 2e1eb3e  number of unique terms may not fit in int
     new d79e5ce  optimize FST.readLastTargetArc (speeds up primary key lookups)
     new 65e22c0  SOLR-2387: disable test
     new b3ccc86  LUCENE-2940: pass potent reader to mergedSegmentWarmer even if poolReaders is false
     new b8d8885  LUCENE-2940: pass potent reader to mergedSegmentWarmer even if poolReaders is false
     new b76bef1  SOLR-1656: XIncludes and other HREFs in XML files loaded by ResourceLoader are fixed to be resolved using the URI standard (RFC 2396)
     new b77a333  LUCENE-2315: AttributeSource's methods for accessing attributes are now final, else its easy to corrupt the internal states
     new a6bbad1  docs: JIRA issues aren't documentation
     new 638767c  SOLR-2387: UIMA tests are unstable
     new c5694b0  removed @Override on implemented Interface methods
     new d450743  SOLR-1656: Fix XInclude xi:fallback by throwing IOException instead of RuntimeException from ResourceLoader
     new 129dcfc  SOLR-2388: Log XML warnings and errors to slf4j
     new 24fb26a  Remove stupid ZIP error message in ANT's compile/tests
     new bc84d79  example: uncomment char outside the BMP
     new 09b9091  SOLR-2392: Add a dummy-compile task using jspc task (imported from jetty's jasper) to check that all webapps's JSP files at least compile
     new aaad623  SOLR-2391: Replace remaining occurences of text/xml mime types to application/xml & further cleanups in XSLTResponseWriter
     new 03af8d0  SOLR-2391: one file missed to commit
     new 81ee0e7  SOLR-2391: Add missing changes entry
     new 308e0bd  LUCENE-2514, LUCENE-2551: collation uses byte[] keys, deprecate old unscalable locale sort/range, termrangequery/filter work on bytes
     new 6421e1a  SOLR-2388: Fix possible NPE, fix indent
     new 1337e9f  LUCENE-2881: back out until corruption issues can be resolved
     new 0e86125  LUCENE-2918: fix thread safety bug w/ assert statement
     new 70c8bff  packaging: add prototype bin release
     new 21355a4  SOLR-1240: facet.range.include now defaults to 'lower' ( still defaults to lower,upper,edge)
     new e71e682  SOLR-2375 Store & Load functionality for Suggester Lookup implementations.
     new 2509d35  LUCENE-2943: fix thread-safety issues with ICU collation
     new 16f7380  SOLR-2397: clean up the main example solrconfig.xml
     new a5a3afc  Exclude v3.0.1 Lucene artifacts from build classpath for Solr Clustering contrib
     new 7e5d696  LUCENE-2943: tone down test with multiplier a bit
     new a25f2f74 SOLR-2339: tweak test to not log expected exception
     new 78103d0  LUCENE-2941: FieldComparator should do all sorting, even when ES is used in IS
     new e568ec4  LUCENE-2912: simplify some tests
     new 6600f5a  LUCENE-2943: tone down test even more
     new d51068f  LUCENE-2894: apply formatting to more code samples
     new 9eff92f  LUCENE-2551: clear javadocs warning
     new 702ed39  cleanup clustering spaces a bit
     new e85af28  SOLR-2398: fix price filter
     new e82776d  link test-framework javadocs and fix warnings inside them
     new bd2a6b0  website: link test-framework javadocs
     new 79258c0  LUCENE-2924: don't refer to unversioned trunk code in the versioned getting started docs
     new 2040506  LUCENE-2924: another pointer to unversioned resource, fix some typos
     new fea853a  SOLR-309: Fix FieldType so setting an analyzer on a FieldType that doesn't expect it will generate an error
     new 4a67d10  LUCENE-2720: update fileformats
     new b03e135  SOLR-2134: trie fields should get sortMissingLast/First flags from field
     new 2e0a15b  packaging: prototype source distro
     new 9bbd5d1  LUCENE-2924: instruct users to download a source release to examine the source code
     new ebf368c  package-src depends on dist target to work
     new d4fed74  packaging: further improvements to new src/bin packaging
     new 9f1883b  packaging: don't include the war in the source download
     new 500a93f  packaging: only get all README/CHANGES under contrib
     new 2480640  this task was corrupting all files to platform-encoding in the .zip distribution
     new bd6599b  ignore non-utf8 files when crlfing
     new 7c20272  fix weird import
     new bfcd909  SOLR-2401: add contrib/../lucene-libs to binary package
     new a56c73f  add key
     new 045af37  remove unused jar
     new c80bad9  rename easymock.jar to easymock-2.2.jar so the version information is known
     new 970f42e  remove duplicate jars from solr contrib (solr core has these exact ones already)
     new 4797c55  update eclipse classpath
     new 28ea4b7  add xyz-LICENSE.txt for all third party jars
     new 7f260c0  add note about updating jars
     new 48dbe35  correct minor problems with dates and copyright owners in NOTICE.txts
     new 62547f5  add -LICENSE.txt for hsqldb
     new cb3a28c  fix encoding issues in solr LICENSE file: see
     new c7c4991  add junit, jline to NOTICE.txt
     new b2fcee9  add missing LICENSE/NOTICE to benchmarks module
     new f2eb28c  update Solr's included lucene notice
     new 2d1ae8c  put solr's license/notice (which includes lucenes) in the root of the source distribution
     new b8d0758  add 3.2 constant
     new e33484e  add empty 3.2 section to CHANGES
     new 52fbd34  clear java 1.5-only javadocs warnings
     new 8c30ecd  sign source distributions too
     new dfcba59  fix broken checksum task
     new 8d0ec8c  add additional verbage suggested by dsmiley
     new d9e710d  pre-requisites adjusted for generate-maven-artifacts target
     new 3575d56  packaging: don't include random stuff in ./dist
     new b5dbbf5  Augmented list of patterns for text files in which to convert line endings to CRLF style in the Solr source .zip package
     new 16b1b1d  SOLR-2402 -- more verbose errors from DocumentBuilder
     new 88c1c16  Fix packaging.
     new 4b2364a  SOLR-2411: solr/dist/ should only contain distribution files, not intermediate .jars/.war
     new a4ad5a8  LUCENE-2954: Fix CheckIndex to print correct version numbers and fail if tool was not updated.
     new 708d6fa  Make the Maven build work even when the source is not under Subversion control
     new 9662a89  SOLR-2411: reverting all changes
     new b466795  (trivial) adding missing spaces
     new bdaa02c  LUCENE-2953: PriorityQueue's internal heap was made private final
     new 4c29ad4  Make older JDK 1.5 happy with the ugly casts by removing generics here
     new 82c2212  add a comment to previous commit, so nobody breaks this by e.g. Eclipse auto-cleanup
     new 907d4c7  fix false test failure
     new bcc16311 SOLR-2410: add test that normally hits phase3 cleaning w/ PQ
     new b951626  SOLR-2413 -- XMLWriter implemented its own (almost) identical writeVal(String name, Object val)
     new 9ce62b7  SOLR-2381: update jetty to a new patched version (fixes boundary issue); avoid slow/buggy jetty unicode conversion when possible; adds unicode test
     new e066a7e  SOLR-2413: Support for returning multi-valued fields w/o <arr> tag in the XMLResponseWriter was removed.  XMLResponseWriter only no longer work with values less then 2.2
     new 0e043f9  SOLR-2414: All ResponseWriters now use only ServletOutputStreams and wrap their own Writer around it when serializing. This fixes the bug in PHPSerializedResponseWriter that produced wrong string length if the servlet container had a broken UTF-8 encoding that was in fact CESU-8 (see SOLR-1091). The hack was removed by this followup-patch.
     new 0120a1d  SOLR-2411: place release packages and maven artifacts in solr/package/ instead of solr/dist/
     new 3fcf6d6  LUCENE-2961: Remove benchmark/lib/xml-apis-2.9.0.jar - JVM 1.5+ contains these JAXP 1.3 interface classes
     new 77371e0  Obsolete - replaced by apache-extras luceneutil
     new 9a847c8  docs: update READMEs
     new 7180bb3  LUCENE-2957: generate-maven-artifacts target should include all non-Mavenized Lucene & Solr dependencies
     new d933b41  LUCENE-2957: Fixup inconsistent naming of UIMAJ jars
     new 979f035  Solr DIH and Clustering contribs need jetty test scope dependencies to pass tests, since solr-core's jetty dependencies are now optional
     new c79738d  docs: add UIMA version
     new fb15b2b  build: fix javadoc targets
     new f276b89  docs: remove reference to src in binary distro
     new 0d171c4  docs: announce javadoc target in build.xml
     new f047d92  stab in the dark at hudson's jvm crashing
     new 969067c  try to avoid jre bug in test, take 2
     new 3ba04fe  ignore didnt work either, giving up and reverting
     new 5f33517  dist: use a single KEYS file
     new 99aed2c  Tell IntelliJ to ignore more directories containing build output (e.g. dist, package, lucene-lib, etc.)
     new 4ff404d  try to avoid jre bug in test, take 3
     new df907f9  SOLR-2422: fix too-low timeout
     new dee30b6  merge r1079712,r1079716 from trunk to fix the docvalues hudson build
     new 71f4c32  packaging: exclude redundant maven javadoc
     new 8323073  docs: clarify binary release
     new 7b59d3a  docs: fix demo
     new 29c60e7  packaging: exclude BUILD.txt from binary distro
     new c7b526c  docs: add a title to the root README
     new bba1661  example: add a multi-valued text field
     new d6ec69f  fix minor concurrency issue on SegmentReader; fix false test failure
     new f59ee63  revert hack
     new ef2e92a  revert hack
     new 134f75d  Drop separate maven_version, no longer required since maven version and ant build version are the same
     new 2b4970e  Add solr-uima contrib to sign-artifacts; when signing maven dependency jars, also sign their POMs
     new ea6655a  Adding -noverify and a little bit nicer output to TestFSTs. These are debugging/analysis utils that are not used anywhere, so I commit them without the patch.
     new 6a9e358  formmatting cleanup
     new f0cdda7  formatting
     new 75b8c33  LUCENE-2952: normalize license files
     new 3d7ec8a  LUCENE-2952: normalize license files
     new 9352885  LUCENE-2952: normalize license files
     new ac3ef52  LUCENE-2952: normalize license files
     new 987a9ef  make sure max length term works
     new 0d76f4e  SOLR-2427: Upgraded uima-core 2.3.1-SNAPSHOT jar to released uimaj-core 2.3.1; no longer publishing a Solr-specific uima-core Maven artifact; renamed UIMA jars to include their versions.
     new 2a225b9  make RandomIndexWriter sometimes use partial optimize
     new 305d71e  LUCENE-2970: SpecialOperations.isFinite had a terrible complexity, use a visited set to avoid it
     new 1a36f9e  fix licenses
     new 372fa57  remove unneeded license, notice
     new dae7022  LUCENE-2952: add notices
     new e96c6da  LUCENE-2952: add notices
     new 746d0ef  LUCENE-2952: add notices
     new cd7c0c8  LUCENE-2952: clean up license for servlet-api
     new f36c324  LUCENE-2952: hook in dependency checking for license, notice
     new 22ec0cc  docs: update site
     new e80cfec  SOLR-2423: FieldType argument changed from String to Object Conversion from SolrInputDocument > Object > Fieldable is now managed by FieldType rather then DocumentBuilder.
     new 2e2b81e  packaging: fix missing dev-tools files
     new 7f8f164  packaging: don't include lucene-libs in src package
     new e388c1f  packaging: exclude post.jar from src release
     new f67fb5b  docs: tika was upgraded to 0.8
     new 7e1a9ee  docs: update release announcement
     new bfad5f3  LUCENE-2960: allow certain IWC setters to take effect 'live' after IW has been constructed
     new 726c686  LUCENE-2960: move CHANGES entry to the right place
     new 8e26a11  packaging: fix some left out files in lucene's bin package
     new e530e1d  packaging: remove old placeholders
     new cb32642  SOLR-2434: eliminate version injection into forrest docs, and remove build-site from prepare-release's dependency chain (it was fundementally flawed since the build requires java 1.6 but forrest only works with java 1.5)
     new f121cc6  Updated error message printed when maven-ant-tasks jar can't be found
     new ca847ed  Updated error message printed when maven-ant-tasks jar can't be found
     new 8bee953  LUCENE-2952: drop dev-tools dependency, move to test framework, split out checking to each area: lucene, modules, solr
     new 959f657  Updated error message printed when maven-ant-tasks jar can't be found
     new 55c033c  don't exclude the 'site' dir from the source packages.  This gives people access to the commited versions of the generated html/pdf docs.  'ant javadocs' already ensures these will copy to build/docs/ so that the javadocs links in the nav will be consistent if users build them
     new 67fecff  clean up javadoc warnings
     new 3dcbc2c  fix tests to use newDir
     new 576084d  use config directly
     new d2a6250  LUCENE-2973: Use 'svn export' for Solr's package-src and Lucene's dist-src targets; stop producing .zip versions of Lucene/Solr source packages.
     new 978aaab  LUCENE-2976: remove broken src.dir override that was preventing javadocs from building
     new 89c6480  LUCENE-2975: A hotspot bug corrupts IndexInput#readVInt()/readVLong() if the underlying readByte() is inlined (which happens e.g. in MMapDirectory). The loop was unwinded which makes the hotspot bug disappear.
     new 288668a  move a bug ticket from new features to bug fixes
     new 2c64e2b  move DIH entries in core CHANGES.txt to DIH
     new 6d47d73  LUCENE-2963: Easier way to run benchmark, by calling Benmchmark.exec(alg-file) - port from 3x.
     new e45d28a  LUCENE-2964: Allow benchmark tasks from alternative packages - merge/port from 3x.
     new e67bf6b  LUCENE-2944: fix BytesRef reuse bugs, TermToBytesRefAttribute owns the bytes like other attributes
     new 99c13a4  LUCENE-2944: fix java6 oops and add proper consumer behavior to NTS reflection
     new a9fda44  LUCENE-2958: WriteLineDocTask improvements - flexible line fields definition - port/merge from 3x.
     new 0655899  SOLR-2423 -- checking doc.getFieldable avoids unnecessary toString and plays nicer with binary fields
     new 78a3cb4  Augmented list of patterns for text files in which to convert line endings to CRLF style in the Solr binary .zip package
     new 7d32e01  Exclude *pom.xml.template files from Solr's binary distribution
     new 32c6c7a  SOLR-2423 don't add null copy fields
     new 4a277d6  LUCENE-2973: svn-export-source target should call 'svn export --native-eol LF ...'
     new 1c0ff82  LUCENE-2894: move prettify to lucene
     new e96d323  SOLR-2387: stabilize UIMA tests, so they use mock objects instead of remote calls
     new 54d3be3  LUCENE-2881: Track global field numbers across IW-sessions
     new 119c488  add verbosity when test fails
     new bb8e6ae  LUCENE-2978: Upgrade benchmark's commons-compress from 1.0 to 1.1.
     new 1029aed  fix mis-spelled assert comment.
     new 97909a9  fix mis-spelled assert comment (again)
     new ed20a24  LUCENE-2952: restore src/tools and move validation there
     new 7754f30  LUCENE-2973: In the svn-export-source target, switched from <arg line="..."> argument specification to <arg value="...">, to avoid problems with argument splitting on space-containing paths.
     new d88d7da  use ${svn.exe} property instead of directly calling svn executable
     new bc890a1  LUCENE-2952: get the proper build.dir
     new cc24925  Removing the note about excluded JARs (everything is included).
     new d123b8a  LUCENE-2980: Benchmark's ContentSource made insensitive to letter case of file suffix.
     new c6f3dd5  LUCENE-2980: Benchmark's ContentSource made insensitive to letter case of file suffix - fix CHANGES entry.
     new 3c142e1  LUCENE-2952: remove echos
     new de332a2  Minor cleanup in TestFSTs: output is optional, options can be given in front of the input file.
     new c607550  Enabling the clustering handler by default (no need to specify solr.clustering.enabled=true).
     new c8c30c5  back out r1084583 as it breaks ant test
     new 68ebd43  Removed from contrib/demo/lib/ in r1078463; now pulling from solr/lib/.
     new 8d0c1b6  LUCENE-2977: WriteLineDocTask should write gzip/bzip2/txt according to the extension of specified output file name.
     new ae382e3  LUCENE-2989: Fix TestCollectionUtil to not fail on IBM JRE
     new a258c7d  LUCENE-2952: remove invalid default target
     new a191a9d  use DateUtil rather then deprecated ClientUtils.parseDate
     new c18ccd2  LUCENE-2991: fix test to work on windows (workaround for now)
     new 0b76d21  comments: spelling
     new 6c3184c  speed up the solr tests, tests were sleeping 2 seconds per leftover thread
     new cb1514d  configure this from build.xml instead of o.a.solr hack
     new 269b2c5  LUCENE-2983: FieldInfos should be read-only if loaded from disk
     new 0934039  LUCENE-2986: split DefaultSimilarity's provider methods into DefaultSimilarityProvider; clean up uses of sim in tests
     new 5af06fb  LUCENE-2992: build the changes.html file when doing svn-export for the release
     new 0a94d14  LUCENE-2985: Build SegmentCodecs incrementally for consistent codecIDs during indexing
     new caaa23a  SOLR-1566: Transforming documents in the ResponseWriters.  This will allow for more complex results in responses and open the door for function queries as results.
     new e2f584b  LUCENE-2881: fix thread safety issue w/ test
     new f81ccc6  force SMS to workaround overly pedantic test failure
     new b1572f8  SOLR-1566 -- calling commit after adding document to make sure that it is actually commited before the other.
     new ec9a26e  revert this change; I don't think CMS can explain the [pedantic] failure
     new 66b77cf  add stage target
     new 81c756a  fix erroneous comment
     new ebaffef  add a stage target and a mech. for copying artifacts to staging on
     new 75f130f  SOLR-2417, updating CHANGES.txt to show the explain syntax that was added in SOLR-1566
     new ad221cb  SOLR-2417 -- by default spit out the explain text as string, but allow NL or HTML
     new e510d3f  SOLR-2444 -- moving ReturnFields to search package.  Integrating yoniks basic parsing. (should also fix regression)
     new e15954f  SOLR-2444: fix parsing of key in fl
     new 2cb99bf  LUCENE-2609: Renamed the Lucene test-framework jar to 'lucene-test-framework-version.jar'; now including the test-framework javadoc jar in the binary packages; modified the Maven POMs to designate the test-framework artifacts as 'jar' packaging rather than 'test-jar' packaging - this changes the artifact classifiers to be the same as those of any other non-test module.
     new 22f3569  LUCENE-2993: Add an overview.html specific to the Lucene Test Framework.
     new 636b307  Updated to reflect current reality
     new 85969ee  SOLR-2417: typo
     new 27cabec  remove nocommit from log message
     new 71f33f2  SOLR-1566, using factories to create transformers
     new eb64b15  SOLR-1566 - updating readme with more names
     new f54e180  adding svn keywords and eol:style=native
     new b5f436d  SOLR-1298 -- parsing ValueSource as DocTransformer
     new 4b2a94e  LUCENE-2990: ArrayUtil/CollectionUtil.*Sort() methods now exit early on empty or one-element lists/arrays
     new da65977  correct wrongly-licensed file
     new c52347c  catch up with trunk
     new 6346b91  rename ant-junit-LICENSE to *-ASL so that 'validate' succeeds
     new 76b4945  SOLR-2445: Register standard search handler
     new c7c03f6  LUCENE-2996: addIndexes(IndexReader) does not flush before adding the new indexes, and as a consequence, deletes are applied on the incoming indexes too
     new b822bb4  SOLR-2423 -- fixing DateField and adding test
     new 1c5398f  LUCENE-2998: forward port prepare-release and stage
     new 5da11b6  silly: use the right random var
     new 447b497  use SMS when testing LogMP's strict invariants
     new 4bfb56d  SOLR-2396: add [ICU]CollationField
     new b95ca2b  LUCENE-3001 -- Adding TrieFieldHelper to write solr compatible numeric fields without the solr dependency.
     new 9027875  LUCENE-3001 fix solr trie date field from #1086651
     new f6ddf27  SOLR-1566 -- passing SolrQueryRequest to DocTransformer
     new 591f3b5  LUCENE-3001  -- moving TrieFieldHelper out of lucene
     new 9d1854b  LUCENE-3001  -- moving TrieFieldHelper out of lucene
     new 787b601  SOLR-2445: remove standard request handler and change the default qt to blank in form.jsp
     new 98dffb2  Merged with Trunk
     new cf37cec  LUCENE-2573: Tiered flushing of DWPTs by RAM with low/high water marks
     new a4c7a88  LUCENE-3002: Add tests.iter.min to control tests.iter's behavior
     new 9fdc41f  sync CHANGEs for 3.1
     new d112c04  alias for javadocs/javadoc
     new 2fc6954  alias for javadocs/javadoc
     new bbed571  Removed obsolete CVS version control config files
     new 82f0640  update site for 3.1
     new 47190d3  LUCENE-3006: die javadoc warnings die
     new fdf66a1  Fixed incorrect specification of testResource directory src/test-files/; added javax.servlet:servlet-api as a test dependency.
     new 937ee38  LUCENE-3006: fail on javadoc warnings
     new 004524d  added synchronization to prevent threads from seeing inconsistent name / number mappings when asserting for consistency
     new 74c9b88  SOLR-2338: improved per-field similarity integration into schema.xml
     new 56c2994  Added a special case for looking up KeywordAnalyzer, which alone among analyzers occupies package o.a.l.analysis.core.
     new 3bbfa45  Updated to the new method for obtaining a top-level deleted docs bitset.  Also checking the bitset for null, when there are no deleted docs.
     new 4997068  site: sync news w/ announcement better, and add links
     new 9cefe60  Removed special case for looking up KeywordAnalyzer, which is *not* alone among analyzers occupying package o.a.l.analysis.core. Instead, now attempting to instantiate no-package analyzers as core analyzers, then falling back to the previous default package ("org.apache.lucene.analysis.") if that fails.  Also, made the same changes in NewShingleAnalyzerTask.
     new 1caaea7  ReadTokensTask now converts tokens to their indexed forms (char[]->byte[]), just as the indexer does.  This allows measurement of the conversion process, which is important for analysis components that customize it, e.g. (ICU)CollationKeyFilter.
     new 085d30e  changes entries for recent commits
     new 7402c50  fix typo
     new 74a065a  fix collation benchmark to use byte terms
     new d940c24  fix benchmark collation test to match reality
     new e3162c2  create branch
     new dc58134  SOLR-2452: commit my state
     new ce06cfb  SOLR-2378: Cleaning up the benchmark code a little, committing right in without the patch.
     new 44e74e4  do not clear threadbindings when DWPT is swapped out for flushing
     new 0c7a172  SOLR-2061: Generate jar containing test classes
     new 7175a85  Added changes entry for SOLR-2061
     new 14eb02f  LUCENE-3006: die javadoc warnings die (modules/ edition)
     new 641e6e0  SOLR-2061: Ignore pom.xml in this directory
     new 22a9456  SOLR-1298: enable returning float functions via fl, fix bug with default name of function
     new 0532102  SOLR-2433 -- Make FieldProperties bit masks protected
     new fd34f48  adding comment pointing to SOLR-2443
     new e9bee5e  SOLR-2378: Ignoring benchmark test (enabled accidently in cleanup commit).
     new 8acdc28  make some fields final
     new 5cd8c08  fix CheckIndex to also test skipping
     new 0810107  LUCENE-3003: refactor UnInvertedField into Lucene core
     new f10d923  LUCENE-1076: new TieredMergePolicy
     new db6d7ed  turn off debug sop
     new c613d64  LUCENE-3006: specialized definition of javadoc.classpath is not required for building ICU analysis module's javadocs
     new 7d236ab  Added Google Guava as a test dependency to Solr Core
     new a7d460c  merged with trunk
     new 252c86b  SOLR-2444: change fl=key=a to fl=key:a
     new 2fe7952  LUCENE-3011: FST saving/reading from a plain DataInput/DataOutput stream. Modified CodecUtil as well to use DataOutput instead of IndexOutput. Patch by Robert Muir.
     new c914b30  SOLR-2455: Prevent double submit of forms in admin interface
     new 4ea675e  - Re-ordered module dependencies to be the last <orderEntry>s - modules that depend on other modules will otherwise refuse to compile under IntelliJ 10.0.3. - Removed <orderEntry> for the now-nonexistent contrib/demo/lib/
     new 19ae952  SOLR-2378: Making fields of LookupResult public final (everything else is accessible and you can't get access to the actual suggestions, this makes no sense).
     new 522ab5b  fix test: don't use hardcoded index
     new 1e79dd3  don't double-buffer
     new 528a4b8  javadoc: fix confusing terminology
     new 9479242  make this slooow test less evil when not running nightly
     new 106f2ee  speed up some very slow tests when not running nightly
     new 11a6e0d  sharpen CheckIndex to test .nextPosition() after skipping; fix bug in PulsingCodec's reuse of Docs/AndPositionsEnum with payloads; don't write redundant payload lengths
     new bcd2440  add stress test for skipping
     new 3309b5c  SOLR-2432: fix useFilterForSortedQuery which was broken by LUCENE-2831
     new 4fa9156  add commented out code to write the dot-file for the FST index
     new 9466f67  removed bogus iteration in testcase
     new 7d07d20  LUCENE-3020: better payload testing with mockanalyzer
     new e483e26  LUCENE-3020: prevent false fails by wiring this disk-usage-test to use fixed length payloads
     new 52b5426  LUCENE-3020: don't reflect mockanalyzer, it has no no-arg ctor anymore
     new ad8926c  LUCENE-3020: clear javadocs warning
     new 35d1d36  LUCENE-3021: randomize skipInterval in tests
     new b559afe  add IndexSearcher.toString()
     new 904b8a4  LUCENE-3017: allow FST to distinguish final vs non-final no-arcs-leaving nodes
     new 5e04c0b  SOLR-2335: New field(...) function syntax for refering to complex field names (containing whitespace or special characters)
     new 961a548  rip out excessive logging that was originally ment to be nocommit anyway (see r1085618)
     new ca88210  LUCENE-3024: handle > 2.1B terms (again)
     new 34533ad  - Corrected termInfosIndexDivisor to setTermIndexDivisor
     new e95097a  LUCENE-2956: Support updateDocument() with DWPTs
     new 8428ecc  merged with trunk
     new f777dae  SOLR-1566: fix /browse wrt pseudo fields
     new ac87b66  docs: credit, fix utf8
     new 80d8c62  minor defensive fix (use arg to method, not class private member); add comment
     new 0fb7c3e  LUCENE-3027: disregard FieldInfo.storesPayloads if omitTFAP is true
     new 2133423  LUCENE-3027: remove redundant assert
     new 191706d  SOLR-2378: A new, automaton-based, implementation of suggest (autocomplete) component, offering an order of magnitude smaller memory consumption compared to ternary trees and jaspell and very fast lookups at runtime.
     new 368644b  fixing testHealthyness since we now don't stall on bytesUsed explicitly
     new c28df3e  disable random exception ratio for running rollback during test
     new 7f22bd1  LUCENE-3028: IW.getReader() returns inconsistent reader on RT Branch
     new cf52aa0  added license header
     new ecd795c  LUCENE-3026: SmartChineseAnalyzer's WordTokenFilter threw NullPointerException on sentences longer than 32,767 characters
     new db1270e  prevent mockDirectory from failing during rollback
     new 9b8cfb8  SOLR-2468: ignore test for now to unbreak build
     new c3f6331  LUCENE-3016: add analyzer for Latvian
     new a5d2b89  SOLR-2468: fix test added by SOLR-2335 that doesn't work on windows (double-quote in file name)
     new 0e928f5  more verbosity in Test2B (merged from 3.x)
     new 9faf9d9  fixed assert location
     new 3db2d87  mergeprop cleanup
     new 3128a64  disabled fragile assert in healthiness test
     new ccd4d4a  prevent rolling updates from relying on num of CPUs
     new b95a783  only try to flush if there is a DWPT ready for flushing
     new 95b0aa4  LUCENE-3031: setFlushPending fails if we concurrently hit a aborting exception
     new f90bf1a  LUCENE-3032: TestIndexWriterException fails with NPE on realtime
     new f0b56fd  merged with trunk
     new 0742b30  SOLR-2469: remove saveCommitPoint for replicate on startup
     new e88cd9a  doc: keep CHANGES in sync w/ 3x
     new 28332ff  SOLR-2466: set HttpClient retryCount to 0
     new 00e6bc2  build: move license validation to only happen with test, not with compile
     new a336d4b  build: add fake notices for bdb to work around license validation
     new b2530b7  SOLR-2409: edismax: treat invalid fieldnames as a literal
     new 77e4b65  fix SolrDocumentList.toString() maxScore
     new 2b87910  SOLR-2403: fix facet.mincount>0 && facet.sort=index errors, add some algorithmic improvements, introduce more random testing for distrib faceted testing
     new 01ffe0b  LUCENE-3023: some clean-up and nocommits
     new a440c8c  SOLR-2333: The "rename" core admin action does not persist the new name to solr.xml
     new 8906ff3  LUCENE-3037: fix skiplevel computation for some cases where skipInterval^N == df
     new 4a20fa5  LUCENE-3037: calculate log with integer math
     new ccf84e1  LUCENE-3037: replace idiv with imul in log
     new ec366d2  LUCENE-2939: Highlighter should try and use maxDocCharsToAnalyze in WeightedSpanTermExtractor when adding a new field to MemoryIndex as well as when using CachingTokenStream SOLR-2390: Performance of usePhraseHighlighter is terrible on very large Documents, regardless of hl.maxDocCharsToAnalyze
     new 9d90187  SOLR-2105: Rename RequestHandler param 'update.processor' to 'update.chain'.
     new 1773808  SOLR-2324: SolrCloud solr.xml parameters are not persisted by CoreContainer.
     new affaa37  SOLR-1709: Distributed support for Date and Numeric Range Faceting
     new 20f261c  SOLR-2474: The helper TokenStreams in analysis.jsp and AnalysisRequestHandlerBase did not clear all attributes so they displayed incorrect attribute values for tokens in later filter stages
     new afe7a54  SOLR-2394: don't assume 'standard' exists in the web ui
     new 1c75ae2  SOLR-2461: QuerySenderListener and AbstractSolrEventListener are now public
     new 04d1646  add some very basic asserts to BaseTokenStreamTestCase
     new b48ad68  LUCENE-2796: Lucene tests need to clean up after themselves
     new 9db2ff4  SOLR-2383: /browse improvements: generalize range and date facet display
     new 8be940d  minor: improve err msg
     new d566917  SOLR-1566: fix json formatting to indent at start of each doc
     new 49ab81b  LUCENE-3042: When a filter or consumer added Attributes to a TokenStream chain after it was already (partly) consumed [or clearAttributes(), captureState(), cloneAttributes(),... was called by the Tokenizer], the Tokenizer calling clearAttributes() or capturing state after addition may not do this on the newly added Attribute
     new 2714ba9  LUCENE-3042: Add a more specific test that can be backported to 3.x and prev
     new 990a5d6  LUCENE-3023: merged with trunk
     new 68061ef  LUCENE-2560: add basic stress tests for analyzers
     new c0c6950  LUCENE-2560: remove copy/paste unused import
     new 7db9845  LUCENE-3043: GermanStemmer threw IOOBE on zero-length tokens
     new a9484d6  use a tempdir that will get deleted as CWD, this way any core files or hserr.pids get deleted in afterclass()
     new 8be8081  Remove unchecked warning (its not solveable with correct generics)
     new 2b51cd5  merge up to trunk rev 1096302
     new 6a85962  SOLR-2436: move uimaConfig to under the uima's update processor in solrconfig.xml
     new 593d7a5  LUCENE-3044: ThaiWordFilter uses AttributeSource.copyTo incorrectly
     new 44ba085  LUCENE-2560: stress tests for icu integration
     new cf2b0d3  SOLR-2272: pseudo-join
     new fa1ac87  LUCENE-3023: some polishing & removed all nocommit
     new d631ef1  add some more todos
     new 36de6a9  SOLR-2272: revert r1096610
     new 8fb4f5a  LUCENE-3023: more cleanup, asserts and javadoc
     new 1e167ed  SOLR-2272: re-commit join which was inappropriately reverted
     new 6381b26  SOLR-2272: revert r1096831
     new 3dd0b7f  SOLR-2272: Pseudo-join
     new 5432f9d  LUCENE-3045: QueryNodeImpl.containsTag(String) should lowercase the tag key
     new 9c47a99  fixed tests.iter.min to fail after specified iterations
     new 3e833dd  LUCENE-3048: Improve BooleanQuery rewrite documentation
     new f89d7b4  added some debug information
     new 0e7dfa2  LUCENE-3023: make sure we don't miss a new initialized DWPT when flushing all DWPT
     new cf67e6e  LUCENE-3023: fixed test case to not depend on num cpus
     new d48400b  LUCENE-3023: more cleanups
     new 4d73a6f  merge trunk (1096303:1097172)
     new 9accd70  fix false failure
     new 1f67321  missing svn:eol-style
     new 9ba8045  missing svn:eol-style
     new 4247855  merge r1097187
     new 46c9175  LUCENE-3023: add changes that were lost (e.g. marked as merged but somehow didnt make it in)
     new b94b44b  LUCENE-3023: re-enabled testIndexingThenDeleting
     new 2245b79  enhanced assert message in testAddIndexesWithThreads()
     new 7e91c2b  LUCENE-3023: reenabled lost infostream output
     new f47c3e8  LUCENE-3023: cleaned up javadoc with respect to DWPT changes
     new 0ee7cba  LUCENE-3023: manually merged missed chunks from trunk and minor cleanup after review patch from re-integration
     new e02fe6e  merge trunk (r1097339)
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