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Subject lucene-solr:master: SOLR-12023: correcting wrong git merge
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2018 01:56:13 GMT
Repository: lucene-solr
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/master d0cd4245b -> 6f6a880ec

SOLR-12023: correcting wrong git merge


Branch: refs/heads/master
Commit: 6f6a880ec2126690bb363b2a591bed36c406caee
Parents: d0cd424
Author: Noble Paul <>
Authored: Wed Nov 7 12:56:00 2018 +1100
Committer: Noble Paul <>
Committed: Wed Nov 7 12:56:00 2018 +1100

 solr/CHANGES.txt | 110 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++----
 1 file changed, 103 insertions(+), 7 deletions(-)
diff --git a/solr/CHANGES.txt b/solr/CHANGES.txt
index 2850b30..7b60eb0 100644
--- a/solr/CHANGES.txt
+++ b/solr/CHANGES.txt
@@ -16,6 +16,88 @@ In this release, there is an example Solr server including a bundled
 servlet container in the directory named "example".
 See the Solr tutorial at
+==================  8.0.0 ==================
+Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
+Versions of Major Components
+Apache Tika 1.19.1
+Carrot2 3.16.0
+Velocity 1.7 and Velocity Tools 2.0
+Apache ZooKeeper 3.4.11
+Jetty 9.4.11.v20180605
+Upgrade Notes
+* LUCENE-7996: The 'func' query parser now returns scores that are equal to 0
+  when a negative value is produced. This change is due to the fact that
+  Lucene now requires scores to be positive. (Adrien Grand)
+* SOLR-11882: SolrMetric registries retained references to SolrCores when closed. A
+  change of SolrMetricMAnager.registerGauge and SolrMetricProducer.initializeMetrics
+  method signatures was required to fix it. Third party components that use this API
+  need to be updated. (Eros Taborelli, Erick Erickson, ab)
+* LUCENE-8267: Memory codecs have been removed from the codebase (MemoryPostings,
+  MemoryDocValues). If you used postingsFormat="Memory" or docValuesFormat="Memory"
+  then either remove it to use the default or experiment with one of the others. (Dawid Weiss)
+* SOLR-12586: The date format patterns used by ParseDateFieldUpdateProcessorFactory (present
in "schemaless mode")
+  are now interpreted by Java 8's java.time.DateTimeFormatter instead of Joda Time.  The
pattern language is very
+  similar but not the same.  Typically, simply update the pattern by changing an uppercase
'Z' to lowercase 'z' and
+  that's it.  For the current recommended set of patterns in schemaless mode, see "Schemaless
Mode" in the ref guide,
+  or simply examine the default configSet.  Also note that the set of patterns (formats)
here have
+  expanded from before to subsume those patterns previously handled by the "extract" contrib
(Solr Cell / Tika).
+  (David Smiley, Bar Rotstein)
+* SOLR-12593: The "extraction" contrib (Solr Cell) no longer does any date parsing, and thus
no longer has the
+  "date.formats" configuration.  To ensure date strings are properly parsed, use ParseDateFieldUpdateProcessorFactory
+  (an URP) commonly registered with the name "parse-date" in "schemaless mode".  (David Smiley,
Bar Rotstein)
+* SOLR-12754: The UnifiedHighlighter hl.weightMatches now defaults to true.  If there are
unforseen highlight problems,
+  this may be the culprit.
+New Features
+* SOLR-12591: Expand the set of recognized date format patterns of schemaless mode to subsume
those handled by the
+  "extract" contrib (Solr Cell / Tika).  This is primarily a change in configuration of the
default configSet for more
+  patterns, but also included enabling "lenient" parsing in ParseDateFieldUpdateProcessorFactory.
 The default
+  locale was changed from ROOT to en_US since well-known patterns assume this locale.
+  (David Smiley, Bar Rotstein)
+* SOLR-12879: MinHash query parser that builds queries providing a measure of Jaccard similarity
(Andy Hind via Tommaso Teofili)
+* SOLR-12593: The default configSet now includes an "ignored_*" dynamic field.  (David Smiley)
+* SOLR-12725: ParseDateFieldUpdateProcessorFactory should reuse ParsePosition. (ab)
+Other Changes
+* SOLR-12614: Make "Nodes" view the default in AdminUI "Cloud" tab (janhoy)
+* SOLR-12586: Upgrade ParseDateFieldUpdateProcessorFactory (present in "schemaless mode")
to use Java 8's
+  java.time.DateTimeFormatter instead of Joda time (see upgrade notes).  "Lenient" is enabled.
 Removed Joda Time dependency.
+  (David Smiley, Bar Rotstein)
+* SOLR-5163: edismax now throws an exception when qf refers to a nonexistent field (Charles
Sanders, David Smiley)
+* SOLR-12805: Store previous term (generation) of replica when start recovery process (Cao
Manh Dat)
+* SOLR-12652: Remove SolrMetricManager.overridableRegistryName method (Peter Somogyi via
David Smiley)
+* LUCENE-8513: SlowCompositeReaderWrapper now uses MultiTerms directly instead of MultiFields
(David Smiley)
+* SOLR-11812: Remove backward compatibility of old LIR implementation in 8.0 (Cao Manh Dat)
+* SOLR-12620: Remove the Admin UI Cloud -> Graph (Radial) view (janhoy)
 ==================  7.6.0 ==================
 Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.
@@ -91,6 +173,8 @@ New Features
 * SOLR-12862: Add log10 Stream Evaluator and allow the pow Stream Evaluator to accept a vector
of exponents (Joel Bernstein)
+* SOLR-12942: Add an option in IndexSizeTrigger to select the split shard method. (ab)
 * SOLR-12938: Cluster Status returns results for aliases, instead of throwing exceptions
(Gus Heck)
 * SOLR-11997: Suggestions API/UI should show an entry where a violation could not be resolved
@@ -161,6 +245,8 @@ Bug Fixes
 * SOLR-12875: fix ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when unique(field) or uniqueBlock(_root_)
 used with DVHASH method in json.facet. (Tim Underwood via Mikhail Khludnev)
+* SOLR-12954: fix facet.pivot refinement bugs when using facet.sort=index and facet.mincount>1
 * SOLR-12023: Autoscaling policy engine shuffles replicas needlessly (noble)
 * SOLR-12243: Edismax missing phrase queries when phrases contain multiterm synonyms
@@ -185,6 +271,8 @@ Improvements
 * SOLR-12892: MapWriter to use CharSequence instead of String (noble)
+* SOLR-12882: Eliminate excessive lambda allocation in json facets FacetFieldProcessorByHashDV
(Tim Underwood)
 * SOLR-12699: Make contrib/ltr LTRScoringModel immutable and cache its hashCode.
   (Stanislav Livotov, Edward Ribeiro, Christine Poerschke)
@@ -460,13 +548,12 @@ Optimizations
 * SOLR-11654: Time Routed Alias will now route documents to the ideal shard of a collection,
thus avoiding a hop.
   Usually documents were already routed well but not always.  (Gus Heck, David Smiley)
-* SOLR-12305: When a replica is applying updates, some kind of updates can skip buffering
for faster recovery.
-  (Cao Manh Dat)
 * SOLR-11598: The export handler does not limit users to 4 sort fields and is now unlimited.
However the speed at
   which we can export is directly proportional to the number of sort fields specified. This
change also allows streaming
   expressions to group by on more than 4 fields. (Aroop Ganguly, Amrit Sarkar, Varun Thacker)
+* SOLR-12305: When a replica is applying updates, some kind of updates can skip buffering
for faster recovery.
+  (Cao Manh Dat)
 * SOLR-12509: Improve SplitShardCmd performance and reliability. A new method of splitting
has been
   introduced (splitMethod=link) which uses hard-linking of index files when possible, resulting
@@ -516,6 +603,8 @@ Other Changes
 * SOLR-12617: Remove Commons BeanUtils as a dependency (Varun Thacker)
+* SOLR-11008: Use a lighter config for MetricsHandlerTest and ensure the core is up before
the test starts (Varun Thacker)
 * SOLR-11766: Move Streaming Expressions section in Ref Guide to be a top-level section.
(Cassandra Targett)
 * SOLR-12656: ShardSplitTest should extend AbstractFullDistribZkTestBase instead of BasicDistributedZkTest.
@@ -646,6 +735,11 @@ New Features
 * SOLR-12328: JSON Facet API: Domain change with graph query.
   (Daniel Meehl, Kevin Watters, yonik)
+* SOLR-11453: Configuring slowQueryThresholdMillis logs slow requests to a separate file
- solr_slow_requests.log.
+  (Shawn Heisey, Remko Popma, Varun Thacker)
+* SOLR-12401: Add getValue() and setValue() Stream Evaluators (Joel Bernstein, janhoy)
 * SOLR-11779, SOLR-12438: Basic long-term collection of aggregated metrics. Historical data
   maintained as multi-resolution time series using round-robin databases in the '.system'
   collection. New /admin/metrics/history API allows retrieval of this data in numeric
@@ -795,11 +889,11 @@ Bug Fixes
 * SOLR-3567: Spellcheck custom parameters not being passed through due to wrong prefix creation.
   (Josh Lucas via shalin)
-* SOLR-12294: update processors loaded from runtime jars fail to load if they are specified
-   in an update processor chain (noble)
 * SOLR-12358: Autoscaling suggestions fail randomly with sorting (noble)
+* SOLR-12294: update processors loaded from runtime jars fail to load if they are specified
+  in an update processor chain (noble)
 * SOLR-12314: Use http timeout's defined in solr.xml for creating ConcurrentUpdateSolrClient
   indexing requests between leader and replica ( Mark Miller, Varun Thacker)
@@ -853,7 +947,7 @@ Optimizations
 * SOLR-11880: Avoid creating new exceptions for every request made to MDCAwareThreadPoolExecutor
by distributed
   search and update operations. (Varun Thacker, shalin)
-* SOLR-12375: Optimize Lucene needsScore / ScoreMode use:
+* SOLR-12375: Optimize Lucene ScoreMode use:
   A non-cached filter query could be told incorrectly that scores were needed.
   The /export (ExportQParserPlugin) would declare incorrectly that scores are needed.
   Expanded docs (expand component) could be told incorrectly that scores are needed.  (David
@@ -946,6 +1040,8 @@ Other Changes
 * SOLR-12435: Fix bin/solr help and ref guide text to describe ZK_HOST in
   as an alternative to -z cmdline param. (Steve Rowe)
+* SOLR-12428: Solr LTR jar now included in _default configset's solrconfig.xml (Ishan Chattopadhyaya)
 ==================  7.3.1 ==================
 Consult the LUCENE_CHANGES.txt file for additional, low level, changes in this release.

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