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Subject [1/2] lucene-solr:jira/http2: Update CHANGES.txt
Date Tue, 02 Oct 2018 09:29:34 GMT
Repository: lucene-solr
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/jira/http2 3c1d7ff4e -> c1957e241

Update CHANGES.txt


Branch: refs/heads/jira/http2
Commit: 541fd6f2d41bfff141b2dde1e79119802ba20e43
Parents: 3c1d7ff
Author: Cao Manh Dat <>
Authored: Tue Oct 2 16:28:15 2018 +0700
Committer: Cao Manh Dat <>
Committed: Tue Oct 2 16:28:15 2018 +0700

 solr/CHANGES.txt | 28 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 1 file changed, 28 insertions(+)
diff --git a/solr/CHANGES.txt b/solr/CHANGES.txt
index 490bcf2..fb4f41f 100644
--- a/solr/CHANGES.txt
+++ b/solr/CHANGES.txt
@@ -31,6 +31,14 @@ Jetty 9.4.11.v20180605
 Upgrade Notes
+* Solr nodes can now listen and serve HTTP/2 requests. However nodes with HTTPS setup still
only serve HTTP/1.1 requests.
+  Most of internal requests (sent by UpdateShardHandler, HttpShardHandler) Http2SolrClient
is used.
+  Since by default, internal requests are sent by using HTTP/2 (except for HTTPS case as
mentioned above),
+  therefore Solr 8.0 nodes can't talk to old nodes (7.x). However we can follow these steps
to do rolling updates:
+  - Do rolling updates as normally, but the Solr 8.0 nodes must start with -Dsolr.http1=true
as startup parameter.
+    By using this parameter internal requests are sent by using HTTP/1.1
+  - When all nodes are upgraded to 8.0, restart them, this time -Dsolr.http1 parameter should
be removed.
 * LUCENE-7996: The 'func' query parser now returns scores that are equal to 0
   when a negative value is produced. This change is due to the fact that
   Lucene now requires scores to be positive. (Adrien Grand)
@@ -56,6 +64,26 @@ Upgrade Notes
   "date.formats" configuration.  To ensure date strings are properly parsed, use ParseDateFieldUpdateProcessorFactory
   (an URP) commonly registered with the name "parse-date" in "schemaless mode".  (David Smiley,
Bar Rotstein)
+* SOLR-12639: Solr is now using HTTP/2 (Http2SolrClient) for most of internal requests
+  (UpdateShardHandler, HttpShardHandler).
+* SOLR-12643: Since Http2SolrClient does not support exposing connections related metrics.
These metrics are no longer
+  available 'QUERY.httpShardHandler.{availableConnections, leasedConnections, maxConnections,
+  'UPDATE.updateShardHandler.{availableConnections, leasedConnections, maxConnections, pendingConnections}'
+  (Cao Manh Dat)
+* SOLR-12605: UpdateShardHandler's updateOnlyClient is now a Http2SolrClient (previous HttpSolrClient).
This new
+  client does not support 'maxConnections' parameter (Cao Manh Dat). StreamingsSolrClient
which is removed and
+  ConcurrentUpdateSolrClient are no longer used to send updates, updates will be sent asynchronously
+  by Http2SolrClient.
+* SOLR-12640: HttpShardHandlerFactory's defaultClient is now a Http2SolrClient (previous
HttpSolrClient). This new
+  client does not support 'maxConnections' parameter (Cao Manh Dat). LBHttpSolrClient.Req
and LBHttpSolrClient.Rsp
+  are marked as deprecated, uses LBSolrClient.Req and LBSolrClient.Rsp instead.
+* SOLR-12644: Custom AuthenticationPlugin must provide its own setup for Http2SolrClient
+  SolrHttpClientBuilder.setHttp2Configurator, if not internal requests can't be authenticated.
(Cao Manh Dat)
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