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Subject lucene-solr:branch_7x: SOLR-12274: Solr Ref Guide, spatial-search: Corrected obsolete JTS license info & location
Date Mon, 11 Jun 2018 16:15:26 GMT
Repository: lucene-solr
Updated Branches:
  refs/heads/branch_7x 774416290 -> 9c66cd5c3

SOLR-12274: Solr Ref Guide, spatial-search: Corrected obsolete JTS license info & location

(cherry picked from commit 4f1b83b)


Branch: refs/heads/branch_7x
Commit: 9c66cd5c32bc303d72f14e54de9af9b9cba74641
Parents: 7744162
Author: David Smiley <>
Authored: Mon Jun 11 12:13:12 2018 -0400
Committer: David Smiley <>
Committed: Mon Jun 11 12:15:21 2018 -0400

 solr/solr-ref-guide/src/spatial-search.adoc | 4 +---
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+), 3 deletions(-)
diff --git a/solr/solr-ref-guide/src/spatial-search.adoc b/solr/solr-ref-guide/src/spatial-search.adoc
index 315fa2a..8619e3ff 100644
--- a/solr/solr-ref-guide/src/spatial-search.adoc
+++ b/solr/solr-ref-guide/src/spatial-search.adoc
@@ -296,11 +296,9 @@ Underlying Solr is the Spatial4j library which implements them.  To support
 The[JTS Topology Suite] is a popular computational geometry
library with a Euclidean/cartesian (flat 2D) model.
 It supports a variety of shapes including polygons, buffering shapes, and some invalid polygon
repair fall-backs.
 With the help of Spatial4j, included with Solr, the polygons support dateline (anti-meridian)
-Unfortunately Solr cannot include JTS due to its LGPL license.
 You must download it (a JAR file) and put that in a special location internal to Solr:  `SOLR_INSTALL/server/solr-webapp/webapp/WEB-INF/lib/`.
-You can readily download it here:
+You can readily download it here:
 _It will not work if placed in other more typical Solr lib directories, unfortunately._
-JTS's license is expected to be transitioned to BSD by the end of 2017.
 Set the `spatialContextFactory` attribute on the field type to `JTS`.

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