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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Solr Wiki] Update of "WikiManualComparison" by CassandraTargett
Date Tue, 20 Dec 2016 22:00:19 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Solr Wiki" for change notification.

The "WikiManualComparison" page has been changed by CassandraTargett:

  Wiki: [[CollapsingQParserPlugin]] (2014-02-19) <<BR>> 
  Manual: [[|Collapse
and Expand Results]] <<BR>>
- Page migration header added 2016-08-15.
+ '''Page migration header added 2016-08-15.'''
  == CollectionDistribution ==
  Wiki: [[CollectionDistribution]] (2012-09-24) <<BR>>
@@ -104, +104 @@

  Wiki: [[CommitWithin]] (2012-06-22) <<BR>>
  Manual: [[|UpdateHandlers
in SolrConfig]] (2014-12-12) <<BR>>
+ '''Page migration header added 2016-12-20'''
-  * CommitWithin has its own page in the Wiki, but is found in a section of the above manual
page in the Solr Manual. The wiki discusses numerous ways to convey commitWithin information
to Solr, and contails a Java example for the purpse of using it with SolrJ:
- {{{#!java
- UpdateRequest req = new UpdateRequest();
-     req.add(mySolrInputDocument);
-     req.setCommitWithin(10000);
-     req.process(server);
- }}}
-  * The Manual indicates that a soft commit is the default in the schema, and illustrates
how to enact a hard commit in xml:
- {{{#!xml
- <commitWithin>
-   <softCommit>false</softCommit>
- </commitWithin>
- }}}
-  * The manual emphasizes [[|Near
Real Time Searching (NRT)]], which is not mentioned on the the Wiki page. 
  == CommonQueryParameters ==
  Wiki: [[CommonQueryParameters]] (2014-04-03] <<BR>>
@@ -140, +123 @@

  Wiki: [[ComplexFacetingBrainstorming]] (2009-09-20) <<BR>>
  Manual: N/A <<BR>>
- As the name indicates, this page was intended for use as a brainstorming platform about
complex faceting, and it has no manual equivalent.
+ Does not need to be migrated (CCT 2016-12-20)
  == ComplexPhraseQueryParser ==
  Wiki: [[ComplexPhraseQueryParser]] (2014-08-31) <<BR>>
  Manual: [[|Other
Paersers]](2014-10-29) <<BR>>
-  * The wiki page contains an alert at the top of the page informing users that the page
is outdated and that they should refer to the above manual page instead.   It is more feasible
in this scenario to simply port over the manual page than to observe the extensive list of
differences between the two, which includes completely different syntax in most of the code
examples, and numerous references to procedures in the manual that are not present in the
+ '''Page migration header added 2016-12-20'''
  == ConfiguringSolr ==
  Wiki: [[ConfiguringSolr]] (2013-05-21) <<BR>>
  Manual: [[|The
Well-Configured Solr Instance]] (2014-12-10) <<BR>>
@@ -158, +141 @@

  Wiki: [[ContentStream]] (2011-03-11) <<BR>>
  Manual: [[|Content Stream]]
+ '''Page migration header added 2016-12-20'''
-  * The code example in the wiki under '''RemoteStreaming''' contains an additional line:
''multipartUploadLimitInKB="2048"'', which is not found in the manual.
-  * The manual contains an alert, which may be necessary to add to the wiki: 
-     ''If you enableRemoteStreaming="true" is used, be aware that this allows anyone to send
a request to any URL or local file. If DumpRequestHandler  is enabled, it will allow anyone
to view any file on your system.''
  == ContentStreamUpdateRequestExample ==
  Wiki: [[ContentStreamUpdateRequestExample]] (2010-05-28) <<BR>>
@@ -172, +153 @@

  Wiki: Redirects to [[Core Discovery (4.4 and beyond)]] (2014-09-11)<<BR>>
  Manual: [[|Solr
Cores and solr.xml]](2013-07-23)<<BR>>
- See next section.
+ Does not need to be migrated (CCT 2016-12-20)
  == Core Discovery (4.4 and Beyond) ==
  Wiki: [[Core Discovery (4.4 and beyond)]] (2014-09-11)<<BR>>
  Manual: [|Solr Cores
and solr.xml]](2013-07-23)<<BR>>
-  * Documentation for Core Discovery appears to be a work-in-progress in the wiki, where
the initial portions of the page recommends using ''solr.xml'' to manually enable dynamic
core administation, a process that is being phased out as a matter of distinction between
the legacy and discovery modes (the latter of which is to become mandatory in 5.0).
+ Does note need to be migrated (CCT 2016-12-20)
  == CoreAdmin ==
  Wiki: [[CoreAdmin]] (2013-08-29) <<BR>>
@@ -198, +180 @@

  Wiki: [[CSVResponseWriter]] (2011-09-19) <<BR>>
  Manual: [[]]
(2014-02-27) <<BR>>
- There is no notable difference between the wiki page and the manual's equivalent section.
+ '''Page migration header added 2016-12-20'''
  == CSVUpdateRequestHandler ==
  Wiki: [[UpdateCSV]] (2014-03-13) <<BR>>
  Manual: [[]]
(2014-02-27) <<BR>>
- The CSVUpdateRequestHandler is not mentioned in the manual, though the phrase "....compatible
with the CSV update format" which links back to the wiki page.
+ '''Page migration header added 2016-12-20'''
  == CurrencyField ==
  Wiki: [[CurrencyField]] (2013-06-02) <<BR>>
  Manual: [[|Working
With Currencies and Exchange Rates]] (2014-02-27) <<BR>>
-  * In the code snippet for '''configuration''' the wiki contains the line ''<dynamicField
name="*_c" type="currency" />'' at the beginning, which is not found in the manual's code
snippet.  This isn't necessarily extraneous, but the concept of dynamic fields is a separate
entity than that of currency configuration, and may need to be omitted to avoid confuction.
+ '''Page migration header added 2016-12-20'''
  [[#Return to Top|Return to Top]]
  == DaemonTools ==
@@ -249, +232 @@

  Wiki: [[DeploymentofSolrCoreswithZookeeper]] (2010-03-01) <<BR>>
  Manual: [[|Nodes,
Cores, Clusters and Leaders]] (2014-12-18) <<BR>>
+ Made note that this page refers to SOLR-1724 and not SolrCloud (CCT 2016-12-20)
-  * Compared to the manual, the wiki page is incomplete.  Specifically, the manual contains
detailed explainations regarding '''clusters''' and their use with ''SolrCloud'', but there
is only a single mention of clusters under the TODO section of the wiki page, and the Solr
Cloud is mentioned only to provide an external link.
-  * The wiki page references a ''CoreContainer'', which isn't found anywhere in the manual,
and links to a page that does not exist in the wiki.
-  * The only actual similarities between the two pages is that they both mention Zookeeper
(the only page in both the manual and the wiki where this is extensively referenced), and
both mention cores, but they are otherwise completely different.  The manual appears to be
focused on Zookeeper's implementation with SolrCloud, where the wiki is more a conceptual
overview of how Zookeeper works with Solr nodes.
  == DIHCustomFunctions ==
  Wiki: [[DIHCustomFunctions]] (2011-07-11)<<BR>>

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