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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Solr Wiki] Update of "WikiManualComparison" by CassandraTargett
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2016 22:20:30 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

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The "WikiManualComparison" page has been changed by CassandraTargett:

Update for pages reviewed/migrated

  Wiki: [[Atomic_Updates]] (2013-04-27) <<BR>>
  Manual: [[|Updating
Parts of Documents]] (2014-12-04)<<BR>>
-  * In addition to ''set'', ''add'', and ''inc'', the manual contains two additional modifiers,
''remove'' and ''removeregex''.
-  * The manual contains an alert: "All original source fields must be stored for field modifiers
to work correctly, which is the Solr default." which may be necessary to include in the Wiki.
+ '''Page migration header added 2016-08-01'''
  [[#Return to Top|Return to Top]]
@@ -49, +49 @@

  Wiki: [[BenchmarkingSolr]] (2014-05-14)<<BR>>
  Manual: N/A <<BR>>
- This page is exclusive to the Wiki.  The Solr Manual references the term "benchmark" only
twice, in an indirect context.
+ Does not need to be migrated (CCT 2016-08-01)
  == BloomIndexComponent ==
  Wiki: [[BloomIndexComponent]] (2010-05-28)<<BR>>
@@ -58, +58 @@

  The Solr Manual contains no reference to this search component. 
  == BusinessRules ==
- Wiki: [[BusinessRules]] (2011-12-07)<<BR>>
+ Wiki: [[Business%20Rules]] (2011-12-07)<<BR>>
  Manual: N/A <<BR>>
- The Wiki page for this article is incomplete, aside from the introduction.  There is no
equivalent in the manual.
+ Does not need to be migrated (CCT 2016-08-01)
  == BusinessRulesAdvanced ==
  Wiki: [[BusinessRulesAdvanced]](2011-12-07)<<BR>>
  Manual: N/A <<BR>>
- This Wiki page has not been completed.  
+ Does not need to be migrated (CCT 2016-08-01)
  [[#Return to Top|Return to Top]]
- == CategoryQueryResponseWriter ==
- Wiki: [[CategoryQueryResponseWriter]] (2010-03-01) <<BR>>
- Manual: [[|Response Writers]]
-  * See: [[QueryResponseWriter]].
- [[#Return to Top|Return to Top]]
- == CategorySolrRequestHandler ==
- Wiki: [[CategorySolrRequestHandler]] (2010-03-10) <<BR>>
- Manual: Numerous <<BR>>
-  * See: [[SolrRequestHandler]]
  == Celeritas ==
  Wiki: [[Celeritas]] (2009-09-20) <<BR>>
  Manual: [[|Velocity Search
UI]] (2013-09-27) <<BR>>
-  * See: [[VelocityResponseWriter]]
+ Does not need to be migrated (CCT 2016-08-01)
  == ClusteringComponent ==
  Wiki: [[ClusteringComponent]] (2013-09-12)<<BR>>
  Manual: [[|Result Clustering]]
+ Content removed; replaced with link to Ref Guide 2015-08-24. Added header 2016-08-01.
-  * The "Quick Start" example in the Wiki and the Manual are different.  Specifically, the
Wiki seems to operate using the example directory using: ''$ java -Dsolr.clustering.enabled=true
-jar start.jar'', and the manual operates of a version that has a pre-configured example,
using: ''bin/solr start -e techproducts -a '-Dsolr.clustering.enabled=true''.
-  * Under '''Performance Impact''' (equivalent to '''Performance Considerations''' in the
manual), the Wiki does not include enabling ''carrot.produceSummary'' as a suggestion.  This
attribute has a section on the same page in the Wiki, but its effect on performance is not
made apparent in the describing text.  
  == CollapsingQParserPlugin ==
  Wiki: [[CollapsingQParserPlugin]] (2014-02-19) <<BR>> 

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