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Subject svn commit: r1729496 - /lucene/cms/trunk/content/solr/news.mdtext
Date Tue, 09 Feb 2016 23:09:52 GMT
Author: janhoy
Date: Tue Feb  9 23:09:51 2016
New Revision: 1729496

Change wording, telling people to re-fork


Modified: lucene/cms/trunk/content/solr/news.mdtext
--- lucene/cms/trunk/content/solr/news.mdtext (original)
+++ lucene/cms/trunk/content/solr/news.mdtext Tue Feb  9 23:09:51 2016
@@ -11,15 +11,16 @@ For information on working with git, ple
 and the [wiki](
 The [GitHub mirror]( remains at 
-the same location as before, but since it now mirrors, the contents
-have changed. Therefore, if you had a personal fork, you will find
-that it has changed its "origin remote", and you will have to re-add the
-Apache repo as your origin, and then rebase your changes. Instructions
+the same location as before, but the contents have changed. We now have
+one unified repo preserving the full history of both Lucene and Solr.
+If you had a GitHub fork, you will find
+that it has changed its "forked from" location, and any Pull Request will go to
+that other fork instead of to the Lucene developers. The only known solution is to
+delete your existing fork and re-fork from [GitHub](
-If you had active Pull Requests against our GitHub mirror, these are unfortunately
-gone, but not lost. Please create a new PR against the new mirror or send an email 
-to the [dev-list]( to ask for details of your old one.
+If you had active code changes and Pull Requests against our old GitHub mirror,
+please see [the wiki](
+for some suggestions on how to proceed.
 The PMC is happy to answer any question you may have regarding this change.

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