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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Solr Wiki] Update of "SolrResources" by Jay Gandhi
Date Fri, 11 Sep 2015 00:20:21 GMT
Dear Wiki user,

You have subscribed to a wiki page or wiki category on "Solr Wiki" for change notification.

The "SolrResources" page has been changed by Jay Gandhi:

   * [[|Solr in Libraries]] A round-up
of experimental library catalog projects using Solr from Ryan Eby, (2007-04-26)
   * [[|Enterprise search
with PHP and Apache Solr]] at [[|IBM developerWorks]] (2008-01-15)
   * [[|What's
new with Apache Solr]] - Coverage of new features and capabilities in Solr 1.3 by Grant Ingersoll.
-  * [[|Faceted
Search with Solr]] (by Yonik Seeley)<<BR>> (''Published: January 2009 - article'')
-  * [[|Content
Extraction with Apache Tika and Solr]] (by Sami Siren)<<BR>> (''Published: January
2009 - article'')
-  * [[|Optimizing
Findability in Lucene and Solr]] (by  Grant Ingersoll)<<BR>> (''Published: January
2009 - article'')
-  * [[|Debugging
Relevance Issues in Search]] (by Grant Ingersoll)<<BR>> (''Published: January
2009 - article'')
-  * [[|Introduction
to Apache Lucene and Solr]] (by Marc Krellenstein)<<BR>>(''Published: January
2009 - article'')
-  * [[|Scaling
Lucene and Solr]] (by Mark Miller)<<BR>> (''Published: January 2009 - article'')
   * [[|Solr
Auto-Suggest using TermsComponent and JQuery]] (by Matt Weber)<<BR>> (''Published:
May 2009 - article'')
   * [[|Location-aware
search with Apache Lucene and Solr]] - Combine unstructured text and spatial data to enhance
your search applications (by Grant Ingersoll) <<BR>> (''Published: Jan 12, 2010
- article'')
   * [[|Tips
on Loading and Real-Time Searching of Big Data Sets]] (by Rod Cope) <<BR>> (''Published:
May 17, 2011 - article'')
   * [[|Data Modeling
for Relevance]] (ideas from [[| Relevant Search]] by Doug
Turnbull  & John Berryman) <<BR>> (''Published: May 15, 2015 - article'')
   * [[|Sharpening Your Search Results
by Improving Relevance]] (excerpt from [[| Relevant Search]]
by Doug Turnbull  & John Berryman) <<BR>> (''Published: April 2015 - article'')
+  * [[|Efficient Field
Value Cardinality Stats in Solr 5.2: HyperLogLog]] (by Hoss)<<BR>>(''Published:
May 2015'')
+  * [[|Custom Security Filtering
in Solr 5.x]] (by Erik Hatcher)<<BR>> (''Published: May 2015'')
+  * [[|Solr 5’s new ‘bin/post’
utility]] (by Erik Hatcher)<<BR>> (''Published: August 2015'')
+  * [[|Solr as an Apache Spark SQL
DataSource]] (by Timothy Potter)<<BR>> (''Published: August 2015'')
+  * [[|Securing Solr
with Basic Authentication]] (by Noble Paul)<<BR>> (''Published: August 2015'')
+  * [[|Min/Max On Multi-Valued Field
For Functions & Sorting]] (by  Hoss)<<BR>> (''Published: September 2015'')
  == Blogs ==
-  * [[|Grant's Grunts: Lucene edition]] - Grant Ingersoll's
thoughts on the Lucene ecosystem.
-  * [[|Lucid Imagination's Blog]] - Many of the Solr
and Lucene committers blog here about how to use Solr and Lucene
+  * [[|Lucidworks Blog]] - Many of the Solr and Lucene committers
blog here about how to use Solr and Lucene
   * [[|Search
Suggest Functionality]]
   * [[|Sematext Blog]] - Search and Analytics covering Lucene, Solr,
Nutch, Hadoop, HBase, and more
   * [[|Cominvent Blog]] - Articles in Norwegian and English about
Enterprise search with Lucene/Solr/FAST
@@ -64, +63 @@

   * [[|Main Apache Archive]]: [[|solr-user]]
[[|dev]] [[|solr-dev]]
(to 2010)
   * [[|]]: [[|solr-user]]
[[|dev]] [[|solr-dev]]
(to 2010)
-  * -  Search the Lucene/Solr ecosystem. Powered by
+  * -  Search the Lucene/Solr ecosystem.
   * [[|]]: [[|solr-user]]
   * - Search the whole Lucene/Solr ecosystem.
- == Media (podcasts, etc) ==
+ == Media (video, podcasts, etc) ==
-  * [[|Interview
with Lucene creator Doug Cutting]] Podcast.  Summary: Doug talks about the creation of Lucene,
Nutch and Hadoop. (''Published January 2009'')
-  * [[|Interview
with Lucene/Solr committer Chris Hostetter]] Podcast.  Summary: Chris talks about Solr, Lucene
and their usage at CNET. (''Published January 2009'')
-  * [[|Interview
with Lucene/Solr committer Ryan McKinley]] Podcast.  Summary: Ryan discusses Solr, Lucene
and geospatial searching with Lucene (LocalLucene/LocalSolr) and his usage of Lucene/Solr
throughout his career. (''Published January 2009'')
+  * [[|Solr & Spark for
Real-Time Big Data Analytics]]<<BR>>'''Recorded Webinar:''' Lucene/Solr Committer
Tim Potter presents common use cases for integrating Spark and Solr, access to open source
code, and performance metrics to help you develop your own large-scale search and discovery
solution with Spark and Solr. (''Published: September 2015'')
+  * [[|Simpler Semantic Search
with Solr]]<<BR>>'''Recorded Webinar:''' Hear from Lucidworks Senior Solutions
Consultant Ted Sullivan about how to improve the quality of search results by examining the
relationship between language and search. (''Published: June 2015'')
+  * [[|Inside Apache Solr 5]]<<BR>>'''Recorded Webinar:'''
Join Lucidworks CTO and Apache Solr committer Grant Ingersoll for a guided tour of the latest
release of Solr. You'll learn about SolrCloud hardening, clusterstate improvements, the schema
and solrconfig APIs, easier ZooKeeper management, improved flexible and schemaless indexing,
and overall ease-of-use improvements. (''Published: February 2015'')
   * Erik Hatcher discusses Solr on an episode of !WebDevRadio here
  == More links ==
@@ -94, +93 @@

   * [[|Integration
of Apache SOLR with Crawlers]] by Andrzej Bialecki at [[|Lucene
Revolution 2010]]
   * [[|Hadoop
+ Solr for big data analytics]] by Ken Krugler at the 2012 [[|Hadoop
Summit]] in Santa Clara.
+ == Products Built On Solr ==
+  * [[|Lucidworks Fusion]] - Use [[|Lucidworks
Fusion]] to make your [[|Solr]] development and maintenance
  == Tip & Tricks ==
   * [[|Posting XML (to Solr) from ant]] by Peter
Binkley (2007-02-01)
   * [[|Online
indexing - integrating Nutch with Solr]] by Sami Siren (2007-02-04)
  == Training ==
-  * [[|LucidWork's training]]
- Training on Solr created by Solr committers and contributors (Erik Hatcher, Grant Ingersoll
and the rest of the team at Lucid Imagination).
+  * [[|Lucidworks training]] - Training
on Solr created by Solr committers and contributors (Erik Hatcher, Grant Ingersoll and the
rest of the team at Lucidworks).
   * [[|Solr Boot Camp]] - Training on Solr by Solr/Lucene committers
and contributors. Offered exclusively at [[|ApacheCon]].
   * [[|]] - Full range of instructor-led public
as well as on-site Solr training by [[|Cominvent AS]] and [[|Jan
   * [[| Sematext Solr Training]] - Solr Training
created and run by [[|Sematext]]'s Solr experts.

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