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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Solr Wiki] Update of "ReleaseNote52" by AnshumGupta
Date Fri, 05 Jun 2015 18:10:18 GMT
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The "ReleaseNote52" page has been changed by AnshumGupta:

Added the changes.

+ {{{
- XX June 2015, Apache Solr™ 5.2 available
+ 06 June 2015, Apache Solr™ 5.2 available
  Solr is the popular, blazing fast, open source NoSQL search platform
  from the Apache Lucene project. Its major features include powerful
@@ -18, +19 @@

  Solr 5.2 Release Highlights:
+  * Restore API allows restoring a core from an index backup.
+  * JSON Facet API
+   * unique() is now implemented for numeric and date fields
+   * Optional flatter form via a "type" parameter
+   * Added support for "mincount" parameter in range facets to supress buckets less than
that count
+   * Multi-select faceting support for the Facet Module via the "excludeTags" parameter which
disregards any matching tagged filters for that facet.
+  * A new "facet.range.method" parameter to let users choose how to do range faceting between
an implementation based on filters (previous algorithm, using "facet.range.method=filter")
or DocValues ("facet.range.method=dv")
+  * Rule-based Replica assignment during collection, shard, and replica creation.
+  * Stats component:
+   * New 'cardinality' option for stats.field, uses HyperLogLog to efficiently estimate the
cardinality of a field w/bounded RAM. Blog post:
+   * stats.field now supports individual local params for 'countDistinct' and 'distinctValues'.
'calcdistinct' is still supported as an alias for both options.
+  * Solr security
+   * Authentication and Authorization frameworks for Solr. They define an interface and a
mechanism to create, load, and use an authorization/authentication plugin.
+   * Kerberos authenticaion plugin for Solr. This would allow running a Kerberized Solr setup.
+  * Solr Streaming Expressions
+  * bin/post (and SimplePostTool in -Dauto=yes mode) now sends rather than skips files without
a known content type, as "application/octet-stream", provided it still is in the allowed filetypes
+  * HDFS transaction log replication factor is now configurable
+  * zkcli script can perfrom the CLUSTERPROP command without a running Solr cluster
+  * New spatial RptWithGeometrySpatialField, based on CompositeSpatialStrategy, which blends
RPT indexes for speed with serialized geometry for accuracy.  Includes a Lucene segment based
in-memory shape cache.
+  * Refactored Admin UI using AngularJS. It isn't the default, but a parallel UI interface
in this release.
  Solr 5.2 also includes many other new features as well as numerous
  optimizations and bugfixes of the corresponding Apache Lucene release.

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