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Subject svn commit: r1654505 - in /lucene/dev/branches/lucene_solr_5_0: ./ lucene/ lucene/MIGRATE.txt
Date Sat, 24 Jan 2015 12:53:56 GMT
Author: uschindler
Date: Sat Jan 24 12:53:55 2015
New Revision: 1654505

Merged revision(s) 1654504 from lucene/dev/branches/branch_5x:
Add removal of Lucene 3 index formats and new backward-codecs module to migration guide

    lucene/dev/branches/lucene_solr_5_0/   (props changed)
    lucene/dev/branches/lucene_solr_5_0/lucene/   (props changed)
    lucene/dev/branches/lucene_solr_5_0/lucene/MIGRATE.txt   (contents, props changed)

Modified: lucene/dev/branches/lucene_solr_5_0/lucene/MIGRATE.txt
--- lucene/dev/branches/lucene_solr_5_0/lucene/MIGRATE.txt (original)
+++ lucene/dev/branches/lucene_solr_5_0/lucene/MIGRATE.txt Sat Jan 24 12:53:55 2015
@@ -1,5 +1,22 @@
 # Apache Lucene Migration Guide
+## Lucene 3.x index format no longer supported
+Lucene 5 no longer supports the Lucene 3.x index format. Opening
+indexes will result in `IndexFormatTooOldException`. It is recommended
+to either reindex all your data, or upgrade the old indexes with
+the `IndexUpgrader` tool of latest Lucene 4 version (4.10.x).
+Those indexes can then be read (see next section) with Lucene 5.
+## Support for previous Lucene 4.x index formats moved to new module
+Lucene 5 will by default only read indexes created with Lucene 5.
+To read and upgrade Lucene 4.x indexes, you must add the
+`lucene-backward-codecs.jar` to the classpath. It is recommended
+to upgrade the old indexes with the `IndexUpgrader` tool,
+so you can remove the backward-codecs module from classpath.
+This will also improve performance.
 ## All file handling APIs changed to Java 7 NIO.2 (LUCENE-5945)
 All APIs around Directory and other file-based resources were changed to make

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