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From "Cassandra Targett (Confluence)" <>
Subject [CONF] Apache Solr Reference Guide > Field Types Included with Solr
Date Tue, 19 Nov 2013 16:51:00 GMT
Space: Apache Solr Reference Guide (
Page: Field Types Included with Solr (

Change Comment:
add EnumField type; needs more info

Edited by Cassandra Targett:
The following table lists the field types that are available in Solr. The {{org.apache.solr.schema}}
package includes all the classes listed in this table.

|| Class || Description ||
| BCDIntField | Binary-coded decimal (BCD) integer. BCD is a relatively inefficient encoding
that offers the benefits of quick decimal calculations and quick conversion to a string. |
| BCDLongField | Binary-coded decimal long integer. |
| BCDStrField | Binary-coded decimal string. |
| BinaryField | Binary data. |
| BoolField | Contains either true or false. Values of "1", "t", or "T" in the first character
are interpreted as true. Any other values in the first character are interpreted as false.
| ByteField | Contains an array of bytes. _deprecated, use TrieIntField instead_ |
| CollationField | Supports Unicode collation for sorting and range queries.  ICUCollationField
is a better choice if you can use ICU4J.  See the section [Unicode Collation|solr:Language
Analysis#Unicode Collation]. |
| CurrencyField | Supports currencies and exchange rates. See the section [solr:Working with
Currencies and Exchange Rates]. |
| DateField | Represents a point in time with millisecond precision. See the section [solr:Working
with Dates]. |
| DoubleField | Double (64-bit IEEE floating point). |
| ExternalFileField | Pulls values from a file on disk. See the section [Working with External
Files and Processes]. |
| EnumField | Allows defining an enumerated set of values which may not be easily sorted by
either alphabetic or numeric order (such as a list of severities, for example). This field
type takes a configuration file, which lists the proper order of the field values. |
| FloatField | Floating point (32-bit IEEE floating point). |
| ICUCollationField | Supports Unicode collation for sorting and range queries. See the section
[Unicode Collation|solr:Language Analysis#Unicode Collation]. |
| IntField | Integer (32-bit signed integer). |
| LatLonType | [Spatial Search]: a latitude/longitude coordinate pair. The latitude is specified
first in the pair. |
| LongField | Long integer (64-bit signed integer). |
| PointType | [Spatial Search]: An arbitrary n-dimensional point, useful for searching sources
such as blueprints or CAD drawings. |
| PreAnalyzedField | Provides a way to send to Solr serialized token streams, optionally with
independent stored values of a field, and have this information stored and indexed without
any additional text processing. Useful if you want to submit field content that was already
processed by some existing external text processing pipeline (e.g. tokenized, annotated, stemmed,
inserted synonyms, etc.), while using all the rich attributes that Lucene's {{TokenStream}}
provides via token attributes. |
| RandomSortField | Does not contain a value. Queries that sort on this field type will return
results in random order. Use a dynamic field to use this feature. |
| ShortField | Short integer. _deprecated, use TrieIntField instead_ |
| SortableDoubleField | The Sortable fields provide correct numeric sorting. If you use the
plain types ({{DoubleField}}, {{IntField}}, and so on) sorting will be lexicographical instead
of numeric. |
| SortableFloatField | Numerically sorted floating point. |
| SortableIntField | Numerically sorted integer. |
| SortableLongField | Numerically sorted long integer. |
| SpatialRecursivePrefixTreeFieldType | (RPT for short) [Spatial Search]: Accepts latitude
comma longitude strings or other shapes in WKT format. |
| StrField | String (UTF-8 encoded string or Unicode). |
| TextField | Text, usually multiple words or tokens. |
| TrieDateField | Date field accessible for Lucene TrieRange processing. |
| TrieDoubleField | Double field accessible Lucene TrieRange processing. |
| TrieField | If this type is used, a "type" attribute must also be specified, with a value
of either: integer, long, float, double, date. Using this field is the same as using any of
the Trie fields. |
| TrieFloatField | Floating point field accessible Lucene TrieRange processing. |
| TrieIntField | Int field accessible Lucene TrieRange processing. |
| TrieLongField | Long field accessible Lucene TrieRange processing. |
| UUIDField | Universally Unique Identifier (UUID). Pass in a value of "NEW" and Solr will
create a new UUID. |

The {{MultiTermAwareComponent}} has been added to relevant {{solr.TextField}} entries in {{schema.xml}}
(e.g., wildcards, regex, prefix, range, etc.) to allow automatic lowercasing for multi-term

Further, you can now optionally specify {{analyzerType="multiterm"}} in {{schema.xml}}; if
you don't, {{analyzer}} will process the fields according to their specific attributes.


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