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From "Cassandra Targett (Confluence)" <>
Subject [CONF] Apache Solr Reference Guide > Internal - TODO List
Date Mon, 18 Nov 2013 21:35:00 GMT
Space: Apache Solr Reference Guide (
Page: Internal - TODO List (

Edited by Cassandra Targett:
This page serves as a place to organize thoughts and collect lists of things to try and fix
/ clean up.

If you are in the process of looking into something, or imminently plan to start looking into
something -- please put your name under it.  If you complete something on this list, please
delete it.

{note}a lot of these are from an email sarowe sent in response to the "VOTE RC0 Release apache-solr-ref-guide-4.5.pdf"
thread, so any page numbers mentioned are likely related to that PDF{note}

* 1. Pg 2: The section links from the TOC all take you to the previous page, rather than to
the top of the page where the section starts.  (Same behavior on OS X Preview, and under Windows,
on Firefox's built-in PDF viewer and on Adobe Reader.)  This looks like a general problem
- see e.g. Pg 99&100: Under solr.HTMLStripCharFilterFactory, the links labeled "Major
Changes from Solr 3 to Solr 4." go one page previous to the start of this section in the guide.
** sarowe, ctargett, hoss, steffkes looked into it but couldn't figure out a good fix (shelved)

h2. TODO for 4.6

# Possible future PDF format fixes:
## Add some hspace in the PDF around images - in many cases the text is bumping up against
the borders (see p. 15, 19, 21 specifically).
## Widow control for tables? See p. 47-48, where the table header is on one page and the content
on the other. Not sure if it's possible, though.
## Some code blocks are stretched across more pages than necessary, with lots of vertical
blank space, e.g. pp 137-9, 156-8, 298-300
## <logging><watcher> table on p 261 has extra columns in one row
## zookeeper ensemble code block on 292 is missing leading whitespace
## URLs in the ReplicationHandler table have underscores, probably intended to cause underlined
styling, but this doesn't work - either figure out how to underline those parts, or remove
the surrounding underlines.

A few comments from Robert (from [this email|]):

* page 5: "To confirm your installation, go to the Solr Admin pageat" <-\- it reads with
no space to my viewer. Maybe there is not a missing space and its just a PDF rendering/font
issue or something like that.
** CT: it wasn't obvious from the online page, but the PDF doesn't deal well with non-breaking
space markers instead of spaces and there was one on either side of the 'at' in that sentence.
I removed those, so this should be fixed.
* page 12: "Begining with 4.4..." <-\- spelling. Also, in the same paragraph, "you should
changed this to use useCompoundFile": should be "change". I also wonder if its possible to
prevent "useCompoundFile" from wrapping in the strange way it does? I think when e.g. quoting
literal configuration strings like this it would be ideal if it didnt line break in the middle...
I don't know if thats possible though.
** CT: Fixed the spelling errors. I also moved the hyperlink to later in the sentence, so
hopefully that will help this issue.

Issues from CHANGES.txt to be done:

* [SOLR-5167|]: AnalyzingInfixSuggester
** CT: added simple information about this; probably needs a bit more verbiage
* [SOLR-5338|]: Using split.key param to split
* [SOLR-5353|]: Using split.key param to split
documents in cores
* [SOLR-5027|]: CollapsingQParser - already
has a page in the Solr wiki: []
** CT: added initial page, which is basically a copy of the wiki page. I'd like to see better
examples using real-ish field names.
* [SOLR-5310|]: Delete replica; description
is there, only needs an example API call
* [SOLR-5374|]: User-configured doc-centric
versioning rules
* [SOLR-5084|]: Enum field type

h1. TODO for Solr 4.7

* [].

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