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From "Cassandra Targett (Confluence)" <>
Subject [CONF] Apache Solr Reference Guide > Internal - TODO List
Date Fri, 27 Sep 2013 19:46:00 GMT
Space: Apache Solr Reference Guide (
Page: Internal - TODO List (

Change Comment:
finished sarowe's list and removed those that are done

Edited by Cassandra Targett:
This page serves as a place to organize thoughts and collect lists of things to try and fix
/ clean up.  

If you are in the process of looking into something, or imminently plan to start looking into
something -- please put your name under it.  If you complete something on this list, please
delete it.

{note}a lot of these are from an email sarowe sent in response to the "VOTE RC0 Release apache-solr-ref-guide-4.5.pdf"
thread, so any page numbers mentioned are likely related to that PDF{note}

* 1. Pg 2: The section links from the TOC all take you to the previous page, rather than to
the top of the page where the section starts.  (Same behavior on OS X Preview, and under Windows,
on Firefox's built-in PDF viewer and on Adobe Reader.)  This looks like a general problem
- see e.g. Pg 99&100: Under solr.HTMLStripCharFilterFactory, the links labeled "Major
Changes from Solr 3 to Solr 4." go one page previous to the start of this section in the guide.
** sarowe, ctargett, hoss, steffkes looked into it but couldn't figure out a good fix (shelved)

* 29. Pg 94: Stop Filter: the "enablePositionIncrements" arg is no longer supported as of
Lucene/Solr 4.4 - this should be mentioned, and the example showing its use should be removed.
 All of the examples need to have their positions adjusted accordingly. Also, all language-specific
examples later in the guide should have this arg removed.
** pfft. position increments confuse the heck out of me. I made a note that the argument is
no longer supported and decided to remove the example that included it entirely. Someone check
it though - [Filter Descriptions#Stop Filter]. 
** Should it also be removed as an option for the Type Tokenizer: [Tokenizers#Type Tokenizer]?

* 40. Pg 102-105: Under Unicode Collation: (ICU)CollationFilterFactory have been deprecated
(and will be removed in 5.0) in favor of (ICU)CollationField, which will need descriptions
and examples.
** i'm not sure where/how-much to say about the new (ICU)CollationField classes -- or if it
should be on [Language Analysis] or on [Field Types Included with Solr] ?

* 43. Pg 106: Langauge-Specific Factories: Catalan, Danish, Irish and Romanian are missing
from the covered languages; Catalan and Irish should include ElisionFilterFactory in their
examples - there are articles lists in Lucene's (Catalan,Irish)Analyzer.

* 51. Pg 114: Lao, Myanmar, Khmer: these are no longer in analysis-extras.  There should either
be an example for these here, or a pointer to another ICUTokenizerFactory example elsewhere
in the guide.

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