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From "Cassandra Targett (Confluence)" <>
Subject [CONF] Apache Solr Reference Guide > Indexing and Basic Data Operations
Date Wed, 18 Sep 2013 15:37:00 GMT
Space: Apache Solr Reference Guide (
Page: Indexing and Basic Data Operations (

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Update blurbs about the sections

Edited by Cassandra Targett:
This section describes how Solr adds data to its index. It covers the following topics:

* *[What Is Indexing?]*: An overview of Solr's indexing process.

* *[Simple Posting Tool]*: Information about using {{post.jar}} to quickly upload some content
to your system.

* *[Uploading Data with Solr Cell using Apache Tika]*: Information about using the Solr Cell
framework to upload data for indexing.

* *[Uploading Data with Index Handlers]*: Information about using Solr's Index Handlers to
upload XML/XSLT, JSON and CSV data.

* *[Uploading Structured Data Store Data with the Data Import Handler]*: Information about
uploading and indexing data from a structured data store.
* *[Detecting Languages During Indexing]*: Information about using language identification
during the indexing process.

* *[De-Duplication]*: Information about configuring Solr to mark duplicate documents as they
are indexed.

* *[Content Streams]*: Information about streaming content to Solr Request Handlers.

* *[UIMA Integration]*: Information about integrating Solr with Apache's Unstructured Information
Management Architecture (UIMA). UIMA lets you define custom pipelines of Analysis Engines
that incrementally add metadata to your documents as annotations.

h3. Indexing Using SolrJ

SolrJ is another option for uploading data. Use of the SolrJ client library is covered in
the section on [Using SolrJ].


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