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From "Cassandra Targett (Confluence)" <>
Subject [CONF] Apache Solr Reference Guide > DocValues
Date Fri, 23 Aug 2013 18:05:00 GMT
Space: Apache Solr Reference Guide (
Page: DocValues (

Comment added by Cassandra Targett:

I updated the page with these edits. If you could take a look at the paragraph about docValuesFormat
and let me know if I got it right, that would be great.

I think Steve or Hoss can update your permissions, per instructions on this page: [solr:Internal

In reply to a comment by Robert Muir:
I don't think i setup my permissions right to edit the page, but i dont know how to best word
all this anyway for the recent changes:

For the manu_exact example the default="" can be removed (this is already done in example/schema.xml)

The paragraph "It's important that the fields be populated" can be removed.

Also the paragraph "The default implementation loads everything into memory" can be changed
(I dont know how best to word this: the default impl loads some things into memory, other
things it keeps on disk): If you want extremes: everything on disk, use docValuesFormat="Disk"
; everything in memory, use docValuesFormat="Memory" 

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