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From Apache Wiki <>
Subject [Solr Wiki] Update of "ReleaseNote44" by SteveRowe
Date Tue, 16 Jul 2013 18:46:03 GMT
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The "ReleaseNote44" page has been changed by SteveRowe:

- MM 2013, Apache Solr™ 4.4 available
+ July 2013, Apache Solr™ 4.4 available
  The Lucene PMC is pleased to announce the release of Apache Solr 4.4
  Solr is the popular, blazing fast, open source NoSQL search platform
@@ -20, +20 @@

  Solr 4.4 Release Highlights:
- * TODO
+ * Solr index files and transaction log files may now be written to and read
+   from HDFS.
+ * Schemaless mode: Added support for a mode that requires no up-front schema
+   modifications, in which previously unknown fields' types are guessed based
+   on the values in added/updated documents, and are then added to the schema
+   prior to processing the update.  Note that the below-described features
+   are also useful independently from schemaless mode operation.   
+   * New Parse{Date,Integer,Long,Float,Double,Boolean}UpdateProcessorFactorys
+     parse/guess the field value class for String-valued and unknown fields.
+   * New AddSchemaFieldsUpdateProcessor: Automatically add new fields to the
+     schema when adding/updating documents with unknown fields. Custom rules
+     map field value class(es) to schema fieldTypes.
+   * A new schemaless mode example configuration, using the above-described 
+     field-value-class-guessing and unknown-field-schema-addition features,
+     is provided at solr/example/example-schemaless/.
+ * Schema REST API: Add support for creating copy fields.
+ * A merged segment warmer may now be plugged into solrconfig.xml. 
+ * New MaxScoreQParserPlugin: Return max() instead of sum() of terms.
+ * Binary files are now supported in ZooKeeper.
+ * SolrJ's SolrPing object has new methods for ping, enable, and disable.
+ * The Admin UI now supports adding documents to Solr.
+ * Added a PUT command to the Solr ZkCli tool.
+ * New "deleteshard" collections API that unloads all replicas of a given
+   shard and then removes it from the cluster state. It will remove only
+   those shards which are INACTIVE or have no range.
+ * The Overseer can now optionally assign generic node names so that
+   new addresses can host shards without naming confusion.
+ * The CSV Update Handler now supports optionally adding the line number/
+   row id to a document.
+ * Added a new system wide info admin handler that exposes the system info
+   that could previously only be retrieved using a SolrCore.
  Solr 4.4 also includes many other new features as well as numerous
  optimizations and bugfixes.

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