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From "Hoss Man (Confluence)" <>
Subject [CONF] Apache Solr Reference Guide > Core-Specific Tools
Date Wed, 24 Jul 2013 23:27:00 GMT
Space: Apache Solr Reference Guide (
Page: Core-Specific Tools (

Change Comment:
borrow verbage from [Using the Solr Administration User Interface] and try to make an excerpt
out of the list

Edited by Hoss Man:
!collection_dashboard.png|align=right,border=1! In the left-hand navigation bar, you will
see a pull-down menu titled "Core Selector". Clicking on the menu will show a list of Solr
cores, with a search box that can be used to find a specific core (handy if you have a lot
of cores). When you select a core, such as *collection1* in the example, a secondary menu
opens under the core name with the administration options available for that particular core.

After selecting the core, the central part of the screen shows Statistics and other information
about the core you chose. You can define a file called {{admin-extra.html}} that includes
links or other information you would like to display in the "Admin Extra" part of this main

On the left side, under the core name, are links to other screens that display information
or provide options for the specific core chosen. The core-specific options are listed below,
with a link to the section of this Guide to find out more:

* [Analysis|Analysis Screen] - lets you analyze the data found in specific fields.
* [Config|Config Screen] - shows the current configuration of the {{solrconfig.xml}} file
for the core.
* [Dataimport|Dataimport Screen] - shows you information about the current status of the Data
Import Handler.
* [Documents|Documents Screen] - provides a simple form allowing you to execute various Solr
indexing commands directly from the browser.
* [solr:Ping] - lets you ping a named core and determine whether the core is active.
* [Plugins/Stats|solr:Plugins & Stats Screen] - shows statistics for plugins and other
installed components.
* [Query|Query Screen] - lets you submit a structured query about various elements of a core.
* [Replication|Replication Screen] - shows you the current replication status for the core,
and lets you enable/disable replication.
* [Schema|Schema Screen] - describes the {{schema.xml}} file for the core.
* [Schema Browser|Schema Browser Screen] - displays schema data in a browser window.


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