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Subject svn commit: r1376792 - /lucene/dev/trunk/solr/core/src/java/doc-files/tutorial.html
Date Thu, 23 Aug 2012 23:51:42 GMT
Author: ehatcher
Date: Thu Aug 23 23:51:42 2012
New Revision: 1376792

SOLR-3288: Update reference to example conf/


Modified: lucene/dev/trunk/solr/core/src/java/doc-files/tutorial.html
--- lucene/dev/trunk/solr/core/src/java/doc-files/tutorial.html (original)
+++ lucene/dev/trunk/solr/core/src/java/doc-files/tutorial.html Thu Aug 23 23:51:42 2012
@@ -82,7 +82,7 @@ Please run the browser showing this tuto
-Begin by unziping the Solr release and changing your working directory
+Begin by unzipping the Solr release and changing your working directory
 to be the "<span class="codefrag">example</span>" directory.  (Note that the
base directory name may vary with the version of Solr downloaded.)  For example, with a shell
in UNIX, Cygwin, or MacOS:
 <pre class="code">
@@ -540,7 +540,7 @@ most languages.
   and stop word removal, as well as split compound words, you can use the 
   <a href="http://localhost:8983/solr/#/collection1/schema-browser?type=text_en_splitting"><span
class="codefrag">text_en_splitting</span> fieldType</a> instead.
   Go ahead and edit the <span class="codefrag">schema.xml</span> in the 
-  <span class="codefrag">solr/example/solr/conf</span> directory,
+  <span class="codefrag">solr/example/solr/collection1/conf</span> directory,
   to use the <span class="codefrag">text_en_splitting</span> fieldType for 
   the <span class="codefrag">text</span> and 
   <span class="codefrag">features</span> fields like so:

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