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Subject svn commit: r1211370 - /lucene/board-reports/2011/board-report-dec.txt
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2011 10:17:57 GMT
Author: simonw
Date: Wed Dec  7 10:17:56 2011
New Revision: 1211370

dec board report draft

    lucene/board-reports/2011/board-report-dec.txt   (with props)

Added: lucene/board-reports/2011/board-report-dec.txt
--- lucene/board-reports/2011/board-report-dec.txt (added)
+++ lucene/board-reports/2011/board-report-dec.txt Wed Dec  7 10:17:56 2011
@@ -0,0 +1,48 @@
+=== Lucene Status Report: December 2011 ===
+We have not made progress on trademarks since the last board report, but
+do intend to finish the necessary pieces.
+    * Project Naming And Descriptions : 
+      We believe this is complete, but are still reviewing.
+    * Website Navigation Links : navbar links included, link to
+ included.
+      Likely complete, but under review.
+    * Trademark Attributions : attribution for all ASF marks included in 
+      footers, etc.
+      The main TLP site is converted, subproject sites have not.  
+    * Logos and Graphics : include TM, use consistent product logo on your
+      site In progress.  Some have been converted to have TM, some not.
+      We don't seem to have ready volunteers on the graphical front,
+      so it is slower than we'd like
+    * Project Metadata : DOAP file checkedin and up to date
+      Done
+    * Once we finish migrating to the new CMS based Website trademarks 
+      need to be re-evaluated.
+Lucene Java is a search-engine toolkit and Solr is a search server
+built on top of Lucene. The community is very active. The community 
+has made significant progress on cutting over to the Apache CMS. 
+The community has recently released Lucene & Solr 3.5.
+Open Relevance Project
+The Open Relevance Project is a project aimed at providing Lucene
+and others tools for judging the quality of search and machine
+learning approaches.  The community is not very active, but
+we don't expect it to be very high volume either as it is a niche
+PyLucene is a Python integration of Lucene Java.  Development is
+almost entirely an automated port, so this project will never
+require a lot of developers.  The user community is active.

Propchange: lucene/board-reports/2011/board-report-dec.txt
    svn:eol-style = native

Propchange: lucene/board-reports/2011/board-report-dec.txt
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