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Subject svn commit: r960411 - /lucene/dev/branches/branch_3x/lucene/CHANGES.txt
Date Mon, 05 Jul 2010 00:39:20 GMT
Author: mikemccand
Date: Mon Jul  5 00:39:20 2010
New Revision: 960411

LUCENE-2517: minor corrections to CHANGES.txt


Modified: lucene/dev/branches/branch_3x/lucene/CHANGES.txt
--- lucene/dev/branches/branch_3x/lucene/CHANGES.txt (original)
+++ lucene/dev/branches/branch_3x/lucene/CHANGES.txt Mon Jul  5 00:39:20 2010
@@ -23,7 +23,8 @@ Changes in backwards compatibility polic
   the IndexWriter for a MergePolicy exactly once. You can change references to
   'writer' from <code>writer.doXYZ()</code> to <code>writer.get().doXYZ()</code>
   (it is also advisable to add an <code>assert writer != null;</code> before
-  access the wrapped IndexWriter.
+  access the wrapped IndexWriter.)
   In addition, MergePolicy only exposes a default constructor, and the one that
   took IndexWriter as argument has been removed from all MergePolicy extensions.
   (Shai Erera via Mike McCandless)
@@ -73,6 +74,7 @@ Changes in runtime behavior
   invokes a merge on the incoming and target segments, but instead copies the
   segments to the target index. You can call maybeMerge or optimize after this
   method completes, if you need to.
   In addition, Directory.copyTo* were removed in favor of copy which takes the
   target Directory, source and target files as arguments, and copies the source
   file to the target Directory under the target file name. (Shai Erera)

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