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Subject svn commit: r933816 - /lucene/board-reports/2010/board-report-april-special.txt
Date Tue, 13 Apr 2010 23:43:17 GMT
Author: hossman
Date: Tue Apr 13 23:43:17 2010
New Revision: 933816

more clearly enumerate the sub-projects, and attempt to more directly address some of the
specific concerns regarding umbrella projects


Modified: lucene/board-reports/2010/board-report-april-special.txt
--- lucene/board-reports/2010/board-report-april-special.txt (original)
+++ lucene/board-reports/2010/board-report-april-special.txt Tue Apr 13 23:43:17 2010
@@ -1,23 +1,46 @@
 Special Report to Board on Lucene's "Umbrella" Status
 The Lucene Project has, for a long time, organized itself into several
-related sub projects focused on common search tasks, anchored by our 
-"flagship" Lucene Java sub project.  These projects have
-included frameworks for crawling (Nutch), 
-content extraction (Tika) and machine learning (Mahout).  
-We have also produced several sub projects that provide users access
-to the core Lucene search APIs (Solr, Lucene.Net, PyLucene, Lucy).  
-We'll refer to .Net, PyLucene and Lucy collectively as the "ports" 
-from here on out, as they are all translations (mostly automated) of
-the Lucene Java API.  Finally, we have a small project called
-the Open Relevance Project (ORP) aimed at improving relevance 
-for search engines and machine learning.  It is fairly 
-academically oriented and will likely always be small.
-Based on the growing sense in the community
-that some projects would be better served as TLPs and aided by 
-the Board's concerns, the Lucene PMC
-has put up two resolutions for this Board meeting to spin out Mahout
+related sub projects focused on common tasks related to searching.
+As of our last board report (March 2010) the sub-projects were:
+ * Lucene-Java: Our "flagship" Java search library
+ * Nutch: A server application for crawling/indexing/search the web
+ * Solr: A server application for indexing/searching structured data
+ * Tika: A content extraction framework/library
+ * Mahout: A machine learning framework/library
+ * Open Relevance Project (ORP): A new initiative aimed at producing tools
+   & tests for improving relevance for search engines and machine learning
+ * Several "Ports" of Lucene-Java (Lucene.Net, PyLucene, Lucy)
+   (These are all translations, mostly automated, of the Lucene Java API)
+The board's chief concerns regarding umbrella projects, as communicated to
+the Lucene PMC by Greg, seem to focus on three main issues...
+1) Can every PMC member "commit" to all of these sub-projects?
+2) Is the PMC genearlly aware of everything going on in these sub-projects?
+3) Is the PMC representing these sub-proejcts adequately to the board?
+The answers to these questions, in short, are:
+1) Yes.
+2) As a whole: Yes.  Some PMC members are not directly involved in some
+   sub-projects, but every sub-project has multiple voices on the PMC.
+3) We believe so, but if the board feels like more details about the state
+   of each sub-project needs to be included in each report, we will be
+   happy to elaborate more in future reports.
+In this regard, we don't feel that there is any significant cause for
+concern regarding the umbrella nature of the project.  To quote Greg:
+"we're all good. no changes are necessary." 
+Based on various discussions in the community (and in some cases spurred
+on by the Board's concerns), the Lucene PMC is pursuing some changes
+moving forward.
+The PMC has put up two resolutions for this Board meeting to spin out Mahout
 and Tika, both of which have solid communities that are independent
 of Lucene and search.  The PMC has also consolidated development 
 between Solr and Lucene such that there is now a single committer base
@@ -27,8 +50,9 @@ both Lucene and Solr artifacts and to ke
 mailing lists for the foreseeable future.
 This leaves the following sub projects: Nutch, the Ports and 
-Open Relevance.  At this
-point, we are discussing whether Nutch should be spun out.  
+Open Relevance.
+At this point, we are discussing whether Nutch should be spun out.  
 It's focus is increasingly on crawling alone and thus will likely 
 warrant becoming a TLP at some point in the future, but the sense 
 is that it is not ready to happen just yet.  As for the Ports, these
@@ -42,6 +66,7 @@ communities of users for each port.  Bra
 being a part of the Lucene TLP.  Thus, the PMC doesn't feel a need
 to spin these out, even though they don't share SVN, etc. with Lucene core.
 That being said, we are still evaluating the situation.
 The Open Relevance sub project is small community effort to 
 facilitate discussions on relevance in Lucene.  It is nice to 
 have it's own branding, but is made up of existing Lucene 
@@ -53,6 +78,6 @@ to spin it out.
 Finally, the Lucene PMC will carefully consider any future requests 
 to become a sub project of Lucene.  The PMC is currently sponsoring
 two Incubator projects: Droids and the Lucene Connectors Framework.
-Both of these should become TLPs when they graduate.   In all 
+Both of these will probably become TLPs when they graduate.   In all 
 likelihood, the only future sub projects we would take on are ports 
 of Lucene like those mentioned above, for the reasons mentioned above.

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