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Subject svn commit: r930338 - /lucene/board-reports/2010/board-report-april-special.txt
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2010 17:59:25 GMT
Author: gsingers
Date: Fri Apr  2 17:59:25 2010
New Revision: 930338


    lucene/board-reports/2010/board-report-april-special.txt   (with props)

Added: lucene/board-reports/2010/board-report-april-special.txt
--- lucene/board-reports/2010/board-report-april-special.txt (added)
+++ lucene/board-reports/2010/board-report-april-special.txt Fri Apr  2 17:59:25 2010
@@ -0,0 +1,58 @@
+Special Report to Board on Lucene's "Umbrella" Status
+The Lucene Project has, for a long time, organized itself into several
+related sub projects focused on common search tasks, anchored by our 
+"flagship" Lucene Java sub project.  These projects have
+included frameworks for crawling (Nutch), 
+content extraction (Tika) and machine learning (Mahout).  
+We have also produced several sub projects that provide users access
+to the core Lucene search APIs (Solr, Lucene.Net, PyLucene, Lucy).  
+We'll refer to .Net, PyLucene and Lucy collectively as the "ports" 
+from here on out, as they are all translations (mostly automated) of
+the Lucene Java API.  Finally, we have a small project called
+the Open Relevance Project (ORP) aimed at improving relevance 
+for search engines and machine learning.  It is fairly 
+academically oriented and will likely always be small.
+Based on the growing sense in the community
+that some projects would be better served as TLPs and aided by 
+the Board's concerns, the Lucene PMC
+has put up two resolutions for this Board meeting to spin out Mahout
+and Tika, both of which have solid communities that are independent
+of Lucene and search.  The PMC has also consolidated development 
+between Solr and Lucene such that there is now a single committer base
+(there was already very high overlap of code and committers) and dev
+mailing list across those two projects.  We intend to still release
+both Lucene and Solr artifacts and to keep separate user question 
+mailing lists for the foreseeable future.
+This leaves the following sub projects: Nutch, the Ports and 
+Open Relevance.  At this
+point, we are discussing whether Nutch should be spun out.  
+It's focus is increasingly on crawling alone and thus will likely 
+warrant becoming a TLP at some point in the future, but the sense 
+is that it is not ready to happen just yet.  As for the Ports, these
+fill a niche within the Lucene community and are generally small, 
+have almost complete technical overlap (releases usually follow 
+shortly after Lucene Java releases) but not necessarily a lot of 
+committer overlap due to them being ports to other programming 
+languages.  Because they are nearly automated ports, there isn't 
+also a lot of contributions to them, but there are decent sized 
+communities of users for each port.  Branding wise, they make sense
+being a part of the Lucene TLP.  Thus, the PMC doesn't feel a need
+to spin these out, even though they don't share SVN, etc. with Lucene core.
+That being said, we are still evaluating the situation.
+The Open Relevance sub project is small community effort to 
+facilitate discussions on relevance in Lucene.  It is nice to 
+have it's own branding, but is made up of existing Lucene 
+committers, so it best fits where it is. If, at some point, 
+we start to see traction and interest from other search 
+engines and other projects (Mahout, UIMA), it may make sense 
+to spin it out.
+Finally, the Lucene PMC will carefully consider any future requests 
+to become a sub project of Lucene.  The PMC is currently sponsoring
+two Incubator projects: Droids and the Lucene Connectors Framework.
+Both of these should become TLPs when they graduate.   In all 
+likelihood, the only future sub projects we would take on are ports 
+of Lucene like those mentioned above, for the reasons mentioned above.

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