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From Ivan Habunek <ivan.habu...@gmail.com>
Subject Re: Reduce configure overhead
Date Sat, 12 Nov 2011 16:05:30 GMT
Hi, Florian.

Thanks for you offer. We can always use some help.

On 12 November 2011 16:43, Florian Semm <florian.semm@gmx.de> wrote:
> 1. do you have a developing-branch or do you use the experimental-branch for that?

The latest dev work is in the trunk. There are some dev branches in
/branches/experimental but they are outdated and I'll probably delete
them at some point.

> 2. should I revolve some tickets?

If you have any tickets which bug you, be free to have a look. I have
a few of them half-solved locally so just check so we don't do the
work twice.

However, I would be more grateful if you could try out the new
configurator component. It's in trunk and it's pretty stable at this
point. However, there's probably some edge cases which might break it.

The primary idea for 2.2. (apart from the rewrite of the configurator)
is that log4php should report any errors which are encountered in
configuration. Any places where the configurator fails at something,
and doesn't report it via trigger_error() is considered a bug.

I have deployed the new (unfinished) docs for configurator here:

So maybe if you have any projects which use log4php you can try it out
to see if everything works as expected?

> 3. why is your CI-Server failing? ;)

Because Christian started fixing it and didn't have the time to finish it. :)
I may take over fixing it, but I will need to talk to infra to get me
some karma since I currently can't access the CI server.

When I catch some time, I will tag JIRA issues which should be fixed
for 2.2. and those which can be left for 2.3.


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