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From Florian Semm <florian.s...@gmx.de>
Subject Re: Default-Layout
Date Sun, 27 Nov 2011 13:12:26 GMT
Am 27.11.2011 12:08, schrieb Ivan Habunek:
> On 26 November 2011 19:09, Florian Semm<florian.semm@gmx.de>  wrote:
>> I have implemented this case. But there's a problem: if this will
>> implemented in the activateOptions() method, you have to modify all
>> appenders which overwrite this method. The createAppenderLayout() method in
>> the LoggerConfigurator is a better place. You can call there a method like
>> getDefaultLayout() or a static variable.
> I can see the problem. I wanted to keep the solution within the
> appender class because, if it's defined in the configurator, then the
> default layout will not be applied when configuring programatically.

in the future i have to notice the two ways of configuration: 
config-file and programatically

> For example, this would not work becuase the layout is not specified:
> $app = new LoggerAppenderEcho();
> $app->activateOptions();
> $app->append("foo");
> Maybe we can implement it so default layout is set automatically in
> Appender's constructor. The configurator will override the default
> layout if it's specified in the config file. This way it works
> programatically, but it would be just slightly slower, because the
> layout would potentially be set twice.

the constructor is a good way. if we do this then we haven't to modified 
other appenders. to check if the layout is needed is a little 
performance tweak ;)

> On the other hand, I don't suppose a lot of people will configure
> log4php programatically...

if you use log4php in a symfony-project and you have special-appenders 
like a doctrine2-appender, you have to extend the LoggerAppender. in 
this case you have some constructor-injections [1]. on the other hand 
you don't need any layout for a db log ;)
maybe a doctrine-appender is a bad example, but it is possible to 
configure it programatically. ;)

[1] https://github.com/floriansemm/Log4PhpBundle/wiki/Symfony-Service

> On the third hand, we haven't done any performance tuning at all so
> the framework is not very optimised to start with, and this minor
> performance penalty will not be detectable. :)
> What do you think is the better solution?
> Regards,
> Ivan



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