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From Tommy Montgomery <t.mo...@gmail.com>
Subject Patches for Windows tests
Date Thu, 28 Jan 2010 08:18:17 GMT
Hi there,

I recently noticed that this project has been pulled from the death trap 
known as PHP 4, which makes me very happy. I also noticed the cry for 
help for unit tests, so I thought I'd show some gratitude and write a 
few tests. Unfortunately, a few of the tests are linux-specific, so I 
patched them up and made them os-agnostic. Attached is the patch.

Mostly it was using PHP_EOL instead of hardcoding \n. A few of the PDO 
appender tests used posix_* functions, so I just made those conditional. 
I also made the tabs/spaces consistent on a few files that I touched, 
because that kind of stuff drives me crazy. :)


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