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From "Gavin" <ga...@16degrees.com.au>
Subject RE: Gathering Community Interest
Date Fri, 10 Jul 2009 11:09:28 GMT

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> From: Christian Grobmeier [mailto:grobmeier@gmail.com]
> Sent: Friday, 10 July 2009 8:00 PM
> To: Log4PHP Dev
> Subject: Re: Gathering Community Interest
> Hi,
> >> Once the package is stable again it should be proposed to the various
> >> Linux distributions (I could upload a Debian package) and to all the
> >> Web Frameworks like Zend or Symfony who have started to build their own
> >> logging framework and advertise this and to those who do not already
> >> recommend one.
> This is a good idea, thanks! Even if it sorts out that this is not
> possible with incubator releases,
> this is a good idea for later too.
> > Certainly a TODO list is a good idea. As an incubating project I'm not
> sure
> > about the packaging ideas yet.
> I agree. When updating the website, I will link up with the already
> existing Wiki were
> we can place such a TODO list.

We have a Wiki? I looked but couldn't find one. The other logging projects
use wiki.apache.org so I guess it should be there?

> > Also, blog early and blog often -- I know Christian already does this on
> his
> > own blog. We also have blogs.apache.org - every project is entitled to
> have
> > their own blog there and committers of those projects can have accounts.
> > Christian (Grobmeier) let me know if you are interested and I'll set one
> up
> > for log4php straight away. OpenEJB and others use it quite successfully.
> Do you think a blog on blogs.apache.org is more useful than having it
> on personal blogs? If so, I think we should start one. I am not sure
> about this.

Well, I think they both have their uses. As the maintainer for the Apache
Blogs assume I'm biased, but with the high page rank the blogs inherit from
the main domain, the fact that any committer would be able to get an account
- not many at the moment admittedly, makes it a bit easier. PRC would also
help us if needed to polish a blog post combined with a release etc which
they wouldn't do for a personal blog.

Personal blogs on the other hand can still play an important part at getting
the word out there, as well as being able to blog your own personal opinions
rather than a project opinion.

> > So, first job then is I would look at that batch of 15 open issues on
> Jira -
> > 1. decide out of those which will form part of the initial release
> > 2.0-incubating,
> > 2. change the rest to become part of the 2.1 schedule.
> I think this is fine too - lets start this after we have a proper
> website running and a todo list on the wiki.

Sure. I believe one of the early jira issues mentions moving a current todo
list out of SVN and into a Jira issue, if appropriate, that todo list could
go into the wiki, unless that list is outdated, last time I looked some of
it would still be on someones wish list.

> > 3. Decide after that if there is anything else left hanging, i.e. not in
> the
> > issue tracker but needs finishing off before a release. (Such as
> producing
> > RAT reports to indicate if any files are missing license headers etc -
> this
> > should actually be added to the Issue Tracker - I can do this part)
> Yes please that would be great.

Ok, I'll get to that soon. ASF Buildbot instance can produce RAT reports for
us, just up to us how we want to utilise it for our projects needs. (Having
said that, I am also the maintainer for ASF Buildbot so I can sort out the
implementation of whatever we need.)

> We also don't have any plans of "how
> to" doing a release. Therre is a maven pom file in the project, but i
> am unsure how we should use it. I think this task stopped while
> evaluation phase.

Yes, we need to start documenting a release process. We can use the ASF
Buildbot to build and deploy snapshots to Nexus (aka repository.apache.org
which gets synced to maven central repo) based on a pom.xml. Again, I'll
start investigating this and see what is required. (Official releases need
to be signed so Buildbot wont auto-deploy actual releases so I'll look at
how others do it)

> > Christian (Grobmeier), as the main active committer, you know your
> timeline
> > better than anyone, so coming up with a guestimate of a release date
> should
> > be down to you,
> OK, I will think about that. At the moment I would see that we still
> have some code improvements left and need to work on the base. So more
> help so earlier we can talk again about a release, but at the moment I
> see it somewhere in autumn or beginning winter.

Being in the land down under, it is Winter so you haven't got much time
left! - Only kidding, as much as my words above seemed to indicate an
urgency, there is no rush, whenever it happens it happens - just remembering
the main theme for this thread though that a release when it does happen
should certainly help with the community process.


> Best,
> Christian

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